Hollywood Pornstars

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 33
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Dianna Agron, Oscar Batty, Christian Clay, Ed Junior, Angelo Godsmack, George Lee, Thomas Lee, Ricky Optimal, Tony Brooklyn
Codes: FF, MF, M+F+, Anal, DP, DAP, Fist, TAP, Toys, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Dianna Agron, Oscar Batty, Christian Clay, Ed Junior, Angelo Godsmack, George Lee, Thomas Lee, Ricky Optimal, Tony Brooklyn nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned (specifically Sineplex Studios, Legalporno), or its characters in any way

Summary: In her third and final scene, Taylor Swift recruits best friends Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, & Dianna Agron for a full-blown orgy

Note: Big thanks to Cosmo Kramer for a lot of helpful ideas with this story

“Alright ladies, you may as well have a toast!”

Selena Gomez, Dianna Agron and Cara Delevingne had joined Taylor Swift in the main room of the massive building owned by Legalporno, who then rented out the space to various studios. Today was the last of a contractually obligated three shoots that Taylor Swift had entered into in order to have a sex tape buried of her. Luckily, today she was joined by three of her very best friends. Though her roster of friends was constantly changing, these three had really stood the test of time the most. 

“So happy you lovely ladies were willing to join me,” Taylor said as they each lifted a champagne flute.

Looking around, Taylor made sincere eye contact with each of her inner Girl Squad. She and Selena had been friends for well over a decade, always getting together whenever they were in the same city for more than a day. Dianna had been friends with the leggy popstar for roughly the same amount of time, even getting her own shout-out in Taylor’s Red album liner way back in 2012. Plus, Di was able to drag about being able to go toe-to-toe with Taylor in terms of total amount of hook ups and crazy sex stories. Lastly was Cara, who met Taylor during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in 2013, and had been thick as thieves since.

“Well when your bestie calls and asks for a favor, you do it,” Dianna replied, earning a nod from the two other Squad members.

Each of the women were in a sexy dress that showed off all of their near flawless assets as they took a deep drink of their champagne. The mood was pleasant and full of laughter and revelry as they downed the contents of their glasses before they started circling around Taylor. Selena and Cara were on either side of the leggy singer, their arms around her back as they tucked in tight against her side. As the only full lesbian among them, Cara’s hand was alreadt groping Taylor’s tits through the tight dress the blonde wore.

“Big fan of these bigger tits,” Cara stated, making her point with a firm grope of the left breast.

Each of the four women present had their own amazing attributes, with none of the foursome the clear and outright winner in any department. Cara was obviously stunning with a flawless face, but the other 3 were no slouches in the beauty department either. Cara and Taylor both had legs for days, long and toned while Selena and Dianna won the big ass competition as they both possessed booties that could stop traffic. Tits was more equal footing amongst the foursome with Cara and Di on the smaller side as Taylor and Selena had more of a robust boob situation. All and all, it was four stunning women!

“The Brit’s got a point,” Selena agreed, her hand finding Taylor’s free boob to massage through the dress.

While they were all there because of Taylor, the three friends made sure to make the leggy singer the star of the show. Their attention was solely focused on the blonde as Cara and Selena groped and nuzzled her neck while Dianna stood in front of her and kissed her deeply. It was only a matter of time before Cara was progressing things, lifting the hem of Taylor’s dress in order to rub her sex through the panties she wore.

“God, that’s nice,” Taylor moaned.

“Well then you’ll really like this,” Dianna commented.

The leggy singer understood what her blonde friend meant as the former Glee star pulled down the top of Taylor’s dress. The moment her naked tits became exposed, each mound was set upon by the other two women. With the nipple of her right tit seized between Selena’s lips and the left by Cara, the blonde singer tossed her head back and released a more guttural moan. It helped that Cara hadnt stopped rubbing her slit through her thong either.

“Drink up ladies.”

As the other two were sucking on Taylor’s tits, Dianna had retreated to the table and retrieved the bottle of champagne. Since Taylor’s head was tilted back, the former Glee star poured the bubbly fluid right down into her mouth. Since the flow was not stopping, Taylor had to close her mouth to swallow the contents before she could handle more, so a good deal of the champagne poured on her lips, down her neck and onto the fleshy mounds. With alcohol now flowing closeby, Selena and Cara sucked and licked with more vigor on Taylor’s boobs as they were able to drink and pleasure their best friend at the same time.

“Get in there, Di,” Selena graciously offered up her prime location.

The former Glee star didn’t have to think twice about the invitation as she handed the bottle off to Selena in order to get her lips wrapped around Taylor’s nipple. Though she was at first reluctant, Selena had more on her mind than drinking champagne off Taylor’s tits, though that was close to heaven. Off on one of the side tables were a collection of sex toys, and rather than make a descision, the Latina grabbed the handful and came back to the group.

“Pick your weapon.”

As the three other women looked over to the arsenal in Selena’s hand, Cara was slightly disappointed. The variety of toys was nice and they all were on the large size, but the Victoria’s Secret model knew for a fact that this group of actresses could do much more in the size department than ‘above average’. However, before they could choose their toy, Taylor swooped in and took them all.

“Get those perfect bodies on the couch ladies,” the pop singer decreed.

The three women went kneeling atop the infamous white leather sofa that had seen thousands, if not tens of thousands fuck sessions. Selena, Dianna and Cara all pulled up their dresses to expose their asses, Selena and Dianna’s phat rumps on either side of Cara’s small but bubbly caboose. Looking back over their shoulder, they watched as Taylor held a dildo in each of her hands, while between her teeth was a third. 

“Now that’s a triple threat,” Selena joked as she felt the rub of a toy against her crinkled starfish.

With her left hand, Taylor eased a 6-inch glass dildo that started tapered before expanding out to roughly 1.5 inches in the middle, then tapered back until a wide circular base. It was ease enough to get the toy started in Selena’s flawless ass and then the Latina’s anal experience was on showcase as her ring expanded to easily handle the thick middle portion. 

In Taylor’s right hand was the biggest of the toys, a large black dildo that was a good 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. That was easily meant for Dianna, whose sexual exploits mirrored Taylor’s, although the Glee star did a much better job of staying out of the headlines. As if it was a slender rectal thermometer, Dianna’s sphincter allowed the thick toy to penetrate her bowels with Taylor barely needing to apply much pressure.

Lastly, Taylor held a long, slightly curved toy by the base in her mouth, though its shape was unique as it was made of roughly 20 bubbles that got progressively bigger. This was best for Cara and her tight backside, easily the least experienced of the foursome when it came to anal sex. Which wasn’t saying much considering the model’s asshole had been breached well over a hundred times and counting. Regardless, Taylor bobbed her head like she was giving a blowjob, but instead of sucking a dick, she was fucking Cara Delevingne’s asshole with a dildo made of anal beads. 

“Yes! Fuck my ass!” the three moaned as one.

What was probably the most impressive feat was that Taylor was using three different tempos to fuck her friends’ asses. Showing off her musical prowess of being able to perform different tasks and rhythms with different body parts, Taylor had her friends moaning in pleasure. For Dianna, the pace was fast, constantly stroking nearly all 9 inches of the thick toy into the blonde’s phat ass. For Selena, the speed was variable as she went swiftly for the first inch, slowed to get the thick middle portion past the Latina’s anal ring, then sped up again so the base of the toy could thump her thick rump. The same was true as Taylor retreated the toy from her as well. And then for Cara and the firm string of growing anal beads, the rhythm was more measured as the blonde singer was always probing to add more of the nearly 2 dozen beads into Cara’s rectum without biting off more than the model could handle. It was a number of balls to juggle but Taylor was doing so with ease. 

“You’re a fucking sorceress,” Cara cooed, noting the extraordinary feat Taylor was performing.

“Here,” Taylor spoke to Cara, handing her a black dildo. “Use that silly mouth of yours for something useful.”

“Enjoy my ass,” Dianna said to the model.

As Cara opened her mouth wide and shoved the toy that was most recently half-a-foot deep in Dianna’s rectum, the former Glee star twisted around to face Taylor. With her right hand free after allowing Cara to have the dildo as she performed ass to mouth on it, the leggy singer took the solid string of anal beads from her mouth and into her hand. This allowed for Dianna’s mouth to pressed against Taylor’s as their tongues started wiggling against one another. 

“How is the guest of honor not naked yet?” Selena asked.

The foursome all agreed as they set aside the toys for the time being in order to discard their clothing. The disrobing took no more than a minute, with each of the four women stepping out of their form-hugging dresses and miniscule excuses of panties to stand naked. Dianna had gone for the hardwood approach, showcasing a bald pussy with bright pink lips. Taylor and Cara had a similar style albeit with a thin strip of hair leading directly above their cunts while Selena had a wider triangular patch of pubes that was shaved almost down. All in all, they each looked beautiful in their most natural states.

“Let’s take this party up a notch,” Cara announced.

“Holy moly,” Selena gawked.

Cara had disappeared from the all girl orgy for a minute as everyone stripped and now they knew where she had gone. Or at least why she had made herself scarce. Standing in front of them was the striking figure of the lingerie model, only now she had on a big green dildo, held suspended by a harness in front of her sex. While the lesbian would have struggled to handle such a girthy toy, Cara was certain that her three friends could handle taking her fake cock up their poopers.

“Now it's a party,” Dianna celebrated.

“Damn right,” Taylor agreed with the blonde.

“And I believe first up has to be the guest of honor,” Cara suggested as she rubbed some lube onto the top of the green toy.

“It would have been impossible for you to stop me,” the singer replied as she got down on hands and knees atop the sofa.

All four women were on the spacious sofa now with Cara kneeling directly behind Taylor’s bubbly ass. Leaning overtop Taylor’s back was Dianna, peering over to get a great view of Cara’s massive green cock as it prepared to sodomize the singer while Selena was kneeling bent over so her face was in front of Taylor’s, their lips pressing together in a sloppy makeout session. 

“Oh sweet Lord,” Taylor hissed as the monstrous fake cock pierced her asshole.

Despite being the least experienced at TAKING a dick up the ass, Cara was by far the most adept at wielding a strap-on dildo. With the bulbous head pushed into Taylor’s hole, Cara shoved until she was four inches deep so there was no risk of the toy popping out of the blonde’s asshole accidentally. At this point, Cara risked a glance up at Taylor’s beautiful face and noted way her eyes were open wide, similar with her mouth actually, as a hand reached back to pull apart her toned ass cheeks to aid in the sodomy.

“Now the fun begins,” Cara commented.

The words were followed by Cara rocking her hips forward and back, using nearly half of the foot-long cock to fuck her friend. Taylor’s initial shock had passed and she was back to tongue-wrestling Selena as Dianna took over cheek-spreading duties. Between Selena’s distraction and Di’s aid, Cara was already getting an extra few inches, using 9 inches of the green monster to punch repeatedly into Taylor Swift’s ass.

“Why are you making the sexy Brit do all the work, Tay?” Selena asked. 

Knowing what the hot Latin girl wanted, Taylor planted her palms on the sofa and used the leverage to push her bubbly booty back against the Victoria’s Secret model. The 30 year old singer instantly felt the base of the dildo, proceded by Cara’s pelvis, smack against her butt cheeks, making the mound of flesh ripple from the contact. It also meant that all 12 inches of the super thick dildo was nestled in her rectum, and she loved it.

“That’s it! Fuck that dick,” Dianna commented with an excited shout.

With Taylor now helping in her own sodomy, the ass-fucking was more vigor than ever. With each thrust forward, Cara made the blonde singer take an entire foot of fat cock in her pooper before pulling out so only the tip remained inside. Before the bulbous head could pop out, Taylor reversed course and met Cara halfway as the entire toy was sheathed back in its new home.

“Fuck...me…” Taylor grunted.

“Now Tay, I’m gonna pull out of your ass and you’re gonna hold open that gaping backdoor for the boys with the camera, okay?” Cara said after pushing and holding all 12 inches of the toy in her ass.

With a nod of her head, Cara did as she said and pulled the green monster from Taylor’s ass in one smooth motion. Not only did Taylor keep her ass open wide, but she pushed so hard that she prolapsed a portion of her colon.

“Oh shit! A butt rose!” Dianna excitedly announced.

Before Cara could use the head of the dildo to push the portion of Taylor’s rectum back inside her, Dianna slid further over Taylor’s back so she could be even closer. If the singer thought it was a weird sensation having her intestines sticking out of her body (albeit only by about an inch), then it was a uniquely odd feeling to have that part of her licked and then sucked on because that was exactly what the former Glee star was doing to her.

“Yes! Lick my ass,” Taylor screamed at the new sensation.

Coming around to see what was happening, Selena was greeted to the sight of the gorgeous blonde actress sucking on the cone-shaped butt rose that had blossomed from Taylor’s asshole. Though she was weirded out by the sight of it, Selena held her nerve as she leaned down and gave the prolapse a tentative lick before gliding her tongue up Dianna’s to deliver a kiss to the blonde. At the end of the holding capacity, Taylor’s stamina broke as she was unable to push any longer and her bowels slid back into her hole.

“Don’t you dare,” Cara reprimanded Dianna as the actress went to suck on the dildo fresh from Taylor’s ass. “That’s for Tay first.”

“With pleasure,” Taylor said.

Spinning around and sitting on her freshly fucked ass, the blonde singer parted her ruby red lips and barely fit the head of the green monster into her mouth. Usually able to deep-throat even the largest of cocks, Taylor could barely bob her head on a few inches of this dildo, so instead the popstar pulled her lips off the plastic and ran her tongue up and down the shaft to get a thorough taste of her anus. 

“Alright Di, since you were so eager to participate, let’s see how that thicc ass of yours does with my little toy,” Cara spoke to the actress.

“Thought you’d never ask,” she replied in her raspy voice.

As Cara got up from the sofa, the spot behind Taylor was instantly filled by a horny Selena Gomez. As the Latina reacquainted her tongue with Ms. Swift’s asshole, Cara was flipping Dianna onto her back before forcing her knees up towards her small but perky tits. Having known what Cara was planning to do with her friend, Taylor had made sure she gave a sloppy blowjob to the toy so at least the voyage up Di’s ass would have as much lubrication as possible. 

“Remember to stay relaxed,” Taylor warned her friend.

“Don’t worry about me,” Dianna replied. “We both know I’ve braved bigger than this and lived to tell the tale.”

Before the head of the massive toy pushed against her, the former Glee star licked her fingers then spread the ensuing glob of saliva around the sphincter. As soon as her fingers were out of the way, Cara took the head of the dildo that was strapped onto her waist and pushed it against the lubed-up anal ring, but it refused to allow it entrance. This happened two more times before the tip finally breached Dianna Agron’s anal ring and held firmly in her rectum. She gave the former Glee star a chance to bite her plump bottom lip before she rocked her hips a few inches in and out. 

“Jesus Christ,” Dianna cooed. “This is a big fella.”

Feeling slightly embarrassed for needing three tries before her ass would open up, Dianna made up for her perceived slip up by literally bouncing her phat ass off the sofa as the toy stayed embedded halfway inside her colon. Cara simply held the fake cock steady as Di humped it, all while a quick glance over at the other end of the sofa revealed Selena still tongue deep inside Taylor, this time eating out her wet slit instead. 

“God Selena. I missed you and that magic tongue,” the cat lover purred.

Though she swung both ways, Selena rarely hooked up with other women...with the big exception being her best friend Taylor. Therefore, whenever she and the leggy blonde got together, Selena made sure to give Taylor her best. This time it included licking deep within her cunt for minutes at a time before surfacing for air. Her mouth wasn’t free for long, only long enough to re-inflate her lungs before latching her lips around the singer’s sensitive nub and giving the clit a good long suck while her tongue whipped out at it like a cobra.

“Tay! Your pretty little mouth is required,” Cara called out.

Despite being in the thralls of passion with Selena tongue deep in her pussy again, Taylor listened to the call of her model friend. Slinking off the sofa and crawling on hands and knees to the other end of the couch, Taylor waited on her knees as Cara pulled the green dildo from 6-inches deep in Dianna’s ass and presented it to her. Without missing a beat, Taylor parted those perfect lips and accepted the toy that was coming fresh from the actress’ bowels. If the singer had any problem in sucking Dianna Agron’s ass juices from Cara’s fake cock then you would never have known in the way she attacked the toy with her lips and tongue for the next minute.

“How’s her ass taste?” Selena asked, crawling over next to the leggy blonde.

“See for yourself,” Taylor offered.

Though going ass to mouth wasn’t Selena’s favorite thing in the world, especially when the ass was a different girl’s and not her own, the Latina didn’t let that stop her. Wrapping her lips around the side of the cock, Selena worked her head like an old-school typewriter as she glided the plump lips up and down the cock, getting a flavor of the lube, someone’s spit and then Dianna’s ass. Though the flavor was unmistakably someone’s colon, Selena was hardly off-put by the earthy tones and instead just sucked the dildo all that much more.

Taking Selena’s lead, Taylor lowered her face back down to the massive green cock, only this time her mouth mirrored that of her friend’s. With each singer’s lips wrapped around the side of the toy, they moved their heads up and down the shaft, their lips touching as they did so. It was clearly not the first time that the blonde and dark-haired girl had shared a manhood before, given the way that matched each other’s pace so perfectly, even managing to worm their tongue over their bottom lips in order to share a kiss despite the massive toy between them.

“Your turn with my little friend,” Cara addressed Selena.

This time it was the supermodel who laid back on the sofa with her giant green dildo facing straight up in the air. Despite the high heels she was still wearing, Selena was able to stand and balance on the soft cushions as she lowered her great ass down until the tip poked against her cheeks. After properly lining up the bulbous head with her crinkled hole, Selena let gravity do the work as she sank deeper down into her squat until Cara was up in her guts.

“Wow! That’s big,” Selena moaned as she was already bouncing on the first few inches.

“God! It’s so fucking sexy seeing this perfect ass take a cock,” Cara complimented.

With one hand being used to constantly support the huge toy, Cara used her free hand to paw all over Selena’s great body. Whether it was groping her juicy thighs, thick ass or bouncing tits, Cara was a glutton with her touch. As Taylor and Dianna came over and each took one of Selena’s nipples into their mouths to suck on, Cara’s choice was made of her as she stayed pawing the Latina’s ass as more and more of the fake cock pierced her rectum.

“Mhmm...yes! Fuck my ass, Cara!”

Though the toy was massive, Selena’s asshole showed its elastic properties by stretching wide to accommodate with ease. Using the strength in her legs earned from countless hours performing on a stage, Selena slammed her body up and down the supermodel’s fake cock, taking nearly all of it into her bowels. It helped that her best friend Taylor was not only sucking on her tit, along with Dianna, but that the leggy blonde was reaching down to rub Selena’s clit at the same time she sodomized herself on the biggest toy that Prague had to offer. 

“Yeah? You like your big thicc ass stuffed with my cock,” the Londoner asked, adding a slap to her phat ass for good measure.

“Yes Cara! I love your dick in my ass,” Selena replied.

As Selena continued to sodomize herself, Taylor unlatched her lips from her nipple in order to slink down to the tiled floor. Timing it just right so that her head wasn’t crushed between the edge of the sofa and Selena’s phat booty, the leggy blonde leaned her face in until her mouth was sideways around the cock. With her cheek pressed against Selena’s wet cunt, Taylor slid her face up and down the dick, tasting Selena’s ass the whole time while also adding more spit to be used as lube. Though it meant Selena couldn’t ride the dick as swiftly, nor could she get all 12 inches into her ass any longer, the added lubricant was a welcome addition. Plus knowing that Taylor was constantly tasting her ass was an extra perverse thrill.

“Watch out Tay,” Selena warned. “Momma needs all of Cara’s dick.”

Taylor did as her attractive friend wanted and moved her face away from the dildo that tasted of Selena’s ass. With access to all the fake cock, Selena slid down the saliva-coated pole going slowly until all 12 inches of the nearly 3-inch hog was in her intestines. She had to bite her bottom lip for a moment as it took a heartbeat to get used to the insanely full feeling, at which point Selena reversed course, lifting off the green monster until only the tip remained propping open her loose asshole. Proving to everyone in the room and watching at home that it was no fluke, Selena repeated the feat before twerking her thick booty on Cara Delevingne’s lap.

“Well if this isn’t my dream come true,” Cara laughed, holding the dildo steady.

“Okay you beautiful butt slut,” Taylor commented to Selena. “Let me suck that cock clean.”

Even with Taylor’s supreme oral skills, the best the leggy blonde could accomplish was several inches of the toy tasting of the deepest recesses of Selena Gomez’s asshole. The Latina had ridden to the top of the pole after letting the toy soak in her bowels for a dozen seconds, getting the cock nice and flavorful for her gorgeous best friend. Not that it detracted Taylor at all. Quite the opposite as the additional seasoning from Selena only made the pop singer suck, lick and bob on the dildo that much harder.

“Yum,” Taylor cooed before taking another long lick of the toy. “So tasty babe!”

“Oh! I have an idea!” Selena excitedly shouted. “Tay, on the sofa.”

Listening to her friend, Taylor knelt on the infamous leather sofa as Cara stood behind her. However, before the green monster could retake it proper home in the singer’s ass, Selena bumped the English model out of the way. With the Latina kneeling behind her best friend, she brought her freshly lubed up hand behind the blonde and didn’t hesitate to slip four fingers right into her still gaping ass. After a half-dozen thrusts, Selena tucked her thumb into her palm before pushing back in. With her entire hand, it took a little more effort, but only a little until her whole fist was inside her best friend’s asshole.

“Thanks for the extra hand,” Taylor joked, looking over her shoulder to find Selena’s wrist ending at the entrance of her ass.

“Seriously? Such a weak fisting joke,” Cara laughed, standing besiding the pair as Dianna sucked what remained of Selena’s anal juices from the green monster. 

“You...ahhh...have a...ohhhh...better one?” Taylor asked, moaning as Selena continued to plunge her hand in her ass.

“The only difference between you and a bowling ball is that the ball can only take 3 fingers,” the Londoner quipped after a moment's thought. “Actually, that wasn’t great.”

“Always been impressed with your humility,” Dianna asked, changing tactics by kneeling closer so her tongue could swipe through Cara’s cunt.

“Enough bickering. Di, go occupy yourself on one of the guys loitering about behind the camera. Cara, get that dick over here,” Selena dictated.

“Mmmmm...a little DP action with a fist in the keister and my dick in her pink?” Cara asked with a wide smile.

“Not quite what I had in mind,” Selena replied before adding. “Feels to me like a lot of room is still in here.”

“Oh God! Selena, you don’t mean…”Taylor began to ask before she was caught off.

The reason her words trailed off was due to the fact Cara had just climbed onto the sofa as she settled down into a deep squat. Using a hand to steady herself, the Victoria’s Secret model steered her massive green dick, which was bigger than any man’s meatpole could boast, and butted it against Selena’s wrist. The Latina stopped working Taylor like a puppet so that Cara could attempt to push the dick into her anal sphincter, which was proving to be quite the chore. Knowing something else was needed, Selena reached around her leggy friend and diddled her clit. This proved the distraction that Taylor needed as suddenly her anal ring was stretching impossibly wide to accommodate not only a fist, but a nearly 3-inch wide dildo.

“Holy Mother Fucker!” Taylor swore as she slapped a hand against the sofa.

“What’s the matter, Tay? Never have both a fist and cock up your pooper at the same time?” Cara laughed.

Neither of Taylor’s two best friends were moving their appendage that was in her rectum very fast, but they were still both fucking her. Selena was able to run her hand from her wide knuckles down to her wrist in and out while Cara moved in the opposite direction with her green monster.

Meanwhile, as Dianna Agron’s best friend was taking a creative double anal pentration, the blonde actress was kneeling before a man with a somewhat soft cock. As she went to capture the manhood with her mouth, Dianna’s golden hair was tugged back, holding her a good foot away from the dick. Realizing in that moment what he was angling at, Dianna sat back on her heels and tilted her head up.

“The things we do for our best friends,” Dianna commented before parting her plump lips.

As the stream of urine entered her mouth, Di found herself actually laughing at the situation. Here she was, kneeling in Prague of all places with a man who she’d not even met before was peeing in her mouth as he held her head steady with a hand in her golden locks. Meanwhile, as Di’s mouth was being used as a urinal, her best friend had both a massive dildo and Selena Gomez’s fist in her ass.

“Swallow, pretty lady,” the heavily accented voice called down to Dianna.

The former Glee star noted the break in the urine stream so she closed her mouth and in one big gulp, swallowed down the mouthful of piss. Dianna wished she could say that this was the first time a man, or woman for that matter, had peed in her mouth or on her body, but it wasn’t. She had a few men in her regular rotation that were into piss play so the blonde actress felt rather at home taking the pee into her belly before opening her mouth for more.

This time, the man didn’t stop peeing once her mouth was full. Instead, he allowed the piss to dribble over her plump bottom lip and down onto her perky tits. Dianna didn’t so much as bat an eyelash as the lower portion of her face, tits and flat stomach were covered in piss so the man pushed her boundaries by using the hand in her golden hair to pull her closer. As her lips closed around his manhood as his dick entered her pee-filled mouth, more of the urine spilled over as his stream continued. As his dickhead hit the back of her mouth, Di was forced to take down a good deal of the piss as even more splashed down over her body. 

“Glllkkkk….ahhh,” Dianna gurgled before being pulled away, allowing her to get in a few breaths of air.

“What a shocker. Dianna playing in piss,” Taylor commented, coming over to give her blonde friend a kiss on the forehead.

“Still got a little left in the tank,” the lone man offered the recently double anally penetrated singer.

“Oh well...I suppose,” Taylor smiled as she lowered herself to the ground. 

Dianna gave her best friend a tongue filled kiss, allowing the singer a preview as the taste of urine was obviously strong on Di’s breath. They broke it off right in time for the man to stand in front of Taylor and open the nozzle on his bladder. While he had given Dianna the majority of his pee, he still had enough left to fill Taylor Swift’s mouth with his urine before the blonde swallowed it down, showing off her empty mouth to the camera as it came in for a close-up.

“I think we’ve earned some dicks up in this joint,” Selena called out as she came to join Taylor on the ground and exchange a kiss. “Yum. Pineapple?”

“Almost every day in my post-run yogurt,” the man replied.

“You heard the woman,” the director called out. 

Much to Selena’s, and the rest of the women’s satisfaction, 8 men came pouring into the room from the doorway behind the camera. The three kneeling women were instantly set upon by the group of men, all with hard dicks ready to be sucked. 

“About time,” Dianna said with a predatory grin as she launched herself at the closest two men.

With a dick in each hand, Dianna worked on always stroking one man’s entire shaft as her mouth worked over the other. It was a smooth and natural set of movements for the former Glee star as she had much experience with hosting a pair of men at a time. She wasn’t the only one either. Taylor had settled on her knees but was choosing to have quality one-on-one time with the sole black porn star, Oscar Batty, The leggy blonde was showing off all of her oral prowess by taking all of the 10 inch ebony rod down into her throat with her lips closing around the very base.

“Always impressive no matter how many times you see it,” Cara commented.

Despite still wearing the green monster strapped to her, the fashion model was seated on the sofa with a man on either side of her. Despite being a lesbian, Cara still knew her way around a dick, showcasing that by having their tips nearly touching so that her tongue could wiggle in the small space between them, licking both at the same time. With their close proximity, Cara wrapped her lips sideways on the dick in her right hand before sliding it all the way to the opposite side so that she gave the same lip-slide to the second man as well. 

“Just keep your mouth open,” an older looking man dictated to Selena.

Selena not only parted her lips, but she tucked her arms behind her back in a gesture of submission. The man, a regular for the studio named Tony Brooklyn, grabbed the back of the singer/actress’ head and used his pull in coordination with a hip thrust to get all 8 thick inches of cock down Selena’s throat. She gave a brief gag but Selena had been deep-throating dicks nearly as long as Taylor so she was unruffled by the sudden face-fucking.

“Hey, trade with me,” Thomas Lee said to Oscar. “I need the guest of honor for something special.”

Taylor was all too aware of what the man wanted so she crawled further away from the pack to have a little distance. As she knelt a foot away from his manhood, Taylor was surprised to find that Thomas’ older brother, George, had come to be shoulder to shoulder with him. Taylor was distracted by the incoming of the second man that the initial stream of pee caught her on the nose and lips before she rallied and caught the fluid in her open mouth. As the pee started to flow over the edge of her mouth, the volume was doubling due to George starting to piss into her oral orifice as well. 


“So much,” Taylor commented as she fought a losing battle to drink down as much as possible.

This chore was made all that much more impossible by the addition of another man, one she had only briefly met earlier in the day named Ricky. Given his massive dick of nearly a foot in length and thick, Taylor understood why the studio had recruited him for today. He also had the ability to pee with a hard-on, a fact that Taylor could verify firsthand as a third stream of urine was now using her mouth as a urinal. 

“Fuck it,” Selena swore as she crawled up next to her best friend. “Share the load.”

Taylor gave her friend a warm smile before both the leggy blonde and curvy dark-haired girl were having their mouths peed into. Taylor was surprised when she was allowed to swallow and then there was no more pee for her. Opening her eyes, she found that Thomas had run dry, for now at least, meanwhile Ricky had turned his cock to Taylor’s right where the leggy blonde found Cara Delevingne with her lips parted, tongue out and a solid stream of gold fluid pouring into her mouth. After swallowing the first mouthful only for it to be refilled a few seconds later, the Victoria’s Secret model decided to share with her best friend by looming over Taylor then spitting the pee down into her mouth for the Lover singer to swallow. Selena must have seen that gesture because once the other Lee brother ran dry, she did the same by spitting her last mouthful of urine down into Taylor’s gullet.

“Where’s Di?”

The question was soon answered as a look behind them revealed the former Glee star kneeling in the middle of the 5 other men as she did her best to orally please the group. If she was phased by the attention of a handful of horny porn stars then it was not apparent because Dianna Agron looked to be in her element. Her mouth was a constant blur of bobbing and sucking as she took a dozen seconds on a dick before shuffling to the next. Meanwhile, her hands were always stroking two other men, making her able to please 3 men at once with relative ease.

Since Oscar was the first done peeing, he had moved on by grabbing Selena Gomez by the arm and pulling her onto the sofa. Understanding what he wanted, she got down on all fours with her massive booty facing the black man who didn’t waste a moment in placing his dick against her anal entrance and pushing forward.

“Yes! Fuck my ass,” Selena cooed.

Tony had broken out of the circle jerk that Dianna was hosting in order to go around the sofa and present his cock for Selena’s pleasure. Not missing a beat, Selena opened her mouth and began sucking off the much older man as Oscar was going balls deep in her asshole with growing speed. 

On the other end of the same sofa, Dianna had been pulled off the ground and was at the mercy of three men. With Angelo laying on his back with his cock in her pink slit and the muscular Ed Junior and his massive dick in her asshole, Dianna completed the air-tight position by using her mouth to suck off the kneeling Christan Clay. 

With three men left for the other two women, the distribution was one for Cara and two for the lady of honor. For today’s shoot they had pulled in a second sofa, this one a dark grey, which had Cara still wearing her massive strap-on bent on knees and elbows as Ricky’s huge dick alternated between her tight pussy and asshole. Taylor, on the other hand, was taking all of the Lee’s cocks 100% in her ass. With her feet on either side of older brother George’s body, she rode the bald man as the younger brother Thomas was standing and thrusting into her ass at the same time. After taking Cara’s huge dildo and a fist in her ass at the same time earlier in the evening, taking the brothers’ dicks in a double anal almost felt like child’s play at this point.

“Typical overachieving Taylor,” Cara joked, craning her head to watch her best friend take a double-dicking in the ass.

“What can I say? I have skills,” Taylor laughed.

“Tommy, trade me,” Christian stated.

The younger Lee brother heeded the more established man’s comment and pulled his dick out of her ass and changed positioned with the bald-headed man. Christian’s dick was slightly thicker than the other man’s, but it was slathered in Dianna’s spit so he had no issues gliding his dick along George’s shaft before piercing Taylor’s asshole. Meanwhile, Thomas had stepped over towards the other sofa so that his dick, which was rich in the flavor of Taylor Swift’s asshole could be presented to the former Glee star. Dianna seemed to appreciate the fact that Thomas tasted of Taylor’s rectum because she gave a suction and lick-filled blowjob, moaning all the while.

“Wanna taste your bestie’s ass?” Oscar asked the pop singer.

It was a needless question because Taylor was already opening her mouth and extending her neck in the direction of Oscar’s soiled manhood. As her lips latched around his shaft and tongue glided along the underbelly, Taylor knew it came from someone’s asshole, but was unsure of whose. A quick glance out of the side of her eye noted that a new man was settling into a stance behind Selena’s thick ass, meaning that the black cock in her mouth tasting of ass likely came from her Latina friend.

“Let’s see if you can take two in the poop chute as well,” Angelo said to Dianna.

Selena and Cara, who were each only occupying one man, turned their heads to watch as both Angelo and the muscular Ed Junior attempted to double anally penetrate the former Glee star. Angelo had wormed his way out from under the blonde and was now squatting deep over top of the actress with the huge ass, all while Ed remained on his feet, standing to fuck her in the ass. The muscular man slowed his thrusts down and left the majority of his shaft soaking in her rectum as Angelo butted the tip of his dick against the blonde’s opening and pushed. While it wasn’t as easy as with Taylor, it took only a moment or two before Dianna Agron’s anal ring was giving up and allowing a second cock to enter her bowels.

“Ahhh...that’s the stuff,” Dianna cooed.

“Might as well make it a third with two dicks in their ass,” Tony spoke to Selena.

After having his dick plunder Taylor Swift’s ass, Christian had walked to the other sofa and found a vacancy in Selena’s own poop chute after Oscar had walked away. In one smooth motion, the bald headed man slid balls deep into the Spring Breakers star then rolled so he was seated with the curvy girl seated on his lap. Before Selena could get her feet under her, Tony’s lanky frame was in front of her, bending down slightly so his dick could attempt the double anal. This was the tightest yet, but just like the other two women, Selena’s sphincter eventually gave away and allowed both men admissions. Tony and Christian had to go slow, but it was a success nonetheless.

“My turn in that ass,” Oscar almost gleefully shouted.

Having had his dick polished clean by Taylor’s mouth after fucking Selena Gomez’s asshole, Oscar had nearly sprinted in position between the blonde’s amazing legs. All the spit from her sloppy blowjob made his dick knife into her asshole like a hot knife through butter, despite the fact that George hadn’t stopped or even slowed his own thrusting deep into her brown eye. 

“I need a little breather,” George reluctantly had to admit.

There was zero chance that Oscar was gonna pull out and risk someone else grabbing a dick-hold in Taylor’s ass just as he got his chance so the black man wrapped his arms around the leggy singer and hoisted her skyward. He didn’t have to support her light weight for long because Ricky had seen his chance to fuck the ass of the legendary pop singer so he tried Cara’s ass for Taylor’s. Despite George having rolled off the sofa to take a little break, Oscar and Ricky stayed standing with her legs wrapped around Ricky’s waist as Oscar held her by her surprisingly bubbly booty.

“God! Life is good,” Taylor cooed as she was slammed up and down the two big cocks.

As the two men with thick cocks continued to wreck Taylor’s asshole to her utter delight, the action was thick and heavy around the other sofa as well. With her new freedom, Cara had slithered off her spot and came over to where the men were in the midst of changing who was fucking Dianna’s ass. Before anyone could get their dick into her, Cara slid into position between the blonde’s thighs as was working 3 fingers into her asshole. Realizing that she way underestimated the looseness of her asshole, Cara pulled back, made a fist and then proceeded to push her entire hand into the massive cavern Dianna Agron called a butthole.

“Yes Cara! Fist me!” 

As Cara continued to punch into Dianna’s guts, Selena was receiving her own pleasures. Occupying three men all by herself, the Latina had her legs spread wide as Geroge was in her snatch while his little brother had her ass all to himself. Meanwhile Clay, who had been hammering her bowels, had decided it was time for Selena to get a nice taste-testing of her guts by bringing his dick to her face to be sucked clean.

“Stop hogging her fist, Di,” Taylor shouted across the room.

Cara leaned over and gave the blonde actress a kiss before pulling her hand from Dianna’s asshole. The Glee star wasn’t empty for long as Tony was pushing her legs apart and slamming down into her bowels. Cara was now crawling back to the other side of the room where Oscar and Ricky had decided to take the double anal to the sofa with Taylor resting on the black man’s chest. Knowing what she wanted, both men pulled out, allowing the camera to capture the huge gape in the singer’s once tight ass before Cara was cramming her hand forward. Just like before, the fist punched through the meager resistance her anal ring gave before the lingerie model was fisting her best friend.

“So fucking good,” the gorgeous singer cursed.

Cara jerked her hand and wrist inside the singer for a minute, really widening her already loose hole further. Finally, the model pulled her hand out of her ass and watched as her asshole didn’t even try to crinkle close. Taking advantage of the opening, Oscar pushed his cock back into her ass but before Ricky could go in as well, Cara stopped him. Essentially palming the black man’s cock, Cara slid her hand through the entrance of Taylor’s ass the next time Oscar pushed in, watching as the singer took not only a thick ebony cock, but Cara’s entire hand into her booty.

“Shitballs,” Taylor swore. 

“And a hole all to myself,” Ricky commented as he slipped his huge cock into Taylor’s pink slit.

“Me too,” Ed Junior added.

Having left Dianna Agron’s asshole when Cara originally came over to fist it, Ed had slowly stalked towards the leggy singer until a hole had opened up. It being her mouth was excellent since not only could Taylor take his thick meat pole balls deep, but she’d get to taste her best friend’s ass in the process. With a ebony dick and Cara’s fist in her ass and Ricky’s baby arm fucking her pussy, Taylor got air tight as she bobbed along the entire length of Ed’s cock that was fresh from soaking in Dianna’s booty.

“How about we give her a nice buffet of ass,” Oscar suggested. 

Taylor went from having her three holes filled by four different people to being completely empty in the span of a few seconds. To say that the pop singer was disappointed would have been an understatement. However, it wouldn’t be that way for long. Encouraged to get down on her knees, Taylor became engulfed in a three-man semicircle consisting of Oscar, Thomas and Tony, all with their dicks ready for her mouth. Taylor sought out each of their cocks in turn, giving them a length suck and soon realized what they had in common - the taste of ass. Oscar was fresh removed from her own asshole while Tony had been fucking Dianna’s thick booty. Meanwhile Thomas, whose dick was currently being savored by Taylor, was only seconds before balls deep in Selena Gomez’s perfect dumper.

“Can’t decide whose ass is tastiest...or nastiest,” Taylor commented as she in turn gave each soiled dick a length lick from balls to tip.

“I hope your ass is thirsty,” Angelo stated as he pulled Cara onto the sofa.

Not exactly sure what he meant, the lesbian relaxed as she felt him push against her anal entrance. By no means the anal savants her friends were, Cara was still able to handle a dick in the pooper. Though she was braced and ready for a good anal pounding, it never came. Instead, Cara felt the uniquely odd sensation of her bowels expanding. Just like when she had an enema.

“Are you taking a wee in my ass?” the Londoner asked with a surprised laugh.

“Piss enema is good for you,” Angelo said as he continued to urinate in Cara Delevingne’s asshole.

“Come here, Tay,” Dianna said to her friend, pulling her out of the circle of men. “Cara has a present for you.”

With some smooth coordination, Angelo pulled out of Cara’s ass when Taylor was right beside the pair. Given how tight her ass was, Cara’s rosebud sealed up tight with barely a trickle of golden fluid escaping her brown eye during the transition. Dianna positioned the blonde singer right behind Cara, at which point Taylor assumed she was expected to eat out the model. Instead, Taylor was shocked as a torrent of piss showered into her beautiful face as Cara pushed the piss that had been housed in her ass onto her. 

“Whoa!” was all Taylor could think to say.

Dianna didn’t leave her shocked friend in that dripping wet state. Instead, the golden-haired actress spun the singer around so she could lick and suck up the pee that was running down her pretty face. The clean-up act was appreciated by Taylor who ended up bringing Dianna in for a lengthy kiss, tasting the pee that had fermented briefly in the colon of Cara.

“Think you’re up for something hardcore?” Christian asked the woman of honor.

“Hardcore?” Taylor asked in disbelief. “I just took a piss enema to the face after sucking clean three dicks that had been in three different girls’ assholes. Before that, I took a dick and fist in my ass while another dude fucked my pussy.”

“I take that as a yes,” the bald man laughed.

Long-time working partners Christian and Ed both laid on the sofa at opposite ends with their legs more or less scissoring one another. With a foot laced between their legs, Taylor sank into a deep squat as her friend Cara aimed both cocks into the yawning opening the pop singer called an asshole. Despite both men having manhoods of able average thickness, Taylor took both dicks nearly balls deep on her first descent down the poles as if it was a pinky finger.

“You know what they say,” said fellow veteran Tony. “Two’s company but three is a Goddamn party!”

Taylor watched as the tanned bald man stepped closer to the sofa until he was stepping right between her wide spread thighs. Given this wasn’t her first time doing a triple penetration this night, Taylor thought little of it. However, Tony surprised her by ignoring her free pussy and instead butting his dick against the upper lip of her anal ring. The same sphincter that was already riding two other dicks in its opening. 

“Uh,” Taylor went to protest until Cara’s hand came wrapping around her body to strum Taylor’s clit.

“Just relax babe,” the Brit comforted her friend.

With a steadying breath, Taylor gave a head nod in the direction of Tony as she stopped bouncing on the dicks in her ass. With their poles lodged halfway inside her booty, Tony added his cock to the others as he pressed in, but the fit was too tight. Not deterred, Tony kept the pressure as Cara increased the speed she was rubbing Taylor’s cunt and especially her sensitive nub. After a few more seconds, the tanned bald man was finally permitted access to Taylor Swift’s asshole, along with the two other men already residing inside.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” the pop singer screamed as she took her first ever triple anal penetration.

As Taylor was receiving three cocks in the pooper at the same time, Dianna and Selena were both having their own anal fun. Though neither was ready to pull off the feat Ms Swift was, that didn’t stop the blonde and dark-haired girl from both taking a double anal fuck. Shoulder to shoulder, Di and Selena were close enough to kiss as the blonde was doubled up on by Oscar and older brother George while Selena was getting a good ole fuck by younger brother Thomas and the handsome Angelo.

“Cameraman! Come look at this gape!”

The nearest cameraman left Taylor to her triple anal and went to where both Dianna Agron and Selena Gomez were taking double anal. The man who shouted was the black man under the beautiful blonde, and once the lens was on him, both he and George pulled out. If Dianna was embarrassed about showing off what was truly a massive gape in her asshole then you would never have known it. As Oscar pulled her thick cheeks apart, George stuck two fingers from each hand into her rectum and pulled the hole apart further. In response, Dianna actually giggled and pushed out harder to make her anal ring even wider.

“Impressive dumper, Di,” Cara commented as she had crawled over to the sofa and stuck her tongue deep into Dianna’s gaping asshole.

After Cara gave the first several inches of Dianna’s brown eye a thorough tongue lashing, the two men pushed back in at the same time. Meanwhile, Selena’s pair of dicks hadn’t taken the break, nor had they slowed down. In fact, they seemed to have picked up speed and power. It only took another minute or two until the dark-haired girl recognized the frantic jerks and inconsistent rhythm of a man, or men in this case, that were nearing their climax.

“Gonna cum, big fella,” Selena asked, breaking her kiss with Di to address the men.

“Yup,” Thomas answered while a moment later Angelo replied. “So close.”

Knowing they were past the point of recovery, both men hammered into the lax hole like jackhammers. Once each man felt his balls churning, they slowed down to a snail’s pace as they each painted the inner walls of Selena’s bowels. Though they had just cum and their dicks were super sensitive, they both held themselves in Selena’s ass, holding the cum contained until the director of this orgy could instruct Taylor that she was needed.

“Sorry men. Duty calls,” Taylor told the trio of men fucking her ass.

As Ed, Christian and Tony all pulled out of Taylor’s asshole, the pop star quickly made her way to where the two men had just dropped two batches of cum inside Selena’s asshole. Taylor squirmed her leggy body under their frames until her face was right under Selena’s thick booty. With a nod, the two men backed their dicks from her ass, which had been acting as a cork. The moment they left, liquefied cum came pouring out as it oozed from nearly a foot deep in Selena’s rectum before landing right in Taylor’s mouth, coating her taste buds. The majority of the double load of jizz came out in a continuous flow but Taylor had to wait for Selena to wink her butthole several more times to get the rest of it that was shot right to the end of her colon.

To put it frankly, the cum tasted gross. Taylor had swallowed countless loads in her life but she was immediately offended by the vile jizz that had the worst aspects of being salty beyond comfort, as well as quite clearly having passed out of someone’s poop chute. However, the show must go on and the only way to start the taste from getting out of her mouth was getting rid of the disgusting cum. In two big gulps, Taylor swallowed the cum that had been 12 inches deep in Selena Gomez’s asshole before showing her empty mouth to the camera.

“Yum! All gone,” Taylor added.

After cleaning out Selena’s asshole of the double load of cum, Taylor looked over at the sofa and found that Dianna was no longer servicing two men at once. Instead, both the blonde and Cara were kneeling at the edge of the sofa with their faces on the cushions and their booties up in the air. Behind Dianna was Ricky, the young man with the thickest cock of all present while Cara’s asshole was taking a pummeling by the older Lee brother, George. Based on the way they were both hammering away at Di’s thick ass and Cara’s firm but petite booty, neither was going to last much longer. It was simply a matter of who was gonna pop first.

“Fuck. Cumming,” George swore. 

After a handful of frantic thrusts, the older Lee brother backed the majority of his dick from the model’s rectum before unloading his jizz. Cara got a shiver of pleasure up her spinal cord as she felt the pulsing ropes of cum coat her anal walls before it quickly started to become less gel-like and more runny. With Taylor back in position, George pulled out the last few inches with the vacancy taken up by the leggy blonde who caught every last drip of cum. Before she could swallow the payload, she was joined on her knees by Cara, who brought her best friend in for a passionate kiss where the two ultra attractive ladies could pass the cum back and forth between their mouths.

“Taylor,” Dianna called over her shoulder. “Special delivery is ready for you.”

After breaking the makeout session, each of the leggy women swallowed the partial load of jizz so that Taylor could move into position behind the blonde. The only thing that could make Ricky Optimal’s dick look average sized instead of the truly monstrous pole that it actually was happened to be the ass he was fucking. Dianna’s thick ass was equally impressive, rippling with each thrust Ricky gave her until he tossed his head back and jabbed his hips forward one last time. As he was ready to pull out, Di had called over her shoulder and now Taylor was in position. For the third time in as many minutes, Taylor Swift let a cumshot that was blown into a friend’s asshole squirt into her mouth. Just like she did with the Victoria’s Secret model, Taylor pulled Dianna from the sofa in order to swap the cum back and forth until they both got to drink down some of the ass-tainted jizz.

“Your turn, hot stuff,” Oscar said, offering his hand to help the leggy singer off the ground.

Taylor’s anal ring was used to milk each of the last four men. First was Ed and his thick cock as he hammered down into her booty with reckless abandonment until he shoved in deep one last time. After some grunts, jerks and body spasms, the big man pulled out and allowed Cara to swoop in with a champagne flute that they had drunk from earlier. Once in position, Taylor pushed the cumshot from her ass and let it be collected in the glass. As her ass stopped producing cum, the next man stepped up, this time it was Oscar and his ebony shaft. After the black man deposited his money shot into her ass, Taylor pushed the liquefied cum into another champagne flute, before doing likewise with two more glasses with the cum supplied by the last two men standing; Christian and Tony.

“Allow me to top those up for you ladies,” Angelo insisted.

With each of the four ladies holding a glass, Angelo was able to milk his bladder of the last of his urine. He didn’t have a lot left, but it was enough for the task. Going from one champagne flute to the next, Angelo was able to fill each past the halfway mark, leaving the white slurry of cum in the bottom.

“Okay ladies. A toast to an unforgettable shoot and for Taylor’s final scene with us,” the director announced.

“Thanks so much squad,” Taylor told her friends as they clinked glasses.

“Anything for you Tay,” Cara replied as she tipped the mixture into her mouth and swallowed. “Wow. Gross.”

“Was happy to get the call,” Dianna offered before she too drank back the piss-cum beverage. “Slightly disgusting.”

“Really?” Selena questioned. “I kinda liked it,” she added before using a finger to scoop out the last few droplets left in her glass.

“And that’s a wrap!”

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