Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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Hitsugi woke with a start as he felt a sharp poke to his side.

“Man you sleep like the dead.”

Hitsugi looked around and saw Yomi standing above him. At least he thought it was Yomi. It was dark and he could only see a little bit, the shadows playing along his friend’s features.

“Hey, Yomi. What are you doing here?” Hitsugi asked sleepily. He was so sleepy he didn’t think to contemplate the fact that it was still dark out and that his friend never said that he was coming over.

“Hitsugi, I’ve been thinking—” Yomi said, but it wasn’t Yomi anymore. His voice changed and the body changed too and it was no longer covered in clothes. He’d seen Sakito’s abdomen enough times to know that flat tight midsection anywhere.

“Hitsu-chan, I need you so bad. I want to feel you. All of you.” Sakito’s voice was husky as his hands moved over Hitsugi’s suddenly naked chest.

“Sakito-san—”Hitsugi began but was cut off when a pair of puffy lips closed over his. The face pulled back and, though he couldn’t see the face, he recognized Ruka’s voice disguised as deep timber, like that of soft thunder.

“Don’t worry Hitsu-chan, we’ll take good care of you.” Another pair of lips nibbled on his earlobe, playing with a piercing making him shiver.

“Hitsugi, you taste real good.” Ni~ya’s deep voice whispered in his ear and he moaned lightly. He felt another pair of lips on his other ear and Yomi’s soft giggled breath ghosted over the sensitive flesh again making him whimper in need. He moaned when Ruka and Sakito began kissing his lips, playing with his lips, his piercings, their tongue touching his and each other’s.

“Hitsugi, we’ll make you feel good- just relax.” He could feel Sakito’s talented fingers trail down his torso, tweak his nipple. Hitsugi yelped in surprised and Ruka took advantage of it and he felt a warm tongue inside his mouth.

Hitsugi closed his eyes tightly as his senses began to overload and he opened them again in surprise. Yomi was talking to him. But it wasn’t Yomi’s voice anymore.

“Meow meow.”

Hitsugi jolted awake, the action startling his cats. That was the weirdest dream he’d ever had. He blushed redder than the current red dye in his hair as he remembered the dream. He looked down at himself and felt his face heat even more. There was a wet spot on the front of his pajama pants and he almost passed out from blushing so much—he was still hard. The dream had felt so real. He could swear he actually felt Ruka’s tongue against his own and Ni~ya’s breath making him squirm. He shook his head, tying to forget what he’d dreamt.

Hitsugi got out of bed and went directly to the bathroom, turning on a cold shower. The dream was so vivid, his body had reacted and it wouldn’t…relax. His mind wandered and he began to imagine Ruka kissing him. Ruka had kissed him before: on the forehead or the cheek, but never on the mouth. Would it feel hot, wet and talented against his own? Would Ni~ya’s breath—

He groaned out loud, unable to relinquish the sexual thoughts regarding his band-mates. There wasn’t any pure emotion in this…this thing that was going on. He loved them—all of them, in their own way, but mostly like family. The vivid memories of the dream as well as other dreams he’d had before had him seeking pleasure by himself; his skin burned as he was consumed in images of taking them and being taken by Ruka or Sakito or Ni~ya. He groaned as his hands traveled down his water slick body, grabbing the heated hardness there. These dreams were just lust.

Simply lust.

Not even the cold water could deter his arousal as he pumped his way to oblivion. As he reached his peak one face stood clearer than anything else and the shock that he felt only added to his orgasm as he screamed his friend’s name.



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