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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 38
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Madelaine Petsch, Oscar Batty, Christian Clay, Freddy Gong, Charlie Mac, Giorgio Grandi
Codes: MF, Piss Play, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Madelaine Petsch, Christian Clay, Oscar Batty, Freddy Gong, Giorgio Grandi, Charlie Mac, nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the companies/studios mentioned (specifically Legalporno/Analvids and Giorgio Grandi), or its characters in any way

Summary: Madelaine gets her very wet punishment for losing the generational fist festival showdown versus Christina Hendricks

“Great shoot today, Madie,” Giorgio congratulated the petite redhead.

“Why thank you,” Madelaine replied as she came out from under the hot water.

Though technically the changeroom and bathrooms were off-limits to film within, Madie wasn’t going to give the infamous director a hard time about it. After all, she was considering it part of her ‘punishment’ for ‘losing’ the generational battle against Christina Hendricks only moments again. Though it was a tight affair (in terms of competition, not in the description of their pussies or assholes), Madie accepted the decision going against her.

Madelaine Petsch had changed a lot since her first outing with Hollywood Pornstars. At that time, she was assigned to Facial Abuse, who like the name suggested, was extremely hardcore. In that scene alone, her perfect peach of an ass was fucked hard, but that was the least of it. She had her mouth used as a urinal for some vile piss to be drank but the bigger act was the vomiting. They fucked her face and throat so hard that Madelaine was more or less a volcano of puke, spewing her stomach contents onto the floor, her body, her gorgeous face and even the guy’s dick, and then was forced to continue sucking him off.

She’d been disgusted with the whole thing...until one of her best friends told her how hot the scene was. In fact, Lili then fucked her brains out because the blonde was so turned on just thinking of Madie’s performance. Buoyed by the kind words and pussy eating, Madelaine was brave enough to read the comments associated with her porn video and found they were overwhelmingly positive. More positive than her acting on Riverdale, in fact! It was like a glass-breaking moment and since that point, Madelaine Petsch was down for whatever kink a guy or girl could throw at her.

“You worked hard out there,” Giorgio complimented. “You must be thirsty.”

Madelaine smiled wide with her plump red lips. “Absolutely!”

With a smile still on her face, Madelaine dropped to her knees so she was kneeling in the middle of the shower. With one hand holding the camera remarkably steady, Giorgio fished out his flaccid cock. Her brown eyes stayed locked to his as she parted those fantastic lips and moved her head ever closer to his dick until his tip was only a few inches from her open mouth. After a few seconds, Madie looked down at his pee slit, which remained frustratingly closed.

“Come on,” the redhead purred. “I said you could pee in my mouth.”

Those slutty words appeared to be the secret password that was required to release the chokehold on his urethra. With his bladder full to the point of pain, Giorgio finally felt the strange tingle one felt the moment as you began to pee. Given the amount of water he drank in preparation for this moment, the urine was a nearly clear color, only slightly twinged with a soft yellow glow. 


Giorgio was looking down and watching the scene play out before him. The gorgeous redhead with her fairly large and perfect tits was kneeling in the shower, her flaming red hair dripping wet and cascading down past her shoulder blades. He had paused his stream so she could swallow, at which point he started back up, aiming his flow between her insanely plump lips and re-filling her gullet. All the while, her piercing brown eyes stared him in the face, even as she closed her lips (allowing his pee to flow over her lips and chin) and swallowed his second load of piss...and then the third...and fourth. 

“Hahaha,” Madelaine giggled.

As Madelaine had dutifully swallowed a half dozen mouthfuls of piss, Giorgio aimed his dick to flow higher up onto her face and then her hair, earning him the giggle from the adorable and sexy redhead. She’d have to re-wash her hair now, as the strawberry fragrance was now replaced with something a little less pleasant. However, rather than be disgusted that a man was giving her a golden shower, Madelaine thrust her face forward and let the yellow fluid math her skin, giving her a different type of facial.

“Solid stream you have there,” Madelaine commented before opening her mouth and taking down a seventh and final sip.

“I had some good motivation,” Giorgio laughed, squeezing out a last few drops onto Madelaine’s round tits.

“Something tells me that a little piss in my mouth isn’t the extent of my punishment,” Madie asked as she used the shower water to rinse her mouth.

“Astute observation,” Giorgio replied.

Reaching into the shower, the bald-headed man turned the tap and stopped the water from flowing. Pulling back his arm, Giorgio grabbed a towel and passed it to the very naked redhead in order to towel off. Madelaine didn’t mind that the older man stayed to watch her towel off, after all she just let him pee in her mouth after he filmed her and the Goddess of Tits fucking a group of men for the past hour and a half. 

“Follow me.”

Madelaine dropped the towel to the floor and strode out of the washroom on Giorgio’s heels. After passing through the Hair and Makeup room, the pair entered a fairly open space that was used as a secondary shooting location. Smaller than the main room, this backup location had colorful walls, a few small tables and a large L-shaped sofa that was black leather. In the room already were four men, all naked but with soft cocks instead of hard.

“Hello gentleman,” Madelaine cooed as she looked the four studs up and down.

The men smiled and returned the greeting as Giorgio let the redhead go say hello. She assumed they were soft for a reason, which was why she didn’t immediately drop to her knees and suck them to full life. On her short walk over to them, the Riverdale star also spied something atypical on one of the sofa-side tables.

“What’s with the funnel?”

A large green funnel that one would use to add oil to a car was placed on the table with a long clear hose attached to the bottom. It wasn’t too thick of a tube, ensuring that the flow of liquid coming from the funnel down to the end of the hose would be steady, not a tsunami.

“Should we make sure it works?” Christian Clay asked with a knowing smile.

Madelaine gave him a grin before she dropped to her knees. Christian stepped atop the sofa before placing his flaccid cock just above the basin of the funnel. The tubing was a perfect length that it easily had enough stretch so that Madelaine could hold the end to her mouth and be able to watch the golden fluid run its course. Within moments Christian had tapped into his full bladder and began pissing.

“Here it comes,” he warned.

The verbal warning was unneeded as Madelaine could watch the progress of the pee the whole time as it rode down the 6 feet of tubing before exiting into her mouth. Unlike with Giorgio in the shower, Madelaine needed to constantly be drinking the pee as there was no stopper on her end of the hose. Gulp after gulp of pee went from her mouth to her belly with Christian always supplying more for her swallowing pleasure. Needing a little break, Madelaine allowed the pee that was traveling 6 feet down the hose to pour over her face and hair before returning the hose to her mouth. Another few mouthful occurred before Madelaine let the tube spit the pee onto her perfect tits, making them wet in urine once more. 

“Works pretty good,” Madelaine concluded as Christian and the funnel both ran dry.

“I’d say,” Giorgio agreed with a wolfish grin.

“Come get on the floor,” Charlie Mac insisted.

Madelaine noted the little green pillow the black man threw on the ground and understood how they wanted her at that point. She gave a devilish grin before she sat in a reverse position atop the sofa. With a hand on her back to help, Madelaine scooted her ass further onto the sofa as she leaned back, using gravity and Charlie to help lower her head and shoulders until they were pressed against the pillow on the ground. The black man helped pull her legs from the sofa so her legs folded back over her body, a knee on the outside of each of her fantastic tits.

Despite the fact that she had taken the assfucking of a lifetime less than 15 minutes ago, Madelaine’s asshole had done a good job sealing back up. However, a big purple dildo had little trouble penetrating her exhausted anal ring, making her have a wonderful inch-and-a-half width gape after a minute of banging her ass.

“Very nice. Pass the bottle,” Charlie called out.

Madelaine watched as the black man accepted what appeared to be a large plastic pop bottle that had the bottom cut off of it. With the cap already removed, Charlie pushed the neck of the bottle into her sphincter, though it only penetrated a very short way, but that was good enough. With the serrated opening of the bottle keeping her sphincter open, Madelaine watched Charlie place his cock above the cut-out bottom before he started to pee. 

“Oh wow! Your pee is inside of me,” Madelaine giggled as she received a piss enema.

Looking on, Madelaine watched as the man unloaded a torrent of pee for a good 10 seconds and yet the bottle didn’t display any amount of fluid through the clear plastic. That was because her intestines were swelling and filling up with God knew how much of the black man’s piss. After another 30 seconds, Charlie was still draining his bladder and yet the redhead’s asshole continued to soak up all of the fluid. 

“For you,” Freddy spoke to the upside down redhead.

Madelaine looked over and found the black man giving her one end of the tubing. She took it as Freddy passed Charlie and his near infinite bladder the other end. The funnel had been removed, which allowed the peeing man to put his end of the tube down into the bottle. They had measured beforehand so the hose had enough space to pass through the bottle opening and slide down until it was a good 8 inches deep into Madelaine’s bowels that were full to the brim with his pee.

“Now suck.”

Madelaine didn’t need to be told twice...or even once because as soon as the other end was secured in her rectum, she started to suck. Not much happened initially. She watched as the yellowish fluid ascended up the initial coil of the tube but it took a lot of effort on her part just to get a few droplets. However, as she sucked harder and harder, it finally reached critical mass as a lot of the fluid poured out of the tube and into her mouth. It came in such a rush that it instantly filled her mouth before more of the piss enema spilled out all over her pretty face and fiery red hair.

“Oh God! So much,” Madelaine nearly drowned in the pee as her thumb blocked the end of the tube.

“Oh fuck it,” Oscar Batty grunted.

Madelaine didn’t hear the man, too concentrated on the task of drinking as much of the pee that was soaking in her poop chute. However, she certainly felt what the black man meant as an arc of pee left his cock and slammed down onto the skin of her beautiful face. With the piss from the tube still flowing in her mouth, Madelaine did her best to open her mouth and provide a target for Oscar’s pissing. His aim was pretty good, but a good amount was still soaking into her red hair or splattering onto her forehead or cheeks.

“Me too,” Freddy stated.

Being the pack animals men tended to be, Freddy released his bladder down onto Madelaine’s face and mouth as well. The puddle of piss around the redhead was growing by the second as two men used her mouth and face as a urinal, all while a third man resumed filling her asshole up with his bladder’s contents as well.

Noting the lack of movement down the tubing as Madelaine’s attention was split in too many directions, Christian called for the dildo. Removing the bottle, the bald man used the dildo to plunge down into her ass and start fucking it. After a handful of thrusts, Christian pulled it out and encouraged Madelaine to push out with her ass as well. The redhead did so and was rewarded with a waterfall of pee flowing over her fit body and onto her face. Knowing that there was still so much urine saturating her bowels, Christian rolled Madelaine further over so her ass was literally overtop of her face. 

“Come on! Push!”

Madelaine was a well trained slut at this point and did as she was told. More and more piss came flooding out, landing mostly on her face or in her hair. The floor was soaked thoroughly at this point as the back of her head and shoulders were within the piss enema puddle. When her asshole was finally empty, Freddy helped her roll off her back and get to her knees. She rung out her fiery red hair and watched as a lot of piss poured from it and back onto the floor. The green pillow was also a much darker shade of green as it too was fully soaked through in piss.

“Squeeze it into your mouth,” Giorgio directed.

Madelaine smiled the whole time she brought her soaked hair to her mouth and rang it out again. While not the tsunami of pee as the initial ringing out, more than a mouthful of piss was squeezed into her mouth for Madelaine to drink down. Being the nice guy he was, Oscar came over and helped pinch out the last remains of piss enema from her hair, allowing her to get a final taste of the odd concoction for good measure.

“Now I hope that taught you a lesson,” Giorgio reminded her. 

“Not to lose a fist festival match against the Goddess of Tits?” Madelaine questions as she laid in the piss-covered floor and made a version of a snow angel.


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