Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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and, since i personally know what its like to have to wait for an upload after the story gets to the best part, here's another chapter from my twisted pron head...


last time:

“We just thought that you would be more comfortable naked.”



Hitsugi blushed, the words sinking into his lust hazed mind. Sakito stood up, pulling Hitsugi with him. Ruka stood behind him, circling Hitsugi’s waist and began unbuckling his belt and Ni~ya appeared in front of him, unbuttoning his shirt, placing kisses on his chest as he uncovered the skin. Ruka finally got his pants down his hips, letting them pool around his ankles. The eldest of the group began groping the youngest, rubbing his thighs enticingly slow.

“Ruka-san.” Hitsugi gasped. Ruka groaned.

“I love how you say my name. But please, let’s get more intimate.” The drummer said, running his hands higher, to the tent in Hitsugi’s boxers. The grabbed the arousal through the fabric, stroking the engorged length, making the guitarist mewl. The bassist in front of him trailed his tongue from his collarbone to his earlobe, pulling lightly on the piercings. Hitsugi yelled as Ni~ya nipped his lobe hard. Ruka snickered lightly.

“Sadistic bastard. We’re not doing any BDSM, save that kinky shit for some other time.”

Hitsugi made a chocking noise as he realized what Ruka was talking about, but the alarm quickly grew into pleasure as all thoughts left his mind when Ruka attached his mouth to the juncture of his neck, sucking on the pulse that beat erratically there. Hitsugi’s moans and pants began to increase and once more, he was denied release when both Ruka and Ni~ya pulled back.

Hitsugi groaned. No longer caring about decency, he grabbed Ni~ya by the hips, his hands roaming to grope the bassist’s ass. He began rubbing his clothed arousal against Ni~ya’s jeans, the too-rough pressure making him moan more in pleasure than in pain.

“Please, Ni~ya,” he whimpered, latching onto Ni~ya’s earlobe, moaning wantonly, “Let me cum.”

Ni~ya groaned, claiming his lips in a rough kiss, his own hands wandering to grope Hitsugi’s ass, but Ruka was in the way. Instead he pulled Ruka along for the ride, breaking the kiss with Hitsugi to kiss Ruka above Hitsugi’s head. The small guitarist alternated between rubbing against Ni~ya and grinding his ass into Ruka’s crotch.

“Please.” He moaned again, not really knowing what he was asking for.

He was suddenly violently shoved onto the bed left staring at the ceiling shocked. Yomi, who had been busy...working...with Sakito, was now beyond ready, prepared and horny and needing to be fucked now!

Yomi landed on Hitsugi, quickly stripping the man of his boxers and planted that gorgeous cock balls deep inside in one smooth motion. Two loud groans echoed in the room, as three others were quieter, but still there. Yomi only gave himself a few seconds to accommodate the large member inside before raising himself on his legs and all but falling back down, the pace rough and maddeningly fast. It wasn’t long before a long moan was heard and Hitsugi shivered violently, grabbing the vocalist’s hips in an almost vise-like, stilling his movements as he bucked up and with one final thrust spilled himself inside the tiny vocalist. Yomi held still, loving the feel of the man’s hot seed inside him but nowhere near finished himself. After a few moments, Yomi began swiveling his hips, coaxing the limp member inside him to harden. Hitsugi groaned, feeling himself grow hard almost immediately.

“I think we need a little help, Ruka-san.” Yomi whispered, looking over his shoulder, with lust heavy lids, wiggling his hips enticingly making both the guitarist and the drummer groan. Hitsugi could see the evil smirk in Ruka’s eyes. The drummer moved towards them, already naked, his member shinning with wetness and Hitsugi assumed it was lube. He moved behind Yomi and leaned the small vocalist forward. A second too late, Hitsugi realized what Ruka and Yomi were planning.

Before Hitsugi could protest, Ruka began to slowly enter Yomi, who was already filled by Hitsugi. Ruka grabbed Yomi’s neglected, weeping cock and began stroking it, trying to distract him from the stinging pain as he was stretched more than ever before. If they weren’t into kinky things, this would’ve taken a lot longer than they cared to try for. It was only a few minutes later that Ruka was seated fully inside Yomi. If he thought Yomi was tight before, now it was bordering on painful, the walls constricting around him in an almost vise-like grip even though Yomi tried to remain relaxed. It was a while before they began to thrust in earnest, trying to make it as pleasurable as possible for the vocalist, who was stretched beyond thought. Both men began thrusting faster, going deeper, grinding harder, either one hitting Yomi’s prostate at any given time, making the vocalist orgasm quickly, spilling himself on Hitsugi’s stomach, moaning and whimpering as Ruka and Hitsugi still thrust into him, both close to their own completion. They continued to brush Yomi's over-sensitized nerves making him sob out a moan. Soon, Hitsugi climaxed again, followed closely by Ruka, their seed filling the vocalist, the excess running down his thighs, coating both their members. Ruka tried to keep from collapsing atop Yomi, so as not to crush the small guitarist with their combined weight.After a moment of catching their breaths, Ruka and Hitsugi pulled out of Yomi’s still too tight heat hissing at the slight sting; Ruka collapsed next to Hitsugi while Yomi fell limp on top of the guitarist.

A few minutes later, Sakito crawled on top of Ruka and began nibbling on his neck, making the drummer groan.

“Ruka-san, seeing as how you’re sated, how about helping me and Ni~ya out?” Sakito whispered enticingly in the drummer’s ear. Ni~ya slowly pulled Yomi away from Hitsugi, plopping him on the guitarist’s other side (ah, the wonders of a king sized bed) and began kissing a hot trail to Hitsugi’s ear, nipping the lobe.

“Eh, Hitsu-chan, wanna help me and Sakito get off?” Ni~ya asked, trying to sound coy and utterly failing. Hitsugi groaned, the sound ending in a whine and he nodded.


kinky no?

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