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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 12
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Anna Kendrick, Erin Moriarty, Sabrina Carpenter, Skyler Samuels, Natalie Alyn Lind, Kat McNamara, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Samara Weaving
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Anal, ATM, Food, Oral, Toys, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, Erin Moriarty, Sabrina Carpenter, Skyler Samuels, Natalie Alyn Lind, Kat McNamara, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, or Samara Weaving nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, especially Legalporno

Summary: In what will be the first of a three-part holiday special, Legalporno organizes their infamous Christmas gangbang using 10 super willing actresses. This first part is the behind the scenes footage before the orgy begins.

Once a year, the overseers of the Hollywood Pornstars series would get into the festive spirit and film a Christmas scene. They tended to use the same studio - Legalporno. The Euro-based studio was extreme, with 0% pussy being a common requirement in their scenes, with double anal and even triple anal regularly filmed. They were also well known for including a lot of pissing content, as well as some BDSM while gangbangs were so commonplace that the studio was synonymous with them.

However, given the extreme nature of their content, and the charitable time of year, the overseers allowed every girl that participated in the Christmas scene for it to count against 3 of their required credits. The credits were how the overseers weighed when an actress was worthy of getting a role in a big-budget movie or network show. It was the dark underworld of hiring in Hollywood. Which was why earning 3 credits for one day’s work was what made the Christmas Legalporno shoot the most sought after scene of the year. Most actresses applied but only a few made the cut. This year had the biggest field yet - 10 women got the call. But before filming the Christmas gangbang, the women were flown out a day early, where they spent time preparing for their scene together. Which brought us to today and the behind the scenes look of the huge Christmas gangbang.

*    *    *

Winter was already a wonderful time of year, but for most of the gathered actresses, they were used to the warm variety that California produced. However, here in Prague, the snow was falling in big flakes, covering the landscape in a blanket of white. It helped all of the 10 women get into the Christmas spirit, which was a good thing considering why they were assembled. Legalporno shot all their videos in a large 2 story flat they owned, and the 10 girls were spread throughout the backstage rooms getting ready for their shoot. The actual gangbang was to be filmed in a few hours, but in the meantime they had hair, makeout and their own preparations to perform. 

Now, as they got ready for the massive event, a cameraman was floating all about. The girls had been warned that he’d be there, getting a behind the scenes look of the epic Christmas-themed gangbang. He was staying silent and relatively unnoticed, not getting in their faces like a paparazzi so the girls found him easy to ignore. 

“Hello handsome,” Camila Mendes greeted the young man.

Sitting in the small dining room attached to the kitchen were the three best friends whose friendship was forged over 4 seasons on Riverdale. Camila, Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch were on their phones but still conversing with one another.

“So you’re the BTS guy we were warned about,” Madelaine playfully bantered.

“That’s right. Always filming. When you eat, when you go to the bathroom…” he added, though he added a wry smile.

“Naughty boy,” Lili remarked before adding. “Someone’s in there now. Go have at it.”

“Maybe I should go knock,” the man said in his accented voice. “By the way Madelaine, I was a huge fan of your last video.”

“Oh. The Facial Abuse one?” the redhead asked, getting a slight wave of PTSD as it came up.

“It was...unbelievable. I had no idea an American could take so much and still come back for more,” he complimented. “I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve watched it. It is a real honor to shoot you today.”

“It’s so true. I was wet for the past month whenever I thought about you...or peeing...or retching,” Lili told her sexy friend.

“Really?!” Madelaine remarked, suddenly bursting with pride. “I didn’t think anyone would find it hot.”

“I milked myself to the point of dehydration,” the cameraman stated without a hint of embarrassment.

“You and me both,” Lili added with a look towards the curvy redhead that smoldered.

“Guys...you’re making me blush,” Madelaine cooed.

The cameraman was eager to see where this went but moaning from nearby made him go in search. He exited the kitchen through the door opposite of the one he came in from the hallway and found himself in one of the smaller rooms that they occasionally used to shoot videos. However, the moans weren’t sexual, instead they were coming due to some vigorous stretching by one of the actresses lucky enough to be shooting today - Anna Kendrick.

SCENE - Anna (ADV) stretching - turns to anal 

“Oh hey guys,” Anna spoke to the cameraman after coming out of down dog and into child’s pose.

The cameraman picked up on the Noelle star’s use of the plural so he looked over his shoulder. One of the usual male actors had come into the room behind him, likely drawn to the source of the noise. 

“This is how I stretch,” Anna said, speaking about her attire.

Though the actress was wearing a knitted sweater, she wore nothing from the waist down, other than a pair of ankle-high heeled boots. Both men slowly circled the 35 year old as she stretched with her face down and her tiny but open ass facing upwards. The cameraman went to zoom in on Anna’s already gaping asshole, but the male talent beat him to it. Kneeling behind Anna, Freddie bent down and took a few snapshots of her bald cunt and brown eye.

“Oh I can give you a better pic than that,” the quippy actress said after hearing the whirl of the smartphone’s camera snapping the picture.

Reaching back behind herself, Anna shoved one, then a second fingers into her asshole. They slid in like a hot knife through butter despite any use of lubrication. When she pulled them out after a moment, Anna pushed out with her sphincter, making her anal ring stay open by nearly in inch in diameter. 

“Hot damn! That’s a great ass right there!” the cameraman awed, recording everything.

“It’s a gape and a half,” Freddie added, snapping his own pics, though making sure to get Anna’s face in the shot.

“Does it look clean?” Anna asked, though she knew she was ready for the big shoot.

“Only one way to find out. Give it a little pressure testing,” Freddie commented as he whipped his dick out.

“I’ve heard of worse reasons to have butt sex,” the girl quipped.

Given the gape already in her asshole, by the time his ebony rod was placed against her entrance, the slightest of thrusts popped his head into her ass. Anna stayed with her face down and ass up, and the moment she felt him penetrate a few inches into her bowels she swiveled her tiny ass from side to side in a playful fashion. When she stopped, Freddie clutched her by her narrow hips and started giving her some short but fast strokes to make sure she was good and ready. After a minute, he slowed things down and pushed down until all 9 inches of black cock was balls deep in Anna Kendrick’s ass.

“Fuck me!” Anna swore as it felt like he was poking against her stomach.

That was what Freddie had intended. Mixing it up with slow strokes with his entire cock and lightning fast thrusts with only a few inches, the black man and tiny actress moaned and groaned throughout the sodomy. With the actual shoot only hours away, Freddie knew he couldn’t cum, needing a full load for the 10 women versus 10 men gangbang, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have some fun with the big-breasted actress.

“Ah yes!” Anna moaned, enjoying herself thoroughly.

Freddie continued hammering away at Anna’s ass, not wanting to stop. After all, he had a phenomenal looking woman on her knees and was allowed to fuck her ass as hard as he would a normal woman’s pussy. However, as Anna started to hear what sounded like wet sloshing noises whenever he thrust into her ass, she remembered what Freddie was supposed to be doing. It was likely just the spit she smeared around her anal ring making the wet noises, but it was always better to double check before the gangbang.

“Can you check how clean I am,” Anna said to the black man.

Freddie speared down into her ass one final time with all 9 inches before he pulled himself out of the cavern she called an asshole. His hands were on her cheeks, pulling them apart as Anna exhibited excellent sphincter control by holding her ass open. Both Freddie and the cameraman looked down into her huge gape and noted nothing but blackness, clean as a whistle in other words.

“I’m good?”

“Check for yourself,” Freddie offered.

Anna knew what that meant so she spun around as Freddie stayed in the same squatted position. As she sat on her tiny ass, Anna’s face was perfectly level with the black man’s tool so she parted her lips and accepted the man’s cock into her mouth. Anna gave the head a thorough sucking before licking up and down all sides of his ebony rod.

“Taste really clean,” Anna stated. “I think I’m ready!”

*    *    *
SCENE - Erin (SB1) after hair - blow, anal, pussy (she cums)

Moments after capturing Anna Kendrick getting a dry cock up her pooper, the cameraman left his room and entered one of the dressing rooms where the girls were having their hair and make-up done. In the back of that room, Sabrina Carpenter was trying on different panties to wear for the gangbang, which was a little overkill considering they were going to be ripped off her tiny body within minutes of the scene. However, what caught the cameraman’s eye was the girl who just had her hair and make-up finished - the innocent looking Erin Moriarty.

“Come,” he said to the blonde.

Erin allowed the man to lead her back from the room he had just exited, the very one Anna had been stretching in before being sodomized. The cameraman was walking backwards in order to film the beautiful blonde who wore her golden hair straight, flowing down past her shoulders. She beamed in minimal make-up with a natural wide smile on her adorable yet sexy face. 

“Are you ready?”

In response, Erin strutted a few steps ahead of the cameraman, her thumbs hooked into her tights. She pulled and teased at them, giving brief flashes of her surprisingly full ass and bald pink pussy. Pushing them to her tight, Erin turned and let the camera drink in her bubbly ass. It was narrow but had great shape and a healthy amount of meat on it. Far more than would be expected of a slender blonde. Given the way Erin was rubbing, pulling and even lightly smacking it, it was obvious she was a big fan of her own tushy as well. 

After seeing her crinkled starfish as Erin pulled her cheeks apart, the cameraman questioned her. “Is that ass prepared for today?”

Erin could only nod before another male voice talked over her. “I can check.”

Coming into the room was a bald man who wore nothing but a zip-up sweater. Clay walked right over to the horny blonde and used both his hands to knead the firm flesh of Erin Moriarty’s ass. After a little session of groping and some harder spanks, Clay grabbed the blonde by the hand and led her to the corner of the room where a circular coffee table and comfortable chair were. Naturally, the bald man took up residence in the chair, leaving Erin to kneel on the table with her face resting mere inches from his semi-hard cock.

“I think I should get him in fighting shape first,” the playful blonde offered. 

The cameraman was torn between filming Erin from behind, where her ass was still exposed but he ultimately came towards her head to see her blow the man. Once her hand wrapped around his pole and had it steered into her mouth, Clay was rock hard. Just like when Freddie was with Anna, Clay had his phone out and on record, filming Erin blowing him right as the cameraman was doing likewise. 

“For the personal collection,” Clay stated as Erin bobbed her golden head on his dick.

As Erin was kneeling on all fours with a dick in her mouth, being filmed by two men at once, she soon found the room spinning. No, it wasn’t from vertigo but rather from the little table she was kneeling on being a rotating tabletop. Now her ass was facing the porn star, who had risen from his chair. Luckily for Erin, he carried a bottle of lube in his sweater pocket, smeared a decent amount onto her rear entrance before entering with relative ease given how tiny she was.

“Ah fuck,” both Clay and Erin groaned at the same time. 

The girl had a tight ass but Clay was still able to give her a nice fucking. The lube helped, but judging from her moans, Erin was doing just fine. She was even aware of the cameraman as she kept looking back at him over her shoulder, looking as sexy as ever as a large cock pounded her tushy. After another minute, Erin was instructed to place both hands on her cheeks and pull them apart, at which point Clay pulled out and let the cameraman examine her gape.

“Another girl ready for the main event,” the cameraman commented after observing the deepest recesses of her ass.

“Not quite,” Clay remarked, sliding his cock right from her gaping asshole and straight into her pussy. “I think an orgasm will help relax her.”

There was nothing tender or loving about the fucking they were doing. Erin stayed mounted on the table like a dog, doing little more than being a constant fountain of moans and screams. Clay did all the work, standing and humping the blonde with hard thrusts deep into her wet pussy using all 8 inches of thick cock. He’s occasionally slow down enough to slap her ass, leaving a nice red mark behind on her pristine white skin.

“Oh yes! God! Fuck!” Erin screamed, nearing an orgasm after only a few minutes.

“Finish her off, my man,” the cameraman told the male talent.

“He’s so pushy, isn’t he?” Clay commented to the golden-haired actress.

Before Erin could reply, the cameraman took matters into his own hands...literally. Wanting to make sure everyone was fresh for the main shoot, the younger man reached underneath Erin and found her clit. Making sure to avoid the invading cock into her cunt, the cameraman rubbed her clit, first slowly then faster and faster, watching and filming as her face went from a pleasurable grimace to what could only be described as a silent scream.

“Fuuccckkk meeeee!” Erin eventually screamed out as she came.

Clay rode out her climax for a few seconds before withdrawing from her pussy. He butted his well lubed cock back up to her ass before pushing in with such ease it was astonishing. His pace was much faster than the first time he fucked her ass, as was it deeper, using the majority of his 8 inches to sodomize the younger blonde. Erin was enjoying it more as well, continuing to shriek though not as loud as when she came moments earlier. Sadly, he stopped after a few minutes, giving the cameraman one last look at her every growing gape and clean asshole before the fucking pair went there seperate ways, leaving the cameraman on the hunt for more women.

*    *    *
Sabrina (KB) bathroom - bent over pussy 

After filming Erin Moriarty getting well and truly fucked in each of her holes, the cameraman wandered back to the hair and make-up room to see if Sabrina Carpenter was still milling about. Though the pint-sized blonde was done trying on lingerie, she hadn’t gotten fair apparently. The make-up artist pointed to the washroom when he had asked where the blonde performer went, so he headed in that direction. As fate would have it, he passed by one of the more experienced male actors on his way, so he gave him the hint of where he was going. 

Off one of the branching doorways was the aforementioned bathroom which had a big no cameras sign posted on it. However, today was a special day so that sign was irrelevant. The cameraman spent very little time looking at the door because only moments after they arrived in front of it, the bathroom swung open and out stepped the barely legal blonde. She gave both men a warm smile before sliding past both of them, wearing only a silk robe that just came down past her ass.

“Reverse course,” the American said to the much younger girl.

“Yeah sure,” Sabrina replied with a shrug of her shoulders. “Just don’t fuss my hair.”

The pint-sized girl was wearing her long golden hair down with her characteristic wavy throughout. She was steered by the man behind her, his hands on her hips as he guided her back into the bathroom and in front of the sink. The actress checked her makeup in the mirror, making sure her smoky eye was still perfect as the man her dad’s age pawed at her tasty tush.

With her robe rolled up onto her hourglass hips, Erik knelt behind the girl and used his tongue to push her pink lips apart and lick her pussy. Sabrina moaned and bit down on her bottom lip as the American man rummaged through her folds, occasionally trapping one of her pink lips between his own lips to playful suck and pull on. However, she screamed the loudest when he sliced into her cunt, his tongue digging deep into her wet inferno and licking her essence. 

“Oh God, yes!” 

Though her pussy tasted fresh and sweet, the older man had his eyes set on another of Sabrina’s holes. Therefore Erik pulled his tongue from her snatched, used both hands on her sizable ass cheeks and pulled them apart to showcase the object of his affection. Her asshole was like Sabrina herself, tiny and cute. However, after a few gentle licks over the crinkled surface, the man started to use his tongue like a battering ram to poke against her center. He smiled as it parted, allowing his tongue to pierce an inch deep and given him access to her naughty dirt road.

“Shit! Eat my ass,” the pint-sized blonde cooed.

Though only 20 years of age, Sabrina was far from inexperienced when it came to sex. When she became aware of the Hollywood Pornstars community, the pint-sized beauty was hyped. A way for her to progress her career by getting on her back and spreading her legs? Yes please! She already loved sex, and though some of her shoots over the past two years since she turned legal were rough or hardcore, she still found enjoyment in them. And that included anal. Though she didn’t cum as frequent from a dick up the ass, they were strong climaxes when they did happen. Plus, she absolutely loved having her salad tossed, just as the man more than twice her age was doing to her now. 

All too soon, Sabrina felt his tongue leave her asshole, but at least his hand stayed between her thighs, lightly stroking her dripping wet pussy. His face didn’t go too far for now, using his lips to plant a few kisses on her bubbly ass as first one, then a second digit eased into her pink slit. He continued probing and stretching her ready pussy as he climbed to his feet, his cock erect and being lightly stroked in his hand. 

“Please tell me you’re gonna fuck me now,” Sabrina looked over her shoulder with a smoldering gaze.

“You better fucking believe it,” Erik replied.

Sabrina bent forward so her arms were steadying herself on the sink as the much older man glided his tip through her folds. Being just 20 years old, sabrina still felt it was super weird to have men fuck her without a condom given how fertile she was, but that was the norm in porn. Besides, as Erik’s dick pushed into her extremely tight pussy, Sabrina had to admit it just felt better.

“God, you’re fucking tight,” the man swore from behind her.

After nearly two dozen strokes, the male porn star was only able to get half his length into her pink slit. Helping them both out, the blonde lent to the side and lifted the other leg up onto the sink. Sabrina Carpenter was tiny, standing only 4’10, therefore it was pretty impressive flexibility from the pint-sized blonde that her right leg could rest on the sink. 

“Shit dude! That’s better,” Sabrina cooed, pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts.

Everyone was winning now. Now Erik was able to use all of his impressive 9 inches to stroke into the 20 year old’s gushing cunt with the sound of his stomach slapping against her ass filling the small space. The cameraman was able to get a better view of the action as well, filming from practically on the ground, watching as the dick repeatedly pierced into the horny girl. And of course Sabrina was thoroughly enjoying herself, her orgasm now rapidly approaching.

“Let me see these little tits,” Erik hissed, pounding the small girl for all she was worth. “Mmm...look so tasty.”

Given their positioning, Erik was satisfying himself with simply groping the small but perky tits, unable to get them into his mouth. He’d make sure to circle back to them given how adorable they were, each capped with the smallest and pinkest nipples he’d ever seen. With his left hand still teasing her boobs, Erik slipped his other down between Sabrina’s thighs, finding her clit to massage.

“Oh God!” Sabrina screamed as her sensitive nub was diddled. “Can I cum? Can I cum now daddy?”

“I fucking daddy complex. How perfect,” Erik laughed inwardly before replying. “Yes baby. Cum all over my cock.”

Sabrina did as the man twice her age permitted her. Flashing the camera a smile like the little performer she was, Sabrina met the guy’s thrusts by pushing her ass back and arching her back. The extra bend in her back allowed her G-spot to be poked, in addition with her clit strummed, which made her cream herself in under a minute. Given the fact she was an accomplished singer, the blonde’s screams were not only loud, but in perfect pitch.

“Fuuccckkk!!! Meee!!! Daaadddddyyyy!!!”

Erik kept thrusting, riding out her orgasm but he’d slow down. He was nowhere near cumming himself, after all that was all required for the actual shoot, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t continue to have fun with the tiny blonde. 

“I’m gonna keep funcking this one into oblivion,” Erik told the cameraman. “Why don’t you come back later.”

*    *    *
Skyler (CS) enters room - standing anal - Natalie (SB2) arrives for some anal and ATM

Skyler Samuels was the type of person who liked to introduce herself to everyone she worked with. Whether that be fellow actors or the crew. Therefore, the leggy blonde who played the hottest set of triplets on the Gifted was able to scratch two more people off her list as she poked her head into a room that looked like a lounge and found a man working a camera, as well as a man she knew was one of the actors. 

“Hi guys! I’m Skyler. You can call me Sky.”

Skyler shook the cameraman’s hand first before going over to the other man. 

“Ed. Oh I’ve heard about you. More specifically, heard about that perfect little asshole of yours,” the man who was wide as he was tall commented.

“Really?!” Skyler blushed. “I mean, it is, I just didn’t know that it was making the rounds.”

“My I?”

By the time Ed emerged from behind the table, Skyler had taken off her little robe and tossed it aside. The Stanford educated 25 year old had a long lean figure with long legs, small perky tits and an absolutely beautiful face framed by shoulder length blonde hair. As she moved towards the black man, she went to kiss him, but Ed had other things on his mind. Spinning her around, he bent her slightly so that the leggy girl was thrusting her tight booty back towards his groin. Understanding this to be the equivalent of a booty call, Skyler took his cock in her hand once he whipped it out and lightly smacked it against her phenomenally shaped ass. He was already good and hard, but it still felt great as the leggy blonde ran her hand along his ebony shaft.

“So what’s it gonna be, beautiful?” Ed asked, kissing her on the shoulder blade while each hand groped either her tits or booty. “Pussy or ass?”

“I gotta live up to my rep of having the prettiest butthole in town,” the Gifted star giggled.

Despite the fact she was bent over with nothing to support her, and that there was no lube in sight, that didn’t deter Skyler at all. Instead, she took his dick and lined it up confidently with her asshole before she pushed back against him while he pushed forward to help. In no time at all, the black man was a few inches deep in her tight but surprisingly accommodating ass, given how slender she was. Given her tightness and the fact he was boning her with a dry cock, Ed took his time, going only at a medium pace with using only 4 of the 10 inches at his disposal.

“Fuck me, love,” he said in a British accent. “That is a lovely butthole.”

Though the cameraman couldn’t see the blonde’s asshole, he could attest to the fact she had a mighty fine booty. For such a skinny girl, the fact her long legs ended into something with such lovely shape and thickness was admirable. He couldn’t wait to see her all dolled up in high heels, lingerie and stockings in order to see how it made her ass look that much better. Still, the sight of Skyler Samuels with her hands spreading her ass cheeks so Ed could pound her asshole still made for great viewing.

“Can I see this aforementioned pretty butthole?” 

Skyler gave the cameraman who was kneeling beside her a warm smile and nod. Ed was really the one he needed to ask considering he didn’t look like he wanted to stop sodomizing the blonde but after another few deeper strokes, the black man pulled out and stepped to the side. The cameraman wheeled around and saw the Gifted star’s asshole go from wide open to tightly shut in the blink of an eye. Though he couldn’t quite describe it, the man with the camera did have to admit that there was something adorable about the leggy girl’s poop chute.

“Cute and clean?” Skyler asked after both men went silent as they looked at her tushy.

As the cameraman gave his affirmative answer, Ed had already resumed sodomizing the blonde. This time he went faster and used more of his cock having found Skyler easier to fuck then before. For her part, the leggy actress moaned and lightly screamed, especially once her finger found her clit and began to strum the sensitive nub. 

“Go slow so you can do in and out,” the cameraman instructed.

Ed knew cumming this close to the shoot was a non-starter so he was happy to just tease and probe the American girl. Retreating the 6 inches of black cock from her ass, the cameraman watched as her pretty asshole stayed gaped for longer this time around. Skyler wasn’t fully ready for her shoot, which was why there was minimal dirtiness around the entrance of her ass but that was to be expected. 

“Hold your ass open,” Ed told her as he prepared to push in again.

Just as he was asked, the male talent pushed a few inches deep into Skyler then retreated fully. Between the size of the black cock, her hands pulling her cheeks apart and Skyler’s anal control by holding her wink open, the cameraman got an excellent look of her insides. After a few more ins and outs in rapid succession, Ed was done playing and got back to actually fucking Skyler’s ass, which he called his early Christmas present.

“I thought I recognized those moans,” a voice belonging to a positively gorgeous blonde girl said as she came practically skipping into the room.


The fresh-faced blonde was 20 year old Natalie Alyn Lind, who was best of friends with Skyler since they spent the majority of the last 2 years together filming The Gifted. Only a few years apart, the pair were fast friends and occasional lovers, which turned out to be an excellent way of killing time on set. Now she came to lend moral support to her leggy friend who was standing naked in the middle of the floor with a big man fucking her from behind.

“Want to come taste your friend on Ed’s dick?”

“More than anything,” the sweater-wearing blonde answered as she got on her knees before them.

Natalie waited for the big black man to slow his thrusts down, at which point she grabbed him by the base and finished pulling him out of her best friend’s ass. She showed no hesitation in leaning forward and taking the massive head in her mouth, stroking his shaft in the meantime as she bobbed with her mouth. However, after seconds, Natalie’s face scrunched up before she pulled him away from her face. 

“That was not in your pussy, was it Sky?” Natalie commented as her friend joined her on her knees.

“Oh. You could tell?” Skyler retorted, feeling super self-conscious now. “Was it...am I...gross?”

“Medium,” Natalie replied. Seeing her friend looking embarrassed, Natalie surprised even herself by extending her tongue and running it up and down Ed’s cock on all sides. “But I really like it like that!”

Natalie went back to getting his tip in her mouth before bobbing on the first several inches. Natalie reached out her hand and pulled Skyler’s face, aiming to the lower portion of the black cock. Skyler snapped out of her shock by parting her lips and sucking on the pair of balls dangling beneath, while her hand joined Natalie’s in stroking the unsucked part of the shaft. 

With the nuts out of her mouth, Skyler wrapped her lips around the side of his dick and started kissing and sliding her mouth along him until she touched Natalie’s lips. Natalie would have loved to have kept blowing the muscular man but she pulled back and allowed Skyler to wrap her lips and give Ed a proper blowjob. 

“Should we put it in her ass now?” Ed looked down and asked Skyler, pointing to Natalie. “Come, stand up.”

Ed helped Natalie to her feet before the busty blonde turned around and pulled down the comfy PJ pants she was in. Despite being blonde and both in their twenties, Skyler and Natalie had vastly different bodies. While Skyler was lean and long, Natalie was short but curvy beyond belief. How a 20 year old could have such big tits and a thick ass was beyond belief. 

Wanting to help her younger friend, Skyler slid to be kneeling right in front of Natalie so her arms could wrap around her body and pull her ass cheeks open. She also gave her a kiss on the hip, but that was unlikely to help as the big black cock pushed forward and butted against her anal sphincter. Still relatively new to anal, Natalie had been wearing a butt plug for the majority of the last 24 hours when she had a spare moment which was why the thick slab of meat was able to breach her sphincter with only minimal effort.

“Damn Nat! You little butt slut!” Sklyer laughed as she watched Ed work up to a good speed in sodomizing the 20 year old.

“Do you want to taste her ass now?” the cameraman asked after Ed blasted Natalie’s ass for another minute.

“That seems fair,” Skyler nodded her head.

“So pull it out and taste it,” Ed demanded.

Skyler did as she was told. Natalie knew to play things up for the camera so she held her thick ass cheeks apart, letting the cameraman capture her little gaping asshole before Skyler performed her ass to mouth duties. Up and down her lips glided over the black shaft that was fresh from her best friend’s ass. Apart from having a vague taste of butt, Natalie was definitely squeaky clean, which made for Skyler giving a very energetic blowjob. Hell, she even found the time to slap Natalie’s big booty as well.

“Well you two seem ready!” Ed complimented the Gifted stars. “But I think I need a cold shower to calm down!”

*    *    *
Kat (PP) bathroom - cupping piss in hand to drink then straight from the source

The cameraman left Ed for his shower as he went in search of more footage to film. His wanderings brought him out into the main room where the shoot was to actually happen in, which was full of women. However, they were all clothed as they were mostly staff hanging Christmas decorations. Of course, one of the actresses was there helping as apparently Camila Mendes enjoyed hanging tinsel. 

Currently she was standing on one of the large sectional sofas hanging some decorations. The cameraman was getting ready to leave when something caught his eye so he went to investigate further. Camila was wearing a big sweater and it was unclear if she had shorts on, but as the cameraman approached, not only did he find the Latin American in only a thong underneath, but a massive pink butt plug could be seen underneath the panties.

“Preparing for tonight?”

“You’ve seen the hogs on these dudes,” the always smiling Brazilian replied. “Us girls have to do our homework.”

“Smart girl,” the man replied to the New York University grad.

Camila looked more interested in hanging garland and ornaments then fucking anyone so the cameraman went off again. Exiting to his right, the first room he came upon was another bathroom. Hoping lightning would strike twice after the adventure he found with Sabrina Carpenter, the cameraman opened the door that was just slightly opened already.

“The fuck are you doing?” a man he recognized as Tarra White’s husband.

The cameraman was glad he had the camera recording because he’d have had trouble believing his eyes. Inside the small bathroom was the naked married man who held his flaccid cock in his hand as he peed. This was normal enough until realizing that for one, he was peeing over the sink, and two, Kat McNamara had her hands cupped under and was collecting his golden stream.

“Filming. Unrestricted access,” the cameraman stammered out his official line despite his shock.

If Kat was embarrassed about someone catching her with a handful of piss then you’d never know it based on the way she was smiling. The Arrow and Shadowhunters star had her hair blonde for this occasion and was completely naked, likely to not get her clothes smelling of piss. When her hands were full, the man pinched his stream off and allowed Kat to bring the piss to her mouth and drink it down, a smile still on her face.

“I heard there was going to be a few showers later tonight so I thought I’d make sure I had the taste acquired,” the gorgeous actress stated.

The married man filled up her hands again once she produced the makeshift cup under his waiting dick. This time as Kat brought it to her mouth to drink down, she kept her piercing green eyes locked on the camera as she swallowed down the golden stream. Worried that she was losing too much of the urine in the action of lifting her arms, this time Kat lowered her face to drink right from the little pond of piss in her hands. 

“Here, come get it right from the source,” the married man stated.

Kat allowed the much bigger man to grip her by the back of the head and spin her around so they were in front of the toilet. Knowing what he wanted, the much younger blonde dropped to her knees and placed her face upturned over the hole in the toilet seat. The married man squatted down low so that his soft cock was practically right in Kat’s mouth as he drained more of his bladder into her mouth. He stopped several times to let Kat swallow the mouthful of piss before his stream would start up again and fill her. It happened another 3 times until the married man was completely dry, needing to drink another few liters to be ready for tonight. 

“You really like it, don’t you?” the cameraman asked the piss drinking whore.

Instead of answering, Kat used her mouth to wrap around the married man’s pole and start to blow him. She could still taste the strong amora of urine occasionally dripping from his pee slit, but obviously that didn’t matter to the blonde. All the time she blew the random man, Kat maintained eye contact with the camera, throwing a wink his way every now and then.

“Isn’t she the best!?”

*    *    *
Lili (M) horny after discussing Madelaine (MV) - Lili eats her out
Camila (KR), fucked in kitchenette near to Lili and Madie

From the unbelievable find of Kat McNamara drinking piss from a married man in the washroom, the cameraman went in search of more finds. Luckily, his hunt proved fruitful in the very next room. Exiting the bathroom, the man walked down a short hallway and into the kitchen. Sitting on the counter with only candy cane striped stockings on was the red-haired beauty Madelaine Petsch. Though the face of the woman between her thighs was partially obscured, the cameraman was still able to tell that it was Madelaine’s friend and Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart who was eating her out.

“Fitting that you are dining on a snatch in the kitchen,” the cameraman quipped to the blonde bisexual.

As the cameraman was watching Lili ravaging Madelaine’s pussy, he could just make out two more people having oral sex in the adjoining room. Stepping slightly to the side so that the redhead moaning on the countertop could still be seen, the cameraman observed Camila Mendes sitting on a loveseat as she sucked off a bald-headed man.

“I thought you were helping decorate,” the cameraman shouted to Camila.

“This looked more fun,” Camila replied, taking a brief break from blowing the dick to answer before steering him back into her mouth.

The cameraman didn’t know which of the two sex scenes to focus on, but ultimately the lens stayed trained on Camila for the time being. Her dark head was a blur of motion, going at a fair speed as she ran her lips up and down the thick slab of meat in her mouth. The Brazilian was unfortunately sitting on her big beautiful ass, but seeing her with a dick in her mouth as she pleasured the lucky man was a vision enough.

“Oh Lord, Lili!”

The moan from Madelaine was enough to get the cameraman’s focus back on her. Madelaine was still sitting up on the counter with the blonde between her thighs as Lili was apparently doing an expert job licking her twat. It was difficult to get a view of what exactly the blonde was doing with her tongue, but the visual of the gorgeous redhead with her perfectly perky and fairly large tits groaning and moaning on the counter was worth the price of admission.

“Play with those great tits as I munch on your little ginger cunt,” the foul-mouthed Lili ordered the petite redhead.

Madelaine was a perfect sub and did exactly as she was told. The cameraman was able to get into a better position and was able to pick up how Lili used her two fingers to probe Madelaine’s clearly wet pussy as her mouth stayed latched around her clit. Looking back up, Madelaine had her insanely plump lips held in a constant O shape as one hand rested on the back of Lili’s golden head and the other took turns groping her boob or tweaking the already hard nipple.

“Oh yes! Give me that dick,” Camila Mendes purred from across the kitchen.

The cameraman left his position at the entrance of the kitchen so he could be caught in the middle between the lesbian pair of Madelaine with Lili, and have a much better view of Camila. The blowjob to the bald-headed man had quickly transitioned to him fucking the Riverdale girl doggy style on the little love seat they were on. Though Camila had a gorgeous face with big dark eyes, having her ass up to fuck was idle given its thickness and overall epic look to it. Each and every time the man thrust into the Brazilian, her tushy would ripple and jiggle from the collision.

“What a fucking ass, huh?” the bald-headed man said to the cameraman, giving Camila’s booty a hard spank to illustrate his point.

“You know...mhmmm...how to make...ahhhh...a girl blush,” Camila replied through a series of moans.

Though it ruined his angle of watching his insanely girthy tool penetrating her wet pussy, the bald man lurched over Camila’s hourglass figure so that he could reach under her sweater. He must have found her sensitive nipples because the Brazilian let out a sharper moan before looking over her shoulder and giving him a toothy grin. It was clear Camila was tight given the fact that the bald man was only using half his unGodly length on her cunt, though it didn’t stop either of them from thoroughly enjoying their fuck.

“Oh my God, Lils! What are you fucking me with?” Madelaine’s shocked voice asked.

That sentence was enough to snap the cameraman’s focus back onto the girl-on-girl action in the kitchen. Madelaine was still seated on the countertop with her milky white thighs spread but instead of kneeling between them, Lili was now standing. Though the pair had been kissing up until that point, Madelaine had broken their make out to ask the question. Lili was undisturbed and in no rush to answer since she had bent lower in order to suck on the pale pink nipple that capped each of the redhead’s perfect set of boobs. Since the blonde wasn’t in a rush to answer, the cameraman bent low and found that in Lili’s hand was a good damn banana that she was using as a sex toy to fuck Madelaine with.

“A fucking banana!” the man said in an excited tone. “You’re such a freak Lili!”

“And don’t you forget it,” Lili replied, throwing a wink at the camera.

If Madelaine had a problem with being fucked by a piece of fruit, she kept the objection to herself. In all truth, the banana was perfectly shaped for the business at hand. With every thrust into her wanting sex, the curve of the yellow fruit had it poke and rub her G spot. Not only was it smashing that pleasure center regularly, but the thickness of the fruit was a good enough size to stretch Madie’s pussy in the perfect way.

“So I’m gonna cum with a banana in my snatch?” Madelaine asked while digging her heels into her co-star’s shapely ass.

“Goddamn right you are, you fucking kinky slut,” Lili hissed into her ear, fucking her harder than ever. Wrapping her free hand in Madelaine’s luscious red hair, she pulled down hard on it to snap her face up to look the blonde in the eyes. “Have a problem with that?”

“No ma’am,” Madie replied without thought. “Just please make me cum.”

It was a race to who was going to cum first at this point and the cameraman had to juggle both sets of fuckers as a result. Though it was clear Madelaine was moments away from her first of what was likely to be many orgasms, Camila was ready to pop as well. The bald headed man had succeeded in loosening her up, now able to use all 11 inches to plunder the depths of the Brazilian’s cunt. As if that wasn’t enough to make Camila cum, the girl with the big ass was diddling her own clit, which was a surefire way to bring her climax to a start.

“I’m gonna...gonna cum!” Camila croaked out from between her screams of pleasure.

“My too! I’m cumming! Fuck me! I’m cumming,” Madelaine swore as she came at the same time as her dark-haired co-star.

*    *    *
Samara (VL or KT) men’s room - 3v1 or 2v1

After watching the Riverdale trio fuck and suck their brains out, the cameraman had only one actress left on his list. Leaving the kitchen, he passed by a little room that was more or less used for laundry, however Anna Kendrick found the alcove to be a perfect place to be fucked. Behind her was an athletic looking man, holding onto the petite woman’s hips as his cock took her repetitively. Anna gave the smile a polite smil before biting her lip and hanging her head between her arms to enjoy her thorough fucking.

“You animal, Fred!” the cameraman spoke to the man, exchanging a high five in the process.

“She asked for me to fuck her. What was I going to do, not fuck Anna Kendrick when she asks me too?” 

“Mmm...ahhh...smart choice,” Anna cooed, thrusting her tiny body backwards to meet his rams forward.

The cameraman afforded himself a few minutes to watch Anna get taken from behind before he continued his search for Samara Weaving. Luckily, after checking another few rooms, his objective was complete. Even better, he found the Australian actress in a small changing room with a black man on either side of her. As he was peeking in through the crack in the door, the man watched as Julio was plunging two fingers deep into the blonde as she was bent over to suck off the other man.

“And what do we have here…” the cameraman asked as he stepped further into the room.

“Busted,” the gorgeous Aussie said before putting the dick back in her mouth.

Samara Weaving was a lot of things, but drop dead gorgeous was the foremost amongst them. While many women were pretty, hot, cute or sexy, Samara was insanely beautiful. Her long blonde hair framed a flawless face complete with big blue eyes and an inviting mouth that was made to have a dick or two inside of it. The 27 year old had been developing a reputation for being a new scream queen with her work in several horror movies in the past few years like Ash vs Evil Dead, The Babysitter and Ready or Not. 

“Hope you don’t mind the extra company,” the cameraman stated as he got comfortable.

The answer was obvious as the presence of another man just made Samara suck cock even harder. Up and down her head bobbed, always being sure to keep her piercing blue eyes trained on the camera. What made it an even better blowjob for the man named Chris was the humming that was coming from her mouth as she worked on him due to the vigorous finger banging the Australian girl was receiving. 

“Such a pretty pink pussy, right?” Julio commented, pulling his fingers from her snatch and spreading the lips for the camera.

“You guys are going to have a lot fucking her during the orgy, aren’t you,” the cameraman asked, clearly rhetorical.

“Don’t see why we should wait,” Chris stated.

As Chris sat up from his reclined position on the sofa, Julio took advantage of the Australian’s mouth becoming freed up. Pulling his three fingers from Samara’s pussy, he brought it towards her mouth, at which point the scream queen eagerly accepted them, sucking the digits of her ample pussy juices. Moaning all the while, Samara allowed the man behind her to move her body so that she was now on hands and knees, her beautiful face resting overtop Julio’s cock as the other man lined his tip up with her gushing cunt.

“Oh fuck me, yes!” Samara purred in delight as the man slid all 8 inches home into her wet snatch.

Samara gagged slightly, being forced to take the black cock to the back of her throat when the man behind her thumped his hips against her. Having more spit on the ebony shaft only made for a better blowjob, allowing Samara’s hand to be a blur up and down his pole as she stroked him off. His cock was too big and thick to suck on any more than a few inches for the average girl, but Samara was far from average. Blessed with a mouth made to suck cock, the Aussie easily hoovered down nearly half his 12 inches each and every time her golden haired head bobbed into his lap.

“Glllkkk...gggwwwwkkkk,” Samara gurgled and gagged though her blowjob only got better and better.

Meanwhile behind the stunning blonde, Chris was taking an unusual approach in fucking her. Apparently he wanted a nice slow but extremely deep fuck. Instead of speed, Chris would push slowly into the lean Aussie before resting with all 10 inches buried in her snatch for long seconds at a time. He would withdraw slightly faster but his pushes in were slow and methodical, designed so neither of them came any time soon.

“Aussie pussy feels amazing,” Chris cooed as his dick soaked in her juices.

“Just wait until you try Aussie ass,” Samara said with a wink over her shoulder.

Apparently ready to actually fuck her, Chris kicked things up several gears. No longer going slow, Chris remained stroking all 8 inches into her pussy but now was going much faster. The change was obvious to Samara as her thin body was now getting pitch back and forth, constantly either gagging on the cock in her mouth or unable to suck on it so she could moan vigorously. Julio didn’t mind the brief breaks in the oral sex, as it gave him a chance to get his stamina back to 100%. Plus, when her mouth wasn’t being used on his member, he would take his saliva-soaked dick and beat it against the gorgeous blonde’s face.

“Just hold your mouth open baby,” Julio instructed the Aussie.

Samara was slutty enough to know exactly what the black man had in store for her. Flashing her big blue eye up into his to show she was ready, Samara kept her mouth in a perfect O with her lips wrapped around his cock. With her pussy being pounded into oblivion by the horny Chris, Samara felt Julio clutch the back of her head with both hands as he thrust his hips off the sofa. Samara was essentially getting fucked by both men at the same time, with one having a field day on her cunt and the other skull fucking her gorgeous face. And despite the abuse at both ends of her body, the Aussie was craving more.

Filming from over Chris’ shoulder, the cameraman asked the man to do him a favor. “Pull apart her ass for me.”

Chris obliged the cameraman’s request, though before he opened up her cheeks he gave each a nice hard spank. Chris continued to fuck the blonde, but with her cheeks pulled open, a pretty large gape could be seen in her asshole. 

“Whoa! She’s already gaped,” the cameraman observed.

“Not my first time in a orgy by this crew,” Samara replied, her mouth free for the moment. “I knew this tushy needed to be ready for anything. Rimjobs, anal...double anal. Anything and everything.”

“I’m gonna marry this girl,” Chris gawked. “But I need to calm down. Shoots in an hour.”

“I should go for a touch up on my makeup too,” the Aussie retorted. “Someone slapped my face with a cock.”

“Guilty as charged,” Julio laughed, pulling back up his pants.

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