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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars Part 19
Author: The Chemist & fenderdiesel
Celebrity (Sex): Anna Kendrick
Celebrity (Mentioned): Erin Moriarty, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, DAP, Very Dirty, Scat, PMAO, Sex Tape
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Erin Moriarty) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Gonzo Studios, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Unsatisfied with regular sex, Anna takes to the seediest corners of the internet to find the hardest of hardcore studios to work with. She finds one and it lives up to her dirtiest fantasies.

Note: This story is completely filthy, very much a heavy dirty anal focus/fetish. If that turns you off then this chapter is definitely not for you. You’ve been warned

With a heavy sigh Anna tossed her vibrator to her side and shuddered, the slippery toy slathered in her abundant lady juices. Giving a few last glances at the screen on her laptop, Anna huffed and closed the lid. She had just finished watching the bootylicous Erin Moriarty give up her anal virginity. Riding the delicious waves of post climax stupor, Anna drifted into a lustful daydream. She would love to be an anal virgin again, the pain and exploratory adrenaline of the first time. She had wet an appetite that now reared its head in ways she never thought possible. The tigress of sexual desire that had been unleashed was seemingly insatiable, pulling her deeper and deeper into a life of sexual degredation and sodomy...lots of sodomy.

It had been about a month from her first ever porno with the illustrious Gonzo studios. An anal event that had left her sore, degraded and hornier than she had ever been in her life. The past four weeks and change had not seen a single night without something or someone being inside of the petite actress. The someone being typically John or her Uncle. But like a junky always searching for the perfect high from the first time, Anna craved for more.

She couldn’t do anything about that currently - after all it was 2 in the morning and she was stuck on set. However, Anna would do what she normally did when she needed an itch scratched in a hurry - porn. Her laptop fired up in seconds. The first thing she did was watch in full length her first and only Hollywood Pornstars video where she participated in a gangbang with a half dozen well hung European men who sodomized, gagged and pissed all over her. So hot!

“Not enough. Need...dirtier,” Anna thought.

And down the rabbit hole she went. First, the pint-sized movie star checked out her usual porn haunts, but none of those sites were doing it for her. Sure, it was hard fucking, but it wasn’t enough. Another 10 minutes of scrolling her bookmarks and still nothing that sent her pussy tingling, which was abnormal for her. Maybe the psychological abuse from John and her uncle had twisted her kinks so greatly. Resolved to find something to get her off, Anna took to Reddit and Discord to track down the seediest shit on the web. 

Success! And better yet, the porn studio actually filmed in the good ole US of A. As Anna looked over the home page, the studio appeared to focus on gangbangs, extreme bdsm, various bodily fluids and even hinted at beastiality for gold member subscribers. The animal stuff was way out of her league...at least for now. But the more Anna spent wading through the site, she grew more and more terrified...and a little excited! Not only are balls-to-the-wall extreme, they also don't seem to be speaking English in the videos, having full discussions with girls who do not look like they wish to be talking.

“Dear diary...jackpot,” Anna said to herself.

Anna is beyond nervous and is in a weird middle place in her mind where her nipples are hard and she can't stop fingering herself as she watched the videos over and over again. She kept imagining it was she as the girl in the videos, basking in the insane levels of debauchery. Needing to do something about it, Anna finished masturbating then wrote an email to her patron of the Hollywood Pornstars, John. It was short and sweet, linking the new website and asking if there was a way for her to nominate herself for this studio when the next draw came around, which so happened to be next week.

*    *    *

Anna fell asleep thinking of all sorts of nasty thoughts and awoke to a reply in her inbox. She smiled seeing that John had gotten back to her query. An even bigger smile spread across her face as John gave the answer she was both ultra nervous and excited to receive. Later that day, another message came in with the details, most important of which was a date, time and address.

*    *    *

Anna got into the change room, which was little more than a personal washroom that had the toilet removed and a roughly constructed bench in its place. A rusty nail was at eye level, which served nicely for Anna to hook her garment bag. After watching several dozen of the studio’s videos, she found they often had their women in costumes. Therefore, they asked Anna to don her Christmas-y garb from her movie Noelle. Despite having to put on a multi-layered Christmas outfit that covered her with festive fabric from head to toe, it took the slender beauty very little time to dress.

Anna had just finished stepping into her high heels when her makeshift changing room door was thrown open. Anna was in the middle of checking that her green-and-white outfit was all smoothed out from her leggings that resembled wrapping paper, her green dress and fur-lined vest. A rough looking bald man didn’t greet the actress, simply reached his arm in and grabbed a handful of the actress’ auburn hair. 

“Ahh!” Anna screamed from the shock and pain.

Anna felt the tug and knew to go with it instead of resist the pull. Being less than a 100lb, there was no way she’d win a physical battle so she allowed the older man to lead her down the hall, almost having to jog in her heels in order to keep pace. Luckily the room they went to was close, but that was the nicest thing about it. Sparsely decorated with mainly only a large bed and several tripods set up, the floor was cement, the walls drywall and the windows were blacked out with paint.

Once Anna was within range of the bed, the man pulled her closer to his body before flinging her tiny frame onto the bed. Anna landed on her stomach, but she didn’t stay there for long as the man’s strong hands on her hips simultaneously pulled her down and flipped her over. Anna was happy she had at least some meat on her backside because her ass landed hard on the concrete floor with her back and head pinned against the foot of the bed.

“Suck dick. Now,” the big man stated in no uncertain terms.

Anna opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of his penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all over his shaft. When she got to the tip she jetted her tongue out to swipe at the burly man’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the dominating man.

“You like that big boy,” Anna asked with a cocky grin.

Not bothering to hear his response to her rhetorical question, Anna descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat. She dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end. Despite the rough treatment, Anna was enjoying herself and also in the mood to show this guy her full skillset, which she was very proud of. A great blowjob would also get him prepared to enter her ass with as little pain as possible, so there was also that in it for her.

“Wait,” the European said, stepping back so his wet dick fell from Anna’s mouth. Before the actress could ask why he’d stopped, Anna received a big wad of spit that landed partially in her mouth, but also got her lips, jaw and nose as well. “Now go.”

Anna wished she could say that a man spitting into her mouth and face was abnormal and disgusted her...but that would be a lie. She took the degrading act with ease, collecting the spit around her mouth before swallowing it down. When she took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth, this time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat in an action which at one point was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and throat.

“Da! You have skills,” the big man complimented.

The big European stood in amazement as Anna Kendrick deepthroated his cock. He had no idea that the pint-sized movie star had such amazing sexual ability. Anna let him soak within her mouth for a few long moments to let him savor the feeling of his entire cock inside of her throat. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head.

“Ggkkkkk...ggllllkkk...hhwwwhhh,” Anna spurted and gagged but continued to blow the big man.

As Anna bobbed her head, she felt the big man step forward until her auburn head was pressed firmly against the bed at her back. Unable to move her head anymore, the tiny actress was fully at the whim of the hulking guy, and he was certainly going to take advantage of that fact. He held his cock in her mouth until he could see her face flush red then begin to turn a bluish color. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as Anna coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto both his cock and onto the ground.

Instead of use the moment’s break of having her skull fucked to complain, Anna just inhaled another breath then opened her mouth wide for his use again. The big man with the 8-inch cock pushed his hips forward until his cock slammed back down her throat. He watched as her eyes nearly bulged out of her face in shock, small tears forming and rolling over her model-esque cheekbones.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna muttered and gagged as the big man repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

The burly guy didn’t want to strangle the hottest actress with his dick lodged in her throat, only to slow her down. With a talented mouth like Anna’s, the man with the 8-inch dick was sure she milked countless men way too fast by doing exactly what she was performing on him currently. Therefore, he held his dick in her gullet for a 6 count. After that he pulled his hips back and allowed Anna to take control of her blowjob again, which meant she rocketed her mouth up and down the whole length of his lengthy dick. Another dozen bobs were performed, each time his cockhead entered Anna’s throat and by the 13th, the burly man pushed forward, trapping her head against the mattress and her face into his greasy pubes. He kept his dick buried down the gorgeous girl’s throat for a lengthy spell. After each time this series was performed, a lot of Anna’s saliva was produced, a good deal staying in stringy layers on his manhood but more than a decent amount cascaded down Anna’s chin and onto her adorable Christmas outfit. 

“Lick my ass, dirty girl.”

It took Anna a moment to process his words, namely because she had been on the verge of passing out due to a dick strangling her. She understood what he asked just as the burly man was turning around and squatting low. Rimming an asshole was hardly knew for Anna, though she tended to do so much more often on her lesbian conquests then for men. Regardless, the only difference was the hair, which this guy had lots of. It made for a grosser time, but as long as the European dude had showered recently then it wouldn’t matter.

“Just my luck, this guy hates cleaning himself,” Anna thought after her first tongue swipe at his brown eye.

Knowing now what was fully expected of her, Anna went about licking his asshole. Contorting her body to simultaneously allow herself better access while still giving the camera a good angle, Anna gripped his cheeks and pulled them apart. Doing her best to ignore the mix of sweat, salt and gross taste, the gorgeous actress drove her tongue a good inch into his butthole. Immediately the flavor of his ass was apparent and overpowering. Anna took a quick break by using her mouth to give his balls a deep suck before diving back down to take another tongue poke in his asshole. Once more the taste was intense and strong but she weathered the storm better this time. In fact, her tongue was licking deeper and longer, long enough that Anna could feel his sweaty balls rubbing against her eye sockets and adorable nose. 

“You nasty, nasty girl,” the man said with a happy grin.

“You wanna see nasty?”

With renewed vigor, Anna drove her tongue into his asshole and held it for longer and longer. The taste was just as bad and gross but the 35 year old didn’t care. She wouldn’t say she liked it, but the dirty act was so repulsive that she was getting off just a little on it. A touch of her own pussy with her fingers confirmed she was sucking wet. Backing up her claims of being a nasty girl, Anna adopted a ramming technique, plowing her head down against the bigger man so her tongue would drive deeper into the porn actor. After a dozen times, the Noelle star kept her tongue buried deep in his poop chute while her brilliant blue eyes locked onto his. 

“How’s that for you,” Anna asked with a cocky tone, the strong taste of ass still residing in her mouth.

This guy really liked moving her around by pulling on her hair, Anna soon realized. Once more the pain in her scalp erupted as her long hair was yanked skyward, the petite actress raising to her feet. Before being thrown to the bed, the man stripped her of her furry vest and tossed it aside. She tumbled to the bed and found herself on her stomach before being pulled back to have hands and knees supporting her with the burly man behind her. Rather than remove more clothing, Anna felt her skirt flipped onto her back to reveal her naked sex. She hadn’t bothered to wear panties given it would only be a waste of a good thong, meanwhile her leggings had been converted to stockings that went up almost to the height of her small but round booty.

“Did you follow our instructions,” the man asked as he sheathed all 8 inches for hard cock in Anna’s gushing wet pussy.

The man took the opportunity to fuck Anna’s pussy for a few minutes. Though he had much more in store for the tiny woman, he didn’t want to pass up the chance to fuck the Pitch Perfect star’s pink cunt. Despite being 35 years old and having a well earned reputation of being one of Hollywood’s premier sluts, her pussy was surprisingly tight, likely due to her petite stature. However, staring down and watching his dick disappearing into her pink slit, his eyes kept coming back to stare at her brown eye. 

“Mmmm...ahhh...yes Master,” Anna answered through her moan.

The instructions Anna’s Master was referring to was her preparation for anal sex. Most women did an enema with water before engaging in sodomy as it cleared out all the, well, shit. Porn stars, especially American ones, went a step further by starving themselves for 24 hours and then performing several water enemas. Anna was told to not do any of that. Not only did she have her regular food, they fed her a burrito upon her arrival, a burrito from a gas station no less. 

“I fuck your ass now,” the man said.

Anna nodded her head as she felt a big wad of spit land on her asshole. Apparently that was going to be the only lube her Master was going to use tonight. Anna helped him out by resting her face down on the clear unclean mattress so her hands could grip her small butt cheeks and pull them apart. This created a gap in her crinkled hole, which combined with the hard push from the burly man was enough to get half his shaft planted in Anna Kendrick’s asshole.

“Mother fuck!” Anna hissed from the familiar sting of her bowels being pierced.

Even for an anal savant, which Anna considered herself, the initial poke into the brown eye was always slightly painful. And that was in ideal circumstances with lots of lube and a thin cock, both of those conditions were not currently being met as her backdoor was blown open with a girthy cock and only a bit of spit to help. That notwithstanding, Anna weathered the initial moments of pain, which fled into discomfort as more cock was added, and finally into something bordering on pleasure as the big Euro started thrusting with all 8 inches.

“You have tight ass,” the burly man grunted. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be, the guy took the kiddie-wheels off. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny man started lengthening his strokes into her small butt. With each and every thrust, his stomach tapped against her curvy booty as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes. Not only that, but his speed kept increasing, making Anna’s tiny ass ripple from the contact, as well as cause the movie star to groan in pleasure as well.

“Awwhh yes…fuck me,” Anna encouraged in her sultry tone, actually pushing back against him to make him go deeper.

“Fuck…you really are a nasty girl,” he groaned, the thud of his abs against her ass ringing against the walls.

“You started without me!” a man’s voice said in mock outrage. 

Anna turned her head and saw the entrance of another man into the small bedroom. He was fully clothed, but already was in the midst of changing that by pulling off his shirt. Soon he was naked and climbing up onto the bed with a leg on either side of Anna’s body and his groin conveniently placed right in front of the beautiful woman’s face.

“I wonder what I should do with this,” Anna quipped as her hand encircled his base.

“Oh, you funny girl,” the new guy commented. As if to correct that character of her, the man delivered a stern slap right to Anna’s gorgeous face. “You whore. Whores aren’t funny.”

Anna was startled by the smack to her face but no damage was done. Though she was under a 100lbs, Anna surprised a lot of her lovers by being able to handle some rough stuff. Recovering from the shock, Anna opened her mouth and started to blow the man who had just slapped her. Lips and hand worked in unison as she bobbed up and down the new pole, all while the man behind her fucked her ass with greater speed. Apparently the new fella wanted more control as his hand went to the back of her head, so Anna removed her hand and allowed the new guy to dictate the blowjob. This amounted to little more than cramming her face down into his lap until his insanely lengthy cock spilled into her throat.

Within minutes, the man with the 10-inch cock was fully coated in her saliva from the deep throat fucking he doled out. Anna was fine with the rough treatment, especially as the man behind her continued reaming her asshole. He only used half his length now, but it was the back half so that the first 4 inches was constantly in her bowels. Over and over her tiny booty was smacked against, the collision made stronger by his hands on her hips pulling her back to meet his thrusts.

“Cocksucker, use hands to show me inside of your ass,” the burly assfucker told the star.

Anna rested her face on the tattooed guy’s chest so her hands could do as she was instructed. The burly man, who apparently was named Nemenja, pulled out of her anus and had the camera zoom in on Anna’s backside as she pulled her cheek apart, which once more gaped her hole. She hoped she was clean back there and while she mostly was, little brown wet droplets could be seen decorating the crinkled ring. 

“My turn,” the tattooed man grunted.

Anna was grabbed and tilted to the side so her back was against the man she had just been sucking off. Just like his friend, Bruno didn’t bother with a condon or lube, instead just placed his cock against her anal entrance and pushed until granted access. The tiny actress bit her lip as her asshole was breached again. Within the man’s second thrust Bruno was using all 10 inches to ass fuck her brutally. Much like his friend, Bruno had a handful of her shiny hair as he sodomized her, his free hand cycling between choking, face slapping her roughly pawing at her phenomenal tits.

“Oh God! Holy fuck! Yes!” Anna constantly screamed.

Bruno was far from a gentle or kind lover, but that wasn’t what Anna had signed up for. She expected to be used and abused by a group of men who normally worked with homeless women or junkies that they could pay minimal money to and get them to do horribly degrading acts. Anna wanted that. She craved to be defiled and degraded in any way possible, which was why she was so willing to take pleasure in the insanely hard ass fucking, hair pulling and face slapping.

“Tight asshole for such a pretty slut,” Bruno hissed into her ear.

The cameraman used Anna’s widespread legs to get a great angle of the dick pounding into her asshole. Anna continued moaning from a combination of pain and pleasure as the lens zoomed in on her ass. Sure enough, the lack of proper anal prep was beginning to pay dividends as Bruno’s cock was showing a light brown streak down the top side. A matching patch was shown on the thin strip of skin that separated Anna’s pummeled asshole and her pink gash.

“Look. Can you see,” the cameraman told the Noelle star.

Anna craned her neck and looked down her covered body. “Oh. Oops. I guess they call it a poop chute for a reason,” the quippy actress commented.

Bruno pulled out of her asshole after another deep thrust. Right on the head of his cock was another brown smear. “Disgusting,” he commented, standing on the floor. “Clean me.”

This was the moment Anna had been waiting for. She had seen enough of their videos to know that they adored degrading the women to the maximum. It was like Pierre Woodman on steroids really. Knowing what was expected of her, Anna swung off the bed and knelt before the man and his clearly soiled cock. This was the moment of truth. Would she be a coward and run scared or would she push herself to a new insanely gross level.

The answer was the latter. Anna rose up on her knees, extended her tongue and licked the man from his base to the very dirty tip, tasting the insanely disgusting taste of her asshole. Anna was no stranger to taking a dick from her ass directly into her mouth, but this was extreme. And yet that first lick had captured a good majority of the dirtiness that decorated Bruno’s cock. She felt her face grimace from the shitty taste but that didn’t stop Anna from wrapping her lips around his soiled pole and giving him an energetic and deep blowjob. 

“Da! Taste your shit!” the cameraman shouted and laughed as Bruno’s cock went all the way down Anna’s throat.

By the time the man stepped back from Anna, she’d been blowing him for several minutes. In that time, not only was Bruno’s dick sparkling clean, but Anna had somehow gotten used to the taste of her ass. Her shit, really. As Anna got to her feet she felt the decorative belt she wore ripped from her tiny waist none too nicely. This was in prelude to her winter dress being yanked over her head, leaving the large-breasted actress in nothing but her green Christmas legging and heels, which had still managed to stay on her feet.  

“What fucking tits!”

Anna didn’t know which of the men in the room made the comment, but the others rapidly agreed with the assessment. Not for the first time, Anna’s lovers wondered at how a girl as petite as Anna could have such large, perfect tits. Sure, they were made to look bigger since her frame was so tiny, but they were still C cups, bordering on D’s. Plus, they showed nearly no signs of sagging, but didn’t didn’t stop the twin peaks from bouncing wildly with each and every movement the actress made.

“Come,” Nemenja called out.

Anna looked onto the bed and found the bulky man already laying down on his back. The Noelle star, still in her Christmas stockings, climbed onto the dirty mattress and straddled the big man’s lap. She saw the cameraman go behind her so she arched her back and used her hands to part her butt cheeks to give the camera another good view of her wrecked ass. After a few seconds, Anna sat down further on the man’s lap and felt him steer his thick 8-inch dick back into her pooper.

“Oh yes…mhhmmm…awwhhh,” Anna moaned.

Once again used to his mammoth size, Anna released the grip on her booty and sank down until her plump backside was resting against his pubes. The big breasted actress gave the cameraman behind her a cute wiggle while resting on Nemenja’s lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before riding back up and leaving only the last quarter of his shaft in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the actress worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the sparse lighting of the dungy room.

“Fuck…so good…faster,” he encouraged, swatting her tiny ass in the process. “Faster.”

“Ohhhh…your big dick’s in my ass,” Anna said, doing as he ordered.

As Anna continued to ride his dick in her colon, the man’s hands were being quite active. Once more, the bulky man enjoyed wrapping his big hand around her throat and choking her until she flushed red, at which point he released his grip. However, now that Anna’s prized tits were out, his focus was on them. Between lightly swatting the bouncing globes and pinching hard on her adorable nipples, Nemenja’s hands rarely strayed from her perfect boobs.

Anna didn’t know if the constant abuse on her tits or the thick cock slamming into her asshole was causing more of a sting. However, her riding job got slightly harder as a hand pushed down between her shoulder blades, making her tits press flat against Nemenja’s hairy chest. Anna was still able to bounce her petite frame long his cock, but only the top half and at a slower speed. However, the intention of pressing her flat down came apparent as Bruno climbed onto the bed directly behind her.

“We both fuck your ass now, understand slut?” the bulky man hissed.

The man stepped up behind her slender booty before exchanging a knowing glance with his partner. Nemenja did a toothy grin then slowed his thrusting down so that Anna was laying flat on top of him, her pillowy tits pressed firmly against his muscular chest. Though the burly man’s cock was already filling Anna’s ass, that fact didn’t matter to the new man as he placed his cock's tip near the entrance to the girl's asshole.

“Sadly, not my first rodeo,” Anna stated, though being experienced with double anal penetration was sadly a source of pride for the tiny woman.

The petite actress did her best to relax for the eager man behind her as he and the other massive European focused on getting a second dick into her cavernous asshole. Her helping was slowly working as Anna could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access. Even after his tip somehow fit past her once tight anal ring, Bruno kept pushing with slow but steady pressure until his stomach was flat against Anna’s curvy bottom.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Anna swore as the second cock was able to breach her anal ring.

After the initial shock, Anna tried her damndest to control her breathing and steady herself. Though this wasn’t technically the first time two dicks found their way into the 35 year old’s asshole at the same time, it was still an inexperienced sexual act for her. It was rare for Anna to encounter something new in the sex realm, so despite the fact 2 cocks were both in her ass, stretching it to her limits, she found a perverse thrill in it. 

Though Anna’s asshole was used to taking a pommeling, both men found the anal ring too tight to thrust like they would with a regular double dicking. Instead, they decided to simply move Anna up and down, which was almost comical in appearance as the petite actress was literally pulled and pushed along the two shafts.

“How is that even possible,” the cameraman gawked.

“Right?!” Anna said to the man with the camera before flashing him a toothy grin and wink.

Anna had no idea how long the men had been double dicking her asshole as she kinda blacked out from the pain and pleasure sensations. Though it hurt like hell to have her sphincter forced open and fucked by both men at the same time, it somehow felt oddly good as well. It was a feeling beyond words, and she knew she’d pay for it for days or weeks, but it was well worth the sexual high she was riding.

“Shit! Fuck! Damn!” Anna constantly moaned as she rode the fine line between pleasure and pain.

The two men continued to smoothly glide the tiny spinner up and down their poles with glee. Though they had to go much slower and less of their dicks were being stimulated, that was offset by both the sight and knowledge that such a Hollywood darling was taking two cocks in the ass simultaneously. However, over time, Anna’s asshole slowly adapted as her bowels gave way and the men were able to actually start fucking her ass together, rather than just moving her up and down. Now when Bruno pushed his dick forward, Nemenja slid his downward, then vice versa. It was slow progress but but they were fucking Anna Kendrick with the majority of their lengths now. 

“This is some great fucking stuff,” the cameraman celebrated as he constantly moved around the trio to capture all the angles.

The cameraman still had no fucking idea how Anna wasn’t literally torn in half from getting both dicks up her ass, but the Pitch Perfect star was into a groove.

“You piece of shit!” Bruno grunted after a hard thrust. “Such a slut!” Another ball's deep thrust. “Our anal whore!”

The tattooed man pulled out of Anna’s asshole, which meant the tiny actress who weighed less than a 100lb only had one cock balls deep in her asshole. His exit meant that the cameraman could get a tight shot of Nemenja’s dick in her ass. Anna was still on a high from taking double anal penetration and she misjudged her next ride up the pole and felt his plup out. Out of reflex, Anna went to whip and clean herself, but a harsh word from one of the men in the room stopped her in her tracks.

“I’m messy for sure,” Anna commented.

She received her confirmation a moment later when she swung off her lap and took a look for herself. Nemenja had been instructed not to touch his dick so that the effect was unspoiled for the prim and proper girl. With a dainty hand, Anna picked his dick off his stomach and noted how much dirtier his cock was then Bruno’s was only 20 minutes ago. Then again, this made sense as they had spent that time churning her guts with not one, but two cocks. 

“Suck your ass, bitch,” Bruno demanded.

Anna didn’t need the encouragement as she was already lowering her face towards his groin until her mouth was filled with the taste of poop on a cock. She straightened up only briefly to push her silky hair behind her before lowering back down and sucking him off in her energetic style once more. As she pushed her hair back once more, the Noelle star noted the brown smear on the man’s hairy stomach from where his dickhead had rested against it after first exiting her ass. Not dodging her responsibility, Anna extended her tongue and slowly licked up the patch of her dirtiness from the man, really playing it up for the camera.

From that point on, Anna was just having fun. The taste of her dirtiness was covering her taste buds so it couldn’t get any worse. Anna went from bobbing her head up and down the man’s pole as her tits swayed and joggled beneath her with every ride down his pole. Noting the faint streaks of her filth on the lower portion of his cock, Anna licked all the way down, getting an even bigger wave of the filthy taste before going back and deep throating the lucky man.

“Let’s fuck up her asshole even more,” Bruno said.

“What every girl wants to hear,” Anna quipped.

Apparently Bruno was jealous of his buddy getting to lay down and still fuck Anna’s ass because the tattooed man was on his back with his head in the pillows. The girl in the Christmas-themed stockings climbed on board, this time with her pert ass facing the European man. After having two dicks blowing up her ass for nearly 20 minutes, Anna found that one dick, even one as big as Bruno’s, slid with utter ease into her dumper. Anna used the new looseness of her asshole to rocket up and down his pole for little regard of her own health and safety. She felt her tits heaving and nearly smacking her in the face before they crashed back down. Sometimes the other man would use the time to rest, at other times he came to choke, slap or twist her nipples. 

“You like how my ass feels,” Anna grunted as she threw her tiny body down.

The next time Anna rode the man to his base so all 10 inches of hard cock was stretching out her rectum, she stayed sitting in his lap. It took a moment to having him fully in her ass and just soaking in her juices but once she was over that initial assault, Anna began to grind in his lap. Bruno was curious why she stopped riding, but this new swirling of her hips worked just fine for him. Not only did it feel good, it helped to delay his orgasm which he knew was getting closer and closer.

“Come suck,” Bruno told the busty woman, practically throwing the tiny woman from his lap.

“Hardly dirty. Easy peasy,” Anna smiled as her tongue ran along his shaft. “Still disgusting though.”

Nemenja seemed to take her words as a direct challenge so while Anna continued sucking off his friend, he got ready. On his feet, the burly man pulled Anna around so while she was still able to blow Bruno, her hips were barely on the bed and her high heels were just touching the floor. Nemenja let the cameraman zoom in on her massively gaping ass that only had a few tiny flecks of brown decorating its ring before Nemenja thrust his dry dick balls deep into the comedic actress.

“Mother fucker!” Anna cursed as she grimaced from the intense sodomy.

Anna actually felt overwhelmed, something that so rarely happened to the 35 year old in the bedroom anymore. However, the monstrous man was essentially using the shitty mattress as a springboard to completely wreck her ass. With each drive down into the petite actress, the burly man would recoil off the bed, completely exiting Anna’s asshole before gravity slammed him back down and into her bowels fully. All the while, her face was essentially being skull-fucked by the other man with the nearly inhumanly long dick who was only satisfied when his entire shaft fit down Anna’s throat and blocked her air for a few seconds. 

“What a fucking perfect sex puppet,” one of the men commented.

At this point, Anna had grown numb to the embarrassment of the cameraman capturing so much footage of her essentially having shit herself. She knew it wasn’t a complete mess back there, but she knew she was dirty. As if for confirmation was the men’s laughter as they pointed out as disgusting the gorgeous girl was right before Nemenja slammed back balls deep into her asshole for another pummelling.

“Such a filthy whore,” the big man behind her growled.

The men just took turns using, abusing and toying with the grogeous actress. They took turns hammering into her ass with reckless abandon, trying to churn up her guts as much as possible before pulling out. They would then trade off so the fresher of the men would go back and sodomize her while she sucked clean the gross cock that had been in her booty only moments before. It seemed like the moment the dick in her mouth had lost its gross taste, the men switched places and Anna had to do her best not to gag as a soiled manhood was presented for her sucking pleasure.

“Hey guys, I know this is bad timing but I need to pee,” Anna embarrassingly admitted.

Anna felt a shiver of fear run up her spin as the three rough looking men exchanged a knowing glance before smiles broke out on their faces. To say the least, it was unsettling. Once more, Nemenja showed his fondness of using her hair as a leash by grabbing a hold of the auburn locks and pulling Anna off the bed. Picking her up off her feet like she was light as a feather, Anna was turned upside down then settled on the floor. Her shoulders and back of the head were on the cement with her back curled so that her ass and pussy were facing skyward and her feet dangling on either side of her face.

“Umm…” Anna stammered, not seeing how this helped her situation.

“Pee. Now,” Bruno demanded.

In Anna’s only appearance as part of the Hollywood Pornstars series, she’d been pissed on by 5 different men so a golden shower was something she was sadly used to. Hell, in her personal life she’d drank enough urine for a lifetime, some of it from her own family members. However, she’d never urinated on herself. Once more, her skin rippled in gooseflesh from the excitement of doing something new sexually, with that something new being totally degrading as well.

“Fuck meee,” Anna cursed, giving in and doing as they demanded.

Anna pushed on her bladder and instantly a stream of yellow fluid came flooding out of her and down her perfect body but mostly onto her face. Sometimes she lost control of her stream and it overshot her to land on the cement floor, creating a little pool around her head but the majority of her piss was landing on herself, making her skin glisten in her own bodily fluid.

Having watched the beautiful American piss on herself, a naughty idea struck Nemenja. Leaving Bruno to go to town on Anna alone, the burly man went for his water and downed nearly a liter. He’d been drinking all day so this helped to push him over the edge. Within moments, the big fella felt his bladder straining against his stomach, needing release.

“Bruno. Move,” was all the burly man said as he lumbered over.

Having worked closely together for a year now, the tattooed man understood the urgency in Nemenja’s voice. He had no idea what the big man had planned but he acted without question, pulling out of Anna Kendrick’s ass without complaint. The massive void the petite girl called an asshole was soon taken up by Nemenja’s slightly wilted cock. However, rather than resume a thumping rhythm, the big man held only a few inches in Anna’s ass without thrust.

“Oh my God!” Anna shrieked as she felt her bowels swelling. “You’re pissing in my ass!”

Nemenja was doing exactly that. His bladder quickly emptied into the tiny actress until his stream ran dry. He knew exactly what would happen the second he pulled his cock from her ass so he moved fast so as to not get any urine on himself. Removing the stopper, Nemenja pulled out and stepped to the side in one motion as a geyser of yellow fluid bubbled out of Anna’s asshole and flooded downward. His piss, which had essentially acted as a enema for her dirty ass flowed all over Anna’s body, covering her stomach and mountainous tits, though the majority landed on her gorgeous face, in her open mouth and soaked into her long auburn hair. 

“Jesus! So much piss,” Anna cursed as she swallowed down the mouthful of rancid pee that she captured.

After pushing all the piss from her ass, Anna remembered very little. The men continued to fuck her for what seemed like hours. Sometimes they took turns on her, other times they both had a go either one in the pussy and the other in the ass, though double anal penetration seemed to happen more often than not. However, eventually Anna heard a familiar grunt and string of words that snapped her back into consciousness. 

“Need to cum,” Nemenja grunted.

“Fuck! Me too,” Bruno hissed through clenched teeth though his thrusting never slowed.

Hearing one of her fuckers moaning louder than the other, Anna faced that one just in time to see Bruno stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist, the tattooed man took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth with strings of white goo flying towards the teen. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward, Anna caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the umpteenth time that night, she took an ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

Unbeknown to her, Nemenja was also ready to bust a nut so he crouched down lower, his dickhead mere inches from her beautiful face. He watched as Anna swallowed down his friend’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her very dirty asshole. Ready to explode, the burly man couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Mmmmm,” Anna happily moaned, savoring every drop she was getting, even the stray few shots that fired on her face. 

Despite the fact she had several thick ropes of jizz on her cheek and over her nose, not to mention several more running down her chin, Anna had no issue with it. It probably made her seem slutty but, after all, she was super slutty. Tonight just went a long way to proving that beyond a shadow of a doubt. To further exemplify that point, Anna was somehow still horny. Nemenja and Bruno both were tapped out, looking exhausted and sweaty, however there was still one other man in the room. 

“Hey you,” Anna called over to the cameraman. “Get naked. Now.” 

"Hi, I’m Fred…” the man went to introduce.

“Don’t care,” Anna retorted as he had the man lay on his back. “You’re just a cock to me.”

The cameraman looked over at his boss for confirmation that this was okay since it had never, ever happened before. Normally, once the girls made the men cum, they ran back to their changing room and got the fuck out as fast as possible. And yet here was Anna Kendrick of all people demanding yet another guy to fuck her, one that she didn’t even know. When his boss extended his hand to the man to pass him the camera. Fred didn't waste anytime as he quickly pulled his pants free and out sprung quite the surprise for Anna.

"Jesus dude, why do they hide you behind the camera." Anna gasped as her dainty hands came up to squeeze the thick rod of man meat dangling before her, "This monster is huge."

Bruno laughed, "He scares the girls...usually."

Fred gave a devious grin and grasped Anna by her disheveled hair, eliciting a yelp from the actress as he pulled her face into his impressive girth. The 10 inch cock that was as wide as Anna's arm slapped her across the face and lewdly smeared his hot precum up the brim of her nose and onto her forehead.

"Open slut!" Fred growled with a ferocity that both terrified Anna and made her loins quiver. She didn't say a word, Anna just opened her mouth wide and cast her eyes to his. 


As the trouser serpent forced its way inside, Anna thought her jaw would be unhinged by the stiff flesh. Steeling herself and using every trick she had up her sleeve she was barely able to get his invading cock past the back of her mouth. Gagging and spitting, the tiny woman gripped the pale legs of her male counterpart and pulled as hard as she could, her thin arms shaking in their struggle. The head finally forced past into her rippling throat and Anna's eyes bulged as she quickly went from determined to get the damn thing down her throat to suddenly convinced it would split her gullet like firewood. 

Fred rocked his hips and gripped Anna's head in the vice that were his large hands, forcing himself into the sputtering actress. His groans of pleasure were quickly drowned out by loud slaps across his thighs and muffled screams from his fuck toy's filled throat. 

Bruno gave his cameraman a chuckle and then a shove, "It won't be as fun to fuck her ass if she is dead." 

Fred pondered that for a bit longer than Anna would have liked but finally relented his assault and pulled himself free. The suction of his release from her throat sent a wave of spit up and sticky saliva from her mouth, coating Fred's cock and thighs before dribbling down the heaving chest of Anna and sloppily coating her magnificent tits.

"Fuck...me." Anna gasped between ragged breaths, slumping down to her buttocks and coughing. 

"That is the plan." Fred sneered before reaching down and lifting the petite star up and tossing her face down on the soiled bed. 

Anna was relatively exhausted from her intense anal fucking from before and decided that the best thing for her to do was to just relax and let the guy with the monster cock have his way with her rear. Arms splayed out in front of her and grabbing the mattress, Anna parted her legs and shifted her hips to give a better angle of her ass to the camera. Fred stared down at the puckered hole that winked at him, the surrounding area was still reddened from the constant barrage of cocks it had seen today and there was still a trace of little flecks of brown on the ring. He smiled and gripped the base of his saliva coated prick, swinging it down with a slap to Anna’s rear. 

“God...Fuck...that thing is massive.” Anna groaned as she shifted her hips a little more and made sure her heels were planted firmly to the ground. 

Fred laughed evilly and bared his teeth at the petite actress, it was a rare occasion that he got to fuck a girl in the ass with his massive tool and if he was able to get them to agree, it was usually because they were ugly and desperate for money. Anna would be by far the prettiest little slut he had the pleasure of destroying. Swinging his cock around in an exaggerated circle he wound his hips clockwise and forcefully whipped his meat into the perky butt of the pitch perfect star leaving a lewd red mark in the shape of his cock head on her pale skin and forcing a squeak of fear from the Academy Award nominee. 

“Ready or not here it comes!” Fred sang, bracing one hand on Anna’s hip as the other guided the comically large phallus toward its reward. 

Anna breathed out rapidly and tried to relax her sphincter as best she could before she felt the sticky tip press between her cheeks. Fred maintained a constant force and movement forward, convinced if he stopped his descent he would be rejected by the tight orifice.

Anna let out a sharp yelp as his mushroom head forced open her sensitive ring, the numbness from a day of ass fucking doing nothing to hide the sting of such a large object puishing its way inside. The bed descended down under the actress as her new lover pressed downward with a force that wasn’t meant to elicit pleasure but was only to push his cock as far as he could get it.

Bruno shifted the camera to get the best angle of the anaconda pressing its way into its new home, inch by inch it disappeared past the trembling anal ring of Anna. Fred let out a very strained gasp and his motions downward were stopped briefly.

“God damn she has a tight ass...even after you put both of you in here...it..still..is...fucking tight.” Fred managed through a contorted face as he bucked himself back and forth.

“AHHHHH...FUCK!” Anna squealed.

Her squeal turned into a gutturally growling and digging her nails into the mattress and shaking violently from the intense feeling of being stretched farther than ever before. She felt the once tight ring of her tiny little rectum wrapped stingingly around the veiny cock pistoning in and out of her bowels. The pressure in her stomach and lower abdomen made her vision go blurry as her tummy cramped and twisted, the penis straightening out her colon as it entered and stretching the ripplying muscles to its shape.

With the last three inches of his shaft still outside of the warm embrace of Anna’s most intimate hole, Fred grit his teeth together and pulled back a few inches. The gurgled groan of his lover spurred him on as he held her shaking hip firmly and drove himself with full force forward, his hips slapping finally against the dainty booty cheeks of Anna.

“MOTHERFUCKINSHITGODDAMNITUGHHHH” Anna bellowed before burying her face into the dirty mattress. “Owowowowowow” Anna’s legs shook as her body fought against the intruder, every muscle spasming to try and drive it out of her body.

“Oh fuck...she took it..that has never happened before.” Fred laughed as he swiped sweat from his brow and smiled at Bruno and the camera.

“What are you waiting for...pound the whore like she needs.” Bruno almost growled as he stroked his own member back to stiffness.

“Grrrrrrr...yeah...what are you...waiting for?” Anna groaned in a pained voice as she looked back at the camera with tears in her eyes and a smirk on her face that made both men pause and steal looks from each other. 

Laughing and slapping the actress’ ass hard, Fred dropped his head back and thanked the heavens for this moment. Using both of his hands to spread her cheeks, Fred began to slowly pull himself from the sucking bowels of little miss Anna fucking Kendrick. Her brown eye distending and pulling away from her body as it gripped firmly at the thick cock pulling outward. Stopping with just his large head in the rippling muscular ring of the petite star, Fred gave a large grin to the camera and slammed his hips forward. 

“UGGGHHHHHHH” Anna grunted as she buried her face into the mattress once more, her body shifting forward with the massive thrust. 

Anna was beginning to discover that not only was Fred’s cock absolutely massive but it also had an awkward taper to it. Larger at the crest of the shaft before the head and becoming more slender as it went to the base, albeit still as thick as her arm. This unfortunate anatomical oddity made it so that as Fred pistoned in and out of Anna’s bowels it created a plunger effect and caused her to cramp in her lower abdomen.  Although the other two men had done a good job of stirring up and cleaning out Anna’s tiny rectum, Fred was sucking more from what felt like for Anna her fucking stomach.

OHHHHH...GOD..Fucking christ!” Anna cursed.

Fred held her hips in place and rocketed his tool in and out of her back passage, where normally there would have been a symphony of lewd sounds from Anna’s anal muscles losing the fight with their intruder and letting trapped air out, there was only the grunts of the two lovers. Because of the airtight nature of her current fucking, Anna could feel a churning in her stomach and a very odd sensation of her intestines being cleaned out. Where once there were only thick globs of saliva coating Fred’s massive rod now there could be seen streaks of brown, pungent and growing in intensity with each bone crushing thrust. The slapping of skin on skin, punctuated by Anna’s magnificent little moans and whimpers made Bruno feel a surge into his deflated cock. He looked over at Nemenja and saw that he as well was nursing his flaccid appendage back to hardness and gave him a smirk as they both knew that Anna was far from finished. As Bruno held the camera steady, stroking himself roughly to the sight before him, Nemenja strutted in front of the sodomized actress. Anna's eyes were screwed shut as her head dangled slightly, bobbing listlessly with each punishing thrust into her churning bowels. As if a whorish sensor went off in the petite woman's brain, she felt the presence of a stiff cock near her mouth and snapped to attention.

"My...ohhh fuckkk...what have we...unnnhh...here?" The actress spoke in a grunting tone as Fred began to change his thrust patterns from break neck to deep and hard slower plunges. 

Nemenja gave a toothy grin as he placed his hands on Anna's head, gripping his fingers into her frazzled auburn hair and guided his throbbing member into her waiting mouth. Anna didn't bother fighting the manhandling, in fact she was actually happy to have Nemenja take control as she was using all her strength to keep her self upright and somewhat concious as the anal fucking of her life was taking it out of her. Letting Nemenja hold her upper torso up by her head she sent one hand down to her aching clit and strummed it with lightning fast movements of her finger and felt the cramping pressure in her abdomen shift into a flourish of flowering pleasure that gave her goosebumps. Fred grunted a laugh as he felt the already ridiculously tight ring of his petite lover tighten ever further as her body milked him for all the pleasure it could get. 

Anna fell into a wave of euphoria and focused on the hard phallus probing her internal organs, she liked the way it hurt to have her coiled bowels straightened out and stretched on such an unyielding girth. Each manipulation of her insides sent pangs of needle-like pain through her but what followed was a rolling wave of pressure and eddying pleasure that swept through her body and clouded her senses to everything else. She was floating in a cloud of ecstasy when she noticed a strange pressure in her through and tried to speak only to discover that a cock had lodged itself into her throat and was pounding into her with a steadily matching rythym to her anal intruder. Like they were playing a human accordion, Fred and Nemenja spit roasted their new favorite actress. 

Sputtering and losing some of her spit through a coughing sneeze through her nose, Anna regained her composure and broke from her internal revelry so that she could focus on not being choked to death by the cock nearly forced into her stomach. Opening her big blues, Anna fixed her gaze upwards, blinking some of the involuntary tears that welled in her beautiful eyes. Nemenja had given up trying to last longer and simply wanted to empty himself in his hot little double stuffed slut. His grip strengthened as he pulled himself free from Anna's undulating throat and a wave of saliva and brown tinged stomach contents poured out onto his lower half.

"Oh fuck, you dirty bitch," the hulking man said, tilting Anna's gasping face up to look in his eyes. He spat on her face, the saliva mixing with the copious amounts of stringy liquid already present and Anna gave him a devilish smile.

"Is tha..*retch….is that the best you got, big boy," Anna rasped. 

Bruno groaned from behind the camera and Nemenja's face snapped into a visage of pure need, he had jumped far past simple lust and desperately needed this sex goddess to take his savage thrusts. Anna read his expression and slacked her jaw as she opened her mouth, a pleading look whisping across her dainty features. Fred had picked up the pace in her squelching rectum and the thrusts rocked her little frame, knocking heavy drips of the sticky throat slime from her chin with every thump. 

Nemenja never had a chance. He whimpered and drove himself into the goddesses throat, the muscles of her trained vocal chords humming a delicious vibration through his aching prick. By the time his balls slapped her chin and her tiny nose dove into his abdomen, he was cumming once again. With a groan that could have woken the dead with its intensity, the normally unbreakable pornstar gave into his orgasm and emptied himself in the humming starlet’s gut. Anna felt the warm jizz coat her throat and did her best to let it drain into her belly but much of the torrent came back up and out of her flared nostrils, burning and making her snort painfully. Nemenja fell backwards, his spent cock limply falling from the panting girl as she groaned and bubbles of cum popped in her mouth. Fred took this opportunity to grab Anna by her hair and wrench her face upward in a loud wet shriek. Lifting her small frame toward the ceiling he wrapped an arm under her stomach and lifted her skyward, still penetrated to the base of his massive rod deep in her sphincter. He gave her a couple quick forceful thrusts and then growled like an animal as he set her back down and yanked himself from the somehow still tight clutches of the perfect movie star. 

Anna was confused, she felt emptier than ever before in her life, the cold air of the room filling her and taking her breath away. Fred gasped air into his lungs, hands on his hips and chest beating furiously he looked at the little whore they had found and shook his head at Bruno who stroked himself steadily and grinned a nod of agreement.

"Give her something to suck on, can't you see the little whore is starving," Bruno groaned lustfully as he pointed the camera at Anna's dripping face. 

Her eyes lit up and her attention turned towards her anal lover, a look of mischief awash on her coated lips. Opening her mouth she crawled with a distinct wobble to her knees and Fred moved to meet her. Using a hand that looked to be the smallest thing in the world compared to the large slab of meat it grabbed, Anna tilted Fred's cock skyward and took a long drag of her tongue up it's underside. Fred moaned and Anna gave a retch and gag as she slid over the tip, a dollop of her churned bowel remnants coating her once pink tongue. If Anna had any reservations left she didn't show them as she fixed her hypnotic gaze on Fred, rolled her dirty tongue into her mouth and gave a smile as she swallowed hard. 

"Fuck me" all three men stated at once.

Keeping her eyes trained with Fred's, Anna let her inner succubus take over. She didn't even taste the next two long licks of Fred's soiled cock, she had unlocked a secret passage in herself that budded into a magnificent euphoria. This sexual deviance was right where she needed to be, it was what she had been looking for in countless partners for so long. Lost in a sea of good fucks but nothing that ever felt right, a pit in her sexual stomach that always nagged at her. The looks of pure orgasmic terror on her lover’s face as she did the unspeakable, that was what she had been after, that look...like they had died and gone to sexual heaven. Sure, she had seen guys hot and bothered but they were used to bland sex, that was like making a baby laugh by blowing a raspberry on their belly. She had made these sick bastards sit back and have to collect themselves. They might be the dominant ones but she was in fucking charge. It lit a fire inside of her that made her brain cloud and whisk away all the self-conscious thoughts she had been forced to believe her entire life...if this was bad, why did it feel so fucking good?

Anna's tongue had been lapping at Fred for a minute or so now, slick with tainted saliva and still sporting a brownish hue. Anna's lips sported the same hue and the saliva that coated her chin and steadily dripped down onto her perky chest also shared a similar tinge. Anna giggled slurped on the massive head of Fred's cock, popping off with a wet suction noise that made his knees weak. 

"Hmm...this popsicle has lost some of its flavor...be a doll and help me out. After all, this little whore is starving." Anna cooed in a voice that was dripping with enough lust that both Bruno and Fred nearly burst right then and there. 

Wanting more than anything to keep this going for eternity, Fred quickly gripped the base of his cock and squeezed, Hard. His testicles released some of their tension and Anna gave a devious giggle with a pout before getting back up on all fours on the bed, looking back over her shoulder and slapping her bubbly ass cheek. 

Bruno and Fred got a good look at Anna's impressive gape, even though it had been a few minutes since she had been skewered up her dirt road, the anal muscle collapsed tight before opening up to where a whole fist could easily push inside. Anna saw the look on the men's faces and gave her sphincter a couple of long pucker and releases before growing impatient.

"It's not gonna fuck itself…" 

Fred snapped out of it and recalibrated himself with a flex of his muscles and a nod of his head. Bruno shook his head at the little actress that had taken his whole world and turned it upside down with sexual depravity. He thought for a moment as he watched Fred slap the tiny ass of Anna Kendrick before gripping it and forcing his massive erection to the hilt in one heaving thrust

“I think I'm in love,” Anna thought to herself.

Anna squealed and groaned as her bowels were once again forced open, the muscles sore and slow to yield to the aggressive invader. A wave of nausea swept over her but she quickly quelled it and found a zen in the rhythm of harsh pumps into her backside. She had begun to zone out into a happy-fuck-drunk stupor when she felt arms snake in-between her spread legs. Before her endorphin riddled brain to understand what was happening she was once again lifted in the air, the pressure in her gut increasing greatly. She was facing Bruno, her body held aloft by thick arms under her thighs as Fred's meat continued it's rough plunder. Anna tried to grab onto something but both of their bodies were too slick with sweat to really get a grip and she relented in being completely at the mercy of her well endowed partner. She saw Bruno licking his lips and heavily stroking his member, she decided to get in on the action as well and let both hands drift to her aching pussy to pleasure her seemingly forgotten orifice. 

After only a half a minute Fred had an idea and wanted to show this little whore he was in charge. Lifting her long silky legs upward with his arms he bent her in half and clasped his hands together behind her slender neck. The resulting groan sent shivers down his spine. He had been holding her up and thrusting his hips into her dainty rear but now that he had her completely in his control, holding her twisted frame into a lewd full nelson he began to manipulate her tiny body up and down on his cock. Anna let out a surprised squeal of pleasure and pain.

The new angle and jarring body position opened up a whole new world of anal pleasure for Anna, the steady ramming of Fred's massive wang was entering her colon and causing sucking pressure to readjust her insides over and over. The constant push and suck as she was being used as a human anal fleshlight send shocking tendrils of lightening throughout her body. Due to years of dance and yoga she was actually quite comfortable in her pretzeled position and had to hand it to Fred for unlocking a level of sex that she had not yet experienced. But soon rational thought and musings of the blackout game of sexual bingo Anna had been playing for the majority of her adult life faded away as the pulsing build of an orgasm unlike anything she had experienced began to blossom.  

"God...Jesus Christ! I can see you bulging her stomach…" Bruno grunted. 

Nemenja simply stared in awe and catatonic sexual bliss. Fred was working every muscle he had to raise and slam the tight sex pot he had a choke hold on, her anal ring spasming and gripping his large tool mercilessly, milking him for everything he had. He didn't know how this little woman could take such a savage pounding and still grip him so tightly. If he believed in the supernatural, she would be right at the top of his list for an obvious sexual mutant. Fred was beginning to tire, his muscles in fire and his own climax sneaking up on him and tightening his filled nutsack. His thumping pace began to waiver and he let out a pained grunt.

Feeling a tight squeeze of Anna's anal muscles he thought he was dreaming when her heard her groan in a whisper, "Not...yet..so close...harder...please."

Taking everything from his reserve tank, Fred pounded the woman with all he had. Anna's eyes rolled back and her hands worked feverishly at her swollen clit and sopping pussy. Bruno could swear he saw her nipples grow even harder as her toned stomach clenched and her little toes curled before bellowing squeal filled the room. 

The little whore was cumming and it was a doozy. Lights flashed in Anna's eyes and her world turned to white hot ecstasy. The world disappeared and she floated in a half space where every molecule of her body was on fire yet ice cold all at the same time. The only thing she felt that wasn't hot searing pleasure was the steady thump of a heartbeat in the veiny cock lodged in her bowels. She squeezed it for all she had and was met with a wave of lightning that took her consciousness. 

Fred screamed as his long awaited orgasm was on the brink before a vice gripped his cock and squeezed him like a boa constrictor. Glimpses of images danced in his head of his cock being sheared off and closed his eyes and fell backwards to the bed, the jarring loosening the painful grip on his cock and letting loose a torrent of cum into the ass of Anna Kendrick. Anna was tightly coiled for a long moment as Fred still held her in his hold. The pair panted and groaned and then Fred released her and Anna's slippery legs came sliding down as they panted. Anna's eyes were closed and Fred could have been dead for all Bruno knew as he lay completely motionless. 

With a soft groan Anna lifted herself into shaky legs and pulled the deflating member from her anus' tight hold, it slapped onto the stomach of the passed out pornstar. Anna slumped to her knees and gave an exaggerated wipe of her brow and then a big smile to Bruno and the camera.

"Silly boy, I told him I was starving and he fed the wrong end. I wonder how I can still eat it...hmmm" Anna tapped her chin quizzically

Bruno snapped his fingers and Nemenja who was laying back and enjoying the show, begrudgingly got up and grabbed a silver serving platter from the nearby nightstand. He carefully carried it over to the sexual goddess on the ground and she took it with a wink that made Nemenja's dick twitch.

"Such high class for a little whore like me."

Anna took the platter and hoisted herself onto all fours, sliding the platter under her dripping snatch and abused asshole. Twisting her body so Bruno could see both of her holes as well as her face and a devilish view of perky sideboob, Anna wiggled her tiny butt. 

"I can feel it really deep in there...I am gonna have to really push." Anna moaned sexually

"Just make sure you clean that platter really well Anna baby...it is expensive after all." Bruno grunted from behind the camera.

"Oh I wouldn't dream of leaving it all dirty." Anna snarled with a devious look in her eyes. 

Bruno made sure to keep the camera steady as his stroking became rather feverish. A ring of brown slime was very visible around Anna's reddened rosebud. He couldn't help but near the brink as he watched the ring dance as Anna puckered and released her anal muscles, pushing the sticky load of cum from within her. Both men and a catatonic Fred watched in silence as Anna gave cute little grunts as she pushed her reward out. With a loud splat a heavy dose of brown tainted liquid dripped forth and covered the platter, it was a large load and even with the heat of her bowels it had stayed mostly still thick and sticky. Along with it came a healthy amount of Anna's churned up juices and slime. Bits of brown and chunky gloops speckled the mound of spreading cum across the platters surface and with another solid push a few more...sizeable pieces of sludge dripped down, covering the tainted cum in a makeshift chocolate glaze.

If Anna was put off by the scene she didn't show it one bit. Giving a heavy sigh and a hearty yum noise she turned around and knelt her head down to the platter, her hands tucking her hair back and cheating her face to the camera. Bruno groaned and Anna gave a sultry smile.

"Don't want my meal to get cold."

With that Anna slid her tongue out and began a slow lick and slurp of each and every piece from the platter. Showing the collected refuse in her mouth before happily gulping it down and heading back for more, Anna was giggling and lost in her own little world.

The concoction was indescribably disgusting, but that fact only spurred her to eat it all the more, to push past that boundary that so many would never dream of going past and to blow it away as to never be questioned again of how much of a sexual being she truly was. She knew what this video meant and the precedent it set for her and yet somewhere deep inside she was happier than ever to finally be the dirty whore she has always known she was. This was her true self and she was not looking back. She would be cute and bubbly for Hollywood but she was gonna milk the porn underground fucking dry. 

Licking the now mostly clean platter Anna gave a mock pout as she searched for any remaining little treats to eat. Defeated, she gave a harumph before her eyes lit up and she gave Bruno and the camera a little look. She crawled over to Fred's passed out body, showing her still gaped asshole to the camera and then shifted so it could see her feeding the soiled cock into her hungry mouth, sucking little bits of slime off in long heavy licks of her tongue and exaggerated swallows. 

"Jesus Christ...you are either sent from the heavens or a messenger from Satan." Bruno gasped, still pumping his cock.

Anna giggled and gave a mischievous smile, "Maybe both," she punctuated with another long lick.

"Although next time you guys might want to step up your game and push my limits a little." Anna mused, looking off in the distance slightly.

"Next time?" Nemenja spoke from behind the suckling actress. 

"Yeah...next time...when you three try to not be a bunch of pansies and really fuck me...tie me up, punish me a little...you know..give a girl what she needs rather than wants...next time." Anna said, sliding onto her side so she could still suck on Fred while making eye contact with Nemenja.

"Soon I hope." He whispered and licked his lips.

Anna smiled and then looked at Bruno, "Hey Sparky...I'm still hungry if you are done playing with yourself and want to let me taste that delicious cum again."

The camera fell to the ground and an upside down image of Bruno shoving Fred off the bed and pushing his cock down Anna's throat was the end of the first scene of Anna's new...project.

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