Everything He Ever Wanted

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So.... just so you know... this story does have a plot.

and here's to the wonderful smut the naitomea guys had!



All five members of the Naitomea band lay panting in a heap of limb, sweat and cum, all too sated and tired to move. All that could be heard for almost ten minutes was the sound of ragged breathing as they tried to calm their heartbeats so that the organ wouldn’t rip out of their chests. It was just when they were all on sleep’s door that an odd sound reached their ears as the room finally became quiet. It was the sound of a cat. An incessant mewling came from beyond the closed bedroom door.

‘What is that noise?’ Hitsugi wondered, finally waking from his fainting spell, yet his brain too fogged to realize what was going on. Hitsugi was so tired that it took him a moment to realize that the sound was coming from one of his cats. He also remembered that he had forgotten to feed said cats.

“Oh, my God. I forgot to feed my cats.” Hitsugi said, his head rising too quickly from its position on Ruka’s lap—the room began to spin.

“No!” Ruka whined. “Stay.” He said and made a grab for the guitarist but it was a halfhearted gesture made from the half awake drummer.


Hitsugi looked over at Sakito, who was trying to get away from Ni~ya, as the older guitarist looked down at himself, a hand rising to wipe semen from his face.

“Eww.” He repeated. “Okay, I call dibs on the bathroom first.” Sakito said rising to get off the bed and away from a certain insatiable bassist.

“Good idea. I’ll join you.” Ni~ya said about to follow Sakito.

“I don’t think so.” Sakito said, a Look forming on his face that stopped Ni~ya in his tracks. “With how you fucked me, I’ll be sore for weeks.”

“Ah, but you liked it.” Ni~ya said lewdly. Sakito blushed.

“Not. The. Point.” He said between clenched teeth.

“Sakito, I suggest you lock the door. I’ll give you a clean towel when you come out. And please hurry, I hate feeling sticky.” Hitsugi said all traces of modesty gone, for now. Apparently, it hadn’t all sunk in yet for the usually naïve and innocent guitarist.

Thanks to his mother, Hitsugi was the proud owner of seven towels—and he had no idea why. But right now he was grateful for the usually otherwise useless possessions.

“Okay, get off the bed you three.” Hitsugi said, pushing Yomi off him (the vocalist was sprawled half atop him) and stood, hands on his hips. His body must still be shooting endorphins and other natural pain killers, because his body didn’t register the pain he should be feeling. Yomi’s whine made him give a dead stare to the men currently occupying his bed.

“But Hitsu-chan. We’re tiiii-iiired.” Yomi protested, his hoarse voice muffled and tired, yet somehow still sounding like a four year olds. Ni~ya was battling sleep, blinking repeatedly to ward off the sands of sleep and Ruka was already dozing lightly. Hitsugi sighed. He looked at the clock on the –where’d the clock go?

He looked down and saw the clock/radio on the floor, upside down. It said 91:20. Wait, that’s wrong. He tilted his head and his eyes widened almost comically.

“It’s past two am.” He said shocked. Ni~ya looked at him with a raised brow.

“It’s called sex, it happens.” Yomi said between yawns as he tried to drag himself up and out of the bed, but failing miserably. It looked like he was going to lose the fight against sleep.

‘They got here at like eight.’ Hitsugi did the quick math in his head. ‘We’ve been having sex for almost 7 hours?!’

Then another thought hit.

‘Ni~ya isn’t smoking. Amazing!’ He stared at the bassist, who lacked the usual cloud of smoke surrounding him; the bassist stared right back as if to say ‘what?’ Of course, he forgot that their sex wasn’t continuous. There were short hiatuses where they took a break individually before going for another round with whoever was …up…to it.

“Hey, can I get that towel now?” Sakito asked poking his head from behind the bathroom door, pulling Hitsugi from his shocked state. Hitsugi went to the bureau to look for the extra towels, taking out five, each a different color, all sense of modesty forgotten as he walked around naked.

“I call next.” Hitsugi announced getting a red towel for himself as he handed Sakito a blue one.

“I want you guys off the bed by the time I come back.” Hitsugi warned. He wasn’t answered.

It was almost half an hour later that he exited the bathroom, the room looking more like a sauna, only to find three dozing men on his bed. It had been hell to get his hole clean; trying to get all the cum from his sore hole had hurt and there had been some blood running down his thigh along with all the white. He knew he was going to be very sore come morning.

“If you don’t get up right now, I’ll throw water on you.” He threatened.

Hey, it worked on his cats.

Yomi leered at him and yanked the towel held out to him on his way to the bathroom. Hitsugi changed into his pajama pants, only to be confronted with another problem.

“Hitsu-chan, can I sleep over? I’m too tired to go home.” Ruka mumbled, his deep thunder-like voice a whole lot deeper and huskier due to his sleepy state, the whole water-thing waking him up.

“Uh, sure.” Hitsugi said and began to walk to his kitchen, curious to find Sakito there.

“Hey, Hitsu-chan. Um, can I sleep over? I don’t want to have an accident while driving home semi comatose.” Sakito asked, looking down and blushing, not wanting to impose on the younger man.

“Sure, but you’ll have to share. Ruka’s sleeping over too.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll sleep on the couch then.”

“No. You’ll sleep on the bed with us.” They both turned to see Yomi in his boxers walking towards them with Midnight in his arms.

“Forgot to feed someone?” he said holding the cat up in emphasis.

“It’s okay, I already gave them food.” Sakito said, saving Hitsugi from the guilt trip Yomi would no doubt put him on.

“I’m starving.” Yomi said, completely forgetting the cat as he set it on the floor and went to raid Hitsugi’s fridge. “Oh, and I’m sleeping over.” He announced flippantly.

“Uh…where are you going to sleep? Cuz if you, Sakito and Ruka are sleeping over, then Ni~ya has to stay and there’s only one bed.” Hitsugi said, trying to remember if he had any futons stashed away in the back of his closet.

“Then we’ll sleep on your one bed.” Yomi said casually.

“We won’t fit.” Hitsugi argued.

“We did a while ago.” The comment made both guitarists blush.

“Th-that’s different.”

“What’s different?” Ni~ya asked walking into the kitchen, grabbing the carton of juice from Yomi’s hand, making the small man pout.

“We’re all sleeping over and we’re going to sleep on Hitsugi’s bed.” Yomi informed the bassist, trying to wrestle the carton from the taller man’s hands and all but failing. Ni~ya just gave a ‘hn’ that was his only show of acknowledgement, which Yomi interpreted as ‘okay’. He was fluent in ‘strong and silent’ speech-he got it from Ruka all the time.

Hitsugi took it all in, a hell of a lot calmer than he thought he’d be—hmmm, a lot of things were changing about him already.

“I’m going to change the sheets.” He told no one in particular.

He walked to the room contemplating what was happening right now—not wanting to think about what had happened the last eight hours in his room. He was glad to see that Ruka wasn’t there; now he could change the sheets without having to bitch at the drummer to leave. He was also glad for another reason, he just didn’t know what.

He stared at his bed, seeing the mess of white and a few specks of red, no doubt his blood; and maybe even Yomi’s from being stretched so much and probably torn by Ruka, and probably even Sakito’s from being pounded so much by Ni~ya. He tossed the sweat and cum (and drops of blood) soaked sheets into the hamper, promising himself that he was going to burn the sheets and anything they touched rather than wash them. By the time fresh, crisp sheets were on the bed, Ruka had gotten out of the shower and changed into his own boxers, coming behind Hitsugi and hugging him.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, Hitsu-chan. But just keep calm. We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep right now, ‘kay?” Ruka said planting a kiss on top of the short guitarist’s head. He was about to move away when Hitsugi turned in his arms, turning his face upwards, unshed tears swimming in his eyes.

“Kiss me.” Hitsugi whispered, not trusting his voice.

Ruka leaned in and gently closed his lips over Hitsugi’s, tasting him and the salt from the tears that ran down the guitarist’s cheeks unhindered. Concerned, the taller man pulled back. He wiped the tears away, his thumb running over Hitsugi’s bottom lip where the guitarist kissed the digit almost reverently.

“We’ll still be here in the morning and as long as you need us.” He promised kissing him again before moving away completely. Sometimes Ruka was wiser and more insightful than people gave him credit for.

“Imma go eat before I pass out. You’re exhausting, but in a good way.” He said making the guitarist smile, then yelp as he slapped his sore butt.

A few minutes later, after calming down, he went to wash his face, then went to join his friends, lovers?—what were they?—in the kitchen. They all met him with warm smiles and he couldn’t help but to return those in kind. Ruka motioned him over and he went only to have Ruka pin him to his side, the drummer’s long arms wound tight around his waist and keeping him in place. Ni~ya’s eyebrows raised and he made eye contact with Sakito, a silent conversation passing between the two. Yomi saw Ruka motion Hitsugi over and quickly looked away, feeling a pang in his heart. But he didn’t know what it was. Jealousy? Hurt? Sakito noticed this and made eye contact with Ni~ya once again, the bassist shrugging minutely.

They went to bed around five am, exhausted to the bone, but somehow unable to sleep. They went to bed without trying to think of sleeping arrangements, but they were still partial to certain members. Ruka and Ni~ya were on the edges of the bed, the bed being in the middle of the room, not in a corner and big. Sakito slept spooned in front of Ni~ya, his back to the bassist. Yomi slept in the middle. Hitsugi slept between Yomi and Ruka, his back to the latter, spooning, Ruka’s arm around his waist pulling him close.

“I love you.” Hitsugi whispered before drifting off, the words sounding loaded, and, not knowing who it was directed at, they all tried to push it out of their minds. Needless to say, Yomi and Ruka didn’t sleep as well as the others. It was a while before they finally fell asleep, neither knowing that the other had troubling thoughts running through their minds.

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