Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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Disclaimer: I do not own naitomea nor do i know them and i make no money off this fanfiction...also...it should be clear, but this is a work of fiction...

FINALLY... Smut is coming (no pun intended) between the naito members... hitsugi san is sooo sexy....




Hitsugi snapped out of his trance-like- state and bolted like a scared cat, bumping into Ni~ya who, unbeknownst to them, had seen everything. Ni~ya and Ruka stared at each other for a whole two minutes after the guitarist left. Finally, Ni~ya broke the silence.

“What was that about?” the bassist asked. The drummer gave a noncommittal shrug and got up, slapping the bassist’s ass as he passed the slightly shorter man. Ni~ya could do nothing more than gasp as Ruka disappeared in a few strides.

‘Tall people.’ Ni~ya thought with mock anger. It was ironic seeing as how Ni~ya is just two inches shorter than Ruka. But the point remained that Ni~ya had seen Ruka kiss Hitsugi, with tongue involved, and if the look on the guitarist’s face said anything, Ruka hadn’t asked permission.

There were few secrets between the Nightmare band memebers; they were like brothers to each other. For example: they all knew that Ni~ya and Sakito have slept together and are thinking about having a serious relationship (it was just a lot to contemplate at the moment, what with their careers and the fact that they ere also involved with other people), and Ruka and Yomi, and Ruka and Sakito, and Yomi and Sakito. Point: they’d all slept with each other except Hitsugi. Seeing Ni~ya and Sakito making out was probably getting to the guitarist. Was that why Hitsugi was having these dreams? Because he had never gotten any (from them anyways)?

Yomi came by Hitsugi’s house a few hours later slightly worried about why the guitarist ran out without practicing with them. After being seated comfortably with a can of soda on Hitsugi’s couch, the vocalist got straight to the point.

“Wanna talk about it?” The vocalist asked.

Hitsugi shook his head ‘no’. Yomi, knowing him well, stayed silent, waiting until the guitarist opened up to him. After a few minutes of slightly tense silence, when Yomi thought he really wouldn’t say anything, the guitarist finally spoke.

“I’ve...um...been having these...dreams.” Hitsugi confessed, his face a clear impression of a tomato. At his expression, Yomi’s eyebrows rose.



“What kind of dreams?” Yomi asked. He wasn’t trying to torture the shy guitarist, but he really wanted to know if it was—

“You know, those kinds of dreams.” Hitsugi said, emphasizing ‘those’ and looking away.

“Ah.” Yomi said a knowing smile trying to make its way to his face, but he suppressed it knowing the younger man would be flustered.

“Can I ask about who?” After a while, Hitsugi gave a small smile.

“Yes, you can.” The guitarist answered, but said no more.

“So? Are you going to tell me?” Yomi asked after a while. Hitsugi blushed again, his body freezing once more.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me.” Yomi said, knowing his friend was very personal and shy and blushed at about anything.

“Um...well... you see...I had these dreams... about ... about you...and Ruka...and Ni~ya...and Sakito...—” With every name, Yomi’s eyes grew wider.

“–Together.” Hitsugi finished, burying his flaming face in his hands.

“Oh. OH!” Was all Yomi said, too stunned to say anything else.

‘Wow. Who’d have thought that Hitsugi had those kinds of thoughts? Then again, he is a guy.’ Yomi reasoned with himself

“Um...well... I don’t know what to say.” Yomi said blushing.

“I’m a horrible person aren’t I? You guys are practically my brothers.” Hitsugi said looking ashamed, knowing it was bad when Yomi blushed. The guy didn’t blush easily. Yomi snorted at Hitsugi’s naiveté, loving the guy but not about to comfort him, at least not in a babying way.

“Oh Hitsugi. My adorably naïve Hitsugi.” Though Hitsugi was only a few months younger than Yomi, the guitarist was so...the word innocent sprang to mind.

“Do brothers have sex with each other?” Yomi asked, seeing the guitarist look like he was about to pass out, he held up his hands.

“Never mind. Don’t answer that—” the guitarist took a deep breath—

“So when you said together, did you mean all at the same time?” – and choked on air.

“Yomi!” Hitsugi squeaked after he got over the shock.

“What? It’s a question. If you’re dreaming about me I wanna know.” Hitsugi stared at him wide-eyed.

“So?” Yomi prompted, getting excited at the thought of all of them together. He’d already slept with Ruka and Sakito, but he’d never tried a threesome with both.

“Yes...together. But...it was... you were all focused on me...I mean...in my dream, Ruka was kissing Sakito, but it was mostly centered on me.”

This was the most the guitarist had said all day and, aside from the hesitation, it was the sexiest picture his imagination had ever painted—and it was just a watered down version of Hitsugi’s dreams. After a while he spoke.

“That would be good. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re the only one who hasn’t had sex with us. I feel abandoned. Don’t you love me?” he asked with fake hurt in his voice, but messed it up by laughing lightly. Hitsugi also laughed, relaxing as he did—it felt like a weight was lifted off his chest.

“Oh man, I gotta go, but listen,” he got up from the couch and bent to pick up his cell phone from the top of the low table in front of him. He eliminated the distance between Hitsugi and himself and, slowly, so as to not startle the other man, leaned forward. He stopped just a hair's breadth away from Hitsugi’s, seeing that the guitarist had closed his eyes, waiting for the vocalist to kiss him.

“Hitsugi.” He whispered, waiting until said person opened his eyes. Hitsugi opened his eyes confusedly, wondering why the vocalist hadn’t kissed him. Yomi smiled, suddenly shy.

“Well,” Yomi said, “I wanted you to kiss me.” Both men blushed, feeling like schoolgirls, and Hitsugi leaned in, ridding the space between their lips, sealing them in a soft kiss.

All too soon, Yomi pulled back, smiling warmly at Hitsugi’s confused and hurt look.

“We should do this more often.” And, being the pervert that he was, he added lewdly, “but without clothes on...and we should get the others in on this.” He chuckled to himself as he left Hitsugi alone on his couch, his face red enough to put beets to shame.

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