Hollywood Pornstars

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 7
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Erin Moriarty
Characters (Non-sex): Shantel VanSantel
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Erin Moriarty or Shantel VanSantel nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with The Boys or its characters in any way

Summary: Erin Moriarty from The Boys gets the honor of losing her anal virginity on camera. To top it all off, it is with some of her biggest fans.


“I’m Erin Moriarty and I’m here to get fucked in the ass for my very first time!”

“Now is this you playing up for the cameras or are you being truthful?” 

“No I’ve never tried it!” Erin answered her interviewer honestly. “I mean, I think about it and I’ve heard some things about it. Good things, I mean. So, I’m super curious and then I was drawn with your studio and it fit perfectly.”

“And how many scenes have you done now?”

“2 previously,” Erin stated. When the interviewer asked her to elaborate, she continued. “It’s been fun to explore my sexuality.”

“How so?”

“Well my first scene was a threesome, which was brand new for me. I’ve never been with a woman before and I actually had a lot of fun,” the shy blonde explained.

“Now do you consider yourself a sexual person?”

“Um...to an extent. I’m big into passion. I don’t just go fuck someone randomly,” Erin said.

In truth, Erin was an old fashioned girl, very much the girl-next-door type. She liked relationships and getting to know the guy first before spreading her legs. It was in sharp contrast to a good majority of the girls in Hollywood actually. And yet, the gorgeous blonde still sold her soul out in order to break into the industry after years of failed auditions and bit-part roles in shitty projects.

“Oh but with myself I’m quite sexual. Started masturbating at age 19 and really haven’t stopped since.” Erin added, before flushing slightly in embarrassment from her outburst.

“Hands or toys?”

“Hands...I don’t think I’ve ever used toys actually,” Erin answered. “Well, I did use toys in my second scene for this series. They had me use a two-headed dildo as a scissored my co-star Shantel VanSanten. It had these ribs on the shaft that felt really good. 

“So you diddle yourself a lot. What about sex? How often?”

“Honestly, not a ton. Because I can give myself orgasms I don’t have to go out and sleep with random dudes or chicks. But when I do have a boyfriend, we go nuts. I’m a very sexual person with them and I’ll do anything they want, whenever they want.”

“Now presumably the anal sex topic has come up with you and boyfriends in the past? Because I’m getting a pretty clear submissive attitude off of you and I’m sure other guys pick up on that too,” the interviewer commented.

“Yeah I’m definitely submissive in relationships. I like being owned, even roughed up a bit if they are into that,” the gorgeous blonde stated. “As for anal...they’ve asked but I was younger at the time and super nervous. I’d let them put a finger in or lick my bum, and that felt great but...never felt comfortable enough to do it.”

“So what’s the most sexually adventurous thing you’ve done?”

After taking a moment to think, Erin answered. “I guess swinging. Me and a friend traded partners for the night. I thought I’d feel guilty but the next day I felt pleased.”

“And anal is the next sexual adventure you’re to undergo?”

“Apparently,” the blonde said, a note of resignation in her tone.

“You’re nervous?”

“A bit but I’m eager to explore,” Erin added quickly. “Just don’t know if a dick back there will hurt or feel really good.”

“Now we decided to do something pretty exciting for today. Not only are we going to film the adorably hot Erin Moriarty getting fucked in the ass, but a fan of yours is going to be the sodomizer,” the interviewer.

“A fan of my show?” Erin asked, nervous by this.

“It was a producer of your show’s idea. We used all the people who bought a VIP All Access pass at the past Con and put them in a raffle in order to see who gets to have sex with Starlight!”

“Okay…” the actress said, clearly uncomfortable with a regular person having the honors of butt fucking her.

“Now because these aren’t porn actors, we decided we needed several men to do the job. So we have a guy to help prep your booty with toys, another for the blowjob, another for vaginal sex and the fourth gets your ass,” the interviewer shared with their star.

“Is this a good idea?” Erin asked.

“Don’t be a prude. These are your fans! They paid their hard earned dollars to come see you at the Con and now they get a bonus for being such well-paying super fans,” a producer she recognized from her TV show shouted at her from off stage.

While it was clear that Erin was putting on a brave face, she really didn’t want to be here on this sleazy white leather couch preparing to fuck for her role. However, having sex with a pornstar was one thing. They were experienced and could help Erin through her first anal experience. But fucking random nerds that paid a lot of money for the honor of having sex with her? That was near enough to break the gorgeous blonde. Almost.

“Fan engagement is important for success,” Erin cowed under the pressure.

“Why don’t we get you out of those clothes...Starlight,” the interviewer said with his typical charisma, trying to diffuse the tense situation. “And let’s bring out the first fan.”

Erin gave a big smile to the camera before standing up from the sofa to greet the lucky guy. She still wasn’t happy but outwardly her appearance looked excited. A slightly short, olive-skinned man came out from the room and came in for a handshake with Erin. The blonde noted right away that this man, Rafael apparently, was classically handsome with dark hair and a square jaw. 

“You didn’t think we’d pick ugly men, did you?” Erin’s producer told his young star. “No one wants to see fugly nerds with a hot girl. Now show Rafael here what his VIP All Access Pass earned him.”

Some of the butterflies in the Boys’ actress’ stomach settled seeing the handsome middle aged man. Rafael sat on the sofa as Erin pulled off her light pink shirt and threw it aside before doing likewise with her bra after unclasping it. Erin was the epitome of an all natural beauty. Not only did she have a beautiful face, but her fair complexion and flowing gold hair further charmed her fans. Despite her figure being very lean, it was still hot with curves in all the right places. Though her tits were far from large, they fit her petite frame perfectly as they were nice tear-drop shaped mounds with adorable pink caps and just a slight amount of jiggle. Next went her jean shorts and red thong, both pulled down her legs one after the other to expose her snatch, which was shaven bare under the producer’s demand, and a surprisingly thick ass.

“Wow Erin! Your booty!”

“So kind of you to notice,” The Boys’ star replied. “It’s gotten bigger. I’m pretty proud. Not quite a full-on PAWG like Shantel but I definitely am proud of all that meat on my bone.”

“That girl does have a big ass, especially for a skinny white girl,” the producer agreed with Erin’s assessment of her co-star. “Oh, and we have one last request. We figure, since these guys are Starlight’s biggest fan…”

Erin Moriarty watched as her show’s producer pulled up a bag that he had resting beside him. Unzipping the duffel bag, the man pulled out a prop from the show that Erin was well accustomed to since she wore them nearly every day she was filming. In his hands were Starlight’s thigh-high yellow boots that would boost her height by 3 further inches. She initially feared the worst, but she understood why they wanted her in the heeled boots - Erin looked fucking hot in them! 

“You seem a little...uptight so we are gonna have Rafael relax his favorite TV star,” the interviewer instructed after Erin was done stepping into the thigh-high boots. “Go ahead and lay back so your superfan can claim his reward.”

Erin did as she was told, something that was becoming easier and easier for the 25 year old beauty to do, sadly. An assistant had come from nowhere to turn the white leather sofa into a bed as the backrest flattened out. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, knowing what was expected of her. Though the natural beauty wore a smile, on the inside she felt numb from having sold her soul.

“Okay Rafa...go ahead and warm up our pretty little Starlight.”

Though he was beyond excited, the Brazilian man held his composure as he lowered himself to his knees. After some instruction so that his body didn’t block camera angles, Rafael had the blonde’s leg draped over his shoulder as his face confronted her adorable pussy. Bright pink with little lips, it was as cute as the rest of Erin. BEfore starting, Rafael took advantage of this once in a lifetime shot by reaching up and groping Erin’s natural tits, even giving her nipple a playful tweak for good measure.

“Mmmm...ahhhh,” Erin moaned.

It was clear to Erin and all the men watching that the superfan actually knew what he was doing. Focusing mostly on the blonde’s clit, the Brazilian wiggled his tongue softly against her sensitive nub. Not only did he draw whimpers and moans from the actress, but her tension seemed to melt with each lick. By the time he pushed a finger into her wet cunt, Erin had more or less forgotten about the blackmail  and the fact she was sleeping with a fan.

“How tight is she?” 

“I’d believe her if she said she was a virgin,” Rafael answered.

Erin blushed from the compliment before resuming her steady moans of pleasure. The Brazilian was fucking her smoothly with his middle finger in her pussy, loosening her up while his tongue continued its clitoris work. The natural beauty moaned louder as her superfan added a second finger to her pussy, making short but fast strokes into her. 

“Oh my goodness,” the wholesome blonde rolled her eyes in delight. “You sure he’s not a porn actor?”

“Just a big fan of yours,” the interviewer answered. “Now buddy, get her other whole prepped.”

Rafael had been coached backstage about his duties so he waited for his celebrity crush to bring her surprisingly thick booty to the edge of the sifa before leaning back in. This time his tongue wiggled over her equally adorable butthole that was crinkled shut. Erin normally licked when a guy licked her anus, but she loved when her superfan did it. His tongue was wet and strong, able to penetrate her anal ring when he pushed against her center. Varying things as well, Rafael would lick all the way back to her clit before resuming his ass-eating duties.

“This is so good,” Erin cooed, running a hand through her golden hair.

The Brazilian fan looked over at the interviewer, who gave him a nod. This was their sign to make the girl cum, but also to further the butt play. Putting his whole range of skills to use, Rafael used the fingers of his left hand to strum the blonde’s responsive clit while 2 fingers of his more coordinated right hand thrust into her snatch with both speed and depth. To round off the pleasurable assault, the superfan used his tongue to plunge in and out of Erin’s virgin back door, a technique that seemed to have gotten the loudest moans during the initial rimming.

“Oh Lord! Ahhh! God! Gonna cum!” 

Erin’s moans turned louder and more frequent until the wholesome blonde was full on screaming. As she came, Rafael withdrew the fingers from her pussy that had been fucking her and aimed lower. As her brain was lost in the realms of pleasure that her orgasm unlocked, the superfan eased a finger into her asshole. By the time she became aware of the anal intrusion, half of the man’s digit was sawing slowly but smoothly into her booty.

“Ahhh...that does feel good,” Erin moaned.

Not only fingering her asshole, the Brazilian still used his tongue on her clit, albeit slower and less aggressive after she came. Given how hypersensitive the little nub would be, Rafael used it infrequently to only help relax her when he felt her asshole clamp around his finger a little too tightly. His free hand was done in his own pants, which he had undone, and was stroking himself off.

“Okay my man. You’ve done your job,” the show’s producer told the superfan. “Milk your dick in her mouth and say goodbye.”

“Wait, what?” Erin exclaimed.

As the producer explained to Erin what was happening, Rafael slowly withdrew his finger from the blonde’s slightly looser ass and stood up. His hand beat his cock with renewed vigor, drawing his orgasm ever closer. In truth, ever since he started eating out his dream girl was he on the verge of an orgasm. 

“Ready?” Rafael asked, thinking about how this paralleled the subplot in the first season of the show.

“Fuck it,” the wholesome blonde cursed. “Bring that dick here.”

No sooner had Erin sat up from her supine position was Rafael presenting his throbbing cock to her. The blonde gave one last helpless look over at the powerful producer before she closed her eyes and took the dick in her mouth. The moment her lips sealed around the fleshy shaft and performed her first head bob, Rafael let out a deep groan. Moments later, Erin was treated to a half-dozen shots of cum blasting against the back of her throat and roof of her mouth, filling her up. Knowing full well what was expected, despite the fact she didn’t like doing it, Erin gulped down the mouthful of salty jizz, the disgust of the taste clear from the way she screwed shut her eyes and grimaced.

“Best money I ever spent,” the olive-skinned man said.

The Brazilian did up his pants and wished Erin goodbye as he left the room. Erin used the mouthwash that was in the room to get rid of the vile taste and as she settled back down on the sofa, the next man came in. This man was handsome like the last, and also shared a darker skin complexion, although he was Spanish instead. Diogo introduced himself then was told he’d be continuing loosening up The Boys’ star, but with sex toys instead of his fingers.

“Si! Excellent,” Diogo smiled.

Erin felt pleased once again that the fan they selected was not only handsome, but looked competent from the early signs at least. Erin had laid back down on the white futon as the Spaniard got in the same position as the last guy. The only difference this time was Erin now laying on her side, legs pressed together and ass towards the camera. The sight of her naked little booty and cute dimples on her low back were enough to make her superfan bulge in his pants.

“Diogo is lubing up a vibrating egg. It’s a small little toy so you’ll like it,” the interviewer described to the anal virgin. 

“Still can’t believe I’m doing this,” the slim actress commented.

“You always have to pay the piper,” the producer commented from off screen. “Only this payment is with that cute adorable asshole.”

Once the man had coated the metal oval in the lube, he turned the bottle onto the blonde’s naked sex. Erin shuddered as the cold liquid dripped onto her shaved pussy and dripped down into the crack of her ass. The Spaniard used the sift pad of his finger to rub the lube around her anal ring before bringing the vibrating egg towards her.

“Just go nice and slow,” Erin begged superfan #2.

“I’ll be gentle. You just pull your cheek apart,” Diogo urged.

It wasn’t surprising at how much effort it was taking the Spaniard to overcome her muscular ring especially since she was an anal virgin. Maintaining steady pressure forwards, the camera was able to capture both the insertion of the metal tube into Erin’s asshole, as well as her gorgeous face. The actress’ face started to contort with her brows furrowing and her mouth gaping as her asshole continued to expand and more of the metal disappeared inside of her. Diogo told her to spread more as he saw the veins in the back of her hand pop but it did the trick. Her sphincter opened to its new limit as a lubed-up vibrating egg pulled securely into her backdoor with only a black cord evidence of anything different..

“Hhhh….ahhh,” Erin moaned at the insertion of her first anal toy. Suddenly, Diogo turned on the toy and a faint humming could be heard by all in the room. “Oh! Awhhh! Oh my God! That’s new!”

With only the toy vibrating in her bowels, Erin was nearing an orgasm. She never would have thought in a million years she’d cum from anything anal related, but within a minute she was nearly proved wrong. She’d forgotten about the Spaniard until he put not one, but two fingers deep in her pussy. The double penetration of a toy in the ass and fingers in her snatch was already pleasurable, but Diogo had more in store. Rather than simply blast her cunt with his fingers, superfan #2 curled the digits until they contacted her G-spot then ground away at that with rapid and powerful arm motion. 

“Oh my God! Fucckkkk!” the whole blonde swore. Her orgasm built up in seconds but the climax was more powerful than any other she’d had previously. “Fucking Jesus fucking Christ!”

“Okay let’s go ahead and pull that out,” one of the men behind the scenes said.

“You okay?” Diogo asked as Erin ran a hand through her golden hair.

“Mhmm,” Erin nodded before her hands took up the position on her ass cheeks.

Erin was pleased that her fan seemed to care a great deal about her pleasure, and more importantly, not hurting her. As he took up the black cord and pulled, Erin felt the vibrating egg start to pull through her rectum. Her mouth gaped and moaned at the same time the egg started to open up her anal ring from the inside. 

“You like that? You like watching it come back out of my ass you dirty, dirty boy,” the actress tried dirty-talk to distract herself. “Awhhh…oh my God…ahhhh!”

Diogo saw the shiny metal egg start to open her asshole. As she slowly expanded, Diogo maintained even pressure to aid its journey through her sphincter. Given its shape, once the tapered end gave way to the cylinder, it was all a uniform size so the passage of the rest of the 3-inch egg was smooth, especially since she was so lubed up. In total he was gaping her more than an inch before pulling it out and watching her seal back up but less quickly this time.

“This time, your biggest fan is gonna push a butt plug up into your guts,” the interviewer warned his star. “I assume you’ve never used one before.”

“I didn’t even know what one looked like until 5 seconds ago,” the naive girl answered as she watched Diogo lubricate the object.

“It just goes up into you and expands your butt. It’s great pre-anal practice,” he explained. “Makes the actual sex so much easier.”

The butt plug was just over 3 inches long, with one end tapered to a blunt point before expanding out to roughly 1 inch in width. From there it narrowed again to a small cylinder that went to the other end, an all black base that was several inches wide as to make sure the toy didn't get completely sucked into the user's backdoor.

"Relax, this can sting a little at first," Diogo warned as moved the toy against her backside.

Just like when he used the vibrating egg, Diogo was smooth and gentle as ever as he used the gap from the exit of the first toy to get the tip of the butt plug inside. The toy started to narrow that it had little trouble entering her anus, and from there all it took was steady pressure until superfan #2 and the camera was watching Erin’s backdoor expand before engulfing her adorable toy.

"Ugh," she winced in the slightest amount of discomfort.

“Even your whimpers are adorable,” Diogo complimented the actress.

Diogo let it rest for a moment and allowed his crush to get used to having her bowels held open. As if still surprised that she had something lodged in her bum, Erin’s hand reached down and felt the large, flat end of the plug. Closing her fingers lightly around the edges of it, the young actress slowly spun the anal toy, noting how her rectum could feel the lubed up butt plug rotating painlessly inside her.

Getting a little braver since it felt so comfortable, Erin began moving it up and down. Again, no pain followed so she pulled it side to side and stimulated more of her bowels with the fairly skinny bulbous toy. Erin was prepared to hand the toy back for her superfan to control but when she looked over her hips she saw his arm jerking rapidly while also noting the look of pure arousal on his face.

“I cum in her mouth now?” Diogo asked the men off screen.

“Right down her gullet,” the producer agreed. “Make sure you don’t spill any on that gorgeous face though.”

Unlike the first time, Erin was expecting this. She also didn’t put up a fuss. Instead, the Boy’ star rolled off her laying position and gave a slight wince as the toy in her ass poked slightly deeper. Whether it was the Spaniard ready to pop or the grimace on her face, but Diogo was at his climax. Erin leaned forward, parted her lips and rested the tip of his dick in her mouth. Within a few seconds of sucking his average-sized cock, the man threw his head back and howled in pure bliss.

“Shhiittt,” the man cursed.

After the grunt it was only a millisecond before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit out of surprise as the hot jet of semen plastered the roof of her mouth, unaware of the speed that his organ could propel the gooey substance. Erin was shocked at the volume of cum in that first streak, and before she could regain composure, a second equally large spurt of cum filled up her mouth almost to the point of capacity. Before Diogo could add to the growing collection of spunk in her mouth, the wholesome looking blonde closed her eyes hard and contracted her throat muscles, swallowing down the initial burst then had the presence of mind to return to sucking his member. By the time he finished cumming, Erin had to swallow down another large and medium mouthful of salty jizz as well. 

“Thank you,” Diogo said to her and the men behind the camera before pulling up his pants and leaving.

“Okay so now we are gonna go to the bedroom where lucky number 3 is ready to fuck you,” the interviewer informed his star. 

“You want me to walk with the butt plug in?” 

When the answer was a series of nods, Erin rolled from the sofa and got to her feet, though her hand was back pushing the butt plug into her ass so it didn’t fall out. However, as she stood and took a tentative step, she realized the toy wasn’t going anywhere. 

“Oh my! It feels so weird,” Erin giggled as she walked towards the back room.

Given how cute and bouncy her tits were, it didn’t surprise Erin that they once more had her flat on her back for her fucking. What did surprise her was that the butt plug remained firmly in place. Her third superfan with the true VIP experience was a tall black man with dreads. Erin was more preoccupied with being told the butt plug would stay in her ass as they had sex that the blonde missed hearing his name, thus she called him Dreads. With her legs pulled wide and her arms hooked under her knees, Erin gave her superfan as wide spread of a pussy as she could.

“Condom?” Erin asked, seeing the black man with an unwrapped dick.

“Everyone here is tested and they look bad on film,” the interviewer answered. “Besides, it feels way better for you if it’s not there.”

“You ready?” Dreads asked as he rubbed his tip through her folds.

“Mhmmm,” Erin confirmed, at which point his head was eased into her very tight pussy. “Wow! Oh wow!”

The shock was the feeling of being full. Dread had a bigger than average cock but it wasn’t her biggest. However, combining his thick slab of meat with the butt plug inhabiting her rectum and it was quite the sensation for the petite blonde. Despite the full feeling, the sex was actually great. Dread knew his way around a woman’s body and within a handful of strokes he was motoring his entire shaft into Erin’s pussy.

“Oh! Ah! Yes!” Erin cooed as her fan fucked her. 

In truth, once Dread started fucking his dream girl with the entire cock, he slowed his speed down so that he didn’t pop. He had lots of sex, but this was Erin Moriarty! Not only was she that perfect blend of sexy and cute, but she had great tits that he was able to watch joggle with each stroke into her. Therefore he paced himself, making sure he didn’t pop too soon so he could enjoy the full VIP service.

“That’s it. Harder,” the mild-mannered girl begged.

There went Dread’s plan. Then again, when Starlight asked you to fuck her harder, you complied! Still using the majority of his length, Dread picked up his speed and really slammed forward into the 25 year old. Now her tits were really jiggling, the collision of his groin with her sex making them bounce. 

Erin squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as the black man continued to pound his hard cock into her. She didn't think she was a fan of such intense fucking but apparently that was a myth as she only needed the right motivation. His member was thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Erin breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Dreads asked with a grin.

The black superfan didn't bother listening to her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Erin Moriarty’s pussy. He made sure to really grind his stomach against her with each push with the thought he would rub her clit, which is exactly what was happening. The sexy Boys’ actress was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the bed while Dreads watched her adorable tits quake with each and every thrust into her. 

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Erin screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

Dreads buried himself inside her cunt one last time as the slim girl reached her climax, her hands forming little balls in the process. Her pussy clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet so he easily rode out the storm until Erin went from a rigid screaming girl back to a satisfied, spent sack of muscles. All the while Dreads never pulled out, he just slowed his pumping down to barely much. However, he overestimated how much stamina he had left, that or her insanely tight pussy took more out of him while she came then he thought.

“Wow! We didn’t expect that,” the interviewer remarked about Erin cumming. “For that, you can cream in her pussy.”

“Fuck yes,” Dread cheered.

“What! Seriously! That’s awfully risky,” Erin retorted, clearly bothered by the idea of some random guy cumming in her fertile womb.

“Erin…” was all the producer had to say before the girl instantly cowed.

“Okay...cum in me please,” Erin spoke to the man she called Dreads.

A minute ago, Dreads felt like he could have fucked his celebrity crush all night. However, between the butt plug grinding against his cock, the way her pussy clamped around his shaft as she came and now hearing Erin Moriarty asking him to cum in her, it was all too much. Dreads was lucky if he made it another minute. Knowing his VIP access was running out, Dreads thrust hard and fast into his crush, her tits bouncing wilder than ever. He surprised himself by making it almost 3 full minutes at this frantic fucking pace before his orgasm was at hand.

“Oh fuck! Cumming Erin!”

The wholesome blonde heard his urgent shout before feeling the first squirt of warm fluid coat her inner walls. Of course there was more than just one streak, in total the actress felt 5 full blasts of semen inside her womb before the well ran dry, so to speak.With each successive blast of jizz, the man with dreadlocks slowed his fucking, and it also became more shallow. Finally, he used only his tip in her pussy before that too was withdrawn, leaving the cameraman to capture the thin trickle of cum already leaking from Erin’s snatch. 

An assistant on the shoot brought Erin some tissues to clean up the baby batter deposit superfan #3 made within her. By the time she had cleaned herself up, another man had entered the room. He shook her hand and named himself as Steve. Several things stood out about superfan #4 - he was the oldest of the group at 40, but he was a silver fox. She had always found older men attractive and he was no exception. He was also naked, holding his erection in his hand. Erin had no previous anal experience, but seeing the man have a long, but thin cock made sense to be a good manhood for the job.

“Okay Erin. You’ve been warmed up with three orgasms. What’s gonna happen now is Steve is gonna take the butt plug out and replace it with his dick,” the interviewer informed her.

“Lucky me. Losing my anal virginity on film...to a random guy named Steve I met seconds ago,” Erin said, masking her nerves in sarcasm.

“Girls have given up their ass for less. You got a starring role in a hit show,” the show’s producer reminded the blonde.

“Okay Steve, go ahead.”

The grey-haired man grabbed the base of the butt plug and firmly pulled it towards him. He watched as the blonde’s anal ring refised to give him the toy until he started to see black from within the center of her hole. With more pressure the 3-inch butt plug finally overpowered the sphincter and Erin was free of the toy filling her rectum for the first time in half an hour. Steve had already lubed up his dick so he took advantage of the gape that the toy left in the girl’s asshole.

“Please be gentle,” Erin begged the older man.

“Just relax,” Steve answered.

“Oh!” Erin groaned softly as his dick made steady pressure against her anal ring until his tip pierced her asshole for the first time. “OWW!”

Erin’s hands formed even tighter balls as she tried to deal with her first anal penetration. Though his dick was slim, it was still bigger than either the vibrator or butt plug. Superfan #4 r could feel her clench up with every fiber of her being, preventing him from moving within her though he had no intention yet. Steve was a patient man and adored the young actress so was in no rush. He waited with his tool placed an inch within her bowels for Erin to grow relaxed, however this took nearly a minute. Just like he knew she would, her breathing started to return to normal and he observed the tight cords of the muscles running alongside her neck lose their tone.

“We don’t have all day,” the producer told the fan. “It’s your dream girl! Starlight! Fuck her, man.”

Steve looked down at the clearly struggling actress who still looked tense, but to her credit, she gave him the barest of head nods. Steve wanted to be sympathetic to the actress but he also wanted to fuck her really bad. So too did the studio producer. Rearing back his hips, Steve pushed in another 2 inches of his lengthy 8 inch cock before retreating it just as fast. Deciding a smooth pace as best, Steve began fucking his dream girl in the ass. To Erin’s credit, despite the occasional bout of searing pain from having her bowels fucked for the first time, she never cried out for him to stop. Instead, the golden-haired actress bit her bottom lip and whimpered or groaned as more and more of the superfan’s cock plundered her backdoor. 

“Ah God!” Erin hissed.

The man was either going fast but only using half his length, or he used a slower motion but pushed more cock in with each thrust. Erin didn’t know which approach she liked, well, hated less. Feeling further up into her rectum poked and prodded was weird and intense, but the rapid strokes through her anal ring caused a low grade burning. As she was moving her hands down to pull apart her cheeks, a confusing sensation happened. A spike of pleasure. Looking down, Erin realized that the older man was using a finger to strum her clitoris.

“Please, yes. Rub my pussy,” the blonde all but begged the silver-haired man.

Yes! There it was again. More pleasure! There was still a lot of burning coming from her virgin asshole being fucked but it was becoming muted. And then she felt something touch her thighs. Looking down her body, Erin realized that the something that was tapping her legs was her superfan. The wholesome blonde now too became aware that she was getting fucked with his entire length as she looked down over her flat stomach and saw him entering her fully. It was a surreal feeling, the naughtiness of being ass fucked when she was a good girl catapulting the feeling of arousal to a new level. 

"Awh! That's so deep...in my asshole," she screamed, pleased that it wasn’t all pain now.

Pulling half of his length from her rectum, Steve stopped then pushed all the way in, stopping only when his groin smacked her cheeks with just enough force to cause them to ripple. There was that pain again. No amount of clit rubbing or even pussy fingering could disguise the feel of a dick slamming into her asshole with that much force. She was going to ask the man to stop, but seeing her producer with that look on his face let her know that it would be a poor idea. So instead, she bit her lip and took another dozen hard thrusts into her virgin ass before Steve returned to a fast but smoother approach.

“This is...the best day...of my life,” Steve panted, his thrusts getting faster and more irregular. “Better than my son’s birth! My wedding! Nothing compares to ass fucking Starlight!”

“Don’t cum in her,” the interviewer warned superfan #4 as the man had filmed enough porn to know when a guy was nearing his end. “Still another guy left to stuff that booty.”

“Where then?” Steve asked, his stamina wilting by the second. “Face?”

“Yes!” the producer answered with excitement. “Cover her adorable face in filthy spunk.”

He wasn't able to take any more of it. Fucking her asshole hard for the last 10 minutes, notably a virgin asshole, was too much to take. It had been an inhuman effort already but he couldn't go further so he pulled out of his celebrity crush’s asshole for the last time.

Once she felt him leave her backdoor Erin rolled off the bed and dropped to the floor. She knelt before him as he stroked his cock, getting closer to her face. She gave him more encouragement, telling him to paint her face in his cum, which was unusual because she had never asked for a facial in the past. However she was running off the happiness of her ass no longer being sodomized, so said whatever would make her producer happy.

"Ugh! Here it comes!"

Erin watched until the last second, clothing her eyes as she saw the first white streak leave his tip before feeling the warm jizz run the length of her nose, onto her lip and into her mouth for her to taste. The second jet landed partially on top of the first but extended up her forehead and even onto her silky hair. The rest of his load was in much smaller quantities and once he was done, Steve looked down at the painted canvas before him. His celebrity crush was completely covered in his freakish amount of cum as smaller bursts had landed on her right cheek, almost hitting her eye. More was on her chin meaning a healthy dose landed in her mouth for her drinking pleasure.

"Mhmm...that was so much," Erin cooed as she used her tongue to capture the jizz on her lips.

Steve didn’t know what made him do this next part, but everyone (with the exception of Erin) was happier for it. After he was done beating his cock, the olderman took a step closer to the blonde, his dick a mere inch in front of her. Erin, also running off auto-pilot, did what she would normally do by parting her lips, extending her tongue, and taking the cock into her mouth.

“Jesus Christ! That cock was just in your pooper,” the producer laughed in stunned amazement. 

"Oh Lord," Steve grunted as he felt more semen leak from his head as the visual of his beautiful blonde sucking his dirty cock with cum plastered all over her face was too much to handle.

Erin had realized what she'd done but it was too late to turn back. Plus the taste wasn't all that bad. Sure, it wasn’t great, after all it had been soaking in her anal cavity for the past 10 minutes but it wasn’t nearly as gross as she would have thought. Already committed and hoping this would buy her some leeway with her producer, Erin took her time, slowly sucking on his tip before using her tongue to lick up one side than the next before doing likewise to the under and top side.

“That was definitely the grossest thing i’ve ever done in my life,” Erin thought as she used a tissue to wipe her face clean. “My parents would be so proud.”

“Is it hurting more or less than you thought?” the interviewer asked while her body continued being pitched forward and back.

“More. Yup, definitely more,” Erin answered honestly, her ass burning and likely to still be in that state for quite some time. “But some periods felt good at least.”

While Erin was busy cleaning herself off and self-loathing, the last of her superfans entered the bedroom. He was given last minute instructions, though his gaze was firmly held by Erin Moriarty’s bubbly booty. As she turned around, he got a view of her small but perky tits, while she also sized him up. For one, he was probably the most handsome man of the lot. His tall, thin frame and shoulder-length blonde hair made Erin instantly think he could play an elf in Hollywood’s next adaptation of a high fantasy novel. However, what really drew her eye was his cock. She was used to the absence of condoms at this point, but the man possessed the thickest cock of the 5 fans.

“Hi. I’m Emil,” the blonde man said in a foreign accent. Noting the puzzled expression on his crush’s face, he added. “Swedish.”

“That makes sense,” Erin said, touching his golden hair. “That dick is huge. Sorry to be so blunt.”

“I understand...and thank you,” the Swede laughed.

“How touching. But time for more butt fucking,” the producer called over to the star and fan.

The pair received the instruction from the interviewer with Erin getting down on hands and knees on the edge of the bed. This allowed for the Swede to stand and fuck his crush doggy style, with her surprisingly thick booty in perfect view. It meant he couldn’t see her beautiful face or jiggling tits, but it was a trade Emil was happy with.

“Okay, here it comes,” superfan #5 warned the girl.

“Yup, I’m ready...oohhhhhh,” Erin whimpered as her bowels were penetrated by the tip. “Oh my God!”

Luckily for Erin, she had some anal experience at this point, however Emil was the thickest cock yet. She continued to whimper and groan, ball her fist in the sheets and bite her lip as the Swede continued with his slow thrusts into her once virgin ass. Looking down and watching as his dick made headway into the blonde’s peach of an ass, Emil was overcome with the need to spank her. So he did just that. His left hand rose to shoulder height before swinging downward and slapping her meaty left cheek. He thrust another half dozen times into the wholesome blonde’s ass before repeating the spanking feat but to Starlight’s right cheek.

“I liked that,” the 25 year old actress admitted.

Emil smiled at that good news because the Swede loved to see her pale complexion become more and more red. He didn’t get too slap-happy but he definitely kept them coming at regular intervals, all while his thick slab of meat made steady progress into Erin’s booty. The Swede realized if he rocked the blonde actress back towards him, she found it easier so he thrust with his hips less and pulled her back more. Instantly half his length was gliding in and out of her anal ring, which was trying it’s best to milk him of his cum with every stroke.

“Fast. Fast is good,” Erin encouraged the man.

In truth, fast wasn’t good but it was the lesser of the evils. When the Swede slowed things down it hurt way more, plus, faster meant he’d overextend himself. As his thick cock started pounding her with more pace, it also went deeper and now Erin could feel her ass cheeks thudding against the man’s stomach. At one point Erin had to clamp with hands over her mouth to stop from screaming in pain, but she eventually controlled herself and was able to drop them after a minute or two.

“God this is some hot stuff,” the producer commented from off stage.

“Guys! I need to cum!” Emil warned.

“Great. Fill Starlight up!” the producer instructed.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he announced.

“Yes! Fill me up! Give my ass all that cum,” the normally sweet girl begged, wanting and needing her first anal experience to be over.

And with one final plunge into her asshole, Emil shot his entire load inside her bowels. His eyes were squinted shut and his mouth released a mighty bellow as his dick pulsed and spasmed, emptying his contents. The orgasm was intense after the anal fuck session and felt much deserved to have reached its conclusion, although it was bittersweet in the sense that his time with the gorgeous actress was reaching its end.

“Oh! That feels really nice,” Erin cooed from beneath the 5th different man to have sex with her that day.

Though anal sex had ended up being much harder than she thought, the man cumming in her asshole felt good. His cock spasming within her was seductive, but the warm splashes of semen painting her bowels was unique and even pleasurable. Sadly, after a half-dozen shots, the blonde man pulled out of her, and as his semi-flaccid dick left her ass, so too did half his load come pouring out of her as well.

“You did it!”

“I did it!” Erin exhaustedly echoed, her face still splattered in cum.

“How was it?”

“It was...kinda good. Definitely new,” the blonde kept things honest. 

“Any advice for any actresses watching this?”

“Relax. Prepare yourself with toys because that was actually helpful. And have fun and let it happen...even if it hurts. Just tough it out and it’ll start feeling better,” Erin gave her parting advice.

“That’s great. Thanks Erin.”

Next chapter = Shantel VanSanten and Aya Cash

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