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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 13 - Special Christmas Gangbang
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Anna Kendrick, Erin Moriarty, Sabrina Carpenter, Skyler Samuels, Natalie Alyn Lind, Kat McNamara, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Samara Weaving
Codes: MF, FF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Orgy, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, Erin Moriarty, Sabrina Carpenter, Skyler Samuels, Natalie Alyn Lind, Kat McNamara, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, or Samara Weaving nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, especially Legalporno

Summary: Due to the festive nature of the season, Legalporno organizes their infamous Christmas gangbang using 10 super willing actresses. 

Note: Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! This will likely be the last chapter before the new year but I already have a Sydney Sweeney and Brec Bassinger scenes planned.

“Come on out ladies!”

It was finally time to film the big hardcore Christmas-themed gangbang that Legalporno did every year. After a successful behind the scenes shoot in the hours building up to the main event, it was finally time to get to the really good stuff. They were using the largest of the rooms that the studio shot their videos in, reversed for the truly big scenes. Tonight would count as that, given the fact there were going to be 10 of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses with 10 of Europe’s biggest dicks. The room was set for the occasion with several Christmas trees up and decorated, as well as Christmas lights, tinsel and garland hanging from the walls and windows. The room was sparsely furnished, with only 2 large leather sectional sofa and a few side tables.

One by one, the women selected for the Christmas gangbang came crawling out. They were all dressed similarly, with red lingerie of different iterations whether it be bras, thongs, nighties or teddies, but all had garter belts rimmed with Christmas tinsel that were holding up Christmas themed stockings. Some had red or white or green or candy cane, but they all looked festive. Aside from that, they all wore red or black high heels, though with the women crawling their choice of footwear was a moot point. Lastly, a Santa hat decorated their heads, or at least they would until the action started.

Out first was Camila Mendes of Riverdale fame, crawling her massive ass in a looping pattern around the room before arriving at the first spot on the closest sofa. On her heels were her co-stars and best friends Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart. The two remaining spots on the first couch went to a pair of gorgeous blondes - Kat McNamara and Samara Weaving.

The steady stream of gorgeous women continued as Anna Kendrick, Gifted stars Natalie Alyn Lind and Skyler Samuels, The Boys’ Erin Moriarty and pint-sized sex machine Sabrina Carpenter followed on their heels.

“Okay, let’s make a sexy version of a human centipede.”

The women had been prepared beforehand on how the shoot was going to happen, and after hearing all about it, they all loaded up on energy as it was going to be a long night. The human centipede comment was an easy one to puzzle out for them. Seeing as they were all on hands and knees with their ass in the face of the girl behind them, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to gleam what was meant.

“Let me fish this itty bitty thong from your thicc booty,” Lili told her friend.

With Camila’s Christmas themed thong picked out of her crack, nothing stopped Lili from licking and probing the Brazilian’s asshole. Camila was at the head of the line and had no one to reciprocate on, but that wasn't the case for anyone else. As Lili absolutely feasted on Cami’s ass, Madelaine was staying mainly on the surface, spending her time rapidly licking over Lili’s crinkled surface. Behind the redhead, Kat McNamara was in an awkward position and couldn’t quite reach Madelaine’s asshole with her tongue so instead she rested her head on the redhead’s super bubbly ass and used fingers to probe her cunt. 

“Holy crap! Can all Aussie’s eat ass as well as you?” Kat quizzed Samara who was tongue deep in her rectum.

Anna Kendrick was probably the woman there that had eaten the most ass or pussy in her life, which meant that Samara was having an especially good time. In and out the Noelle star’s tongue went, sometimes probing deep in Samara’s ass, while other times Anna would target the Aussie’s pussy and munch on that for a spell. Behind the 35 year old was the youngest in the group, Natalie Alyn Lind. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in cup size. In fact, Natalie was actually using one of her epically sized boobs to rub vigorously up and down Anna’s tiny crack, with her nipple grinding against Anna’s clit, wet snatch and puckered asshole.

While Natalie used her right boob to pleasure Anna Kendrick, her left tit was being groped from behind by her Gifted co-star Skyler Samuels. The leggy blonde was holding out on her oral duties on Natalie either as Samuel showed her mutli-tasking talents by using her tongue to poke deep in the 20 years old for 10 seconds at a time. Being the last two in line, Sabrina and Erin spent just as much time dirty talking to each other as they did spanking the ass directly in front of him. 

“Why don’t you make yourselves more comfortable as you have your fun.”

The ladies were happy to be eating and getting eaten, but to be more comfortable on the sofas seemed like a nice request. The moment they were seated, Lili and Camila were all over each other. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they were leaning back and trying desperately to dominate the other by seeing whose tongue could be shoved further down the other’s throat. Madelaine was seated beside them but seeing as Lili and Camila were occupied, she turned to her left. Though not locked in nearly as intense of a make out session, Samara and Kat were still kissing with enthusiasm. However, Kat noticed the redhead with large tits watching them, so she broke the kiss with the Aussie in order to press her lips against Madelaine’s plump pair.

“Don’t think I forgot about you Madie!” Lili cooed as she kissed the nape of Madelaine’s neck.

The redhead allowed Samara and Kat to resume their kissing so that she could bring her blonde co-star in for more kissing. Given that Madelaine was such a submissive and Lili more of a top, it was no wonder that the blonde had Madelaine pinned on her back as she straddled overtop her. This also presented an inviting target for the freed up Camila, who took advantage. Standing and leaning down, the Brazilian made a bee line right for Lili’s gushing pussy, starting by wiggling her tongue in the pink folds before giving equal treatment to the blonde’s crinkled starfish.

“Can’t decide which holes tastes better,” Camila commented as she yo-yoed back and forth between her cunt and asshole.

“Better keep taste tasting then,” Lili replied to her best friend as she plunged two fingers into Madelaine’s pussy.

“I think Cami has the right idea. Would you mind…” Samara offered to her blonde lover.

“Would I mind having my salad tossed by Australia’s sexiest bitch alive? No fucking objection here,” Kat laughed as she immediately spun around and presented her ass to the now kneeling Aussie.

As Camila and Samara used the tongues to probe as far into their lovers’ asses as possible, the recipients of the rimjobs decided to make out with one another. It meant Madelaine was free, though each Lili and Kat had a hand paying at her large and amazingly perky tits. And it wasn’t as if the redhead was being idle, as her position under both those blondes allowed her to go back and forth between Kat and Lili, sucking on Lili’s large tits and then back to Kat and her smaller but firm boobs.

With a shoot this size, a second film crew was required. While the first was capturing the sofa with the Riverdale trio on it, across the short distance of an electric fireplace was the other equally large couch. Under the direction of the cameraman, the girls had started by linking their legs overtop of each other and rubbing their own pussies over their panties. This was all well and fine but the action they’d been getting backstage before coming out to the main room had them all hot and bothered and looking for more than just teasing themselves.

“Come here, Starlight,” Sabrina Carpenter said as she practically flung herself at Erin Moriarty.

Seeing the two petite blondes throwing themselves at each other gave the Gifted stars of Natalie Alyn Lind and Skyler Samuels the excuse they were looking for. Wrapping each other in an embrace, the co-stars and part-time lovers tongue wrestled right in front of the predatory stare of Anna Kendrick. Seeing the 4 other girls otherwise engaged, Anna slid from her comfortable sofa and crawled so she was between the 20 year olds legs. Sabrina was just the type Anna liked - tiny (4’10), young (barely 20 years old) and already a sex fiend.

“Jesus Christ! Quite the tongue you got there, Kendrick!” Sabrina moaned, placing a hand on the back of Anna’s head.

While Anna ate what she could only describe as the prettiest pussy in town, Sabrina was full of vocal encouragement. Well, that was when she wasn’t making out with Erin Moriarty, though Erin’s attention was being split as well. Skyler Samuels had crawled up onto the sofa, so Erin had spent her time making out with the Gifted star almost as much as she did Sabrina. Erin was also using her hands to pull apart Skyler’s surprisingly thick ass, which allowed the leggy girl’s co-star Natalie to have an excellent via of what had to be the cutest butthole in town.

“Give me a little wink, Sky,” Natalie asked of her friend.

Sklyer obliged and did a quick opening and closing of her beautiful poop chute, earning her a lick on both her cheeks by Natalie and Erin. The two blondes meet in Skyler’s crack as Natalie and Erin shared a tongue filled kiss before Erin allowed the younger and bustier girl to use her tongue to rim Skyler’s winking hole. Erin instead wrapped an arm under the leggy Sky’s body in order to rub her pussy vigorously, giving her pleasure from both openings with the assistance of Natalie. 

With Anna still relentlessly munching on Sabrina’s cunt with obvious glee, the younger blonde had lost all ability to do anything but appreciate Anna’s oral talents. Without Sabrina to split her attention, Erin turned to make it a full-on threesome with the Gifted stars by climbing onto the backrest of the sofa at the corner. This presented her completely bald cunt practically right in Skyler’s face, who had no qualms in diving right in and feasting on the Boys’ star.

“I think we should bring in the men,” one of the cameramen said, noting the lineup of guys chomping at the bit.

With a consenting nod, the door flew open and 10 already naked and fully erect men came pouring into the room. The closest sofa was the one containing the Riverdale girls. Madelaine Petsch still remained laying on her back in the middle, each of her tits being sucked on by Lili to her right and Kat McNamara on the left. Behind each of the kneeling girls was Camila and Samara, but this was soon to change as the men practically ran to them. Bald-headed Clay was first on the scene, immediately diving in between Camila Mendes’ epically large butt cheeks to drill into her booty with his tongue. Ed was right behind him, and the moment Camila pulled her face away from rimming her best friend Lili, Ed swooped in, gave the blonde a double ass slap before taking over the tongue to asshole duties.

“Hey! That was my ass,” Camila told the muscular man in mock outrage.

“Not any more,” Angelo told the Brazilian before addressing her blonde best friend. “Come with me.”

As Angelo pulled the curvy Lili off of the suddenly crowded sofa, they retreated to the middle of the room where there was ample space. Apparently the man who reached Kat McNamara thought this was a great idea as well, copying the motion. This left Lili and Kat both on their knees, blowing their respective men while Camila continued having her ass rimmed. Meanwhile, Madelaine Petsch was pulled to a seated position where her insanely plump lips were put to good use blowing a heavily tattooed man named Max. The other girl on the sofa, Samara Weaving, had allowed the black man named Antonio to sit down with the Australian the first to get a dick in her pussy as she rode him. 


Kat McNamara didn’t know what it was about her that made men always wanted to face fuck her, but here she was again, on her knees getting a cock slammed into the back of her mouth. Kat had started off giving the long but somewhat thin dick an energetic blow, throwing her face up and down his rod as her hand stroked the other half. However, it didn’t take the man named Georgio very long before he had two hands on the back of her golden head and was trying to cram every one of his 9 inches down her throat. He stopped short of gagging her...barely. However the extra spit on the cock made Kat able to suck and stroke him even faster.

“Beautiful women everywhere!” Ed called out as he led the pack of 5 men to the second sofa. “Who to choose first?”

The two men who immediately followed Ed showed none of his uncertainty. Erik peeled to the left, right to Natalie Alyn Lind while a man with a massive tattoo of Angel wings on his back went around the sofa to Erin Moriarty who was still perched up on the backrest of the corner of the sofa. Ed ultimately decided on heading to the leggy Skyler, who was now sitting on the sofa since her co-star’s tongue was otherwise engaged. Skyler didn’t delay by parting her lips and taking Ed’s dick right into her mouth.

“Oh fuck me! Right in the ass!” Natalie moaned, shocked that her pussy was completely ignored in favor of sodomizing her.

To his credit, the American man named Erik did start nice and slow with the girl more than twice as young as him, allowing Natalie’s asshole time to stretch. Immediately beside her on the sofa, Skyler was kneeling over the now seated Ed, her lips a blur as they constantly rocketed up and down his pole. Erin was still perched on the backrest with amazingly her whole fist in her asshole. The man that was slapping her ass and groping her tits in encouragement was Tarra White’s husband, the same man who was there when Dominique McElligott first fisted the gorgeous blonde so he knew she could perform the extreme act. 

“That might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” the youngster Sabrina Carpenter remarked.

Both Anna and Sabrina were now kneeling on the sofa with their tits resting on the back rest. Freddy with the dreads had selected Anna Kendrick to fuck while a handsome man in his mid-20s selected the pint-sized Sabrina. Anna’s asshole was practically begging for a hard fuck so the black man gave her what she wanted by shoving half his dick inside her booty on the first thrust. After a few more, his whole length was slicing into the Noelle star’s asshole, thudding against her tiny booty and making her big tits jiggle each time. Meanwhile the handsome man opted for Sabrina’s cunt first, but after a minute of vigorous fucking, he slid out, aimed higher and eased himself into the tiny blonde’s asshole.

“About time someone put a dick in my ass,” the sassy Sabrina said to the man over her shoulder.

“Show off the gapes for me men,” the cameraman stated, given the fact that all 5 women were getting sodomized.

Erik was the one who started. Both Natalie and Skyler were being fucked side by side, kissing each other the whole time their assholes were being pillaged. Natalie heard the words then felt Erik’s hands reached to her large ass cheeks to pull them apart. After a deep thrust, Erik pulled out and the cameraman got a lovely via down Natalie Alyn Lind’s brown eye. Ed was ready next, though he had been showing off Skyler Samuels’ gape after every half-dozen thrusts. Despite his sizable tool, it didn’t do anything to wreck Skyler’s adorable asshole, despite the surprisingly large opening she now had. Despite being incredibly slender, Anna Kendrick was likely taking the hardest and deepest fucking to the ass. It helped that she’d been getting ass fucked regularly for almost 20 years, and the 35 year old was loving each and every balls deep strokes. Freddy realized the camera was behind him, so he stopped his vigorous fucking to show off Anna’s otherworldly large opening. Next was Erin, who when it was her turn pushed outward and made the lube inside her ass gurgle and bubble. And last in line was the pint-sized but super horny Sabrina. Despite being only 20 years of age, Sabrina was able to take a pretty solid ass fucking, though her anal gape was easily the smallest of the fivesomes.

“Let’s check back on sofa 1,” the man directing the Christmas gangbang commented.

Things had changed on the Riverdale couch. Starting on the far side, Clay had graduated from giving the Brazilian a rimjob to a proper fucking. He was standing atop the sofa with a leg on either side of Camila Mendes, who had her big ass pointed upwards. Knowing the camera was on them, Clay stayed hovering with his dick halfway in Camila’s tight ass then made the Brazilian bounce, shake and twerk so her huge booty put on a true show for the viewers. Her red-haired friend was right beside her, and like Camila, Madelaine had an empty pussy as her man opted to punch his dick in and out of her asshole as well. Her tattooed man Max had taken her seated position on the sofa so that she could ride the man with her small but very toned ass facing him. This gave Madelaine a great view of the action on the floor in front of them where Lili Reinhart was moaning up a storm. Lili’s male partner Angelo had the Riverdale actress laying on her back right on the tiled floor with his head buried between her milky white thighs. 

“Heard you like drinking piss,” Georgio looked down and spoke to the kneeling Kat McNamara.

“Let one guy use you as a urinal backstage and you get a reputation,” the blonde quipped.

Georgio had stopped getting his blowjob from the thin but surprisingly busty Kat so that his dick could deflate just enough. His bladder was to the point of bursting so he knew it wouldn’t take much time to give the blonde a drink. To her credit, Kat kept her piercing green eyes staring up into Georgio’s, while her mouth hung open, tongue extended with one hand massaging his balls and the other diddling herself. She further encouraged by taking turns either tongue lashing his pee slit or giving soft kisses to his head. With her lips only an inch away from him, Georgio produced a thin stream right into Kat’s mouth, who collected a good amount before swallowing down. Putting on a little show, when Kat collected another mouthful of piss, she tilted her head back and gurgled the urine for the cameraman before the fluid went down to her belly.

“Hey Kat, can you put that piss guzzling mouth of yours to good use and add some more lube before this beautiful black man goes balls deep in my ass again,” Samara Weaving called out to the other girl.

Kat crawled across the tiled floor, past Lili Reinhart who was now getting fucked right on the floor by her man, before arriving in front of Samara Weaving. The blonde was reclining back on Antonio’s body as he fucked her ass in reverse cowgirl. When Kat arrived, the black man was still pounding the Aussie’s butthole so Kat busied herself by sucking on his nuts. When he eventually pulled Samara off his dick, Kat McNamara hurled her mouth down onto his shaft, tasting Samara’s asshole as she blew the bald-headed man.

“Well since you’re already down there…” Madelaine Petsch offered.

Kat finished sucking off Antonio before she slid a foot to her left so she could perform more ass to mouth work. This time Madelaine rode to the top of Max’s thick cock, giving him a sloppy blow as to add lots of extra spit to his cock when he eventually went back into the redhead’s bowels. Speaking of bowels, Kat felt a dick poke against her own asshole as she was kneeling on the ground, the one belonging to Georgio who had only minutes before made her drink down a decent amount of his piss. Kat used the ass-tasting cock in her mouth to distract her from having her rectum forced open, but after the initial sting she was pushing back onto his dick to meet his thrusts.

“Oh shit. Gonna get DP’d already,” Sabrina Carpenter’s voice rang out.

Sure enough, despite being the youngest and smallest of all 10 women, Sabrina was the first to receive two dicks at the same time. Angel Wings was seated at the edge of the sofa with Sabrina riding her pussy in his lap. With her asshole free but already loosened, Erik came behind her, pressed her small tits against the other man’s chest and squatted down. Sabrina was excited and arched her back to better present her adorable butt to him, making it all the easier for the American man to plant his dick several inches inside the second 20 year old’s ass, having come straight from sodomizing Natalie Alyn Lind.

“Yes daddies! Fuck my slutly holes!” Sabrina screamed her encouragement.

Anna Kendrick was still kneeling, but was on the floor right at the feet of the man fucking Sabrina’s ass, taking a third different cock in her ass. She had no idea who it was this time, though this guy had a fixation on slapping her ass and not stopping until her milky white skin was a dark shade of red on both sides. On the other side of the double penetrated Sabrina was Erin Moriarty, who was standing with one leg up on the sofa. Much like Anna, the innocent looking Starlight actress had no idea who the man was that was hammering her asshole into oblivion, all that mattered was that she was taking it with ease. The smile on Erin’s adorable face was the only thing that could make watching the blonde get fucked in the ass all that much hotter!

“Here. Suck,” Erik said, pulling out of Sabrina Carpenter’s ass and presenting it to the kneeling Anna Kendrick.

“What? Ew! It came from her pooper,” Anna quipped in mock disgust. Of course she had zero issues going ass to mouth, giving the American’s cock a thorough polishing before he took it and slammed it back home in Sabrina’s tiny ass. “So yummy and disgusting all at once.”

“I can’t let an Oscar nominee suck a dick ass to mouth alone,” Erin Moriarty stated.

The 20-something man heard Erin’s comment so pulled out and pushed down on her head to get her kneeling. Showing how far she’d continued to come, Erin looked up with her dark eyes into the handsome man’s face as she wrapped a hand around his shaft before steering him into her mouth. She had no idea how many assholes this guy had fucked, but she could definitely tell his cock had come from an asshole. 

“Eu tenho que fazer xixi,” Ed, the man sodomizing Anna Kendrick hissed as he pulled out of her ass.

“What?” Anna questioned, hating that her ass was no longer filled by a dick.

Ed simply directed her to come a little further out from the sofa, so Anna turned around and crawled a few feet away. The way Ed was holding his dick and the urgency in his Portugese words, Anna thought the man was going to cum. Therefore Anna knelt and angled her face towards his cock with her mouth wide open, ready for a facial or to collect in her gullet. After a few seconds of him just waiting with his eyes screwed closed in concentration, Anna realized it was a different fluid altogether that was about to be shot at her. The Noelle star was proven correct as Ed opened a stream of urine that flowed uninterrupted into her mouth. This was far from Anna first time swallowing some pee so she did so without so much as a grimace. She even had time to do a little side eye glance and not the wide-eyed, innocent looking blonde who was staring at Anna in a mix of awe and curiosity.

“Hold up Eddie,” Anna said to the towering man. “I think Starlight wants to be powered by your yellow stream instead of the sun. Don’t you Erin?”

“I...ummm...sure,” Erin stammered before accepting the offer.

Erin Moriarty crawled over so that she and Anna Kendrick were cheek-to-cheek. She copied Anna’s action of opening her mouth, though Erin had much more nerves than the older woman. Ed sensed this, which was why he used the thinnest possible stream of pee to fill Anna’s mouth, only giving her a half-mouthful. Erin was practically shaking in nerves and excitement as his one-eyed monster turned to face her before taking aim at her mouth. A moment later and Erin Moriarty had her first ever mouthful of piss. It was bitter and not tasty at all, but even she had to admit it was hot as hell in an indescribable way. She officially became a piss drinking whore as she gulped down the slightly foul tasting fluid before Anna congratulated her by kissing her deeply with a tongue that also tasted of urine.

“Hey blue eyes, you take two cocks now?” Max said on the other side of the room to Samara Weaving.

“I’m Australian. Double penetration is a rite of passage for every girl turning legal,” the gorgeous blonde replied.

Max had been fucking Kat from behind while the blonde was taking turns either licking Madelaine Petsch’s cunt or doing ass to mouth on the dick fucking the redhead’s ass. Max had spied his friend Antonio getting a nice deep ride by the Aussie and couldn’t help but be transfixed by her available asshole. So the tattooed man slid out of Kat’s ass, walked the 3 steps to the sofa and eased his dick into Samara Weaving’s asshole. Kat was fine without being sodomized for the time being, better able to put her oral skills to use by eating Madelaine’s pussy with  renewed hunger.

“Here, come Camila. I need your help,” Clay said to the Brazilian.

Camila had been using her big beautiful ass to ride on the bald man’s dick, but she rode up his shaft and finally off him when she heard his words. Still knowing to play things up for the camera, the girl with the largest ass in the room winked her freshly fucked asshole before she gave her thick cheeks a hearty slap. Clay sat up from the sofa and pulled Camila to the floor so she was kneeling in front of his cock. The Brazilian figured he wanted more lube for when he resumed anal fucking her so the dark haired girl opened her mouth and tasted her bowels all over the older man’s dick. The 25 year old had given countless blowjobs in her life so she took her eyes off the man and looked to her left to see her best friend getting fucked doggy style on the hard tile floor. It was perfect timing as Camila watched Lili Reinhart squirt all over the place as Angelo brought her to orgasm.

“Look up at me sweetie,” Clay’s words snapped Camila back to attention.

All the women had been warned about tonight’s festivities, and had agreed. It didn’t mean everything would happen, but they needed to be prepared and give their best performance. Which was why Camila Mendes was sitting on her knees, looking up into the face of the man who was about to piss into her mouth. Hardening her resolve, Camila extended her tongue, at which point Clay rested his dickhead right onto it, waiting to pour the contents of his bladder into her mouth. He didn’t keep her waiting long, filling her mouth partway with his urine. Luckily, the taste was remarkably similar to the squirt fluid Lili Reinhart unleashed into her mouth and onto her face regularly, so Cami didn't so much as blink an eye as she swallowed and opened her mouth for more. In total, Camila drank an impressive 6 mouthfuls of piss before Clay told her he was done for now, at which point the Brazilian jumped back onto the sofa and immediately engaged Madelaine in a deep kiss.

“Wow! You taste like...is that piss?” Madelaine asked, riding a dick in her ass while Kat McNamara continued to eat her out.

“It is! Good guess baby,” Camila answered before shoving the piss-soaked tongue back down the redhead’s throat.

“Move it blondie,” Angel Wings said to Kat. “The redhead with the great tits needs a double dicking.”

“Just what I wanted for Christmas...oh shit!” Madelaine cursed as both holes were filled at the same time.

As Madelaine Petsch rested both her athletic legs up on Angel Wings’ shoulders, both men took turns railing into their respective holes as the other man retreated. They had worked up a solid rhythm already, as had the men double penetrating the blonde beside her. Madelaine could have sworn Samara Weaving was on her left but she must have lost track of time because it was actually Skyler Samuels. The Gifted star was getting fucked the opposite way, with her long legs straddling a man as the married man fucked her ass from behind. 

“Wanna swap,” Angel Wings, the man fucking Madelaine’s pussy said to the man standing next to him that was plowing Skyler’s asshole.

Tarra’s husband nodded and pulled out of Skyler’s asshole before shuffling over to Madelaine, which was when the redhead noted that Skyler still had a dick in her ass. Amazed at the implications that the Gifted actress was doing a Goddamn double anal, Madelaine soon realized that the married man planned on taking her double anal cherry as well. Surprisingly, it only took a few tries for the tip of the second cock to fit in the redhead’s ass, and luckily they took their time. Madelaine kept her dark eyes shut and tried to breathe as the two men took turns pushing into her ass, an ass that had two dcks in it for the first time in her life.

“Don’t worry Madie. It gets easier,” Skyler comforted the redhead, as she was being hammered into by both men. 

“Ahhh...thanks...oohhh...Sky,” Madelaine managed to croak out as the men started to go a little faster in her booty.

On the floor a few yards away from the sofas, four women were kneeling around two very lucky men. Anna Kendrick was showcasing her deep-throating skills by taking all 8 inches of Angelo’s cock down her gullet while a trio of blondes, Kat McNamara, Natalie Alyn Lind and Samara
Weaving were giving a triple blowjob to Freddy. As good as it felt to be in Anna’s talent throat, Angelo quickly pulled out as a different kind of urge overtook him. 

“Sorry Freddy, but I’m gonna take all four for myself,” Angelo said, his bladder at the point of bursting. 

The four women formed a semi-circle around the man. Anna was the closest to him so she was the first to get a mouthful of warm urine, which she immediately swallowed down without complaint. Sandwiched between Anna and the Aussie was young Natalie Alyn Lind. Though she was scared, she still dutifully took her first ever pee drink, though nearly retched it all up. Angelo was already on the move, his stream splashing across Natalie’s cheek then Samara’s cheek in order to fill her mouth. The Aussie was stoic, taking the pee drink just as naturally as if it was water. Lastly it was finally Kat’s turn to drink the man, and she was practically buzzing in excitement to drink him down. 

“Round 2!”

Showing no signs of stopping, hsi piss splashed on Kat’s beautiful face before he filled up the Aussie Samara was another round of piss. Natalie was ready, waiting with her mouth open as she heard Samara gulp down the man’s urine. This time the girl with the biggest tits in the room didn’t so much as grimace before he moved onto Anna. However, Natalie wasn’t anticipating a third round, as the piss trickled all over her face before directing it into her mouth, but it tickled her gag reflex. She still was able to swallow some, but some unfortunately snorted out her mouth, amplifying the taste of the piss 10 fold. In total, there was a total of 5 rounds, with Kat gladly swallowing down the most piss, though Natalie had earned some redemption by rallying and taking the last two mouthfuls without so much as a hiccup.

“Cameraman! Come look at this gape!”

The nearest cameraman left the pee drinking circle and went back to where both Madelaine Petsch and Skyler Samuels were taking double anal. The man who shouted was the one with the leggy blonde, and once the lens was on him, both he and the man under Skyler pulled out. If Skyler was embarrassed about showing off what was truly a massive gape in her asshole then you would never have known it. As one man pulled her taut cheeks apart, the other stuck two fingers from each hand into her rectum and pulled the hole apart further. In response, Skyler actually giggled and pushed out harder to make her anal ring even wider. 

Meanwhile, on the other sofa, Lili Reinhart found herself off the floor and riding a guy in her snatch. The leather furniture was much kinder to her knees, though she didn’t get a chance to buck up and down Freddy’s pole for very long. A random guy came up from behind her, pushed her jiggling tits against the black man’s chest and entered her ass as if a double penetration was the most natural thing in the world. Lili grimaced at the hard nature of both men fucking her, but her senses were soon overpowered as the DP felt good. No, better than good. Great. So great in fact that she was about to cum in what had to be record time.

“Shhiiitttt!” Lili swore as she came.

How the men knew she was not only a squirter but actually squirting again was unknown to Lili but they both pulled out of her holes so the blonde could erupt a squirt torrent onto Freddy’s lap. She had barely stopped flowing when the muscular man behind her slammed back in her ass, able to go balls deep in her booty for the first time as her climax made her loose. She was aware of the black man going back in her pussy, but Lili didn’t know how long it took them to double fuck her until she came and squirted again. When Lili opened her eyes again, Camila was kneeling beside her, sharing a kiss with her best friend and frequent lover.

“Anyone ever tell you that you taste a little like pee?” Lili questioned the Brazilian.

“I’m getting that a lot tonight,” Camila laughed before they resumed their make out session.

Camila was pulled from her kiss by the man who was fucking her best friend’s ass. He gave her some quick instructions as he pulled out of Lili’s ass and placed it right into Camila’s mouth. Having rimmed Lili so frequently, Camila had grown used to the taste of the blonde’s ass as she gave the man a thorough cleaning of his rod. Not done there, the man rubbed Lili’s clit until she was cumming and squirting for a third time. Georgio pulled Lili off of the black man and Camila was on hand to take a mouthful of Lili’s squirt to the face, which tasted an awful lot like piss, before the rest of the orgasmic fluid splashed over her pretty face and dark hair.

“You look so hot in my squirt Cami,” Lili commented to her drenched best friend.

On the other end of that sofa, another pair of actresses were working as a team. The American named Erik was seated on the sofa with the gorgeous Erin Moriarty riding his cock. Naturally he was in her ass, but the blonde was doing a great job of riding his insanely thick member at both a good speed and depth. On the ground beneath them was the youngest member of the group, Sabrina Carpenter, who showed an enthusiasm of eating pussy that was unmatched by most. The sight of the petite blonde with a great ass kneeling on the ground didn’t go unnoticed for long, as a bald man crossed the room, spat on his cock for lube then pushed it into Sabrina’s extremely tight ass.

“Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass daddy!” Sabrina screamed.

The ass fucking only made Sabrina eat Erin’s pussy with a renewed vigor. However, Sabrina found herself overruled for her position as Clay was now stepping between her and the tasty pussy belonging to Erin Moriarty. Sabrina focused on her own ass fucking as she watched what she thought was going to be a simple double penetration, but Clay had another idea. With a good deal of lube on his cock, the bald man aimed lover at the hole already in use. Sabrina thought the idea of a girl as pretty and innocent as Erin Moriarty taking two cocks in the ass was laughable, but somehow, some way, her ass gave way and allowed both men occupancy.

“What the fuck!?” Sabrina shouted in amazement at the same time Erin cooed. “Oh yes!”

“You up for that too Cami?” Lili asked her best friend having seen Erin getting her first ever double anal fucking.

“I mean...why the fuck not?”

Camila had already been riding a cock in her ass that belonged to someone with a slimmer shaft. However, as Freddy placed her juicy legs up onto his shoulders, the black man wasn’t exactly small. However, Lili’s squirt juices must have acted as a magical lubricant because after only a minute of trying, Camila Mendes and Erin Moriarty were both getting their first double anal. Camila had the help of Lili rubbing her clit and distracting her with a deep make out session, but the Brazilian was doing remarkably well. 

Beside Camila, the men were having fun with Erin Moriarty and her elastic asshole. After they were done with their double anal fucking, they showed off her enormous gape to the camera before they took turns, each thrusting insanely hard and balls deep in her rectum before backing out and showing their handiwork off. To her credit, Erin just smiled and laughed as they took turns unloading on her ass.

“I don’t know whose dick I like better,” the Starlight actress cooed as they continued to take turns fucking whichever hole they fancied.

Meanwhile, standing with her back against the wall was the girl with the biggest tits in the crowd. Natalie Alyn Lind had a leg wrapped around Antonio’s powerful torso as he thrust in and out of her pussy. She could still taste the pee in her mouth from over 10 minutes ago, but she doubted that would go away anytime soon. Apparently down with fucking her snatch, Antonio pulled out of the busty blonde and led her back over to the sofa area. He still wanted to stand and fuck her, but this time he bent Natalie over the electric fireplace between the couches so he could see her large plump booty. It was rivalled only by Camila Mendes in the present company, which was why Antonio had a hard time picking whether he got to see her boobs jiggling as he fucked her, or her thick ass rippling with each thrust.

“Oh crap!” Natalie shrieked a little as his ebony cock started burrowing into her ass.

“You okay, sweetie?”

Natalie looked up and found her best friend Skyler getting fucked on the sofa no more than 6 feet away. It helped having her moral support close at hand as the athletic black man started sodomizing her inexperienced ass, luckily taking his time. What was more impressive was how Skyler was still taking two dicks in the ass at the same time. She may have been 5 years old than Natalie, but Sky was still a slender girl so having her ass stretched by two at the same time seemed like a superhuman feat. And watching the double anal was making Natalie zen out, because she only now became aware that the man’s balls were swinging up and tapping the busty girl’s pussy with each thrust, meaning she was taking all 8 inches with every stroke.

“There’s some room here beside another of these double anal sluts,” Sabrina Carpenter pointed out.

A heavily tattooed man flung himself down to Skyler’s left and the next instant the pint-sized sex fiend Sabrina was on top of him. She immediately had her pussy filled and began riding the man aggressively. Despite the fact they were an hour into the gangbang, the 20 year old seemed fresh as a daisy, throwing her 4’10 body up and down the pole. However, his strong arms soon pinned her down so that he could slip from Sabrina’s wet cunt and directly into her asshole. The girl did a whelp as her ass was forced open but soon resumed her riding, albeit at a slightly slower speed. 

“Don’t mind us,” Anna Kendrick said as a younger man dragged her onto the free spot on the sofa beside the ass fucked Sabrina.

Aware of the camera, the handsome man named Chris spun Anna around so that her phenomenal tits would be facing the crowd. Getting to stare at her little cute tush as she started to ride his member up her ass was a fine second place offer though. Anna immediately started taking him balls deep in her ass as both her high heeled feet pushed off the sofa to rocket up and down his pole. Meanwhile, the man who’d been fucking Natalie couldn’t help but want to experience the ass of the other 20 year old in attendence. Pulling out of the busty blonde, Antonio went straight for Sabrina, despite the fact she already had a man’s dick firmly up her ass.

“I’m all for pushing boundaries but no fucking chance you’ll fit,” Sabrina had to admit. 

The men did a quick shuffle so that the tattooed man went straight from having his dick ridden in her ass to back into her pussy. The vacancy of Sabrina Carpenter’s ass was swiftly filled as the black man wasted no time in sliding half his 8 inches into her booty to complete the singer’s double penetration. Being freed up, Natalie got to her feet and started to passionately kiss her bestie Skyler, who was still getting pummeled by two men in her ass at the same time. At the far end of the sofa, Anna Kendrick was still riding a man in her pooper, but as that was happening Arrow star Kat McNamara was giving her pussy a thorough tongue lashing. On occasion she would stop munching Anna’s rug so she could aim lower and suck on the handsome man’s balls, getting a great view of his long dick plowing in and out of the Oscar nominee’s elastic asshole.

“Oh crap!” Natalie Alyn Lind cursed again.

Angel Wings had just finished up getting sucked off by Samara when he noted the busty blonde bending over the sofa to kiss some leggy chick getting balls deep in the ass by two dicks. He wondered over, spat on his dick for lube then pushed into her slightly gaped rear end. After her initial curse and grimace, he was able to open the throttle a bit more, stroking the majority of his long but thin dick into the 20 year old’s ass while filling both his hands with her enormous tits. 

“I’m gonna borrow this beauty for awhile,” Clay commented, grabbing Kat McNamara by her wavy blonde hair and pulling her to a less inhabited section of the room.

Antonio had decided to sample yet another asshole in the span of 10 minutes. Though he had been stretching out Sabrina Carpenter’s extremely tight poop chute to complete her DP, he stepped to his left and inbetween Anna Kendrick’s slender legs. The woman had great tits and a bright pink pussy that was empty for the moment but neither of those things tempted him. Instead, he took his black cock and aimed lower until his cockhead was the second one in her ass. Antonio thought given how skinny Anna was, that doing double anal would be hard, but instead her elastic asshole accomodated him with relative ease, allowing him to start fucking and only get faster and faster.

As Anna Kendrick and Skyler Samuels were each getting double anal penetrated plus Sabrina Carpenter and Natalie Alyn Lind were sodomized with one, action was happening on the other sofa as well. Samara Weaving found herself laying down on the sofa, initially with Kat McNamara lying on top of her as the 69’d. A bald man named Clay seized the chance to fuck Kat in the ass since it was of perfect height for him to rail her from his standing position. To the slender blonde’s credit, Kat moaned and encouraged the bald man to fuck her harder, likely helped by Samara Weaving and her oral attention to both her clit and pussy. 

“Open up,” Clay said down to Samara.

The Aussie pulled her tongue out of Kat’s yummy pussy and formed a large O with it, at which point Clay pulled out of the Arrow star’s asshole and directly down into Samara’s waiting gullet. The Aussie was instantly assaulted with the rich flavor of Kat’s asshole, which was at the opposite end of the tasty spectrum compared to Kat’s delicious asshole. However, Samara put up no fuss about the unpleasant flavor of ass filling her mouth, only carried out her duties of spit cleaning the soiled cock before Clay went back up for round two in Kat’s asshole.

Beside the 69ing pair, the rest of the sofa was occupied by the Riverdale trio, who always seemed to stay close to one another. Most of Madelaine’s exquisite body was covered up by the two men double penetrating her, though her bright red hair made it easy to tell who was on the receiving end of the double dicking. Meanwhile the center of the Riverdale sandwich was Lili Reinhart, who had her long legs pulled back so that Max could plunder the depths of her asshole. The sodomy was rather hardcore with the man practically jumping into each thrust, but Camila Mendes playing tonsil hockey with Lili made for a great distraction. Camila was proving quite the coordinated multitasker as she simultaneously made out with her best friend and rode a dick in her pussy, though on occasion Erik would slip from the wet inferno of her cunt and into her large ass. Camila was unaffected by the constant change of venue, riding him just as deep and vigorously when he was in her bowels or poking into her womb. 

“This fucking ginger can take a fucking pounding,” Freddy grunted before slapping Madelaine’s sculpted ass.

Freddy was certainly correct on that assessment of Madelaine Petsch’s abilities. After having her ass stretched out in double anal not too long ago, having one man in each hole was much easier. It also meant that Freddy, who was standing on the sofa and slamming down into her loose asshole, could constantly slam balls deep into the tiny redhead and have Madelaine coo and beg for more. 

“Let’s see how well your friend can handle a DP,” Freddy commented.

The large black man with the dreads pulled out of Madelaine’s insanely gaped ass and wandered over to where Lili Reinhart was riding Angelo close by. However, Camila wanted to make sure he was ready for the passage into Lili’s booty by reaching out for his cock and giving it a thorough suck. Camila’s mouth was alight with the flavor of Madelaine’s colon, but she ignored that taste in order to transfer a good deal of saliva for Lili’s benefit. Once ready, Freddy pushed into the blonde’s ass and started nice and slow, gaining a little speed then depth.

“You can actually fuck me,” Lili said over her shoulder. “Anything that ginger ho could handle, so can I.”

Camila got down on her knees for a better view, watching as the white cock in Lili’s pussy and the black one in her ass worked in unison to plow in and out of her best friend’s holes. Freddy was now going balls deep, using his whole weight to slam forward into the blonde’s ass, though to Lili’s credit she simply screamed for more. After a couple dozen thrusts, Freddy pulled out and had Camila go ass to mouth for a quick blowjob, adding more lubrication onto his member before using the spit to sodomize Lili even harder. This allowed Angelo to slide further north and rail into Lili’s ass since Freddy was occupied. Once Camila was done taste-testing her best friend’s ass from the back man’s cock, Angelo pulled out of her dumper, back to her pussy and Lili Reinhart’s double penetration was restarted.

“Well look at this super hot, all blonde orgy we have here,” the cameraman on the opposite sofa commented.

The corner of the sectional sofa was being used to the pinnacle of its ability in a gangbang of this size. Laying on their backs with their heads close together were the busty Natalie Alyn Lind and the innocent looking Erin Moriarty. Both girls were being used for others pleasure by having their legs spread and a guy slamming into their assholes. Natalie’s tits were bouncing wildly with every thrust into her, meanwhile Erin was moaning louder and begging for harder with each slam into her elastic hole. That was when her mouth wasn’t either flicking out at Samara Weaving’s clit or using her tongue to plunge the depths of the Aussie’s pussy. Natalie was in the exact same situation, though with her it was Arrow star Kat McNamara and all 100 pounds of her tiny body sitting on the stacked blonde’s face. 

“Dick cleaning service! Who needs their dick cleaned?” Sabrina Carpenter shouted as she crawled over to where the 4 blondes were having their mini-orgy.

Max was the first man to pull out, offering his dick covered in Natalie’s ass juices to the pint sized singer. Sabrina, being the sex fiend that she was, launched herself at the cock, gubbling it in her mouth and bobbing with energy that was unparalleled. Between her lightning fast bobs on his dick, Sabrina would pull him out and lick up and down his mighty pole before releasing him. Max, who had been fondling and lightly slapping Natalie’s epic tits, went back to slamming his freshly sucked cock back into the busty girl’s ass, finding that Sabrina’s extra spit allowed him to go both faster and deeper.

“You’re welcome, butt slut,” Sabrina said to Natalie before giving a likewise treatment to the married man who was fucking Erin’s booty.

Sabrina’s ass to mouth service wouldn’t have to travel far as beside the blonde’s mini-orgy was another, but this time with the opposite composition. Two women with impressively accommodating asses despite their slim builds were both taking a double dicking. Skyler Samuels was once more in the thick of the double anal action, riding from her knees while Angel Wings slammed into her from his standing position. Meanwhile Anna Kendrick was resting on hands and knees, her impressive tits swinging under her as a bald man named Georgio essentially was clinging to her back like a spider monkey. Despite his odd position, the man was still able to hammer down into the Noelle star’s tiny butt, while the well built Erik stood and plundered either hole at his pleasure. Sometimes he pounded into Anna’s cunt, gathering her juices on his cock before he moved back up and fit it impossibly into Anna’s asshole at the same time as Georgio.

“Don’t mind me. Just hear to taste all of your asses on their big ol’ dicks,” Sabrina announced.

Skyler was the first to have her dicks cleaned and spit applied. When they each went back into the leggy Gifted star, Skyler found a cock in her pussy for the first time in what felt like eons. Between Chris pushing up into her wet snatch and Angel Wings thrusting into her ass, the fact they weren’t both occupying the same tight opening meant that they could fuck her all that much faster. No such luck for Anna, who had both Erik and Georgio either unwilling or just completely disregarding her empty twat in favor of her accommodating booty.

“Come for a different flavor,” Clay said, taking a handful of the young blonde’s hair and leading her away from the pack.

Madelaine Petsch had just had her snatch freed of a cock, and noticed the youngster being led away from the rest of the group. Having a good idea what Sabrina was about to experience, the redhead acted quickly before one of the other 9 men filled her back up. Scurrying over, Madelaine got down on her knees beside the blonde, who was waiting with her mouth wide open.

“Friends don’t let friends drink pee alone,” Madelaine said to the miniature singer.

Sabrina didn’t get much of a chance to reply as she took a blast of pee right into her mouth. She didn’t quite know what to expect but in truth she liked it. It was so wrong, degrading and taboo, which were all things that Sabrina loved. The taste wasn’t half bad considering the men had all drunk dry a lake in order to have a near unlimited supply of urine, which suited Sabrina just fine. By the time Sabrina was willing to share Clay with the redhead, the blonde had drunk down several mouthfuls in rapid succession. Madelaine, who thought she was doing Sabrina a favor by taking down a mouthful of gross piss, soon realized that Sabrina was happily a piss drinking whore. Madelaine let the man pee once more into her mouth, swallowing of course, before she went back and joined the orgy, leaving Sabrina to the still peeing Clay.

“Hey boys! Give me your women. I have a belly full of piss and only 4 girls will be able to handle it,” Ed, one of the senior-most men told the two men engaging in a mini-orgy.

Free of the two men and hearing what Ed wanted, the girls got off the sofa and onto their knees. Erin and Natalie were on their knees first before being joined on either side by Kat and Samara. Ed targeted Natalie first likely because she seemed the most timid. His stream was wild at the beginning since he was pissing through a mostly erect cock so he dribbled more onto her face then actually her mouth. By the time he switched over to Erin, he had a good stream going, filling her mouth before doing likewise with Kat and Samara. The Arrow star and Aussie seemed much more at home with piss play, ending up swallowing their mouthfuls in one gulp, allowing Ed to fill them up again. Erin and Natalie still had their fill, although Erin was just allowing her mouth to constantly overflow and drip all down her tight body while barely drinking any. 

“Don’t forget about me!” Skyler Samuels called out as she slid in to the end of the line.

Skyler knew that Natalie was struggling big time with the piss drinking and so since Skyler was now free of dicks for the first time in what felt like hours, she quickly came over to the pack of pee drinking women. She knew she couldn’t offer to take Natalie’s amount of pee, but at least an extra mouth would make less work for her busty young friend, even if Skyler found the act revolting. Skyler was both wrong and right in her assumptions. Once her mouth was targeted and filled with her first ever mouthful of pee, she swallowed it down and nearly retched. She was correct in labelling golden showers as gross. She was wrong in thinking she’d make Natalie skip her turns as it seemed that Ed was constantly coming back to Skyler. He’d fill Kat’s mouth then right back to Skyler, surprising her and landing a good deal over her face before she wised up and opened her mouth. Ed would slide over to Samara, but once the Aussie’s turn was down, it was back to Skyler.

“Thanks Sky,” Natalie whispered in her ear once Ed was tapped out and resorted to getting his piss-flavored dick sucked by Erin.

Apparently the blowjob by Erin had done something to his bladder because Ed pulled out of Erin’s mouth and waited with his tip pointed right at her face. The Boys star simply waited, though it wasn’t long until a stream, a thin one, filtered out of his slit and into her mouth. It only filled her just halfway, but Erin was struck with a naughty idea. Turning to her side, Erin grabbed the closest girl, who ended up being the sexy Aussie Samara, and spat Ed’s piss right into her mouth. Rather than be discussed, Samara swallowed it down, moaned then kissed Erin hard in thanks. 

“That’s so gross,” Lili Reinhart commented about the 5 women drinking the pee.

The Riverdale trio had once more reunited as they had often done throughout the Christmas gangbang. Madelaine was laying on the sofa, with her impressive flexibility tested with her ankles actually behind her head. A bald bear of a man was taking advantage of her wide open sex, pounding into her asshole with power versus speed. Lili was kneeling in front of her, either licking Madie’s available cunt or going ass to mouth on the man’s dick to keep her friend lubricated during her sodomy. Lili’s good deed wasn’t going unrewarded, as behind her was Camila who was tongue deep in her pussy or ass, depending on what mood struck her. Of course, Camila couldn’t have her thick wonderful ass up in the air and unavailable for long, with Antonio the first on the scene to get balls deep in her booty in no time.

“Want more of my squirt Cami?” Lili asked her friend. “Because I’m gonna cum again.”

Though Antonio was reluctant to give up his time sodomizing Camila’s wonderful ass, he did so for the sake of the film. While Madelaine continued getting ass fucked with Lili munching her fire-crotch, Camila went on her back and got her face right in front of the blonde’s snatch. Antonio did the honors by pushing two digits into her pussy before vigorously fingerbanging Lili until she was screaming in climax, at which point he pulled them out. That seemed to be the cork leaving the bottle moment as Lili instantly shot a condensed flow of squirt all over the Brazilian’s beautiful face. With Camila sitting on her booty, Antonio noted the gape that Lili’s booty had produced following her explosive climax.

“Trading one great ass for another,” Antonio thought as she started pummeling down into Lili’s asshole, which was as loose as ever after the orgasm.

Only right beside the Riverdale trio was Anna Kendrick, who was having her tiny body (minus her incredible tits) held up in the air. Max had his arms under her knees, holding her aloft as he thrust in and out of her well fucked pussy. Meanwhile the American Erik was behind her, gripping her teenie waist so he could pull her down to meet his jabs up onto her cavernous asshole. Anna kept her arms locked around Max’s neck and head, which suited the bog man just fine as it allowed his face to be buried in Anna’s bouncing tits, constantly taking one of her nipples into his mouth to suck and nibble.

“Just don’t step backwards,” Sabrina shouted up to the fucking trio, though she had no idea if anyone heard her. 

The pint-sized 20 year old had attracted her own suitors as well. With sofa space at a premium, Freddie had opted to lay on the ground and pull Sabrina atop of him for a nice ride. Though her ass was petite like the rest of her, and she was 20 and thus tight as all hell, the blonde showed initiative by riding him in her pussy for a minute then switching holes. Though her asshole was like a clamp despite being well into an hour of the epic Christmas gangbang, Sabrina proved where there was a will there was a way.

“Need me some of this teenage ass,” Angelo said.

Sabrina thanked her lucky stars that Freddie was back to having his dick ridden in her snatch and not her ass when Angelo decided to come join. Though she knew for a fact she wasn’t able to do double anal like a lot of her fellow actresses here tonight, she was still able to have one in the pink and one in the stink. The men seemed happy to put in the work with Freddie thrusting his big black cock up into her womb as Angelo hammered down into her booty, Sabrina wasn’t just going to be a corpse. Instead, the singer used her dance training to coordinate her motion of both pushing down to meet Freddie, as well as sliding back to match Angelo’s sodomy.

“God I love you, Sky.” Natalie Alyn Lind said to her best friend.

Ever since the leggy blonde took a good deal of the piss drinking meant for Natalie, the busty younger girl and Skyler were nearly inseparable. Which meant that they were sharing the sofa with 4 men surrounding them. Though double penetrations were nothing new to Skyler, they still were for the 20 year old Natalie. However, having her best friend there, kissing her deeply despite the trong taste of pee on her tongue, helped immensely. Natalie was able to bounce and twerk her very thick booty on Chris and the married man’s cock while Skyler was manhandled in the best way possible by Clay and Ed.

“Where to start,” Angel Wings murmured to himself as he examined all his options.

The young man had a trio of choices and all of them were A+. Closest to him was the gorgeous Aussie Samara Weaving, who ended up being his choice given her proximity. Angel Wings didn’t know or care who the blonde with big blue eyes was riding, all that he cared about was her inviting asshole. As he entered her, Samara curled her back and gave the man a warm smile before she moaned once the married man lightly bit one of her nipples. After spending a minute with her, Angel pulled out and rubbed some spit onto his cock as he stepped sideways. Erin Moriarty saw him coming and flashed her magnetic smile at him, all while she bounced her tight little ass on Antonio's ebony rod. 

“Oh fuck,” Erin moaned.

Erin was lulled into thinking she was receiving what she now considered a basic and easy double penetration. However, after fucking her cunt a few times, Angel Wings pulled out of her pink folds and had her recline further so her back was resting on the black man’s chest. Knowing what was coming, Erin relaxed herself by lightly diddling her clit as she felt the man pushing into her ass, past her ring and into her bowels at the same time as Antonio.  Angel Wings noted that some other tattooed guy had taken his old spot of filling Samara’s asshole, giving the Aussie a powerful ride up her ass while he satisfied himself on Starflight’s double anal ability. 

All the while, Angel Wings kept glancing to his right, waiting for Kat McNamara to be ready for him. The Arrow star was riding Georgio in her pussy, allowing the man to nozzle against her surprisingly large tits considering how slim the blonde was. As Kat placed a foot on either side of the man’s body and held herself in a perma-squat so that Georgio could have a field day in thrusting his hips up into her pussy without restriction, the bald man pulled out from her bald cunt and slipped into her ass. To her credit, Kat simply smiled down at him as she took the anal pounding that would have broken most girls her size in half. This was what Angel Wings was waiting for.

“Camera man! Look at Erin’s fucking gape,” he called to the cameraman capturing the action.

Angel Wings and Antonio both pulled out of Erin’s elastic hole and recorded the yawning cave that was once a tight butthole. This allowed Angel Wings to sidestep to his right and press Kat down against Georgio’s chest as he prepared to enter the slender blonde’s ass.

“I don’t think you’ll fit,” Kat stammered nervously.

“Oh babe. Where there is a will...” he stated, pushing harder and harder. “...There’s a way.”


Given her bubbly and thoughtful manner, swearing was hardly something Kat McNamara performed. However, exceptions were made when your asshole was forced open by not one, but two cocks. The two men weren’t able to go fast or deep, but they had performed a first on Kat, and the Shadowhunters’ star was unlikely to ever forget it. The men weren’t able to do much more than thrusts of a few inches as Kat wore a permanent grimace on her face, but to her credit she didn’t ask them to stop. After another minute of attempting the double sodomy, Angel wings popped out of her pooper for a final time.

“Let me blow you guys for not being able to do more,” Kat apologized.

“What a perfect fucking sub,” the tattooed man groaned as Kat knelt on the floor and took turns bobbing on the two dicks that were fresh from her own ass.

However, it was a noise on the opposite side of the room that drew almost everyone’s attention. The orgy had been going on for well over an hour, and now finally the first casualty of the festivities was claimed. Natalie Alyn Lind was the first to claim a man’s cum. The married man had been fucking her on the sofa with the blonde laying flat on her back so her wonderful tits were in his view, bouncing and jiggling with every thrust. He took turns hammering her wet snatch where he could go all out speed then would slip into her tight asshole, which hugged him wonderfully but was a slower fuck. He must have gotten hypnotized by those massive boobs because he had ignored his warning signs and before he knew it, his orgasm was at hand.

“Oh fuck...Goddamn...gonna...cum!”

Tarra’s husband was like a jackhammer as he pounded harder than ever into Natalie, though he was only using her anal ring to milk the top few inches of is cock. Once he felt his balls churning, he slowed down to a snail’s pace as he painted the inner walls of Natalie’s bowels. He tossed his head back and howled as an hour’s worth of fucking finally reached it’s conclusion. The man knew that in a situation like a massive orgy, you made every cumshot count so even though he was done cumming, he stayed buried in the busty blonde’s ass until Natalie’s best friend came over, at which point she squirmed her leggy body under his frame until her face was right under Natalie’s thick booty.

“I’m gonna pull out and you’ll push. Got it?”

Natalie nodded her head at the man more than twice her age. As she felt his deflating cock pulling out of her ass, she followed his exit by pushing as he demanded. It was a weird sensation to act like she was having a bowel movement immediately after sex, especially when a flow of liquid was actually moving out of her. Skyler Samuels was waiting for the load of cum to be pushed from her best friend’s rectum, catching it in her open mouth. The majority of the jizz came out in a continuous flow but Skyler had to wait for Natalie to wink her butthole several more times to get the rest of it that was shot right to the end of her colon. 

To put it frankly, the cum tasted gross. Skyler was immediately offended by the vile jizz that had the worst aspects of being salty beyond comfort, as well as quite clearly having passed out of someone’s poop chute. She knew that she was expected to snowball the cum with Natalie being the obvious partner for which to swap the cum around with. However, Natalie was her best friend and Skyler was unwilling to make the busty girl have to share in her discomfort and grossness. So instead, in two big gulps, Skyler swallowed the cum that had been 6 inches deep in Natalie Alyn Lind’s asshole before showing her empty mouth to the camera.

“Yum! All gone,” Skyler added.

It would be impossible to tell if one man’s need to cum triggered the next, or if it simply that time where their resistances were overpowered, however, the next man was ready to pop. On the other sofa, the Riverdale girls were once more fucking in close proximity. Madelaine was on hands and knees, thoroughly enjoying the deep dicking she was receiving from one of the black men. Camila and Lili were inseparable as always, though it was getting more and more unique. This time Angel Wings was seated on the sofa with Lili riding him in her snatch with her tits pressed against his chest since Camila was literally atop her back. It put the Brazilian’s phat ass at a perfect height for Georgio to plunder the depths of her colon, getting increasingly faster and more erratic until his race was finally run.

“Quick. On your knees,” Georgio hissed, pulling out of Camila’s epic ass in the same instance.

Though Lili would have loved to have joined her fellow actress to collect the cum, she was still riding the crap out of the tattooed man. Camila wasn’t alone for long though because as the man finished milking himself to completion, Madelaine came sliding into position beside her co-star. Camila and the redhead exchanged a quick kiss before squishing their faces together with their mouths open and tongues extended.

“Come on, come on, come on please,” Madelaine begged. “Give us our Christmas present!”

Georgio did just as Madelaine asked moments later. The redhead took the first two streaks of cum with the majority landing in her mouth though some did streak onto her lip and nose. Camila took the next three pumps of jizz with all of the cloudy fluid pouring right into her oral cavity before Georgio finished up draining the rest of his balls into Madie. Though Georgio told the girls to share, they didn’t need the instruction as they were already tongue deep in each other’s mouths, switching their mouthfuls of cum back and forth. Finally they seperated and swallowed down the salty load before Madelaine used her finger and scooped the spunk from her nose and lip into her mouth.

“Oh look, another one,” Camila commented as both she and Madelaine turned to face Antonio who came rushing over to the kneeling pair.

Antonio had his black shaft held steady in his hand, but unlike Georgio, he wasn’t pumping it. Camila turned out to be wrong in assuming he had more cum for them, though he did have a different bodily fluid primed and ready. Camila didn’t have a warning until after her mouth was half flooded with warm pee. Despite being this late in the orgy, the black man had lots to go around. Madelaine received a full mouth of his urine before he filled Camila backup as well. The black man also took the chance to spray their hot bodies, which made Camila’s olive skin glisten, meanwhile Madelaine’s great tits always looked even better when wet.

“Since you two are already down there...” handsome man Chris commented after Antonio had moved aside.

Once more, Camila was the first to receive the initial mouthful of warm urine to the gullet. She wished she liked golden showers or even pee drinking more, but the Brazilian really didn’t so she couldn’t help but grimace with each swallow. Madie on the other hand was either in her element or simple numb to it all. The redhead would gurgle the amber liquid, giving the camera a little show before chugging it down. Luckily for Camila, Chris had only two small mouthfuls for them, however his aim was wilder and he ended up splashing Cami and Madelaine on their faces more often than not. 

“I’m so jealous,” Sabrina Carpenter commented after seeing some of her fellow actresses collecting cum. “I want some jizz in me.”

Angelo was the man currently fucking the pint-sized blonde but he wasn’t that close to cumming despite the hammering he was doling out to her ass. Since she clearly wanted jizz, the bald man pulled out of her butt but before he left he had the adorable 20 year old perform some ass to mouth on his cock. He found it too cute with the way her face scrunched up slightly with that initial suck on his cock as it was fresh from her ass and strong in her juices, though to her credit, Sabrina only sucked him off that much harder. 

“I got your jizz right here,” Antonio told Sabrina after Angelo pulled out of her mouth. “Where…”

“Creampie! Right in the pooper!”

Antonio was already on the brink so within a handful of pumps of Sabrina’s insanely tight ass he was blowing his load. He hissed and shuddered before he withdrew, at which point Kat McNamara was already under the pint-sized blonde. Kat begged for the cum, though Sabrina made her promise to share. With that sorted out, Kat dug her tongue into the blonde’s tight booty, collected as much of the black man’s jizz and held it in her mouth. 

“Come up here and swap that into my mouth,” Sabrina called out to the slender blonde.

As Kat crawled up her tiny body, she held her head a foot away from Sabrina’s face. Using that coordination from all the stunt training, Kat’s aim was true and she allowed half of the collected cum from Sabrina’s asshole to spit down towards the blonde and amazingly land square on her tongue. So surprised, Sabrina hooted in celebration before pulling Kat down for a tongue-filled, cum-flavored makeout.

“Over here cameraman!” Freddie called out.

Luckily one of the men with cameras came at his call because nothing was going to slow his orgasm. Anna Kendrick’s one-on-one blowjob had zapped a good deal of his resistance, and then with Samara Weaving joining in, it only hastened things. His hands were each holding one of their heads, squeezing his tips into their skulls with fingers laced in their shiny hair.

“Wanna cum don't you?” asked Anna, knowing the tell-tale physical signs. “Cover us both in that hot jizz...”

“Yes please!” Samara practically begged. “I wanna be covered in your spunk too!”

Freddie simply couldn’t take any more. Once the two girls decided that they wanted him to cum, they made it a reality. Samara went for a rapid-fire approach with her mouth pistoning up and down the first several inches of his manhood while her hand stroked off the un-sucked portion. Meanwhile Anna bent low so that her lips could latch onto one of his dangling balls and suck with the perfect amount of force. It was a twin effort that made the black man helpless but to give them both his jizz.

“Fuck. Need...to...cum!”

Though Samara would have been more than content to milk the big man right into her eager mouth, that wasn’t to be. Instead, Freddie pulled his cock from her grip, which also meant his nut spilled from Anna’s mouth as well. With several quick jerks of his fist, the man let out a mighty bellow within the packed room as he came. Aiming at Anna’s face first, 2 thick streaks launched from his tip to plaster the Noelle star’s cheek and forehead before he twisted to the left. Samara felt the next 3 warm globs of cum land on her lips and nose before dribbling the last remainders onto Anna’s temple.

“Jesus!” Freddie slumped after the explosive orgasm.

The cameraman continued to stay locked on the two women in what could only be described as aggressive facial liking as both Anna and Samara were only interested in tasting Freddie’s spunk. Therefore, the kneeling Aussie and Anna were battling for position, doing their best to collect the cum on the other’s face and swallow it down in as big of a rush as possible.

“You taste so delicious,” Samara cooed after being satisfied she’d licked Anna’s face clean of his salty load.

Off in the corner of the nearest sofa, Lili was hogging two men all to herself. While Angel Wings was fucking her pussy in missionary, Max had her mouth working overtime. Lili knew he was getting close since the man kept reaching for cock to stroke despite the fact Lili was giving an expert suck. Finally, a man bellowed, indicating his time was done but it wasn’t Max. Instead, Lili felt Angel Wings start fucking her pussy in short jabs before burying himself fully in her pink folds. Moments later, his warm jizz started blasting against the walls of her womb but she didn’t get to fully bask in the glory due to a hiss and hair pull from the man with his dick in her face.

“Jesus Christ,” Angel Wings hissed as he came. “Drink my fucking cum.”

Lili felt two men at either end of her body emptying their loads into her respective holes as both pussy and mouth were jizzed in. The blonde did her best to collect all his seed without spilling any. As soon as Lili felt the first stream of warm cum land on her tongue she formed a tight seal with her lips around his cock and proceeded to milk all of his warm seed. His cum was plentiful, with the bisexual girl barely able to hold it all in her mouth without spilling a single drop.

"Oh my God," Max cursed, slumping backwards onto the leather sofa.

"Glad you both enjoyed yourselves," Lili replied with a satisfied groan.

Only on the other end of the sofa, a threesome within the orgy was coming to a close. Angelo was on the bottom, having his long slender dick ridden while his fellow porn actor was balls deep in the blonde’s ass above. The meat in the DP sandwich was Boys star Erin Moriarty, who still somehow was taking a dual fucking and managing to moan despite this being well into the second hou of the gangbang.

“Need to cum,” Angelo grunted from beneath the pile of bodies.

“Fuck! Me too,” the tattooed man atop the bodies hissed through clenched teeth though his thrusting never slowed.

Under normal circumstances Erin would have let them both cum inside her. It made for less initial mess, at least until she could get into a shower. But she knew she needed to do what looked the best and so when the cameraman gave an order, she was going to follow it. Therefore Erin let them continue to fuck her holes until their grunts became more labored and they were seconds away from popping, at which point she slinked forward, feeling them both spring free. Sliding off the bald man, Erin wormed her way to the ground before bending backwards so her head rested on the seat of the sofa, with both men jacking their dicks on either side of her.

“Cum for me boys! All over me,” Erin encouraged, her hand rolling a ball sack in each of her palms.


Hearing one of the actors moaning louder than the other, Erin faced that one just in time to see Angelo stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist, the bald man took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth with strings of white goo flying towards the blonde. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward Erin caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully. For the umpteenth time that night she took an ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

Unbeknown to her, the tattooed man was also ready to bust a nut so he crouched down lower, his dickhead mere inches from her beautiful face. He watched as Erin swallowed down his fellow actor’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, the tattooed man couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Mmmmm,” Erin Moriarty happily moaned, savoring every drop she was getting, even the stray few shots that fired on her face. 

“And then there were two,” Ed commented to his fellow remaining porn actor.

“No shocker that it's me and you, old friend,” Clay laughed.

“What do you think, piss on them and then cum?”

“I was thinking cum then wash them clean in the golden shower,” Clay countered.

All 10 girls had been privy to the conversation and so knew that a piss cleaning was coming at the end, therefore the four girls less inclined to being showered found ways of being elsewhere. That still left a group of 6, for which Anna Kendrick, Samara Weaving and Madelaine Petsch squared up to the hulking Ed while Sabrina Carpenter, Kat McNamara and Erin Moriarty knelt before Clay.

Ed was the first of the two to reach his end. He only needed a minute of stroking time until he felt the euphoria sweep through his body. Anna Kendrick was in the middle and she received the first blast of cum to the face despite being the furthest away. Part of the streak of cum landed on Madelaine’s flaming hair, but her face received the next full blast all to herself. Samara was last in line but Ed made it up to her by giving her a double shot of spunk. He had just enough left in his balls to give each of Anna, Madie and Samara a final small dribble before enjoying a little post-coital head from all three at once.

“Fuccckkk meeee!” Clay hissed as the last man standing finally succumbed. 

In front of Clay, the girls prepared in a slightly different way, making it easier for the older man to pivot from one beautiful face to the next. Having decided that Kat had the best rack in the trio, Sabrina had her face pressed against one perky tit while Erin did likewise with the other. Kat didn’t mind as they pair took turns sucking on each nipple until they heard Clay’s grunt. Clay gave Kat the first two squirts, covering her gorgeous face on both cheeks, nose and forehead. Erin earned the next double shot of spunk to her eye, cheek and chin. Last but not least, the remaining 4 blasts of warm cum landed on Sabrina’s adorable face in a shotgun style as it was more individual droplet covering the majority of her face as opposed to the ropes that decorated Kat and Erin.

“Shall we clean up our mess?” Ed asked his friend as his cock was slowly deflating.

“We are gentlemen, are we not,” the bald man laughed.

Within moments the pair had opened their taps and were dousing the 6 remaining women in their piss. They had been constantly refueling their bladders with water throughout the lengthy orgy so they had a good amount of warm pee to go around. Ed started with peeing on Samara, Anna and Madelaine’s faces, washing their cum away before aiming hair to soak their hair. Their blonde, auburn and flame colored heads turned darker with being wet, not to mention retained the smell of the urine more. Coming back down, Ed was able to give each of them a nice mouthful of pee to swallow down as their parting gift before his final weak stream dribbled out on all of their great tits.

Not to be outdone, Clay also began his inhuman large amount of piss to shower the women in. With both Erin and Sabrina still resting on Kat’s tits, it made it easy for Clay to cycle from girl to girl with his ever flowing stream. Starting with Kat, he arched his golden fluid so it handed on her head, flowed down her wavy blonde hair before down onto Sabrina and Erin’s faces. To both of the blonde’s credit, they let the pee wash their face and hair before turning to face the stream and drink down a healthy amount of his piss. Sharing the wealth, Clay gave a mouthful of his urine right into Kat’s mouth before giving a final showering to the two boob-obsessed blondes.

“And that’s a wrap everyone!”

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