Hollywood Pornstars

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 24
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Jane Levy
Codes: MF, Oral, Bukkake
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Jane Levy) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Premium Bukkake, nor with Suburgatory or Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Jane Levy celebrates the renewal of her hit show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist with a blowbang for all the extras on the set

“God! I love a hot redhead,” a female voice stated.

Standing in the middle of the room was the aforementioned hot redhead, Jane Levy. The star of Suburgatory and more recently the award winning Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, the redhead was an underrated hottie. With striking red hair, the fairest of white skin and a set of big piercing green eyes, the tiny woman was a complete package. Wearing tight-fitting red lingerie with her silky red hair flowing down to her small but perky tits, the talented actress was extremely lust-worthy

“Well now I’m blushing,” Jane laughed. 

“So you’ve been looking forward to this?”

“Very much so,” Jane nodded. “I’ve done a lot of shoots for Hollywood Pornstars in order to keep my career on track after the phone hack pictures, but never did a blowbang. I love oral sex so much, not to mention swallowing cum, so I couldn’t be more excited for today.”

“So you’re cock hungry?”

“Yup! And feeling very nasty today,” Jane added with a sultry glare.

“I assume with your octave range and singing skill…”

“That I can deep-throat?” Jane finished the sentence. “You’re assumption is 100% correct.”

“Lucky men,” the interviewer commented. “And you are quite familiar with the men you’ll be shooting with today?”

“For sure. We do a lot of dance numbers on the show so use a lot of backup dancers and singers. This is their reward for a job well done in getting us renewed for a second season,” the pint-sized redhead explained.

Jane wasn’t wrong. The studio that had organized the blowbang today had indeed invited all the extras that performed on Jane’s singing and dancing show. Though not all could attend today, the majority of the men either re-arranged their schedule or cancelled plans altogether to get here for today. After all, the chance to get their dick sucked by the adorable yet sexy redhead that they worked with was too alluring of a prospect. 

“Can we talk about your booty now?”

“Oh this ol’ thing?” Jane laughed.

The redhead turned sideways to give the silhouette version of her ass to the camera, which showed the sheer heft of her ass. Despite being all of 5’1 and 110 pounds, Jane rocked a spectacular ass. Men and women alike had used many descriptive words for it, and for good reason. 

“Small and short with a phat juicy ass,” the interviewer couldn’t help but describe.

“I do have a pretty beefy ass for being so small,” Jane laughed, using her fingers to cup the underside of her cheeks and give them a jiggle for the camera.

“Pretty apt description. And are you aware of how many guys we’ve procured for you today?”

“That wasn’t revealed to me,” Jane answered. “Care to give me a hint?” 

“Not at all,” the interviewer replied with a wide smile. “And just for context, what’s the most amount of dicks you’ve been with at one time?”

“Uhmm...8,” Jane replied after a moment’s thought, a smile appearing on her face as she thought back to her experience with the Eastern European company.

“Oh it’s a lot more than 8,” the interviewer laughed.

“No matter,” the redhead shrugged. “Today I’m here to be the ultimate suck doll that’s craving to please any and all comers. Can’t wait to feel all that warm gunk all over my face.”

*    *    *

Jane had done enough of these shoots to know that they wanted to film her strutting, sauntering and slowly stripping for their B roll. Though never having worked with Premium Bukkake before, they were the same. She walked throughout the open layout house they rented for the shoot, the camera paying particular attention to the slim girl’s thick ass. Turning to face the camera, Jane rubbed her small tits, jiggling them within the bra she wore before starting to get naked.

“That’s it. Give them a rub.”

Jane cupped her tits as she ran her hands up onto the fleshy mounds from her flat stomach. All her dance rehearsals for her show had honed her body into a fit bundle of sexiness, with the girl possessing barely any fat. As she continued to sway her hips to the non-existent music, Jane pulled the inner edges of her red bra over to the side until her small but perky tits became exposed. Though the majority of people had seen her tits numerous times from her phone hack, they had grown a little since then as now the 30 year old possessed a full B cup, complete with bright pink nipples that were already erect from excitement.

“Some jiggly tits you got,” the cameraman commented. “Now bunch them up.”

Jane was used to being ordered around by men behind the camera so did dutifully as instructed. With her hands joining the cups of her bra on the outside of her tits, Jane pushed her hands together, the inside of her perky boobs pressing against each other. Seeing the director spinning his finger, Jane understood the gesture and spun around to show off her impressive backside from behind. 

“Now pull them down.”

As her red panties came down, the full glory of Jane’s ass could be appreciated. It truly was a wonder, especially given her tiny stature. For such a tiny girl, she had an exceptionally fat bubble butt! Not only was her heavenly cheeks revealed, but so too her pussy and the trimmed triangular patch of red hair the same color as her head. Jane had experimented with all manners of grooming between her legs, but found that a small patch was her favorite as it confirmed to all her many partners that the carpet did indeed match the drapes.

“Okay, lose the clothes and let's bring you to the splash site.”

Jane gave a little laugh at that comment but that didn’t stop her from pulling down her panties or unclasping her bra. Knowing that the living room was where the cameras were set up, Jane navigated the upper floor of the house, giving her cameraman ample footage of her perfect ass, but also making sure to spin around enough to let him capture her swaying tits and snatch. Descending the stairs, Jane found that a square of what looked like comfortable shag carpet had been placed on the hardwood flooring about 10 feet in front of two cameras. 

“I assume that’s my spot,” Jane asked, standing directly in the center of the plush carpet.

“Smart and beautiful,” a crewmember told the redhead with the gorgeous green eyes.

As Jane lowered herself to her knees, a position she’d be in for the next hour or more, she looked in the direction of the man that made that comment.

“Looks like someone earned himself a blowjob,” Jane smiled.

However, before Jane could get to the nice man behind the camera, the doors to both her left and right opened. In stepped two men she was familiar with from her work; an extremely large black man, both in terms of height and weight, as well as a 55 year old man who was old enough to be her dad. They were already stark naked and each was already rock hard. However, more than just the two of them came out of the door. In fact, 6 men from each came out, surrounding the kneeling redhead in a semicircle. 

“So many dicks,” Jane commented as her hand gripped the massive black man and the older gentleman’s manhoods. “I love it.”

Before Jane had even started, men all around her had their hands on her body. One or two men were groping her perky tits from behind while another pair of hands playfully twisted her nipples. Her ass was equally groped as well though it was four hands down there, all while someone else rubbed her already wet snatch from behind. 

Starting with the black cock, Jane opened her mouth wide and lowered her lips around his cock. Jane possessed a plump set of lips, but the ruby red lipstick she wore only made them more enticing. The black man let out a grown as Jane impressively choked down half of his huge 10 inch member that was as thick as her wrist. After a good minute, Jane spun all the way around to use her mouth on the man old enough to be her dad. Considerably smaller in the cock department, Jane was able to show off her deep-throat ability by swallowing all 6 inches with ease. 

“Fuck me,” the older man groaned.

The moment Jane’s nose pressed into his greying pubes she backed away just as fast. However, she wasn’t stopping, only giving him another half-dozen rapid deep throats in succession. Finally, his palm gripped the back of her head and kept her face buried into his lap as he could feel his shaft being massaged by the tight muscles of her throat. After 10 seconds with Jane’s mascara running slightly, he eased his grip and watched the thick lines of saliva Jane left on his dick as she surfaced for air.

“You weren’t lying about deep-throating,” the director commented.

With two hands stroking different cocks, Jene moved down the line to the next waiting man. This one was younger than the 30 year old actress, while being tall and skinny as well. His dick was a carbon copy of himself, being a lengthy 11 inches long but on the very slender size. Jane licked her lips in anticipation as now she could fully show off her oral abilities. Opening her mouth wide, the redhead’s lips wrapped around his pole and gave him a few rapid-fire bobs before she went nice and slow down his pole until his tip poked the back of her mouth. After a quick head tilt, she swallowed his tip down into her throat and continued to descend until pubic hair was poking inside her nose and all around her ruby red lips.

“Jesus Christ,” the tall man gawked.

The next man in line was similar to the man she just finished sucking off, only a little shorter, a little filled out and a little darker. The Persian’s cock was much the same, long, slim but a little wider than the last. Jane decided to give him her fastest blowjob yet, her lips a blur as she focused her oral attention on his tip and following inch. However, he was on a different wavelength as his hands closed around the back of her head and Jane felt him pulling her to him. The next bobs of her head lengthed her stride until on the fourth time down his dick she inhaled all 9 inches and her adorable nose was lost to his thick bush of curly hair.

“Glllggggkkkkk,” Jane gurled as she surfaced for air.

“Just keep your mouth open,” a handsome, clean cut man demanded. “Let’s see if you're as good as Anna.”

Jane didn’t give his comments much heed, other than the order to part her lips. With his hands holding onto the side of her head, Jane knew she wasn’t in control this time. At least it allowed her hands to be stroking off two long-haired men on either side of the handsome actor. She felt his bulbous dick slap against her cheeks a few times before he pushed into her mouth and didn’t stop until his 8-inch member was down her throat. The moment he saw her throat bulge, he pulled out, only to do the exact same thing over again. As spit started leaking from her mouth onto her tits, the handsome man went faster...and faster...and faster. Jane’s mouth was now spewing saliva as her mouth and throat took an absolute battering, but not once did she pull away or ask him to stop.

“Very good,” the handsome man congratulated before releasing his grip on her head.

Jane moved down the line of the semi-circle, blowing the next guy, then the next, then the next. After 30 seconds to a minute she would continue down the line, giving each of the 12 men their turn. Her throat was starting to feel a minor ache from each man wanting to fuck her mouth deep, but Jane wasn’t expected back on set of her show for a few days, at which point she should be fine. Maybe a rasp but not too noticeable. Next in line was a black man who may have been the most handsome guy she’d ever seen. After him was an overweight Asian man was an equally squat dick. After him was a giant of a dude with a bushy beard and equally bushy pubes. Next in line was an older dad-type that never stopped grinning ear-to-ear.

“Yeah, yeah,” the initial black man grunted. “I’m close.”

“Sweetie, get the bowl ready,” the director demanded.

Jane had been aware that there was a woman behind her but she didn’t know why until that moment. As the black man furiously stroked his cock, Jane was handed a massive glass bowl to hold in her hands, which she did right under her chin. The woman behind her did the actress a favor by pulling her long red hair back behind her shoulders and kept it out of her face. Jane made a mental note to eat the girl out after her shower once she was done filming this.

“That’s it. Keep your mouth open,” the massive black man grunted, his breathing ragged.

Jane wanted to tell him not to man-splain how to take a facial. After all, she’d been getting cum dumped on her face for the past 15 years, but instead she only stared her brilliant green eyes up into his until he slammed them shut. His grunts were primal and coming in quick succession as he pumped his cock furiously with his fist, his release imminent. Jane allowed herself to become slightly distracted as a cock came within 6 inches of her face from the opposite direction, and it was at that moment the black man came.

“Oh shit,” Jane muttered.

Jane’s lapse in concentration meant that she was surprised when a thick wad of cum nearly landed right on her green ring in her eye. Jane jerked her head back out of reflex but the cum kept coming, with the large wad covering her right eye socket and cheekbone joined by another 2 jets that landed on her cute button nose and upper lip before the rest emptied into her open mouth. The dick on her right side belonging to the dad figure went off around that time as well, though with much less volume. His was mostly contained to filling the redhead’s mouth, though half of it fell into the glass jug under her face.

“Don’t swallow. See how many you can hold before needing to swallow,” the director told the redhead.

Jane nodded as she felt the random woman behind her using her finger to push the cum on the redhead’s chin into her mouth. The massive black man stopped aside and in his place came a man with a huge bush and short cock. With one eye nearly blocked with jizz, Jane wasn’t sure which of her castmates it was, not that it mattered because moments after stepping in front of her, he exploded. From only an inch away it was impossible for the actor to miss, though some strands of cum still made its way onto the red-haired girl’s cheek and chin. 2 more dicks came beating inches within her face, and within seconds she had 2 more cumshots. The first belonged to the most purple-colored dickhead she ever saw, and his cumshot was wild with a good deal of it spallering on her shoulder, though half of it did make its way into her mouth or glass. The other was the tall skinny man she worked with a lot, whose accuracy was perfect as every drop filled Jane’s mouth.

“Let me clear your eyes,” the woman behind Jane commented. “Those green eyes deserve to be seen.”

The other black man and handsome white guy stepped up in front of Jane at the same time, and it was a race to see who’d cover her first. The white guy went with short and fast strokes while the athletic black man went for long, slower strokes. The slow jerk won out, his first shot arrowing across Jane’s plump lips, over her cheekbone and finishing in her silky red hair. The rest ended up in her mouth for the most part, though some dribbled down her chin to fill the glass. The handsome white guy came moments later, his cum practically oozing out of his tip rather than shooting, though every drop landed in her mouth. 

“Johnny, you updating the graphic keeping track for those live streaming,” the director called out to one of the interns.

“Yup. That was loads #6 and #7, with the swallow meter at 0 still,” the man named Johnny answered. 

Since none of the other men were hustling up to be #8, Jane felt all the cum from her chin get pushed up into her mouth by her masked helper behind her. Having a little time to kill, Jane had come fun with the mouthful of cum she possessed by gurgling it around or pushing it from the back of her mouth up through her teeth, all without losing a single sperm. 

“Who's up next, boys?” the woman behind asked.

“Fuck I’m close,” a big Asian man groaned.

“Cum for me,” Jane murmured through the cum in her mouth.

“You finish me,” he told her.

Jane didn’t think twice about it. She pulled her right hand off of the giant bowl she held, taking all the weight on her left arm so she could grip her right fist around the Asian’s tool. She began pumping her tight but not too tight fist up and down his shaft as he continued to moan fairly audibly. Her forearm was now aching by this point but she put it to the back of her mind and just focused solely on making the next guy cum.

“Oh shit…here it comes,” the chubby man announced.

The words flew out of his mouth at the same time his cock erupted and cum began rocketing out of his slit. Her tired arm was no longer beating his pole in a straight line so the cum flew everywhere, decorating her face with streaks of white to her nose, cheeks and even some landing in her silky red hair.

“God you’re already covered,” the director observed. “And there is still so much more cum coming.”

The next load was seconds away, beat onto her by the Persian she filmed a number of scenes with on her show. His aim was precise, piling into her mouth to mix with the 8 other loads of cum in there, the white puddle growing larger by the man. The moment the olive-skinned man stepped back, a guy with wild blonde hair stepped up and unloaded into Jane’s mouth. For the first time, Jane was tempted to swallow the mouthful of cum belonging to ten different men, but she wanted to impress everyone. Luckily the next two men had more of a fixation on cumming on her beautiful face, that or they had terrible accuracy. Though some got in her mouth, it wasn’t that much but still enough that the salty jizz started to leak from the corners of her mouth.

“Okay sweet, go ahead and swallow those dozen loads.”


“So good,” Jane cooed.

The horny girl did an exaggerated motion of swallowing down the salty offerings the dozen men had presented her with. After having the cum slide down her throat and deposit it in her stomach, Jane opened her mouth again and stuck out her tongue, showing the men none remained in her mouth. The last man to cum in her mouth took advantage of the pose by gripping his cock around the base and smacking it down hard on her tongue, the contact making a wet slapping noise. Jane smiled up at the slap-happy man she worked with then sucked his tip to be sure all the cum was extracted.

“What a party,” Jane huffed as she used her fingers to shove the cum on her face, neck and shoulder into the glass or her mouth. “Do I drink this now.”

Jane’s answer came in the form of the doors opening on both sides of her as she watched the next pack of men flow into the room. Already the redhead had sucked off and swallowed a record amount of men for her, and yet it looked like she wasn’t done yet. Rather than be disappointed, the redhead was excited for the challenge as she smiled brightly as she rose back up on her knees. 

This time the grouping was only 7 men with Jane bouncing between only 4 men initially, always servicing three of them while the other got to watch and stroke off. The other men not in the circle were okay with the lack of time with Jane’s mouth and throat as they knew it would be their turn soon enough. Plus they seemed to be contenting themselves just fine with pushing fingers up Jane’s wet pussy or grabbing her ass or kneading her jiggling tits.

“Ready baby?” 

An older black man stepped forward, so closer that his dick rubbed against Jane’s alabaster face, smearing his precum on her pretty features. By the time he started to cum he had stepped back a step so his tip was rubbing her tongue this time. 5 spurts landed on Jane’s tongue before she used it to lick up the last droplet as it escaped his slit before he disappeared out the door. 

As soon as he was out of the way, a man in a blue shirt with foreskin was in her face and ready to pop. Jane barely had time to flash her seductive green eyes up into his face before his first jet of cum landed on her tongue once more. However, his aim was gone after that as the rest of his jizz leaked out onto her bottom lip or chin before he pushed the last glob out and rubbed it along her jawline and cheek.

“Thanks for the messy facial,” Jane said sarcastically.

A femine finger pushed the sloppy cumshot into her mouth but moved it as she saw a man with the shortest cock she’d ever seen stepped in front of the red-haired girl with urgency. Jane looked in time to see the first shot land on the corner of her mouth before he fixed his aim. The guy may have had an extremely short dick, but he had an insane amount of cum pump out of it and into Jane’s mouth, filling her more than the last 3 men combined. Hell, even the last few spurts were a lot as they dripped onto her chin and down into the glass, helping to fill it.

“Here, Big Red,” a man to her immediate right crocked out.

Jane turned her head in the direction that the comment came from and watched an average-sized man stroke his dick hard. Jane was worried about getting too close to his pistoning hand for fear of getting a black eye, so instead she simply played with the large load of cum already in her mouth as she stared up into his dark eyes. At the same time, his eyes screwed shut and his hand stopped beating his shaft and stayed gripped around the neck of his bulbous tip. Jane didn’t know if this guy or the last guy had the larger load as the man who named her Big Red shot no less than 13 large pumps of the saltiest semen into her mouth.

“That was so much,” one of the cameramen gawked.

Before Jane could swallow down the four offerings of semen which had filled her mouth just as fully as the last 12 men had done, she was interrupted. A back-up singer came rushing to her but luckily for Jane his shooting was all over the place, landing more in the glass than her mouth thankfully. Once more she was interrupted, first by her helper pushing loose beads of salty cum into her mouth and finally by a pair of men who worked as extras on her show. They both were in a race to cum on her face first, and it was the man to her right with the slimmer dick who won. Jane’s head jerked back as his first big shot of jizz splattered on the outside of her nose, nearly taking her in the eye again. At that moment the short, thick dick exploded, getting her on the cheek and upper lip. Jane simply remained still as both extras unloaded on her, decorating her forehead, cheeks and nose in jizz before they stepped back. Rather than clean it up, the helper stayed back and allowed the camera to capture all the streaks of cum slowly gliding down Jane’s flawless face to drip down into the growing puddle in the glass.

“Wait! One more,” a man urgently said.

Though not a handsome man, the guy standing in front of her had a great voice, albeit an average cock. However, when he came on her face, it blasted out with a good amount of force, although wild. Her face, hair and shoulder were splattered before the last few shoots made it into Jane’s full mouth, nearly causing the massive mix of jizz to spill over.

“Okay, okay,” the director allowed. “Drink.”

Jane didn’t hesitate, although it took her a few seconds to get the entire load of cum from her mouth down her gullet and into her stomach. It was thick and salty with the resultant brew from 7 men being a little repulsive, even for a seasoned cocksucker like herself. However, she chugged it down and showed off her empty mouth to the camera once complete.

“Graphic update?”

“Load counter at 19. Same number for swallowed,” the intern answered.

“There’s more?” Jane asked, gleaming that much from their conversation.

In answer, the doors opened and nearly a dozen black men came walking in. Though Jane didn’t recognize all of them, she recognized enough of them to know that they were the group that played the all male choir in one of the episodes. If they minded having their dicks sucked by a white girl who was covered in cum and had a massive glass jar of even more jizz resting between her knees then they didn’t indicate it. Instead, they gladly stepped forward when it was their turn with Jane’s mouth, allowing the redhead to bob, deep throat and gag all over their ebony rods.

“I got the next load here, Raggedy Anne.”

Jane pulled her mouth away from the dick she was sucking and dropped the two she was stroking off so she could heft the big glass back under her face. After a few moments, the first of the choir men came, with every drop of overly salty cum landing in her mouth. The next was ready only a dozen seconds later, catching Jane on the chin with his first blast before they re-adjusted and landed the rest in her mouth. Jane played with the cum in her mouth, gurgling it before the next man was ready.


The foreskinned man had a rather small load which mainly populated the glass but Jane’s disappointment didn’t last long. Rushing up on her right side was a younger black man who had already launched his first string of jizz at her before he even got in position. His very warm sperm was quite a lot with 7 thick squirts doing a good job filling her oral cavity up. The next guy was memorable because his cum was the thickest Jane had ever encountered as she could practically chew the cottage cheese-like jizz. The next load followed shift with the man taking a fistful of her red hair as his other stroked himself off. Jane wondered if the choir men were told to aim for her mouth because so far all over them had barely spent a drop of their loads not filling her gullet to capacity.

“Jesus!” Jane gurgled with a mouthful of cum.

Her gurgled shout was in response to her guess being inaccurate. When two middle-aged men stepped up to either side of her, Jane’s green eyes kept darting between them to pick up any signs of who was going to cum first. Her answer came in the form of them going off at nearly the same time, with neither getting much if any of their loads in her mouth. Instead, Jane’s silky red hair received a bit of spunk though the majority of the white goo landed on her nose and cheek, with some even getting into her nostrils. It took her a moment to get her composure back, but in all that time she didn’t allow any of the cum in her mouth to spill.

“Another double act,” Jane thought as the next two stepped forward at the same time.

This time the guy on her right came as soon as he got in position. His heftiest shot splashed on Jane’s pretty face, landing just under her opposite eye, down across her nose and onto her plump lip. The other man took that moment to cum into her open mouth, filling her up. The first guy thought that was a good idea so he joined his crewmate in pumping Jane Levy’s mouth up with the rest of his load as well.

“Now play with this,” the director instructed.

Jane closed her mouth and swirled the contents side to side, filling one cheek fully then the other. As she started blowing bubbles, she spied two things. One was that the room was now empty of the 11 black choir members. The other was that she could see a monitor that was clearly a live feed of her bukkake scene with writing and numbers up on the right corner. When instructed, she swallowed the load and noted how the display now read:


“How are you liking so far?” the director asked. “How’s it taste?”

“Really enjoy letting my inner cum-hungry jizz monster come out to play,” the cure and innocent looking redhead admitted. “And the taste is mixed. Some okay, some gross.”

“You want more?”

“More? Why the hell not,” Jane smiled.

This time no less than 21 men entered the room, the majority of them having been used in a big flash mob scene that took place in a food court. Jane was initially shocked before straightening her shoulders and got excited. Given how horny and sweaty they looked, Jane realized that they must have been getting sucked off or even fucking backstage before coming out here to unload on her. 

“Ready, Red?”

Two men with very different sized cocks took turns using her mouth to finish themselves off. Jane could definitely taste pussy on their fleshy poles, not that the redhead minded. The first dick to go off was black, long and thick with the majority of his modest load landing either in her mouth or on her chin for it to drip into the glass. The second man with his white, short and thin dick was taking so long that Jane had time to suck off another masterpiece dick with his surprisingly small load adding to her mouth collection. The tiny dick white guy eventually moved out of the way as a backlog of big-dicked men were queuing up behind him. Jane had to spend little time stroking off the next two men with big dicks, though they mostly shot their meager loads onto her cheek, chin or into the glass rather than get any in her mouth. 

“Close your eyes.”

The comment came from a younger man with several rope bracelets around his wrist as he took over stroking his own shaft from Jane. Jane maintained eye contact with him until she saw him press his lids closed, at which point the red-haired beauty did likewise. It felt like his cum was rocket-propelled as it splashed against her forehead with enough force to rock her head back slightly. As cum leaked down over her eyelids, Jane’s mouth received the rest of his load, helping to partially fill her next load to swallow.

“Pitiful,” Jane thought as a big dick dropped a tiny amount of sperm with barely any power directly down into the glass.

The next man wasn’t much better but at least he had enough shooting power to give his meager offerings into her mouth. Next was a man in a grey shirt with an ugly dick who exploded against the side of her nose and cheek but it was a good quantity. As that gooey mess was trickling down her skin to collect in the glass basin, a slender man stepped up and dropped an impressive amount of cum directly into her mouth. Jane had no time to recover as another man with a baby arm-sized dick beat off an inch from her face before dropping his gooey reward right on her forehead before smearing it around the rest of her face with his bulbous head. 

With no man rushing up to her, Jane played with the cum in her mouth for the camera before the director had enough for now. “Okay, swallow.”

Jane’s throat was getting a little raw and the cum was so thick that it took her two big gulps to get it all down. Apparently in the five seconds it took her to get those 11 loads down into her tummy, another man was ready to start filling her up again. A fat man stepped up and shot his watery feeling cum into Jane’s mouth and made the redhead nearly retch. Jane had no idea what that man’s diet was like, but his cum tasted repulsive. Still, the redhead had sucked off and swallowed enough foul loads in her day that after the initial disgust, her face went back to wearing a smile. 

“Crap,” Jane thought, realizing that this nasty load was the first and would be in her mouth for minutes yet.

A short stubby cock was presented to Jane, at which point he unloaded in her mouth. His amount was on the high side, but the remarkable thing was that it was his last jet of cum that was not only the most voluminous, but had an extra propelling power as it shot from his tip to land on the bridge of Jane’s nose. Another short dick was next and this one was packing a massive load of cum. A good deal made it into Jane’s mouth, but a healthy dose landed on both of her cheeks as well. 

“Gonna cum all over your pretty little face, bitch,” the next man crocked.

The man with the bright pink-tipped manhood reminded the redhead a lot of her ex-husband. Though his quantity or shooting power was below average, he blasted his load all over Jane’s forehead, then beat his dick against Jane’s cheeks to get the last few droplets to come out. She smeared the last drop right on Jane’s adorable nose for good measure.

“Asshole,” Jane thought. 

An odd combination of a short but very thick cock generated a huge amount of semen, partially filling her mouth but also coloring the alabaster flesh of her cheeks. A big dick nearly wore out her arm muscles from jerking him off vigorously for a few minutes before she earned his creamy reward right into her gullet. Conversely, a thin short dick nearly came the second she stroked him the first time, shooting yet another streak of salty jizz up her nostril and almost making her choke on her nearly full mouthful. The next dick was average in everything but quantity, shooting a good amount of his watery cum right into her mouth. 

“One more to hit a half-century,” a man shouted.

Jane wondered which of the two men she was jerking off was going to be the 50th; was it the stumpy one or the one that looked like a dog’s dick. Stumpy shot his meager offerings into her mouth mere seconds before the dog-looking dick dropped a thick rope of jizz that bridged over her nose and nearly got her eye again.

“Okay, now you hold the bowl loads as well in your mouth,” the director instructed.

“Mmmm?” Jane murmured, pointing at her throat as her female helper took the bowl from her.

“No. Don’t swallow that yet,” he answered.

With the assistant holding the bowl and her instructions to not swallow or spill a drop, Jane tilted her head back nearly parallel with the ground. With her mouth open wide, the assistant tipped a quarter of the white contents into the talented actress’ mouth. Jane handled it well and was rewarded with taking the next quarter of the bowl’s semen into her gullet. However, she was at full capacity with some semen threatening to leak out the corners of her full mouth. With her green eyes shooting wide in warning, she was giving the all clear to swallow. 


In only one, albeit massive gulp, Jane swallowed down the cumshots from the last 11 men plus half the contents of the glass bowl from the other 51 men. Jane’s green eyes opened wide and her mouth spread into a big smile with pride for handling it so well. A look over at the monitor told her how successful she was thus far.


“I think...I need...to finish...the bowl,” Jane commented, panting from the massive drink of cum.

Everyone gaped in surprise at the redhead’s attitude of no cum dodging. Tilting her head back, Jane opened her mouth and had the female helper tip the rest of the bowl’s salty contents into her mouth, filling it near to the point of bursting. With another gulp, Jane swallowed the last remains of the first 51 cumshots from her co-workers. 

“Something tells me you’re not done yet,” Jane said, 51 shots of cum resting in her belly.

Jane took another 10 men before she was allowed to swallow the cum. The first was a thick deposit right onto her tongue that had the consistency of silken tofu. Numbers 2, 4 and 6 were unremarkable both in terms of shooting their small loads into her mouth with minimal spillage onto her face. The third guy loved dick slapping Jane on her pretty face as his greasy cum spilled all over her skin, annoying the hell out of the Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist star. The fifth and seventh guys came so much, the majority into her mouth but also landing a streak across her adorable nose or cheekbones, respectively. After those two, her mouth was pretty full but the next three guys decided full facials were in order with two black men cumming at the same time, decorating each of her cheeks together while the last guy dribbled all over the nose and upper lip.

“Swallow,” the director allowed. Jane did so, and looked a little weary after those ten men. “Little cum drunk?”

“Very much,” Jane answered, wearily rubbing her slightly swollen belly. 

“Want more?”

Jane did a playful sigh as if she was chagrined by the question. In truth, the red-haired actress loved that she was getting to be so submissive and so far letting 61 men drop warm loads into her mouth for her cum-guzzling pleasure. After her nod, the director yelled something in what sounded like Spanish, at which point more men than she could count came to join her in the spacious living room.

It went by in a blur, at least the start did. It was more of the same with the majority of the cumshots being blasted right in her mouth with the only variety being quantity and flavor. The first two guys were a waste of time, barely contributing at all but number three had some power behind his streaks, splashing oblique across Jane’s face from bottom left lip to just shy of her right eye. #4 had some nice thick strands that decorated her upper lip and cheek before draining into her mouth. Number 5’s contribution was null, but #6 gave Jane a proper facial as his long shaft rockets his first streak onto her face, just missing her eye again with his next two shots getting her in both right and left nostrils.

“Snorting so much semen tonight,” Jane mused as the next guy stepped up.

As the next guy arched a shot of cum that nailed her nose and spilled onto her eyelashes, Jane knew her good luck would end and she’d eventually get salty spunk in her eye. It wouldn’t be the first time and it stung like a mother fucker. It wasn’t number 8 as his liquidy load all went in her mouth, nor number 9 who also emptied his near-chunky load into her gullet as well. Jane gurgled and blew bubbles with the 9 loads of cum in her mouth as she stroked off the two men in front of her until the man with no pubes stepped closer and took over massaging his own cock.

“Shit,” he swore, moments before his friend grunted. “Fuck.”

Jane was able to handle both of them shooting into her filling mouth without an issue as they both had little left in their balls. Number 11 had a tiny dick but made up for it by dropping a huge wad of cum mostly into her mouth but also onto Jane’s ruby red lips and cheek. Jane felt shame and embarrassment after dicks #12 belonging to a hairy fat man spunked in her mouth, but the flavor was so grotesque that the redhead accidentally spat the whole mouthful of sperm from 12 different men out. Luckily it landed in the bowl so no semen was lost, and even more good fortune was that Jane didn’t throw up, though it was a near thing.

“Oh God,” she panted in embarrassment, cheeks flushed. “I’m so sorry.”


After another minute to catch her breath, the 75th and 76th men on the night shot their loads into her mouth without any fuss, giving Jane confidence that she was back and in the groove. The next guy wasn't interested in cumming in her mouth, instead he shot his large load all over her gorgeous face with the first jet rocking Jane’s head back as it splashed her forehead, nose and cheek. The next few ropes traversed her nose with some streaks going as far as hitting her fiery hair as well. 

“Open wide you PAWG,” a rotund man barked.

This man was a test for Jane’s weakened gag reflex as his cum was everything she hated - thick, greasy and a lot of it. Despite her face donning a scowl and her normally vivid green eyes staring daggers at the gross man, she held it all in her mouth where its horrid flavor sat on her tongue. The next guy also had super thick semen but luckily had a less terrible taste. Better yet was the man she stroked off into her mouth next, as his semen tasted sweet, indicating a diet rich in pineapples. 

“Sexy Roja!”

Jane had a few moments after the last conchot so as she jerked off two of the nearest cocks, she had her eyes closed to enter a meditative trance. The Spaniard’s urgent cry made Jane snap her green eyes open for his healthy amount of cum that splashed across her lips, in her mouth and down onto her shoulder. 

“Facial now,” the director called out.

A quick look around by Jane told her that her pretty face was about to be pasted by the 8 remaining men. The guy she’d been stroking in her left hand took back possession of his dick to finish himself off. Jane received several ropes of cum that he arched high in the air before it splattered onto her left cheek mostly. The 22nd man this round followed immediately from her left side once more, dropping a half-dozen runny globs of bright white cum on her cheek again, though he shook the last drop right on the tip of the redhead’s cute nose. 

“Make sure you keep those lovely eyes open the whole time,” the man instructed from behind the camera.

The next man stepped up and almost poked Jane in her eye right before he popped, earning him a pissed glare from the actress. He was undisturbed, stroking his load on Jane’s temple as he rested his pulsing dickhead right on her skin. He had more nearly translucent cum strands for her forehead and her fiery red hair before leaving the last drop right at the corner of her eye. Given the mouthful of cum, Jane couldn’t curse at the man, nor did she have time as #24 stepped forward from the other side. Only producing two long streaks, he shot them right on the center of her forehead and the camera watched as the twin streaks ran down, splitting to either side of her nose and nearly getting into her eyes. Not quite done, he squeezed out the last drop right over her right eye, though she closed it in time to only get her eyelashes sticky.

“Face me, darling,” a man rushed in right after Jane had freed her eyelid of the last globule.

“Ahhhh,” Jane couldn’t help but squeal at the ferocity of the facial.

The third last man in this all-Spaniard was already blowing the start of his load a good foot away from the red-haired beauty though it still was able to land right across her face and nose. The next two large streaks were angled from left cheekbone to right eyebrow before his load was spent. However, his load didn’t compare to the last two remaining men and their inhuman amount of cum that was about to coat Jane’s already pasted face. 

“You ready Johnny?” a handsome dark-haired man asked.

“You fucking know it,” the equally handsome black man replied.

The two middle-aged men stepped forward at the same time. Though Jane had her head already tilted back, they requested she open her eyes. The redhead did so and was immediately greeted with a massive streak of white exiting the white guy’s tip. It just missed her face, landing in her red hair, but the black man didn’t miss as his first rope covered a quarter of her forehead. The rest of the black man’s ultra-thick semen colored the rest of her forehead admirably. The white man readjusted his aim so his second rope of cum stretched from temple down to ear lobe. Much to the Zoey’s star’s chagrin, his next two hearty blasts were right into her right eye socket before the rest of his voluminous load were wild shots ranging from her hair to her cheek.

“Don’t mind us,” the white guy said, using some of Jane’s silky hair to clean the end of his cock.

“Pretty hair and functional,” the black man laughed, doing likewise.

Jane heard the director say something to the woman behind her but she didn’t quite catch it. The order became clear a moment later when Jane’s assistant lifted the bowl and pressed the edge against her lips. Jane tilted her head back as the bowl did likewise, tipping the modest contents into her mouth, filling it 90% full. After a little cum play for the camera, the cum-covered redhead was instructed to swallow, which she did via two big swigs. Though she only had one eye able to be opened, Jane did so to see the monitor.


“Record?” Jane asked. “What’s the record?”

“Rebecca Volpetti chugged down an impressive 115 loads,” an assistant or intern commented from somewhere.

“More,” was all Jane stated.

The director told an intern to find anyone and get them in the room if they could cum. Hell, he didn’t care if he recruited right off the street. Jane may have had her face glazed in jizz but her mouth was free so when a guy she’d already stroked off came towards her with an erection, she wrapped her lips around his pole. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she moved her head forward. Though the nameless man could feel his cock entering her warm mouth he still looked down to take in the action. He watched and felt as his bulbous head touched the back of her throat. It was usually at this point most girls coughed a little bit then rapidly withdrew his dick from their mouth, but not Jane. The redhead kept moving forward until his tip slipped into the tight confines of her throat. She continued to drive more meat into her mouth until her cute nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair and her lips were wrapped around the very end of his pole.

“Sweet Mother of God,” was all man could groan.

Jane didn’t want to brag, but she was giving one hell of a blowjob. Despite swallowing 92 loads of cum thus far and having them mixing terribly in her stomach, the cum-covered redhead was still blowing this guy’s dick like the expert cocksucker she was. The talented actress had gone from slowly and methodically taking his entire cock into her throat to ramping up the speed greatly.

“Fuck! Need...gonna...cum,” the man barked a warning.

“Your cum…give me your cum,” Jane begged.

“Then take it,” he spat.

He drove his cock deep into her mouth one last time, savoring the feeling of her lips around the base of his cock while her throat tightly squeezed his organ. He allowed himself to cum the first squirt in this position, looking down to watch her body reflexively recoil in surprise.

“Gglllck,” Jane choked but held the cum down.

After that the man withdrew from her throat and rested the tip of his member right on her tongue. His cum came dribbling out into her mouth, smothering her taste buds in his salty goo. After what felt like forever but in reality was 10 seconds, his balls were drained completely and a large load of cum rested on her tongue.

In the time Jane had given the master course in deepthroating, a few men had filtered in with one ready to pop. Given the poultry offering he deposited on Jane’s face, the green-eyed beauty reasoned that this was his second go cumming on her that night. Surprisingly two men came to her next with one happy to cum on her face while the other blasted his modest load into Jane’s mouth. She was made to wait a minute or two but the next man dropped a trio of fat ropes onto her cheek and chin. The next man shot a full load of jizz into JAne’s rapidly filling mouth while another man was ready to go nearly the moment Jane finished collecting that mouthful. The latest guy had already spunked twice on Jane, hence why his third time around was little more than a few drops into her oral cavity.

“More! Need more!” the director shouted.

Jane was made to wait a few more minutes before the 100th load was deposited on her face. It came from a man she’d never seen before and for good reason; it was a guy right off the street. It had only taken him a few minutes to get hard and get to the verge of cumming, at which he stepped forward and stroked his large amount of sperm onto Jane’s closed left eye and all down her cheek. It earned him a disgruntled groan from the star, but he could have cared less. The next pair of men were repeats, offering only a few ropes of cum into Jane’s mouth. It was still enough to push her mouth to capacity so Jane had to swallow yet another mouthful of ten men’s cum.

“I got more,” an intern announced, entering the room with a half dozen men with fast food bags in their hand.

Just the sight of the underrated Hollywood actress gave the obese men hard-ons. Jane waved them over after they lost their pants and placed a ski mask over their faces to hide their identities. Despite a face covered in cum, none of the men minded as the redhead took turns stroking and sucking them off.


New men meant fresh loads of cum to unload on Jane Levy. The first guy decided another facial was in order, dropping several ropes in all orientations around and on her nose. A few wild strokes sent the last droplets onto her red hair, which was accumulating a fair amount of cum at this point. Jane went right back to using mouth and hands on the other men until a black man with a short cock was ready. Another healthy dose of cum took Jane on the temple, which drained down onto her ear. The next rope was into her hair around the ear again before he finished the rest of his shots onto her cheek and corner of her mouth.

“This is much better,” Jane cooed, happy to have some big cumshots to deal with again.

A morbidly obese man was next, though he had Jane’s mouth do all the work in milking him. He told the redhead he was close so Jane shortened her bobs to focusing only on his tip. Her reward was the big man draining a heft load of disgustingly salty jizz right into her mouth. With her mouth now holding cum, she was reduced to only being able to stroking off the random group of men, not that they minded as evidenced by a stocky fellow blasting another gooey reward right between Jane’s parted lips.  

“Holy fuck that’s a lot of cum!” 

The comment was earned by an average looking guy in every respect...except the size of his cumshot. His first massive strand of cum flowed right onto Jane’s left eye and continued to slide over her cum-slick face to drain right in her mouth. Jane turned to take the next two copious ropes into her mouth before the last one drained onto her far side cheek. Unfettered, Jane smiled before opening her mouth wide and made an exaggerated pointing gesture, telling the rest of the men exactly where she wanted them.

“I got what you need, you soulless ginger.”

A man approached from Jane’s left before shooting his whole load in the redhead’s mouth. The next guy tried for her mouth but only half made it in, the rest spilling onto her cheek before the following guy got back to doing as Jane wanted and giving her mouth his whole dose. Jane’s mouth was filling quickly and her eyes were pasted shut so she didn’t know how many more men she had to go for the record. Instead, she just kept going, taking another healthy amount to her mouth from the next guy who stepped forward. Jane was never more happy for a facial then now, glad to feel the sticky cum shoot across her nose and upper lip. 

“Open,” a male’s voice demanded.

Jane did as she was told but was thankful when the man only gave a small amount of jizz to the loads already populating her mouth. It must have been a repeat offender luckily. She wasn’t so lucky with the next man, who was not only fresh, but shot right into her oral cavity, almost making her spill some. As she slurped the little dribble on her lips back inside, a man with a huge dick unloaded on Jane’s gorgeous face, getting several strands of cum over both her shut eyes in the process.     

Looking around, the director found no one around so he gave the command. “Swallow.”

“How many loads?” Jane asked after taking three attempts to get down the last mouthful. “Did I get the record?”

“Tied. 115,” the intern informed.

“Unacceptable,” the overachieving actress huffed. “Anyone behind the camera, come jerk off on my face. Now!”

The men gave each other a look before grins broke out on their faces. The five men all turned as one to the director who shrugged his shoulders and waved them forward. They practically sprinted to circle around Jane Levy, who was more than happy to use hands and her mouth to get them to their finish line. After watching her for the past 90 minutes take 115 cumshots, the men were already horny and sporting erections so it came as no surprise to Jane when they started to orgasm. 

“God, you’re so fucking gorgeous with my dick in your mouth,” intern Kyle said, thrusting his hips in order to fuck Jane’s mouth. “I’m gonna cum all over your pretty face.”

Kyle did just that moments later. He let Jane’s lips get him to the finish line before pulling away to steer his spasming cock. A C-shaped strand curled from her right eye, over the bridge of her nose and ended in her left eyebrow. 2 vividly white globs plastered her forehead before a fourth and fifth streak roped over her nose. For good measure another few drops leaked onto her left eye socket before he stumbled away from the pack.

“I want more,” Jane begged.

The set’s cleaner Leo obliged the demanding actress as he stepped up to her other side. With a coiled fist in her hair, he tilted her head further back before he came, taking nearly a dozen seconds to unload 2 handfuls of small streaks targeting her cheeks and nose. Jane barely heard the third man bellow before feeling his cum glazing her other cheek, before steering the rest of his offerings into her empty mouth.

“Oh yeah…let me fuck your face girl,” boom operator Andy groaned.

“You’re close, aren’t you,” Jane stated, feeling his cock start to tremor after a minute of fucking her throat.

Jane quickly returned him to her mouth and allowed him to push himself over the edge using her hands and mouth in combination. His hips continued to fuck into her and Jane only moved her lips from his cock when she felt the first blast of cum smack the back of her throat. She moved her head back so that she could take the rest of his population pudding to her face, namely chin and upper lip.

“Ready for one more, Red?” 

Jane went to answer but was cut off by a streak of cum splashing right onto her tongue and going right into her throat. Jane didn’t gag from the sudden liquid filling her mouth, especially as the final man was more interested in painting closed her eyes for the umpteenth time that day. Large dollops of cum landed on each eyelid with a few small drops landing on her neck, collarbone and modest tits.

“Count?” Jane asked as the female helper behind her passed her some tissues.

“121,” the director informed his star

“That’s a record, bitches,” a cum-glazed Jane celebrated.

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