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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 39
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Sydney Sweeney, Halsey, Pierre Woodman, Josh Jo
Codes: FF, MF, MFF, MMFF, Anal, DP, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Sydney Sweeney, Halsey, Pierre Woodman, or Josh Jo, nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the companies/studios mentioned (specifically Woodman’s site/studio including Wake Up N Fuck), or its characters in any way

Summary: Sydney Sweeney gets woken up and fucked by Pierre Woodman, who surprises her with her best friend Halsey to join in on the fun

Note: Thanks to HeatherWeather for a little add-on idea about the proper way Woodman should wake up a sleeping beauty

As with every intro to a Woodman Wake Up N Fuck video, it opened with a POV camera angle walking down the corridor of a hotel. This time, he stopped in front of room 718, used the keycard and entered the bedroom. Typical neutral-colored wallpaper adorned the walls as Pierre Woodman stepped inside, noting a closet on the right, bathroom with a wide tub to the left, and a king-sized bed in the main room. 

“Can I go climb in?” an excited whispered voice asked the legendary French porn director.

“Oui. Go,” Pierre replied, blending English with French together.

A minute after hearing Pierre whisper those words, the woman best known as Halsey was naked and approaching the bed. Sydney Sweeney had been expecting the blankets to be pulled back and for Pierre to roam over her naked sleeping body, therefore she wasn’t surprised to feel the covers peeled back. It did surprise her when the mattress depressed as the weight of another body crawled under the sheets, facing her. Still, she kept her eyes closed as she ‘slept’.

Pierre did his visuals with the camera, making sure to capture the two sleeping beauties from several angles. After a minute of filming, Woodman went to the upper corner where Halsey ‘slept’ and started to remove the covers from the bed. Pierre stopped when all of the American singer’s body was fully exposed, drinking in her image with his camera. The 25 year old was blessed with a near perfect body that was of the hourglass figure, consisting of a pair of insanely perky tits that bordered into the territory of C-cups. A flat stomach gave way to wide hips and an ass that was both wide and phat in all the best ways.

“Magnifique,” Pierre cooed.

Walking to the other side of the bed, the Frenchman reached over and clutched the covers as he continued removing them from the girls. Sydney was laying on her side with her legs twisted in a way that allowed her face, tits and ass to all be visible. Since she was a Hollywood actress, her face was obviously beautiful, but it was her least attractive feature. Her ass was underrated as well. Despite her relatively narrow hips, the 22 year old had a nice round and firm booty on her. However, those features were dwarfed by her traffic-stopping, jaw dropping breasts. Despite being only 22 years of age, the Euphoria actress had a natural set of DD that were 100% natural with bright pink nipples capping each. 

A sudden devious thought struck the Spider. Holding the camera still with one hand, Pierre used his other to unzip the front of his pants. After a moment of fishing, the Frenchman withdrew his semi-erect cock. There were a few feet separating the friends so Woodman crawled up the bed until his hips were face level. With a thumb in Sydney’s chin to pull her mouth open, Pierre placed his dick right between the busty blonde’s lips.

After a few seconds of filming his dick in her sleeping mouth, Pierre spoke. “Wake up my sleeping beauties.”

“Naughty boy,” Sydney said...or likely said as it came out in a mumble.

The blonde did what she always did when she found a dick in her mouth. She closed her lips in a tight-fitting O and bobbed her head along his length. Within a few passes of his meat between her lips, Pierre was rock hard. It was only then that Halsey peered around his thick body to get a view of the action.

“Ashley!” Sydney practically screamed as she spat Pierre’s dick from her mouth in excitement.

“Well hello to you too,” the singer replied, answering to her real name.

Pierre took that moment to retreat down the bed and let the friends have their mini-reunion. 

“What are you doing here?” Sydney asked.

“I heard through the grapevine you were scheduled to shoot with The Spider so I had my manager make a call. Apparently, Pierre liked the idea of combining a pair of best friends together,” Halsey explained.

“I’ll likely edit out the strong reaction,” Woodman commented. “But why don’t you properly greet your friend.”

“Mmmm...I think that’s something we can do,” Sydney swooned.

As the two girls crawled next to one another, so close their ample breasts squished together, they followed that by pressing their lips together. The pair had first met when Sydney was hired to star alongside Ashley in one of her music videos, and they’d been close ever since. Best of friends, as well as pillow mates, as they were once again as Pierre filmed them.

“Good morning, bestie,” Halsey purred, momentarily breaking their kiss. 

As Sydney went to throw her upside arm around Halsey’s hourglass form, the dark-haired singer had a similar idea. Halsey used the younger actress’ movement to roll towards her so the best friends were wrapped in each other's arms, as well as legs once Hasley threw her left leg around the busty girl’s waist.

Sydney needed to feel the dark-haired woman’s pouty lips against hers once more, so that’s exactly what she did. Leaning her head forward, the actress didn’t have to go very far as Halsey was already extending her neck to seek out the 22 year old. Just like they’d done countless times over the past year or two, Ashley’s lips felt fantastic, so big and soft against her’s. Of course, when they parted those lips and allowed their tongues to swirl together didn’t feel too bad either.

“I’d almost forgotten how good your lips felt,” Halsey murmured as her hand came up to knead one of the actress’ large tits.

“Right back at you, hot stuff,” Sydney replied, both hands reaching down to grope the singer’s plump ass. “God! For a fit girl, your ass is super thicc.”

“Awwwh...you know exactly how to butter me up,” Halsey cooed as she playfully tweaked one of the actress’ nipples.

“Why don’t you show your appreciation to your friend for coming all this way for you,” Pierre suggested.

Though Halsey wouldn’t have minded the busty girl between her thighs, the singer had flown a long way to be here and she wanted (no, needed) those pillowy tits. The singer used a heel pressed against the mattress to push off and plant Sydney on the bed on her back with Ashley on top. As their tits pressed against each other with their bodies writhing together, Halsey was soon in motion. First kissing down Sydney’s jaw to reach her neck, the singer’s pouty lips kissed down, over her collarbones until she could capture the first of the Euphoria star’s nipples in her mouth.

“Mmhmm! Oh!” Sydney moaned as her boob was sucked hard on.

With her left nipple fully erect and wet from the oral attention, Halsey shifted to the other side and gave the same treatment to Sydney’s right breast. It truly was amazing how any girl, especially one as young as a 22 year old, could have such a huge natural rack. Then again, the singer had been told the parable many times about looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

Still not at her destination, Halsey continued her descent down the other actress’ body with kisses over her flat stomach. After swirling her tongue in Sydney’s belly button for a few rotations, the singer rubbed her sheek along the bare patch of skin most girls had pubes, but Sydney always preferred the bald pussy look. Finally at the other woman’s cunt, Halsey drew a big breath in through her nose, sampling Sydney’s snatch odor before using her nose to delicately nuzzle the woman’s clit.

“Tease,” Sydney moaned, trying to lift her ass off the bed to get more contact against the singer’s face.

“Tease, huh?” Ashley asked with a quirk of her eyebrow.

Not forgetting about the camera, playtime was almost over yet still the singer didn’t go straight for her friend’s snatch right away. Instead she went off to the side and planted a long, wet kiss against each of Sydney’s soft inner thighs. After that though, it was as though a flip was switched as away went teasing Halsey and was replaced by hungry Halsey. Like a heat seeking missile she immediately buried her tongue in Sydney’s wet pink hole without warning and began lapping inside her pussy.

“Oh sweet heavens,” the 22 year old screamed.

Halsey couldn’t help but snicker at her best friend’s comments as she danced her tongue along Sydney’s length, finally settling at her nub. Putting her lips all around the sensitive structure, Halsey darted her tongue wildly over the Euphoria star’s clitoris. Luckily the singer was indeed strong and had a good grip on Sydney’s thighs because once Halsey started to use Sydney’s clit as a speed bag, Sydney began thrashing around wildly on the bed.

Undeterred by Sydney’s strong reaction, the singer let the younger actress have a bit more of her skilled tongue lashing her clit before breaking the seal Ashley had created around the top of her folds. Sydney stopped her high pitch, almost maniacal screaming and returned to a more bearable moaning as she felt Halsey move her mouth back down towards her opening.

“Jesus!” Sydney swore as she could finally catch her breath after going from light tease to full throttle clit licking.

Halsey took a quick second to smile before pressing her lips back against Sydney’s pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The tattooed singer took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn’t done it in a few months, which was like an eternity for the dark-haired bisexual.

“Damn you taste good,” Halsey commented as she surfaced for air for the first time in over a minute. “Almost forgot how sweet you are.”

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Halsey dove right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Sydney’s sweet honey pot. The singer was keeping her lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy, something Ashley knew would be best for someone who had been on the end of one of her tongue lashings more than a few dozen times. Now Halsey had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power, just like she did to shock and awe Sydney initially.

“Oh yes Ashley! Lick my pussy!”

While Sydney was being thoroughly distracted by Ashley, Pierre had shed his closing, all without missing a moment of the action for his viewers. Not only was the Frenchman naked, but he was sporting an erection as he stalked closer to the big busted actress. Sydney felt the mattress sag around her as Pierre joined the two women on the bed, but rather than getting his dick sucked, Pierre straddled the blonde so his dick could fall in the huge valley between her flesh mountains.

“Use your breasts,” Pierre insisted, using his cockhead to rub against one of her hard nipples.

“I think I can do what you want,” Sydney giggled.

Pierre’s cock was by no means small. In fact, it was above average in both length and girth. Yet, the porn legend’s dick looked tiny as Sydney placed a hand on either side of her massive tits and sandwiched his pole between them. Having given countless titty fucks in the past 5 years given how outstanding her breasts were, Sydney knew that a tight seal was required, but so too was a little wetness. Before she could ask for lube, Pierre generously supplied the lubrication from his own mouth, allowing a large amount of his spit to leak from his mouth and coat his manhood.

“That’s it. Fuck my big tits,” the actress encouraged.

From the position flat on her back with the big man on her chest and Halsey still between her thighs, it was impossible for Sydney to do anything other than keep those perfect tits of hers wrapped around his cock. Not minding to be the one doing all the work, not when his dick was sandwick between Sydney Sweeney’s insanely big boobs, Pierre thrust his hips repeatedly into the twin funbags. Not completely helpless, Sydney did add to the sublime sensation for Pierre by pulling her tits up and down at the same time he was thrusting along her breastbone, making for an even faster titty fuck.

“Oui! Oui,” Pierre grunted. “Fuccckkk!”

Sydney smiled at his response and rewarded him by craning her neck forward and licking his tip whenever it came poking out from her tremendous cleavage. She could taste a salty treat from him as a bead of precum had developed on his piss slit, which only made Sydney’s tongue dart out and lick him with even greater intent. 

“Fantastique!” Pierre grunted again. “But I have more in mind then just sampling your boobs.”

“Oh?” Sydney quirked an eyebrow in question.

“Suck my dick, beautiful.”

Pierre crawled a foot higher up the bed so his ass was practically sitting on her perfect chest but it allowed his dick to flop right onto the blonde’s face. Sydney reached out with her hand, gripping his fleshy tool, and used it to steer it towards her face until her lips could close around it. 

Halsey had to slow her insane pussy-eating tempo in order to allow Sydney to focus on sucking the famous man off. While he was enjoying Sydney’s lips bobbing up and down the majority of his shaft with a slow pace for now, Sydney was on the receiving end of a pleasure-deriving snatch licking

“Ah yes. This is your best look,” Pierre groaned. “A dick in your mouth.”

Over and over the kneeling blonde actress rocketed her lips up and down his fleshy pool, the sound of wet sucking noises bouncing off the walls of the hotel room. Watching on, Halsey picked her time to join in the fray. She had been reluctant initially, after all, this was Sydney’s showcase, but what was better than one insanely hot girl? Two insanely hot girls!

Knowing they had company, Pierre was on the same wavelength as Halsey. “Come suck with your friend.”

As Woodman flopped onto his back atop the bed, both girls got on their knees on either side of his legs. Halsey had the best of intentions to slow the pace down and give Pierre and his well-used cock a breather, but her best laid plan didn’t quite materialize. The younger actress allowed her friend Ashley to have the next turn since she’d been monopolizing all of Pierre’s dick thus far. Of course, when being in the presence of a horny man, Halsey didn't hesitate to seize the chance. Opening her mouth wide, she easily inhaled the first half of Pierre’s length before pulling her back up to the tip. 

"A real go-getter," Sydney mused as she watched her talented friend energetically bob along his length.

Sydney, who was starting to feel the urgings of competition, waited only a short time until Halsey slowed then she took her chance. Lowering her blonde head down lower, she licked the portion of Pierre cock not currently filling Ashley’s mouth. She kept moving up, catching the other girl's lip from time to time until she'd forced the singer’s off his cock so that Sydney could get her mouth on his dick.

Pierre didn’t know which of the two women he preferred, luckily he didn’t have to choose. Sydney’s pillowy lips felt great around his cock as she looked up and stared into his eyes while she slowly declined her lips until his tip poked the back of her mouth then reversed course. Meanwhile, Halsey had a few extra years to develop her technique, including how to suppress her gag reflex and allow a man to experience the unique feel of a throat massaging your dick.

"Awhhh...I've died and gone to heaven," Pierre groaned as Sydney passed him back to Halsey.

The differences in their technique were obvious even for the most inexperienced of observers. Halsey had refined her oral technique over years of trial and error until she was an efficient machine. She took her time, not going too slow or too fast, but instead that perfect speed where she used her lips and mouth to caress the lucky bastard, always being sure to use a lot of eye contact as well the previously stated deep throat special ability.

Conversely, Sydney was all carnal passion and unrefined energy. She had no strategy or higher thinking other than to wrap her lips around Pierre' manhood and bob her head until it slammed into the back of her palate, spitting up more slobber onto his manhood. At times she would bob back with increasing speed, while other times she’d stay down until her face reddened with exertion but her eyes were screaming that she couldn't be happier pleasing a man.

"Mhmm...you really are a dick-sucking master," Sydney complimented her friend, using a hand to hold the singer’s hair from getting in her face. 

This time as Sydney bent down and used her tongue on the lower portion of Pierre, Halsey joined her. Together they each licked one side of his penis, mirroring one another until they arrived at his purple-colored head. Sydney used her tongue to glide all the way to the pee slit before allowing Halsey the same chance. However, their timing was off and they got there at the same time and immediately began another passionate makeout session while their sloppy tongues occasionally spilled from their lips and slobbered on Pierre' waiting cock.

Halsey was quicker to break the kiss after another handful of seconds and soon had Pierre back around her lips and completely down her throat. She had completely lost the plot in terms of stringing Pierre along and taking it easy on his well-used dick by resorting to her deep-throating ability, which was having the added effect of making Sydney impressed as she watched.

"Wow...just wow," the actress commented as Halsey had successfully choked down his entire cock into her throat once more.

As the dark-haired songstress pulled back from his cock, she left a copious amount of her spit behind on his rod and offered it back to her friend. Sydney took the prize without waiting, wrapping her lips back around Pierre and bobbing down half his length. However as she tried to pull back she found her way blocked by Ashley’s hand on her head, encouraging her to take more manhood inside her mouth.

She knew she couldn't deep-throat, not like the singer could anyway, but Sydney trusted her friend, plus she was always game for a challenge. Wiggling her head side-to-side, the Euphoria star accomplished fitting a little more of his dick inside her, holding Pierre in her mouth until she needed air. This time Halsey consented to let her up but now Sydney had her own saliva dripping down onto her chin and large, pillowy tits.

"That's it, slobber all over his dick," Halsey encouraged.

Sydney was doing exactly that. Pushing her head further down on his cock, she felt her gag reflex kick in, causing her core to flex and back to hunch out of habit. She pulled back but left another few thick strands of her spit behind, connecting his pole and her lips. Halsey still had her hand on the back of the blonde’s head so Sydney went back down, coughed up more spit as Pierre hit the back of her throat then did it all over again.

"Oh my God," Sydney breathed in. "That is so much cock."

"It's really sexy watching you drool all over him," Halsey agreed, kissing the other girl in as sloopy of a makeout session as it got. 

“That should be enough spit to help you take it in the ass,” Woodman commented. 

“Ready to feel this big cock in your ass?” Halsey asked, holding Pierre’s cock straight up as Sydney straddled his hips, her thick booty facing the lucky man.

“Yes. Please fuck my ass,” Sydney agreed, lowering until she felt his slick tip press against her asshole.

The feel of a cock pressing against her asshole made the big breasted blonde do her best breathing exercises to relax herself. Focusing herself almost instantly, Sydney pressed her butt lower down until she felt the familiar bee sting sensation that signalled her asshole being widened to accept another cock. Though Pierre had a plenty thick cock, it paled in comparison to the lab experiment her last boyfriend used to batter her ass, so anything less than that was easy for the Euphoria star to take.

“Oh my God!” Sydney screamed while Pierre’s deeper voice echoed much the same sentiment. 

Pierre wasted no time thrusting his hips skyward, albeit at a slower and smoother rate to allow the blonde some time to adapt. Sydney Sweeney’s asshole was much tighter than her pussy would have been and not nearly as slippery, however the oral attention earlier made the passage in and out of her butthole easy enough.

“Yes! Let me watch as you fuck my best friend’s tight little butt,” Halsey encouraged.

Halsey wasn’t simply sitting back on her heels and viewing her friend getting sodomized. She understood that anal could be a painful proposition, even though Sydney was showing no ill effects, not with the way she was moaning and screaming. However, Halsey sought to help her even more by using her fingers to press and rub against the clit, drawing louder screams yet from the golden-haired actress.

“Rubbing your clit making that dick feel even better as it stretches your ass,” Halsey asked while her hand twirled faster. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Sydney agreed before howling in another scream as Halsey pressed two fingers deep in her snatch, doubling her pleasure as both holes were filled.

Halsey began fucking her friend with not only her entire length of fingers but faster. She ended up being the pace bunny for Pierre, as he matched her thrusting so that he was pushing his dick with more speed as well. Sydney was loosened up by this point due to the stretching factor and also because she was distracted by pleasure. In fact, she appreciated as Halsey leant down and spat right onto Pierre’s pistoning cock, coating his shaft in more lubricating and aiding his passage into her backdoor.

“Listen,” Pierre spoke, placing hands on Sydney’s hips to slow the actress down. “I’m going to pull out. You pull your cheeks open and show off my work, oui?

Sydney swiftly felt two strong arms grab her butt cheeks before she was hoisted upwards. She instantly felt shockingly empty as Pierre’s cock popped free and thudded onto his lower abdomen while Sydney felt her asshole hanging wide open. 

Halsey gave a few seconds for the camera to get a nice zoom-in of Sydney’s yawning asshole before the singer sprang to motion by picking up the throbbing member and holding it straight up as she lowered her head. The singer had to lean over Sydney, adding her weight to the body already resting on Pierre so that she could engulf the first several inches in her mouth in a repeated bobbing motion.

“Your ass tastes so yummy,” Halsey moaned being sure she transferred a lot of extra spit for Sydney’s benefit. “Now let’s get this cock back in your hungry ass.”

Halsey had long ago gotten accustomed to the degrading and slightly off putting act of tasting either her own or in this case someone else’s asshole straight from the man’s cock, as it was such a commonplace event. Every dozen or so thrusts upwards by Pierre would occur before Sydney propped herself higher so the dick plopped from her backdoor with a wet popping noise. Halsey would be ready and waiting, clutching the hard pole in her hand and devouring every single one of the 7 inches down her gullet, all the while her tongue licked the underside of his dick, tasting Sydney’s filth all the while.

“Like tasting my ass on that big cock?” Sydney asked with a smile as she threw herself downward, her cheeks rippling with the contact.

“So much,” Halsey cooed, licking his balls until Sydney lifted all the way up off him once more. “But I prefer eating from the source when possible.”

Since Pierre had only just left her asshole, Sydney’s sphincter was still wide open. Halsey took advantage of the ever growing gape. Using her hands to pull apart Sydney’s cheeks as much as possible, Halsey dove forward with tongue out, burying the wet muscle a good inch inside the blonde’s ass, the dirtiness of the backdoor coating her taste buds while simultaneously causing Sydney to scream in pleasure.

“Yes! God, yes! Keep fucking my ass! Keep rubbing my clit,” Sydney all but shrieked as Pierre had stopped pulling out of her ass so much and stuck with a thumping pace for a few minutes.

“Yeah? You gonna cum you big ass slut?” Halsey asked rhetorically. “Cum on that big cock stretching your ass?” 

“Gonna cum so hard,” Sydney agreed. “Just don’t stop! Nobody stops!”

“Yes! Uhhh! Uhhh! YYEEESSSS!” Sydney screamed.

Shockwaves of pleasure shot up Sydney Sweeney’s spine as the waves rippled throughout her entire body. The busty actress had been practicing a lot with anal and had earned a few orgasms during her sessions, but nothing like this. She didn’t know if it was because she was working with a man like Pierre, who had sodomized countless women over the past few decades. Or if it was her best friend’s presence that made for the electric performance. Before she could decide, Sydney must have blacked out. 

The sound of a door slamming shut brought the busty actress back to the world of the living. Opening those big eyes of her’s, Sydney realized that the door opening and closing was to allow a new face to enter the room. Pierre commonly worked with other male talent, and the man who strode into the room and started to strip off his clothes was one of those men. Only a year or two older than Halsey, Josh Jo was a tall, handsome man on the slight side of body type. His entrance into the fray was rewarded with Sydney moving up onto her knees atop the bed in order to pull him in for a kiss.

“Get lost?” Pierre asked his friend.

“You know me. I like making an entrance,” Josh laughed.

While they had broken their kiss, Sydney looked over at Pierre and found the older Frenchman was now balls deep in Halsey’s ass. The man was standing on the ground at the foot of the bed with Halsey kneeling low so his dick was perfect in line with her asshole. Pierre was going slow, probing the singer’s tight asshole with every one of his 7 inches as his handheld camera captured it all. As he turned to look over at the top of the bed, he found Josh with his shirt off as Sydney licked down with washboard abdominals. Finally at her destination, the busty actress pulled down his boxer briefs and nearly had an eye taken out as his 9-inch erect cock sprang out and slapped her in the face, earning a giggle from the blonde.

“He was excited to see you,” Halsey laughed at her friend for receiving a dick slap.

Woodman kept the camera trained on Sydney as her licking continued, only now it was onto his shaft. After giving a few swipes of her tongue on his balls as well, Sydney gave the man a proper blowjob with lips wrapping around his pole and gliding up and down. Not the all-out oral assault that she used in combination with Halsey earlier on Pierre, Sydney used her lips on the upper portion of his shaft while her hand stroked the bottom half. 

“Nice tight asshole for a musician no less,” Pierre groaned.

Much like Sydney, Pierre hadn’t switched to a balls-to-the-wall style, although he had opened the throttle up. Going at more of a medium pace now, Pierre continued stroking all 7 inches of fat cock into Halsey, causing that thick ass of hers to ripple with each stroke. For her part, the singer was smiling wide, loving every minute of her sodomy at the hands of the porn legend. 

“Oh shit! Awwhhhh,” Sydney moaned as a quick glance over revealed Josh with his head buried in her fleshy tits, attacking a nipple with his mouth.

Given the fact that the younger pair was getting ready to get on the bed, Pierre slowed his fucking down to a crawl. Josh found himself flopping onto his back with Sydney straddling him the next instant. Sydney didn’t know which hole he wanted (though she had a good idea) so she let him pick as a second set of hands, those belonging to Halsey) reached over and pulled apart her ass cheeks.

“Thanks for the assist,” Sydney said to her before she felt a dickhead press against her asshole.

Between gravity forcing her down, the loosening of her asshole by Pierre earlier and Halsey pulling her cheeks apart, Josh entered her ass with ease. There was no sting of discomfort or anything so Sydney immediately started rocking her body up and down his lengthy pole, getting all 9 inches buried in her colon in under a minute. Halsey was still at hand helping by adding more spit to act as lube, though it was only by spitting onto the pistoning cock as Josh refused to leave the ideal fit of her asshole for any reason.

“Faster, faster,” Pierre encouraged.

Josh was fresh having only just arrived so he planted his heels against the mattress and started to buck his hips to meet Sydney’s downward momentum. The result was a slapping of flesh on flesh as Sydney’s screams got louder as well. Showing no signs of stopping, Josh continued to slam his hips up, making the blonde’s underrated ass ripple with each thrust. However, Pierre needed a better angle so he reluctantly pulled out of the dark-haired singer in order to capture the action from the side. Now both he and the viewers were greeted to the site of Sydney’s massive natural tits bouncing and swaying in a haphazard fashion under the anal result.

“Yes, bitch! Yes! Halsey cheered her on.

Having moved quickly after her bowels were emptied of Pierre’s cock, Halsey had climbed up the bed to rest on the opposite side of her friend. As one hand slapped Sydney’s ass like a riding crop on a horse, Halsey’s other hand was rubbing the young man’s nuts. As he started to slow down, as that pace could only be maintained without popping his load for only so long, Halsey’s hand moved further up so she was stroking his dick. Sydney was riding higher and higher so only half his member was in her ass until Woodman issued a command.

“Pull her up.”

Josh acted by placing his hands from her hips onto her firm ass before pulling her higher up. Halsey didn’t need to be told what to do as she parted her lips wide before engulfing a good 6 inches of his member in the first bob downwards. She went slow, savoring the naughty taste of Sydney’s asshole on his cock as she gave a sensual suck to Josh as the busty girl’s brown eye stayed open for a great visual for the camera. The dark-haired woman showed off her deepthroat skill once again, tasting even more of her friend’s ass in the process as she locked eyes with the camera lens as she pulled her mouth off his slobbery dick.

“Naughty girl,” Pierre commented with glee in his tone.

“Yup,” Halsey agreed before cramming her tongue into the still gaping asshole of Sydney Sweeney.

“Fuck me,” Sydney groaned as Halsey’s talented tongue rummaged deep in her rectum.

“That’s an excellent idea,” Pierre mused. “I’m sure you agree as well Josh?”

“Two is company but three is a lot of fun,” the younger man joked.

“Would you mind?” Pierre addressed Halsey, handing her the camera.

The talented singer accepted the camera, and after a few seconds she was familiar with the controls. In that brief time, Not only had Pierre crawled atop the bed, but Josh’s dick was back inside Sydney. He gave her ass a few dozen thrusts as Pierre lumbered up into position, at which point the younger man withdrew from the busty actress’ ass and slipped directly into her pussy. 

“My dear, just stay relaxed, oui?” Pierre directed the 22 year old.

“Oui,” Sydney replied, smiling over her shoulder at the Frenchman as she replied in his native tongue.

Despite her confidence, Sydney had never done a traditional double penetration in her 22 years of life. She had both holes stuffed at the same time, but always one (or both) were toys or fingers, not two cocks at the same time. However, everything thus far in the hotel room had gone swimmingly, plus her best (and more experienced) friend was here for support. Therefore, the busty star sat fully down on Josh’s lap, taking all 9 inches into her womb as Pierre placed his cock against her backdoor and pushed until he breached her entrance.

“Oh sweet Mother!” Sydney groaned.

“Pretty fucking cool, huh?” Halsey asked her excitedly, rubbing her back in the process.

“My first DP!” Sydney replied.

Pierre was experienced enough to know when a girl could handle herself and when she needed to adapt over more time. Sydney was the latter. Despite having a body full of deadly curves, the blonde was naive and relatively new to sex, especially hardcore acts like double penetrations. Therefore, he went slow, despite the fact that all 7 inches of his cock were buried in her asshole. Using only half his length, Pierre went slow and steady as he sodomized the busty actress. Meanwhile, Josh was doing likewise, rocking his hips up off the bed and only using half his length at a speed that matched Pierre’s.

“Ohhh….mmmm….oohhhhh,” she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.

“That’s it. I’m gonna go a little deeper this time,” Pierre said as he gripped her hips and eased more of himself into her backdoor.

As Pierre started to go faster, with Josh continuing to match his pace, the result was Sydney being in pure bliss as she was double penetrated. She felt so unbelievably full on a visceral level that words can't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men, and being able to please them simultaneously, really turned her on. Then there was the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls, which was successfully driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “I love having two cocks inside me. Fuck me at the same time.”

The two men smiled as they worked in unison while Halsey recorded the action. Josh wasn’t able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still managing to push his entire length upwards to be sheathed completely in her wet inferno Sydney called her pussy. Pierre, on the other hand, continued to get a little faster and use more of his length, timing their rhythms so that every time Josh pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

“Shit…you’re incredible,” the Frenchman grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

“So fucking hot,” Josh groaned as the busty girl was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock. “Fucking great.”

“Honestly I don’t know why it took me so long to do this,” Sydney blurted out sincerely.

“Told you it was amazing,” Halsey added.

Initially they didn’t want to throw too much at Sydney, but she was doing exceptionally well so they started to remove those safeguards. With each passing minute, Sydney was demanding more, first through body language and then with her voice.

“Yes! Please…fuck me. Harder, faster!” the Euphoria star encouraged, this time louder, more urgently. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“We really found a sex freak,” Josh groaned while wildly thrusting upwards into her pussy. “And I mean that in the best possible way.”

They continued on like this for another few minutes but that was when Sydney creamed all over Josh’s lengthy cock. The Frenchmen were more than happy to slow things down and not pump as hard into her curvy body as they realized their own orgasms wouldn’t be too far behind. Normally they would have embraced that, but Sydney Sweeney was all kinds of hot and filthy and they planned on taking advantage for as long as they could.

Sydney must have blacked out like when she came earlier in the night, for how long she was uncertain but she doubted any more than a minute. However, several things were different now. For one, her muscles throughout her toned body felt as if they hadn’t ever known tension from the massive orgasm that washed over her not long ago. Secondly, rather than being face down looking into Josh’s youthful pecs, the busty blonde was rotated so she was gazing up at the ceiling with the men having flipped her over so Josh was now thrusting up into her once tight ass while the older Pierre was plowing her pussy. Not only that, but now Halsey had her tongue down her throat and three sets of hands were on her amazing pillowy tits.

“Yes…this feels so good,” Sydney groaned as her body was intimately used by the two staff members. 

“Oh shit! incredible,” Josh grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

“Agreed,” Pierre groaned. “Fucking great.”

With her orgasm and its mind-clouding effects over, Sydney was back to helping the men skewer her with their cocks by rocking back against them. Being the meat in their muscular sandwich didn’t allow the Euphoria star much movement but she refused to be a passive fuck doll. Sydney also noted that both of their voices were much more ragged and exhausted then they had been prior to her gigantic orgasm.

“Harder. Fuck me harder,” Sydney encouraged, guessing that the men were close.

The busty actress immediately felt both her guests answer her call. Pierre’s hands reached down to grab her waist so that he could pull Sydney back with greater force as he spiked his thick cock into her cunt. Meanwhile Josh had a similar thought of dragging her curvy body downward to match his upward thrust into her snug ass but only with his hands gripping her pillowy tits to accomplish that goal.

Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between Sydney’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the busty girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past little while as they fucked her at the same time. And now at the 22 year old’s request they had ramped up their thrusting to unsustainable levels, especially after they had been using her for the past 45 minutes.

“Fuck me! Need to cum,” Josh bellowed, mere moments away from his climax.

“Get on your knees. Both of you!” Pierre screamed in a near hysterical pitch.

As the big man pulled out of Sydney’s snatch, he grabbed the camera from Halsey as his other hand stroked his cock. By the time he was standing in the middle of the floor, Josh was close beside him as both lovely women were kneeling before them on the ground. The close girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Since Ashley was now the closest girl to him, Pierre leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shoot his load onto her tongue.

With Halsey taking care of the older Frenchman, Sydney swiftly turned her full attention to Josh but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, the younger man exploded all over her face with streams of cum now coating her gorgeous face. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, Josh collapsed down into the nearest chair in the corner of the hotel room, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Sydney asked her friend.

Halsey could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that Pierre had shot into her. Sydney turned to her friend and pulled the sexy singer in for an open mouth kiss. Ashley couldn’t help but open her mouth to receive Sydney’s tongue, pushing all the cum from her mouth into her mouth.

“GULP. Thanks for sharing, Ash,” Sydney stated.

“You’ve developed into a perfect little slut, haven’t you?” Halsey asked with excitement.

Noticing for the first time that her friend was covered in jizz, Halsey lent in to her and started gathering all of the sticky goo from her face. Once she had licked all of it from her face, Halsey was left with a mouthful which she quickly engulfed before Sydney could steal it again.

“Wonderful ladies! Simply wonderful,” Pierre said, leaning against the wall and breathing heavy. “Wave goodbye to your fans.”

The pair of naked women smiled wide and waved their hands at the camera. As Halsey blew a kiss, Sydney reached down to grab both of her perfect tits and jiggled them up and down. With that, the camera faded to black as the scene ended.

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