Everything He Ever Wanted

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A few days later Hitsugi called Yomi, still unable to believe that, although he had decided to go ahead with his desire to fulfill his dream so to speak, and have sex with his band mates, he was actually calling for sex. Well, he hadn’t died of embarrassment yet.

On the third ring, Yomi finally answered the phone.

“Hitsugi!” Yomi yelled into the receiver enthusiastically. Before the guitarist could say a word edgewise, Yomi asked—rather loudly:

“So, have you decided yet? Can we fuck you? C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Tell me!” the vocalist finished, whining.

‘Oh Kami, what the hell am I getting into?’ Hitsugi thought, but decided not to think anymore.

“Um…you could say that.” The guitarist stuttered and mumbled.

“I could say that? Oh no, no, no, my very sexy friend. I need to hear it from those very sexy lips of yours. What do you want?” Yomi questioned, needing the guitarist to express himself and tell him exactly what he wanted. After a few minutes of what he could have sworn was Hitsugi hyperventilating, the taller (of the two) men answered, in a voice that only wavered slightly.

“I…I want you guys to come over, today—right now.” He said sounding too impatient. Yomi laughed.

“And what, are we going to play cards or just hang out?” Even though he couldn’t see it, Hitsugi’s eyes widened. But—but…


“Hitsu, listen. We won’t go over there until you tell us exactly what you want us to do to you.” Yomi said matter-of-factly. The guitarist had to learn to be more vocal about his sexuality—the man had sexual aura escaping him in waves. He had the entire female population and half the male, including straight guys, salivating after him, but he was oblivious to his own sexuality and the fuckable signals he was sending.
Hitsugi took a deep breath and steeling his voice, he answered.

“I want you guys to come over and…fuck me till I can’t walk straight.” Hitsugi answered hesitating just a little. He didn’t curse, barely at all, and fuck seemed so vulgar.
The phone went dead and he heard the tone signal the call had ended.

Less than 5 minutes later an incessant knock on the door startled him. He shook his head, laughing ruefully. He should have known! He should have known that that Yomi would rush at the prospect of sex; he was such a hentai.

He got up to answer the knocking that refused to cease with a smirk making its way to his lips. He barely finished turning the knob when, once more, the door was thrown open and Yomi ran in and glomped him—there was beginning to be a pattern here. Trying to find his balance so that he didn’t fall with Yomi still on him— the vocalist hadn’t dislodged himself from the guitarist’s neck. All the while, three other figures stood at the door, having just a little more self-control than their vocalist.

“Chotto!” Ni~ya exclaimed rather loudly. “Get off him, Yomi. Stop hoggin’ him already.”

“Yeah, I also want a go at sexy.” Ruka said using the same nickname he’d used before, though the beautiful bored monotone remained.

“Um…okay…I’m willing to do this, for Hitsu-chan, but only once.” Sakito said, warning everyone right off the bat to his terms and conditions.

Ruka scoffed, shoving the bassist and older guitarist into the apartment. At least he knew he shouldn’t talk about sex, much less an orgy, where nosy ears can here. Once inside, with the door closed, he shoved Sakito against the wall, knowing full well all the others were now paying rapt attention.

“We all know you’re a prude, Sakito-san—”Ruka said, the honorific sounding completely mocking—hell look at the context of his words, and, at Sakito’s squeak of protest, he closed his lips over the slightly shorter man’s own and kissed him. The kiss was chaste, quick and far from torrid, but it still made the older guitarist gasp.

“But this occasion will be one you’ll never forget.” Ruka said backing away from him, making the younger man pout.

“And you won’t forget it either, Hitsu-chan.” Ruka said as he sauntered over to the youngest member of the band, Yomi still attached to his neck. Ruka towered over both of them, making both tilt their heads almost all the way back at his proximity. He closed the space between his lips and Hitsugi’s and kissed him slowly, trying not to startle the man, hoping that it wouldn’t go like the last time. After a slight tense, the guitarist relaxed and began kissing back.

“This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Yomi whispered awed, so close and yet so far from what the guitarist and drummer shared. Hitsugi pulled back, blushing madly, but Ruka caught the back of his neck before he got too far and connected their lips once more. Ruka ran his tongue along Hitsugi’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. After a few seconds the shorter man opened his mouth and moaned when Ruka’s tongue touched his.

Unable to wait any longer, Yomi forced his way between them and kissed both of them, making a three-way kiss. A moan was heard from the jumble of lips and bodies and they could hear Ni~ya’s deep voice in the background, though it sounded far away, for some strange reason.

“Now that is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” The bassist proclaimed.

Sakito, being the practical man that he is, stepped forward and broke the three-way kiss. He grabbed Hitsugi’s waist and began leading him backwards.

“Now I know we want to do this, but the hallway of your apartment isn’t the best place.” Hitsugi blushed and nodded letting himself be lead, trusting these men completely—if he didn’t trust them, this wouldn’t be happening—seeing them all follow, looking almost predatory as they did. There was an almost intense silence that Hitsugi didn’t know how to feel about.

“Um… would any of you like something to drink?” He asked in an uncertain voice. Ruka and Yomi laughed out loud, Ni~ya smirked and Sakito laughed lightly.

“Oh, Hitsu-chan,” Sakito said, pulling the shorter man closer to him, “It could only be you.” Sakito kissed him then, lightly, getting accustomed to the feel of his lips. Once the shock wore off, he decided to participate more. Hitsugi got on tip toe and intertwined his arms behind Sakito’s neck, forcing the other man to bend lower to cover their height difference and began to kiss him with as much passion as he could muster, endless nights of frustrating dreams finally being fulfilled. Sakito caught his tongue in his mouth and began to suck on it, playing with the tongue piercing, making the younger guitarist moan. At the response, Sakito began to move his hands slowly and lightly over Hitsugi’s body, pawing at the cloth in the way.

There was a slight pressure behind his knees that grew stronger. Suddenly he was falling backwards. A cry that sounded very girly even to his own ears, fell from his lips and he knew he’d be embarrassed—later. He bounced lightly on the bed—when had they gotten to his room?—Sakito’s body covering his, though the older man held himself up on his forearms. Looking up, he saw a mischievous glint in Sakito’s eyes before the man closed the space between them once more and sealing their lips in a kiss. Sakito shifted his hips, rubbing against Hitsugi’s growing arousal. Hitsugi gasped then groaned as Sakito increased the pressure by moving a leg between Hitsugi’s own and pushing against the juncture of his thighs. Hitsugi’s fingers came up to fasten on Sakito’s shoulders not knowing whether he was bringing him closer or pushing him away. His hips moved in time to Sakito’s movement, the friction doing incredibly wicked things to his body. He whimpered, his eyes shutting tight. Sakito’s lips were still moving on his, but he wasn’t kissing back. His breath came in short shallow gasps and his body was tightening like a coil, his climax so close. Right when he thought he would reach his completion, Sakito pulled back.

Hitsugi whimpered at the loss, trying to pull Sakito back to him.

“No.” Hitsugi gasped. “I’m so close.” He said and began bucking his hips against Sakito’s thigh, needing that wonderful friction again.

“Hush, Hitsu-chan.” Sakito murmured, kissing him lightly, sucking on a lip piercing, the feel of the cool metal turning him on.

“We just thought that you would be more comfortable naked.”


more to come....no pun intended

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