Everything He Ever Wanted

BY : sango_houshi
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Later that day, Hitsugi went to the Nightmare studio where they were going to practice.

Ah, the ills of being a rock star- it was all work, work, work. (Of course, he forgets all the parties and the exhilaration of playing onstage.) They were going to practice their songs and try to come up with new songs until they became as natural as breathing—or Tokyo Shounen, whichever came first.

Hitsugi got his guitar and began tuning it, trying to get it just right. He knew all the parts to the song they were rehearsing, even the solo, but he loved hearing Sakito play the solo. When Sakito played, it was like magic. It was breathtakingly hypnotizing.

‘Would his fingers feel as talented on my body?’

Hitsugi blinked. Where the hell had that thought come from? The unsuspecting guitarist came into the room at that moment as though called by his thoughts. Again, Sakito was wearing a high shirt, showing off his flat, creamy stomach and naval.

‘Would his skin feel as smooth as it looked?’ He shook his head trying to look away and blushed.

Sakito glanced worriedly at Hitsugi. He walked over to the younger guitarist.

“Are you alright, Hitsu-chan?” Hitsugi jumped at the proximity of the other man and shivered lightly then froze when Sakito pressed his palm against Hitsugi’s forehead.

“You’re really warm Hitsu-chan. And you’re flushed.” Sakito said, genuine worry evident in his words.

Hitsugi took a second too late to answer. He tried to play it off, and while Sakito wasn’t convinced, he backed off when Hitsugi ‘promised’ that he was okay.

“You drank too much again, didn’t you?” Sakito asked, his tone reprimanding. The younger guitarist wasn’t a cheap drunk, not by far, but he had his limits.

“Oh, no, it’s not that. Please, do not worry, Sakito- san.”

‘Sakito-san?’ Sakito thought. They were never this formal unless in front of the press. Nevertheless, he could tell that the younger man was flustered, so he let the matter drop. It didn’t look like Hitsugi was going to talk to him. A thought suddenly popped into the taller man’s mind. Hitsugi wouldn’t talk to him, but he knew who the younger man was more comfortable with.

Sakito left the room with the excuse that he forgot his favorite guitar pick. Hitsugi didn’t notice anything—he was oblivious—but it looked like he was making an effort to look away.

A few minutes later, Ruka sauntered in, his lanky body all arms and legs. He sat across from Hitsugi and without preamble grabbed the shorter man’s chin and forced him to look him in the eye.

“What’s wrong, sexy?”

Hitsugi froze. There were a few issues he had: like people in his personal space, or surprising him, or touching him. He was a very personal person. His eyes widened, then he blushed as he remembered the dream and Ruka’s ‘pet’ name finally registered in his brain. While Ruka’s pet names weren’t something new; he called Sakito ‘babe’, Yomi ‘baby’, and Ni~ya ‘hon’ (of course always changing them and sometimes made them vulgar). You see, Ruka liked touching people. He even kissed his band members and touched… parts that were only meant for a sexual partner. Ruka loved to flirt, that’s just who he was. But sometimes it made his more timid friends uncomfortable, like Sakito and Hitsugi.

“Hello. Hitsugi? Stop spacing out.” Hitsugi blinked and Ruka was right there! The younger man was so surprised he jerked back, forcing his face out of Ruka’s grasp and almost fell back when fortunately, or unfortunately in Hitsugi’s case, Ruka grabbed him, by the waist no less, and righted him. However the movement brought them face to face once more. And Ruka, being the spontaneous person that he is (note sarcasm) he rid the space between them and closed his lips over Hitsugi’s. Hitsugi froze and his brain short- circuited. He didn’t pull back from Ruka’s kiss, but he didn’t respond either. His mouth moved with the pressure of Ruka’s lips. Then Ruka’s tongue touched his lips and Hitsugi finally responded—he gasped. The intake of breath through his mouth gave Ruka the opening to slip his tongue inside the warm wet cavern. Ruka’s tongue touched his and it was like an electric shock; it made him snap out of his frozen state. He jerked back, this time falling to the ground as he wrenched free of Ruka’s arms. The guitarist sat on his backside on the floor, his legs spread on the small stool he fell from; his eyes wide with shock, his flushed expression and position making him an unknowing enticing picture.

“You should see your face, Hitsu-chan. You look like you saw a ghost.” Ruka joked trying to lighten the sexually tense atmosphere.


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