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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 14
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Sydney Sweeney
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Titty Fuck, Sex Tape
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Sydney Sweeney or Mike Adriano nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including True Anal or All Anal, nor with Euphoria or its characters in any way

Summary: Euphoria breakout star Sydney Sweeney (and her truly epic tits) visits Mike Adriano’s sofa for an all anal fuck fest.

“Sydney Sweeney, we finally meet!”

Sydney was sitting on a white plush ottoman in the middle of an outdoor courtyard. The blonde looked beautiful in the natural outdoor lighting wearing minimal makeup and allowing her youthful skin and insane body curves to speak for her. She wore her long golden hair down so it flowed over her shoulders, framing not only her pretty face but her God-blessed tits. Despite being only 22 years of age, the Euphoria actress had a natural set of DD that she was more than happy to show off either in revealing clothes, frequent bikini shots or, if the pay was right, on film. Today, she wore microscopic Daisy Duke denim shorts and paired it with an extremely low cut red top that not only showcased her prized assets, but also her flat stomach.

“It’s nice to meet the man, the myth, the legend,” Sydney flirted back at the man more than twice her age. 

“I’ve watched a few of your videos to help prepare for today,” said Mike Adriano, legendary porn actor and director.

“Yeah? So you’ve already taken a sneak peak of what I have under the hood,” the blonde replied, flashing her eyes down to her huge tits.

“Can’t wait to see them in the flesh though,” Mike commented, drawing a slight blush from the actress. “Are you excited for today?”

“I can’t say this with enough emphasis but I can’t wait to get your dick today!” Sydney purred. 

“I think I can make that happen,” the legendary figure laughed. “Now why don’t you introduce yourself for those who don’t know who you are.”

“I’m Sydney Sweeney. I think my IMDB page credits me with something like 47 credits but my big break came from Euphoria on HBO last year. Mainly because I showed the epic tits and they went viral. Like Alexandra Daddario in True Detective viral.”

“That hourglass figure with those big blue eyes and having those boobs...well it gets me and everyone else hard,” Mike commented as he zoomed his camera in right on her overflowing cleavage.

“Thank you,” Sydney swooned. 

“Let me guess...36 DD?” Mike asked as Sydney started to shake her tits for the horny porn legend.

“You have quite the eye,” the blonde nodded.

“And my eye wouldn’t mind rooming your body a little more,” Mike said. “Could you stand so I can get extra footage of you.”

Sydney did as she was told, just like she always did. She was super pleased to have drawn Mike Adriano to shoot with today, mostly because she was into older guys. They were more confident and knew what they wanted. It also didn’t hurt that she had a daddy complex, plus, Mike was all about the ass and Sydney was more than happy to please her men. Knowing that Mike had been focusing on her tits thus far (for obvious reason), Sydney walked to the wall, swaying her hips with each step, before taking up a position side profile with her back arched and ass pushed back.

“Well...today feels like it’s my birthday,” Mike commented, drawing a laugh from the girl young enough to be his daughter.

Despite having a huge bust, Sydney also had quite the ass on her. Not in the same realm as her tits, her booty was getting thicker by the day. What it lacked in sheer bulk, it made up for in shape and firmness, not to mention Sydney’s willingness to let any and all comers get balls deep in it. Mike would be more of a challenge given the thickness of his dick, but Sydney was looking forward to testing herself. 

“Trust me, we are mutually excited,” Sydney replied before adding. “Ever since I started doing these porn shoots, I’ve wanted you in my ass.”

“Why don’t you show everyone watching what you are hiding under there,” Mike asked.

Mike had his camera less than a foot from her booty as Sydney made a slow and deliberate show of removing her ultra tight shorts. Under she had on a pair of pink lacy panties that were pretty far wedged up her ass crack. Her ass looked every bit as firm and round in the flesh as it did through her Daisy Dukes, and Mike couldn’t help but confirm that fact by taking a handful of each cheek and pawing them.

“That ass was meant for a dick,” Mike complimented the 22 year old.

“I agree with you,” Sydney laughed as she squatted lower to make it pop even more. “I do a lot of anal in my personal life as well.”

“Okay I think you’ve made me and everyone else wait long enough. Can you face me and take out your tits.”

Sydney gave the older man a toothy grin before squaring herself to the camera. Pulling her top over her head, Sydney released possibly the best set of tits in Hollywood. Naturally big and round with rock hard nipples, Sydney simply stared at the camera with her icy blue eyes and let the audience and Mike drink them in. Just for added effect, Sydney first ran her hands up her massive glands, giving them a little lift and drop action so the jiggle and bounce could be properly recorded. After that, the Euphoria star pinched her nipples before using that grip to lift the huge udders before letting them drop.

“Dear Lord,” the porn legend muttered. “Just gorgeous.”

“Ahh...I’m blushing,” Sydney swooned. “Can I take these off now?”

Having grown into quite the performer, the actress turned around and pushed her ass back towards the camera. Her pink frilly panties were still wedged up her crack, but they were pulled down and away to reveal an adorable looking asshole and pink pussy lips. With her shorts and panties around her feet still, Sydney reached under her body so her fingers could spread her lips, revealing a cunt that was already glistening wet.

“Got used to being naked for your show?” Mike asked, capturing every second of the striptease. “Which is good because that body was meant to be worshipped.”

Mike approached the much younger girl, and upon seeing his approach Sydney got ready for him. Knowing what he was after, Sydney flipped around and leaned her back against the wall with her tits pressed out for his advance. He paused only briefly so his camera could capture her trimmed patch of hair above her wet mound before he was stretching an arm out and fondling her chest. Easily too big for one hand, Mike gave the soft flesh a hard squeeze before moving to the other one and doing likewise. 

“Can you come kneel on the sofa,” Mike instructed.

Sydney let the man finish groping her epic tits before she swayed her hips in the direction of the black sofa. She couldn’t help but get excited wondering about how many girls just like herself had been savagely fucked on this piece of furniture. She got on her knees with her arms resting on the backrest, a big arch in her back in order to really push her ass out. Mike drank in the sight of her asshole and pink snatch before asking Sydney to reach around and spread her cheeks for an even more in depth view.

“So what’s gonna happen to that butthole today?” Mike asked, which instantly drew a smile from the younger girl.

“You’re gonna fuck it until I cum then it’s gonna milk you of every ounce of your jizz,” Sydney practically purred.

Sydney let go of her ass as she felt Mike’s much stronger hands take over the job of spreading her cheeks. Apparently the sight was too much for the porn legend because he was extending his tongue and driving it straight into Sydney’s puckered hole. The blonde immediately cooed in response, which only made the older man dive with more urgency into her colon. 

“Oh my God! I love having your tongue in my ass,” Sydney moaned as she looked over her shoulder into the camera lens.

For over a minute, Mike didn’t retract his tongue from Sydney’s tight backside. He’d push and pull more in and out of the muscular ring, but it would never leave the bowel’s confines. Finally he surfaced for air, giving the adorable puckered hole a kiss but he immediately dove back in by making his tongue into a point and burying it an inch deep in her pooper. Loving the oral attention to her ass, Sydney reached back to cup the back of his head, holding the legend’s face between her athletic rump.

“I love grinding my asshole all over that tongue,” the horny 22 year old cooed.

“Can you stick a finger in it,” the porn legend asked.

Sydney jumped at the order, immediately bringing her left middle finger into her mouth and transferring a healthy amount of spit onto the digit. The actress reached back behind herself and smeared the saliva in concentric rings around her anal opening. Without further delay, the Euphoria star pushed her finger into the middle knuckle, moaning all the while.

“Deeper. Go deeper,” Mike demanded.

Sydney didn’t bat an eyelash. She pulled back so only the tip remained before pushing forward until the knuckle where finger joined hand blocked any further access. Her anal ring felt tight against her digit but in a good way, and seemed to loosened with each stroke of the spit-covered finger in and out of her booty.

“Now let me guess,” Sydney started as she kept plundering her asshole. “You want to watch me taste it?”

“Well since you insist…”

Mike watched as Sydney let her finger soak in her asshole for a few seconds before she pulled it out, watching as her asshole winked shut immediately. Bringing her hand to her face, Sydney parted her lips and slid the soiled finger right along her tongue before closing her lips around her finger and bobbing along the length. 

“You like watching me lick it clean,” Sydney cooed before reaching back around and pushing it back in her ass.

Sydney strained hard, trying to bury every bit of her finger in her ass before she pulled it back out. A little gape remained before closing up tight, at which point Sydney already had her finger back in her mouth, tasting and sucking her own ass off her digit.

“Such a dirty girl, right?” Sydney asked the man old enough to be her dad.

“God you're sexy,” Mike commented.

Right after his words, Sydney felt the older man pulling her off the sofa so her back was fixed against his chest. Looking over her shoulder, Sydney was able to kiss the man deeply, their tongues battling against one another. Of course from this position, not only was the cameraman afforded a great view of her tits, but Mike was able to have easy access as well. His hands immediately closed over the bouncy set, massaging the flesh hard. He loved how they squished between his spread fingers, or how her nipples got so hard as he pinched them tightly. 

“I’m gonna suck on these tits,” Mike said, spinning the girl around to face him.

“About time,” the busty blonde retorted.

Mike was already down on his knees, at the perfect height. Opening his mouth, the porn legend captured her silver dollar sized nipple between his lips and started to noisily suck at her tit. Sydney moaned and cupped his head against her boob, but as he sucked on her left breast, she did likewise with the other. Using her right hand, she hoisted the insanely large boob towards her face and started licking at the nipple before latching her lips to it, making the same sucking motion that Mike was doing to her other one.

“Drool on that and pass it into my mouth,” Mike ordered.

The man spat out her left tit from his mouth and moved so that his face was in line with the boob Sydney had been sucking on. Rolling some spit to the front of her mouth, Sydney reached out with her tongue and passed the saliva onto her hard nipple with a swirl of her tongue. Doing as he wanted, the actress clutched her tit in her hand and fed it right into Mike’s mouth, who was already sucking the moment her nipple was between his lips.

“Feels so fucking good,” the 22 year old girl cooed.

This trend continued with Mike sucking on one of her large tits while Sydney did likewise with the other. As Mike was ready to swap one for the other, Sydney would drool all over her nipple before passing it to Mike to suck on. 

“This makes my pussy so wet,” Sydney cooed, her finger rubbing her snatch.

Mike wanted to see for himself so he spun the girl around so her back was to him again. Sydney had an idea what he wanted and she assumed correctly as she pushed her ass out and let Mike dive tongue first into her snatch. After licking deep in her sweet hole, Mike trailed his tongue upwards over her asshole before drilling that deep as well. Going from her sweet snatch to musky asshole was quite the transition, but it made him hot, and given the way Sydney was moaning, her as well.

“Your face makes the best seat,” Sydney moaned in delight.

Mike had no problem with that statement as his tongue seemed to wag all the harder in each hole it encountered. However, he decided to bring some extra help. The first was a digit that he slid effortlessly into Sydney’s cunt, pushing deep inside before exiting so all that natural lube could ease the finger’s passage into Sydney’s asshole. With his free hand Mike undid his pants and pulled out his huge cock, which had been painfully straining against its denim prison. Now free, Mike lightly stroked it, all while his tongue rimmed the 22 year old’s ass and fingered her pussy.

“Feel like some dick?” Mike questioned the young star.

“Oh God yes,” Sydney said, turning to face him with lust in her eyes.

Mike rocked back on his heels and lifted slightly so that he could be reclining back in his chair. By the time he was seated, Sydney had spun around to face him and dropped to her knees in one movement. It helped that his outdoor space had a shag rug down as it was softer on her knees, but at this point in her life she was so used to being in a kneeling position that it would have been fine. 

“I have a feeling…” Sydney spoke as she pressed her tits together and drool a good deal of spit between the cleavage it made. “That you’re not quite done with my tits yet.”

With the natural lube in place, Sydney nestled his thick slab of meat between her tits and pressed them together to form a tight seal. At first she simply lifted one tit up as the other was shoved down, giving him a quick rub up and down. Not quite satisfied, Sydney kept both hands pressing in on her massive boobs before riding her knees up and down. It was a great massage for his cock, getting him all hot and bothered but as good as fucking her tits was, they both wanted him in her mouth.

“Suck me baby,” Mike told the excited girl.

Licking her lips, Sydney was equal parts excited and frightened about his huge size. For the past several years, her and whatever guy she was currently banging, fucked very regularly. However, despite the epically large bust she possessed, she was a late bloomer sexually speaking but she had enough determination and experience with her boyfriends to help her accommodate Mike’s mammoth size. However, something told her that after having anal sex with this legend in the porn industry, she may not ever have a tight asshole again. 

Giving him a sexy look, the beautiful Euphoria actress leaned towards the older man and brought her face towards his groin. Opening her mouth, Sydney wrapped her full lips around his bulbous head and sucked on his tip. Instantly she heard him emit a grunt then felt his hand grip the back of her head. She didn’t need the lust elixir flowing through her veins to make her thoroughly enjoy the feel of making a man squirm just by using her mouth.

"That feels so good," Mike growled. “How’s my cock taste?”

To answer the horny man, Sydney stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick his manhood from base to tip, being sure to put on a little show sucking on his tip with an audible moan escaping her lips. Making sure he understood her answer, the Euphoria star repeated the long, slow lick of his cock on both sides, in addition to the underbelly.

“Mmmm. Yummy,” Sydney replied with a wink before going and delivering a final lick to the top side of his cock.

Even though she was coming close to unhinging her jaw, Sydney was in the process of trying to take more of his shaft into her mouth, but was having trouble with that. Her lips were pushed wide to make a perfect O and had successfully taken only the next few inches of his massive cock into her. Pulling completely off of him, the blonde actress lowered her head so that she could lick his shaft all the way from the base right up to his more sensitive tip again since it seemed he got off on that when she did so earlier.

Sydney couldn’t help but notice that as she attempted to blow the well-endowed man, that Mike was more a little rougher than the other boys she had been with. Sydney wasn’t opposed to the harder style, after all he wasn’t facially abusing her or anything, but he was using his hand on her head to bring her mouth back around his dick. Mike applied more pressure to press her down on his cock. Even though he was trying to physically dominate her, Sydney was actually enjoying the feeling it gave her and was becoming hornier due to it.

“Gllkkk….glllkkk...ggwwwkkk,” Sydney hummed and slobbered as her head bobbed along his length, bookending longer periods where she forced her head down and tried to take as much of his thick rod into her mouth as possible.

Still not able to get as much of his meaty shaft between her lips that she was used to, Sydney bobbed her head along the 4 inches she could get inside. In order to pay attention to the rest of his shaft, the eager blonde stroked him off with her hand while she sucked on him. Mike still had his hand on the top of her head, always willing to give her extra force as she lowered her golden head to get more of his rod into her mouth. His other hand was being used to reach down and squeeze her large tits, but now he was moving it down her back and to her ass. Giving each of her cheeks a hearty clench before pulling back his arm and giving her a firm slap, then another and another. As Sydney groaned from the firm spanking she was receiving, she had to open her mouth even wider to do so and that's when Mike pushed down harder on the back of her head and pushed half his length inside her mouth.

"Cuggghhh...argghh," Sydney coughed as she spewed spit all over his member.

Now clutching both sides of her head with both of his hands, the horny man guided her up and down his spit-covered dick. Sydney was caught completely by surprise with his sudden switch to rough, but she found she was into being somewhat powerless against his more formidable strength. Over and over she was plunged down on his monstrous shaft as his thickness repeatedly slamming against the back of her throat. It had been a few minutes of this rough treatment when she actually realized that Mike was no longer forcing her down on his rod, in fact she had been giving him an aggressive blowjob all on her own accord.

“You learn quickly,” Mike complimented, showing her his sweet side again by gently stroking her pretty face, but also his rougher side by using his other hand to pinch her already hard nipple.

“Mmhmm,” Sydney replied, sucking in some of the thicker spit strings that dangled between his veiny cock and her lips. “What can I say, I’m super inspired.”

Before Sydney could launch another energetic salvo with her mouth, Mike stopped her. “I think it’s time we see your gape.”

*    *    *

It took time for the pair to find the right butt plug to use, not to mention warm her up a little bit so instead of leaving all that extra footage in the video, Mike edited it out. Instead, the video started back up with Sydney back to kneeling on the black leather sofa, still completely naked but with a very colorful blue butt plug firmly wedged in her ass crack. Given the fact it had a 3-inch diameter at the base, it was assumed the butt plug was easily stretching Sydney Sweeney’s asshole to its limit.

“Do you know how to gape?” Mike asked the much younger girl.

“I’ve tried to. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t,” Sydney commented. “But I hear you’re kinda an expert.”

“Well we did pick a monster butt plug to help,” Mike commented, kneeling behind her and kneading her curvy cheeks.

“Well it’s quite a big cock you have,” the busty blonde retorted.

“Touche,” Mike admitted before instructing the younger girl. “I’m going to pull it out and I want you to push it out. That’s how you hold your butthole open.”

Sydney nodded her approval, at which point Mike decided to grab the edge of the blue butt plug with his teeth of all things. Holding on tight, the porn legend pulled his head back and the camera watched as a thick shaft pulled out of Sydney’s asshole. The actress gave a pleasurable moan as the 3 inches of shaft withdrew, at which point the toy tapered to a cock-like tip. With all 4 inches of thick butt plug removed from her colon, Mike pulled hard on either cheek to help with her gape for the camera, all while Sydney remembered to push outwards with her butt.

“That’s it! Just like that!” 

The cameraman was hovering just over Mike’s shoulder and therefore was privy to quite the view. Despite her tender age, Sydney Sweeney had a backdoor that was yawning open. Without whipping out a tape measure and getting an accurate reading, the blonde looked to have a good inch or more of an opening, affording both Mike and the viewers a look down into her bowels and the smooth pink walls it had. 

“Look at that gape!” Mike commented before delivering another half dozen rapid tongue pokes.

“Pretty obvious I’ve had a couple dozen cocks in there,” Sydney outed herself all while moaning as her asshole was invaded with a skilled tongue.

Always the showman, Mike made sure he had Sydney wink her butthole on more than a few occasions for the camera. Despite being only 22 years old, the blonde had quite the anal control, making her asshole stretch from roughly an inch wide to sealing almost air tight. Mike rewarded her with a lengthy rimjob, which was made to feel all the better given the fact his tongue had new access to previously unlocked portions of her rectum. 

“Oh my God that feels amazing,” the 22 year old cried in delight.

“Can you go ahead and finger that ass for me,” the porn legend asked.

Sydney was as eager as any actress or porn star who had ever been on that sofa, which was really saying something. The 22 year old immediately wet her fingers in her mouth before reaching back and in one motion pushed her index finger 3 knuckles deep in her kester. After she let it soak within her own backdoor for a few moments, she pulled out and before she pushed back in, she added a second digit. Her finger blasting increased in pace as she rocketed the two digits into her booty, only slowing briefly so she could wedge a third finger in before picking back up the pace. Mike and the cameraman watched on in glee as they watched the insanely gorgeous actress finger her own ass before she pulled out after another minute.

“Mmhmmm,” Sydney moaned after bringing the soiled fingers from her ass directly into her mouth. “That’s a tasty booty,” she added before slapping her booty for added emphasis.

“I think you’re ready for something bigger now,” Mike stated.

Sydney looked back over her shoulder and noticed that while Mike was still fully dressed, his cock and balls had been pulled through the fly of his pants. 9 inches of the thickest cock she’d ever seen in her life was being lubed up, all to make the voyage into her ass all the easier. Knowing from previous experience with boyfriends, Sydney understood that men loved fucking her so that they could see both her tits and ass at the same time so she rolled over so that she was laying on her side with her surprisingly plump ass hanging just over the edge of the couch.

“Been waiting all day for you to say that,” the Euphoria star cooed in excitement. “God, I can’t wait for that thick cock to slide all the way inside my ass.”

Mike finished rubbing an absurd amount of oil all over his cock to the point that it shimmered in the Californian sun as he walked behind Sydney. He leaned over and gave the much younger girl a passionate kiss before he crouched into a squat so his manhood was perfectly in line with his target. With a firm grip on the base, Mike pushed forward until his mushroom capped head started to slowly disappear until he felt the familiar muscular clamp around the neck of his dick.

“Oh yeah,” Sydney cooed as her ass was penetrated.

Sydney didn’t need to tell Mike to give her a moment to get accustomed to the biggest cock of her life going in her ass. The man was a legend for a reason and so understood that even girls as experienced as the Euphoria star needed some time to adapt.  After only a breath, Sydney gave the man a wink and the next instance Mike was pushing smoothly forward at an even pace. After all, Sydney was the one who wanted him sliding all the way into her 22 year old ass and Mike was only trying (and succeeding) in making that happen. In and in he pushed, aided in large part by the lubricant until his ball sack was pressed against her bottom cheek and his abdominals touched the top cheek.

“It’s all the way in, baby,” Mike told the much younger girl. “Feel me deep in your ass?”

“It’s so fucking hot,” Sydney cooed. As she felt Mike tense to start pulling back, she shot her arm back to grab his hips and arrest his movement. “Just stay inside me for another few seconds. Let me appreciate how full I feel.”

Mike was awed at how well this 22 year old with the insanely large tits was handling such a challenge of having his freakishly thick cock buried 9 inches deep in her ass. And yet here Sydney was, moaning and asking him to stay buried in her booty with his dick cocking in her filth. Finally after a few moments, Sydney started to gyrate her hips, at which point Mike took over. Back and forth the porn legend sawed into her booty, using only half his length but finding a fairly fast rhythm to sodomize the young star.

“Your ass feels so good,” Mike complimented as he reached down and groped one of her bouncing large tits.

It was actually impressive how easily Sydney Sweeney was taking such a big cock. Sure, she did come in bragging about her anal experience, but at only 22 years old, Mike thought she’d wince and beg for him to go soft. However here she was taking all 9 inches at a time, all while moaning and smiling. Smiling while her ass was being blasted with a fat dick!

“I can’t believe you slid in my ass so easy,” Sydney commented, moaning all the while. “I wanted it so bad!”

Mike was also disbelieving the feat, but he wasn’t passing the opportunity up either. Back and forth he moved his hips, sometimes using the majority of his 9 inches while other times he only pulsed with a few inches. He eventually pulled back most of the way so he was essentially only fucking the busty blonde with his tip so that he could dump a generous amount of his lube over his shaft, at which point he started cramming more dick back into her 22 year old booty.

“Oh babe! Go deep,” Sydney begged. “I love taking you as deep as I can.”

Not only did Mike obliged the horny actress by giving her what she craved, but while he was going ballads deep in her ass he started cranking up the speed. Now as he pushed all 9 inches of hard cock into her rectum, he only stopped as his stomach smacked her shapely ass, causing the meat to ripple from the blow. He only pulled back part way, making it easier for him to thunder forward again, spearing Sydney Sweeney on his meat pole time and time again.

“Oh fuck,” Mike swore as he abruptly pulled out of the blondes ass. “Almost fucking came.”

“What can I say…” Sydney started as she winked her gaping butthole for the camera. “My butthole is hungry for cum.”

“All I have to say is wow,” Mike commented after taking almost a minute to calm himself and watch the girl wink her sizable gaping asshole. “Can I go back in?”

“Oh please get back in my ass,” Sydney practically begged.

Mike lubed up once again before planting himself balls deep in Sydney's asshole yet again. He found that while she still gripped his cock tightly, he had a much easier time going in. While he didn’t resume that same neck breaking speed that almost made him blow his load a few minutes ago, he still used the majority of his dick to stroke into her bowels, making the 22 year old moan all the while. 

“It’s seriously hard not to cum as I fuck your ass,” Mike grunted as the younger girl reached back and fondled his nuts. “I have to legitimately concentrate. That’s how good your asshole feels.”

“I guess you like the way it hugs your cock,” Sydney moaned up at him.

Despite how good it felt to have her anal ring actively trying to milk him of his jizz, Mike was a legend in the business for a reason. After needing that break earlier, Mike had calmed himself and now was the machine he had groomed himself into. His cock was a flesh colored blur as he railed into Sydney’s ass with renewed vigor, going harder, faster and deeper than ever. Amazingly, Sydney continued to moan and encourage the older man to fuck her hard, all while rubbing his nut back in her palm.

“You wanna show off that gape, baby?”

“Mhmm,” the blonde rapidly agreed.

Mike slowed his thrusting down so that only his tip remained opening her ass as they got ready. And ready meant Mike putting on his patented grip glove that allowed for him to pull apart the girl’s butt cheeks despite the gallon of slippery lube he was using. With gloves on and Sydney relaxing her anal orifice, Mike counted down from three before pulling his hips back and allowing his cock to pill from her asshole. In its wake was a considerable large opening that Sydney focused on keeping open, lube leaking out all the while. After a few seconds her concentration lapsed and she started pulsing her rectum, making it wink which caused even more of the dirty lube to stream from the deepest recesses of her ass.

“Am I a dirty girl?” Sydney asked in mock worry.

“It’s anal sex baby. Unless you starved for 2 days in did 4 water enemas today…”

“Then get back in my ass and fuck this dirty girl,” Sydney begged for more.

Mike did as requested. After another generous helping of lube, the porn legend dove right back into Sydney Sweeney’s cavernous ass. The young girl continued moaning the whole time, only briefly stopping when Mike would pull out of her caboose after a minute to show off her gape. Each time he did so, it seemed her backdoor would yawn a little further open, much to the delight of Mike, the cameraman and everyone watching the video. Every time she winked her butthole, the lube that had been a good 9 inches in her colon would come leaking out her anal ring, forming a nice little discolored puddle on the floor.

“You like seeing my asshole nice and open?” Sydney questioned the older man, feeling a reservoir of lube moving deep within her bowels.

Mike couldn’t reply to this question because his tongue was being used to burrow as deep into her ass as humanly possible. The answer to her question would have been yes, as there was nothing in life more worthwhile to Mike than making a girl’s asshole loose. Especially someone like Sydney, who had such a tight youthful butt before arriving at his house for his shoot. Sure, she’d tighten back up in a week or two, but she’d remember him and his cock for a long time.

“I love how good your tongue feels,” Sydney swooned. “But can you please fuck my ass again?”

 “Sure...but I want you to ride me this time,” Mike said as he got down onto the ground. “I want you to suck me again first.”

“Yeah? So I can taste my ass on your cock?” Sydney asked as she got onto her knees between his legs.

Despite the fact his cock had been in her ass for the past half hour straight, Sydney opened her gullet to him and took him in her mouth. She showed no fear or disgust as her lips bobbed along the upper half of his length, her mouth constantly sucking, trying to milk him. Up and down her golden hair glided, clearly loving being on camera, on her knees with a cock in any hole.

“Ahhh...the lube is too strongly flavored so I can’t taste my ass in all it’s delicious filthiness,” Sydney sulked before running her tongue along the underside of his dick.

“You like going ass to mouth?” Mike questioned the young girl.

“Of course! Sure, some think it’s an acquired taste but it’s my booty. How could I not love tasting my own ass?” Sydney questioned.

“Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more obsessed with you,” the older man complimented. “Now I need more ass around my dick.”

“Wanna watch my tits bounce as I grind your cock with my ass?”

“Great minds think alike,” Mike grinned as he watched the busty blonde straddle his lap.

“Or at least horny minds,” Sydney laughed.

Already straddling his waist with a foot planted on either side of his body, the actress reached back between her legs and held him steady as she sank down…lower…lower…until her anus spread and took him back inside.Due to the combination of her spit and the ample amounts of lube, not to mention how much Mike had stretched her out previously, Sydney had no problems being sodomized by the porn legend yet again.

“Oh yes…mhhmmm…awwhhh,” the Euphoria star moaned.

Both Mike and the cameraman watched in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared completely, followed by half his length. Sydney showed impressive balance by using her hands to pull apart her cheeks, giving him an exceptional view of bouncing tits in the process, as half his length was being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole.

Once again used to his mammoth size, Sydney released the grip on her booty and sank down until her plump backside was resting against his pubes. The big breasted blonde gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before standing back up and leaving only the last quarter of his shaft in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the actress worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the sunlight pouring into the backyard.

“Fuck…so good…faster,” Mike encouraged, swatting her thick ass in the process. “Faster.”

“Ohhhh…your big dick’s in my ass,” Sydney said, doing as he ordered.

Riding the man with her feet on the ground as opposed to resting on her knees allowed Sydney to plummet herself with nearly double the amount of power, the smacking of her ass against his skin rang throughout the courtyard. The extra tenseness in her body made her sphincter tighten even more around Mike, whose veiny cock could immediately feel it.

“Love this ass,” Mike grunted before reaching up and giving each of her wildly bouncing tits a hearty squeeze. “And these big tits.”

Over and over, Sydney was like a dog with a bone as she rode his dick right to the top so only his purple-colored tip remained in her ass before squatting back down. Going balls deep repeatedly inside the gorgeous actress was euphoric, not to mention the visual of her large, perfectly formed tits bouncing in front of her every time she did so.

“Oh damn…Lord,” he groaned through tightly shut eyes, trying to delay his pending orgasm.

“We both…ahhhh…know you won’t…mmmm…last much longer,” Sydney pointed out, not breaking from her rhythm.

Mentioning an orgasm to a horny man who had been fucking a sexy woman was a little like running a tap around someone who needed to pee. And it was easy to tell that the porn legend was on the verge of busting his nut given the way he was grunt and thrusting his hips up in the air with growing irregularity. 

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he announced.

“Yes! Fill me up Mike! Give my ass all that tasty cum,” the big breasted girl begged. “My ass has been so good to you today. It deserves all your jizz.”

Sydney didn’t alter a thing about her hectic riding style until Mike’s hands released her big tits, allowing them to bounce wildly once more, and placed them on her hips. With one final plunge into her asshole, Mike held her down so all 9 inches of his thick hog was in her bowels as he shot his entire load inside her. His eyes were squinted shut and his mouth released a mighty bellow as his dick pulsed and spasmed, emptying his contents. The orgasm was intense after the lengthy fuck session and felt much deserved to have reached its conclusion, although it was bittersweet in the sense that his time with the gorgeous busty girl was reaching its end.

“Fuck me,” Mike grunted, his head resting back on the paved floor.

However, even after his climax, Mike still had the state of mind to remember his plan. After holding himself completely sheathed in Sydney’s backdoor, he pulled out of the busty blonde and immediately accepted a martini glass given to him by one of his assistants off camera. He and Sydney had already discussed their money shot so as soon as he allowed her to raise up off his dick, Mike placed the drinking glass underneath her, only an inch below her still wide gaping asshole.

“Push,” the porn legend instructed.

Sydney once more gave him a sultry look before bearing down with a little effort. It didn’t take much internal pressure to get the cum to reverse it’s course. The heat of her bowels made Mike’s baby batter liquify so even though he shot his load a good 9 inches up her ass it still rummaged through her and out into the martini glass. At first the cloudy white fluid dripped from her gaping hole before it shot out in a sudden explosion. Even with a good amount in the glass, Mike waited to collect every last drop her dirt road gave out.

“For a guy who fucked so much, that’s a lot of cum,” Sydney commented after pushing the last few drops from her yawning hole.

“Thanks,” he grinned.

“I assume this is a Mike special cocktail,” Sydney asked, spinning her finger around the contents of the glass before sticking it in her mouth for a preview.

“All for you,” he replied, swirling the contents before handing it over to the actress.

If budding star Sydney Sweeney was ashamed or had any reservations about drinking down the cumshot and lube that was fresh from being pushed out of her asshole it didn’t show. She accepted the glass without question and had it pressed to her lips in the next instance. She noted the color of the cocktail was cloudy instead of being see-through like the untainted fluid should have been, however she blocked it from her mind. Without delay, Sydney closed her eyes and tilted the sweet yet foul tasting concoction into her mouth and swallowed it in one big, satisfying gulp.

“How’d it taste, baby?”

“Disgusting,” Sydney said with a toothy grin. To show she did, in fact, like the taste, she extended her tongue and licked the glass clean. “Yum.”

“Did you have fun today?” Mike asked.

“Oh my God, I had so much fun!” Sydney swooned. “I will definitely be back to see you! With or without that camera.”

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