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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 5
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Chloe Bennet / Pierre Woodman
Codes: MF, MMMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Chloe Bennet or Pierre Woodman nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up is Chloe Bennet who goes to film with a legend in the porn industry - Pierre Woodman

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of waterplay/golden shower and ATM that is definitely on the dirty side.


“Sporty girl,” Pierre Woodman commented as the camera scanned from the floor on up the seated figure.

“I was told to come comfortable,” the actress retorted with a smile. “Besides, I’m just gonna be getting naked anyway.”

“Touche my dear. And it takes nothing away from your beauty,” the Frenchman replied.

Chloe Bennet was dressed in casual, if not slightly sporty clothing as she sat in the hotel room the porn legend rented for their shoot. She came dressed in the same outfit she flew to France in, although she did have time to quickly stop off at her own hotel and wash her hair. She wore her chestnut brown hair straight, which fell down a few inches past her shoulder. On her feet were a pair of Converse sneakers with a tight pair of denim shorts hugging her quite large but fit ass. Rounding out the casual outfit was a baseball style shirt that clung to her medium-sized tits.

“So Chloe, I understand that this is your last contractual shoot,” a man’s voice with an obvious French accent questioned the actress.

“It is. Lucky number 10!” Chloe Bennet said with a warm smile. “3 up front for getting the starring role on Agents of SHIELD and then another appearance per season the show was running.”

“10? That is a lot of these,” Pierre commented. “You have more pornography experience then most actual porn actresses.”

“Wow! Yeah I guess I actually do,” the half-Asian actress laughed at the realization. “Well it’s good to diversify!”

“God I love your optimism,” the man known as the Spider complimented. “And this also marks your second time back in my studio.”

“It does. Had such a good experience with you the first time around that I actually requested you for my final appearance,” Chloe informed him.

“I’m honored. And so we’ve already discussed what’s happening today...tell the people.”

“Well...Pierre invited some of his friends to the hotel room and they are going to fuck me senseless,” the fresh-faced girl answered. “No restrictions. Just good old fashioned gangbang fun!”

“My type of lady!” Pierre celebrated. “Now last time you were here, we had a lot of fun, didn’t we?”

“We certainly did. You came in my mouth twice & fucked all my holes too,” the cute yet sexy actress shared. “But you didn’t want to share me with any of your friends.”

“I still don’t,” the Frenchman disclaimed. “But I know we want to really dominate and degrade you tonight so I brought two of my best. They’ll be here soon. As we wait, why don’t we talk about some sex.”

“Yes please,” Chloe answered, so comfortable in front of a camera.

“What type of sex do you prefer?”

“Mmhmm...all types but my favorite is strong and brutal,” the actress replied.

“Strong and brutal! Oh my!” The Spider laughed, shocked by such a response from a girl who looked as adorable as Chloe Bennet. “So you like being dominated and submitting?”

“Absolutely. A boyfriend once described me as a perfect sex puppet. I love just being used for whatever pleasure men or women can get out of me,” Chloe expanded her answer.

“My goodness. Can you get any more perfect?” Pierre asked with a laugh.

“Well I can try. I’ve swallowed every guy I’ve ever given a blowjob to. Oh, and I prefer anal to pussy sex,” the Agents of SHIELD actress added. Seeing the shocked look on the older man’s face, she continued. “I don’t know if it’s because I have a small pussy and an adaptive butthole or what. I mean, I get pleasure and orgasms from vaginal sex too...but anal is just...awesome!”

Well, well, well. Chloe! We are going to have lots of fun. Now I know you’ve had sex with two men at once…”

“Only in a train situation. One then the other. Never at the same time,” Chloe corrected him.

“So never one in the pussy and ass at the same time?” Pierre questioned.

“No but it’s a fantasy of mine. One that I’m hoping will be made a reality tonight,” the Agents of SHIELD actress added.

“Oh we will make that happen tonight. Yes, indeed,” he answered, unable to keep the glee from his voice. “Now let’s have you get naked.”

Chloe seemed to be waiting for this command because as soon as it was given, she was standing. She didn’t just whip off all her clothes, nor did she brag it out into a striptease. Off came her shirt and cutoff shorts to leave her in a grey bra and matching thong. She made sure to turn her back to the camera as the shorts came down to really give the view of her booty. Despite her narrow waist and athletic build, the half-Asian actress possessed a thick ass with excellent curvature. When she pulled off her thong to reveal a perfectly bald snatch, it only heightened her sex appeal. Lastly, off came her bra to exhibit her medium sized tits that had a nice bounce and jiggle to them with each capped with a small pink nipple.

“Very nice. Very sporty,” Pierre complimented. “You don’t need such a perfect body with a face like yours but it is all the better you have it anyway.”

“Such a charmer,” Chloe blushed.

“Do you need anything else? We have enema in the bathroom if you haven’t done so yet.”

“Nah, I’ll pass. I’m all about that au natural sex,” the 27 year old answered.

“And you’re aware that there will be lots of butt sex, yes?” The Spider questioned, which was met with a confident nod. “You live dangerously Ms Bennet. But I’m excited to see how it plays out for you.”

The interview portion of the shoot was done and the cameraman, Pierre and Chloe moved from the sitting room of the hotel back into the bedroom. It was simply furnished with a massive bed that took up the majority of the space while a pair of comfortable chairs were in either corner. The Spider had also set up several tripods so that he could station the camera on them though he tended to hold the recording device in his hand more often than not.

“Lay down. I’ll make you cum to relax you,” Pierre instructed.

“I’m not going to pass up a free orgasm,” Chloe Bennet said with a laugh.

Chloe got on the bed and spread her legs wide as Pierre set the camcorder on the tripod before nestling between her tanned thighs. Hooking his hands under her knees he pushed them back up towards her head so that her pink folds were spread wide open. Like a heat seeking missile he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy.

“Oh sweet heavens,” the actress screamed.

Pierre couldn’t help but snicker at the girl’s comments as he danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her nub. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as Chloe began thrashing around wildly on the bed, not to mention howling like a banshee.

Now that the half-Asian was thoroughly enjoying herself, the porn legend began to properly prepare her for the time ahead. Bringing his hand up, Pierre gave the tip a small squeeze from the lube bottle before bringing it up to Chloe’s crinkled starfish. He was pleased that she didn’t just talk a big game because as he ringed her asshole with his finger, she didn’t tense up. Then when he pushed inside, he found her booty gave only the slightest spasm shut before the actress relaxed fully and allowed all 3.5 inches of his index finger to enter her colon.

“Ahhh...God I love a finger in the ass,” Chloe moaned in a satisfied fashion.

The older man didn’t reply, instead he continued to eat her snatch with a passion. He had been in the industry for over 3 decades, slept with well over a 1000 women, and that was a conservative guess. Therefore, he knew how to both loosen a women’s asshole in preparation for a good hard ass fucking, as well as being able to quickly bring them to orgasm. In fact, the Frenchman could have delivered two climaxes to the 27 year old actress already, but he backed off when he sensed her getting close. He had more to accomplish first.

“Mhmm…awwhh,” Chloe groaned. “Another.”

“Such a slutty girl!” Pierre said after stroking the first finger into her rear a few times fully.

Her asshole was accommodating but very snug, squeezing his meaty finger like a muscular vice. The Spider pulled his finger out and added more lube before cramming them together and drove them back into Chloe’s backdoor, to the brunette’s joy. Her moans only became more boisterous once the older man resumed munching on her pussy as well.

“Shit! God! So good,” Chloe panted her satisfaction. “You’re a master!”

After he added a second digit to her pooper, it didn’t take long for Pierre to judge she was ready for a third. She hadn’t been blowing smoke earlier when she said she loved anal sex and was rather experienced at it, given the way her anal ring just seemed to melt open for him. Repeating the same trick as a minute before, a third lubricated finger soon found its way into Chloe’s ass with much the same reaction.

“Please Pierre. I’m so close,” she all but begged. “Make me cum. Please!”

“I can’t deny such a beautiful creature,” he answered.

Pierre had grown to know her sensitivities since munching on her pussy for the past 10 minutes. Though Chloe was responsive to several techniques, Pierre decided to use his second hand to thrust another 3 fingers into her snatch while his mouth clamped around her clit. This would not only accomplish bringing the actress to orgasm, but also expose her to having both holes stuffed at the same time in preparation of her double penetration which was sure to occur today.


With an ear-piercing shriek, the half-Asian actress came hard. Pierre, who was used to working with porn stars who commonly faked orgasms, knew she was experiencing the real thing given how her pussy and asshole both clamped around his fingers in reflex to the climax. He continued to suck and tongue lash her clit for another few seconds, making Chloe shudder and scream, until ending her torrent by pulling his mouth from her sex, followed by removing his fingers from their respective holes.

“Shit, Pierre. That was intense,” Chloe commented as she ran a hand through her hair.

The Frenchman had changed slightly since Chloe had last seen him given how distracted she was during her orgasm. The large man had stripped out of his clothes completely and had a lust-fueled glint in his eyes. That and he had a raging hard on swinging in front of him. Chloe didn’t have a chance to move before Pierre placed both hands around her throat and started to little choke her. Chloe felt the mild oxygen deprivation but he was essentially using her neck as a hand-hold so he could climb on top as he straddled her chest and slapped his above-average sized cock square onto the middle of her gorgeous face.

“Suck me, beautiful,” he demanded.

Chloe really didn’t have a say in the matter, but even if she did she would have gladly gobbled up his member. As it was, the moment she parted her lips, the Frenchman was cramming his erect cock to the back of her gullet. After a brief gag that achieved a little more spit in her mouth, Chloe began bobbing her head in expert fashion along the majority of his member. The half-Asian was more or less a dick sucking machine. In the past decade the 27 year old had delivered countless blowjobs so even though she was in a non-optimal position, her neck muscles were able to bob her head effortlessly along his length.

“Oui! Oui! Oui!” Pierre cooed his appreciation.

As good as her lips felt on his cock, the Frenchman didn’t want her to forget about the rest of his package. Scooting further up her body, the large man placed his sack into her mouth. Well, he initially missed her mouth and the pair of testicles landed in her eye sockets, but that just got a laugh from the two of them. Slowly sliding the hairy sack down over her cute nose and finally into her mouth, Chloe immediately latched her lips around the twin nuts and sucked while Pierre stroked himself off. 

Chloe went from licking and sucking on his balls to having her lips back around his dick. She had little say in the matter of what he wanted given her trapped position under his much larger frame. Which was fine for the Agents of SHIELD actress as she enjoyed being dominated by strong men. She also couldn’t understand a word the Frenchmen was saying because when the Spider got whipped into a sexual frenzy, he resorted back to frantic French. All Chloe knew was that he was thoroughly enjoying putting her mouth to good effect.

“Need to fuck you so bad right now,” Pierre spoke in English in order for his muse to understand him.

“Hell yes,” the 27 year old celebrated.

As Pierre stood from the bed, he bent down and shoved his tongue aggressively into Chloe’s mouth. The actress returned the kiss though she mainly contended with his aggressive tongue slapping all inside her mouth and onto her lips. As he straightened up, he gave her throat a hard squeeze in a brief choke before the grip was relaxed. Before Chloe could get up, his hand fell hard against her cheek, a loud slapping noise echoing throughout the hotel room.

“Hands and knees. Aller! Se depecher!” Pierre instructed in an alchemy of English and French.

Chloe was in fantastic shape from time on the action show so she had no trouble with taking some slaps or chokes. Using her agility, the half-Asian effortlessly rolled over in bed before pressing up onto her hands and knees with her big thick ass pointing back at the man who had boasted about sleeping with well over a 1000 women.

“Normally I wear condoms,” Pierre stated as he moved behind the kneeling girl. “But I don’t want anything to prevent getting the full Chloe Bennet experience.”

“Well you certainly can make a girl blush,” Chloe replied, feeling his tip run through her slit. Once he reached her opening, the porn legend didn’t delay and shoved half his length inside her. “Oh yes!”

By the time Pierre had pulled out so only his tip remained in her tight pussy, he was driving back into her only this time he thrust with his entire 7 inches. Though he was neither extremely thick or long, the Frenchman had a healthy-sized member and more importantly, really knew how to work it. His stamina was the stuff of legends, so even though he started fucking the 27 year old at neck breaking speeds, he was in no danger of spilling his seed in her womb anytime soon.

“Yes! God! Fuck!” Chloe constantly screamed as she received the fucking of a lifetime. 

“Nice, huh?” Pierre asked as he reared back and spanked her right butt cheek hard. “You like, yes?” Another slap, this time to her left side.

Pierre didn’t care for the answer, he just wanted to fuck her hard and fast. Though Chloe was perched on both arms, the Frenchman decided that he wanted the gorgeous girl face down with her booty up. Grabbing both wrists all without slowing his frantic fucking, the Spider pulled both arms behind her back and held onto both wrists with one of his mitts. With his free hand, Pierre used that to take turns turning each of her fat ass cheeks a darker shade of red as he spanked the beautiful woman. 

“Enough pussy,” Pierre grunted, pulling out of her snatch and aiming his tip higher. “I fuck your little ass now.”

Chloe felt like correcting the big man by telling him that although her butthole was tight, her ass cheeks were anything but little. However, instead she kept her mouth shut, lowered herself down lower on her knees to better align her hole with the porn legend’s manhood and waited. Pierre didn’t leave her without cock for long. Not bothering to add more lube since her sphincter was still lathered in it from his fingering, the Spider lined his bulbous head with her anal ring before pushing forward.

“Ahhhh,” Chloe hissed from the familiar sting that accompanied every initial butt fuck.

Pierre pushed until he had a few inches deep in Chloe’s ass then stopped his pushing. Chloe had a lot of anal experience so she knew the man was allowing her a few moments to get to grip with the invasion of her bowels. Wanting to show off how proficient she was with sodomy, almost immediately Chloe started to rock her thick ass back into Pierre’s lip. 

“Oui! Yes Chloe,” an impressed Pierre cooed.

Once again more frantic French was being spewed at her in the Spider’s excitement and lust but Chloe blocked that out and focused on keeping relaxed. In truth, her anus was already warmed up so she continued rocking back and forth on his shaft until the porn legend took over. Hooking his hands onto her hourglass hips, Pierre started thumping his sex into her at nearly the same speeds he had done with her pussy only minutes previous.

“Take it chienne,” Pierre hissed, Chloe recognizing the French word for bitch when she heard it.

Pierre started to slow down his thrusts but it wasn’t from mercy. Instead of his rapid fire approach, Pierre slammed his dick into the 27 year old with far more force, making her ass cheeks ripple as a result. Chloe initially whelped before regaining composure, just in time for him to slam back into her asshole with even greater power. Sometimes he would deliver a few powerful thrusts in a row, yet other times he’d slam into her bowels and simply soak inside her ass for seconds at a time. 

“I see we are a little late,” another man spoke, making Chloe turn her head.

“Nah. I like it when they are loosened up,” a third man added.

“Marcel! Lucien! Happy you made it,” Pierre greeted his friends without missing a beat in fucking Chloe’s asshole. “Pass me the camera there and then come join.”

Chloe had no idea who was Lucien and who was Marcel. Instead, as the two newcomers stripped and joined her and Pierre on the bed, she noted that one was young with tattoos and a muscular frame, while the other was older like Pierre and kept on a wife-beater and hat. Therefore, she’d refer to them simply as either Muscles or the Mad Hatter given the not-so-stable energy she got from the older man.

Pierre was handed the camcorder so he could record Chloe’s anal fucking from much closer. Zooming in, the Frenchman watched as his dick would slide out 6 inches before powering back into her butt, making the cheeks quake in response. While he captured the close ups, Muscles climbed to the head of the bed where his cock was perfectly positioned for Chloe to suck on, which she gladly did. Within seconds of the gorgeous actress bobbing on his manhood, his shaft stood fully erect. Much like his body, Muscles had a tall, thick shaft that Chloe knew would stretch out whichever hole of hers he was fucking.

Though he loved watching his dick constantly slamming into the half-Asian’s phat ass and the way each spank to her cheeks turned them more and more red, Pierre took the lens off her booty and handed it to the Mad Hatter. The older man then zoomed in on the youngest of the trio getting a truly deep and wet blowjob. Chloe found it best to match her sucking pace to the one Pierre was setting with fucking her ass. When he went deep and slow, Muscles’ dick did the same in her mouth. Saliva would spill over her edges of her lips and make her skin glisten, but it made for a great blowjob, especially when the pace was picked up. Chloe at this point would bob her head at a speed surely that would give her whiplash, but given the way Muscles moaned, it was clearly a good thing.

“Crawl up Lucien!” Pierre ordered.

Chloe got her hands back underneath her and started to bear crawl up the bed, but the task was made harder by the fact the hulking Pierre was unwilling to leave her asshole. Her journey was added as Muscles slid down the bed, lining up his cock with her vacant pussy. With the Frenchmen slowing his thrusting into her ass, Chloe was able to steer the second cock into her snatch and a filling of extreme (but pleasurable) fullness shot through her body.

“Oh my God!” Chloe screamed as she was double stuffed for the first time.

“Tight chienne,” Muscles grunted as he thrust upwards into her pussy.

“Such a perfect slut,” Pierre agreed.

“And her mouth...very nice cock sucker,” the Mad Hatter added.

Pierre had taken back the camera and was filming as his and Muscles’ cocks sawed into Chloe’s pussy and asshole that he completely missed that the third male in their party was getting blown by the half-Asian girl. Despite taking a combined 15 inches into her holes, Chloe was still delivering a quality blowjob to the Mad Hatter. Holding her hair bunched up in a tight fist, the older man jerked his hips into her face to meet Chloe’s head bobs, forcing the Agents of SHIELD actress to swallow nearly all of his 6 inches of shaft.

“Fucking fuck,” Chloe cursed, taking a brief break from all three holes being stuffed with French cock. “My first DP!”

“Oui oui baby!” Pierre said in his frantic tone, his thrusts into her ass matching his crazed speech. “So good my dear.”

Each of the three men continued to hammer away on their respective hole that Chloe was treating them too. Pierre took a break from his heavy thrust and instead had Chloe take some control and had the first time DPer ride both the cocks. She had to pause the blowjob for a minute in order to generate enough power, but the Mad Hatter knew his time would come. Instead, he filmed the action as the 27 year old half-Asian grinded her snatch down onto Muscles’ cock while simultaneously shoving her thick ass back onto Pierre’s member.

“This chienne is amazing, Pierre,” Muscles grunted from beneath the riding girl.

Unable to be passive anymore, both Muscles and Pierre seized back control and started fucking the Agents of SHIELD actress with renewed vigor. Chloe found herself bent over at the waist once more, both ass and pussy being pounded to oblivion at the same time and loving every minute of it. With her perky tits resting on Muscles chest, her face was in line for the third dick. With her body being rocked and pummeled, her accuracy was off so the Mad Hatter’s dick slid along her face first, smearing all the spit from her messy blowjob onto her gorgeous skin. Unfazed, Chloe continued to deliver a typical expert blowjob all while the two other men derived a great deal of pleasure from her holes.

“Open your ass baby,” Pierre commanded. “Open your fucking ass.”

Chloe did as she was told by placing her dainty hands on her thick cheeks. As she started to pull them apart, Pierre pulled out nice and slow from her rectum. She’d been getting fucked for the better part of 15 minutes straight so it felt weird to not have his cock in her ass anymore. As soon as he was removed, the Spider bent love to get a nice zoom in of her ass, his lens able to capture a good 3 inches down her poop chute.

“My butthole still cute?” Chloe asked with a giggle.

“Cute and only a little dirty,” Pierre answered, his camera still viewing the flecks and streaks of discoloration both in her bowels and on her anal ring.

“Should I go clean?”

“No, no. You’re still beautiful,” Pierre shooed away her suggestion. “Besides, my fans love the authentic look of sex and a little filth with anal is expected.”

“Gotcha. Fine with me. Let’s be nasty!” Chloe told the porn legend.

As Pierre climbed off the bed, the action continued much as normal. Despite being on the end of three men’s attention, Chloe showed no ill effects as she continued to energetically ride the tattooed man in her pussy all while performing a flawless blowjob. Once the man she referred to as the Mad Hatter, on account of his habit of wearing a hat and his frantic fucking style, noticed Pierre was taking a break from fucking her ass, he decided it was his turn to trade in Chloe’s mouth for her tight ass.

“Gonna steal her?” asked Muscles, the youngest and only one of the trio with tattoos.

“Oui,” Mad Hatter nodded.

The man still wearing a hat got his feet on the ground before reaching out for the riding girl. Muscles released his vice-like grip from her hips and allowed the half-Asian to be dragged from his lap, though she didn’t go far. In fact, Chloe’s face came much closer to his cock as her head was now in his lap. The SHIELD actress was laying on her side with her legs pulled wide so one rested on the mattress and the other was up on the older man’s shoulder. This afforded him perfect access to her well fucked asshole, which he had no trouble inserting his saliva-slick cock into.

“Yes. Fuck my ass,” Chloe moaned.

“I won’t fuck your ass...I’ll destroy it,” 

Back when he first arrived in the room and Chloe looked into his eyes, she just knew that insanity was lurking inside the man with the hat. Sure enough, the SHIELD actress was proven correct as he went about blasting his cock into her ass with an intensity she had never seen before. Her blowjob on Muscles suffered as a result, though he picked up the slack by simply fucking her mouth. And though Chloe didn’t think the man could sustain that torrid pace for long, she was wrong as the man seemed more machine then flesh and blood.

“Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Chloe constantly swore as her ass was savagely fucked.

Over and over the big man reared his hips back before slamming them forward. Though Pierre preferred fucking the women, he was also a skilled camera operator and he was on his game once more tonight. Keeping the lens on Chloe, he captured every look of pleasure on her face, whether it be the moans escaping from her mouth or her eyes rolling into the back of her head on occasion. Travelling down her body, her tits jiggled with each of the Mad Hatter’s thrusts into her. Even lower, her vacant pink pussy glistened from her moisture as the big man railed into Chloe Bennet’s asshole which was getting progressively dirtier by each slam forward by his friend.

Pulling out of her well fucked ass, the Mad Hatter made a demand. “Come suck.”

Chloe waited for the burly man to flop onto his back with his cock pointed upwards. Knowing that the men were enjoying trading off on who was getting fucked while the other was blown, Chloe crawled onto the bed with her ass facing back at the other man so that she was at a right angle to the Mad Hatter’s cock. Already deciding that her final sex tape would be as real as it could get, Chloe didn’t hesitate as she went ass to mouth. If the half-Asian was disgusted with the taste of her anal fluids you’d never know it by the lack of facial expression on her face. In fact, the mic on the camera even heard Chloe moaning slightly during the dirty blowjob.

“You’ve done ass to mouth before?” Pierre asked.

“Nope. My first time,” Chloe answered sarcastically.

“Filthy girl,” he laughed.

After watching Chloe blow the Mad Hatter for a half-minute, Pierre swung the camera back around to where the second man was fucking her. As he got behind the pair, Pierre discovered that the tattooed man was fucking her ass, which came as no surprise. Though Chloe Bennet had an adorable pussy that was bright pink and quite tight, nothing beat the half-Asian’s ass. Both tight and yet loose enough to take a hard fucking, her ass cheeks were also insanely thick which made anal sex all the more appealling on her. 

“Fucckkk meee,” Chloe moaned around the dick in her mouth as the tattooed man built up a head of steam.

As the fresher of the two men began railing into Chloe’s booty, Pierre captured it all on his camera. Getting low so that he could capture the doggy style anal fucking from beneath them, Pierre watched on as the half-Asian’s asshole was pummeled time and time again. Though her pussy drew some of his attention given how bright pink it was, it was the growing smear of brown on the skin between her cunt and asshole that was most noticeable. 

“How’s his dick taste?” Pierre asked the girl currently being spit roasted.

“Dirty...but hot,” Chloe replied, giving the camera a wink before resuming her blowjob.

“Show me her asshole,” Pierre told the muscular man.

The youngest of the men was glad to have a reprieve and regain his stamina but first he hammered down twice more into Chloe’s asshole. Reaching down with his right hand, the tattooed man pulled one meaty cheek to the side to give Pierre and his camera a better view of her gape. As the smear on her taint indicated, there was more of the discoloration all around her sphincter but it was the view deep in her asshole that showed a whole lot more where that came from. Knowing it was his last time with Chloe, Woodman decided against warning the gorgeous girl and simply told his male talent to continue sodomizing the 27 year old. 

Pierre allowed another minute of hard fucking to her ass, allowing the brewing mess to develop even further. “She said she wanted nasty and dirty stuff. Make her clean you.”

The muscular man was surprised by Pierre’s comment as he only gave such an order once a year. Usually it was with a girl that was in desperate need of money, never to one that was famous. However, the man wasn’t going to argue. He was aware that his cock wasn’t exactly coming out clean from her asshole the last few times so he was curious what the half-Asian actress would do. Pulling out of her asshole and standing up straight atop the bed in one motion, the man looked down and noted how his entire manhood was tinged a darker color.

“For little ol’ me,” Chloe asked as she pushed herself up straight.

Chloe made sure to move her hair out of her face so that she could look at the camera in Pierre’s hand the whole time. Her movements were deliberate and other than a quick glance at the soiled cock, she maintained her eye contact with the lens. Chloe knew what to expect and opened her mouth wide before closing her lips around the very tip of his manhood and giving it a slow bob of a few inches. The taste was...overpoweringly dirty. And yet, Chloe’s eyes didn’t so much as flinch. Instead, her warm brown eyes stayed locked on the director as she slowly moved her mouth along the dick until she pulled off it. Pierre figured she was about to call cut or even throw up, but instead Chloe seductively licked her lips as the skin around them started to turn a slight brownish color.

“Yum,” Chloe Bennet commented about her own ass.

Showing off her comfort with the grossness of the ass to mouth, Chloe extended her tongue fully. The Spider captured how the normally pink muscle was a faded yellow in appearance now, but that did nothing to break her resolve. Chloe kept her tongue stuck out and let the tattooed man rub the entire length of his filthy cock along her taste buds, making her taste the strong flavor of her asshole.  

“Nasty. So nasty,” The Spider commented. “Now finish cleaning him. Suck. Suck deep.”

Chloe didn’t hesitate as she opened her mouth wide and pushed her face forward. Though the half-Asian didn’t have the rare deepthroating skill, she moved his filthy cock to the back of her mouth and let his manhood soak in her mouth. The actress pulled back for air, giving his tip a few quick bobs before pushing back all the way down, 5 inches resting on her taste buds for seconds at a time.

“Oh my God,” Muscles disclaimed. “You’re a crazy bitch,” he added with a laugh.

“Oh? You didn’t find that...shitty of me?” Chloe asked with a wink.

“A funny girl,” Pierre remarked as he chuckled at her pun.

“I prefer to fuck then hear jokes,” the Mad Hatter hissed before slapping Chloe’s already reddened ass cheek.

Needing a break after the energetic fuck, Muscles got off the bed just in time for the Mad Hatter to all but throw Chloe to her back. The Agents of SHIELD actress flopped with the push before her legs were rolled up so her knees and face were level. The oldest of the men didn’t delay pushing his veiny dick into her asshole again, ignoring her pussy entirely once more. The Mad Hatter teed off on her brown eye for only a few minutes, giving the other men a chance to catch their breath but soon he needed one too. Of course, he wasn’t going to have a break with a dirty cock so after pulling out he practically crawled up her body to present Chloe Bennet with his soiled manhood.

“Give me that dirty dick,” the half-Asian actress demanded.

Chloe didn’t flinch or wince as his cock was pushed into her mouth, despite the look, smell and taste of the veiny shaft. Instead, the actress simply bobbed her head over the majority of the 6-inch dick with something like a smile at the edge of her lips. Meanwhile, her asshole was free once more but that didn't last long as Muscles was back inside her as she continued to suck off the Mad Hatter. After a minute his turn was over and he presented his cock to Chloe’s mouth all so Pierre could run train on the 27 year old.

“Fuck! Shit!” Chloe moaned as her curvy body was rocked.

“This what you like?” Pierre asked, his thick cock stroking into her well-used ass.

Pierre showed no mercy on the SHIELD actress. His thrusts came hard and fast, each one causing her perky tits to jiggle. His hand was constantly around her head, whether pulling her chestnut brown hair, choking her or slapping her face. He was spewing more and more of his French at her in a tone that wasn’t exactly nice, though Chloe could only understand the odd word, like ‘bitch’, ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

“Fucking your shitty ass...then gonna feed it to you...the whole world watching you eat your own filth,” Pierre shifted to English to humiliate the actress.

Even a legend like Pierre needed to take breaks, especially after having such a lengthy and hard go at a beautiful woman’s tight asshole. After a few last deep thrusts, the bald man pulled out of the girl but had Chloe pull her butt cheeks apart and try to push her anal ring open while Pierre filmed the result. Like before but only more now, brown smears decorated the area around her sphincter, and a view down her backdoor showed there was still more in reserve.

After Pierre made her clean off his cock like he did with his buddies, he looked down at the girl who had a thin sheen of sweat covering her face. 


“Sure,” Chloe nodded. “Plus wouldn’t hurt to lose the taste of crap from my mouth.”

“Good. Open your mouth then,” the Frenchman ordered.

Chloe had seen enough of Pierre’s casting videos to know what the legend had in mind. She had never let a man or woman pee in her mouth before, but neither had she done double penetration or dirty ass to mouth until tonight either. So instead of declining the experiment, Chloe pulled her hair back from her face, opened her mouth and extended her tongue. She didn’t know what to expect but she hoped for the best and reasoned it couldn’t be worse then the taste of the men’s dicks as they exited her ass.

“Uhhhhh,” Pierre grunted as he forced his urine to flow despite having a mostly full erection.

Chloe kept her eyes open as the man twice her age opened a small torrent of fluid from the end of his cock. Not only was his accuracy perfect as it arched directly into her mouth, it proved to be the right amount of fluid that her mouth could hold. A little spilled over the edge of her lip as she closed her mouth and slid down her cheek but Chloe found she was able to swallow down the mouthful of warm piss without any issue. Despite being salty and unpleasant because it was piss in her mouth after all, the SHIELD actress didn’t find the golden shower to be all that terrible.

“Wow. So that happened,” Chloe said, shocked and yet proud of herself.

“I know you boys don’t have much less in the tank so finish up double fucking the chienne then hit the showers,” Pierre instructed.

“Oui,” they both agreed.

The Mad Hatter let his younger actor have some one on one time with Chloe to kick things off with. He knew it meant sacrificing his turn in her ass but the older man needed the slightly longer break. He watched as the muscular man fucked the brunette as he spooned her, allowing him to control matters without too much of a worry of popping his load. Once the Mad Hatter was ready, Muscles wrapped his arms around Chloe’s curvy body and rolled onto his back. As he continued to thrust up into her gaping asshole, the older man climbed between their legs before slamming his cock into her tight snatch.

“Oh fuuccccckkkkk,” Chloe swore as she was double penetrated for a second time that night. “Ooohhhh holy shiiit I can't believe I'm doing this! And it feels so good...mmmm damn it...”

For the next several minutes, Chloe was rammed in both her asshole and pussy at the same time while Pierre recorded all the action. At some points she was strangled, had her face slapped, her tits groped and nipples pulled on. However, she was being used and abused just like she loved but was rarely treated to. The two porn actors fucked her faster and harder then any man previous had done to her, but that suited her just fine.

“Where Pierre?” one of the men grunted.

“You on the pill?” the Spider asked the gorgeous brunette.

“I’m 27 and fuck a lot. Of course,” Chloe answered as her body continued to be thrashed.

Pierre’s men knew what that meant, which was perfect as it meant they didn’t have to move. A quick glance between their two faces showed Chloe it was the younger man fixing to cum first. Her assessment was true as only moments later, Muscle's face contorted into a grimace before he grunted one final time. Chloe felt several thick strands of his goo splashing the inside of her rectum. It lasted a good 30 seconds, and by the end, not only did Chloe fill full like she wanted, Muscles was completely spent.

“Cum for me you crazy fucker,” Chloe hissed at the man in her cunt. “Fill my tight little pussy with your spunk.”

The Mad Hatter was already on the brink so he gave in to both Chloe and his director’s demands. His thrusts were full tilt and frantic, Chloe pressed flat against the big man under her as she was hammered into. The Mad Hatter could feel Chloe squeezing her pussy around his cock, her thirsty cunt begging for his cum with every pump. The oldest of the trio let out a grunt as he gave her one last thrust before filling her up with his jizz. He continued to thrust through his orgasm, driving his sperm as deep into her womb as physically possible.

“You killed my boys! Destroyed my team!” Pierre laughed.

“Oh trust me, they dished out a lot of destruction on me,” Chloe commented, feeling cum and other fluids leaking from her various holes. “But I think there is still one more load for me.”

“Come suck it out of me,” Pierre told the beautiful girl.

“Thought you’d never ask,” the gorgeous half-Asian stated.

Despite being fucked in her holes with brutality for the past hour by three men, Chloe still had the look of desire in her eyes as she squirmed out from the tangle of bodies on the bed and crawled on the floor to Pierre. The Frenchman had his camcorder in his hand as he sat in the nearest chair, his cock still erect and being lightly stroked in his hand. As Chloe crawled up and took over that duty from him, she steered it into her mouth and was greeted with the combined taste of her ass, though much weaker than earlier, and the salty taste of pre-cum leaking from his pee slit.

Despite her exhaustion, Chloe didn’t let that show. Ever the performer, Chloe never forgot to play up her blowjob for the camera, being sure to have lots of eye contact with the lens. She bobbed fast and shallow before lengthening her strokes to suck him deep but slow. The next minute she would bend low and suck his nuts while her hand beat his cock that was slippery in her spit. She delivered a great blowjob and within moments the last man of the trio was ready to pop.

“Tabernac!” Pierre swore in French just moments before cumming.

At the last second Pierre took back control of his cock and aimed his piss slit into the center of Chloe’s face. The actress had the notice to shut her eyes a mere heartbeat before rope after rope of warm jizz plastered onto her skin, coating her gorgeous face in semen. The older man must not have cum in days because of the sheer volume of his load as barely an inch of her face was left untouched by the time the Spider finished cumming.

“How do you feel, my love?” Pierre asked the thoroughly exhausted actress.

“Well I’m gonna have a lot to unpack with my shrink but I actually had a great time,” Chloe said, bringing a final laugh out of the Frenchman.

“And the double penetration?”

“I think that after this I may end up preferring two dicks from now on,” Chloe answered honestly.

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