Everything He Ever Wanted

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“I’d love to, but we have to speak seriously Mitsuo.”



Hitsugi sat up straighter. First he was surprised that Yomi even knew the word serious, then he began to worry when Yomi used his real name. Yomi slid off his lap and leaned over to reach his pants, wincing at the slight sting—damn he was already sore—not bothering to look for his shirt. Hitsugi lifted his hips and pulled up his pants from around his knees, momentarily ignoring the used condom still on him. Yomi sat next to him on the couch, far enough away to show his seriousness, but close enough to show that it wasn’t serious enough to damage their friendship.

Yomi took a deep breath and began:

“I told you that I already told the others about your dream.” He paused waiting for Hitsugi to nod his assent. After a few seconds of the guitarist not getting the point of the short silence, Yomi chided.

“You know I told them, right?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, I know.” Hitsugi said apologetically.

“I know you Hitsugi and, no offense, but you’re very naïve and you’re an emotional person. So before this gets any more than physical, I need you to know that…they’re all willing to make this for you. Hell, Ruka has been wanting to get in your pants since forever, but that’s all it is to him—sex. Ni~ya and Sakito are kind of, but not really, a couple—they still have sex with me and Ruka, but they feel something for each other, something that goes beyond the physical. So…if you want us, you can have us, all of us, but you’d have to share us as well, with each other. Just know that Nightmare will still be here for as long as we possibly can be. Our relationships and lust will not get in the way of our passion for music, we all agreed to that. And now I’m going to go home and have a shower cuz I hate being sticky. Imma give you a few days to think things through. Call me when you’re ready.” Yomi finished, heading towards the door where he’s left his shoes. It was late spring, almost summer; he decided to leave without his shirt. Before he turned the knob, he turned around and walked quickly to Hitsugi.

“No matter what you choose,” he whispered, kissing the guitarist, “We’ll still be here for you, okay?” He kissed him again and turned. His hand was on the knob once more and he was about to open the door when Hitsugi’s voice stopped him.


“No. Think it through. Talk to the other guys if you think it’ll make you think better; second and third opinions are always good.” Yomi said smiling before disappearing through the door.

Hitsugi was left alone on his couch, feeling a shiver run down his spine as a cool breeze came from the closing door and cooled the sweat on his body.

‘Great.’ He thought suddenly sulking. ‘I just had the best sex of my life and now I have to make another life altering decision!’

Hitsugi wasn’t one who made decisions quickly. Hell, he couldn’t make decisions period! But this was serious. But Yomi had said it wouldn’t alter their friendships or how the band members felt about him. But it could change how he viewed his friends—look at Ni~ya and Sakito: they have strong feelings for each other and will eventually stop having sex with the other Nightmare members to only have sex with each other. So…if he continued on with this…dream, this desire to …have sex with all of them, their friendships could be ruined. Well, not ruined, per say, but it would be altered if they progressed into something more. But then that means that someone would be left out. Someone could fall in love with him, and he could fall in love with someone, meaning that a third member would be left out. But Ruka only wanted sex. But who guaranteed that it would only be himself and Yomi.

Arg! This was so aggravating!! Hitsugi groaned—this was all too confusing!

There was one thing he did know: he wanted this and he wanted it bad. For once he didn’t want to over think everything and its consequences; if his heart would be on the line, so be it. What’s the worst that could happen? They were still going to be there for him, still be his friends. And Yomi said that Nightmare wouldn’t suffer as a unit. They would still be there for him, as his friends, but with benefits of course. And he did want it, he wanted to bury himself in Yomi’s tight heat again and he wanted to know what it felt like to be so stretched and full. He felt his body stir again as he remembered what happened a few minutes before—

And was immediately turned off: he still had the used condom on his dick.

Hitsugi stood up, his pants falling around his ankles. He stepped out of his pants and made his way to the bathroom completely naked. Once there, he removed the used condom and threw it away at the little garbage disposal he kept there (unlike Ruka and much like Sakito, he was a very clean and tidy person), before turning on the shower. He set the shower to his liking, which, even though it was almost summer, was close to hot, the hot that created steam and took forever to dissipate. However this time, the water felt different, hotter, it burned his skin (and not because it was too hot); his already feverish skin was still too- sensitive and he moaned as the water sluiced down his body and he arched his back when the water came into direct contact with his once again hard member. He groaned—what the hell was wrong with him—he gets laid after so long and all of a sudden he’s insatiable?!

With a growl he took his member in hand and began to pleasure himself, remembering Yomi’s tight heat around him. He moaned, trying to imitate that feeling with his hand but winced when, instead of pleasure, there was pain for squeezing too hard. He loosened his hand slightly and continued pumping to his release, moaning Yomi’s name, remembering the vocalist being very vocal during their lovemaking, telling him to cum for him. With one final thrust of his hips into his hand, he came, his seed spurting forth in long white streams over his hand only to be washed down the drain with the water.

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