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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 4
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Katherine McNamara, Mike Angelo
Characters (Non-sex): Caity Lotz
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Katherine McNamara, Caity Lotz or Mike Angelo nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up is Katherine McNamara as she is pushed to find her limit by the studio Her Limit

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of ATM (which is implied dirty), and waterplay. 

“Are you nervous about your...next starring role?” Caity Lotz asked her Arrowverse co-star.

“Yes and no,” Katherine McNamara replied as she packed her suitcase. “I mean, this is my second time I’ve signed myself up for these private porn films.”

“How many did you have to do for Shadowhunters?” 

“6. Three a year for two years,” Kat answered as she folded yet another pair of lingerie into her case. “All pretty gentle. All in the US.”

“I guess both of those change today,” Caity, who played the White Canary replied.

Kat knew exactly what the slightly older woman meant. In order to land the role of the main character’s daughter with a good chance of having her own series as well, Kat had signed up for another round of porn films. This time, 10 videos to be done within the next 3 years. It was a lot, but to have yet another TV series revolve around her was simply too tempting for the 25 year old Kansas native.

“Now I’m flown out to Romania to film with a studio whose schtick is all about pushing women to their limit,” Kat explained.

“I hear ya. When I was brought to the Czech Republic to be used by 4 guys it was pure bananas,” Caity recalled her own experience. “But it landed me Arrow and then nabbed me the starring role on Legends.”

“Oh I’m willing to pay the butcher’s bill...I just like to bitch about it. Just a little,” the petite girl joked.

“Will you be able to handle it?” 

It was a fair question to ask. Standing 5’4 but weighing only 100 pounds, Katherine was a wisp of a thing. Despite her slender build, Kat had meat in all the right places. Though her features weren’t large by any stretch of the imagination, the Shadowhunters star possessed a firm bubbly booty and highly impressive B cup. They may not be the largest in the world, but her extremely perky tits that had not even the hint of gar looked far more impressive on her petite build. To round it all out was her modelesque face and mile-long legs that most women would kill for.

“Oh I’m just hoping he can handle me,” Kat said with a wicked smile.

*    *    *

The flight was long but Katherine was always a good flyer. Able to time her sleeping patterns just right, as well as being aided by a good deal of melatonin, the Arrow star was able to get a respectable 6 hours of sleep on her red-eye flight. Despite having the looks of a supermodel, the 25 year old also possessed a sharp intellect, so she planned her flight to leave early so she had some time to immerse herself in the time zone before going on film. After all, if she was going to be pushing her sexual limits while being filmed, she wanted to look and feel her best!

The petite blonde arrived at the studio an hour before filming wearing only a red crop-top that showed her flat stomach and a pair of tiny gym shorts. Even in such relaxed summer wear, Kat looked good enough to be fucked on the spot. However, the crew at the porn studio still had her change into the finest lingerie possible, as well as take care of her makeup and hair. Finally, she was ready to shoot.

“Okay Kat...come on down.”

The blonde was waiting for the order and so once heard the door opened and Katherine stepped out. The camera stayed glued to her every movement as she sexily descended the stairs, being sure to always find a way to make eye contact with the lens. Through the course of her descent, the camera captured her every step until she got to the main floor where the audience got a look at her in her full radiance.

“How do I look?” Kat asked as she walked towards the only furniture in the living room.

“Beautiful my dear. Just stunning,” the director commented.

Katherine smiled before continuing her slow strut towards the fashionable sofa in front of the wall of windows. They had decided on dressing the fair-skinned actress in black lingerie which consisted of a push-up bra (not that her perfect tits needed the help), thong and thigh-high stockings. Rounding off the outfit were 6-inch red high heels to make her already long legs look even more breath-taking. As Kat had a seat, the director called in the male talent to come join her.

“You two met backstage, yes?” the director asked.

“We did, we did,” a handsome, bald man replied as he went right to the woman. 

Mikey got to the sofa before Kat could get to her feet, which was just fine. The tattooed man bent down and kissed the blonde on each cheek before plopping himself down beside the gorgeous girl. 

“I was shared some footage of your other films as a type of preparation,” the male porn star explained to Katherine as he stroked her silky hair. “You are an absolute beast.”

“Ahhh...thank you,” the Arrow star gushed.

“Don’t let this tiny frame fool you,” the bald man named Mickey explained to the director. “This girl fuccckkkksss.”

“Here at Her Limit, we have a tradition. We try to take a girl to her sexual limitation. As far as possible,” the director explained. “So what are your limits?”

“I don’t know,” Kat said, face flushing. “I suppose I’ll find out today.”

“What about things you haven’t done before?” Mickey asked.

“Well...I guess no one has really slapped me,” Kat answered before adding. “Or choke me.”

“So maybe Mikey here will push that limit,” he replied, indicating the heavily tattooed bald man.

“I guess he will,” the blonde agreed.

“Let me see this tight body,” Mickey told her.

Katherine immediately got to her feet under the bald man instructions. His hands started to lightly grope and touch her body, even earning her a grunt of approval from the man who literally fucked attracted women for a day job. Katherine turned her back to the camera in order to show off her firm booty that she earned through hours a week in the gym. It was at this point that she received her first of many rough treatments. Without warning, Mickey reared his left hand back and smacked Kat’s booty harder than she’d ever received. She didn’t even whelp as it was so sudden and powerful that it took her brain seconds to feel the sting.

“My favorite type of butt!” Mickey commented.

Instead of delivering more abuse to her reddened cheek, the porn star leant down and kissed the stung flesh. The change in sensation confused Kat’s brain and actually brought a moan from the 25 year old. This at least boded well for the rest of her time with Her Limit. The man’s hands were back to her small but firm ass, jiggling the meat and pulling them apart. It afforded the camera a hint of the asshole underneath as the rim of her hole could just be seen around the hem of her small thong. 

“Okay, come suck,” the man said in his broken but passable English.

It helped that the porn star was already completely naked and his cock more or less hard. Katherine showed no issues listening to commands as she descended to her knees and had her dainty hand holding the bottom of his shaft. A quick lick of the lips and Kat had him inside her mouth in the next heartbeat. 

“Ahh...good,” the bald man groaned.

In her 10 years of sexual activity, the gorgeous blonde had never received any negative feedback about her oral skills. Mainly because there was nothing to complain about. Just like with everything she did, Kat gave it 110% effort. Over and over her mouth and hand worked in perfect concert, stroking the bottom 4 inches with a handjob as her mouth blew the upper 4. Of course, normally Katherine could blow a good 6 inches at a time, but when the cock was as thick as the porn star’s was, she had no chance. So instead the Arrow star focused on speed over depth to deliver one hell of a blowjob.

“Talented cock sucker,” the European man grunted his approval.

“Thank you,” Kat replied.

Katherine used the brief moment without the cock filling her lips in order to change strategy. Instead of the rapid bobbing, the Kansas native extended her tongue and gave the sensitive underbelly a long lick from root to tip. At the top again, Kat gave his cockhead a swirl before descending back down his pole with her lips forming a tight O. This bob down his shaft was slower than the others, and apparently the bald man liked this so he reached down and cupped the back of the blonde’s head. Getting his hint, Katherine pushed further down, feeling his tip press the back of her mouth and try to invade down into her throat though he was much too thick for that to work. 

“That’s it. Keep watching me with your pretty eyes,” the bald man ordered.

Katherine had learnt a long time ago that men loved when she made eye contact when their dick was in her mouth. She didn’t know why, maybe it was a power or degradation thing. Either way, she didn’t really care. Instead, the blonde kept her gaze locked on the tattooed man as her eyes started to glass over and even felt a little tear run down her cheek. As she went to pull back, she found her path blocked by the much stronger man’s hand. This was fine for now, she still had lots of air in her lungs, but once he plugged her nose while his cock was still wedged deep in her mouth, she got a little panicked. After another few seconds, and a good deal of coughing and sputtering, his vice-like grip relented and Kat pulled back with a hearty cough.

“AWWWHHHH!” Kat breathed deeply as several thick bands of spit donned his veiny cock.

“Impressive. Half a minute with a dick in your throat,” Mickey summarized.

“Uhhh...thank...aaahhh...you,” Katherine politely replied.

The 25 year old American felt energized by the praise from the professional porn actor above her, which made the surprise dick choking totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Katherine opened her mouth and felt his vein member push all the way forward again. Mickey allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savor the feeling of the majority of his entire dick inside of the American’s wet mouth. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back into her mouth but this time bobbed her head.

“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk,” Katherine coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep and held for several seconds.

This time as she started bobbing on his rod, Katherine felt both of his hands weave into her golden locks. Preparing herself by relaxing her tight throat muscles, the Arrow star guessed she was in for a rough blowjob. Her guess turned out to be correct. Once more 6 inches of incredibly thick cock fit in the American’s mouth, but apparently the porn actor had wanted more. Disentangling his left hand from her silky hair, the tattooed man slapped down on the back of Katherine’s head in a crude attempt to fit more dick inside her. 

“Awwwkkkk,” Katherine sputtered after being allowed to pull away from his cock.

As Katherine took a breath, she found the bald man started to stand, letting his dick fall out of her mouth. Reaching down he hooked his thumb into her mouth, using this grip to steer her back to her feet before making her walk behind the sofa. Katherine had no idea what the man had in mind, but it soon became clear when Mickey laid down so his back was on the seat cushions and his ass was resting on the top of the backrest. 

“Lick my ass, dirty girl,” he informed her in case Kat wasn’t clueing in.

“I’ve rimmed Caity and other girls so why not a guy,” the sexy actress thought to herself.

Knowing that this studio was about pushing limits, Katherine accepted that tonight would be several firsts for her. Rimming a guy’s asshole was just another one, and besides, she’d done it to girls so how different could it be. As the petite blonde lent down and began licking the guy’s hairy bottom, Kat realized it was quite different. For one, all the girls she’d rimmed had perfectly smooth and even bleached assholes. This middle aged Eastern European man was hairy, sweaty and maybe hadn’t showered all of that day, making the taste of his ass salty, wet and not the most pleasant. After a brief period to unscrew her face from a disgusted grimace, the American actress gave a few more licks but only staying to surface-level tongue action.


Apparently Mickey wasn’t interested in the lingerie-clad girl simply phoning in a poor rimjob. His one-word comment was enough to get Katherine’s attention, making the blonde lift her head. Almost as soon as she did, his right hand came crashing against her cheek with his open palm. The slap was loud, but no actual damage was done. In fact, other than the suddenness of the action, there wasn't any pain apart from a slight sting lasting a brief second. 

“Lick better,” the man ordered.

Knowing now what was fully expected of her, Katherine swallowed her pride and went about licking his asshole. Contorting her body to simultaneously allow herself better access while still giving the camera a good angle, Kat gripped his cheeks and pulled them apart. Doing her best to ignore the mix of sweat, salt and gross taste, the gorgeous actress drove her tongue a good inch into his butthole. Immediately the flavor of his ass was apparent and overpowering. Kat took a quick break by using her mouth to give his balls a deep suck before diving back down to take another tongue poke in his asshole. Once more the taste was intense and strong but she weathered the storm better this time. In fact, her tongue was licking deeper and longer, long enough that Kat could feel his sweaty balls rubbing against her eye sockets and adorable nose. 

“You nasty, nasty girl,” the man said with a happy grin.

“You wanna see nasty?”

With renewed vigor, Katherine drove her tongue into his asshole and held it for longer and longer. The taste was just as bad and gross but the 25 year old didn’t care. She wouldn’t say she liked it, but the dirty act was so repulsive that she may have been getting off just a little on it. A touch of her own pussy with her fingers confirmed she was sucking wet. Backing up her claims of being a nasty girl, Katherine adopted a ramming technique, plowing her head down against the bigger man so her tongue would drive deeper into the porn actor. After a dozen times, Katherine kept her tongue buried deep in his poop chute while her brilliant green eyes locked onto his. 

“How’s that for you, Mickey,” Katherine asked, the strong taste of ass still residing in her mouth.

“Very good. Very, very good,” he answered, though he still gave her cheek another slap to assert his dominance over her. “Come here. Sit on my cock.”

Katherine was about to head around the sofa when she figured she’d apply another round of saliva to his cock. After all, she was well prepped before shooting started what was happening, and more importantly, to which of her holes predominantly. Katherine went for a rapid and deep approach to her blowjob to the pace of heavy metal music. She threw her delicate face down towards his lap as mouth and hand worked together to please the man.

“Gllggg...ggllllggg…” Katherine spewed spit all over his cock.

Of course, not all of her saliva was going to act as lubrication. As she prepared to pull off him, the porn actor reached both hands down towards her with his right gripping onto his cock and his left coiling in her golden locks. Kat realized what was happening a split second beforehand which allowed her to close her eyes before his dick wet in her spit came slapping against her cheek and eye socket half a dozen times. Not done with her yet, his hand went from his cock to around Katherine’s slender neck. Pulled towards him, Katherine was stunned when she felt a big glob of his spit come firing into her mouth with some splattering on her lips and face. 

“You’re mine to do with what I want. Spit on you, slap you…” 

Mickey decided the tiny blonde needed a demonstration to the slapping claim because immediately once the words were out of his mouth his meaty right hand was smacking across her left cheek. 

“And then I choke you.”

With not one but two hands, the much larger man took up a grip around Katherine’s throat...and squeezed. This wasn’t a light grip either. For a good 5 seconds the strong man choked Katherine McNamara from all the air, watching her classically pretty face turn from lightly tanned to red to deep scarlett. Of course he wasn’t trying to harm her so he relaxed his grip after only a few seconds.

“AAAHHHH!” Katherine gasped as she swallowed in a lungful of air.

“Come...I fuck your pussy now,” the porn actor stated.

Once more using his thumb in the mouth technique to lead Katherine, the bald man simply pulled her steadily towards him. The 25 year old American understood and was soon crawling over the back of the sofa to straddle the man. Despite still wearing her red high heels, Kat balanced poised atop the cushions with a foot on either side of the well built man. She went to pull down her thong but that would take too much time as Mickey simply yanked her panties to the side to expose her completely bald snatch that was colored the brightest of pink. The Arrow star reached down and steered his cock to her wet snatch at the same time as sinking her knees down.

“Awwwhhh yeeesss,” Kat hissed as she was filled with 4 inches of thick shaft.

The man was in no mood to go slow or gentle. Despite her slender frame, this was totally fine with Kat as she had learnt a long time ago that she loved a good hard fuck. Lucky for her that the bald man was more than willing to provide that for her. Katherine was under the gun from intense fucking up into her cunt from the start, meaning the Arrow star could simply keep herself in a power squat atop the sofa and be relentlessly thrust up into. 

“You like that?” Mickey asked, his fingers going into her mouth.

“Yeah...oww,” Katherine answered before a hard slap to her face interrupted her.

“You want the choke as I wreck your tiny little pussy?” Mickey questioned, his hand already clamping on her windpipe.

All while he clapped, choked and gagged the younger girl with fingers into her mouth, his fucking never slowed. In fact, the overwhelmed girl could attest to the fact he was only getting faster and more forceful. All Kat could do was try to maintain her squat, but her legs were tiring and she found her pussy being invaded even deeper. Not only that, but the porn actor kept confusing her as while he choked her currently, his other hand was used on her clit.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh!” Kat constantly screamed.

“Gonna cum? Cum as I fucking choke you bitch?”

Kat didn't respond as she was simply feeling too many sensations all at the same time. She was indeed so close to her orgasm and despite her head spinning from the latest slap and then getting lightheaded from more choking, she needed something more. With the porn actor managing to keep hammering into her cunt with insane stamina and power, not to mention his thumb expertly strumming her clit, Katherine reached back behind herself. Her finger was dry as a bone but she needed a finger in her ass to cum so she grit her teeth as another sensation was added to the mess of the others.

“Fuuuccckkk mmmeeeee!!!” Kat swore as she came harder than ever before.

“You weren’t joking,” Mickey commented to his director. “This girl is a complete fucking machine! But she’s in too much clothes.”

“Thank you,” Kat said about the compliment before shedding her bra and panties.

“Such great tits.”

Mickey immediately went and groped both her surprisingly large tits. Given her tiny waist and petite frame, the blonde should have had little boobs, but that was not the case. In fact, the porn actor thought they were fake at first sight given their large shape compared to her teeny body but now that she was naked (all but for the black stockings), they were very much real. They were just firm beyond belief with little pink nipples capping each sagless tit.

“Now come. I fuck your ass now,” Mickey stated, smearing a healthy dollop of lube on his dick.

Katherine didn’t blink an eye as she turned her back to the large man and backed up into his lap. With her feet still on the ground, she lowered herself until his extremely thick tip split her perky butt cheeks and pressed against the center of her ass. Though he was large and her ass was tiny like the rest of her, the truth of the matter was that Kat had a boatload of anal experience so after only a few seconds, his well oiled cock was entering her bowels.

“Shit! Fuck!” Kat swore due to the initial sting of the butt fucking.

With a solid 3 inches buried in her tight little ass, Mickey pulled the petite girl back onto him so her feet could be up on the sofa straddling his lap. Kat immediately started to drag her anal ring along the first half of his shaft, riding his dick in her ass. She matched his early intensity, riding the man hard as her naked boobs bounced and jiggled wildly in front of herself. Mickey helped spur her on by strumming her sensitive clit which seemed to make her ride his cock even harder.

“Fuck me. Deeper now,” the bald man instructed.

Kat gave a light touch to his wrist, asking him to stop pummelling her clitoris so she could concentrate. Mickey consented but decided he wanted to hear less of her non-stop screaming as she anally fucked herself by shoving her panties in her mouth. As Kat rose high on her feet so she could thud her ass down harder, impaling her own ass deeper this way, the Arrow star could taste her pussy as her panties soaked in her mouth.

“Such a slut. Taking a big dick in the ass and loving it,” Mickey commented with a grope of her chest.

Mickey was now ready to start fucking her hard again. In truth, her holes had been tighter than he expected and he couldn’t help himself by fucking the Arrow star a mile a minute. Luckily, though Katherine rode his dick fast and deep, it still provided the tattooed European with a chance to recover some stamina. Between feeling refreshed and inspired by Kat’s fuck doll attitude, Mickey scooped an arm under the back of each of her knees. As he pulled up on her legs, he used his strength and arm length to good effect by actually getting his hands behind the back of her neck, essentially folding her in a full nelson-looking wrestling move all while his dick opened up her asshole.

“Oh God! So deep...fuckkkk,” Kat swore once more.

For lack of a better word Mickey fucked the girl as if she was a doll. In a rocking motion, the bald man would push the blonde downwards to pierce her bowels with all 7 inches of thick cock. As soon as her pussy would smack against his balls Mickey would pull her towards him so that her anal ring would glide down the length of his shaft until only his bulbous tip remained inside her rectum.

“Perfect slut,” Mickey complimented again as he let her legs go and allowed the girl to straighten from the cramped position.

“Thank...owww!” Kat screamed as Mickey decided to slap her, only this time against her pussy. “Ffuuuuukkkkk,” she swore again as he slapped her pussy once more than continued on strumming her clit as his dick pushed in and out of her ass again.

He made Kat ride him again, and once more she did a great job. Whenever he thought she needed some extra motivation he would either slap her face, smack her pussy or grab her hips and hammer up into her asshole. In truth he performed all these actions regularly and enjoyed it. He especially loved when he used his fingers to diddle her clitoris and actually caused the petite former Shadowhunters star to cum for a second time that evening, only this time as he was 7 inches deep in her ass.

“Show off that wrecked ass Mickey,” the director asked of his male talent.

One moment Katherine McNamara went from having her ass destroyed to feeling hands return to behind her knees and she was lifted skywards. Luckily she wasn’t thrown up and over his shoulder, instead the tiny blonde was hoisted with her ass level with the ground and her wide asshole on full view for the camera. Of course she couldn’t see her anal gape, but she knew it was wide given the width of the dick that had been sodomizing her, not to mention the power and length of time he had spent doing so.

“Jesus! Could drive my Fiat through that tunnel,” the quippy director commented about the slender girl’s asshole.

Katherine was exhausted at this point from the lengthy ass fucking so she was perfectly relaxed. The cameraman was able to get a nice tight zoom of her asshole, which despite how tight it was initially, was anything but now. Her snow white skin curved down to the purple-colored anal ring then a shift of red to denote her bowels before all else was dark. Naturally after anal fucking there was some brown flecks of what were surely dried shit. Of course, neither the sodomizer or sodomite were wise to this fact.

“You go suck now,” Mickey told her.

Kat had performed ass to mouth on several occasions. At one time it was a hard no for her. That was until her new guy was fucking her in the ass in the back of that car, he pulled out and brought his cock up to her mouth, wanting her to go down on him. She didn’t even hesitate and put it in her mouth. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as she thought it was going to be and since then it was a regular act in her bedroom.

As she slid her ass onto the couch cushion she immediately bent at the waist until her face was level with his groin. Just like the first time she did it back in the car, Katherine didn’t think, only acted. Extending her tongue she licked up and down the underside of his cock before replicating with both sides and the top of his shaft before beginning to blow his cock with energy. She tried placing the type of lube he had used because it was coming across as really strong and unpleasant. Normally her ass tasted salty and bitter, but never this overpoweringly gross.

“How does your cute little butt taste?” Mickey asked as Kat continued to bob her mouth on his manhood despite her revulsion.

“A lot like ass,” the blonde said with a wry smile. “But it’s pretty hot, right?”

“Agreed,” both the actor and director replied before watching as the TV star went back to running her tongue over every inch of his filthy member.

“Now I’m going to fuck you until you milk me of my cum. Understand?” Mickey told the girl while smacking her in the face with his cock.

“Gonna try to break my ass. Got it,” Kat quipped with a grin. “Don’t worry. I’m tougher than I look.”

“We shall see.”

Kat had to only slide her tiny body off the sofa to get onto her knees. As she bent over, the porn star spun her so that her still gaping ass was pointed back at the cameraman. Rather than go for lube, the bald man simply spat onto his dickhead and rubbed it around before he stood overtop Kat’s slender form and immediately slammed his dick back into its new home.

“Fuck me,” Kat cursed as her bowels were invaded yet again.

Mickey started easy with the slender blonde, or at least as easy as hardcore anal sex could be. He used only half his length and pulled out completely after a dozen thrusts in order for the camera to record her impressive gape. Now that the director was pleased with getting enough gape shots, Mickey opened his throttle and fucked. When a porn star fucked hard, it was different than a normal man when he had sex. The intensity was far greater, the speed nearly neck breaking and his stamina was inhuman. Kat could only scream and grip the shag carpet she was being sodomized on go white with her grip as her ass was relentlessly fucked for God knows who long.

“Oh yes,” Mickey commented, pulling out and leaving a massive opening behind. 

Mickey gave the Kansas native only seconds to recover before his mini baseball bat was crammed back up her pooper. 

This time rather than his insane hammering technique, the bald porn actor decided to go deep and slow. After each thrust of his entire 7 inch dick, he would pull out all the way. On more than one occasion Kat felt herself leaking from her butt and she highly doubted it was the lube which was all but gone at this point. Blocking that from her mind, Kat concentrated on keeping her butthole relaxed so that each ramming of his dick inside of her didn’t split Kat in two.

Kat didn’t know how long the experienced man stayed fucking her for as her body and mind started to give out on her. First it was her anal ring, which felt far looser than any asshole had any right to be. Next was her brain shutting down as she lost track of time and even what her own name was. Last was her arms as the strength bled out of them and soon Katherine found herself laying flat on the carpet, her tits pressed firmly against the shag carpeting. Of course this new position did nothing to deter Mickey, in fact the bald man laid over top of her and seemed to find another gear as he fucked her even harder.

“Fuck me now. Come on! Fuck me!” Mickey hissed into her ear.

With the tattooed man essentially holding a plank a few inches above her tiny body, Mickey waited for the blonde to understand. Summoning what energy she had left, Katherine planted her hands flat on the ground then thrust her ass up. After taking a brutal ass fucking for who knows how long and having to taste the deepest recesses of her own ass, Kat was now having to fuck her own booty. 

“Ahh...ahhh...ahhh!” Kat moaned as she bounced up and down his thick shaft.

In truth, Mickey was close to cumming and having the slender blonde fuck her own ass was a great way of starving it off just a little longer. However, unlike earlier, this trick was only delaying the inevitable instead of preventing it altogether. Timing it so that after Kat had pushed up against him, Mickey plummeted his hips down so it was like having a foot in height to drive his dick down into her asshole. Katherine gave a shriek of surprise and a little pain from the depth of the thrust but only mumbled thereafter once Mickey found her soiled thong and shoved it back in her mouth.

Even though Mickey had sex for a living and slept with some truly beautiful women, Katherine McNamara was special. Therefore, he used every trick in his box to withhold his orgasm while also still ramming her ass non-stop. Changing tactics constantly, the bald man went from ruining her ass with lightning fast strikes to slowing things to a snail’s pace but thumping down with all the power his 240 pound frame could manage.

“Where...ugh...do you want...ahhh...my cum,” Mickey asked.

99% of the time that question was directed at Katherine, but this time the sexy blonde knew that Mickey was asking the director. So instead she got ready by pulling out the used panties from her mouth and listened to hear where the cumshot would be going on or in her.

“She swallows it, of course,” the director answered.

“Of course,” Mickey laughed.

Katherine wasn’t done quite yet as her asshole still had to weather the most intense storm of sodomizing thrusts yet. It only lasted for 30 seconds, but it was an insane amount of slams down into her already loose asshole that she had no hope of counting how many times he fucked her. Once he finally pulled out, the actor helped her off the floor and to her knees by pulling up on her golden locks before using his bent over position to spit right into Kat’s mouth and watched patiently until she swallowed it down. 

“Suck my balls,” Mickey ordered as he started stroking his pole.

The hand on the back of her head helped pull Kat’s face in the direction so all the Arrow star had to do was part her lips and accept the sweaty balls into her mouth. As she sucked on each nut in turn, salty brine resting on her taste buds, her nose was picking up the strong smell of her ass from the porn actor’s cock, which wasn’t a surprise given the wet noises that came from his intense ass fucking and her earlier taste test of her anal canal. This did nothing to distract Kat from her job as she continued to eagerly suck at each ball in turn, and even used her tongue to lick the bottom portion of his cock and get a healthy dose of her own strong ass taste for her trouble.

“That’s it. Cum on my face,” the blonde begged.

It only took a moment more before Mickey pulled her hair back so his dick could have a good several inches to point at her gorgeous face. Despite the hour long fuck session including slapping, choking and the hardest sodomy of her life, Kat had a great time. Her mascara had long since run down her eyes and onto her upper cheeks, but that only made the Shadowhunters star look all the more beautiful and slutty. Finally with a few last hard pulls of his dick, Mickey grunted loudly and took aim.

Here it comes. Shhhhiiittt,” the bald man groaned as he reached his peak.

With his tip held steady at the entrance to her mouth, Katherine spread her lips far and waited for him to blow. After hearing his grunt it didn’t take long until the first blast smacked against the roof of her mouth, dripping down onto her tongue. The next few strands rocketed to the back of her throat and she swallowed that down immediately until smaller amounts dribbled onto her taste buds. Without needing to be told, Katherine took his filthy cock into her mouth as well, blowing his still sensitive cock and tasting the rich salty brine of his baby batter replaced with the overpowering flavor of her asshole. Despite how gross it was, Katherine seemed buoyed by the filth of it and gave an even better blowjob because of it.

“So much cum,” Katherine smiled up after sucking him for another minute. 

“Good girl,” Mickey rewarded her with another two slaps of his slowly deflating cock to her face.

“You weren’t joking, Mickey,” the director told the male talent with a laugh before addressing the exhausted girl. “You truly are a beast!”

“I wanna piss on you now,” Mickey said, holding her by the hair and leading her towards the bathroom.

“Wait. What? Seriously?” Katherine asked, shocked.

“Yes. Pushing your limits,” he explained.

Leading her from the living room and to the back where a bathroom was located like taking a dog for a walk, Katherine crawled behind the man who had just finished ravishing her. She stopped his progress right in front of a massive jacuzzi tub with the expectation that Kat would climb in...which she did. Why she was obeying was beyond her especially since watersport or golden showers was something she looked upon with disgust. And yet…

“Kneel low,” the porn actor instructed.

Kat should be getting to her feet and telling the guy to fuck off. That no, he couldn’t piss on her. Instead, the golden-haired beauty pushed her silky locks over her shoulders so it wouldn’t get wet. Something told her that getting the odor of piss out of one’s hair was quite the feat. She listened to her se xpartner and crouched lower, practically sitting her bubble butt onto her heels with her insanely perky tits thrust out in front of her as she awaited her shower.

“Not in my mouth…” Kat said as she looked at his flaccid one-eye monster that was ready to spew a different type of fluid onto her.

Mickey smiled brightly at the sight of the strong willed and intelligent woman slumping in defeat on her knees before him. He had to fight his initial urge to get hard once again since he needed to remain flaccid in order for it to work. Taking a deep breath to center himself, the porn actor found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose.

Kat had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach but that was just the start. The bald man was softening by the second and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the blonde's chest, getting both her perky tits wet. Though he never roamed up as high as her face and tightly pursed lips, he did go as high as showering her feminine neck before his stream eventually started running dry.

“That’s it. Taste my piss.”

“Oh why the fuck not,” a defeated Kat McNamara replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Though Kat had set clear boundaries on pee drinking, she supposed that a golden shower was pushing the limit without going over. The 25 year old also rationalized that sucking a dick that moments before had peed on you was also in the same boat. Or at least that’s what the Kansas native told herself as she parted those lips of hers and took his soft dick into her mouth. Sure enough she could sense the unmistakable taste of urine as there were still a few drops dribbling from his pee slit, but Kat more or less ignored that and simply sucked and bobbed for a good minute.

"How did you like it," the director asked the kneeling and thoroughly soaked girl.

"Honestly...wasn't bad," Katherine commented as she subconsciously rubbed the yellow fluid into her skin. "Girl could get used to it I think."

“So your limit was pushed today, yes?”

“Pushed and expanded,” the blonde answered. “I think that I’ll be game for more stuff in the future if I ever return.”

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