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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 26
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Peyton Roi List, Debby Ryan
Characters (Non-sex): Anna Kendrick, Pierre Woodman
Codes: FF, MF, MMF, Anal, ATM, Bondage, Oral, Toy, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Peyton Roi List, Debby Ryan, Anna Kendrick, Pierre Woodman nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, especially Gonzo Studios, Woodman Casting or Legalporno

Note: Thanks to Gryphon for the Debby Ryan request. 

Peyton Roi List was nervous. This was nothing new for her, after all, she was an actress and performing was always a little emotional. However, Peyton had long since learnt how to channel the nerves and anxiety and use it constructively. Whether that was on either of her Disney Shows or performing action stunts on Cobra Kai or even now as she graduated up the perversion ranks at Hollywood Pornstars. 

“...Is that okay with you?”

“What?” Peyton asked, snapped out of her brain space and back to reality.

“I said I’m using waterproof mascara on you today...for obvious reasons,” the makeup artist told the actress.

“Oh. Right. Of course,” answered the 21 year old Florida native.

“Heeeyyyyyy bitch,” a sickly sweet voice announced Debby Ryan’s arrival.

The busty girl was the main source of Peyton’s stress for her latest porn shoot. While most would appreciate a familiar face to help them as they stepped up into the big leagues, filming with the notoriously intense Gonzo Studios, this wasn’t the case today. After all, Debby had tormented her at times on the set of Jessie, the show they filmed when Debby was 19 and Peyton was 4 years her junior. Debby was fine at first, but as the seasons went by, Debby felt more and more threatened by the developing blonde beauty and so she sought out ways to establish her dominance. At first it was verbally keeping Peyton in her place, but Debby seemed to grow to like dominating Peyton. The crowning moment was when Debby recorded Peyton giving a blowjob to one of their co-stars who loved when a girl would deep-throat...whether they could or not.

“Not happy to see me, Stinky?” Debby needled her former co-star.

“Happy to see you? No! No, I’m not happy to see,” Peyton shot back. “You tormented me! For years!”

“You’re being a touch dramatic, Stinky,” the Kentucky native laughed.

“Dramatic? Even now, you’re continuing to do it,” the blonde retorted, her voice and blood pressure raising. “Calling me Stinky, which, I assume is because of what happened in my Woodman scene?”

“Would you prefer I call you ‘shit for breathe’?” Debby questioned. “Or should I resort to calling you your old name...Pukey? Or was it Barf?”

Peyton wanted to shout and argue, but knew that this is what Debby was trying to do. Despite being 21 years old now and moving on with her life with a hit TV show and several movies to come out this and next year, Peyton was still getting dragged down into the mud by her former friend turned tormentor. 

“You are the one who said I needed a proper hazing since I was too young when we first started filming on Jessie. You picked a guy with a big dick who only wanted deep, messy blowjobs. And you were the one who kept encouraging him to go harder and further. Was it any wonder I threw up with his dick down my throat?” Peyton spoke in as calm of a voice as possible.

“Man! What a great night,” Debby smiled brightly. “I can still remember you throwing up all over Branden’s dick and onto your own tits. And you still kept going! Puke all over his cock, a puddle under you and yet you still kept going and going and going. Hell, half the girls on Facial Abuse need a few seconds to recover after retching, but not you! Good times!”

With balled fists, Peyton closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. “Yes. I too enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. But I think I need a few minutes of peace and quiet before I meet you out in the main room.”

“Sure thing, Stinky. Oh right, now I remember why I came in,” Debby said, stopping in the doorway. “The director was rather agreeable with a number of my ideas for today’s shoot. I think you’ll like them.”

With a wink and devilish smile that told Peyton that Debby was up to no good, the Kentucky native made her exit, leaving Peyton more worried than ever…

*    *    *

“This just seems right, doesn’t it Stinky?” Debby asked as she emerged into the main shooting room.

The cameras were already rolling as Debby Ryan appeared in the doorway. She was walking slow and looking gorgeous. Her hair was dyed back to its natural blonde color she had before experimenting as a redhead for much of her career. She wore little, namely just a black bra and thong, though knee-high leather boots also adorned her body. Though normally 5’5, Debby’s boots added a few extra inches, not to mention helped accentuate her juicy ass, hourglass figure and big, bouncy tits that jiggled with each and every step.

“I said, doesn’t this seem right?” Debby spoke.

At the same time she said the words, her arm jerked back. A loud snapping noise rang around the room followed by a whine. In the arm that Debby had whipped to the side, the busty girl held a leash looped over her wrist. As Debby stepped further into the room, the camera captured the leash running from her arm down to the neck of Peyton Roi List, who crawled on hands and knees wearing a collar. The two women headed to the middle of the room where there stood a black metal dog kennel, last seen with one Anna Kendrick inside. 

“Yes mistress,” Peyton begrudgingly answered.

“Ah...much better. And it feels so good having you finally recognize me as your proper master,” Debby cooed in delight.

Debby made the younger girl crawl further into the large room before the Cobra Kai star entered the cage, flipping over onto her back and trying her athletic legs up so the door could be closed. Behind the pair was the ever familiar white leather sofa that could write several encyclopedia volumes about all the scenes and bodily fluids that had been spilled on it. The camera was at the door of the kneel, looking straight at her spread sex and asshole, though her asshole was currently not visible due to the presence of a black bushy tail. 

“Rub that slutty little pussy,” Debby demanded as she slammed down her many-tailed whip down on the top of the cage.

Sadly, Peyton was used to taking orders from Debby, although it had been a number of years. Regardless, Peyton slid back into the role of being Debby’s bitch easily enough as she reached an arm down to lightly rub her pussy, feeling it dampen under her touch. Unable to help herself, the 21 year old allowed her finger tips to tug on the butt plug in her booty that ended with the tail.

The camera took it’s time to linger and slowly scan the caged actress’ body. Starting at her sex, Peyton was used to shaving her bush right down to the skin, which was exactly what she did again today. With the lens focused there, Peyton showed her ever-growing anal control by pushing and loosening her asshole, causing the butt plug to slowly slide in and out of her anal ring by an inch only. A few more seconds and the cameraman was focusing up at her key asset - her great tits. A solid C cup which had really grown to prominence in the last year, Peyton was proud of her boobs and for good reason. Possibly the only other feature on her body that could compete with her large tits was her very round and phat ass, which unfortunately was out of sight at the moment.

“Put that mouth of yours to good use, bitch,” Debby demanded as she slammed one of her heeled boots onto the top of the cage.

Peyton shot the girl a venomous look, but went about her order. Linking her fingers through the top of the cage, Peyton pulled herself up so her tongue could extend out and like the bottom of Debby’s boot. It was something she wouldn’t have ever done, and yet Peyton used her tongue to lick clean the bottom and edge of the knee-high boots her tormentor wore. Just to fuck with her, Debby kept slapping down her whip right over the portion of the cage that’s Peyton’s gorgeous face was beneath. The caged blonde had to hold back a curse, but luckily Debby stopped the scare tactic and even pulled her boot from the top of the kennel.

“You did good but you must have used up all your saliva,” Debby commented, starting to lean over the cage, her face getting closer to Peyton’s. “Here. I have lots. Let me resupply you.”

“You cunt…” Peyton swore to herself as she opened her mouth.

“Good little bitch,” Debby retorted as she lobbed a big wad of spit right between Peyton’s lips. Seeing that Peyton was about to settle back down in her cage, Debby stopped her. “Keep that slutty mouth open.”

Peyton didn’t know what the older actress had in mind but she knew it couldn’t be good. Sure enough, the Cobra Kai watched as Debby pushed two fingers through the grating and right down into Peyton’s mouth. The blonde had to fight the urge to gag as the Kentucky native poked and jabbed the back of her throat, obviously trying to gag her. Their conversation back in the makeup room must have stimulated this idea by Debby, trying her best but ultimately failing to make the beautiful blonde throw up all over herself.

“I see that gag reflex of yours has toughened up,” Debby acknowledged, pulling her slobbery fingers from the younger girl’s mouth.

Debby didn’t take her fingers out of the cage altogether though. Instead, she used the very wet fingers to deliver several forehand and backhand slaps to Peyton’s pretty face. It wasn’t enough to hurt the Cobra Kai star, but it wasn’t meant to. Instead, it was meant to further disgrace the 21 year old by smearing the spit across both cheeks, which Debby succeeded in doing. Pulling her hand away, the busty older actress walked to the front of the cage and opened the door. As Peyton assumed that meant she should exit and began scooting out, Debby stretched out her boot and placed her foot right on the blonde’s wet slit, halting Peyton’s movement. 

“Oh like that? Me using my boot to get you off?”

“Mmmm...aahhh...yes mistress,” Peyton moaned her answer.

Stepping her foot off her crotch, Debby squatted down so that she was within easy striking range. Peyton was extremely nervous as she saw Debby bring forth the cat o’nine tails, twirling around with a spin of the wrist. Peyton was grateful that the former Jessie star only whipped the leather tails against her inner thigh, though it still stung a little. Debby lightened her strike much more when she smacked the tails against the younger blonde’s pink pussy, which actually drew forth a surprised smile from Peyton. 

“Oh? You like having your slutty hole whipped?” Debby asked, going a little harder with her next slap.

“Shit! Yes!” Peyton nodded.

Debby wasn’t in the mood to pleasure her little sub so she went back to whipping the soft flesh of her inner thigh, followed by using her free hand to open-hand slap Peyton’s pussy. After one or two more targeting Peyton’s clit, the older girl straightened up and slammed the door shut behind her. Peyton couldn’t help but be happy when Debby discarded the whip, tossing it to the sofa behind her. However, she became confused as Debby went to the small table beside the sofa and picked up a funnel with a long hose attached.

“You know, seeing you in all those tight jeans that show off your ass, or those low cut tops that highlight your tits...it makes you look super thirsty,” Debby commented.

The dominating woman used her free hand to push her thong off her curvy hips and down her legs before stepping out of them. With her bottoms removed, she uncoiled the 4 foot hose before sliding the end of it through the grating to Peyton.

“...So since you like looking thirsty, I’m worried you are getting dehydrated,” Debby finished her villain’s rant. 

Peyton understood what Gonzo Studio was known for, and the studio had confirmed with her reps when she was selected to work with them that this was a wet scene. She had already come to terms with all that it entailed, after all she had willingly allowed Pierre Woodman to pee in her mouth despite it now being in the contract last time around. However, she was much more willing to degrade herself to as many random men as opposed to be humiliated by her former friend turned tormentor.

“So put the end in your mouth,” Debby instructed as she placed the funnel’s large opening under her slightly hairy pussy.

With chagrin, Peyton did as she was told and knew it wouldn’t be long now until she was forced to drink Debby Ryan’s pee. The caged blonde heard a sigh escape Debby’s lips before Peyton could see the lengthy clear tubing flowing in yellow fluid. Simply having to wait, it took only a few seconds until Peyton received her first drink of urine, allowing her mouth to be more than halfway filled before she slid her thumb over the tube’s opening, halting the flow.

“Drink it, Stinky,” Debby cackled in delight.

When she had drank from Pierre’s cock, his pee was nearly clear so it was only vaguely like pee. However, Debby hadn’t been so kind today as her pee was much more yellow and tasted strongly of piss. Not wanting it saturating her taste buds any longer, the Cobra Kai star took the fluid down into her belly in one mighty gulp.

“Oh God! That was terrible,” Peyton complained, her face scrunched up in a grimace.

“Stop being a bitch. There’s lots more,” Debby stated with a maniacal grin.

Sadly, Peyton knew the other actress wasn’t lying because not only could she see the backlog of pee in the clear tubing, but she could hear Debby still pissing. Summoning her will, Peyton readyed her lips before sliding her thumb out of the way and was rewarded with a steady stream of pungent piss flowing down into her mouth. Peyton coughed a little, spraying the yellow fluid over her bra and chest before she recovered. It took another several swallows, but Peyton watched as the tubing emptied, with Debby adding only dribbles at this point.

“Wow Stinky! I saw you chug that fat man’s piss but I had no idea you were this much of a pee drinking whore,” Debby laughed.

Peyton hated how the other girl could manipulate her feelings so strongly, but she was powerless against it. She watched as Debby undid the cage door and actually allowed the younger girl to climb out of the kennel, which was pulled away by an assistant. While Peyton had been crawling out, Debby had retrieved the cat o’ nine tails and was putting it to good use...on Peyton’s ass.

“Shit, Pukey! Your dumper really has turned out amazing,” praised the normally cruel Debby.

Peyton was confident, not cocky when it came to her booty. Honed from her training regimine and blessed with good genes, her ass was a thing of beauty. At only 21 years old, Peyton possessed a remarkable body that all full grown women would drool over. Her ass was the masterpiece of her body however, despite her long shapely legs, flat stomach, gorgeous face and perky tits. Big and round, it stood firmly out from her back and legs, while also benefiting from Peyton’s naturally wide hips. In only a thong and bent over on all fours, the camera and every viewer watching got to drink in the image of Peyton, who was the definition of a phat ass white girl.


Peyton’s reply died on her lips as Debby continued to whip the cat o’ nine tails down on her thick booty. It didn’t hurt per say, but it stung. It only got more degrading for her as Debby forced her to resume the boot licking as the former Disney star continued to whip her ass, turning each cheek a lovely shade of red.

“Here,” Debby said, stuffing the handle of Peyton’s leash into her mouth. “Go give yourself a walk around the room.

Peyton did as requested, the taste of pee still in her mouth as she crawled in a wide loop around the room. She could feel the large butt plug still stretching out her ass, getting shifted with each movement she took. When she returned to Debby who was seated on the sofa, her reward was a slap to the face. The older actress took the leash from Peyton’s mouth and replaced it with a pair of fingers shoved down the pretty girl’s throat.

“Might have to change your name from Pukey,” Debby laughed as she pulled her fingers out of her mouth with only thick strands of saliva on them. 

As Peyton went to reply, she received a wad of spit directly between the lips for her trouble. After swallowing, Peyton felt her former friend pull her up to her feet only so Debby could push her down to the sofa. Her bra was quickly discarded, leaving her great tits exposed. Peyton was ordered to play with them, which she gladly did, cupping the mounds at the outer edge and pushing them together. As her fingers roamed over her nipples and gave them a light pull to get them nice and erect, Peyton looked over and found that Debby had been busy stepping into the harness of a strap-on dildo.

“Want this big fake cock going in your ass dry?” Debby asked, slapping the massive dildo in her palm menacingly.

Sliding off the sofa, Peyton got to her knees before the 18-inch dildo that was nearly 2 inches wide with a tapered tip that resembled a cock. Rather than attempt to butt fuck her slave with it right away, Debby was pleased that Peyton was smart enough to get on her knees to prep the toy. It still earned the gorgeous blonde a salvo of dick slaps to her pretty face, but that was a small price to pay. Once Debby stopped slapping and dropped the toy, Peyton was opening her mouth and attempting to choke down as much of the inhumanly large toy as possible.

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk,” the blonde gagged as she pushed her face forward.

Saliva dripped from the gorgeous Cobra Kai star’s mouth like melting snow from a roof in the spring. Over and over Peyton would push her face forward, cramming as much of the fake dick into her mouth as possible. It wasn’t much, not compared to the total 18 inches in length, but the pretty blonde had the right attitude. Figuring she was already dripping saliva, Debby decided to add more by bending down and spitting a few times right on Peyton’s face, much to the blonde’s disgust.

“Let me see how much you can fit in your mouth,” Debby demanded.

Through perseverance, not to mention Debby’s hip rocking, Peyton felt inches gliding past her lips and into the back of her mouth. Not even the best deep throaters in the world could get that sex toy into their gullet and down the throat, though Debby seemed determined to try to make her former co-star do it. Though she nearly retched several times, all that happened was Peyton’s back heaved and lots of wet saliva poured around the fake cock and down onto the tiled floor. After another minute of trying, Debby backed the cock out with her finger marking roughly 4 inches down from the tip of the dildo.

“That’s not very much, is it,” the busty woman said with disappointment. “Well I hope your ass can do more.”

With a hand around her throat from her nemesis, Peyton was dragged to her feet before being spilled down onto the sofa unceremoniously once more. With little regard, Debby’s fingers closed on the furry butt plug before practically ripping it from Peyton’s asshole in one pull. She’d warmed herself up significantly before the shoot so the blonde didn’t register the massive toy leaving her ass as pain. Debby inspected the surface of the butt plug, but seemed disappointed when the metal looked clear and unblemished.

“Ready to be butt fucked?”

Peyton took a moment to steel her nerves before nodding her head. She was confident her asshole could accommodate such a truly massive object given the extensive practice she’d been doing weekly each of the past few months. As Debby kneeled down on the floor, the blonde flipped around then went onto her side, as Peyton always found the best success in spooning or sidelying positionwith anal. Debby didn’t care in the slightest, all she wanted to do was fuck the younger girl’s asshole into oblivion.

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhiiitttt,” Peyton moaned, groaned then cursed as the toy was crammed home.

“Holy fuck! It fit!” Debby exclaimed in a mix of shock and amazement.

Given how long and flexible the fake dick was, Debby had to keep pushing to make sure she had solid footing in Peyton’s asshole so it wouldn’t just flop out. Somehow inch after inch was gobbled up by the Cobra Kai star, Debby stopping once half-a-foot was in her backdoor. With those 6-inches secured in her anal ring, Debby began to fuck her former co-star. Though thrusting was a foreign feeling for her, the busty dom really snapped her hips into the push forward then swiveled them back to withdraw. Debby was so focused on proper fucking technique that she was unaware that Peyton was strumming her clit, nor did she see that another several inches had somehow penetrated the Cobra Kai star.

“Oh my God, it’s so long,” Peyton commented between moans.

Used to how the dildo was feeling, Debby started to stretch out the amount of toy being pulled in and out of the blonde’s anal ring. Though Peyton’s sphincter had been tight at the beginning of their tryst, it clearly wasn’t in that state any longer and nor was it likely to be ever again. After all, Debby was stroking a 2-inch wide dildo in and out of her with ease. Sure, the ample lube provided by the near deep throat blowjob helped, but it was still a big dildo being drilled into her booty!

“Such a good anal whore. Say it! Say your my butt slut,” Debby demanded.

Debby realized that to get more inches into Peyton’s bowels, she had to shorten her thrusts to only using a small segment of the dildo. That worked just fine for Debby, allowing her to slowly but surely add more and more of the fake cock through the leggy actress’ anal ring. It was slow goings, but Debby had all night and she was having a fucking blast in dominating her highly attractive former co-star. 

“Fuck! My ass is yours! Fuck it!” Peyton screamed as new depths of her rectum were touched.

Debby was completely impressed with the leggy actress. Not only was she taking the thickest cock in the three closest sex shops to their filming location, but Peyton was doing it relatively easily. Debby kept testing her, going slow then fast, deep and shallow. Yet Peyton handled everything. Even now, Debby was fucking her with the first 9 inches, the majority of which was sliding in and out of her sphincter with only the the very tip never leaving Peyton’s bowels.

“I want you to hold your ass open so I can look at my handiwork,” Debby told her sex slave before adding with a wolfish grin. “And let’s see if you live up to your Stinky nickname.”

Knowing what the cameraman wanted, Peyton’s hands gripped tightly onto her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She felt inch after massive inch withdrawn from the deepest recesses of her ass before the lip of the dickhead pushed past her anal ring. For the first time in who knows how long, Peyton was empty and she honestly didn’t like that feeling. She saw out of the corner of her eye the camera moving to get a good close-up of Peyton’s gaping butthole, which Peyton imagined was a good inch or two wide open. Hoping and praying that she didn’t have a repeat of the incident with Woodman, Peyton got her answer from the disappointment groan that left Debby’s lips. After a few seconds of showing the gape off, Debby went digging again, jamming the dildo back in her ass. One thrust and Debby pulled back out, allowing the camera to capture Peyton’s yawning asshole once more. Yet another groan was uttered as the toy came away squeaky clean. 

“Don’t get too cocky, Stinky,” Debby said.

Getting to her feet, Debby rolled her younger co-star over onto her stomach before pulling her up so Peyton’s head was just over the arm of the sofa. Using the leash that was still dangling from the blonde’s collar, Debby used the chain to tie a crude knot, securing Peyton’s hands behind her back. Before Peyton could complain or use her mouth for something of that ilk, Debby presented the dildo for her sucking pleasure.

“Open wide, Stinky. Clean all your nasty ass juices from my cock,” the busty dom demanded.

Knowing she had no choice, Peyton opened her mouth wide and took the toy between her lips. Given her position on the sofa with hands tied behind her back, Peyton was reliant on Debby to move the fake cock in and out of her mouth, which her former co-star did with glee. Luckily Peyton didn't have a negative stigma with ass to mouth despite what happened with Woodman a few months back so she was able to avoid grimacing as she tasted the deepest recesses of her bowels on the surface of the dildo. It wasn’t disgusting, but there was no mistaking where the toy had been only moments before.

“Mind if you share?” a deep voice asked.

Debby pulled her harnessed dildo from Peyton’s mouth and stepped aside, allowing the prone blonde to see the newcomer and his friends. Three men stood in a line before her, obviously waiting their turn with her mouth. She recognized all three men from their reputations with the studio of having huge dicks and a near endless supply of urine. Mike Chapman was the first in line. He was a bald-headed black man with a 10-inch cock and was known for his no-hold-barred fucking style. Next to him was another black man, maybe 10 years younger but with an equally formidable cock. The same length as Mike’s but with an extra half-inch in girth, Charlie Mac’s cock was going to be a challenge. And last in line was the youngest of the group, and a man Peyton knew little to nothing about. Covered in tattoos, the white man possessed the largest dick in the group both in terms of length and girth, measuring an amazing foot in length with the thickness of one of her wrists.

“Not at all,” Debby smiled with glee.

Being the senior statesmen of the group, Mike stepped forward and planted a wet kiss to Debby’s lips before easing his cock into the other girl’s mouth. Over 4 decades separated Mike and Peyton, not that it mattered as the bald-headed black man had the energy and sexual endurance of any 20 year old. Plunging in and out of her mouth, Mike used his head as a battering ram against the back of Peyton’s mouth for over a dozen thrusts before backing out and stepping aside.

“Give her hell,” Debby encouraged the younger black man.

“Oh, I intend to,” Charlie replied with a grin.

Peyton opened wide and took him into her mouth as his paws gripped the back of her head. His approach was different, opting for long depp holds of his cock in her mouth rather than the rapid-fire strokes Mike deployed. It was no less effective in producing saliva to fill the blonde’s mouth and leak down over her chin, which only got worse with Debby’s ‘help’. Reaching down, the bustier of the girls plugged Peyton’s nose, which also had the added effect of making the blonde think she was being starved of oxygen. After a few heartbeats Debby released the pinch, as did Charlie back out of her throat, leaving the Cobra Kai star drooling onto the floor with red-rimmed eyes.

“Hello beautiful,” the white man named Jack greeted.

Peyton was surprised and pleased that he started off with a rather passionate kiss to her lips before getting her to suck him off. That little act earned the man closest to her age an energetic blowjob, or as energetic as one could be with her hands tied behind her back and her stuck on her stomach. The tattooed man with the huge dick used a mix of the other techniques, starting with a faster thrust pattern making her take half his length before slowing things down and pushing as much of his meat pole into her mouth. Debby was on hand to aid, whether that was plugging her nose, slapping her face, spanking her ass or pulling her hair.

“Doesn’t she look thirsty, men?” Debby commented.

“Now that you mention it, she could be dehydrated, yeah,” the lone white guy said with an Italian accent.

Peyton still had her hands bound behind her as Debby helped her from the sofa down to her knees on the tiled floor. Debby held her collar rather than be down on the ground with her as the men formed a loose semi-circle around the Cobra Kai star. Peyton put on her best smile, after all this was the type of scene she had been hoping to perform ever since she got a thrill out of her last performance with Woodman. 

“Whose first?” Peyton asked the trio, opening her mouth wide.

The answer came in the form of a small hiss from the Italian with the biggest of the cocks. Despite being rock hard, the white man pushed internally until a thin line of near clear urine shot straight out and into Peyton’s waiting mouth. The 21 year old was far from an expert when it came to watersport or pee drinking, but she collected an entire mouthful but the golden fluid was still coming. She let the piss spill from her mouth and onto the floor, some new piss splashing her lips before her mouth opened back up and she continued being his urinal. When the Italian had filled her mouth part of the way his stream cut out, giving Peyton the chance to lock eyes with him before actually swallowing down his slightly bitter tasting pee, opening her mouth and extending her tongue to show the proof of an empty mouth.

As the Italian resumed his pee stream, Peyton found her mouth being filled twice as fast as Charlie Mac joined in. The blonde found herself swallowing more regularly, every few seconds in fact, in order to keep up with the demand of two men pissing into her. Debby always found a way to be ‘helpful’ as she slapped Peyton’s face, forcing the piss to splash all over her face. The Cobra Kai star course corrected swiftly, getting the urine pooling back in her mouth after only a moment. Several more mouthfuls needed to be swallowed, with even more of her face showered with piss in the process as the men proved to have bladders the sizes of camels.

“How are you doing, sweet thing,” the Italian asked after a few minutes, their endless supply of pee seemingly exhausted.

“Honestly...that was intense but kinda awesome,” Peyton giggled.

“Too bad you made such a mess,” Debby cut in, placing a hand on the back of her head. “Go clean it up.”

With a hand on the back of her head forcing her down, Peyton used the core strength earned from her training to bend down to the floor. With her stomach and medium sized tits resting right in the puddle of piss, Peyton pursed her lips, placed them in the puddle as well then began to slurp up the pee that had spilled from her mouth earlier. To think that only 6 weeks ago, such an action would have been met with disgust by her was laughable. Not only did Peyton start to get off on this type of treatment, she found that she was drinking down mouthful after mouthful of piss with something like glee.

“You really are a piss-guzzling whore,” Debby commented, amazed at the blonde’s appetites.

“Guilty as charged,” the blonde smiled.

“Get this shit off your wrists,” Mike said.

After Debby undid the leash securing Peyton’s hands behind her back, she attached it back to the collar before she was dragged over to the sofa. Charlie threw himself down on the sofa before dragging Peyton down to join him, her back pressed against his chest. A few months ago, having a man with an average dick, let alone the monster hog Charlie possessed, try to invade her asshole would have been a non-starter. Now, the blonde simply relaxed her breathing as his bulbous head poked against her backdoor before it effortlessly slid half his 10 inches into her bowels.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Peyton purred as she rocked her hips.

Peyton couldn’t do much riding given the fact Charlie had his hands under her knees, keeping her legs spread wide but at least she could grind on his lap. As Mike came stepping up, kneeling onto the sofa, Peyton realized that the men were about to make her the meat in their sandwich, not that she minded. Getting double penetrated wasn’t new to Peyton, although she had only done so on a handful of occasions and never with such hung men. Yet with practiced ease, Mike pushed his tip into her bald pussy as Charlie stopped thrusting up in her ass, allowing the 21 year old to get to grips with the DP.

“God, she’s tight,” Mike groaned.

Together, Mike and Charlie worked as a team so that as one pushed into the blonde, the other retreated. They also knew it was early and Peyton was fresh so they kept control of thie hormones and went slow...for now.

“Bend over,” Jack told Debby, getting Peyton’s attention.

While Peyton had no chance in hell in bossing around the bustier girl, that didn’t extend to the pack of alpha males that they were working with. Right next to Peyton, Debby was bent over the armrest of the sofa, at which point Jack pulled out the butt plug Debby had been wearing and threw it aside. Spitting down on his cock, Jack had eyes for only one target, dragging his tip in a circle around Debby’s crinkled hole before pushing in.

“Mother fucker,” Debby groaned as her asshole was split open.

Debby channelled the initial sting of anal sex by the big-dicked Italian into torment for her former co-star. Peyton felt the older actress wrap her hand around her throat and lightly squeeze, but Debby had more on her mind other than choking the 21 year old. As Peyton looked over at the sodomized girl, Debby took that moment to once again spit down into Peyton’s open mouth, reminding the blonde of her place in the hierarchy. Still, even with the insulting language, choking and spitting by Debby, nothing was ruining the feeling of pleasure for Peyton. The 21 year old actress loved the feel of the two black dicks as they took turns sawing into her, rubbing against the thin membrane separating her rectum and pussy. Plus, the angle of Mike’s dick was now constantly grinding against her G spot which only served to heighten Peyton’s arousal.

“That’s it. Fuck my ass harder,” Debby grunted back at Jack.

The Italian obliged the request, now giving the busty actress what she wanted. Using all 12 inches of fat cock, the tattooed man thundered his hips forward, causing her backside to ripple from the blow. The two black men were also going harder on Peyton, but she too was appreciative of their added speed and power. 

“Clean my dick off,” Jack said after pulling out of Debby.

Peyton knew the order was for her, especially when the black men both pulled out of her holes and allowed her the chance to blow Jack without distraction. As she got on her knees, she noted the gleeful smile on Debby’s face and cringed at why she’d be doing it. As Peyton took the Italian in her mouth, the rich and overpowering taste of ass filled her mouth, coating each and every one of her millions of taste buds. 

Noting the grimace that appeared on the blonde’s face, Debby clarified something for her. “Oops. Did I forget to perform an enema. My bad.”

“God I hate her,” Peyton thought as she still went about performing her blowjob on the dick that was fresh from Debby’s asshole.

“Let me fuck you now, gorgeous,” the Italian said to Peyton.

Peyton went from kneeling on the floor with a dick in her mouth, to be straddling Jack’s cock in her pink slit with Charlie Mac having the honors of fucking her asshole. They were joined on the sofa by Mike with Debby sitting in his lap, riding with his long pole stuffed in her ass.

“Nice and deep Mike! Get all the way to the end of my ass,” Debby begged. “I want Peyton to taste the very deepest portions of my ass.”

Mike did as she wanted, using each and every of his 10 inches to plunder Debby Ryan’s asshole. After spearing her once more, he pinned her hips down, soaking his ebony cock in her anal tract for several long seconds before her rolled the busty girl off his lap. Peyton, whose face so happened to be within easy reach, bent over further and wrapped her lips around the soiled manhood, once more treated to the intense flavor of Debby’s pooper. Still, the 21 year old soldered one, albeit with a grimace, as she bobbed along half his length before pulling her lips away so she could use her tongue on the portions of his cock her mouth couldn’t reach. While bent further over, it served as an invitation for Charlie Mac to drill Peyton’s ass harder, continuing to use all 10 inches to rail into her asshole with greater speed.

“Get back on my dick,” Mike demanded of Debby.

The busty girl did just that and more, throwing herself up and down his lap so she was constantly taking his whole length into her booty with each ride. It caused her cheeks to jiggle and busty tits to bounce wildly as she gave the much older black man one hell of a ride. Looking to her left, Debby found her former co-star with a wide smile on her face as the two men double fucked her holes, while her eyes remained fixed on Debby’s incredible tits.

“If you were like this when we worked together, we’d have been the best of friends,” Debby commented, using the leash to pull Peyton in for a tongue-filled kiss.

“You’d have had to stop being the world’s biggest bitch to me long enough to get to know me first,” Peyton retorted once her mouth was free.

“I gotta piss again,” Charlie suddenly warned.

“I want it,” Debby insisted, shocking all of them, most of all her sub Peyton.

However, Debby had a more interesting idea in mind. She stood off Mike’s lap before walking around to a new section of the sofa and laying down on her back with her legs spread wide. Curling a finger she’d pointed at Charlie, she beckoned him forward, at which point he knew what she wanted so he gripped his cock, fed his head into her asshole then released the pressure on his bladder. He only was able to partially unload into her bowels as you could only fill the anal tract so much with piss before it was at capacity.

“Come drink my piss enema, Stinky,” Debby demanded of the younger girl.

“Fuck my life,” Peyton muttered, though the smile never dropped from her face.

“Ready?” Debby asked in excitement. “Holy crap...feel so full.”

Peyton waited and watched as the black man eventually reached down and grabbed the base of his cock. Giving a word that he was ready, the blonde moved closer, opened her mouth and watched as his ebony rod was removed from the busty girl’s asshole. Debby had squeezed her anal ring shut tight so nothing was coming out, a testament to her sphincter control. Just as Peyton was mere inches from her opening, Debby pushed and a torrent of yellow fluid rocketed from her asshole. Though some made its way into Peyton’s reluctantly opened mouth, the majority splashed across her face and chest.

“So much pee,” was all Peyton could think to say after getting the full flow of Debby’s piss enema.

“Clean up the floor too,” Debby reminded her.

As Peyton lowered her face to the ground to begin drinking up the spilled piss enema, Jack moved behind her and took her in the ass. Peyton gave the man a pleased look as his thick cock glided effortlessly between her cheeks, able to use all 12 inches to fuck her ass. Meanwhile, Debby was pulled from the sofa to be resting on her knees as well, where Charlie resumed his dick in her booty but this time to fuck her, not piss inside the Jessie star. Just as Peyton was wondering where the third member of their orgy had gotten to, she received her unasked answer as Mike stood and started peeing down on her upturned face.

“You really do make a perfect urinal,” Debby laughed as Peyton’s face and hair were being covered in a stream of piss

With plenty more urine on the floor, Peyton continued to slurp it up before swallowing it down, all while her asshile continued to be fucked. After another minute, Jack pulled out of her and pulled her up by her urine-soaked hair into a kneeling position, where his dick hovered in her face. At first Peyton thought the man was going to cum, but instead, Jack had another bodily fluid for the gorgeous girl. However, he didn’t actually release his torrent until he pulled Debby down so her face was right next to the 21 year old’s.

“Don’t swallow any,” Jack hissed as he began filling Debby’s mouth with piss. 

When it was full, he pinched off his flow so that Debby could take her mouthful and spit it into Peyton’s open mouth, at which point the blonde swallowed as if it was nothing more than water. As she was drinking his secondhand urine, Jack splashed Peyton’s face, though at this point she was used to having a man pee on her. The trio did the routine of him peeing in Debby’s mouth before she snowballed the urine into Peyton several times until his bladder ran dry.

“I need some one-on-one time with the young one,” Mike stated.

Though all the men were the dominant, alpha-male types, Mike’s seniority won out. It wasn’t as though Jack and Charlie were losing out, in fact that got to double fuck the busty Debby Ryan on the other end of the sofa. Getting Peyton on her hands and knees atop the cushions, Mike slid into her ass and began fucking her like a dog. He started slow, letting her get used to his length and girth before he started going faster...and faster...and faster. Despite nearing the age of receiving senior benefits, Mike was still an elite fucker, something Peyton had seen in enough videos and now could attest to first hand. With his hands gripping her shapely hips, Mike repeatedly pushed in and out of her asshole with a speed that was unlike anything the 21 year old girl had ever experienced.

“Oh...Oh God...Holy mother fucking God,” Peyton constantly streamed a series of curses.

Though his dick was a monster, it was actually the smallest of the trio and yet Mike could wield it better than anyone else on Earth. His rhythm was smooth, his speed was unparalleled and the power at which he snapped his hips to drive deeper into her rectum was God-like. And despite all this, especially for someone with less than 6 months experience with anal, Peyton was in her glory. Instead of feeling like her asshole was being torn in two, she was experiencing wave upon wave of pleasure. And yet, the next moment it seemed that Mike shifted into a new higher gear, going faster and deeper than before.

“Ohhhhh fuuccckkkkkk!” Peyton swore as she came from anal sex, her hand rubbing her clit with a ferocity that matched Mike’s sodomy.

“Nothing makes me hornier than a phat ass white girl who can fuck,” Mike complimented the blonde.

The only problem that was between the lengthy fuck session and then going to his limit in fucking Peyton like that, Mike was at the peak of his climax. Knowing it was too late to stop, he decided to keep fucking the blonde’s asshole until it milked him of his cum, which hapened in short order. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Peyton’s rectum, Debby recognized what was happening and got down onto the ground beneath the pair. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Mike’s muscles slackened and he went to pull out and collapse for a well earned rest.

“Push it out, Stinky,” Debby ordered her former co-star.

Still lost in the delirium of her own orgasm, Peyton did as she was told. The Cobra Kai actress  thought the mere idea of this was disgusting, but it wasn’t her role to question her dom. Pushing out like she was asked, Peyton risked making a complete mess, though it would have made her happy to payback Debby in such a gross way. Alas, as she bore down, the blonde felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole before she heard it splatter against Debby’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Debby cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of salty jizz and Peyton’s ass. 

“More. Keep going.” Mike demanded, knowing he had blasted a lot more cum than one big drop in Peyton’s rectum.

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of his load was shot from her asshole into Debby’s mouth, the blonde continued to strain and push. Peyton felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into the older girl’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustively collapsed down onto the sofa. Debby had another idea though. Seeing Peyton was done pushing, the busty girl quickly popped off from her knees and found herself straddling Peyton, leaning right over top of her face. 

“Huh?” the blonde asked out of shock.

Debby seized the chance now that Peyton’s mouth was open. The older girl pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Peyton was just as exhausted as Mike was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize the blonde once again. However, Debby wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Peyton parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did the sexy Debby Ryan shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Peyton grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

The blonde girl's first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful 21 year old steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at the camera. Her director was capturing every slutty moment with the camera, watching for how Peyton handled Debby’s snowballing the cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Peyton said after she swallowed down the mix of his cum, Debby’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices. 

“Your turn for a little cum cocktail,” Jack told the older girl.

Jack had been close to cumming already, as roughly an hour of fucking two gorgeous women with elastic assholes had really taken its toll on his endurance. The final straw was seeing the older black man pop his load, which almost acted like permission for the youngest of the trio to do likewise. 

“Need to cum,” Jack acknowledged with a grunt through clenched teeth.

“Good, do it in my ass,” Debby encouraged as Peyton was moved to be under the fucking pair.

“Oh God…uggghhh,” Jack grunted as he came.

With the Italian man withdrawing his foot-long cock after spending his seed deep into Debby’s rectum, Peyton waited patiently with her mouth held open directly underneath the gaping hole. A few little droplets escaped the girl’s asshole initially, dropping onto Peyton’s chest, but as Debby pushed, the cum came flowing out in two big streaks. The first one surprised the Cobra Kai star by having perfect aim, pouring into her mouth but the second jet of bowel-tinged cum splashed all over the lower portion of the blonde’s face. Composing herself quickly, Peyton leaned forward and collected the last of the semen that was hovering around Debby’s anal ring with her tongue, licking it up and swallowing it down.

“So much cum,” Peyton laughed as her face was covered in jizz.

“Where do you want us, big boy,” Debby asked the last man standing.

“You made a mess,” Charlie commented to the busty girl. “Clean Peyton up.”

Though Debby was clearly dominant to Peyton, she took a submissive role to the men, which was why Debby found herself getting to her knees beside her former co-star. Charlie was right in the fact that Peyton had cum all over; her upper chest, neck, checks and lips all had a white glaze. The blonde moaned as the older girl used her tongue and lips to lick and slurp the cum off her chest and neck before the pair exchanged a jizz-filled kiss. The girls took a swallow of their salty reward before Debby resumed her cleaning, licking up all the semen that rocketed from her asshole onto the side of Peyton’s face.

“Wanna cum don't you?” asked Debby, looking up at the man as he stroked his ebony shaft. “Slime us both in that jizz...”

Charlie would have turned his dick over to either of their possessions if he wasn’t so close. As it was, he continued jacking his cock as he watched the two beautiful girls sloppily kiss, tongues out and just begging for Charlie to shoot on their faces. They wouldn't have to beg for long.

“Fuck me! Cumming!”

Charlie grunted in pure pleasure as the first bolt of cum erupted from his cock, splattering both of the actresses’ faces. There was more of that salty jizz where that came from as ever more of it spewed out, but neither of the former Jessie’s stars were cum dodging. Instead, both Debby and Peyton turned their faces directly towards him, moaning in satisfaction as his warm seed covered their faces. Even as the epically large load rained down and splattered on their faces, the pair hungrily licked it from each other's faces like the cum hungry jizz goblins they were. As the steady stream slowed, Debby leapt forward, sucking the last few drops from Charlie’s cock before turning to spit it onto Peyton's tongue, and that turned into a hungry kiss where the pair exchanged the cum back and forth.

“Seems like you two made up...a little at least,” the director commented.

“I definitely have a higher opinion of this big butt slut now,” Debby admitted.

“Any chance you’ll stop calling me Stinky? Or Pukey? Retch? Urinal?” Peyton listed off all the nicknames.

Debby took a moment to think about it before answering. “Nope! Sorry Stinky.”

NEXT: Sabrina Carpenter makes her first appearance since the Christmas Special

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