Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
Category: J-Rock/J-Pop & K-Pop > Nightmare
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Disclaimer: I do not own naitomea nor do i know them and i make no money off this fanfiction...also...it should be clear, but this is a work of fiction...

um, hey. this is a notice to tell you guys that there is going to be one extra chapter. count it. one. and yes, it will be more smex, and you have tachimaru-san to thank for that. so thank her.

and i am having a little writers block with said extra chapter. so, if you want, u can leave suggestions in the form of reviews (you dont have to become a member to review). it will definately start where i left off, so it will only be ruka/hitsugi. seme/uke.

so ...um..... yea....



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