Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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now...this is the original story i wrote (its also on LJ, my name is..dun dun dun...sango houshi) but i also posted this story with some...alterations...i changed the names and made the naruto characters OOC and AU. just check my page if u want to see

oh by the way...you're gonna need an IV and about 2 piints of blood to replace the one you're gonna lose now

enjoy *wink wink*



Not long after, Ni~ya slipped out making the guitarist groan at the slight sting and the suddenly empty feeling. He lay panting on his back as he listened to the sounds of Sakito being ravaged by Yomi, the vocalist keeping true on his word that he would fuck the older guitarist. Ruka was being given special attention by Ni~ya, the bassist’s insatiable lust only curbed by the fact that Ruka wasn’t uke and therefore wouldn’t bottom for him, and Sakito was already being taken by Yomi. Ni~ya was too caring of the older guitarist and the idea of double penetration on Sakito was quickly tossed away. Even though they did do slightly kinky things when it was just the two of them, it was nothing like what Ruka had said of BDSM. He didn’t want the guitarist in any kind of pain, sexual or otherwise. So he had to satisfy (for now) his lust by blowing Ruka. He wasn’t too keen on swallowing sperm, but he did love to make his partners happy, and, although he wasn’t a cock-hungry uke, he did enjoy bringing another man to his peak with his mouth.

Sakito growled. Yomi was taking his sweet time, bringing Sakito to the edge only to leave him there and not let him tumble into bliss. But Sakito realized that this wasn’t all that bad.

“Stop.” Sakito gasped next to him. Hitsugi felt the other guitarist’s long fingers touch his nipple and he whimpered at the feel.

“No, stop. I don’t want to cum yet.” Sakito said, though his moans said otherwise.

“Let me... I want to be inside him when I do.” Hitsugi looked at Sakito, the lean man on his knees beside him, his long arms reaching out to touch Hitsugi yet somehow able to keep him balanced as Yomi slowed his hips with a pout, moving shallowly inside the guitarist, giving him time to cool off before completely pulling out—he himself hated when, lets say Ruka for example, pulled out of him, not letting him cool off or cum.

Just hearing the wanton moans from Sakito set his blood boiling and Ruka’s sexy groans weren’t helping matters so it wasn’t long before he was aroused again. Hitsugi’s hole clenched and he ached to be filled again. He could still feel Ni~ya’s seed inside him, had felt it trickle out of him and knew there must be a big wet spot where his butt is on the sheets, but it had already cooled and the sticky feeling wasn’t all too comfortable. He wanted to feel Sakito inside him, he wanted it so bad. Unable to wait, he reached down, teasing himself with his hands as his as passed his half hard cock to fondle his own balls before circling around his still wet hole. He squeezed his eyes shut as he eased a finger in, his cheeks flushing slightly, not wanting to believe that he was masturbating when they could all see, but not caring. He inserted his longest finger as far as it would go but it wasn’t enough; he still felt empty.

However, the feeling of emptiness didn’t last long as something big and hard yet velvety pressed against his opening. He felt the bulbous head of an engorged dick press against the muscles of his entrance and he groaned. Even though he wanted this, the twenty or so minutes he’d had to cool down weren’t enough and it was too soon, his body too sensitive and the nerves raw. But the arousal continued to press against him and began stretching him, this time it was easier thanks to Ni~ya’s semen still inside and around his hole. He groaned again, lifting his hips to allow better access and moaned when he finally opened his eyes to see Sakito pressing deep inside him.

A fleeting thought crossed his mind and he brought his hand up to caress the skin of the man above him, trailing his hand lightly over Sakito’s back, sighing as he did. It was as soft as it looked, and it was warm and it was real. Hitsugi reached up when Sakito was finally, after slowly entering, situated to the hilt inside him, pausing to let the younger guitarist get used to the feel once more. He kissed Sakito then, the kiss warm and slow, a token of his thanks and adoration.

“You’re beautiful.” Hitsugi told his senpai—the man who taught him so much and continued teaching him. Sakito gasped, looking surprised. Getting over his initial shock, he kissed Hitsugi back and began thrusting slowly when he younger man began impatiently moving his hips. Sakito’s hands caressed him, trailing down his sides, over the thighs that were securely wrapped around his slim waist. Hitsugi’s head was thrown back in pleasure as another hand went up to his chest and began running over his nipples, tweaking the hardened nubs. Yomi began kissing Hitsugi’s torso, his tongue flicking against the nipple his fingers had been playing with.

“Ne, Hitsu-chan? What about me? Aren’t I beautiful?” Yomi asked, his tone a little hurt, but it turned into a moan when Ruka gave his cock a particularly hard suck and Ni~ya hit his prostate at the same time. Hitsugi grabbed his chin and forced his face closer, though the angle was a little awkward, as he had to bend sideways. (He was riding Ni~ya with his back to the bassist while Ruka sucked him off, Ruka taking a short hiatus after Ni~ya made him cum.) Sakito hit Hitsugi’s prostate particularly hard, making him scream, breaking the kiss with Yomi.

“You’re cute.” Hitsugi answered after a while, his moaning making him almost unable to form those two cohesive words. Thinking he was on a winning streak he quickly added:

“Ni~ya is hot and Ruka is sexy.” Hitsugi managed to say between pants.

“Hmp! Why am I cute? I don’t want to be cute. Besides if I’m cute what does that make you?” Yomi said, making him wonder if he was becoming immune to the pleasure, but had his question answered when he began to incoherently mumble the stream of words that signaled he was close to orgasm. Trying to think, and failing miserably, he said,

“I’m adorable.” He’d heard fans say that about him before. Yomi smiled, but it looked more like a grimace as he bent over and kissed him again, screaming into his mouth as his orgasm overtook him and he came, spilling himself in Ruka’s mouth, the drummer pulling away only after making sure he had milked him of his seed—for now anyways.

Ni~ya, having made Yomi cum but not reaching completion himself, moved behind Sakito, smacking the guitarist’s ass, making him yelp and jerk his hips, making Hitsugi moan in turn.

“What’s with all the talking?!” He demanded. “Shut up and get to fucking!” Ni~ya stuck a finger in his mouth, coating it with saliva before unceremoniously jabbing it inside Sakito. The older guitarist yelled, slamming his hips forward then backwards, wanting Ni~ya to jab his prostate. Ni~ya removed his fingers, applying lube to make the process smoother. He inserted in the finger, then added another one hastily, scissoring, preparing him for a third finger, the guitarist’s moans guiding him on. He removed his fingers, much to Sakito’s discontentment, but the whine of protest quickly turned into a mewl of pleasure as Ni~ya slowly began to enter him. Once he was inside to the hilt, he began to move. At first, he went slow, trying to have Sakito get used to it, but with Sakito’s growls of “hurry up” and “fuck me”, Ni~ya pulled back until only the head was in before thrusting in, forcing Sakito to thrust forcefully into the man beneath him, making them both yell and moan wantonly. Yomi, once he came down from the cloud of euphoria that was his orgasm, continued to kiss Hitsugi, alternating between him and Sakito, while Ruka lay next to him catching his breath.

“Oh, god.” Hitsugi moaned. “I’m so close.”

“Not yet.” Ruka said, crawling to him, kissing his mouth, playing with a piercing while Yomi was busy kissing Sakito. Ni~ya began thrusting faster into Sakito, his orgasm so close, the older guitarist arching his back, making Ni~ya hit his prostate on every thrust. With a final thrust from Ni~ya and into Hitsugi’s tight heat, the older guitarist came violently, spilling himself into Hitsugi, his orgasm dragged on as Ni~ya continued to pound into him, his erection rubbing deliciously along his oversensitive flesh. Unable to take Sakito’s orgasm, after having held back his own from fucking Yomi, Ni~ya came with a long groan, slamming his hips once, twice, making sure Sakito too every ounce of his essence. He pulled out of Sakito watching his pearly milk truckle down the guitarist’s pale thigh. Hitsugi groaned.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop...” he pleaded, his words like a mantra, loving how Sakito’s heat filled him, but not reaching his own climax.

“Let me help you with that.” Yomi said and began kissing Hitsugi.

“Ni~ya, a little help, please?” Yomi asked, pushing Sakito lightly, the older guitarist a puddle of goo on top of Hitsugi. The bassist brought Sakito’s body up against his, forcing Sakito to slide out of Hitsugi with a wet ‘pop’. Hitsugi whimpered at the loss but it quickly turned into a moan as his cock was taken into a warm, wet cavern. He shut his eyes tightly as he felt Yomi’s talented tongue run across the slit on the engorged head.

Ruka leaned over Hitsugi and began kissing him, the guitarist kissing back as best he could, due to his breath coming in short gasps. Ruka ran his thumb along Hitsugi’s bottom lip, bumping against the piercings there. Hitsugi’s tongue came out and flickered against the digit.

“Ne, Hitsu-chan?” Ruka asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Hitsugi looked up at him, a tad confused.

“Suck.” Ruka commanded and Hitsugi moaned at the dominant tone in the drummer’s tone. He began sucking on the digit, running his tongue along the tip, his tongue piercing pressing against the skin as he licked Ruka’s thumb, his other piercings poking the digit. Ruka pulled his thumb away from Hitsugi, who pouted cutely. Ruka got on his knees and crawled closer to Hitsugi.

“Suck.” He ordered once more, this time presenting his now hard member. Hitsugi gulped and nodded. As he was about to take the offered member in hand, Yomi scraped his teeth along Hitsugi’s arousal, making the guitarist cry out in pleasure/pain.

“On your knees.” Yomi commanded after slipping Hitsugi’s member from his mouth.

“But—but Yomi-kun…” he whimpered thrusting his hips up wanting to have Yomi’s mouth around him again. Yomi grabbed Hitsugi’s hips and began turning him over. Hitsugi began to thrash but only halfheartedly and was easily on his knees when Ruka flipped him over.

“Rukaaa!” Hitsugi growled, but it quickly turned into a whimper when Yomi began fingering his hole. He moaned and wiggled his butt, pushing against the teasing fingers.

Ruka positioned himself once more in front of Hitsugi. He really wanted to be inside the small guitarist, but Yomi was currently about to fuck him. He wanted to feel the velvety walls of the ex-virgin around him, but knew it would be too much to ask of the guitarist’s body to be stretched so much after so little time if he were to impale himself inside while Yomi also stretched him. So he was going to have to settle with filling another of Hitsugi’s holes.

“Suck.” He ordered, grabbing Hitsugi by his hair and tugging his head down.

“Ruka.” Hitsugi whined, but let himself be lead to Ruka’s lap. Having never given oral sex to a guy, Hitsugi looked up uncertainly at the drummer. Ruka’s eyebrows shot up and he gave an impatient nod of his head.

“I’ve …um…never…you know.” Hitsugi said shyly, a deep blush covering his face and neck.

“So? There’s a first time for everything. Besides, the only way to learn is to practice. You’re a hands on guy, arentcha? I’ll tell you what I like and you’ll go from there, kay?” Ruka said trying to be as patient as possible—this was Hitsugi after all—yet wanting nothing more than to fuck that cute little mouth and finally know what those piercings would feel like against his scorching flesh.

Hitsugi took a deep breath and opened his mouth wide, trying to take as much of Ruka as he could without chocking. His teeth accidentally raked against Ruka’s hypersensitive skin and the drummer hissed in pain, but loved it all the same. Hitsugi pulled back alarmed.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized, fear evident in his wide eyes.

“It’s okay. Really.” Ruka stressed when Hitsugi still hadn’t moved.

Hitsugi tried once more, this time being more careful and going slower. He trailed his tongue from the base of Ruka engorged length to the tip, sliding the wet muscle along the thick vein before circling the bulbous head. Ruka gave a long moan. By this time, the other Nightmare members had surrounded the drummer and the younger guitarist, watching avidly as Hitsugi gave his first blowjob. Yomi had stopped molesting Hitsugi to watch said man give Ruka oral sex. Ni~ya, who was currently trying to coax Sakito for another round after laying panting in a pile of limbs, stopped fondling Sakito and went to lay down next to Ruka, watching with unbridled desire as Ruka’s arousal disappeared into Hitsugi’s inexperienced mouth. Something about that just turned him on even more so. Hitsugi could only take in the head and about two inches, being as careful as he could be of his teeth. He remembered seeing Ruka sucking Sakito and tried imitating what he saw. He was about to pull away but Ruka’s hand at the back of his head stopped him. Hitsugi had to hold the drummer’s hips down to not have the man impale his throat.

“No, don’t stop.” Ruka whispered huskily, gasping as Hitsugi hollowed his cheeks and tried to take more of him in as he began bobbing his head up and down.

“Oh, God.” Ruka groaned, the feel of the guitarist’s short cold piercings raking along his flesh as a warm wet tongue and hot mouth soothed it felt like heaven. After a hot minute, Ruka began bucking his hips and Hitsugi held him down. A few minutes later, Yomi crawled next to Hitsugi and began nudging his face aside.

“Hmm?” Hitsugi questioned a bit annoyed and Ruka moaned at the vibrations. Yomi began kissing the base of Ruka’s cock, seeing as how Hitsugi was busy holding his hips down. Yomi began kissing a trail to Hitsugi’s mouth, the guitarist looked at him surprised and backed away slowly, expecting to be kissed, only to gasp as he saw Yomi deep throat Ruka making the drummer groan. Feeling more than daring, Hitsugi got on the other side of Ruka’s arousal and together with Yomi, began to like the member like a lollipop.

Ni~ya crawled behind Hitsugi and began to slowly enter the younger man, making him moan. Hitsugi’s hips thrust back, momentarily forgetting all about Ruka. Yomi looked at Hitsugi and then back and growled, also stopping his attention on Ruka, making the drummer whine in protest.

“Damn it, Ni~ya!” Yomi yelled and got off the bed to walk around to Ni~ya.

“Get off.” He demanded childishly.

“That’s what I’m trying to do.” The bassist said lewdly and moaned when Hitsugi squeezed his muscles.

“I was preparing Hitsugi to fuck him. Go fuck Sakito.” Ruka looked amusedly, also forgetting the…urgency of the situation.

Ni~ya sighed. “Fine.” He conceded. He began slipping out of Hitsugi and crawled over to Sakito, who was crawling over to Ruka, loving what Hitsugi and Yomi were doing to the drummer. Ni~ya grabbed Sakito’s hips, forcing him on his knees.

Yomi gave a loud moan as he was finally—Finally!—inside the youngest member of the band. Once he was situated to the hilt, Ruka grabbed Hitsugi by the back of his head and began leading him closer to his throbbing erection. Hitsugi let himself be lead, but took control once he had the head of Ruka’s member in his mouth.

“Oh, God. For a beginner you give wonderful bj’s Hitsu-chan.” Ruka praised, caressing the cheek that hollowed to suck him.

Hitsugi pulled back once more making Ruka groan at the loss—again! This time, Sakito took over and began fisting the drummer’s erection, running his thumb over the tip and spreading the beading precum, before lightly dipping his fingernail inside the slit, making Ruka hiss at the pleasure/pain.

“Sakito.” Ruka groaned, because yelling would be showing too much emotion and just how much the older guitarist was driving him crazy.

Yomi hadn’t moved. That’s why Hitsugi stopped his attention on Ruka.

“Yomi-kun.” Hitsugi moaned, trying to entice the vocalist into moving, wiggling his butt for added…emphasis. “Why aren’t you moving?” the guitarist pouted, rocking his hips back, but Yomi’s iron grip on said hips stopped him. Pouting, the guitarist arched his back, trying to change the position of Yomi inside him, wanting the wonderful cock to brush his spot, and began tightening his muscles, smirking when he heard Yomi’s strangled gasp. Yomi let go of Hitsugi’s hips, only to slap the guitarist’s ass, hard, making the guitarist yelp.

“Yomi!” Hitsugi whined, but was distracted by Ruka’s moan as Sakito moaned around his erection on a particularly sharp thrust from Ni~ya, the bassist all but pounding into the lithe guitarist beneath him.

“Shut up.” Yomi all but growled as he slammed into the younger guitarist, hitting Hitsugi’s prostate with enough

force to launch him forward onto Ruka’s cock. Thankfully, Sakito had moved his head. Well, Ni~ya had yanked his hair, knowing Sakito was a leptosadist. Hitsugi’s face landed only centimeters from Ruka’s pulsing cock, Hitsugi stopping himself on a quick reflex, knowing that it would be extremely painful for the drummer if he fell on his member with that much force and in the condition he was in. when he was able to control his body, somewhat, he took Ruka’s erection in his mouth and began to take in the member inch by inch until he felt the throbbing cock touch the back of his throat. Soon, he was deepthroating Ruka, making the drummer groan unabashedly, running his hands through the guitarist’s dyed hair, fisting it until the point of hurt, making the younger man moan.

Ruka was going insane.

“Oh, Kami!” Ruka groaned. So close….so close.

“Hitsugi!” Ruka screamed, his cries echoes by Yomi who continued to slam into Hitsugi’s tight body, his orgasm claiming him, yet he continued to thrust into the guitarist. As the vocalist continued to ram into him, a powerful thrust to his prostate had him reeling as his orgasm took over him, shooting hot strings of cum onto the bed beneath him. He’d tried to swallow as much as he could of the hot liquid shooting into his mouth as Ruka gripped his hair, but the excess dribbled down his chin, his head falling to the side and landing on Ruka’s lap as the guitarist blacked out from sense overload; Ruka’s seed still shooting upward, hitting Sakito in the face. The combined pleasure of having Ni~ya pounding into him and seeing Ruka cum so forcefully, spraying him with his seed triggered Sakito’s orgasm. He came screaming Ni~ya’s name, who followed into bliss only a short moment later.


sango: damn...

CHIBI Sango: what the...OMG who are all these ppl and why is there all this blood on the floor?!

Sango: i told them...

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