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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 32
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Mike Chapman, Yves Morgan, Oscar Batty
Codes: FF, MF, MFF, Anal, DP, Fist, Squirt
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Mike Chapman, Yves Morgan or Oscar Batty nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned (specifically Evil Angel), nor with The Pitch Perfect or its characters in any way

Summary: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow reunited again; not for Pitch Perfect 4 but for the latest edition of Hollywood Pornstars hosted by Evil Angel

“Oh dude, it’s been too long,” Anna Kendrick cooed as she wrapped her arms around the other woman.

“I know! I can’t believe it's been over 2 years,” Brittany Snow replied, squeezing the tiny actress.

The two Pitch Perfect stars hadn’t worked together since 2017 when they filmed the concluding chapter of the musical trilogy. While they had gotten together for parties, dinners and vacations since then, it had still been a few years since the last saw each other. While neither girl had changed a bit in that short period of time, Anna noted that Brittany was now back to being a redhead, the same shade she had her hair colored when they filmed the three Pitch Perfect movies.

“Love the hair,” Anna commented, running her hands through the slightly wavy locks.

The flame-haired Brittany was wearing a typical outfit for her, which consisted of a short dress that clung tightly to her fit body as well as a pair of high heels. Anna, on the other hand, had gone for a more high-fashion look of wearing a white dress with boots that ascended up past her knees.

“Love the tits,” Brittany replied, reaching out and giving them a firm squeeze.

“We were hoping that you two would like being reunited for another film,” the man behind the camera explained.

“Never pass up the chance to work with or fuck this one,” Anna cooed, her hand placed right on her friend’s upper thigh.

“Is it safe to assume you two have hooked up with each other before,” the man asked.

“It is,” Brittany answered before Anna added. “Almost daily while filming the third movie.”

“And what about in a group setting?”

“We did a lesbian orgy with a few of the girls 5 or 6 years ago,” Anna replied.

“Closer to 10 years,” the redhead retorted. “The first movie was back in 2012.”

“Wow,” Anna remarked. “Time flies and yet we keep looking hotter.”

“Agreed,” the man conducting the pre-fuck interviewer agreed. “Do you two have a competitive streak at all? Like who had the better voice, who could land more guys, who could do crazier stuff? Stuff like that.”

“I mean, as actors we are always competing against one another for roles so I guess we all have to have some type of competitiveness,” Brittany explained.

“So we love a good competition here,” the interviewer commented. “What makes you think you can best Anna?”

“Well...I think we all know how much of a filthy sexual beast Anna is,” Brittany replied before looking over at the fellow actress. “No offense.”

“None taken. I earned that reputation and there is a lot of proof,” Anna nodded her head.

“But, if I had to give a reason for being able to win in a mini-orgy with Anna, I would say I could beat her with my squirt,” Brittany reasoned, which drew a chuckle from her friend.

“Now Anna, can you squirt?”

“I can...sort of. I’ve done it in the past but maybe only a handful of times at very most,” the Love Life star answered. “And not with the...volume that Britt can summon.”

“It’s true. I’m a real gusher,” the redhead nodded her head excitedly. “But she has skills that I obviously don’t possess.”

“Double anal?” the interviewer asked.

“Yup. It’s, like, my superpower,” Anna answered. 

“Regardless, I think I can take her,” Brittany stated. “My squirting in her face will overpower her.”

“Well then I’ll rub my prolapse all over you,” Anna replied, acting tough for about a second before she broke out into her toothy grin.

“Shall we introduce the male talent?”

“Yes please,” both women answered in unison before turning to face the doorway.

The girls watched as three very handsome and very naked black men came walking into the room. The lead man was recognizable enough to Anna as he was one of the regulars over at several of the European studios despite being an American. He also made Anna’s twat wet knowing that the man fucked like an animal. Mike Chapman wore his glasses, which was something of a trademark for the bald-headed black man. Behind him came two more black men, both of whom had just as, if not bigger dicks than Mike.

The alpha of the pack was clearly Mike, who walked right up to the woman and draped an arm over each of their shoulders. Oscar Batty, who was wearing his usual black hat, made his way to the far side to be at Brittany’s arm with the third member of the group, the muscular Yves Morgan, took his place at Anna’s side.

“Now listen bitches,” Mike addressed the two American actresses. “What I want to know is that between the two of you, who is the bigger slut?”

Both women tossed their heads back and laughed at his rather direct question. “I think tonight we’ll find out,” Anna answered.

“Wait! You’ve worked with both of us,” Brittany commented.

The redhead looked over at Anna for confirmation of this fact but found that Anna was looking over her shoulder at the muscular man beside her. A quick glance down found that the petite 35-year-old was lightly rubbing Yves’ 10 inch cock. Not to be outdown, Brittany did likewise to the man over her far shoulder, making a light fist around Oscar’s equally fat dick.

“You are correct, which puts me in a unique position of having fucked you both,” Mike agreed.

“Not that unique,” Anna cut in. “You’ve fucked a lot of the same men...and women.”

“Fair enough. Which is why I need some additional judges,” Mike explained, looking over at his two black friends. 

“So we have to make our case to all of you about which of us is the biggest slut?” Brittany inquired.

“Correct,” the alpha male agreed. “But I don’t want to keep you two having all this bad blood so why don’t you get nice and close and give each other a kiss for good luck. But after the kiss, you are competitors.”

It was an act they had done countless times over the course of filming their three movies together, the women moved forward until their lips were touching. Neither of them needed an invitation to part their lips and slip their tongues out, rubbing it with passion against the others. Neither Anna nor Brittany were dominant in any way, but the redhead took the lead, running her hand through Anna’s silky hair before clutching the back of her head to deepen their makeout session.

“God, you’re a great kisser,” Brittany complimented. 

“I’m pretty good with my mouth,” Anna replied with a wink.

“Don’t I know it,” the redhead laughed.

“Okay ladies. Stand up and take off your shit,” Mike directed.

The camera focused in on Brittany first, as her hand had already snaked around behind her back to clutch the zipper of her dress. With a steady pull combined with pushing her ass backwards, the redhead’s bubbly booty became exposed, with the camera finding Brttany not bothering with any panties.

“Mhmm...very nice.”

Brittany Snow had every feature of her body being great. Her legs were athletic and fit. Her ass bubbly with nice lift and width. Her body was tight without an ounce of fat, including her flat stomach. Her tits were perky and youthful despite the actress being 34 years old and her face was both pretty and cute, giving her that All-American, girl-next-door look. 

Anna Kendrick was different. Everything about her was petite and lean...except for her tits. While Brittany didn’t have a bad feature, Anna had one spectacular attribute. Despite being 5’1 and 95 pounds soaking wet, the 35 year old had an unreal set of boobs. While not the sweater monsters that Kate Upton or Alexandra Daddario possessed, given her tiny measurements elsewhere, Anna’s tits were of the highest calibre!

“Don’t be shy Anna,” Mike commented to the tiny woman.

“Never been accused of that. Just this stupid belt,” Anna replied.

Finally with the stylish belt removed from around her midsection, Anna grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it right over her head. Like her friend, the tiny actress didn’t bother with a bra either, leaving her large bouncy tits fully exposed in all the grandeur. Though she wore a tiny excuse for a thong, it too was soon discarded, though everyone in attendance made sure that Anna kept her hooker boots right where they were. 

“Okay Red. You go occupy my friends while I have a slice of Anna,” Mike explained.

The Pitch Perfect stars descended to there knees before they started to move in their assigned directions. Brittany continued to move down to the floor until she was resting on both hands and knees as she then crawled the short distance over to the large L-shaped sofa in the corner of the room. Placing her back against the furniture, the redhead watched as the two strapping black men moved to either side of her, at which point Brittany reached out, gripped a lengthy slab of meat in each hand and began stroking them off. The men were already good and hard so the redhead didn’t have long to wait before she was parting her lips and devouring each ebony shaft, giving each a dozen bobs before she moved over to the other man.

“She’s got skill,” Mike observed of Brittany before he addressed the slender actress before him. “But we all know what oral capacity Anna Mother Fucking Kendrick has to offer.”

“Lesser known fact about me, but I am indeed a mother fucker, several times over,” Anna enlightened the viewers.

“How about you use that mouth for something other than funny anecdotes and quips,” the alpha male told the kneeling woman. “After all, you need to bring your A-game to win this competition.”

Anna didn’t have to move as Mike took a step closer to her kneeling form with her big blue eyes trained on his dick the whole time. Once in position, Anna wasted no time in opening her mouth as wide as possible and taking easily half of his 9-inch ebony wood between her lips.

“Mhmmm...yes,” he exclaimed as her moist heat worked its way over his shaft.

Anna simply smiled with pride after his compliment of her oral skills but didn’t grow complacent. She almost had an arrogance about herself when it came to sex given her wide range of abilities with the jewel of her crown being her blowjobs. Ever since she blew her first dick in a movie theatre underneath the guy’s winter jacket, she realized how much satisfaction she took from them. This confidence grew over the years as she effortlessly learnt how to deep throat aided by the help of a lot of the senior men at her high school when she was still an underclassman. 

“Well since we’re competing, I should bust out all the tricks,” Anna said with a glint in her eyes.

Anna took her hands away from holding the base of his cock and placed them on Mike’s hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Her small but toned biceps bulged as she held herself up in that position with her mouth still on his cock. Although she was only able to move her lips over him a very short distance as she could only bob her head a few inches, it gave the alpha male the ability to have complete control over her. This didn’t go unnoticed by Mike, whose big hands immediately clutched the sides of her head and held firm.

“Gllkkk...kklllkkk...kkwwwwwkkk,” Brittany’s gags and gurgles could be heard in the background.

While Mike knew that many women couldn’t handle him having full control in a blowjob given how aggressive he was, he knew Anna could. Despite her tiny frame, Anna really was a sex dynamo, therefore he had little reservation as he pulled her face closer to his groin until his tip slid past the back of her mouth and entered her throat. Having confirmed she could still deepthroat a cock, even one as large as his, Mike had no problem with face fucking her. What made skull-fucking the Love Life all that much better was Anna’s face was how he would describe perfection; cute but still sexy with just a hint in her big bedroomy eyes that she’ll do whatever nasty shit in bed that you’re into.

“Keep that mouth open wide,” Mike demanded, giving Anna a chance to gulp down some oxygen.

Grabbing the sides of her head Mike pulled her towards him slowly until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth. He began the same method again but this time he felt Anna pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, pleading for him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his meat pole in her mouth but he retracted hard on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

“Gggulllllggkkk,” Anna coughed as spit slouched in her throat.

When she didn’t put up any signs of resistance or cues for him to stop, Mike pulled her backwards then immediately slammed her back down his length, instantly impaling his dick in her oral cavity. She continued to make her gurgling noises with each thrust but the busty actress didn’t try to stop him from abusing her throat.

“This…your mouth…is great,” he eventually said after another 5 hard thrusts down into her gullet.

Anna had saliva dripping down over her chin and down onto the floor or her boots, but that didn’t matter. Getting a little sloppy was a sign of a great blowjob, at least in her opinion. And given the way Mike had been moaning and grunting, he was appreciating the excessive drool the tiny spinner had produced. Under his instruction, Anna opened her mouth again and was instantly fed his dick down her throat, the sound of her gurgling filling the floor-to-ceiling window-walled room. 

“That’s it! Same way! Same nasty way,” Mike practically chanted as his balls slapped against Anna’s chin and drool rained down from her mouth with each thrust down her throat.

Anna had no design on changing, constantly leaving her lips held open in a wide O to allow all 9 inches of fat black meat to pass down into her oral cavity. She felt the spit bubbling up from the back of her mouth to coat his dick before long strings of her spit would trail down, landing on her tits as well as her thighs. Finally, after one long hold with his dick in her throat, her nose pressed against the tuft of pubic hair, Mike released her head and allowed her to breathe deeply for the first time in God knows how long.

“How’s that ginger slut doing over there boys?” Mike asked as he took a seat on the far end of the leather sofa.

Anna had been getting most of the face time with the camera given her proximity and her God-given abilities on her knees, but further behind, her co-star was performing admirably. After taking turns quickly bobbing on their tips, Brittany zoned in on the man wearing the black cap. Extending her tongue she ran it’s moistened surface down one side of his hard member until she reached his base. Though she was focusing her oral attention solely on Oscar, she continued stroking Yves' swollen tool with her other hand. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, she licked down one side of Oscar’s cock before licking up the other side of his member.

“Oh my God! She’s talented,” the man in the black cap grunted, reaching down to bundle up her silky red hair.

Brittany gave Oscar what was surely the best blowjob of his life, allowing him to hold her hair and somewhat help her along the course of his cock. She, with her big mouth and pouty lips, were made for sucking cock, and boy did she put them to good use. However, just because her oral attention was very much devoted to the older man didn’t mean she would ignore her other, more muscular and younger suitor.

“Don’t worry Yves, I didn’t forget about you,” Brittany said after pulling her skilled mouth from the first dick.

As the curvy redhead fixed her gaze and attention onto the second cock, she got to work by sliding her ruby red lips down Yves’ smooth member until it poked the back of her mouth then reversed course. The muscular man promptly grunted his approval and squeezed harder on the curvy girl’s silky hair he held in his hand. Though he had never had the pleasure of a Brittany Snow blowjob previously, he could now attest to the fact her lips were made to suck dick as they felt like wet pillows massaging his cock in the effort to milk him completely. And apart from having natural tools, Brittany also had a willingness to orally please men given how energetic she performed her duties, something not all women displayed.

“Jesus Britt, you’re fucking talented on your knees,” Yves complimented, lost in the embrace of her warm mouth on his dick.

“Compliments are always appreciated,” the John Tucker Must Die actress smiled as she switched Yves’ dick for Oscar’s.

“Let’s see how she does with three cocks,” Mike injected as he came to stand before the kneeling redhead.

If Brittany was phased by the introduction of a third cock into the oral buffet then you’d never have known it. Using the same boundless energy as when it was just Yves and Oscar, Brittany dribbled a little bit of spit to coat her lips before wrapping them around Mike’s huge cock. With each hand she stroked off the other men, keeping them so close that their saliva-coated shafts constantly rubbed against her cheek as she bobbed on several inches of the alpha’s manhood. As with any great blowjob, Brittany maintained eye contact with the man whose dick was plundering her gullet. Not only that, she changed her style so that her rapid-fire approach would give way to a long hold with their dick down as far into her mouth as it could go before retreating and resuming the lightning-fast bobs.

“Oh shit, yes!” Mike hollered under the redhead’s oral assault.

As Brittany was shifting her mouth and hands around to give all the men a turn, Anna had crawled down the sofa until she was directly behind her friend. Laying back, the tiny spinner spread her thighs and began rubbing her wet snatch to the sight of her friend sucking off three men. 

“That masturbating skinny bitch is gonna beat you if you don’t suck this dick perfectly,” Mike directed down at the slobbering redhead.

Mike was currently holding his dick at the back of Brittany’s mouth as he explained that fact to the redhead. Brittany wasn’t a deep-throater, not surprising as it was a rare skill, but what she lacked in depth she compensated for in will. After holding him in her mouth to the point her eyes watered and face turned red, Brittany pulled away from him, gasped in a single breath then turned to suck on Oscar. 

“Bat her face, boys,” Mike instructed.

“Oh yes,” Brittany smiled as her cheeks, lips, nose and eye sockets had wet cock slapped down on them. 

“Okay, okay. Get your ass outta the way so Anna can show what she can do,” the alpha male said.

With a face covered in her own spit, Brittany slid back onto the sofa as Yves was helping the 90-pound Noelle star down to the floor. Once kneeling, Anna tossed her hair behind her head before the pack of men closed in around her, which was how all of her hottest fantasies started. Just as they ended with her friend, Anna found her delicate face bombarded with cocks as the three men slapped their wet dicks down on every inch of skin. Anna couldn’t help but smile widely as she extended her tongue, which made a loud wet smack every time a cock slapped against it.

“Look at her! She fucking loves it,” Yves commented as his cock took Anna in the forehead.

“Oh fuck yes,” Anna screamed, all while her fingers danced through her wet slit.

“Show my boys how good you are,” Mike demanded.

Anna first turned to Oscar before she inhaled all 10 inches of ebony wood in her first bob down his shaft. Opening her eyes wide as her nose was pressed tightly against his slightly rounded tummy, Anna maintained her eye contact with him even after her eyes started to glaze over with each passing second. When she eventually pulled away from his meaty cock, thick strands of saliva looped between his pecker and her lips until they broke and landed on her perfect tits.

“My turn,” Yves practically begged.

Anna was already turning in his direction. Rather than go for the slow approach like she did with the man in the black cap, this time Anna rode her lips along every inch of his equally long but fatter cock. When his balls tapped her chin, Anna backed off so half his cock became unsheathed from her gullet only for her to bob forward again to impale her throat on his dick. Not a one time occurance, Anna continued to jab his dick down her throat for well over a dozen strokes before the need for air became too great. When it was Mike’s turn with her mouth, he was his usual dominant self, making her constantly throat him all while her drool poured out her mouth to coat her tits, thighs and flooring before he released her from his grip. 

“How?” Oscar grunted, clearly wondering how a girl as tiny as Anna Kendrick could do all that.

“Talent,” Anna replied as a massive glob of spit slid from her mouth and down her chin.

“Get on down here baby,” Mike spoke to Brittany.

The redhead slithered off the sofa and immediately pulled Anna in for a kiss. Rather than go right for her lips, Brittany extended her tongue and licked from the little spinner’s chin up to her lips, where her tongue was able to gather a healthy amount of Anna’s drool before she pushed it back into her friend’s mouth. Anna showed her gratitude by cramming her tongue down Brittany’s throat, while at the same time using her dainty hands to massage the redhead’s perky tits.

The Pitch Perfect co-stars were turned back-to-back before the men used their mouths for their oral pleasure once more. This time Mike sampled Brittany exclusively as Anna was left to deal with the two cocks of Oscar and Yves. Anna could feel her red-haired friend’s much larger ass pressing against her tiny butt as they went about blowing the three black men, though having Brittany against her back made Anna able to press back against her to get more depth into her head bobs.

As they continued their work, they kept moving slightly to one side until they were almost shoulder to shoulder instead of having their backs pressed against each other. It afforded the decade-old friends to use their mouths on each other, kissing deeply as the men cheered them on and batted their dicks against their face, something they liked doing a lot. 

“That’s it! Kiss!”

“Okay. Let’s move to the second phase of the competition,” Mike said after the women got a few minutes of tongue-wagging in each other’s mouths.

Both girls were assisted onto the sofa, each with their heads pointing towards the corner of the sofa where Mike so happened to be sitting. Brittany found herself laying on her back with Yves kneeling between her widespread legs. Meanwhile, Anna was closeby on her hands and knees as Oscar bent over her to spit directly onto her asshole before placing his tip against the crinkled hole. Before he got a chance to sodomize Anna, Brittany found her own bowels breached as the muscular younger man wasted no time in shoving a third of his massive dick inside.

“Mother fuck!” Brittany hissed. “Keep going. Fuck me, big man!”

Gotten used to the dick invading her colon, Brittany was the first to reach out and take Mike’s fat cock into her mouth. Anna felt the man in the black cap push past the weak resistance of her anal ring and start to fuck her, which allowed the tiny spinner to yank Mike’s dick out of her friend’s mouth and hand in order to wrap her own lips around his ebony shaft.

Brittany was about to wrestle back control but Yves began to thump with more speed into her bowels, which made the redhead need to concentrate more. Being the experienced slut that she was, Anna had no problem as she took all 10 inches of Oscar’s thick manhood into her ass all while Mike rested all 9 inches of his own dick down her throat. 

“Oh yes!” Brittany moaned, her fingers rubbing through her snatch as Yves used the majority of his cock in her ass.

When Mike pushed Anna off his cock when she next surfaced for air, the tiny spinner thought he wanted her to eat her ass since he spun around with his backside practically in her face. However, the move was so that he could thrust his dick down into Brittany’s mouth, making the redhead take a cock from each end as Oscar got some one-on-one time with Anna. The Noelle star didn’t complain as it allowed her to get her asshole completely pillaged by the older man, all while she used her freed hands to rub and finger her clit and pussy, respectively.

“Ohhhhhh...yeeesssss,” Anna shrieked as both her holes were giving her a great deal of pleasure.

Anna looked over at her friend and found that Brittany was no longer laying flat on the couch. Instead, the muscular man had changed spots with her as now Yves was flat on his back and the redhead was able to show off her athleticism. Despite still wearing her high heels, Brittany had her feet planted on the sofa as she faced out to the camera, which was picking up all the action as she flew her fit body up and down the big black cock in her ass. Every one of Yves’ 10 inches were breaching Brittany’s backdoor as she thundered her booty against his pelvis, only to ride back to the top and perform it all over again.

“Such a slut. Taking a big dick in the ass and loving it,” Mike commented as he groped her chest.

Anna’s view of Brittany was lost as Mike turned around and presented his thick manhood to the Noelle star, who was still getting it doggy-style in the ass by Oscar. As Anna blew his cock, Mike reached over and took over clit-rubbing duties for Brittany, who needed both her hands for balance as she rode Yves’ dick in her high heels. This seemed to make the redhead ride the muscular man’s dick with renewed vigor, allowing the youngest of the three black men to go balls deep in Brittany Snow’s asshole for the first time that night.

“Bounce, bitch! Bounce,” Mike demanded, pulling his slobbered-on dick from Anna’s lips in order to encourage the redhead.

“Come double up on her with me,” Yves invited the alpha male after Brittany worked up a sweat riding his dick.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Yves clutched the back of Brittany’s knees and used the grip to pull her legs further apart, which allowed for the bald man to step between her thighs. With the twin lubrication of Anna’s slobber and Brittany’s pussy being wet beyond belief, Mike had no issues planting his dick in her cunt, completing the first of many double penetrations of the night.

“Fuck yes!” Brittany roared in a mighty scream.

With Yves sitting on the sofa fucking up into her tight asshole and Mike standing in front of her slamming his entire length into her slick pussy, Brittany was somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” Brittany screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!”

“Oscar, get that dick over here so we can make this bitch airtight,” Mike ordered.

Anna was disappointed when her bowels emptied as Oscar stepped back away from her and went to the corner of the sofa so he could offer his dick to Brittany. It took the redhead a moment to get her mouth lined up with the third cock given the way that Mike and Yves continued to fuck her fit body with relentless speed, but Brittany had no qualms taking a cock straight from Anna Kendrick’s asshole into her mouth. Opening wide, she planted her lips around the ebony manhood and began to bob along the first several inches, getting a strong flavor of asshole on her tongue as the alpha male and muscular man fucked her other holes.

“Anna look,” Mike called over at the tiny spinner. “She’s killing you. Taking a DP like it was nothing.”

“Maybe see if she can do double anal?” Anna suggested knowing her friend couldn’t.

While that quippy, sarcastic actress was correct, knowing full well her friend couldn’t handle such an extreme sex act, Brittany wasn’t out of playing cards. Instead, she asked for Mike to pull out of her cunt so she could get to her feet. Before Yves could sit up, the redhead was already sitting back down on his lap, this time with her bubbly ass pointed backwards. With her tits in the black man’s face, Brittany slid his dick, which had just been in her ass, into her pussy this time.

“Go for it, Oscar,” Mike invited.

“Not there,” Brittany stopped the man as Oscar attempted to slide into her ass. “In my pussy as well.”

“Oh shit! Are you trying for double vag?” a shocked Anna asked her friend.

“That’s right, baby,” Brittany winked at the tiny spinner.

Though it took a moment to get her pussy to spread, Oscar eventually succeeded in worming his monster cock into the redhead’s pussy at the same time that Yves was already fucking her. It was tight, but the ample lubrication from her wet cunt allowed for Oscar and Yves to pump the redhead with a combined 20 inches of cock into her womb.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Brittany swore, feeling a great deal of stretch in her pussy.

“I’m so fucking turned on by this,” Anna cooed, several fingers from her left hand fucking her cunt while another 3 from her right hand fingered her own ass.

“Working on showing the butt rose?” Mike asked, noting how Anna now had four fingers plundering her booty.

“And prepping for my own double trouble,” the tiny Noelle star replied.

“Okay boys. You heard her. Fuck that ass,” Mike ordered his men.

“Wait! Wait! Wait!” Brittany screamed with some urgency. “Keep going. And Anna, get over here.”

Neither of the black men made a move towards Anna quite yet. Instead, they continued to saw their big dicks into Brittany’s once-tight pussy, feeling her wet walls expand to allow their manhoods to double fuck her at the same time. In truth, Brittany was happy that they kept going as it felt real fucking good. While usually a traditional DP with one in the pink and one in the stink felt great, after a while the friction between the membrane separating her holes could get rubbed raw. However, with both men in the same wet hole, that was not going to be a problem so she got all the pleasure with none of the drawbacks.

Anna had to be mindful of how close she was getting given the fact that there were two big men sawing into her friend with some savagery. However, as the dainty comedic actress got within arm’s reach, one of the men pulled Anna until her face was a handful of inches from Brittany’s crowd pussy. Anna thought she was just getting a front row seat in pervert’s row, but as soon as she was in position, Brittany snaked her hand down and rubbed her clit. After no more than a few seconds, a torrent of clear fluid erupted from Brittany’s cunt, smacking Anna in the face with the pressure of a fireman’s hose.

“Oh!” Mike yelled in excitement. “Squirt right in the face!”

“Wow!” Anna shrieked in amazement. “Dude! That was amazing!”

As Anna gave her face a quick wipe and pulled her now wet hair behind her, the two black men pulled their dicks from the redhead. Brittany was exhausted after the water-filled orgasm so she was happy to take up a kneeling position as Yves and Oscar took their poles in Anna’s direction. This time it was the cap-wearing Oscar seated as Anna swung a leg over his lap before descending her tiny body down. As her holes became available, Oscar tilted her hips so that the tip of his cock could butt against her asshole. Anna sat upright more so that the black dick could sheath half of itself in her ass at one time, at which point she felt Yves’ muscular chest against her back, bringing a smile to her pretty face.

“Not giving me a chance to re-think this, huh?” Anna remarked as Yves was already trying to push into her ass before she had rode on Oscar’s cock once.

The petite actress did her best to relax for the eager man behind her as he and the other massive black man focused on getting a second dick into her cavernous asshole. Her helping was slowly working as Anna could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access. Even after his tip fit past her once tight anal ring, Yves kept pushing with slow but steady pressure until his stomach was flat against Anna’s curvy bottom.

“Your friend’s asshole is the ninth wonder of the world,” Mike commented to Brittany as they watched the 90 pound star get double anal penetration.

“She’s something special alright,” Brittany agreed.

After the initial shock, Anna tried her damndest to control her breathing and steady herself. Though this wasn’t the first or even the second time two dicks found their way into the 35 year old’s asshole at the same time, it was still an inexperienced sexual act for her. It was rare for Anna to encounter something new in the sex realm, so despite the fact 2 cocks were both in her ass, stretching it to her limits, she found a perverse thrill in it. 

Though Anna’s asshole was used to taking a pommeling, both men found the anal ring too tight to thrust like they would with a regular double dicking. Instead, Oscar held Anna by her narrow hips, holding them steady and allowed his partner Yves to do the work in pushing his lengthy cock in and out of Anna’s asshole. After a few dozen thrusts, Oscar noted that Anna was starting to moan so he began pushing his dick up into her rectum in the moments that Yves was pulling back out. 

“Oh shit!” Brittany cooed as her own asshole was plugged, albeit with only a single cock.

Despite the fact her booty was being blasted by two studs at the same time, Anna had the wherewithal to look over her shoulder and find her red-haired best friend getting sodomized by Mike. Lying flat on her back with her legs spread wide, displaying her impressive flexibility, Britt’s asshole was being repeatedly blasted by the bald black man. After taking the double vagina and watching the stick-thin Anna take two in the ass, only having Mike fuck her body felt like the easiest thing in the world.

“I think your friend needs more lube,” Mike commented, pulling out of Brittany before showing off her nice gape for the cameraman.

“Mmm...yes please,” Anna cooed.  

As Brittany propped herself up on her knees, the black men still continued to rail into Anna’s ass so the redhead was only able to drool a long string of spit from her mouth and down onto the pistoning cocks. Using her hands, Brittany pulled apart Anna’s small butt cheeks, but also used it as leverage to push Yves further back, allowing the redhead to lean her head down but still letting the muscular black man fuck her friend. With an extended tongue, Britt began licking the topside of Yves member when it came sliding out of Anna’s ass before it drove back home. It allowed Britt to not only add more lube for Anna’s help, but gave the redhead a nice taste-testing of her asshole. Noting that it wasn’t disgusting, Britt wrapped her hand around the half of Yves’ dick that was not being used to fuck Anna’s booty so that she could steer his manhood right into her willing mouth.

“Not bad Anna,” Britt commented after a minute of sucking off the muscular man’s soiled dick. “Pretty yummy ass you got there.”

Seeing that Oscar’s cock had popped free of Anna’s pooper, Brittany leaned further over until her lips could wrap around the older man’s dick. Using energy and speed over technique, Britt gave the man a sloppy blowjob as the rich taste of Anna Kendrick’s asshole flooded the redhead’s mouth.

“Show off the butt rose,” Mike encouraged Anna, who had put her own mouth to good use by sucking Brittany’s ass taste from the alpha male’s dick.

Anna untangled her lithe body from the mass of bodies all around her to flop onto her back with her legs drawn up towards her chest. She watched her best friend descend to her knees before the Noelle star in order to get the best seat in the house as the cameras came in for a close-up as well. With a wide smile, Anna hooked a finger into her gaping asshole, pulling down hard on her anal ring as she PUSHED with every ounce of her being until she felt things that should be on her insides get pushed out past the distended sphincter.

“Holy fucking shit!” Brittany swore in amazement.

At first, it looked otherworldly, despite the fact that this was not the first time that she’d seen Anna’s prolapse. And yet, it was breathtaking. Brittany didn’t think, she only acted. Leaning her head forward, the redhead extended her tongue and licked at the very center of the folded over large intestines before she began making bigger and bigger licking circles. Anna was amazed at Brittany’s gumption of licking her literal pooper so the tiny brunette did her damndest to keep her butt rose in bloom until her face turned the same color red as her bowels and she had to drop the internal pressure, and with that her prolapse went back into herself.

“Oh God! Feels amazing!” Anna screamed.

Despite being able to prolapse - her lower portion of the rectum being able to be pushed out past the anal ring - Anna couldn’t recall anyone ever touching it, let alone feasting on it like Brittany was. Therefore, Anna had no idea how pleasurable; it was to have the bright red organ sucked and licked. While a different sensation and pleasure than having her pussy eaten out, or a rimjob for that matter, it was all the more powerful of a feeling given how new it was.

“This is so hot,” Brittany cooed.

Anna was feeling self-conscious of how her friend was feeling in regards to sucking and licking her actual colon, so it was extremely relieving to hear that comment from the redhead. As Brittany continued to wrap her lips around the rectum of her friend, which felt a combination of smoothness with countless little folds, she found it was so sexy to do something so nasty. It wasn’t gross tasting, which was an initial fear of hers, and it seemed Anna was getting off on it, which made Brittany suck that much harder.

“Either of you need to cum?” Mike asked his fellow porn stars.

“Yes,” Oscar hissed, his hand working over his dick with a quick speed.

“Good. Go give that butt rose some honey,” the alpha male instructed.

Neither of the other men were in the headspace to tell Mike how little sense that analogy made, nor was it that important. Oscar hustled over and arrived a few seconds after Anna had made her butt rose bloom again. Brittany reluctantly pulled her tongue back into her mouth instead of licking her friend’s prolapse as she watched Oscar use his dick to shove the intestines back into Anna. Not stopping there, Oscar made a dozen of rapid-fire but jerky thrusts as he grunted and groaned with greater regularity.

“Fuck me!” Oscar swore as he came,burying himself in her loose asshole as his cum splashing deep within Anna’s poop chute.

With one last thunderous impaling of his cock in Anna’s asshole, Oscar ceased fucking the attractive big-breasted actress. The Noelle star could feel his dick pulsing around her anal ring, spewing his warm jizz deep into the furthest recesses of her asshole. After a good half-minute, making sure that every last drop of his seed was leached from his dick and into her rectum, he slowly pulled out of Anna.

“Now you push,” Mike directed Anna before addressing Brittany. “And you slurp up every last drop.”

Neither girl needed to be told their role in the arrangement. The moment Oscar had left her ass and stumbled off camera, Anna was pushing her bowels outside of her anal ring once more. Just as before, Brittany’s tongue and lips assaulted the bright red cone of intestines, only this time the flavor was more salty and white as the redhead slurped up every last drop of the man’s cum. As Brittany leaned back in to make sure she gobbled down every last bit of jizz, Mike approached from her right side.

“I think you can figure out what this is for,” Mike told Brittany as he gave the redhead a wide-mouth bowl of a clear fluid she knew to be lubricant.

Brittany dipped her hand into the bowl, feeling the cool and ultra-slippery fluid coat her skin. Anna watched on as her friend soaked her hand in the bowl before lifting it out, watching the streams of lube drip from her. Bringing her arm towards the skinny actress, Brittany extended all her fingers towards Anna’s gaping hole before she rethought that, and instead made a fist. Placing the curled over fingers against the cone of intestines poking out from Anna, Brittany pushed forward, twirling her wrist clockwise and counter-clockwise as her knuckles touched the anal ring. With just a little more pressure, Brittany watched as her hand disappeared into her closest friend for the past decade.

“Holy fucking Christ,” Brittany swore, looking down and seeing her wrist end at the entrance of Anna Kendrick’s ass.

“You’re telling me!” Anna chuckled. “I’m the one with a Goddamn fist inside them like I’m some cheap puppet.”

Brittany didn’t know what her motivation was currently, but she pulled back on her arm and felt the anal ring tighten around her, preventing her fist from leaving her friend’s ass. That worked just fine for the redhead as she swiftly tensed and relaxed her arm, watching as the anal ring distended but ultimately kept her fist in Anna’s warm confines. Going on her urges, Brittany lowered her face and began eating out her friend’s cunt as she pulled back on her arm without letting her fist pop out.

“How the fuck does this 90 pound woman have a fucking fist in her ass?” Mike laughed.

“Because I’m a fucking super slut,” Anna replied, having to raise her voice to be heard over the wet slushing noise being emitted from Brittany’s fisting of her asshole.

All of a sudden, Anna felt like part of her suddenly was gone and a massive vacancy had opened up inside her. This was because Brittany had chosen that moment to yank her fist from the tiny woman’s asshole, leaving behind the biggest prolapse of not only Anna’s life, but of the veteran porn crew’s careers as well. The only one unaffected by the butt rose was seemingly Brittany, who latched onto the coiled intestines with her lips as she sucked hard on the end of Anna’s intestinal tract.

“Fucckkkkk!” Anna swore as her rose disappeared. “So fucking intense!”

“Shit. Can’t take any more!” 

The shout came from Yves as he shot towards the sofa and more specifically, Anna. The way his face was contorted into a pinched grimace and the ferocity at which the black porn star was beating his cock could mean only one thing. Sure enough, the moment Anna opened her mouth, her taste buds were filled with the unmistakable flavor of semen as Yves pumped roughly half a dozen ropes of salty jizz into her orifice. Seeing as Brittany got to swallow the first load of cum without sharing, albeit from her own bowels, Anna wasn’t in the mood to give up any of her just rewards so she swallowed the cum in one big mouthful.

“Alright, get on the sofa,” Anna said to her friend. “Your turn to get a punch in the guts.”

“But I can’t take a fist in my ass. Even a dainty little thing like yours,” Brittany retorted as she laid back on the sofa.

After a dunk of her hand in the bowl of lube, Anna immediately crammed two fingers deep into her friend’s cunt. After swirling them around and coating the pink passage. Rather than just add one more, Anna slipped her ring and pinky finger in at the same time, making the 34 year old be fingerblasted by four digits. She looked her eyes onto her friend, watching as Britt gave the slightest head nod, at which point Anna tuck her thumb into the rest of her hand and continued to push. 

“This is so hot,” Anna cooed as her knuckles stretched out her friend’s cunt.

“Do it. Get that whole hand in my pussy,” Brittany urged, at which point she felt a final push and her snatch stretch to her limit. “Jesus Christ!”

“Look at this shit!” Mike cheerleaded from the side. 

“Fucking fuck!” Anna added. “So cool.”

Anna was essentially playing with her friend now as she pushed her hand in as far into Brittany’s womb as possible. Content in mapping her whole uterus out, Anna rotated her whole arm, feeling her fingers and hand rub against every surface of the inside of the redhead’s pussy. She thought it was a good sign when Brittany brought her own hand down between her legs to rub at her slit, more specifically, her clit. Anna found herself matching her friend’s pace, getting faster and faster with her punches into her womb as Brittany rubbed her clit at a speed that would have earned her a gold medal in the diddling Olympics.

“Ohhhhh...sshhhiitttttt,” Brittany swore.

Anna obviously heard her friend’s lung-bursting scream, at which point the pint-sized actress watched as a torrent of fluid came rocketing from Brittany’s sex. Anna had just enough time to close her eyes a mere moment before being drenched in the redhead’s squirt with such a ferocity that it almost knocked the Love Life star from her knees.

“Jesus Britt,” a soaked Anna Kendrick exclaimed. “That’s a fucking water cannon between your legs.”

“Best orgasm ever,” an exhausted and slightly dehydrated commented.

“Well I guess all good things must come to an end,” Mike Chapman stated.

Despite their fist-induced orgasms, both actresses knew what the alpha male meant. As Anna pulled her entire hand from Brittany’s sex, the redhead began licking clean her own juices as they moved onto their knees. With Mike stroking his own cock, the women made best use of their time by crashing their lips together and wagging a tongue wrestling match against one another.

“Open wide, babe,” Mike said, stepping in front of Brittany. “But remember to be a good girl and share.”

After a few thrusts into her mouth, each one going to the very back of her mouth, Mike started to feel the cum rise inside his balls. He had no intention of pulling out, something the redhead understood as she had grabbed his ass with her hands and held him to her as his cock started to pulse in her mouth. Anna was watching on, her hand between her legs as she toyed with her pussy as her friend took nearly a dozen spurts of cum into her mouth.

"Fuck," he grunted through gritted teeth as Brittany Snow practically sucked the jizz out of his balls.

When Mike was done with his eruption and Brittany had finally let me go, he stumbled backwards and out of frame. Having listened to his last instruction, the redhead held the cum in her mouth as Anna moved towards her, close enough until the Pitch Perfect co-stars were kissing once more. Anna had to do her utmost not to slurp all the cum into her mouth like a greedy girl, instead she resigned herself to snowballing the jizz between their mouths, batting it between them with their tongues. They both felt some loose drops escape over their lips and start dribbling down their chin, only for it to be licked up by the other one. Little by little they swallowed some of the alpha male’s essence until none of the salty goo was left.

“Always a pleasure working with you,” Brittany exclaimed, giving her former co-star a final kiss.

“Right back at you, hot stuff,” Anna agreed before wrapping her skinny arms around the naked redhead.

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