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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 3
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Mike Adriano
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Camila Mendes, Lili reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, or Mike Adriano nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up to shoot their secret porn video is Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart

“Oh God Cami, I’m so happy we get to do this together,” Lili Reinhart said to her best friend.

“I couldn’t imagine doing it alone,” Camila Mendes agreed wholeheartedly.

“Poor Madie,” the blonde retorted after a moment’s silence.

The Riverdale stars were of course referring to their upcoming scene in what was commonly referred to as Hollywood Pornstars. Essentially, it was like a modern day casting couch but the rich and powerful players in Hollywood tapped into their resources and hired porn studios for the deed. The hottest up and coming actresses, models and singers in the bid to accelerate or launch their careers would perform in videos that would be only privately viewed by those willing to pay enough money for the scenes.

Madelaine Petsch had drawn a super intense studio that really put her through the ringer. It had happened only hours ago, but Camila and Lili had just got off the phone with her. The redhead’s voice was still exceedingly hoarse and likely would be for a number of days. It would also take days until Madelaine would be able to sit on any type of hard furniture. 

“At least we drew a respectable studio,” Lili said as the Brazilian navigated another corner, drawing them closer to their destination.

“Tell me about it,” Cami agreed as her GPS told her their destination was within 200 yards.

“Plus Mike’s sexy as hell,” Lili gushed, referring to the porn legend they’d be working with. 

“And hung like a horse,” Cami added with a wicked smile. “Here already. Let’s go meet the crew of All Anal!”

“Hmm...I wonder if I’ll be taking his pole up my pooper?” Lili questioned, drawing a giggle from her friend as they exited their vehicle.

*    *    *

“So today is a special day, isn’t it ladies,” Mike, the famous porn actor and producer exclaimed from behind the camera.

“Yeah,” both girls celebrated at the same time. “We get to share a cock today,” Lili Reinhart added.

“I take it this is something that hasn’t happened before?” 

“No, but after we pulled your name it made us realize that it was something we’ve been longing to do for awhile,” Camila answered this time.

“I mean, we’ve hooked up a bunch of times,” the openly bisexual Lili added. “But we haven’t brought anyone else into our bed at the same time.”

“Oh? When was the last time you two hooked up?”

“Umm...well last week we were eating each other’s pussies in the trailer at work,” the curvy blonde answered after a moment’s thought.

“Well I’m happy to be the lucky man who gets to experience the twin pleasures of the two best friends and part-time lovers,” Mike grinned wickedly. “And so which one of you lovely ladies am I getting to fully appreciate?”

“Well...we decided that based on anal experience and pure enjoyibility, I’m is going to be taking your big, hard cock,” Lili answered with pure lust burning in her sparkling green eyes.

“And I’m the lucky lady who’ll be eating a lot of ass and sucking that gorgeous dick,” Camila added, bringing a little giggle from both girls.

“Have you ever had a girl suck a dick straight from your ass,” Mike asked the busty blonde.

“No. Never,” Lili answered honestly. “And it makes me feel really, really excited.”

“Im super excited as well,” Camila agreed.

“Yeah? Excited to taste your best friend’s ass juices?” Mike questioned with a wicked smile.

“Sounds weird but I totally am,” the Brazilian actress admitted.

“Well let’s have you show me and the audience what I’ll be getting to fully appreciate,” Mike stated.

Still holding hands, the two best friends rose from the sofa to give the camera a long look at their fronts. Right off the bat, several similarities and differences could be noted. For one, they were both gorgeous women. Still in their early 20s, their bodies were shapely with both possessing an hourglass figure. Camila had paired her black bra and thong to compliment her equally dark hair while Lili went lighter - her pale skin color and golden locks worn with a purple bra. However, they each wore the other girl’s preferred color as stocking and high heels, with Lili’s black on black stocking-heels combo and Camila going with the brighter purple combination with the color making her pop all the more for it.

“Gorgeous. C cup for Lili and B for Camila?” Mike asked.

“You know a pair of tits when you see them,” Lili replied as they both nodded their heads in agreeance. 

“It is my job. Now turn around...first side profile then backside,” the legendary director instructed.

The Riverdale pair did as they were told. They each turned the opposite way so that they were facing each other, standing close enough together that their perky tits touched, but also curving their backs to make their booties more pronounced. From the side angle, they looked almost the same. Camila’s may have been slightly phatter, but Lili had a thick ass as well, with each one being curvy and well defined. It wasn’t until they turned their backs to the director and camera that it was obvious that the Brazilian’s butt was the wider of the two. 

“Well that’s totally fair. You both have equally pretty faces but Lili is more top-heavy while Camila has the bigger booty,” Mike observed.

“I do love the junk in my trunk,” Camila grinned as she took a paw-full of ass in each hand and shook it.

“And I’m a big fan of my boobs,” Lili replied, giving each of her tits a feel.

“God! Can’t wait to jerk off my cock with your ass then make you lick it all up,” the director groaned, his erection straining against his pants.

“Should I...start stripping your anal plaything?” Camila asked the horny man.

Lili turned back around, staying on her feet as Camila descended to sit on the edge of the sofa. Ever the performers, Lili arched her back to make her already juicy booty look even more mouthwatering. Meanwhile the dark-haired girl rubbed her hands lately over the fleshy pale cheeks, allowing a lot of access given the tiny purple G-string Lili was wearing. Mike floated about, taking different views from several angles all while Camila continued to stroke or jiggle the meaty flesh, while Lili would go into more of a squat to really make her ass look bigger and better.

“I think you should go ahead and peel that poor excuse of panties off,” Mike said, the camera lens a foot away from the girls.

Camila Camila and looked at the camera the whole time she looped her fingers into the waistband and started to pull them down. She did it slowly and seductively until finally it came off.

“Her ass was eating it,” the Brazilian joked. 

“Oh God! Beautiful,” Mike commented before adding. “Spread it for me, Cami. And Lili, can you wink your ass.”

The two actresses went about their given tasks, and like the overachievers they were, they succeed. As Camila grabbed a handful of fleshy cheek in each hand before pulling them apart, Lili strained against her anal ring. Just as the porn director wanted, the blonde succeeded in making her asshole go from a crinkled little starfish to having a small but noticeable gape in it.

“So hot,” Mike complimented.

“I know,” Camila agreed. “I can’t wait to watch your big dick going in and out of it.”

“Wouldn’t staring at two booties be better than one?” Lili asked the legend.

Camila and Mike knew exactly what the openly bisexual blonde meant by her comment. Rolling over so she was on her knees atop the sofa with her upper body resting on the backrest, Lili turned so she was face level with the behemoth of a booty. Like Camila had done to her, Lili stroked the olive-colored flesh and even gave her cheeks a little kiss before she slowly pulled the thong Camila was wearing off her body and around her knees.

“Oh my God! Look at that tight little asshole,” Lili commented about the Brazilian’s virgin hole. 

“Can I stick my tongue in it?” Mike asked the dark-haired beauty.

“I’d be sad if you didn’t,” Camila answered.

The legendary porn figure wasted no more time before diving in to feast on the bountiful booty before him. With a palm on each of Camila’s thick cheeks, Mike pulled them apart to better expose the object of his affection. Despite his strong grip, there wasn’t much of a gape in the tight hole so Mike stuck out his tongue and pushed against the anal ring until it gave way. Well, partially. For the most part he was restricted to simply rimming the edge of her ring and only managed to worm the very tip past her sphincter.

“That’s a tight asshole,” Mike commented, drawing a laugh from both women.

“I really do have a tight butt,” Camila agreed. “Boyfriends complain about it all the time since they can’t get their peckers into it.”

However, you don’t get to be a porn legend famous for anal sex without knowing a few tricks. For one, he had the two best friends start making out. A little distraction went a long way and it was working already. The moment the Riverdale stars started lip smacking and tongue wrangling, Mike’s tongue found a slightly more malleable backdoor. Also, there was no substitute for hard work. Over and over Mike combined his cheek separation with the hands with hard probing with the tip of his tongue. Though Camila was far from gaping wide like Lili could, the man was able to penetrate roughly an inch deep into Camila’s tight ass.

“Do you like his tongue in your ass?” Lili asked her best friend.

“God! So much,” the dark-haired beauty answered automatically.

“And what about our anal star over here,” Mike stated.

Crawling only a foot or two, he moved away from the Brazilian and positioned himself behind Lili. Even with just his pulling of the cheeks apart and asking her push out against her asshole, Mike and the camera could easily tell that Lili was much looser in the backdoor department. The first time the porn legend pushed his tongue against her asshole it gave immediately and widened over an inch in diameter.

“Look at that gape!” Mike commented before delivering another half dozen rapid tongue pokes.

“Pretty obvious she’s had a couple dozen cocks in there,” Camila mentioned about her best friend.

“Guilty...mmhmm...as charged,” Lili replied through a moan as her asshole was invaded with a skilled tongue.

Always the showman, Mike made sure he had Lili wink her butthole on more than a few occasions for the camera. Despite being only 23 years old, the blonde had quite the anal control, making her asshole stretch from roughly an inch wide to sealing almost air tight. Mike rewarded her with a lengthy rimjob, taking the occasional break to switch over and do likewise to an equally vocal Camila Mendes.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” Camila commented to Lili.

“He’s getting me so wet,” Lili stated.

“Ready to come sit on it baby?” Mike asked.

“Yes! I was just about to say I couldn’t wait to get it in,” Lili replied with a toothy grin. 

The man decided that lying on the ground was how he wanted to kick off the sodomy so he rested his shoulders and back against the front of the sofa so he was on an angle. Lili had grown so used to giving blowjobs or riding guys on hard surfaces that her knees were perfectly content resting on the cement as she rode his dick.

“Ready for that cock in my ass?” Lili asked the cameraman before turning her head in Camila’s direction. “You ready for it too?”

“Oh I can’t wait to watch you get fucked in your booty,” the Brazilian replied as Lili straddled the well-hung man. 

The golden-haired beauty wasted no time in sitting further down in his lap until her ass was hovering right over his thick cock. Though Lili wasn’t lying when she claimed to be an anal sex veteran, none of her boyfriends had be as thick as Mike. However, she had prepared for today well by using the newly bought dildos and butt plugs, not to mention opting for a good deal of coconut oil up her rectum as lube, she felt confident. With only slowing minimally, Lili descended the last few inches and took his tip in her anal cavity without much issue.

“You just swallowed that great big cock,” Camila commented.

Lili had paused for a few seconds after the initial penetration. Normally that was from pain and allowing her hole to stretch, but not today. She didn’t know if it was the excitement or all her prep but she paused simply to adjust her legs and make sure the camera was ready to capture all the action. Once comfortable, Lili began bouncing on his lap, taking a healthy 4 inches in and out of her caboose all the while.

“Ah fuck, keep going,” the porn legend instructed.

Camila watched her best friend ride a thick cock up the ass before springing into motion. Mike had somewhat forgotten about the Brazilian, but luckily for him Camila was used to participating in threesomes. Already between his legs, the dark-haired girl bent low and being safe not to have her head crushed between the floor and Lili’s bouncing ass, she got closer and closer to the couple. Finally within range, Camila opened her mouth and captured one of Mike’s nuts between her lips and began sucking as his dick was ridden by the blonde.

“Fuck, this is heaven,” Mike grunted his satisfaction.

Despite the fact that they had never been in a threesome together, it didn’t mean that the Riverdale girls didn’t have electric chemistry. Camila didn’t know how her blonde friend knew where her head was in relation to her ass because it seemed that Lili would ride Mike’s dick just love enough that her milky white cheeks would just brush Camila’s dark hair but not actually collide with her. This allowed the olive-skinned girl to continue her truly relentless ball sucking of the porn legend’s nuts, taking turns giving a long suck to one at a time. 

“How’s the view from back there,” Lili asked her best friend with a sly grin.

Over the past few minutes, Lili had really worked up into a frenzy. Though she had started somewhat slow and with only half his cock ramming into her ass, she progressively improved. First she started going faster on the four inches she was riding then she gradually slowed down and lengthened her descents until she was taking all 8, thick inches into her caboose. By the time she asked her friend how the view was, Lili was galloping on Mike’s cock like it was the final stretch of the Triple Crown.

“Spectacular, bae,” Camila replied. “I love watching his thick cock tear into your tight little bubble butt.”

Spurred on by her best friend’s admiration and the fact she was thoroughly enjoying herself, Lili Reinhart rode faster and faster. In fact, Camila had to alter what she was doing given the fact that the blonde was plummeting her curvy ass all the way down Mike’s shaft, all the way to the bottom. Thinking quickly, Camila decided her talents could best be used further upwards. Rather than latching her mouth onto his balls, the Brazilian extended her tongue and essentially traced the course of Lili’s anal ring. Every time the blonde rode Mike’s dick to its pinnacle, Camila was licking his underbelly an inch below. She immediately would hit the brakes and reverse course down his shaft.

“Oh you naughty minx,” the porn legend grunted his satisfaction.

“What’s she doing?” Lili asked, slowling her fucking down in order to look back over her shoulder.

Licking me right after your ass moves off my cock,” Mike explained.

“So filthy Cami,” Lili commented as she slowed her riding down, giving her friend more time to tongue the man’s cock. “Like the taste of my dirty, dirty ass off Mike’s dick?”

“It’s pretty yummy,” the licking girl answered honestly.

“Have you ever gone ass to mouth, Camila?” Mike asked.

“Never,” she replied with a grin into the camera. “But I’m really excited to try Lili’s butt.”

“Such a perfect slut in training,” the blonde commented about her best friend.

“You ready?” Mike asked, his hands going to the underside of Lili’s legs.

“Lili wanted to give her fellow Riverdale actress the full experience so she descended all the way down Mike’s cock one final time. Rather than ride to the top right away, Lili stayed with all 7 inches of hard flesh soaking in her bowels, getting more and more of her juices onto his manhood but they millisecond. Finally ready, Lili placed both her hands on her meaty cheeks, pulled them apart then rode up the dick until it pulled free of her rectum with a little pop.

Under Mike’s instruction, Camila only held his cock with as little contact as possible in order to leave as much of Lili’s ass flavor on his skin. Camila caught his member the moment it popped out of her friend’s body and as she lowered her face, Cami’s eyes wandered to the wide gape that Lili called an asshole. Her creamy white skin gave way to a pink ring and then beneath was a tunnel of bright red. Remembering the task at hand, Camila’s eyes focused back on the thick slab of meat resting gingerly in her hand before she inhaled over half of the shaft in one sudden action.

“Mmmm,” Camila moaned her admiration.

The Brazilian actress showed absolutely no hesitation as she threw her face towards the hulking cock that moments before had been ass fucking her best friend and co-star. She did a long push and hold, letting his dick linger for seconds at a time in her mouth and more importantly on her tongue. Not disgusted, Camila did the action again before resorting to more of a traditional blowjob with rapid bobs of her lips against his shaft.

“You dirty girl!” Lili celebrated her normally goodie-good of a friend doing such a dirty act.

“Your ass tastes so sweet and nasty,” Camila remarked before running her tongue along the man’s dick from base to tip. “I love it!”

When it was clear Camila was slowing down on her sucking, Mike decided it was perfect timing to switch things up. “Let’s change position to give our viewers a new angle.”

Always a gentleman, the older man helped the best friends to their feet before directing them how he wanted them situated. Understanding full well that this man had complete dominion over them for the length of their shoot, the Riverdale girls listened to his orders. Lili was first onto the sofa, kneeling on the furniture before leaning to rest her arms on the backrest so her underrated tits could sway under her body. Camila followed suit, kneeling but perpendicular to her friend so her gorgeous face came to rest on the shelf that Lili’s ass made for her.

Mike gave them a moment to settle before his big dick came back into the camera’s frame. Lili knew he was behind her as the sofa dimpled just enough under the weight of his knee before she felt his invading cockhead butt against her asshole. Given the fact her anal ring was still gaping wide open, Mike took advantage and eased his dick in without resistance until he got half his lengthy manhood back into her guts.

“Oh fuck!” the blonde bisexual moaned from the sudden anal penetration.

Mike started slowly out of respect for the 23 year old, but that changed when Camila began to diddle the blonde’s clit. Not only did Lili begin moaning, but her ass started to rock back to meet his thrusts. This was all the permission Mike was looking for as he started to lengthen his strides, probing deeper into Lili Reinhart’s bowels with each stroke.

“Wow...she’s so wet,” Camila commented to Mike, the camera and whoever would be watching their porn video.

“Yeah? You like getting ass fucked Lili?” Mike asked as he picked up the tempo.

“So much!”

Mike felt it was time to get Camila back involved so after another dozen of thrusts, he pulled out of Lili’s asshole and left his massive shaft hovering in the Brazilian’s face. She didn’t disappoint by immediately opening her mouth and bobbing her face towards his cock, all without use of hands. Mike rocked his hips towards her face to help the dark-haired girl build moment, though Camila was hungrily sucking away on the fleshy pole that moments before had been wedged deep in her best friend’s asshole. 

This time Mike had her perform ass to mouth for only a few seconds before he planted his cock back in Lili’s bowels. However, he returned to Camila’s mouth only a half-dozen seconds later, his cock surprising the Brazilian with his sudden return. His filthy cock glided along the skin of her face before Camila regained composure and steered him into her mouth once more. 

“That’s it,” the porn legend commented as the Brazilian sucked her best friend’s ass juices from his cock.

Mike performed this tactic throughout his doggy-style fuck of Lili. He would vary it up as sometimes he would go hard and faster but for a brief time in Lili’s ass. Other times he would do almost a one-for-one style where after each deep thrust inside the blonde’s booty he would then present his dick for a suck by Camila.  

“Ready to taste more of my ass, you shit-drunk slut?” Lili asked her best friend.

“God, you're nasty,” Mike commented. 

He clearly meant it as a compliment given the way he bent down to shove his tongue into Lili’s mouth in response to her dirty talk. Just like previously, the moment his thick cock popped free of the warm confines of Lili Reinhart’s ass, the Brazilian pounced on it. With solid eye contact with the camera, Camila energetically bobbed up and down the top half of his length, savoring the strong earthy flavor coming off his fleshy pole. Camila continued to keep his dick in her mouth for a while as her best friend and porn legend continued to make out. Before Camila knew it, Lili was kneeling beside her, retching her head away from the filthy manhood so that the blonde could make out with her.

“You’re so naughty, bae,” the blonde bisexual told her friend between kisses. “I fucking love it.”

“Show me how good friends you are by sharing my cock,” Mike told the kissing pair.

“You heard him,” Lili smiled at the other girl.

They broke their kiss and with her position directly in front of the lucky man, Camila had first crack at him, something she took advantage of immediately. Opening her mouth and pushing her gorgeous face forward, Camila wrapped her lips around the first half of his dick. Lili didn’t mind her best friend taking the lead as she stuck out her tongue and licked the other portion to be sure nothing was left out from the warm embrace of their mouths.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Camila’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Inch by inch, as Camila pulled back while bobbing on the man, Lili let her mouth push closer to her. Finally the Brazilian was left just sucking on his tip until it was just her tongue making little circles around his piss slit. Lili gave her best friend a kiss then edged her out completely, pouncing to engulf half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down his cock with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash.

Mike was loving the dual attention of both Riverdale beauties, yet it was only getting started. Camila may have initially been unsure what to do next but she had decided to sink lower on her knees and moved her head even closer. Opening wide before closing on his closest ball, she sucked on the sensitive sack before taking the other to roll around her mouth with her skilled tongue.

“So good,” he complimented, a hand on the back of Lili’s head as she swirled with every bob along his length.

For the next several minutes the girls continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. Lili had followed the dark-haired girl’s lead shortly after Mike’s first audible groan so that they each had a nut in their mouth and sucked away while one of them stroked his manhood.

However, much to his pleasure, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other’s eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

“We make a hell of a team,” Camila finally commented with a wide grin.

“We may have to make a habit of this,” Lili replied, giving her friend a tongue-filled kiss.

“Damn straight! But I think Mike wants more of your fine booty,” the Brazilian correctly assumed.

“Gorgeous and perceptive,” the famous porn actor stated. After giving an assistant off camera a nod, the man returned with a pair of what looked almost like oven mitts. “Time to give the fans a good view of Lili’s asshole.”

“What have they been looking at then?” Lili commented with a laugh.

The blue mittens were handed to Camila who put them on without needing to be told. She had seen enough of Mike’s videos to know that these were the Gape Gloves. Though they looked a little silly, they would serve an important purpose. Given how sticky the inner palm was, the gloves allowed for the user to clutch even the most lubed up of surfaces and have the surest of grips. As Camila slid the gloves onto her hands, Lili fulfilled her role by resting her back on the sofa before drawing her legs up so she could bring her knees towards her pillowy tits.

Mike took the time that Lili was using to get in position and that Camila was using to put on the gloves in order to apply another healthy dose of lubrication. Though the blonde actress was handling everything his dig dick was doling out at her with aplomb, it was always better to err on the side of extra lube when it came to anal sex. Besides, the grippy surface of the oversized mittens he handed the Brazilian would ensure that all the lube in the world wouldn’t make Lili’s ass too slippery to get a hold of.

“Ahh,” Lili cooed as Mike’s dick slid home back in her ass.

Mike resumed a steady pace of fucking the curvy blonde. He didn’t go too deep, instead only using about half his length to ream her asshole. He stuck to an easy speed that was right in between fast and slow. Finally after giving Camila specific instructions, Mike pushed his entire 7 inches into Lili’s ass and confirmed that the Brazilian was ready. The dark-haired girl took up better purchase on her best friend’s cheeks and pulled them apart with all her arm strength as Mike told Lili to push outwards. As the blonde focused on the task, Mike pulled back all the way and allowed the cameraman to get a great view at the tunnel deep inside Lili Reinhart.

“Holy wow, Lils! I can see so far into you,” Camila laughed.

“Is it...am I...clean?” Lili asked, worried about the answer.

“I think Mikey here has been packing your fudge so deep that not even your massive opening can spy any,” Camila responded to her best friend.

With Lili feeling more confident, Mike drove his dick back into her booty. This time he only performed a dozen thrusts before he warned the ladies he’d be withdrawing. Just like before, the gape in Lili’s asshole was impressive, measuring roughly an inch and a half. This routine continued but with Mike varying the speed, depth and number of thrusts into Lili’s anus before withdrawing and having the women make her already wide open ass look even moreso. Not to be left out, Camila’s mouth was now being utilized often to perform a good deal of ass to mouth blowjobs, an act the Brazilian seemed to really be taking well to. 

“Shit ladies. I’m tapped,” the porn legend uttered. “Time for the money shot.”

“Gonna fill her ass with your spunk,” the still energetic Brazilian asked.

With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against Lili’s well-formed butt cheeks. With time of the essence he reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Lili’s rectum, Camila leaned back in and started her glorious sucking of his nuts, which only made the older man shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Mike’s muscles slackened and he went to pull out and collapse for a well-earned nap.

“Okay, get in position Camilla,” Mike told the ready and willing Brazilian.

Staying with his dick acting like a cork in Lili’s ass, he waited and watched as Camila shuffled in her kneeling position until her face was right beneath the blonde’s thick bottom. The Brazilian gave the older man a nod, the non-verbal cue of permission to pull out. The moment his dick left her best friend’s ass, Camila rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the curvy blonde’s gaping tush.

“Push it out, Lili. Give Cami all the cum,” Mike instructed.

Lili did as she was told. Lili didn’t know how her best friend was going to react to the raunchy and somewhat disgusting idea of Mike’s, but so far Camila had handled all the ass to mouth with ease. Pushing out like she was asked, Lili risked making a complete mess as it appeared Camila knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds Lili felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against Camila’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Camila cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - Mike’s salty jizz and Lili’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of the porn legend’s load was shot from her asshole into Camila’s mouth, the blonde girl continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Camila’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down onto the sofa.

“Thanks babe,” Camila said, already having swallowed roughly half the cum. 

“Not all of it,” Mike told the Brazilian. 

Camila knew what the older man meant by his comment, having described off-camera how he wanted the video to end. She had forgotten in the initial lust of having a full mouthful of cum on her tongue, but now she knew she had to be a team player so she quickly popped off from her knees and found herself straddling Lili, leaning right over top of her face. 

“Cami?” Lili asked out of surprise.

The gorgeous Brazilian seized the chance now that Lili’s mouth was open. Camila pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Lili was just as exhausted as Mike was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize the blonde once again. However, Camila wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Lili mimicked the dark-haired girl’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did Camila shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Mike had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Lili grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

Out of surprise, Lili’s reflexes almost kicked in and made to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful blonde steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at the camera. Though the older man was exhausted after being put through his paces by the two energetic lovers, he still had his eyes open and was watching for how Lili handled Camila snowballing his cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Lili said after she swallowed down the mix of Mike’s cum, Camila’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices. 

“Whoa ladies! Well done,” Mike commented, huffing from the hour long fuck session. “Anything to add?”

“I had a great time,” Camila said into the camera.

“And next time Cami will give up her big thick booty,” Lili added, jiggling the meaty flesh her friend possessed.

“I really hope that’s a promise,” Mike added before the little red little on the camera went dark.

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