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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 10
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Natalie Alyn Lind
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Natalie Alyn Lind nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Exploited College Girls, nor with The Gifted or its characters in any way

Summary: Natalie Alyn Lind prepares to move onto a new project after The Gifted was cancelled but first she has to visit the set of Exploited College Girls to take some toys and her biggest dick yet up her ass.

The cameraman had finished setting things up in the usual hotel room that his company rented for their shoots. The room was nothing fancy but it was clean and he was used to the orientation of the furniture, allowing him to have several cameras set up to capture all the action. He still couldn’t believe that he worked for a porn company. Yet, it paid the bills and came with the awesome perk of getting to watch hot young college girls get fucked. And then a year ago, Exploited College Girls was contacted by some 1%-er who had an intriguing offer. Well less intriguing and more amazing and unbelievable. Essentially they’d provide celebrities to be filmed, completely private, for the super rich to watch. All he asked for was that the celebrities fit his niche, which was college age and pretty. Tonight’s celebrity was no exception.

“Come with me,” his business partner told Tom, slapping him on the arm.

Tom picked up his most mobile camera and followed his partner, who served as the male talent on some shoots. Once they found out who the super rich were sending them tonight, Tom knew there was no chance his friend would pass up the chance to fuck Natalie Alyn Lind. The girl was exactly Jay’s type - 21 years old, blonde, and curvy as hell. Tom’s focus snapped back to the present as they entered the large bathroom that Natalie was in, using it as her mini-suite for hair and makeup.

“You look a little nervous,” Jay commented to their star.

“Yeah,” Natalie admitted, a slight quiver in her voice but still wearing a big toothy smile. “But only a little.”

“Never had a dick this big?” Tom and Jay followed as the gorgeous blonde exited the bathroom and jumped onto the center of the large bed.

“No! I mean, I’ve had anal before. I mean, look at this ass,” Natalie stated, rolling onto her side so the men could zoom in on her tightly packed booty that was barely contained in her Daisy Duke shorts. “I haven’t taken anything up my poop chute in a little while too.”

“Well we’ll take it really slow, lots of foreplay,” Tom comforted, which brought a calmed expression to her face.

“Stick a butt plug in and fuck you regular first,” Jay added.

Though she was slightly more comfortable, it didn’t stop Natalie from flopping back on the bed. She wasn’t regretting her choice, after all her deal landed her a starring role in a comic book show. Sadly, it wasn’t a great show and was cancelled after 2 years, but it helped launch her career. Thus far, Natalie had a pretty easy ride with Hollywood Pornstar, but tonight was her first anal shoot and that made her nervous.

“What was the biggest dick you’ve taken?”

Natalie wore her pretty smile and mimed out roughly 5 inches and just under an inch thick. For comparison, Jay whipped out his own cock, the very one that the blonde actress would be fucking. Though not the largest in porn, not by a longshot, Jay still possessed a 7-inch member with above-average girth. 

“And that’s why I’m nervous,” the big titted actress commented.

“When did you discover you were into anal?”

“I’ve been doing anal since 18 but it wasn’t until 6 months ago when I had what I’ll describe as my first real orgasm,” Natalie shared. “Since then I’ve loved it but I’m just nervous because it can hurt a lot too.”

“We’ll take our time and make sure we give you a hell of an anal orgasm,” Tom did his best to calm the beautiful blonde. “He’s not just gonna shove it in.”

“That does help,” Natalie giggled. “You two are gonna have a lot of fun playing with my ass? I’m sure you’ll hate that.”

“I’ll use fingers, lube, toys then the actual wood,” Jay stated. “And my tongue. I assume if you’ve cum from a dick fucking your ass then you like being rimmed?”

“Of course!” Natalie shared. “But I don’t lick boys’ butts.”

“Sounds like a story there,” Tom probed.

“It was really gross. Stinky, hairy...God! I think I have PTSD from it,” Natalie shuddered from the memory. 

“You’ll like my ass. It’s clean and shaved. Trust me,” Jay told his star. 

“Jesus! You’re body!” Tom commented, shifting focus off the sore subject for the 21 year old. “Body that won’t quit

“Thanks,” Natalie laughed, giving her tits a squeeze that were held within her low-cut blue top. She propped herself up on her knees and faced the camera Tom was standing behind, coming more alive. “I’m a fan too.”

“Between the thick ass and monster tits, you’re super stacked. But pint-sized,” the man continued to gawk.

“So a super stacked shorty?” Natalie suggested. “Not the lamest superhero name.”

“When did your tits come in?”

“Like the 7th grade. First as B cups…”

“Certainly not Bs any more,” Jay joked.

“By the start of high school they were Ds. If I gain weight then they can go up to DD but then I lose my teenie tiny waist so the trade-off isn’t worth it,” Natalie explained. 

“I think we should see the infamous tits of Natalie Alyn Lind,” Tom stated.

Natalie had been well drilled by this point about the studio guys being in full control. Still propped on her knees, Natalie started to undo the few buttons that held her top closed. As the last one parted, the stacked blonde tossed the top to the side and exposed her heavenly chest. They were every bit as large as the men were hoping for with their perfect roundness capped off by a big pink nipple in the direct center. They swayed with every movement or breath, and the knowing smile on the blonde’s face let Tom and Jay know just how proud the actress was of her boobs. Without having to be told, Natalie also took down her Daisy Dukes to leave her in nothing but a red pair of panties and what was becoming her trademark footwear of black ankle heeled boots.

“So these are the natural 35Ds that are all the rage around Hollywood,” Jay commented, feeling up one tit, pinching the nopple lightly before moving to the next one. “Oh my God.”

“Cute panties,” Tom commented after Jay had taken a full minute to grope the young star’s tits.

“Look at the back,” Natalie said as she flipped over onto her hands and knees with her booty facing the men.

While the red panties looked cute from the front, one the back they had a clever cutout in the shape of a heart. More importantly, the men were able to gander on her thick ass, which had really grown in the past year. It didn’t match the heft of her tits, but Natalie’s ass was more than bubbly, it was downright thick and large. Jay and Tom both confirmed this fact with a hands-on approach. Jay even hooked a finger into the hem and showed off her pussy, shaven clean for the shoot today.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he told her. “Now take those off but leave the boots.”

Natalie rolled onto her back so that her legs were up in the air as she peeled the red panties off. She made sure to take her time and pull them slowly up her legs before tossing them aside with the rest of her clothes. She kept her legs straight and up in the air at the men’s insistence so they could zoom in and look at their prize - her bald pussy and crinkled asshole.

“God, you’re built for sex,” Tom couldn’t help but comment.

While that comment drew another giggle from the stacked blonde, Jay was already reaching out and rubbing her smooth mound. The girl must have just shaved or waxed because the skin was completely hairless without even the suggestion of hair. Jay was going to lick his fingers but the girl’s slit was wet enough. His fingertips glided easily through her folds, drawing a whimper from the Gifted star. Getting her prepared for the future, as Jay’s fingers rubbed her pussy, his thumb was stroking her asshole. 

“Mhmmm...that feels nice,” Natalie moaned.

Extending his middle finger, the horny man eased the entirety of his middle finger into the 21 year old’s bare cunt. She moaned but continued to hug her knees to her impressive chest as his finger sawed in and out of her dripping wet slit.

“How about that?”

“Really good,” the blonde smiled.

As nice as Natalie Alyn Lind’s pussy felt, that wasn’t what they men were here for. After fingering her cunt for another minute, the man moved further down, until his digit was spinning around the rim of her asshole. Narrowing his circles, his fingertip came to rest on the center of her brown eye then he replaced circling with pushing. The combination of his pressure and slickness of his skin, her asshole put up a token resistance before the tip disappeared into her bowels.

“And now?” Jay asked, the first knuckle pushed into her.

“Ahh...I like it...a lot,” the busty girl moaned as the second knuckle of his middle finger entered Natalie.

“I can feel your little ass pulsing on my finger,” Jay quipped as he continued making small thrusts with the middle finger. 

Jay continued to finger fuck the 21 year old in the ass for another few minutes. Sometimes he went fast, but mostly he kept the banging to a smooth and slow pace. It was still early in the night and Jay had fucked enough college-aged girls to know that you took your time. Going carefully meant you could push them further, making them take more and more. Pulling out of her ass, Jay knew it was time to move forward so he instructed his blonde muse how to orientate herself.

“Next time just tell me face down, booty up,” Natalie giggled as she got onto her knees with her ass facing the men and their camera.

Once settled on her knees again, a finger was instantly slid back into its new home. Jay had applied more lube so the middle digit slid in like a hot knife through butter despite the tightness of Natalie’s booty. The blonde was aware of the second camera so as her butt was facing the one behind her, she turned her gorgeous face to the other. Her eyes were closed and mouth slightly agape as her nearly virgin asshole was probed with more gusto then when she was on her back.


Natalie heard the whirl of a little motor that she instantly recognized as a Hitachi magic wand a moment before it’s head was placed against her clit. Her dark eyes shot open before a moan escaped her lips. She wasn’t even aware that his finger was probing her asshole faster, nor when he slipped a second finger into her either. 

“You like that?”

“So much, yes,” Natalie purred in response.

As they exchanged those words, Jay popped his fingers out of her ass and reached to the tray set up beside him. Like a surgeon selecting his next tool, the porn actor grabbed his next sex toy, all while Natalie moaned from the Hitchi pleasuring her clit. Tom the cameraman had already lubed up a 4-inch long slender butt plug so once Jay started to push the tiny tip against Natalie’s loosened butthole, her sphincter gave way without much of a fight. Natalie could feel the slim toy going in and out of her ass, but it wasn’t painful mainly due to the size. After a minute of repetitive thrusting, the 4 inches were almost all inside her, and though it took a hard push to get the last part in due to it’s extra width, all that Natalie did was grimace her face slightly and produce a low whimper.

“I did it,” Natalie gloated.

“You’re not done yet,” Jay reminded her.

The busty actress heard the whirl of the Hitachi wink out and was curious what the men had planned for her now. After only the world’s slimmest butt plug, Natalie doubted they would move her on to an anal pounding with a flesh-and-blood dick. Instead, she felt a solid object against her pussy before it pushed a good few inches into her. Looking back in shock, Nalaie found an odd-looking dildo in her snatch. The thickness wasn’t a problem for her despite the toy being on the girthy end of the spectrum. Nor was the fact that both her holes were occupied at the same time. In fact the fullness felt new and highly arousing. But the dildo had this second smaller arm coming off of it, not nearly as long or thick as the end inside her cunt. It also had a soft but firm tip on its end.

As the toy started up, Natalie couldn’t help but let an authentic scream escape. “Oh shit!”

Of course the toy was more than met the eye. The main arm in her pussy started to turn in clockwise rotations, making her snatch feel each of the ribs and bumps on the toy’s surface. As if that wasn’t pleasurable enough, the second smaller arm began vibrating back and forth against her clit. 

“You gotta tell us if you’re gonna cum,” Tom said as the other man began making thrusts with the multi-faceted toy.

“Mmmm...soon...ahhh...yup...fuck...soon,” Natalie moaned, her body rocking back to meet the dildo fucking her.

Within a minute of the dildo fucking, Natalie was ready to burst. It wasn’t quite record time for her, after all she had a bit of an easy time getting to climax. She was like a teenage boy in that respect. However, what finally tip her into the sweet oblivion of an orgasm was Jay using her free hand to push against the base of the butt plug. As the man fucked her with the vibrating multi-arm toy, her butt plug kept sliding out of her ass a little bit. Now that she was essentially getting double fucked by both toys, and her clit massaged, Natalie’s brain was overwhelmed and her climax hit her full force.

“Gonna cum for us?” Tom asked after observing her face scrunch up and her hands grip the sheets tightly.

“Ah fuck! I’m cumming!”

Natalie’s body heaved back and forth, at times looking like she was trying to pull away from the double penetration while in the next moment she would push back against the toys. Her massive tits swayed and jiggled beneath her thrashing form all the while. Finally after a minute, the satisfied girl practically collapsed against the mattress and let the man continue to double fuck her holes.

Under normal circumstances with a regular partner, Natalie would have demanded them stop after she came. However, this wasn’t a normal circumstance so instead she allowed the man to keep going with the butt plug and dildo combination. Though her sex organs were hyper sensitive, something odd happened. She started feeling not only pleasure again, but a lot of it. In fact, as Jay started fucking her harder with the toys in both her holes, Natalie was climbing towards another orgasm until it came in less than a minute after the first.

“Jesus! Cumming again!” Natalie screamed.

“Ready for something bigger?” Jay asked after placing the butt plug aside.

“No time like the present,” Natalie sighed. “I literally can’t get any more zenned out.”

Natalie stayed perched on her knees as both toys were slowly withdrawn from her ass and pussy. The Gifted star was surprised to find that she missed them both equally after growing use to the feeling of fullness in her ass. Luckily, that didn’t last long as another tapered object was pressing against her butthole once more. This time it was a bit more of a struggle as her anal ring had more trouble relaxing, but after enough pushing the much larger butt plug overcame the sphincter and entered the 21 year old’s asshole.

“Feel your ass getting stretched out?”

“Yeah...I like it,” Natalie replied as she bit her lip, not from pain but pleasure.

“It’ll keep you loose so you can take my cock easier later,” Jay informed the younger girl. “Now leave that in and get on your back.”

“Mmm yes sir!”

Natalie flung herself over so that her head was on the pillow and her face was upwards. Tom hurriedly rearranged the cameras to make sure they would capture all the action while Jay pulled off his shorts and exposed his cock. It was already hard, standing a good 7 inches long and of impressive thickness. Not freakish compared to some male pornstars, but definitely bigger than your average guy.

“You seem eager for this cock today,” Jay commented as the girl was practically chomping at the bit to get it in her mouth. “But first I wanna fuck those titties.”

“What a surprise,” the Gifted star said with a wry smile.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve given a few titty fucks?”

“Solid guess,” Natalie laughed. “Try like every guy I’ve ever blown or had sex with wanting to get his meat between these boobs. And I let them of course!”

“It would be a crime to not have you sandwich those big perfect tits around my dick while you were here,” Jay stated.

With his pants already down, the lucky male crawled up the bed, straddling the young actress until his dick was level with her flopping boobs. In his hand was the lube bottle, which he gave a pump to in order to coat both his cock and the inside portion of skin of Natalie’s impressive rack. The actress knew what to do from there as a dainty hand went to the outer globe of each and pressed them around the slick cock, forming a tight but slippery seal.

“That’s it. Fuck my big tits,” the actress encouraged.

From the position flat on her back it was impossible for Natalie to do anything other than keep those perfect tits of hers wrapped around his cock. Not minding to be the one doing all the work, not when his dick was sandwick between Natalie Alyn Lind’s insanely big boobs, Jay thrust his hips repeatedly into the twin funbags. 

“Now I want you to suck me,” Jay demanded.

“With pleasure,” Natalie replied with a wicked smile.

Lying on your back with a guy straddling your chest with his dick in her face wasn’t the easiest way to blow someone, but Natalie was determined to give great oral regardless. Opening her mouth, the Gifted star lifted her head off the pillow to take the majority of his dick into her gullet. This instantly drew a grunt of satisfaction from the lucky man, especially since Natalie pushed her face practically into his pubes. Her mouth emitted a wet gurgle as she nearly triggered her own gag reflex, but she did that so a lot of spit was now coating his member.

“Glllkk...ggwwwkk,” Natalie gagged a few more times.

With his cock now covered in her salvia, Natalie’s lips glided with smooth ease over almost the whole length of his cock. Despite being only 21 years old, Natalie sucked cock like a vetaran. While not totally able to deep-throat him by taking him down towards her stomach, that didn’t stop her from delivering an energetic and wet blowjob. She also knew how to make sucking a guy off even more erotic as the blonde maintained plenty of eye contact, even as a tear or two rolled down her cheek from nearly gagging on his meat pole. The sound was also highly pleasurable, the wet slurps and occasional gag really lending itself well for a total experience.

“Don’t forget about the balls,” Jay looked down and told the girl.

“Of course not,” Natalie replied as his cock spilled from her mouth.

Her lips weren’t free for long as the Gifted star put them to use latching onto one nut at a time and doing a combination of sucking and licking. Jay grunted his approval, especially when she started humming as she sucked on his balls as cameraman Tom was using the Hitachi on her clit once more. It meant her ball licking would have a few seconds of stalling out as waves of pleasure flooded her brain, but looking down and seeing his sloppy cock resting across the actress’ gorgeous face more than made up for that fact.

As his dick was steered back into Natalie’s mouth, she would still take pauses from sucking him off due to the vibration assault on her clit. Oftentimes this would happen as she was mid-lick, her tongue staying extended on his tip or pole in the most adorable fashion. Wanting to aid her, not to mention increase his own pleasure, Jay took a more active role in the blowjob by using the pillow that Natalie’s head was resting on in order to pull and push her head up and down, her super plump lips constantly gliding on his shaft now despite her moans and eye rolling from the clit massage.

“I think you need some penetration,” Jay remarked, seeing the girl getting closer to yet another orgasm.

“Yes please,” Natalie beamed in excitement.

“Okay great. Let’s get this cock into you,” he added while Natalie went and gave his dick a sloppy suck again.

For those watching later on video there was a quick edit as the trio got into position, which was Natalie still on her back but now at the edge of the bed. It allowed the male talent to be standing between her legs so he could generate power while leaving the camera with all the visuals it needed. 

“I’m gonna leave the butt plug in as I fuck your pussy first,” Jay told the younger girl.

“Sounds fantastic to me,” she smiled up at him.

Under their instruction, the busty actress moved her knees to her chest but pushed wider so that the camera could capture that impressive rack of hers as she was fucked missionary. Normally the man would use lube but Natalie had cum twice already and was knocking down the door for a third so her wetness wasn’t in question. After rubbing his tip through her folds to gather more moisture, he pushed into her cunt and didn’t stop until he was balls deep in the busty blonde.

“So full!” Natalie moaned. “This is crazy!”

Jay had every intention of going nice and slow with the blonde, but he soon abandoned that plan. Despite the fact that she had a fairly large butt plug in her ass and was taking her first double penetration of any sort, the Gifted star was clearly handling it better than expected. A fountain of constant moans, Natalie was all but begging for him to fuck her harder, which was what the horny man did.

“God! Look at those big titties flopping around,” cameraman Tom gawked.

The man’s assessment was right on the money. As his friend and business partner fucked the blonde harder, Natalie’s epic boobs bounced up and down wildly. How the Gifted star wasn’t giving herself a matching set of black eyes was the real mystery. And throughout the rigorous banging, the blonde moaned, shrieked and screamed, clearly loving her on-camera sex.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Natalie screamed louder and louder with each word.

Given the amount of years the men had been filming college girls to have sex on film, it surprised neither Tom nor Jay that yet another of their actresses was cumming despite the rather big plug filling their ass. In truth, the butt plug served twin purposes in keeping her anal ring stretched out to make the inevitable ass fucking easier, but it also changing the angle his dick was moving in her pussy. Instead of just slamming deep into her cunt, his dick was angled upwards so each and every thrust rubbed and poked her sensitive G spot.

This worked out even better than Jay could have predicted. While it was common for the college girls to orgasm while on film, rarely did a girl do so 3 times. Yet here Natalie Alyn Lind was, her big tits bouncing all about as she shuddered and shrieked as a third orgasm made every nerve ending in her body awash in pleasure. He was easily able to ride out her orgasm, despite the added tightness of her cunt, as he had much more in store for the busty girl.

“Okay I’m going to take out your butt plug now,” Jay said, pulling out of her pussy.

Once free of her cunt, Jay bent down and gripped the base of the toy in her ass. He made sure Tom was filming right over his shoulder as he deliberately went slow with removing the butt plug, watching as her while anus pulled outward in order to keep the toy in her butt until finally the anal ring gave way and the glass toy came out. Natalie whimpered about feeling empty but Jay was about to change that in short order. Lubing up his cock and the outer rim of her asshole, Jay held his slick manhood in one hand as he placed it against her sphincter while the Hitachi wand was placed back at her super-sensitive clit.

“Scared about taking the biggest cock yet into your ass?” Tom questioned.

“Medium. Not as much as I was originally,” Natalie answered. 

Even though her asshole looked just as tight as ever, as soon as Jay started to push into her, it yielded without much fight. After only a few seconds, Natalie felt the fleshy pole breach her anal cavity and come to rest with a few inches of cock in her butt. It surprised her in the lack of pain she felt, something that must have been reflected on her face.

“Pretty good, right?” 

“Uh-huh,” Natalie nodded her head with a genuine smile.

Jay pushed just short of half his length into her bowels on the initial penetration before he backed out so only his tip stayed in the busty girl. He knew that it was much easier to keep the backdoor always propped open so he reversed course and thrust back in with that same slow, steady stroke. The initial start to anal fucking especially with someone so young, tight and inexperienced was always the same - slow smooth strokes that used only 2 inches in either direction. It was a successful recipe most times, and Natalie handled this well. For 5 minutes he went with this approach, opting for his thumb on her clit instead of the more vigorous magic wand, at least at the start. 

“Tell us what you’re feeling,” Tom asked their star.

“Feels so good,” she blushed. “Love how it feels going in and out.”

“Okay then I’m gonna fuck you a little harder,” Jay warned.

True to his word, that was exactly what the guy did. It wasn’t the thumping fuck he gave her pussy earlier but he was now able to fit his entire near 8-inches of cock into her ass. In fact, even as his hips thudded into her sex, her tits did a little quake from the contact. He was also able to lengthen his strokes out, using her anal ring to massage nearly half his total length with each thrust. As it started to show on her face in the way of a minor grimace, Jay reached for the vibrator beside him, swapping his finger on her clit for her favorite new magic wand.

“Oh fuck,” Natalie cooed in excitement as the now familiar whirl of the Hitachi buzzed against her nub.

“That got you excited, huh?” 

Natalie had taken the magic wand from the man ass fucking her and was pressing it firmly against her hooded clit. Her response was biting her plump lip and nodding her head as her eyes began to roll to the back of her skull once more. Struck with an idea, Tom passed his partner a slender but long vibrator that was no more than an inch in diameter. Already it was whirled to life and Jay was on the same wavelength. Since Natalie had her eyes closed and Hitachi to her clit, Jay slowed his sodomy down so he could put this second vibrator into the blonde’s cunt. 

“Shit!” Natalie screamed.

Wth the busty blonde getting the twin vibration sensation from both inside her pussy and on her clitoris, Jay ramped up his anal fucking. Going faster than before, Tom watched on as the 21 year old’s big tits started bouncing from each thrust into her. Mostly Natalie was just moaning, but hearing her curse or shout out how good her sodomy felt wasn’t uncommon either. In fact, the only time she was even challenged with the anal fucking was when Jay went slow but thrust fully into her ass, making her take all 8 inches at once. Even then, it was only a furrowing of her brow for a moment before the vibrators washed out her brain in pleasure.

Finally, it was Jay who broke as he eventually pulled out of the snug confines of Natalie’s asshole in order to take a break. He was getting officially close to cumming and he still had way more fun planned with the eldest Lind daughter before spunking on her. 

“I don’t know why I was so scared of taking your dick in my ass,” Natalie complained from atop the bed. “This has been amazing.”

“See? I knew you’d be fine,” Jay told her as he idly poked in and out of her asshole for fun rather than pleasure.

“I’ve heard doggy style can be the best for anal,” Natalie suggested. “That’s my favorite way to get fucked normally so I thought we could try.”

“Well that’s funny because that was exactly what we had planned next,” cameraman Tom informed the horny star.

The men instructed Natalie to lay flat down on the bed with her elbows supporting her upper body and several pillows built up to rest her pelvis on. It gave her that arch in the back that better presented her asshole to Jay, while resting on her elbows afforded the camera to have a view of those epic tits she possessed. Also, resting flat rather than on hands and knees made for an easier anal experience since less muscle tone was required. Natalie found that out as Jay’s lubed-up cock had little to no issue spearing back into her ass, only stopping when he was balls deep.

“Jesus Christ!” Natalie moaned in surprise. “I’m such a butt slut now!”

Upon hearing those words, Jay was less concerned about taking it easy on the 21 year old. Instead, he pushed all the way back in several times, going balls deep in Natalie’s asshole before he concentrated back on speed. The more power he eased into her, the more Jay felt her body press back against him as the spring in the mattress worked to his advantage. The only thing better than seeing Natalie Alyn Lind and her big tits getting fucked in her underrated ass was the look of pleasure on her face as she did so. Not only did she keep her light brown eyes fixed on the camera, but her mouth stayed slightly agape to allow her moans to spill out regularly. 

Every so often the men would bust back out the magic wand to use on Natalie’s clit as they loved the way she’d pant and roll her eyes when they did so. Meanwhile Jay was finding he needed to constantly change his tactics due to how close his orgasm was getting. He found that the long strokes were too pleasurable but had better luck with going balls deep but then making only short but hard thrusts down into the blonde’s ass. He knew it was a losing battle but any extra minute of sodomy with a girl like Natalie Alyn Lind was well worth the effort. 

Natalie wiggled underneath him, getting her arms extended against the headboard so she had more pressure pushing back against him. “Yes. Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard.”

Even though Jay knew what it meant for his waning stamina, how could he pass up the offer of fucking Natalie’s ass hard? Giving her what she wanted, Jay rose and fell so the entire 8 inches of dick was plummeting in and out of her asshole , going faster then he had dared even in her pussy. She was able to take it especially since Tom had abandoned the cameras onto their tripods so he could work the vibrator against her clit, trapping it between her nub and the bed.

“Fuucckkk,” Natalie screamed.

“You’re gonna cum again, aren’t you?” Tom asked in near disbelief.

Natalie didn’t need to really answer the question as it was obviously true. 4 orgasms while her ass was either poked, prodded or downright fucked. Tom and Jay didn’t keep track of that data but they were willing to bet that would be a record. 

“Yeah? You like when I fuck that ass hard?” Jay crooked out as he slammed into her ass harder than he’d done to any other coed in recent memory.

“Mmm...uh-huh,” Natalie moaned her response.

“Look at you taking that cock like a champion, you little anal whore,” Jay hissed, lost in his pleasure.

Between the thumping rhythm of her sodomy and the vibrator on her clit, it took Natalie little time to cum again. She did her usual signs of loud moaning with intermittent lip biting and eye rolls until she went deathly silent as her body shuddered. At first Jay was able to take advantage of her anal ring loosing all tone, thrusting harder and faster than any man had any right to do to a girl’s ass. However, he experienced the flip side of that coin a few moments later then her sphincter reversed course and it nearly pained him to make pushing motions into her butt. 

“You know what the tradition for the money shot around here is?” Tom asked, knowing his partner was mere moments from his orgasm.

“Of course,” Natalie said, sweat beading on her brow from the energetic anal fuck. “Shooting all that naughty jizz on my face.”

“Shit! I’m spent,” Jay said after another dozen hard fucks down into her colon.

“Okay, onto your knees baby,” Tom instructed the new anal queen once Jay withdrew from her booty.

Normally Jay had the girl stroke or suck him off if they could convince the college girl to do ass to mouth. However, tonight Jay had sacrificed that option since he wanted to fuck Natalie’s ass until he was practically about to spunk. By the time the blonde got onto her knees at the foot of the bed and he got onto his mark, his dick was ready to pop with the slightest provocation. Seeing the way his face scrunched up, the grunts he made and the furious way the man beat his cock, Natalie knew it would be any second. She was afraid of taking a salty blast to her eyes so she closed them before opening her mouth and extending her tongue. 

“Shit! Fuck! Here it comes,” Jay swore.

Natalie opened her eyes at the last second in order to stare down her fear, just like she did with her sodomy earlier. Her eyes opened in time for the first squirt of jizz to take her to the left side of her face, some getting in her mouth but the majority decorating her lips, cheek and nearly reaching her eye. Two quick jets took her in the mouth and nose mostly before her left cheek was plastered again. The amount of intensity of the semen launching from his tip started dying down, though it still had enough to cover her chin, and more importantly, glaze her amazing tits in his baby batter.

“Oh my God! How’d you cum that much?” Natalie giggled.

“So I think it’s safe to say you enjoyed anal way more than you thought you would,” Tom spoke to the cum-covered girl.

“Yeah! Discovered something new about myself,” the stacked blonde shared. “And I got to try riding the biggest dick ever in my butt. That was new and fun!”

“Can you stand and bend over the bed for us,” Jay instructed.

Natalie rolled up from her knees and followed the instructions with glee. With her feet still on the ground, the Gifted star bent over until her face and large tits were on the bed. The bed that she was sodomized on camera. Listening to the men, she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks apart to show them what they wanted.

“See! You were built for anal,” Tom commented, looking at her tight, albeit more red asshole. “Bounced right back and looks as tight as ever.”

“So is this what you expected from your anal shoot today?” Tom asked after she straightened back up.

“No! I thought I’d be hanging on for dear life,” Natalie shared. “But instead I had fun and enjoyed myself. Came 4 times, I think. Which is a lot for me. I was just loving it!”

“I knew you were gonna be into it when you took that DP and came,” Jay stated. 

When all they got was a nod and smile from the girl, they realized how truly tired she must be. After all, their shoot had gone into the third hour. Not only the time, but Natalie had been so thoroughly fucked and came 4 times. At this point, she must have been running on fumes.

“Shower and nap time?”

“Think I earned it?” Natalie laughed. “After all, Exploited College Girls just turned me into a proper anal pornstar!”


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