Everything He Ever Wanted

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Sango: FINALLY!!! SMUT! in its purest form....but i wont go on after this until i get a few reviews....u have been forewarned...

im assuming you guys know who Mitsuo is, right...?


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For a whole seven days Hitsugi felt like the Worst Human Being. None of the other band members spoke to him at length—only when it was absolutely necessary and for brief periods of time. And worst of all, Yomi hadn’t kissed him since last Saturday. He felt so unsure that Yomi didn’t hate him; that he’d said those things only to make him feel better. Saturday night, after rehearsal, Hitsugi went home earlier than usual after saying a quick goodbye to the other players. They barely acknowledged him, nodding in his direction in dismissal. He completely missed the torn look on Ruka’s face.

Alone in his apartment, with only the company of his cats, Hitsugi sulked. He hated sulking. He turned on the T.V without seeing it; his beer wasn’t as tasteful as it usually was. His cats were attuned to their master’s feelings and were trying to comfort him, by meowing, licking his fingers, his cheeks, purring, and trying to get him to pet them, that always cheered him up.


His cell phone rang. Hitsugi looked at it and was surprised to see Yomi calling him.

“Hello?” Hitsugi answered unsure.

“Hitsu-chan, are you busy tonight?” Yomi asked in a barely contained excited voice.

“Not really, just me and my cats.” Hitsugi said, perplexed as to why Yomi was so excited. He could hear muffled arguing in the background; Yomi probably put his hand over the receiver, with more than one person. After a while, right when Hitsugi was about to ask what was going on, Yomi got back on line, his voice bubbling with excitement.

“Okay, I’m coming over.” With that, he hung up, leaving a shocked Hitsugi with the phone on his ear.

About ten minutes later, there was a knock on Hitsugi’s door. Hitsugi was a little surprised. Shaking his head, he rolled his eyes. Typical Yomi: too much sugar makes the vocalist hyper. Hitsugi went to open the door and was almost barreled down as Yomi threw open the barely open door and glomped him.

“Oh my God, Hitsugi I missed you so much!” Yomi said, the words muffled as they were said into Hitsugi’s neck.

“But you saw me a few hours ago.” Hitsugi said perplexed. Yomi laughed, stepping back to look at his face.

“No silly. Do you know that I’ve been trying to avoid you?” Yomi asked. Seeing Hitsugi’s eyes sadden, he grabbed the younger man’s wrist as he was trying to turn away stopping him. Hitsugi looked at him surprised. Yomi turned his wrist over turning the hand palm up, kissing said palm then every finger individually. Hitsugi’s eyes were glued to Yomi’s who was now guiding Hitsugi to his couch. Once seated, Yomi straddled Hitsugi’s lap, facing him and spoke.

“I was trying to avoid you so that I wouldn’t rape you.” He said. Hitsugi’s breath quickened, coming in short shallow gasps, his hands grasping Yomi’s hips tightly.

“Hitsugi, breathe.” Yomi said sternly, not wanting the guitarist to pass out before getting to kiss him. Hitsugi took a deep breath—

“Oh, and about that dream of yours; I already told the others… are you okay? Oh my god, I don’t know CPR.”

The vocalist began to tell him the good news but then began to panic as he saw his friend turning blue. Yomi ran to the kitchen as Hitsugi fell off the couch in a coughing fit. The vocalist got him a glass of water, the contents of which Hitsugi downed short gulps getting back on the couch, trying to catch his breath. (Seriously, Hitsugi loved Yomi, but if he were ever dying, he wouldn’t trust the shorter man to drive him to a hospital!)

“Now, I don’t want you to freak—” too late –“ but the guys told me to seduce you so that when you’re ready, they can come in and make your dreams come true—literally.” Hitsugi stared at him as though he had a third eye and was debating whether to kiss him or kick his butt.

“But then why are you telling me?” Hitsugi asked wary yet excited.

“Because I know you best and you’d probably go catatonic on us and die with an erection—now that would be hilarious!” Yomi stated a little too truthfully for Hitsugi’s piece of mind (except for the whole die-with-an-erection-thing). He took a moment to digest this information and, taking a deep breath, soon realizing he was much calmer than he thought he’d be, asked the question that had been plaguing his dreams.

“Are you going to seduce me now?” he asked somehow with no trace of hesitation or embarrassment.

Yomi’s eyes flashed.

He liked this side of Hitsugi. Yomi walked over to him and sat astride the guitarist’s lap. He leaned forward until their lips touched and began directing the kiss. After a minute, Hitsugi really got into it and bean dominating the kiss. Yomi always thought Hitsugi would be uke, but if he was this dominating in kissing, he had to be seme.

‘So much for me raping him.’ Yomi thought a little saddened, but then Hitsugi’s talented hands were on him and he couldn’t wait to get pounded into the wall if need be by the guitarist.

Hitsugi’s hands trailed over the vocalist’s lithe body, small but far from weak, yet there was a softness to it that made Hitsugi curious to touch more as he slid his hands beneath Yomi’s shirt. Yomi broke the kiss, taking in gulps of air, his body heated impossibly fast. He gasped as Hitsugi’s calloused thumbs ran over his nipples and arched his body to get more. The vocalist took in a deep, steadying breath, trying to reassemble his thoughts. He ran his hands down Hitsugi’s body, quickly fumbling with the guitarist’s belt unfastening the zipper in a hurry to feel the pulsating hardness he felt against his thigh. Hitsugi gasped as his scorching length was met by cold air. Yomi looked down between them and gasped at the sight of Hitsugi’s aroused member, already rock hard in his grip.

‘We’re going to need a lot of lube.’ Yomi thought excitedly.

Yomi began stroking Hitsugi’s engorged length in slow movements, making the guitarist moan and close his eyes.

“It’s been too long.” Hitsugi whispered so low Yomi barely heard him.

And it was true—Hitsugi wasn’t one for casual sex and he didn’t like relationships. The last relationship, and therefore sex he’d had, was over seven years ago. Yomi didn’t know how he did it—he himself would go mad if he didn’t have sex for more than a week.

Yomi stroked the engorged cock faster, running his thumb over the head, lightly digging his nail into the slit that was already leaking beads of pre-cum.

“Yomi.” Hitsugi gasped. “I don’t think I’m gonna last...much longer.”

“It’s okay, Hitsu-chan.” Yomi whispered in his ear, his breath ghosting over the sensitive flesh making the man beneath him gasp. Yomi bit the earlobe, sucking on one of the multiple piercings.

“I want to see you writhe and arch beautifully for me. I want to see just how hot you really are.” His strokes quickened in pace as he tightened his grip on the pulsating member.

“Cum for me.” Yomi whispered huskily in his ear, biting the lobe, dragging his nails along Hitsugi’s length, the pleasure/pain being too much too soon. With a long groan and an almost vice-like grip on Yomi’s hips, Hitsugi thrust his own hips forward, shivering violently as he came, spraying his white-hot seed on Yomi’s hand and both their pants. Hitsugi’s body sagged from the released pressure and he leaned forward, resting his head in the crook of Yomi’s neck, and Yomi could swear he heard the neko boy purring.

After catching his breath, Hitsugi finally got the courage to look Yomi in the face again. He was about to apologize when his head was thrown back on the headrest of the couch as Yomi devoured his lips, piercings and all, in a torrid kiss. Yomi wiped his hand on Hitsugi’s jeans and got up, as he began to quickly unbuckle his pants. Hitsugi was blown away when he realized that Yomi wasn’t wearing any underwear. If he had known before....

“You don’t have lube, right?” Yomi asked, looking around the room for something to help smooth the ...process. Yomi was no virgin, but he wanted to be prepared. Hitsugi blushed a deep crimson, but shook his head to signal ‘no’, already growing hard at the sight of Yomi naked and looking for lube to have sex. He moaned at the thought of hot flesh squeezing around him and not a hand.

Yomi couldn’t find lube, which wasn’t surprising for man who hadn’t had sex in seven years and had never had gay sex. So it was up to Yomi to introduce Hitsugi to the wonders of gay sex. In a moment of inspiration, Yomi all but ran to Hitsugi’s small kitchen, coming back with a small bottle f virgin olive oil—how precise—and a condom; no one was going to get pregnant, but they still had to be safe. Yomi knew he was clean, and while he didn’t want to doubt his friend, he still had to take the test—all the other band members were clean, Yomi had forced the test upon them.

“Seeing as how you don’t have lube, we’ll have to improvise. And for your first time, I’ll prepare myself and if you really like it and want to do it again, you can prepare me next time and maybe, you know, I could prepare you.” Yomi flushed, sounding hopeful. Hitsugi’s face was so red, the vocalist thought he would faint. After a few minutes of Hitsugi getting his breathing under control and his heart rate down to a safe level, Yomi continued with his plain: get laid. (Well at least that’s what it boiled down to.)

Yomi opened the olive oil bottle and coated two fingers thoroughly—it was almost as good as lube. He didn’t need more than a minute of preparation; he wasn’t virgin tight anymore—especially not after having Ruka fuck him constantly (the man was lazy, but he saved all his energy for sex, and boy was he insatiable). After finishing preparing himself, Yomi looked over at Hitsugi who was practically salivating. He walked forward and touched Hitsugi’s cheek with his other hand, loving the loud groan that escaped the guitarist’s throat.

“Fuck me.” Hitsugi said. Yomi misinterpreted his meaning, because he said,

“For your first time, you’ll be taking me.”

“Then get over here.” Hitsugi growled, grabbing Yomi by the hips and forcing him forward, all but throwing him on his lap.

“Slow down Hitsu-chan.” Yomi said hastily sheathing Hitsugi’s arousal in the condom, not at all meaning what he said, wanting to get fucked then and there. Yomi sat astride Hitsugi’s lap, facing him. He reached behind himself and aligned Hitsugi’s now rock hard cock with his hole. Hitsugi groaned as he felt the heat surround his member impossibly tight. He grabbed Yomi’s hips, slowly sinking him onto his member, trying to help Yomi, by not letting him get hurt, and also helping himself; he didn’t want it to end too soon but it was too new. Yomi hated how slow Hitsugi was going: he wasn’t a virgin dammit!
Yomi grabbed Hitsugi by the shoulders, balancing on his legs as he tried to ram himself down; have Hitsugi balls deep inside.

“Slow down.” Hitsugi warned in a tight voice. He lifted Yomi up and set him back down frustratingly slow. Yomi leaned in, biting Hitsugi’s earlobe hard, whispering,

“Dammit, Hitsugi, fuck me hard, I’m not a fuckin' virgin.”

Hitsugi whimpered, hips thrusting up at every curse Yomi uttered, only making him curse more, each curse answered with a moan, groan and thrust. Yomi swiveled his hips just as Hitsugi thrust up and the vocalist yelled as Hitsugi hit his prostate directly. Maintaining that angle, he slammed down as Hitsugi once more thrust up and almost came.

“Right there, right there...” Yomi chanted. “Harder!” he commanded and was rewarded by having his prostate hit on almost every thrust. Yomi fisted his own erection and pumped in time to the erratic thrashing of their bodies. With one final thrust, Yomi orgasmed, shooting strings of white seed over his hand and Hitsugi’s stomach and chest, his muscles clamping impossibly tight around Hitsugi’s member, making the guitarist cum, filling the condom with his seed. Hitsugi rode his orgasm, waves of pleasure rushing over him as he slammed his hips upwards a few more times inside the still-too-tight entrance, burying his face in his best friend’s neck, shivering fiercely.

Yomi fell against him, his muscles turned to jelly and Hitsugi fell back with the extra weight, limp and sated on the couch, extracting himself from Yomi but pulling him into a tight hug.

“Thank you.” Hitsugi whispered, a contented smile on his face. Yomi laughed, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

“You’re such a woman. I swear you are definitely uke.” Hitsugi chuckled, loving to hear that Yomi still had a sense of humor after everything happened.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Hitsugi flirted, now completely at ease and no longer as embarrasses as before. After a few moments of catching their breaths, Yomi pulled back and looked him in the eyes, a serious expression on his face before he spoke.

“I’d love to, but we have to speak seriously Mitsuo.”


ah...smut....we like smut...
but it gets a tad bit serious ....
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