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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 11
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Tarra White
Characters (Non-sex): Madelaine Petsch
Codes: FF, MFF, MF, Anal, ATM, DP, Fist, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Tarra White or Madelaine Petsch, nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor The Boys in any way.

Summary: Erin Moriarty is back, this time to be fucked by her Boys’ co-star and friend Dominique McElligott by Tarra White’s production team.

***Note - I’d like to thank the FF legend MTL for the wonderful idea for this chapter. 

“Erin Moriarty?”

Erin had just exited the car that had come to pick her up from the airport when her name was called out. Standing in front of the small apartment building was a woman she’d instantly recognized. The woman was tall with dyed red hair, and Erin had been watching her a lot the past few weeks. Once Erin was drawn to be shot by Tarra White Productions, the Boys’ star began her homework. She watched hours of Tarra’s previous shoots, which mostly included femdom stuff with a big dildo that Tarra wore as a strap-on. These women that Tarra fucked tended to have elastic assholes, so Erin had practiced a lot in that time. Though she couldn’t compete with the majority of the porn actresses, her ass had grown considerably looser when it needed to be, and tonight it would definitely be required.

“Yes. Tarra I presume?” Erin offered her hand in greeting.

After their introduction, the pair of beautiful women entered the building. It was a fairly short walk to the elevator that carried them to the second floor. It gave Erin and Tarra a little time to talk and for the porn actress/director to tell Erin what would be happening. Having seen enough of her videos, Erin knew it would be mostly anal fucking, but the surprise was that an actor would be there as well. This wasn’t uncommon for Tarra’s videos, but the man today was going to be Tarra’s husband after he begged her for the chance to fuck the adorable yet sexy blonde.

“I’m flattered,” Erin said with a laugh after Tarra assured her that he’d be a perfect guy to use.

“And Erin, we have one added surprise for you,” her guide told the gorgeous blonde.

“Oh no. The last time I was surprised at a porn shoot, 5 random guys ended up fucking me,” the actress best known for Starlight sighed.

“Well our surprise is neither a stranger nor are they a guy…”

Erin quirked an eyebrow at the comment before he gestured for her to enter the room that they had stopped in front of. Her curiosity peaked, Erin was still understandably nervous. Opening the door, the gorgeous blonde swung it inward to find a sight for sore eyes. Someone she’d gotten to know fairly well over the past two years. They weren’t exactly friends, she and Dominique McElligott had gotten to be quite friendly.


Erin went and gave her friend a hug and couldn’t help but notice that the taller woman was decked out in her character gear from The Boys. Looking like Wonder Woman, Dominique smiled at the blonde though Erin noted the smile never reached her eyes.

“What’s going on?” Erin asked.

“As you are aware, this is Dom and she’ll be your dom today,” Tarra explained.

In the many videos Erin had watched, it had always been Tarra herself who abused the poor pornstars unlucky enough to be filming with her. However, the fact it was a stranger swapping out with someone she’d known for a few years made Erin feel somewhat better. She may have been prepping her ass for the last few weeks for tonight, but she was still fairly new to anal and so the fact it was Dom should make it a bit easier.

“Holy moly. That is quite the collection,” Erin gawked, looking past her co-star.

Erin simply stared at the array on the table. The petite girl wore her golden hair down, falling an inch or two below her shoulder and looking as shiny as ever. She wore a slim fitting pink top that was held up by two thin straps, clearly showing she wasn’t wearing a bra. She completed the outfit with a denim skirt that went down only an inch lower than her perfect peach of an ass, while it wouldn’t have been a sexy Erin outfit without knee-high boots. This time they were black instead of the yellow she wore on her show. She’d just gotten so used to the heeled boots that she felt naked without them.

“And just so you know, the dildo and harness are for Dom. You get the handcuffs,” Tarra explained to the awed girl.

“Technically I’ll also be taking the dildo,” Erin eventually jested.

“Cute,” Tarra said without feeling. “Now go stand in front of the sofa and show me what you have to offer.”

Erin stayed almost in a trance-like state as she stared at the massive purple dildo until Dominique snapped her fingers to get her attention. Reiterating the command from their director, Erin shook her head from the cobwebs and did as she was told. Setting down her purse, the blonde turned around and reached for her thong under the skirt. Bending over until the skirt flipped onto her back, Erin pulled the thong down low enough so the waistband could press against the cleft of her ass. Putting on a show, the actress used the taut thong to jiggle her small but bubbly ass up and down.

“Such a cute ass,” the actress who portrayed Queen Maeve commented.

“Damn! Dom and my hubby are gonna have fun tearing you up,” the dark haired girl cooed from behind the camera.

Not stopping there, Erin let the thong go, dropping down her athletic legs that were made to seem longer than they really were. With hands free, Erin used them to paw at her tight cheeks, pulling them up and apart to flash both her pink glistening pussy and circular anal ring. Doing this a few times, Erin kept her cheeks pulled apart before showing her co-star, Tarra and the watching audience her asshole as it winked opened and shut. It was a testament to how far she had come both mentally and physically in the past month that she seemed like a different actress compared to her last appearance on Hollywood Pornstars when she lost her anal virginity on camera.

“Quite the control you have, Erin,” Dominique complimented.

Erin gave her brown eye a final wink to her friend before turning around and letting her skirt fall to her booted feet. Grabbing the hem of her top, Erin pulled it higher until her small but perky tits came free. By no means tiny, her boobs fit Erin’s petite and athletic frame perfectly, with each capped in a small bright pink nipple. They were made to be sucked on, Dominique thought, even more so after the blonde actress began pinching the nipples, making them hard.

“God, I’m horny,” Erin cooed, letting her shirt fall down her body again in order to rub her bald pussy.

“Yeah? Excited to be fucked?” Dominique asked as she stepped into the harness holding her thick purple dildo. “Have this dick in you ass?”

“Mmm yes,” the blonde moaned, alternating between rubbing her mound and fingering herself with two fingers. “I just want to please you today. Give you, Tarra, her hubby and anyone else watching this a great show.”

Erin had changed a lot since losing her anal virginity to Hollywood Pornstars. She had always been a people pleaser who needed constant validation, and now that applied to being a porn star, not just acting. Therefore, she embraced the fact she needed to be a whore, despite normally being the cute and adorable girl-next-door type. That girl wasn’t needed today. The slut with a need to be fucked and dominated was who was required.

“You being my slut will make everyone happy,” Dominique insisted. “You wet?”

“So wet,” Erin answered, pulling her hand to her face in order to lick her fingers, tasting herself in the process.

“Problem is, Ms Moriarty, I don’t have any lube. So it looks like you’ll have to get Queen Maeve and my Purple Monster wet on your own,” Tarra explained as she twirled a metal pair of handcuffs on her finger.

“You heard the boss. Come here,” Dominique told her friend.

Erin came to her master when she beckoned and pushed both arms outstretched towards Dominique, who looked like a proper dom in her metal link skirt, matching corset and gauntlets. The much taller actress gave her another dark smile that Erin found so very attractive before feeling the cool touch of metal as the police-issued handcuffs snapped around Erin’s wrist. Instead of cinching the other, Dominique first twisted her arm, bringing Erin’s arm with her before cuffing her second wrist, her limbs bound behind her.

"Kneel," Dominique demanded. When Erin did, with a grin no less, she issued his next order. "I think you know what to do now. Granted, I’m no man but a slut like you loves sucking all types of cock.”

“"Mhmm," Erin cooed, ignoring the barbed comment as she knelt tall. "I certainly do."

"Open your mouth," Dominique barked, standing before the blonde.

If Tarra had any doubts about whether Dominique would be up for the task, they were quenched with her performance thus far. Which meant the porn star could focus solely on directing and operating the camera. 

Dominique hadn’t a chance to practice with the massive dildo when Tarra gave it to her for tonight. When she had first seen it, the Queen Maeve actress figured it was too massive for anyone to humanely take. However, Tarra was determined that Erin would be the exception to that rule though. Holding it in her hand, the new dom in town slapped the delicate-looking blonde in the side of the face several times with the fake cock, all while Erin smiled up at her. Liking her lips, Erin opened her mouth wide, as asked, and tried thinking how to go about blowing the toy without use of her hands. Erin was far from a prude, proud of her blowjob skills that she honed over the years with hundreds if not thousands of blowjobs, but never with her arms bound behind her back.

“Come by my slut,” Dom instructed.

That answer came to Erin as her fellow actress used one hand to control the dildo, which she tapped repeatedly onto the blonde’s outstretched tongue, and the other to grip the back of her head. Looking down into her big brown eyes with a stern look, Dominique settled the tool onto Erin’s flat tongue and automatically she closed her lips in a tight seal. Erin flowed right into bobbing her head forward and back, rocking on her knees in order to blow the first 5 inches of the Purple Monster.

"Some grade A skills even with your hands quite literally tied behind your back," Dominique cheered.

Though her character on The Boys was all cute and innocent, and Erin had the same look about her, the blonde was truly becoming a thorough slut. However, tonight wasn’t about Erin being in control. Tightening the grip Dominique had on the back of her golden head, her other hand now held Erin’s chin, keeping her mouth wide open. The busty actress thrust her hips slowly forward, gliding along Erin’s tongue as Dominique looked down into her big brown eyes as the tip poked the back of her throat.

"Ggllkkk," Erin noisily gagged, slobbering onto the Purple Monster.

Dominique repeated this tactic several times, each time making her spit up more of her saliva onto Tarra’s favorite toy. The streaks of white spit streaking the dark purple color made Dominique wet at the sight, further prompting the Queen Maeve actress to shove the fake dick into Erin’s mouth and hold it in her gullet until the pretty blonde coughed up more. To Erin’s credit, she was suppressing her gag reflex so that the result was a very noisy and messy blowjob as the blonde got used to what Dominique was doing. Which was good because Dominique started to thrust faster now, hitting the back of her mouth much more often and harder as well.

“That’s it. Choke on my big dick, Erin!” Dominique celebrated with unbridled glee as she dominated her innocent-looking friend.

After the next time of shoving the cock down Erin’s throat and jiggling it inside her mouth, producing even more spit, Dominique pulled it out. Wanting to change things up a bit, Dominique pulled up on Erin’s top and revealed her perky tits that fit her small frame perfectly. With a hand on the freakishly large tool, the dom slapped each of Erin’s tits several times with the hard plastic, making a wet smacking noise and instantly hardening the blonde’s adorable nipples.

“Might not be as big as yours, but they have their admirers,” Erin commented as her friend continued to rub her thick cock up and over each mound.

Signalling it was the end of her boob worshipping, Dominique grabbed the back of Erin’s head and steered her face back to the dick. The blonde gave the tip a seductive twirl with her tongue before opening up and allowing Dominique to plant the Purple Monster back inside. After once more poking the back of the actress’s throat, Dominique essentially pumped Erin’s gorgeous face, continuously delivering a steady stream of short thrusts against her gag reflex. Dominique looked down and watched as tears welled in her eyes before finally releasing her, allowing her take in quick lungfuls of air. The 25-year old showed her poise and next-level skill by first starring Dominique right in the eyes as she drooled out the copious amounts of phlegm that was produced right onto the plastic cock.

"Open your mouth," Dominique ordered. When Erin did so, the in-control girl leaned over top of her slave and spat directly into her mouth. "Figured you were running low."

As the dick went back into her mouth, Erin could feel the gag reflex being continuously poked and prodded. She had to have trust in Dominique not to trigger it for real, but tonight was all about what Tarra, and by extension Dominique planned on doing with her. If they wanted the adorable blonde to retch all over herself then she’d have to do it. Luckily, that wasn’t on the menu, at least she didn’t think it was. Whenever the Purple Monster was held long enough in Erin’s throat to make her back hunch up reflexively and eyes really well, Dominique would swiftly remove the cock and leave the blonde spitting and sputtering but not actually retching. 

“Look at Tarra’s cock! It’s beautiful, covered in all your spit,” Dominique gushed in pride.

"Can’t say I’m surprised that you're a dominating nasty bitch," Erin commented before opening her mouth wide for the Queen Maeve actress to abuse once more. 

Dominique repeated the same trick but first this time she buried her length into Erin’s mouth to really test her gag reflex, which held firm as always. As Dominique began to fuck her face once more, Dominique was truly impressed with the abuse the blonde could withstand. She truly was a sexual dynamo that Dominique was prepared to fully explore tonight.

However, as good as her mouth was, Dominique really wanted to fuck the gorgeous blonde, and not just in the face. Dominique gave the blonde’s mouth a few last hard spears as deep as the Queen Maeve actress possibly could before withdrawing completely. Despite the abuse, Erin looked gorgeous and was still smiling, in fact the small mascara tears made her look somehow sexier. 

“Let me see how that dick looks in your ass,” Tarra directed, obviously having the same thought process as Dom. 

“Not a surprise you want a ride down the ol’ dirt road,” Erin quipped as she got to her feet.

Erin wasn’t quite sure how that was going to go down but luckily the other two women did. Tarra instructed the tear-streaked blonde to turn around so that her underrated booty was facing her co-star while Dominique got comfy by reclining to an almost lying position in her seat with her booted feet resting on the sofa. 

“Hope I don't make a fool of myself,” Erin commented as she stood between her co-star’s outstretched legs. 

“You’re about to have your perfect little asshole wrecked by the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen, and you’re worried about embarrassing yourself by losing your balance?” Dominique asked, reaching out to stroke Erin’s bubbly ass. “God, that’s a smooth booty.”

“Show the camera your butthole while it’s still cute and not destroyed,” Tarra told the blonde.

Despite the handcuffs, Erin was able to grip one of her firm cheeks in either hand and pull them apart. Instantly her tiny little butthole came into view but Dominique was surprised by the little gape that was already present. Little did Queen Maeve know, but Erin had been using various sized butt plugs for the majority of the last 24 hours to prepare for tonight. Her preparation was going to be appreciated by all parties tonight. 

“Such a nice round ass,” Dom complimented as she rubbed a copious amount of lube onto the surface of the Purple Monster. 

“Is your ass ready for that cock?” Tarra asked her new star.

“I’m ready, mistress,” Erin nodded her pretty little head.

“Then fuck her ass.”

Given the green light, Dominique not only aimed the slick toy towards her butthole, but keeping it held firm, all Erin had to do was squat lower and lower until the edges of her gaping hole contacted the rounded head. Queen Maeve’s free hand went to Erin’s hip to apply some additional downward pressure, though it was largely unneeded given the blonde’s continued descent.

“Fucckkkk,” Erin cried sharply as the head of the huge toy entered her.

“Look at me as you sodomize yourself,” Dom demanded.

Despite the fact that Erin was in a squat and trying to force herself to go lower and take more of the inhumanly large dick into her asshole, she still did as her friend asked. Her tear-streaked eyes looked with the steely gaze of Dominique as the blonde began to slowly bounce her gorgeous tushy on the purple dildo. And this was all while her wrists were still handcuffed together. 

Erin only had a inch past the tip in her ass but she knew she needed to get more or else it threatened to pop out of her anal ring. She had fucked enough guys in her ass to know it was the constant breaching of the sphincter that was the painful part so Erin sought to limit that by bending her knees more and not sliding down the thick pole until half of the foot of dildo resided in her bowels.

“Holy crap Erin!” Dom commented in shock.

“Face of a fucking angel yet the asshole of a two-cent whore,” Tarra added, giving Erin’s bubbly ass a slap for good measure.

The sight of the tiny actress taking the thick dildo in her ass was unparalleled as Tarra captured all the action. Once more Dominique wished she was a guy with all the nerve endings in the dick to feel how tightly Erin’s anal ring must be squeezing her as she rode an impressive 6 inches into her bowels. There was also the extra mental pleasure Dominique was getting, fucking an innocent-looking girl in such a taboo hole and seeing her clearly liking it. Dom allowed Erin another minute of her slow riding, getting used to having her hole stretched to such an extreme before Tarra gave the dom a nod.

“You like that in your ass?” Dom asked her friend.

“Kinda do,” Erin replied while biting her lip.

“Good because now I’m gonna start to fuck you,” the Queen Maeve actress told her.

Dominique stayed true to her word and started to thrust her hips up into her co-star’s ass. At first she wanted Erin to feel the stark contrast of speeding up the fucking, going to short but lightning fast jabs that used only a few inches of the dildo. It put a smile on dom’s face to hear the blonde scream out, pushed to her limits of what her ass could handle. After a minute of speedy short thrusts, Dom lengthened out the strokes into Erin’s rectum albeit at a slower speed. She was able to slide more of the insane toy into the innocent looking girl’s ass, getting 8 inches into her friend before Dominique would reverse course.

“Oh yes. Fuck her ass,” Tarra encouraged the queen. 

To Erin’s credit, she was getting to grips with the anal pounding and starting to respond well. Wanting to show the watching audience how far she’d come since losing her anal virginity only a month ago, Erin began to rock back and forth as her ass was thrust deeply into. The result was the base of the dildo rubbing against Dominique’s clit, giving the dominating woman pleasure as she fucked the petite blonde.

“Take it out and let me see her butthole,” Tarra instructed the Amazonian looking woman.

Erin was briefly concerned about showing off her asshole after having her guts thoroughly fucked, remembering back to the video of Chloe Bennet from last month. However, the Starlight actress had safeguarded against that so she came up out of her squat and pulled her cheeks apart as well as she could even the handcuffs. The dildo popped free of her anal ring with a wet suction as Tarra zoomed in her lens at the result. In truth, her asshole had sealed up just as tight as before with the same slight gape. Really, the only difference was the fact her ring was a little more red from being propped open and fucked for quarter of an hour.

“So lovely,” Tarra commented before Dominique added. “And cute!”

Tarra couldn’t help herself, reaching her hand out and sticking her entire pointer finger deep into Erin’s asshole. The blonde squealed in surprise, but after taking a thorough thrashing by the Purple Monster, having a finger stuck up her bum barely registered. 

“Feel like giving her a proper fucking from behind?” Tarra asked Dominique once she was done fingering Erin’s butt.

“More than anything,” Queen Maeve answered.

While Dominique lubed up the cock again, Tarra added more in the form of spit by spreading the kneeling girl’s cheeks and taking aim at her crinkled starfish. Due to the handcuffs, Erin had to rest her chest on the back of the sofa with her knees just on the edge of the cushions. This allowed Dominique’s harness to be at the perfect height to stay on her booted feet. For the sake of power, Queen Maeve placed one boot on the sofa beside the tiny blonde before steering the dildo back into Erin’s backdoor, which parted much easier this time around.

“Oh!” Erin cried as the tip and several more inches burrowed into her rectum. “Oh yeah, Dom!”

Dominique picked up right where she left off by her combination of short fast jabs spaced out between periods of slow but deeper probes. 

“Please rub my pussy. Oh God, please,” Erin begged anyone that would listen.

Given that Dominique’s hands were currently holding onto Erin’s shapely hips to help generate power and Tarra was busy using the camera, the director instructed her husband who was waiting in the wings to help. Rather than do it himself, Tarra had her husband undo the shackles. The moment her wrists were unbound, her right hand shot down between her milky white thighs in order to furiously rub her wet cunt.

“You naughty girl,” Tarra laughed at the desperate way the blonde pleasured herself.

Erin was undeterred by the comment, in fact she liked being called dirty. After last month’s porn shoot, it was a real turning point sexually for the innocent looking 25 year old. Now she would actually say she liked anal sex, hence the moans and gyrations as Dominique fucked her ass harder by the passing second. 

“Look…” Dominique started to say before pulling all the way out of Erin’s ass. 

“At…” In the dildo went, a good 6 inches before withdrawal again.

“This…” Dom shoved another inch in with her next thrust before complete removal.


The Queen Maeve actress resumed her standard fucking style, albeit with more gusto. Both Dominique and Erin lost track of time as they became completely absorbed in one another and what was happening on top of the leather sofa. They were both fully engrossed in the sodomy, each of the two actresss enjoying it thoroughly. Though it was rare for anyone to derive pleasure from being butt fucked by a dildo the size of the Purple Monster, Erin was somehow managing just fine. Meanwhile, the placement of the harness overtop her sex meant that every time she thrust into Erin’s with the fake cock, it rubbed against Dominique’s slit, making her closer and closer to her own orgasm.

“God, I’m gonna cum again soon,” Erin warned, her moans growing louder and more frantic.

“Fuck...me too,” Dominique commented, not knowing she was so close until the blonde mentioned it.

It was a race to the finish line in a battle that would have no losers. In a photo finish, it was the petite blonde who reached her climax first. The constant ass hammering combined with the finger rubbing over her sensitive clit was enough to deliver the blonde her first orgasm of the night. Erin beat the fellow actress to the punch as she felt warmth explode through her entire body before a wave of euphoria crushed against her mind.

"AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH," Erin screamed incoherently.

“Oh fuck! Oh God! Jesus fuck!” Dominique swore uncontrollably moments after.

Dominique continued to hammer into Erin’s now gaping hole with the Purple Monster as every thrust ground against the Queen’s slit. Finally after another dozen strokes in rapid fire succession, Dominique tossed her head back as every muscle in her back went rigid at once. It lasted seconds until the curvy actress collapsed down, landing squarely on the exhausted Erin.

A sharp clap and shout from Tarra brought the actresses out of their orgasm-induced stupor. As Dominique straightened up, Tarra’s husband came walking into the frame of the camera, right towards Erin’s head. Though he’d been in the room the whole time, now he had changed two features. The first was he was completely naked, and the second was that his 9-inch cock was out and ready for Erin.

“Are you able to continue Dom or do I need to step in?” Tarra asked, hoping she’d need to be tagged in.

“I’d rather die than stop going to town on this cute little tushy,” the Queen Maeve actress proudly stated.

“Actually, give my husband a chance to go to town on Erin’s little tushy,” Tarra directed, using the Irishwoman’s own words. “Instead, feed Erin her own ass on the Purple Monster.”

Erin felt the massive dildo removed from her ass and felt oddly empty as her backdoor stayed yawning open. However, a handsome older man who had been in the room the whole time immediately took up the spot behind her and his dick was in her ass the next moment. Given the path of destruction the Purple Monster left in its wake, it was no surprise that all 9 inches was thrust into her ass all at once without so much as a whimper from the innocent looking blonde.

“Cute yet slutty,” the hard-thrusting man groaned. “Just the way I like.”

As the handsome older man who Erin didn’t even know the name of sodomized the living daylights out of her, the Queen Maeve actress walked to the armrest of the sofa nearest the blonde. Erin hadn’t forgotten about Dominique, nor the Purple Monster which moments before had been stretching out her ass for both their orgasmic pleasure. As her co-star on the Boys came before her, Erin was filled with excitement and nervousness, all at the same time based on what Dom was sure to instruct her.

“Clean my dick,” the much taller woman ordered her slave.

Erin had been waiting and dreading this moment. When she practiced anal at home with various toys, women and men, it was always ass to mouth that was a sticking point for her. She understood that it was a kink for a lot of people, but it was so degrading. Sucking on something that had been up your poop chute, churning your bowels and then you were expected to let it into your mouth? On your tongue to taste? And yet, an order from her dom was an order so the blonde with the face of an angel screwed her eyes shut in disgust, parted her lips and waited for the taste of her ass to fill her mouth.

“That’s it, Dominique,” Tarra cooed, watching through the camera as Erin was subjected to sucking the purple toy fresh from her brown eye. “Feed Erin her ass.”

The first taste as the dildo slid into Erin Morairty’s mouth was...interesting. There was no doubt that the purple toy definitely came from her ass as that had an unmistakable flavor despite being a newbie with ass-to-mouth. And yet...the golden-haired actress liked it. It was dirty and naughty but also hot. Really hot. Which was why Erin went from simply having Dominique push the dildo in and out of her mouth to actually start blowing and licking the soiled toy. 

“How’s it taste bitch?” Dom sneered down at her, embracing her role.

“Disgusting,” Erin answered before showing her submersion in the experience by extending her tongue and licking the fake cock from base to tip.

As Erin took her time to clean every nook and cranny of the monstrous toy, Dominique took a moment to awe at the anal thumping happening. Tarra’s husband was absolutely railing into Erin Moriarty’s asshole with reckless abandonment, treating the petite 25 year old like she was just another of the Russian whores they were used to filming. And yet Erin was easily taking it. Sure, after the sheer size of the Purple Monster, even a well hung man couldn’t compare, but still, Dom remembered watching her co-star struggle greatly with anal sex with regular sized men only a month ago. 

“Earth to Dom!” Tarra’s accented voice snapped Dominique out of her thoughts. “Fuck your friend’s face or I’ll take my Monster and use it on you.”

Dominique felt embarrassed, and unfortunately for Erin, Dom was going to take it out on her. First things first, Dom freed her large D-cups over the top of her metal corset, going a long way to making it up with her director. Using the freshly cleaned dildo, Dom did as instructed by shoving it into her friend’s mouth before grabbing her by the back of her golden head. Already the rocking from the man’s thrusting into her ass forced Erin forward so the dildo poked the back of her mouth, but Dom’s hip pushes and arm pulls made the motion harder and more aggressive.

“Ggllllkkk...ggkkkkkk….fuck!” Erin gagged and gurgled before cursing as she came for air.

Not only did she swear when the Purple Monster was freed, but a good deal of spit dripped from her mouth and onto the leather sofa. Erin was allowed a few moments to regain her breath and composure before the toy was shoved deep into her throat for more hard face fucking. She didn’t retch or throw up, not like poor Madelaine Petsch was subjected to, but she was regularly drooling or spitting in large quantities. This was all happening as some random man was absolutely blowing apart her ass, and yet the innocent looking blonde felt no pain and was even managing to moan throught the intense sodomy.

“Look at me,” Dom demanded. “Look and watch as you gag on my dick. All while that perfect ass is fucked. God you’re a whore!”

Erin did as she was told, staring the large-breasted woman in the eye as she fucked her mouth and nearly made her vomit. Always, Dom seemed to know when to stop luckily. However, after another few minutes, the diabolic group had more planned for the gorgeous 25 year old. Erin stood on wobbly legs, but only long enough for Tarra’s husband to throw himself down on the sofa before he dragged the blonde on top of him. His dick slid back into Erin’s ass like a hot knife through butter, holding the actress by her tiny waist as he thrust wildly up into her bowels once more.

“Time for a double dicking,” Dominique told her co-star, giving Erin a slap to her gorgeous face for good measure. “I bet a slut like you loves taking a cock in each hole.”

Erin felt the big fake cock butt against her pussy, but it was having trouble gaining access to her womb. Despite Dominique’s dirty talk, Erin was far from a slut which was why her pussy was so tight. That, coupled with the massive size of the dildo made for her current situation. Erin tried to help by rubbing her clit to help relax her cunt, meanwhile the man beneath her simply let his dick soak in her asshole instead of fucking it actively. With the trio working together, Dominique eventually succeeded in her task of double penetrating her co-star and friend.

“AH! Fuck!” Erin swore as it felt like she was being torn in two.

The blonde’s hand never stopped making circles around the top of her pussy as she was stretched to her limit by the two cocks. The real one in her ass and fake one in her cunt worked in rhythm so that as one pushed in, the other pulled out. It meant Erin constantly was being filled with 8 inches at any given time. Whether it was the constant clit rubbing, her pussy naturally stretching out or Dom reaching down to tease and pinch her nipples but Erin started to relax and enjoy herself. Her whimpers were soon replaced with moans as the pair fucking her started going faster and deeper.  

“Both of you fuck her ass now. At the same time,” Tarra demanded.

Dominique didn’t hesitate this time, immediately pulling out of Erin’s cunt after her next thrust. The man helped out by pulling the leg of Erin’s that wasn’t up on Dom’s shoulder wide and to the side to make more room for a second dick to fit in her colon.

“No fucking chance,” Erin retorted, though she made no indication to move away.

All parties were going to try though the chance of success of a double anal penetration to a relative anal newbie like Erin Moriarty was slim. The blonde’s hand stayed rubbing her clit while Tarra’s husband took over duties cupping and kneading her perky tit. However, just as Erin predicted, try as they might, the massive dildo unsurprisingly wouldn’t fit in her tight asshole alongside a hefty dick. Tarra had assumed so, which was why she had something else in mind.

“Pull away everyone,” the director instructed.

Obviously her husband stayed in place since Erin was lying on top of him, though his dick did pull out of her well used ass. Meanwhile, as Dom moved her large tits out of the way, Tarra took up position between the blonde’s legs. Tarra was already lubed up, but it was evenly coated over her fingers and hand, not the shaft of a toy. 

“Oh yes,” Erin cooed as she felt the first two lubricated digits enter her colon.

Erin’s moans gave way to more of a grunt by the time four fingers were blasting past her sphincter but this wasn’t the ultimate goal. The next time Tarra pushed her 4 fingers forward, she tucked her thumb into the bundle as well. They 5 digits only made it to the first knuckle before the anal ring tensed, but Tarra had patience and determination. She continued to lean and push, ignoring Erin’s growing screams until the widest part of her hand stretched the sphincter.

“Ohhh ffucckkkk!”

Rather than keep going, Tarra gave the screaming girl a moment’s reprieve by pulling back out, leaving a lovely gape in her asshole. However, after allowing the camera a second to capture the yawning hole, Tarra pushed back forward. Once more she stretched Erin’s asshole to its max before sliding back out, this time with less shrieks. It took twice more, but finally Erin’s asshole was stretched wide enough so that Tarra’s whole hand could crest the anal ring and fit into her rectum.

“Mmm! Mmm! Holy crap! If your...fist...in me?” Erin asked as she looked down her body.

Tarra didn’t need to answer her new porn star as Erin was not only feeling a whole hand up her ass but saw her ass getting fucked by the woman’s wrist. It was a crazy sight, seeing only a wrist exiting your ass and Erin felt disgusted but extremely proud of herself. About how far she’d come in such a short time. And this was why the second Dominique reached down and flicked her clit as Tarra’s fist was in her ass, Erin came like a wailing banshee.

“Yes! Ah! Awww! Oh! God! I’m cumming!”

Erin was their sex puppet for the remainder of their time, being penetrated, double penetrated and fisted on loop. She tasted her ass regularly, but had grown used to the taste. It was similar when boys would fuck her snatch then ask to be blown after - at first it was weird to be tasting yourself but you got used to it. In fact, just like tasting her own pussy, eating her ass was now the good type of naughty. And was Tarra ever willing to feed for a lot of it.

“Honey...I’ve run my race,” Tarra heard her husband’s warning. 

“I need to cum too.” Dominique shared with the group.

Tarra gave the Queen Maeve actress a go on gesture so Dominique quickly pulled a belt on the harness and it fell down her legs. She’d grown used to her Queen Maeve outfit over two seasons of filming so once the strap-on dildo was removed, she made similar hasty fashion to remove the metal skirt. Erin was lying reclined on the sofa with the man still hammering her asshole for all it was worth so Dominique climbed atop the furniture with a leg on either side of her blonde co-star. Despite several orgasms and an anal pounding for the ages, Erin had the presence of mid to steer her mouth to the oncoming pussy so her tongue could scoure deep within the pink folds. As Erin wiggled her tongue in her snatch, Dom used a hand to vigorously rub her clit, which brought her to a rapid and explosive climax.


Not only did Dominique cum all over Erin’s probing tongue, but she squirt as well. Erin wasn’t prepared for the typhoon of juices that exploded from Dominique’s pussy and plastered her gorgeous face. Erin was in too much shock to react, instead she took the wave of whatever type of fluid it was square to the face, drenching her skin and hair in the process. She was so shocked that only the bellow of a deep man’s voice could snap her back to reality.

“Fuck me! Cumming!”

“Cum inside her,” Tarra directed.

With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against Erin’s well-formed butt cheeks. With time of the essence he reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Erin’s rectum, Dominique leaned down and started her glorious sucking of his nuts under Tarra’s instruction. Knowing her husband well, this made the man shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Tarra’s husband’s muscles slackened and he went to pull out and collapse for a well earned rest.

“Don’t pull out yet,” Tarra told her man, seeing that he was about to withdraw. “Get ready to collect Dom.”

Staying still, he waited and watched as Dom shuffled in her kneeling position until her face was right beneath Erin’s bubbly bottom. At this point, the Queen Maeve actress gave the man a nod, the non-verbal cue of permission to pull out. The moment his dick left Erin’s ass, Dom rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the blonde’s gaping tush.

“Push it out. Give Dominique all the cum,” Tarra instructed.

Erin did as she was told. The Starlight actress  thought the mere idea of this was disgusting, but Tarra had shown herself to have no limits sexually. Pushing out like she was asked, Erin risked making a complete mess as it appeared Tarra and Dom both knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds the blonde felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against Dominique’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Dominique cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of salty jizz and Erin’s ass. 

“More. Keep going.” Tarra demanded.

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of his load was shot from her asshole into Dominique’s mouth, the rich girl continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Dominique’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustively collapsed down onto the sofa.

“Now share.”

Upon hearing the command, Dominique quickly popped off from her knees and found herself straddling Erin, leaning right over top of her face. 

“Dom?” the blonde asked out of shock.

The near naked Queen Maeve seized the chance now that Erin’s mouth was open. Dominique pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Erin was just as exhausted as Tarra’s man was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize the blonde once again. However, Dom wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Erin parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did the sexy Dom shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Erin grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

The blonde girl's first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful 25 year old steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at Tarra. Her director was capturing every slutty moment with her camera, watching for how Erin handled Dominique’s snowballing the cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Erin said after she swallowed down the mix of his cum, Dom’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices. 

“So how did we do?” Dom asked, sitting on the sofa beside her equally exhausted co-star.

“I think we have a best seller on our hands ladies!”

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