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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars Part 18
Author: The Chemist
Celebrity (Sex): Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Bennet, Scarlett Johansson, Rocco Siffredi
Celebrity (Mentioned): Pierre Woodman
Codes: MFFF, FF, Anal, Enema, Fist, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Bennet, Scarlett Johansson, Rocco Siffredi or Pierre Woodman) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Rocco Siffredi (or Evil Angel), Marvel Studios, Disney or Agents of SHIELD, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Out with the old, in with the new. With Black Widow and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD all but completed, Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Bennet usher in one of the new stars for the next era of Marvel entertainment - Hailee Steinfeld.

“This is gonna be intense, isn’t it?” Hailee Steinfeld asked her fellow passengers.

“Well it is the legend himself, Rocco Siffredi,” Scarlett Johansson answered the younger girl.

“And, well, you read the premise of the shoot,” added Chloe Bennet, the third and final member of the car replied.

The three women represented Marvel Studios at various levels. Of course Scarlett was one of the legendary first Avengers and needed no introduction. With the conclusion of Endgame and her own Black Widow solo movie thus ended her time with the massively successful cinematic universe. Chloe Bennet was the face of the Marvel TV side of things, having starred in Agents of SHIELD for the past 7 years, which also ended this year. Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld was the future of the company, hired to star in her own show for Marvel, with the likelihood of joining the movie roster of superheroes as well. Thus, the old was ushering in the new, although with Scarlett only 35 and Chloe still just 27, neither Marvel star was what you’d consider old. 

“I did. Hence why I spent the last few weeks practicing...and stretching,” Hailee admitted, her face flushing in embarrassment.

“It gets easier,” Scarlett shared. “I used to take weeks to warm up before a big shoot like this. And then it was only days. Now...do a quick enema and wear a butt plug for a few hours and I’m good to go.”

“Enema! I knew I forgot something,” Chloe piped up.

“You can’t be serious,” Hailee said in a panic. Clearly she had seen Chloe's latest video she did with Pierre Woodman last year. “But you’re going to be…”

“Relax Hailee,” Scarlett cut her off, pointing at Chloe. “Look at her. She’s clearly joking.”

“Oh God. You had me so worried.” the 23 year old breathed a sigh of relief. “Guess I’m still nervous about today.”

“Well this will be by far your craziest and most intense video with these pervs,” Chloe consoled. “You’d have to be a real sexual deviant to be used to this shit at your age.”

“I was a regular in extreme shoots like this by her age. Younger, in fact,” Scarlett shared, not as a brag but as a matter of fact.

“Like I said; a real sexual deviant,” the half-Asian actress laughed. 

“Madames, we will be arriving any moment,” the driver spoke through the intercom.

“Game faces bitches,” Chloe stated. “It’s fuck time!”

*    *    *

The wardrobe that the women wore for today was straight-forward, though it left little to the imagination. Not that anyone was complaining. For the girl of honor, Hailee Steinfeld, the long legged actress was in an all black outfit consisting of a black lace bra that concealed her perky tits, matching thong and a garter belt that had straps holding up her thigh-high black stockings. Scarlett was dressed much differently, though equally as hot. Her body was as curvy as ever, with a simply white teddy barely able to contain her perfect tits, which threatened to break free with every motion. Lastly, Chloe Bennet had her insanely phat ass barely covered in a blue thong, with her medium sized chest held in a matching bra. 

“Come my pets,” a male voice spoke in English, though a trace of Italian still could be heard.

Walking into frame was the porn icon himself, Rocco Siffredi. Though he’d been prominent for well over 30 years, the Italian could still fuck like few else. Still only in his mid-50s, the porn star was an exceptional shape with no fat on his frame and still in possession of an epically large cock. With well over 1300 porn films to his name, the man had vast experience to say the least. Despite the weird and intense nature of his videos, he brought such passion and pleasure that every porn star or actress still wanted to shoot with him, though he hand picked who he granted audience with these days. But he couldn’t help but cast all three of the Marvel beauties for this piece.

“Yes, sir,” the three girls answered in unison.

Behind the shirtless Rocco came the 3 beauties, all crawling behind and being led by a leash that was clipped to the collar around their neck. The first shot the audience was granted of the three was their perfect asses. The smallest in the bunch belonged to Hailee, though it was so tightly packed and round that it was still jaw dropping. Scarlett’s was the largest and phattest of the three, but not by much. Despite being slender, Chloe Bennet boasted a surprising thick booty that stunned most people. The distance they had to crawl was only a dozen feet, at which point Rocco sat on a large throne with the three kneeling before him.

“You,” he stated, pointing at Scarlett.

The busty blonde with hourglass figure got to her feet, her tits bouncing wildly within her lingerie with every motion. Scarlett was on her high heels for only moments before she was spun around and pulled down onto the horny man’s lap. Not only that, but she was reclined so that she was nearly supine with her flexibility tested as her legs were spread wide with her black heels up by her ears.

“Okay girls. Show her worthiness,” Rocco spoke to the two kneeling at his feet.

They had gone over, if not rehearsed, this part so after Scarlett gave them a nod, they did their roles. Hailee had the support role as her hands went to Scarlett’s insanely phat ass and pulled the cheeks apart. From use of a giant butt plug that had mystified Hailee how it even fit inside her, Scarlett’s asshole was already gaping significantly. Though she claimed to practice the act regularly, Chloe still erred on the side of caution by burying her right hand in a bowl of lube that was placed just out of frame. With a slick hand, the half Asian actress rubbed Scarlett’s backdoor before tucking her thumb against her four fingers and pushed. With ease Chloe didn’t know could exist, Scarlett’s asshole stretched until all 5 big knuckles were past her anal ring, at which a tight seal was made around Chloe’s wrist.

“Oh my God!” Hailee couldn’t help exclaim at seeing someone fisted for the first time. 

The youngster’s shock was well warranted. Not only was she seeing someone take a whole hand up their pooper, but the ease at which Scarlett did it was just as if not more so astonishing. It seemed that Chloe had some practice with fisting given the lack of shock on her face. The half Asian actress did short movements which Hailee could only describe as punches within Scarlett’s colon. They were only moving an inch or two, but seeing the beautiful blonde have her asshole expand further down Chloe’s wrist was quite the sight!

“Shit, that’s good,” Scarlett screamed.

The latest vocal shriek was from Chloe stepping up the fisting. No longer letting her hand rest inside her ass, the half Asian beauty was pulling her fist out of her, which caused the busty blonde to scream out. Removing it, Chloe held her hand out then reached over Scarlett’s perfect body to present the fist that had just been in her booty to the Black Widow star. Without pause, Scarlett opened her mouth and sucked deeply on all four fingers as a unit before she took each digit into her mouth at a time, cleaning the skin of her taste. 

“Such a good girl,” Rocco complimented his pet while Chloe lubed her hand up again.

This time, rather than just shoving her hand in and resting in Scarlett’s rectum, Chloe used the fattest part of her fist, where all the big knuckles are, to actually fuck the blonde. This caused Scarlett to be a fountain of shrieks, moans and screams, but not from pain. Hailee watched on in amazement as the Black Widow actress got repeatedly punched up the ass, and begged for more.

“Your turn to taste,” Chloe said to the young actress.

Hailee had practiced ass to mouth before, but always with trepidation, and only on herself. She knew she’d be clean because she would do three enemas to make sure her digestive tract was clean as a whistle. She now had to have faith that Scarlett took care of herself, hence why Hailee opened her mouth slowly and had a worried expression on her face. In truth, all she could really taste was the coconut oil all over Chloe’s hand as the half-Asian actress pushed her fingers into Hailee’s mouth. Used to that flavor, Hailee bobbed her head as she essentially gave a mock blowjob to the hand in her mouth before it was removed a minute later.

“You now,” Rocco demanded, looking at Chloe Bennet.

Chloe stood and had her thong quickly discarded, pulled over her wide hips and down her juicy thighs. With her still bent over, Rocco took the opportunity to give her thick booty a hard slap, instantly turning the flesh red. As Chloe reclined onto Rocco’s lap, the pair engaged in a rather deep lip lock while his hands massaged her tits. Meanwhile, the two kneeling women worked in unison with Hailee once more pulling the phat cheeks apart so that Scarlett could rim Chloe’s backdoor. 

As Scarlett lubed up her hand, Hailee took the initiative by using her tongue to lick deep in both of Chloe’s holes. The half Asian beauty moaned loud as Hailee ate out her pussy, especially when the young star focused on the clit. With Scarlett now prepared, Hailee resumed pulling the cheeks apart, giving the anal ring a little stretch to aid in the extreme act. Rocco was doing his part in bombarding Chloe’s body, his hand taking over clit duties by rubbing it aggressively. Meanwhile, his mouth was either deeply sucking or actually biting Chloe’s nipple, overwhelming the Agents of SHIELD star.

“Here it comes, babe,” Scar Jo warned.

Chloe may have had a tight asshole, but it knew it needed to stretch, which was exactly what it did. Not going as easily as Scarlett’s turn, the blonde still succeeded in getting four fingers pressed into Chloe’s ass on the first turn. Giving her time to relax, ScarJo used those digits to fuck the TV star while always testing the limit until finally the big hurdle of the knuckles were expanding her asshole. Rather than keep pushing in, Scarlett backed out and used the fist to repeatedly open and close her ring, stretching her sphincter out constantly. After all, tonight wasn’t ending with this fisting; it was only the start.

“Ohhhhh ffuuuccckkkk,” Chloe yelled as the blonde finally put her out of her misery and shoved her whole fist inside so her sphincter clamped around her wrist.

“I’m so turned on,” Hailee cooed, having the best seat in the house to Chloe Bennet’s anal fisting.

Scarlett used her wrist to fuck the younger girl, using the same relentless tempo that Rocco was using to rub her clit. It was no wonder that Chloe was a writhing, screaming mess on the man’s lap until Scarlett slowed down to a crawl so she could yank her fist from the SHIELD star. Scarlett gave Chloe the honors in getting the first taste of the hand that was in her ass, really rubbing her fingers onto the girl’s tongue. After a suck, ScarJo gave the hand to Hailee, who despite her age and initial nerves, accepted the fist with little issue, sucking deep on the fingers with a hint of a moan. After adding her own spit to her hand, Scarlett showed that Chloe getting fisted wasn’t a fluke by re-inserting her entire hand into the action star.

“Taking lessons,” Chloe asked, looking down her body to address the youngest member of their party.

“Uh-huh,” Hailee nodded, her hand buried in her panties so she could vigorously rub her snatch.

Speaking of snatches, Scarlett was doubling up on her pleasure for Chloe by eating out the half-Asian’s pussy as she continued with her fist in her ass. As her tongue took turns either digging deep in her pink hole or lapping at her clit, ScarJo went from short colon jabs to simply spinning her hand one way then the next. Not only was it feeling weird but great for Chloe, but Scarlett was deriving joy from the feel of Chloe’s smooth bowel walls hugging her hand.

“Now for you, my dear,” the much older man spoke to Hailee.

Scarlett removed her fist from Chloe’s ass and had Hailee lick it clean, something that the leggy star did with an actual smile. Showing her appreciation for Chloe’s hard work, Scarlett buried her face in the girl’s sex, licking as deep as possible into the half-Asian’s asshole, made all the easier since a fist had been fucking it for the last few minutes. 

As Chloe got off the legend’s lap, Hailee knew it was her time in the spotlight. Standing and pulling down her own thong, the leggy girl undid her bra to reveal her perky tits. Not the biggest, but they fit her slender profile perfectly. Rocco must have thought highly of them as well, because the moment she laid on his lap, his mouth descended onto the adorable nipples that were already hard.

“Mhmmm,” the 23 year old moaned.

Hailee had figured one of the other girls would take charge of her fisting, but Rocco took a more active roll with her. After having the leggy girl suck his fingers, he brought the saliva coated digits down her body. Immediately he shoved one meaty finger completely inside Hailee’s asshole, the girl actually moaning as it went in. Good ol’ butt plugs did their job apparently. He continued stretching her out by withdrawing the first finger and adding index and middle digit together. Seeing no grimace on her young face, Rocco gave her hole a few thrusts before backing out to add a third. Given that it actually brought a moan, the porn legend grinned wickedly as he immediately added his pinky to make it a quartet of fingers in the 23 year old’s asshole.

“Oh God! Wow! I’m doing it,” Hailee voiced her happiness.

“How’s she taste?” Rocco asked, allowing Scarlett to lick the back of his fingers clean.

“Yummy,” the Black widow star answered before Rocco gave the front of his fingers for Chloe to lick.

“Tastes like the deep recesses of a 20 year old,” Chloe added with a smile.

Just under her breath, Scarlett coached the young actress. “Remember, you’ve been practicing for weeks for this. All the butt plugs, dildos, boys and speculums.”

“You got this girl,” Chloe added for moral sport. “Just relax & focus on breathing.”

“Okay. You’re right. Go ahead,” Hailee gave the go-ahead after a long, deep breath.

Rocco took over clit massaging duties as Scarlett pressed four much skinnier digits into Hailee’s asshole. Only a month ago this would have caused a shriek of pain, but now it made the young girl want more. Not surprisingly, ScarJo found progress much slower with Hailee’s less experienced asshole, but soon the four fingers were moving freely within her ass, at which point the Black Widow star tucked her thumb into the equation and started making headway. It took Chloe pulling hard on her ass cheeks, Scarlett wiggling and twisting her hand and Rocco switching to fingering her pussy before Scarlett’s dainty fist completely disappeared.

“Shit! It’s in! I have a fricking hand in my bumhole!” the young actress celebrated.

Scarlett didn’t try to pull it out or fuck it with her fist, instead she left her hand inside and simply jerked it up and down a lot. Hailee was still on cloud nine from the initial fisting so she was enjoying the feel of fullness coming from her bowels. 

“Give her a taste,” Rocco told Scarlett.

Listening to her master, Scarlett pulled her hand free, though Hailee’s anal ring gave a hell of a fight to keep it inside her. Hailee opened wide and let the hand and fingers that were just fisting her ass be put on her tongue, savoring the strong earthy flavors, though it was far from disgusting. Plus, the leggy girl’s brain was still swimming from actually doing a crazy act like taking a whole hand in her booty.

“On all fours like good little bitches. Now,” Rocco ordered.

Instantly the girls hopped to his command, or rather crawled. The trio of beautiful women were on hands and knees, Hailee at the front of the line with Scarlett’s face resting against her ass, with her big ass directly in Chloe’s face. The Agents of SHIELD actress was already chowing down on the feast that was Scarlett Johansson’s ass, her tongue having no problem getting inches deep inside her cavernous butthole. Fresh from her first ever fisting, Hailee’s asshole was as loose as ever, a fact that Scarlett was taking advantage of in order to lick the deepest portions of her rectum.

“Oh shit!” Scarlett screamed as her asshole was once more invaded by a fist. “Give a girl some warning before going wrist deep in her.”

“Why would I do that when you took it so easy,” Chloe barked back with a laugh.

“Pay it forward,” Rocco demanded.

Scarlett looked over and found that the porn legend had discarded his pants and was now seated in his throne, lightly stroking his cock. Though the 35 year old had as much sexual experience as even the most active porn stars, even she was stunned by the enormity of his manhood, both in terms of his length, but especially his girth. Snapping back to reality as Chloe withdrew then punched back into her ass, Scarlett lubed up her hand then spent the next minute squeezing her hand into Hailee Steinfeld’s asshole again.

“Sweet baby Jesus!” Hailee screamed.

Hailee was still having a hard time believing that she was a girl who could get fisted! Then again, after having a lot of consultation and coaching by her Pitch Perfect co-star Anna Kendrick, who was as tiny as it got and yet who could also take a fist in either hole. Yet the proof was before her, or rather behind her, looking back over her shoulder and seeing only Scarlett’s wrist emerging from her ass, her hand wiggling and twisting in her bowels.

Despite the fact that all three girls were either fisting, or being fisted (or both in Scarlett’s case), they all looked as Rocco stood from his throne and made his way to kneel beside Hailee. With a few words, he had Scarlett take her hand from inside the Transformers’ actress before he reached behind to grab what resembled a wine bottle, but filled with what appeared to be milk.

“Thirsty?” Rocco asked Scarlett.

Knowing what was going to happen, Scarlett nodded her head before backing up to give the porn legend more room. Hailee relaxed herself by resting her face on the ground but kept her booty in the air, allowing Rocco to place the mouth of the glass bottle against Hailee’s gaping hole. In a smooth motion so no fluid spilled, Rocco turned the bottle upside down and pressed it into Hailee’s asshole.

“Wow! Oh wow!” Hailee cooed as her bowels expanded as the milk poured into her. 

“Hold that,” Rocco instructed Scarlett.

Scarlett took over holding the bottle up in the air, though not even an eighth of the milk had emptied into Hailee’s bowels. The Black Widow star soon knew what Hailee was experiencing as Rocco set another bottle of milk upturned into her ass as well. In truth, it felt like an enema, something she did regularly, only with an inch-thick bottle neck plugging her anus. 

“Chloe, lower your face right behind the bottle,” Rocco instructed before addressing Scarlett. “Scarlett, when I give you the command, push outwards.”

After both girls acknowledged the request, Rocco started to pull the bottle that plugged Scarlett’s ass out. A small trickle of white fluid escaped out of her during the movement, but Chloe acted before being issued a command, using her tongue to gobble up the milk enema. Rocco wasn’t able to get the command word out, probably given how loose Scarlett’s ass was at this point because the moment the bottle was removed, a typhoon of milk took Chloe square in the face. Chloe was used to getting facials from men, but the sheer volume of fluid that took her in the face was insane, snapping her head back from the force. Despite the milk enema fluid dripping from her face and wetting her brunette hair, Chloe showed amazing composure by leaning her face in and immediately using her tongue to rim Scarlett’s asshole, tasting the milk and her booty at the same time.

“So much milk,” Chloe moaned between licks. “So hot.”

“You,” Rocco said, addressing Scarlett. “Here.” 

Scarlett moved as ordered until her face was right under the bottle that was still upturned with Hailee’s ass. Once in position, Rocco swiftly removed the bottle and requested Hailee to push. Despite the strain on her face, her ass was still fresh and tight so nothing happened for several seconds. Finally, the milk came out, but rather than rocket out like it did from Scarlett, it simply leaked onto the floor. It created a nice pool of white fluid underneath the leggy singer, and her black stockings now were streaked in milk enema fluid, but little else.

“Again, again,” Rocco said, the bottle being steered back into her ass.

Hailee didn’t know if it was the second time being the charm, or maybe that she pushed harder but this time it worked much better. After another eighth of milk filled her ass, the bottle was removed and she bore down for all she was worth. It worked as intended this time, an arch of violently propelled milk fresh from Hailee’s ass coating the lower half of Scarlett’s face, including getting some in her mouth. 

“Bravo! Push!” Rocco encouraged as another torrent of milk splashed Scarlett’s face and into her mouth. 

Hailee felt so terrible that she squirted butt milk into the most beautiful woman’s face. However, her feeling of guilt gave way as Scarlett demanded her to push even harder, trying to get more of the milk enema either on her face or in her mouth. Feeling better, Hailee squeezed for all she was worth, although it mostly just peddled out of her anus and onto the floor. Beside her, Rocco had gotten to his feet and clutched the leash that connected down around Hailee’s neck.

“Your turn. Come with me,” Rocco addressed the youngest member of the extremely kinky group sex.

Hailee was led like a dog, crawling back down the line until she was stationed behind Chloe’s incredibly thick ass. Treating her a little rougher than the others, Rocco shoved Chloe’s face down and shoved the wine bottle unceremoniously into her ass, though if it hurt then you’d never have known given the TV star’s moan. The treatment continued as Rocco used the bottle as a dildo, fucking the half Asian beauty with it, causing her moans to turn to wails.

“You ready?” Rocco asked Hailee, a nod his reply.

Rocco didn’t know if Chloe would be loose like Scarlett or tight like Hailee, though he assumed the former. Wanting to make sure Hailee took the most of the milk enema facial, he removed the bottle but quickly plugged Chloe’s asshole with his fingers. He felt the pressure building in her colon, as evidenced by some trickle of milk down the half-Asian’s juicy thigh. With Hailee’s adorable face 2 inches away, Rocco removed his hand and found that Chloe’s booty was similar to the Pitch Perfect star as it came out only in a thin arch. However, the aim was perfect, squirting into Hailee’s mouth with uncanny accuracy.

“Over here, come.” Rocco barked the order.

While Hailee was having Chloe Bennet shoot milk enema fluid into her mouth, Scarlett had been resting with her half-filled milk bottle in her ass. Hailee found crawling fast now as her stockings slid easily with milk acting as a lubricant on the floors. Rocco employed the same trick as with Chloe, removing the bottle but using his hand to plug the gape in her ass. With Hailee in position, the star waited to receive a massive facial of butt milk like Chloe was on the receiving end minutes ago. Hailee wasn’t disappointed. 


Under his order, a tsunami of milk flowed from Scarlett’s asshole and directly into Hailee’s face. The youngster was actually surprised with how forceful the milk smack her in the face, coating every inch of her skin with some inevitably getting in her mouth. Needing no prompting, Hailee lowered her face once Scarlett was done throwing milk onto it and used her tongue to lick her milk-flavored asshole. 

“Watch out,” Rocco called over at Hailee

The leggy singer looked up in time to see the Italian man sliding Chloe along her back over in their direction. The butt milk made an excellent lubricant, allowing the older man to move the SHIELD star with ease. Instructing Scarlett to do likewise, Chloe and the Black Widow star found themselves laying on their backs nearly with their thick asses touching. Not done with the milk, Rocco had one in each hand until planting them into each of the beautiful actresses’ asses.

“Fuck them with the bottles. I want a lot of milk in them,” Rocco directed the young star.

Hailee did as instructed, using each hand to hold the glass bottle and cram them in and out of the former Marvel beauties. As she fucked them harder, and presumably more milk expanded their bowels, they moaned louder and louder, filling the set in their voices. Rocco was busy with another bottle, pouring the contents straight down into Scarlett’s mouth until she nearly choked on the fluid. Rocco left Scarlett coughing and spluttering the milk all over herself so he could pour the rest of the bottle onto Chloe’s face and tits from 6 feet high, the liquid splattered and coating her fit body. 

“Now you come down here.”

Rocco took back control of the bottles Hailee had been using to fuck her fellow actresses so that he could remove them and use his hand as corks again. Getting used to butt milk facials, Hailee crouched into the space between both of their phat asses and waited for her double typhoon of milk. Chloe’s stream went low, taking Hailee in her lips, in her mouth and onto her perky tits. As she swallowed down the fluid, Scarlett's ass erupted, splashing onto the side of the face, into her hair and dripping down her nose. 

“Still some left,” Chloe commented, looking over at the last half-filled bottle.

“Can we taste her again?” Scarlett begged her master.

How could Rocco not fulfill that request from his sex slave? Getting Hailee onto her hands and knees with her tightly packed ass up in the air, Hailee found the bottle go in with ease. As Rocco started to fuck her with it, she felt her intestines bloating as more fluid found its way inside her. Finally, at the point of bursting, the bottle was removed and the pressure relieved as a good majority of the milk splashed Scarlett and Chloe’s faces. Working in unison, the two Marvel stars used their tongues to constantly lap at Hailee’s tight asshole, drinking the milk that was dribbling out of her anus until her hole and inner butt cheeks were completely clean.

“You girls made a mess of my floors,” Rocco scolded them. “Clean it up.”

The girls knew what he meant so they lowered themselves to the ground, their varying sizes of tits pressed against the cool fluid. Being sure to be sexy as they looked into the camera, the three Marvel stars started slurping up the milk that had once been deep in their asses. They had no hope of cleaning the entire floor like that, but they did a hell of a job, drinking down a lot of the butt milk in only a few minutes.

“Come. It has felt like an eternity since I’ve had 3 gorgeous women suck me off at the same time,” Rocco said from his throne. 

Always the performers, the three girls slowly rose to hands and knees before crawling over to the Italian, swaying their hips with each motion. Hailee’s youth had her win the race, getting her in prime position to wrap her hand around the massive dick before her lips closed around his tip. She only got in a half-dozen bobs before Scarlett arrived on the scene, aiming her head low so she could capture one of his nuts in her mouth. Chloe was last to arrive but the two girls accommodated by spreading further out so that the Agents of SHIELD star could use her tongue to lick his other nut. 

“Yes! Good girls,” Rocco grunted his satisfaction.

It was too tight of a fit for Hailee to show off her highly impressive and rare ability of deep throating, though even she didn't know if she could do so with a massive cock like Rocco’s. Instead, Hailee was forced to only take half his length in and out of her mouth as Chloe and Scarlett shared the job of sucking and licking his nuts. Soon Hailee felt not one but two tongues licking her bottom lip, forcing the younger girl higher and higher until his dick spilled from her mouth. With his slick tool laying on his stomach, Chloe performed long licks on his shaft’s underbelly as Hailee joined Scarlett in mirroring the action on each side of his fat dick.

“Such good sex slaves, working together,” Rocco hummed in satisfaction.

Rocco wasn’t wrong as the three actresses moved their heads in unison, licking his dick on three sides. The chronicity was quickly lost though as Scarlett adopted a more rapid fire licking technique with Hailee staying with the tried and true long tongue swipes. Meanwhile Chloe had given up altogether with the shaft, sliding lower so her mouth had some one-on-one time with his ball sack.

“I think it’s only fitting for the outgoing queen to have the first turn,” Rocco said down to Scarlett. “Stand up.”

Chloe and Hailee slid back a stride and allowed Scarlett and her perfect hourglass body to stand before their sex god. With her tits facing the camera, Scarlett sat down on his lap, allowing Rocco to steer his slobbered on cock into whichever hole he desired, though he only had eyes for one. His cock slid into her asshole like a hot knife through butter, despite the girth of the monster. Scarlett moaned but continued her descent, taking the legendary cock into her bowels fully on the first penetration.

“So big,” Scarlett huffed as she started riding his pole.

Through all their anal games earlier, Scarlett couldn’t wait to have her time with Rocco and his huge dick, so she wasn’t going to squander it. Her training as Black Widow had greatly increased her stamina, turning the beautiful woman into a complete sex beast. With energy, Scarlett rode his dick up and down her ass, her tits flopping and bouncing wildly before her. Rocco was used to having to thrust his hips to get a good fuck in this seated position, but not with Scarlett Johansson. Finally, after a good few minutes, the Italian grabbed the Black Widow star under her knees and hoisted her skyward until his dick fell from her asshole.

“Shit Hailee! Eat my ass!” Scarlett swore.

Like a well oiled machine, the moment Rocco had pulled out from skewering Scarlett’s intestines, the two girls pounced. Hailee went high, using her tongue to snake into Scarlett’s well fucked asshole which still had more than a hint of milk taste to it. While the youngster was rimming Scar Jo, Chloe lowered her head to his lap and took his dick into her mouth. It tasted more of a blend of milk and ass, not that the Agents of SHIELD star was complaining. 

“You now,” Rocco said, tugging on Hailee’s leash.

Hailee had only just started to experiment with anal sex, having less than 6 months of experience. However, after taking Scarlett Johansson’s fist twice into her ass, she had a feeling that a dick was no longer going to be a painful struggle like it usually was. Climbing onto his lap and squatting down with nothing more than Chloe’s spit acting as lube, Hailee found her anal ring expand and fit the cock belonging to the porn legend with little difficulty. She still went slow and shallow for the first minute, but that was more out of fear. Since she felt no pain, she rode deeper and faster, now taking a good 6 inches of the insanely thick cock up her ass. 

“Killing it Hailee,” Chloe cheered her on.

“Thanks babe,” the leggy singer replied with a wink.

Rocco knew that the younger girl needed a little of his help so he started spiking his hips upwards to meet her downward slide. Sure enough, his thighs smacked against her ass as all 9 inches of thick meat found its way into the 23 year old. In no pain and rather impressed with herself, Hailee rode him faster now, allowing Rocco to meet her downward motions to spike balls deep in her asshole for the first time in her relatively short sexual life. Before she knew it, Rocco had stopped helping and was sitting still while Hailee Steinfeld was throwing her long body up and down the entirety of his cock, taking every inch on her own accord.

“Mmmhmmm...aawwhhhh….oohhhh,” Hailee constantly moaned her satisfaction.

“Push baby. Push with all your soul,” Rocco coached the young starlet.

Somehow the words were able to seep into Hailee’s consciousness despite the inhuman amount of pleasure that was thundering in her brain. She didn’t know why he said that, but the words just seemed right. After all, despite the big cock in her ass, Hailee was feeling all types of good. That, and there was a growing pressure building inside herself. It felt like an orgasm but different, more powerful. As her hand went to her clit to rub it furiously, the leggy singer did as instructed and pushed. She didn’t know what was about to happen, but as her orgasm triggered she felt a sudden wave of release.

“Shhhhhhiiiiiiittttttttt,” Hailee screamed at the top of her lungs.

When Hailee opened her eyes (seconds or minutes later, she couldn’t be sure), what greeted her was confusing at first. For one, she was no longer on Rocco’s lap, that honor had fallen to Chloe Bennet who was riding his monster cock in her ass like Hailee and Scarlett had already done. Secondly, the half-Asian beauty had soaked hair, not with milk, but more recently. Looking over at Scarlett in confusion, Hailee found that the Black Widow actress was similarly drenched, with clear fluid still dripping off her nose and chin.

“Did you know you could squirt?” Scarlett asked the shocked younger girl.

“I...did that?” Hailee asked, pointing to the puddle at Rocco’s feet.

“You came...oh yeah...like a...fuck my ass Rocco...typhoon,” Chloe added, all without breaking stride atop Rocco’s lap.

Now that her fellow Marvel stars mention it, Hailee did recall the feeling of pressure like a wave building inside her. And she knew that some women could actually...squirt during orgasms. At first she thought it had to be piss, but after Scarlett shoved her tongue down Hailee’s throat, the Pitch Perfect star realized that squirt fluid was a different beast altogether. Mildly sweet and tasting like the wettest pussy ever, Hailee immediately launched herself into the makeout session with Scarlett as Chloe continued to ride her thick booty down Rocco’s pole.

“Get on the fucking ground,” Rocco growled with new intensity.

Chloe didn’t actually have to do anything as Rocco did all the movement as he lifted her meager weight before placing her down flat on the ground. The half-Asian’s tits, stomach and face were resting against the floor that was still soaked in milk and squirt juice, not that it mattered to her. Reaching down, Rocco clutched Chloe’s arms and used them to pull her back as he speared his hips forward, making the Agents of SHIELD star take his dick hard, deeper and with more aggression into the asshole than ever before.

“Ffuuuccckkk….meeeeee!” Chloe swore.

Rocco directed the two other actresses to come to him, at which point he had Scarlett and Hailee each grip one of Chloe’s wrists to pull her back onto his dick, allowing the legend to plow forward with more intensity. Hailee didn’t know how Chloe was taking such a pounding, as she was sure it would have torn her in two. And yet the half-Asian girl was crying in pleasure, not pain.

“Such a good little sex slave,” Rocco complimented, leaning right down to press his chest against her back. The girls dropped Chloe’s arms, allowing Rocco to speak right into her ear all while he drove his dick deep but much slower into her abused asshole. “Letting me ruin your asshole. And you love it, don’t you?”

“So much, Master,” Chloe nodded her head, awash in pleasure. “Fuck me master. Fuck me until you cum. I want it, I want to milk you of your jizz.”

Rocco would never cum if he didn’t want to, having such mastery over sex as he did. Plus he would never allow a sex slave to tell him what to do, however, his slaves had earned their just reward. Going all out once more, Scarlett and Hailee resumed their pulling back motion on Chloe’s arms so Rocco could concentrate on fucking her with ruthless speed and depth. Chloe swore and screamed, once again from pleasure only. Right when Hailee thought Chloe couldn’t take anymore as her body became more and more limp, Rocco made his last announcement.

“Kneel before me, ladies,” Rocco demanded.

Rocco pulled out and stood before the women, but before Chloe moved, Hailee noted the destruction that was her asshole. No longer a small gape, Hailee felt like she could stare all the way to Chloe’s stomach, such was the size of the crater left in her rectum. Not that she seemed to mind or care, as the half-Asian beauty rolled up off her stomach to her knees before turning to face their sodomizer. With Chloe in the middle, she felt Scarlett’s face pressed against her right cheek before Hailee did likewise to the left side.

“Please Rocco, give us your cum,” Scarlett begged, oozing sexuality with her deep voice.

“Me too, master,” Chloe added before Hailee chirped in as well. “Cover us!”

“You want it?! It’s yours!” Rocco bellowed.

Just like any man, when Rocco came, he closed his eyes and screwed his face into the stereotypical grimace. Unlike normal men was the sheer quantity of came that shot out at the three lovely ladies. Scarlett was the first to receive her rewards, taking the first rope of cum square to her face, landing on her left cheek, up over her nose before continuing across her closed eyelid and forehead. Hailee actually felt the end of that rope on her own forehead, before Rocco pointed his love gun at her and unloaded two jets of warm jizz to her face, mostly contained to her eyes and nose. By the time he got to Chloe, Rocco still had a decent amount of cum left, painting the half-Asian’s face in three lesser quantity streaks that were all over the place; some on her forehead, some in her head, others on her tits. 

“Wow,” Hailee exclaimed, sitting back on her heels.

“I’m so beat,” Scarlett agreed.

“Need to sleep for a whole day after this,” Chloee added, already laying down on the very messy floor once more.

“You did wonderful, my muses,” Rocco complimented as the cameraman clicked his recorder off.

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