Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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“Ne, Ruka-san?” Ni~ya questioned. Ruka looked at him though he was busy with his mouth to Sakito’s neck, sucking on the flesh, intent on leaving as many hickeys as he could, loving the little mewls coming from the older guitarist. He arched a brow at the bassist.

“We need a few cock rings, so they don’t come too fast.” The bassist said, making Hitsugi choke on air, suddenly distraught.

“Ni~ya-san!” Hitsugi sputtered, getting dangerously red again.

“What?” Ni~ya asked bemused.

“You just had a threesome with two guys and are having an orgy with two more and you’re shocked at ‘cock ring’?” Ni~ya could be blunt at times, usually making the younger guitarist fleet he room, but he was right.

“Oh, shut up.” Hitsugi said, reaching behind Ni~ya’s head and pulling him down for a hard kiss.

“I want you to fuck me now.” Hitsugi whispered to Ni~ya once they broke for air. Yomi, who was sharing a kiss with Sakito, turned to Hitsugi, indignant.

“But Hitsu-chan! You said I could fuck you.” Yomi pouted looking like a distressed four year old.


“You can have him next.” Ni~ya said when Hitsugi hesitated.

“I call after.” Ruka said, pausing his kiss with Sakito, now that Yomi was busy talking to them.

“Does that mean I can...do you too?” Hitsugi asked still slightly embarrassed.

“Hell no!” Ruka and Ni~ya said simultaneously.

“What?” Hitsugi asked confused and a little hurt. “How come?”

“Ni~ya and Ruka are seme.” Sakito answered helpfully, now also stopping his kiss with Ruka.

“Yeah they only pitch, but don’t catch.” Yomi piped up, pouting.

“Must you be so brash?” Sakito huffed. Even in an orgy he had proper manners.

“Yes!” Yomi said in a ‘duh’ manner. Sakito leered at him. Yomi stuck out his tongue.

“Fukety fuck fuck.” The vocalist added knowing it pissed off the older guitarist unlike anything else.

“Ruka is going to fuck all of us, except Ni~ya, who’s going to do all of us except Ruka. And I, my tall friend, am going to fuck you too.” Yomi said edging closer to Sakito until he straddled Ruka’s hips behind the tall guitarist. Sakito’s eyes darkened and he moved further up Ruka’s body until his erection almost touched Ruka’s chin.

“Not until somebody sucks me off.” Sakito said looking pointedly at the drummer underneath him.

With a smirk, Ruka grabbed Sakito’s slim hips and pulled him closer until he didn’t have to crane his neck to suck the cock offered to him. Hitsugi was mesmerized at the sight beside him. Sakito was straddling Ruka’s head, his cock in Ruka’s mouth, his beautiful body arched delicately in pleasure, his head thrown back, mouth open in a silent gasp.

Yomi looked indecisive for a while; not knowing whether to fuck Sakito or have Ruka inside him again, adamantly ignoring the burning of his ass. Instead he slid down Ruka’s body and began trailing his tongue over the sensitive inside of Ruka’s thigh, leaving a hot wet trail that cooled in the dry air, making the drummer shiver slightly. He licked up the base of the drummer’s erection, the member already hardening and swirled his tongue around the bulbous head before taking him in his mouth completely, deepthroating him. Ruka moaned loudly, his lower body arching off the bed, trying to fuck the vocalist’s throat. The vibrations of his moan made Sakito groan, his hips thrusting forward, deeper inside Ruka’s mouth; the drummer had to hold his hips back to not gag.

Ni~ya reached out to the nightstand near the bed, where a tube of lube lay uncapped. Once he had the object in hand, he returned to Hitsugi, kissing the guitarist’s neck, nipping at the flesh, loving the way the guitarist responded to him , his body arching into his touch. Ni~ya pulled away from the enticing body beneath him and looked Hitsugi in the face, seeing the guitarist’s eyes unfocused. Once he appeared lucid enough, Ni~ya spoke.

“Hitsu-chan, I’m going to prepare you now. If you don’t want to, say it now. I know you said yes before, but the first time hurts. Are you sure?” he paused looking at Hitsugi, serious. After a few seconds, showing that he was thinking it through, he nodded.

If a little pain was all it took to have everything he wanted, then so be it.

Ni~ya thoroughly coated two fingers and, kissing Hitsugi, he slipped his longest finger inside the guitarist slowly. Hitsugi tense as the finger slid past the first ring of muscles, stopping its progression. He forced himself to relax and was soon getting used to the in/out motion of the digit. Ni~ya curled his finger, feeling for the spongy flesh that—

“Ah!” Hitsugi cried out, arching his back as pleasure coursed from that point throughout his entire body, a bright light flashing behind his lids.

‘Bingo.’ Ni~ya thought. He stroked Hitsugi’s prostate a few times before entering another finger. He pumped in and out, occasionally brushing the prostate, getting the guitarist used to the feeling and the friction of the in and out motion, before he began scissoring his fingers, stretching the muscles even more. By this time Hitsugi was writhing beneath him, thrusting his hips, fucking himself on Ni~ya’s fingers.

“Please, Ni~ya... more.” Hitsugi whispered, wanting, needing more of this...whatever it was, not really caring as long as it felt as good as it did.

A third finger entered the guitarist and he yelled, hips bucking as he froze at the feel of being stretched so much. There was slight discomfort, but it wasn’t long before he was accustomed to the in/out motion of the fingers and he was wantonly moaning for more. He whimpered when Ni~ya removed his fingers but something much larger pressed against his opening. He forced himself to relax; his initial reaction was his body tensing. Ni~ya pushed in slowly, allowing the guitarist time to adjust to the fullness inside him. Ni~ya swiveled his hips, brushing Hitsugi’s prostate again and aimed for that spot as he began to thrust in and out slowly. Soon, however, Hitsugi’s legs circled his waist, trying to bring him closer.

“Please...ah! Ni~ya...more” Hitsugi whispered brokenly, bucking his hips us, trying to get Ni~ya to go faster.

“What do you want?” Ni~ya questioned huskily, giving a particularly hard thrust, hitting the guitarist’s prostate directly.

“AH!” Hitsugi screamed, back arching almost painfully off the bed as he tried to bring himself closer to the man above him, not so silently asking for more.

“Harder!” Hitsugi all but yelled. Ni~ya lifted himself to his knees, taking purchase of Hitsugi’s hips and began thrusting hard and fast into the way-too-tight guitarist. Hitsugi moaned, feeling that familiar rushing heat to his groin, his body coiling like a tight spring. Being too new at this, Hitsugi didn’t stand a chance against Ni~ya’s talented hips and the guitarist quickly reached orgasm as his prostate was almost brutally assaulted by Ni~ya’s engorged cock colliding with his bundle of nerves on almost every thrust.

“Ni~ya!” Hitsugi yelled, his back arching, muscles clamping tightly around Ni~ya’s engorged length as his orgasm ransacked his body, his eyes shut tightly against the blinding light behind his lids, his seed spilling across Ni~ya’s stomach, falling onto his own thanks to gravity. With his own powerful growl, Ni~ya came inside Hitsugi, the rushing heat causing the younger man to moan as his orgasm continued to drag on.



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