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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 22
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart
Celebrities (Mentioned): Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, MMF, FF, Anal, DP, Gangbang, Oral, Orgy, Toys, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Gonzo Studios or Legalporno, nor with Twilight, or Charlie’s Angels, nor its characters in any way

Summary: With her career somewhat stalled, Ashley Greene of Twilight fame takes the big step in subjecting herself to a Legalporno shoot. Upon hearing the news, Ashley’s former co-star Kristen Stewart volunteers to film with her in order to finally get to fuck the girl she had a crush on for the last decade.

NOTE: Thanks to TufanProtocol for the suggestion on using Ashley Greene. I read each comment so feel free to share your thoughts and make requests


“So this is really happening,” Ashley Greene thought to herself as she sat on a transcontinental flight to the Czech Republic.

Ashley Greene’s career hadn’t turned out what she had hoped for. It had all been so bright when at only 21 years old she landed a prominent role in Twilight. Sure, it wasn’t the lead but it came with loads of screen time and it was a smash hit. Definitely not critically acclaimed, the movies were trash. Anti-feminist, shit on established vampire lore, seeking to appear to the lowest common dominator...but they were blockbusters and Ashley was in all 5. She tried to carry the momentum by starring in a few teen and horror movies, all of which were terrible and unappealing. 

Ashley pivoted and broke into television. After all, Hollywood was entering the golden age of TV so it wasn’t seen as too much of a demotion nowadays. Her first venture was another poor choice that was cancelled after only 14 episodes, plus she wasn’t even upgraded to a permanent cast member. She went back to movies, all either indie films that never made it big or studio movies that were straight to video. Finally she went to TV, taking a last roll of the dice. She really liked the project but it came with a clause - nudity. It was Ashley’s last asset she could offer so it felt right but went poorly. Though Ashley’s body was stunning in every way, once more she picked a dud of a project. Rather than be the next Alexandra Daddario in True Detective, the show was cancelled later that same season and Ashley was left with little more than Hallmark Christmas movies. 

“Relax Asher,” a familiar voice said to Ashley’s immediate right.

Across the aisle in the first class section of the plane was Ashley’s former co-star and lead in the Twilight movies Kristen Stewart. Despite Ashley being prettier with the better body and more normal personality, it was Kristen that was the Hollywood star. This despite being socially awkward and thus terrible in interviews to promote projects, not to mention being a homewrecker, Kristen was still starring in massive blockbusters and was a pioneer in the big push for LGBTQ representation. Hell, even Kristen’s niche Christmas movie was much bigger and received significantly better praise than the last two Hallmark Christmas movies that Ashley did.

“Relax? You read the ideas of what they are going to do to us tomorrow,” Ashley snapped, her nerves on end.

“Of course I did. I also knew the score when I signed up for this shit,” the less well-spoken actress hissed. “Besides, this shit is regular for me now. How else you think I went from being on everyone’s shit list to starring in Charlie’s fucking Angels.”

“Right. It’s just I haven’t done anything near this...extremely,” Ashley confessed.

“I know. Worst you got was Backroom Casting Couch,” Kristen replied, shocking her friend. “What? I’ve seen all your videos. I’ve been wanting to fuck you since we first started on Twilight yet the Powers That Be never had us in the same porn scenes before.”

“Really? I mean, I know you flirted with me but I thought you flirted with everyone. Plus the rumors with you and Anna…”

“All true. Me and Anna fucked on the regular. Still do when we’re in the same spot for long enough. Great fuck,” Kristen commented as a grin sproated on her face thinking of the prior trysts. “But yeah, I always wanted to eat you and now I get my shot. If it means I have to deal with a bunch of dicks sticking me then so be it.”

“Whoa. Thanks,” the dark-haired beauty said. “I needed that.”

“Besides, you followed the instructions that the studio sent, right? On how to loosen yourself up and other ways to prep?” Kristen quizzed.

“Really diligently,” Ashley nodded.

“So then have a drink or Valium, chill out and fall the fuck asleep. We’ll be in Prague that much sooner and get to have some proper fun then.” Kristen told her friend as she settled her sleep mask onto her face.

“Wait. Did you volunteer to do this scene with me?” Ashley asked, as this was the only thing that made sense. But to willingly subject yourself to something deprived like this seemed beyond Ashley’s understanding.

“Yeah dude. I know your straight and I didn’t know if I’d ever get this shot again,” Kristen explained. “Simply put, you’re worth it bitch.”

*    *    *

The screen changed from black to a severely contrasted white as the camera was pointed down at the tiles. The soft moans of two women could be heard, one completely feminine and the other with a slight rasp. As the camera began panning upwards, 2 sets of matching black heels were seen. The camera continued to slowly move up over matching sets of stockings on what were twin sets of very long legs. 

Now differences were starting to show between the two. The one possessing the more feminine voice had skin that was kissed by the sun, a warm and natural hue to it. The other was nearly alabaster white, which was also quite appealing. They both possessed fantastic asses, both on the smaller side in terms of thickness but equally pillowy and pleasing given their small statures. Once more difference sprouted as the tanned beauty had a hard flat stomach that showed a keen interest in working out while the pale beauty was flat but by no means muscular. She also had smaller tits, a B cup, versus the tanned woman’s bigger C’s. Finally, the camera showed the faces of Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene. 

“Mmmm,” Kristen cooed as she felt up her former co-star. “I’ve been waiting years to get my hands on these fuckers.”

Though the girls were practically identical in height as well, Kristen seemed to tower above her lesser known co-star due to her comfort level. That, and the lesbian had a natural dominance over other women. Though Kristen was submissive to men, with other women none were her equal and she let them know. Luckily, Ashley was anything but an alpha in any way, happily told what to do and when to do it. 

And to say that Kristen was all over the gorgeous brunette would have been an understatement. After a thorough and tongue filled kiss, Kristen continued to roam her former co-star’s body. She wasn’t showing a preference for any one body part, her hands cycling between Ashley’s perfect tits, fit ass and pretty face. It was no surprise that Ashley’s hands kept gravitating towards the Charlie’s Angels star’s ass. Kristen had always had a bubbly butt, far surpassing what a skinny girl should possess, but with her training for Charlie’s Angels, her ass had become thicker and tighter, still small but now a great ass!

“Look how fit this mother fucker is,” Kristen told the camera.

Ashley couldn’t help but smile and laugh at her friend’s antics as Kristen used both hands to slap her fit ass. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, only to entice the viewers. Playing it up for them, Ashley pivoted so her wonderful backside was facing the camera and dropped into a half-squat to make her bubbly ass pop even more. Kristen continued to roam the curvy flesh, using her hands to jiggle, rub and spank Ashley’s ass in equal measure. And Kristen couldn’t pass up the puffy mound between the tanned girl’s legs, her eager fingers rubbing over Ashley’s pussy through her thong.

“Oh God!” Ashley moaned from the attention to her twat.

“I’m gonna fuck and lick you so much,” Kristen snarled in carnal passion.

Kristen straightened and pulled her Twilight star in for another tongue-filled kiss. Half the time her tongue spill outside of Ashley’s mouth, licking the skin around her lips as the Charlie’s Angels star’s excitement couldn’t be contained. Ashley felt fingers clutching the back of her head, but Kristen’s other hand cycled between doing likewise with her jaw, or sliding down around Ashley’s throat and giving it a squeeze. It was enough to cut off oxygen and make the tanned girl’s face go slightly red, but Kristen never held the choke for more than a few seconds luckily. 

“Please can I get this sexy bitch naked,” Kristen begged the men behind the camera.

When she received a nod in answer, Kristen faced her friend at the camera and moved behind her. Ashley felt the lesbian make short work of the clasp of her bra before she pulled it off Ashley’s body and flung it somewhere. Ashley immediately felt the heft of her tits as they went unsupported, but only for a moment before Kristen’s hands seized them. Too big for the burn-out to paw, Ashley’s firm and perky tits spilled out from around her friend’s hands. Ashley’s nipples, the size of a silver dollar, were already erect and the perfect bright pink color. 

“I seriously can’t understand how you didn’t hit mega-stardom,” Kristen hissed in her ear. “With this body and willing to show these 10 out of 10 tits, my mind is blown.”

Showing her dominance once more, Kristen pinched each of her friend’s nipples and shook them. The C-cup pair jiggled and drew a smile from Ashley’s model-esque face before a surprised look crossed it after Kristen slapped both tits. Not hard, but just enough to cause them to quake and shake for a second after contact. As Kristen repeated the feat another few times, she buried her face in the side of Ashley’s neck, giving the tanned skin kisses which elicited moans from the brunette.

“Whoa!” Ashley screamed in surprise as she was twisted and shoved onto the sofa behind her.

The underperforming actress landed on her knees with her perfect peach of an ass pointing the camera. Kristen joined her on the furniture, kneeling beside her as the Twilight lead peeled down the tiny excuse of underwear that Ashley was wearing. Left only in her garter belt, stockings and heels, Kristen pulled apart her friend’s ass cheeks to show the viewers her Ashley’s clean shaven pink pussy and crinkled starfish.

“I’m gonna fuck you here,” Kristen commented as her tongue dove into Ashley’s pussy.

“Shit,” the leggy brunette moaned under Kristen’s oral assault to her wet snatch.

“...and especially fuck you here,” Kristen continued before performing roughly 10 licks over Ashley’s puckered anus in the span of a few seconds.

After her initial salvo, Kristen shifted to long slow licks that started with her tasty pink pussy and extended up and over the asshole. Ashley was no stranger to rimjobs, or anal sex for that matter, and so she appreciated the oral attention Kristen was giving her. Each second that passed, Ashley realized how talented her friend was with her mouth. Whether it was using the tongue to poke deep into her anal canal or performing wet full-tongue circles around her puckered hole, Kristen was making Ashley feel extremely hot and heavy.

“You didn’t have to clean so thoroughly for me,” Kristen commented, pulling her tongue out from the deepest recesses that she could lick. “I wouldn’t have minded feasting on your filth.”

Kristen changed tactics as she let a glob of spit fall from her mouth and land on her friend’s anus. Her fingers immediately rubbed it around the rim before Kristen pushed the majority of her saliva past the anal ring and as far into Ashley’s bowels that her index finger could reach. Pulling back out, Kristen repeated the spit and finger technique but this time with her slightly longer middle finger. Noting the ease at which her solo digits pierced her former Twilight co-star, Kristen pushed both inside at the same time, earning a tossing of Ashley’s head back and a louder moan than before.

“Yes! Stretch out my little asshole,” Ashley bellowed in pleasure.

Kristen went back to using her tongue as Ashley’s sphincter was now looser after the stretch. Her tongue was able to poke deeper, allowing Kristen to taste and feel all new regions of her friend’s bowels.  Every so often Kristen would slide down to get a hit of the sweet-salty taste of Ashley’s cunt but her focus was almost exclusively set to eating out the Florida native’s ass. Whenever she wasn’t licking her asshole, she was fingering it, driving 2 digits in as deep as they could possibly fit and feeling the smooth texture of Ashley’s bowels against her fingertips.

“I’ve been selfish. Here, taste,” Kristen commented.

Ashley understood exactly what her friend meant when she looked back over her shoulder and had two fingers shoved into her mouth. Despite several enemas, the taste of ass was inevitably flavoring the fingers, but it was mild, much like anyone got when they licked an asshole. Ashley pretended it was a dick and gave the digits a suction-filled blowjob, bobbing her head on the hand and tasting the pleasant flavor of her asshole all the while.

“Yum,” Ashley moaned. “I taste wonderful!”

Ashley thought she was in for more of the same but as Kristen took her fingers from Ashley’s mouth, she wrapped her fist into the leggy brunette’s hair. No stranger to having her hair pulled during sex, Ashley took on a smile as Kristen pulled her to her feet, at which point the pressure on her scalp ended. Kristen left her friend standing as the Charlie’s Angels star sat on the sofa and pulled off her thong, exposing her trimmed bush to Ashley and the viewers. Ashley got off her heels and onto her knees with her face leaning in towards the naked sex in front of her. Though Ashley was straight, she had a few lesbian encounters, mostly through Hollywood Pornstars shoots, so the thought of eating a pussy wasn’t too much of a hurdle for her. However, that wasn’t quite what Kristen had planned.

“I’m feeling really full. Need to relieve myself before we continue,” Kristen commented.

Ashley knew what she was angling at. Though eating out another girl wasn’t high up on her sexual preference list, getting peed on was significantly lower. However, Ashley knew what she signed up for so she lowered herself to her elbows and arched her neck and back so her face was nearly level with Kristen’s pussy and less than 6 inches away. 

“Open up wide for me, you piss hungry slut,” Kristen demanded.

Ashley didn’t have to wait long, which may have been for the better. Nearly the same moment her jaw slackened and tongue extended, a stream of golden fluid took her with perfect accuracy, filling her mouth in a second. The piss didn’t stop, in fact Kristen flowed a thick stream of urine into Ashley’s open mouth for 15 full seconds before it cut out. Ashley was only able to be used as a toilet for that length of time, but now that her mouth wasn’t being constantly filled, she knew she had to swallow the last mouthful of pee. With urine splashed all over the bottom half of her face, not to mention covering the floor under her, Ashley Greene swallowed her first ever mouthful of piss. Kristen had helped her out by drinking gallons of water only for the past few days, making her pee the faintest yellow color and thus not too gross. It was still piss she was drinking, but it wasn’t gag-worthy.

“So much,” Ashley said, looking her nearly grey eyes up at her friend who had just made her swallow a mouthful of her piss.

“Not done,” Kristen said as she strained.

True to her word, the next stream was not only much shorter, only lasting a few seconds, but much wilder. Ashley felt the majority fill her mouth, but a good deal of the frayed stream splashed on her chin, lips, nose and cheeks. As the flow sputtered out, mostly just leaking down onto the floor, Ashley swallowed her second every mouthful without her face even distorting in disgust.

“Down girl,” Kristen demanded.

At first Ashley thought she meant for her to go down on the lesbian, but as Ashley moved her face towards Kristen’s pussy, a hand on her head pushed her down. Realizing what Kristen wanted, Ashley was mortified, though she kept her face neutral as Kristen made her press her face down into the massive puddle of her pee on the floor. Using her tongue, Ashley licked in the puddle, albeit tentatively, but found that the floor was clean and the piss was still only mildly pungent.

“Don’t be a little bitch. Drink that pee,” Kristen ordered.

Ashley did as she was told, taking a lick that was nearly double what she did the first time. She ended the lick by slurping up more of the pee with pursed lips, swallowing it with an audible gulp for the cameras as well. With her tits now dangling in the yellow fluid, Ashley felt like a cat as she constantly lapped up the pee. She was grateful that Kristen was keeping her hair bundled on the top of her head so it didn’t get soaked in piss, but the hand also kept her head pressed down in the neverending puddle of her bladder.

“Such a good girl,” Kristen cooed, pulling Ashley up for a tongue filled kiss to demonstrate the good job Ashley had done. “Yummy. Good quality piss, huh?”

“Your strap-on,” an assistant said to Kristen from off-screen.

Ashley was impressed with how quickly Kristen had stepped into and secured the harness that housed a truly impressive cock out in front of it. Clearly not her first time using a strap-on, Ashley noted that the ebony toy was thicker and longer than any man’s cock ought to be. 14 inches in length and nearly 2 inches wide, the toy was massive. Worse, Ashley knew the reputation of the studio, which prided itself with a lot of 0% pussy shoots. Therefore, when Kristen had her kneel in front of the fake cock, Ashley was determined to give it the best and sloppiest blowjob of her life.

It was nice to see that her and her friend were on the same wavelength as before Kristen needed to issue a command, Ashley was opening her mouth and attempting to choke down as much of the inhumanly large toy as possible.

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk,” Ashley gagged as she pushed her face forward.

Saliva dripped from the gorgeous actress’s mouth in a near endless amount, likely tasting like the piss she drank down moments before. Over and over Ashley would push her face forward, cramming as much of the fake dick into her mouth as possible. It wasn’t much, not compared to the total 14 inches in length, but the leggy actress had the right attitude.

“Let me see how much you can fit in your mouth,” Kristen mused.

Through perseverance, not to mention the lesbian’s hip rocking, Ashley felt inches gliding past her lips and into the back of her mouth. Not even the best deep throaters in the world could get that sex toy into their gullet and down the throat, though Kristen seemed determined to try to make Ashley do it. Though she nearly retched several times, all that happened was Ashley’s back heaved and lots of wet saliva poured around the fake cock and down onto the tiled floor, mixing with the pool of pee. After 30 seconds of trying, Kristen backed the cock out, allowing Ashley to get several ragged breathes in. 

“Get up on the couch,” Kristen ordered.

Ashley took a moment to steel her nerves before nodding her head. As she rose to her knees, she gave one last near-gag suck and spit on the tip of the dildo, hoping that would help the task ahead. She’d done all the prep work with taking muscle relaxers and stretching her anal ring out for hours each day with progressively bigger butt plugs, but she was still unsure if her asshole could accommodate such a truly massive object, but she was determined to try. As Kristen climbed on the sofa and squatted down over her booty, Kristen spat onto her asshole before butting the strap-on against her backdoor. Knowing the routine, Ashley calmed her breathing, focused on relaxing her butthole, then mentally prepared to be ass-fucked.

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhiiitttt,” Ashley moaned, groaned then cursed as she was sodomized by the biggest cock, real or fake, that she’d ever taken. 

“I never tire of fucking fellow Twilight sluts!” Kristen hissed, referring to all her times dominating Anna Kendrick.

Kristen had given her friend only a few heartbeats to adapt to the toy forcing her anal ring open before starting to fuck her. Kristen was used to working with a strap-on therefore she had no issues with having to snap her hips into the push forward then swiveling them back to withdraw. Slowing down, the Twilight lead did a long slow push, sinking another few inches further into Ashley’s fit ass before she resumed her faster thrusts. 

“Oh my God, it’s so long,” Ashley commented between moans.

Used to how the dildo was feeling, Kristen started to stretch out the amount of toy being pulled in and out of her friend’s anal ring. Though Ashley’s sphincter had been tight at the beginning of their tryst, it clearly wasn’t in that state any longer. Kristen was a sopping mess between her legs as the sight of such a big dildo constantly scything into a thin hot piece of ass like Ashley Greene was beyond sexy. 

“Such a good anal whore. Say it! Say your my butt slut,” Kristen demanded.

Aya realized that to get more inches into Ashley’s bowels, she had to shorten her thrusts to only using a small segment of the dildo. That worked just fine for the lesbian, allowing her to slowly but surely add more and more of the fake cock through the leggy actress’ anal ring. It was slow goings, but Kristen had all night and she was having a fucking blast in dominating her highly attractive friend. 

“Fuck! My ass is yours! Fuck it!” Ashley screamed as new depths of her rectum were touched.

“I want you to hold your ass open so I can look at my handiwork,” Kristen told her sex slave.

Ashley knew what was expected of her so her hands gripped tightly onto her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She felt inch after massive inch withdrawn from the deepest recesses of her ass before the lip of the dickhead pushed past her anal ring. For the first time in who knows how long, Ashley was empty and she honestly didn’t like that feeling. She saw out of the corner of her eye the camera moving to get a good close-up of Ashley Greene’s gaping butthole, which Ashley imagined was a good inch or two wide open. After a few seconds, Krristen poked the head of the dildo back in her ass, causing Ashley’s sphincter to open wide again. As soon as it went in, it was pulled out, showing off Ashley’s inch-wide gape to the cameras once more.

“Hey Asher, I think my dicks needs more lube. Help me out, would ya?” Kristen asked.

As the lebian flopped back into a seated position on the sofa, Ashley turned around so her face hovered over the cock that had been punching into her pooper for the past 10 minutes. While oral sex with women was a rare occurance in her life, blowing a cock was as commonplace for Ashley as shopping. Opening her mouth, Ashley didn’t care that the dildo had been 7 inches deep in her bowels mere seconds prior. Instead she wrapped her lips around the ebony toy and descended several inches before rapidly bobbing up and down. Just like with the fingers from earlier, it was easy to tell which hole the toy had come from, but it was far from an unpleasant taste. 

“I think it’s time for more cocks,” a man said from off screen.

As Ashley pulled her mouth from the dildo, she saw 5 naked men holding big cocks in their hands, all chomping at the bit to join in. Kristen acted fastest of all, pulling Ashley onto her lap. In their haste, the dildo wormed its way into the leggy girl’s pussy, not that either girl minded. As Ashley rode the ebony toy in her snatch, a man with slicked back hair climbed onto the sofa, his dick wagging in Ashley’s face. As Ashley wrapped her fist around his dick and steered Slick’s cock into her mouth, a black man strode up behind her and without breaking stride, slid his dick right into her already loose asshole.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Ashley moaned around Slick’s cock as she was DP’d for the first time in over a year.

Though the black man had double penetrated many women before, after all it was his job, it always took a little extra effort when his partner was a massive dildo. However, after half-a-minute, he and Kristen were working like a team to constantly be filling the fit girl’s holes with cocks. Just as he was able to work nearly all 9 inches into Ashley’s ass, he pulled out to show a nice gape and let the next man have his shot.

“Oui!” a handsome Frenchman exclaimed as he was the next in line to sodomize Ashley Greene.

Kristen stayed beneath the pile of bodies, her dildo thrusting up into her friend’s pussy as Frenchie teed off in her ass. However, the man thought why sodomize an already fucked ass when there was a fresh one so near. Pulling out and kneeling on the ground, Frenchie pushed aside a harness strap so Kristen’s holes became exposed. All the gangbang participants knew that all of the girls’ holes were free to fuck, so after getting a final consenting nod from the pretty lesbian, the Frenchman pushed his tip into Kristen Stewart’s asshole.

“Jesus Christ!” Kristen screamed, the feeling of a real dick inside her being both foreign and exciting. “Been awhile.”

Ashley took a brief break to look over her shoulder and found that her best friend was getting fucked with half a cock, but each thrust was getting faster. When the fit actress turned back around, the one dick she was blowing was joined by two more. Using her hands to stroke off two of them, Ashley gave a blowjob to the third, all while her friend who was getting fucked in her ass was still thrusting her hips up to fuck Ashley’s cunt with the massive strap-on dildo she wore.

“Don’t mind me,” a handsome bald-headed man commented.

Ashley risked a brief look behind her and found that the 5th and final member of the orgy was taking up the spot directly behind her. The 7 of them on the sofa looked like the sexiest game of Twister as Baldy completed the DP of Ashley, making sure he didn’t impeded Frenchie from ass-fucking Kristen. With both girls trapped in place, the three men up by Ashley’s face were the ones rotating so that the center guy was being blown constantly while the others were stroked off. As a stern-looking, wiry man took his turn in her mouth, Ashley noted that this guy was into face fucking. Ashley stopped using her neck muscles and simply held her mouth open as Serious went from either pounding the back of her mouth with his cockhead, to trying to suffocate her by cramming as much of his 8 inches down her gullet until her eyes went glossy and drool leaked down onto Kristen’s face.

“Let’s have a little gape showoff,” one of the men suggested.

Frenchie and Baldy both pulled out of the respective asses they were fucking and moved out of the way of the camera so it could move in. With Frenchie pulling apart Kristen’s butt cheeks, Kristen did likewise with Ashley’s ass from underneath her. Ashley’s anal ring showed more wear on it, which made sense as now two men and a massive dildo had pillaged it. Holding wider than an inch and leaking some spit that they had used as lube, Ashley was proud of it. Kristen’s sphincter was still tight despite the month-long anal fest she’d been having with her girlfriend. Her anal ring was colored a pleasant pink and only produced a gape when her surprisingly thick cheeks were pulled as wide as possible. 

“Come onto your knees,” an Italian-accented voice told the women.

“And you can lose the harness now,” Serious told Kristen.

As the two Twilight stars knelt on the ground, Kristen undid the straps on her harness but she didn’t have it undone when the first man slammed his dick in her mouth. The stern-looking man was seeing how deep the famous actress could go, eventually giving up as tears streaked down Kristen’s cheek. She had little free will as the much larger man simply passed her around, sometimes sucking deep and other times being skull fucked. Her mascara was now running in an adorable streak down her cheek, but she wore a smile on her plump lips all the time. The other Twilight actress was back to having a dick in either hand, using her mouth to bob on one of them at a time. 

“Gllkkk kklllkkk kklllkkk,” both girls gurgled and gagged.

“I guess getting gagged and strangled by cock is a fetish these days,” Kristen commented, spit dripping down her lips and onto her tits.

Ashley now had a third man of her own, using her two hands to stroke dicks on the outside of her while her mouth was blowing the central one. It meant that he had complete control of her, and just like Kristen, Ashley was finding that the men liked a nice deep suck. She was slightly better at deepthroating than Kristen given the lesbian’s lack of training for years, but by no means an expert. As the dick was lodged in her throat for a handful of seconds, her back heaved but then the man pulled out with nothing more than extra spit in her mouth.

“Choke on this, beautiful,” a man said to Ashley.

Ashley looked up and found that Serious was back to her. Rather than face fuck the fit actress, Serious grabbed the base of his cock with one hand, and the back of Ashley’s head with the other. He pressed the two together until his dick poked the back of her mouth then pulled out. After a quick breath, he rinsed and repeated, Ashley constantly having to spit the mouthful of saliva his cock produced down to the floor or onto her perfect tits. Kristen was in a similar situation as her mouth constantly was full of saliva after a deep-dicking down her gullet. An idea struck her as she had her latest mouthful.

“Asher,” she mumbled with her mouth full. 

Kristen rose high up onto her knees so she was a few inches above the height of Ashley’s face. Surprisingly, the stern-faced man guessed what Kristen was all about and helped, turning Ashley to face her friend. Being the submissive that she was, Ashley stayed low and opened her mouth, though she didn’t expect Kristen to spit an entire mouthful of spit down her gullet. Before Ashley had a chance to recover, Serious and Frenchie took turns slamming their cocks to the back of her mouth, making Ashley messier and more spit-covered by the second.

Ashley didn’t know how she and Kristen survived the next 5 minutes of the blowbang. Each man was acting similar; holding their dicks down their throats, watching as tears and spit leaked from their eyes and mouths, respectively. Right as their backs would heave from their gag reflex starting to kick in, they backed away, leaving them with a growing puddle of spit that nearly doubled the amount of fluid on the ground after Kristen unloaded her bladder onto Ashley.

“Thirsty ladies?” one of the men asked, drawing laughs from the others.

“Well shit,” Ashley swore as the men gave them a minute alone in order to let their dicks deflate a little.

“Just stay calm. It’s just yellow water,” Kristen tried to soothe her friend as they pulled their hair back behind them.

“Yellow water that tastes a lot like piss,” Ashley murmured.

Slick stepped up and moved Kristen so her and Ashley’s faces were pressed cheek-to-cheek. The director didn’t need to tell them to open up as both actresses parted their lips wide and extended their tongues. Despite already having drunk some earlier, Ashley was still by far the more apprehensive of the two. She tried acting brave, staring her gray eyes up into Slick’s face but the wait was killing her and 2 more men had appeared beside him, each holding their cocks as if ready to unload at any moment. Finally after 15 long seconds, small dribbles escaped his pee slit before the stream became solid.

“Ahhhh,” Slick groaned.

Ashley heard the grunt at the same instance she took half a mouthful of his piss into her mouth. Kristen helped out, leaning into the arching fluid to get her fill, but in truth his piss was pretty minimal and a weak flow with the majority spilling onto the floor or against their tits and stomachs. Thankful for the easy start, each girl swallowed their meager offering before showing off to the camera their empty mouths.

“Here,” Baldy snapped a warning.

With faces still pressed together, the girls turned to the left and were just in time to get their fill by the bald-headed man. Kristen received her mouthful first, having time to swallow it as Baldy gave his fill to Ashley, whose face scrunched up in slight disgust. She needed a moment to compose herself as Kristen was getting another mouthful, but the Charlie's Angels star had a better idea. Baldy pinched off his piss so that he could watch Kristen Swetart spit her pee right down into Ashley Greene’s mouth. As Ashley looked grossed out once again, Kristen settled back into position and was rewarded with another fill of pee, choosing to swallow this one as Ashley was still choking down the last load. 

“Twin streams!” 

Kristen and Ashley now had to contend with two men pissing into their mouths as the black men appeared to Baldy’s left side. Kristen faced the man with the ebony cock, taking the start of his powerful stream right between her eyes before he found the target of her open mouth. Ashley was still taking mouthful after mouthful from Baldy, who seemed to have a never-empty bladder. Ashley didn’t know if it was the partial boners that made their pee last longer or if these men were genetic freaks, but either way she had a belly full of men’s pee with no end in sight.

“Make that three,” a french-accented voice added.

Kristen was already moving to spit a mouthful of pee into Ashley’s mouth and followed it up with a tongue-filled kiss. Though the majority of the snowballed pee fell to the floor, it made for quite a visual seeing two extremely gorgeous girls making out while 3 men peed on their faces. Unfortunately for Kristen, the third man was to her side, meaning that his pee was landing in her hair, saturating her dark locks. Ashley found it hard to kiss Kristen when 2 men with amazing accuracy were still peeing on them, pouring into their mouths no less. 

“Told’ya this would be fun,” Kristen said, breaking off the kiss and allowing Ashley to take the next mouthful.

“A real party,” Ashley sarcastically replied, having swallowed and watched as Kristen had her mouth filled.

“Shit! Monkey see, monkey do,” Kristen suddenly announced.

Getting to her feet, Kristen put one foot onto the sofa to open up her sex. Ashley had more than a thought about what Kristen meant to do so she turned to face her friend and was rewarded with a powerful and erratic stream of piss. While the men had been precise with narrow streams, Kristen’s was the opposite. While a decent amount hit Ashley’s mouth, the fit actress took a majority to her face from forehead down to jaw, not to mention down over her firm chest. 

“Sorry for the aim, babe,” Kristen said, kneeling beside Ashley and giving her a vigorous makeout.

The girls were permitted a few minutes to towel off, which allowed the fluffers to come in and get the men hard once more. With their bodies dry again, the fun restarted. As soon as they knelt on the sofa, they were surrounded in a storm of dicks. Kristen was first, a cock belonging to the stern-faced man sliding into her ass. It was a tight fit and Kristen’s brief wince on her face betrayed the discomfort she felt, but as the man started making headway into her colon, she smiled and pushed back to meet his thrusts.

“Fuck my ass, you mother fucker,” Kristen hissed through clenched teeth.

The black man behind Ashley had a similar idea, not wasting any time in sliding up into her ass. The fit actress’ ass was still loosened from the fucking she took from the massive toy, so having his ebony dick go balls deep in his first stroke felt like a vacation. In fact it was Ashley, who was the more timid of the two, that was first to reach out for the closest dick to her face and start spit-roasting herself as she took a black cock in her ass and Baldy’s in her mouth.

“Struggling K-Stew?” Ashley asked as she switched from sucking one dick for another.

“Takes a minute getting back on the horse,” the longtime lesbian stated.

Despite the discomfort, Kristen was still encouraging the man behind her to go harder. At some point Serious had been replaced with Slick, while a look behind Ashley confirmed that Frenchie was now sodomizing her friend instead of the black man. Ashley soon found where the black man went, as an ebony cock tasting vaguely like her asshole was filling her mouth now. After having drank a few liters of piss, the taste of her ass was a welcome flavor for the former Twilight actress. 

“You think you can handle a DP?” a man asked Kristen.

“Fuck. It’s been awhile but they used to be my jam,” Kristen answered.

Ashley was proud that her friend was going to take the bull by the horns, but she got distracted. She snapped her focus back to the scene at hand as she was pulled over onto Frenchie’s lap, with his dick instantly finding her pussy. It felt nice to have a dick in her wet hole, but she soon had the vacancy of her asshole filled as Serious stepped up behind her and slammed into her asshole. Given the vigor in which he fucked her ass, Frenchie did little more than sit still and allow the intense man to have his way with Ashley, allowing the brunette to get to grips with the crazy pace before he rocked his hips upwards.

“Just relax, beautiful,” the Frenchmanman told her, reaching down to strum her clit.

“Don’t baby her,” Kristen shouted from a few feet away. “The bitch can take it.”

“Thanks K-Stew,” Ashley groaned.

Though it was a sarcastic remark, already the pain in her ass was subsiding. Now that Serious had slowed to only a fast pace instead of insanely fast, Ashley was feeling the pleasure of having two dicks take turns sawing into her holes. Looking over at Kristen, she found her friend laying on her side, hugging her knees. Slick was kneeling and fucking her ass, but upon seeing the black man coming over, Kristen pulled him out and put Slick in her pussy. The man waited from the black guy to kneel and enter Kristen’s well fucked ass before he timed his own thrusts, pushing in as the black man exited and vice versa. The sole remaining man not fucking was Baldy, though he satisfied himself taking turns getting blown by each of the former Twilight actresses. 

“Ready for the training wheels to be taken off?” the black man asked Kristen.

One sure-fire way to get Kristen pissed off was treating her differently. Though she had to admit that the sidelying positioning for her DP meant that neither man could fuck her with his whole length, nor very fast, she hated that the black man made it sound like he pitied her. Determined to show them that a lesbian could fuck just as hard as Ashley, Kristen got to her feet and threw the black man down to the sofa. She turned her fantastic bubble butt to him than sat down, not stopping until her plump cheeks hit his lap meaning all 9 inches of ebony cock was residing in her asshole.

“Fuck, that’s deep,” Kristen swore to herself. 

Biting the inside of her lip, she rode the entire length of his thick shaft for a few times before his arms pulled her down against his chest. She looked over and found Ashley getting choked by Serious, though he let go of her windpipe before her face turned anything more than a shade of red. It served as the distraction Kristen needed as she barely noticed Slick’s cock push balls deep into her pussy.

“Now we actually fuck you,” the black man hissed from under her.

“So far all I hear is talk, no action,” Kristen snapped back.

Given how she was now taking both cocks at full speed and depth, Kristen may have regretted those words. She swore and screamed louder now, though still managed to rock her hips to encourage them to give her more. Beside her, Ashley was having three men rotating between her two holes, one of them always getting a chance to rest and stay fresh while the two fucking the tanned girl could go all out knowing they’d have a break when needed.

“Bosco, my race is over,” Serious called out to the director.

“Have fun with the finish,” was his reply.

The other men understood to give Serious his final moment and so they backed away. After a brief exchange with the women, Ashley climbed face down on the sofa right in the elbow of the sectional sofa. Showing her flexibility from over a decade of yoga, Ashley spread her long tanned legs so they formed a V, each resting on part of the sofa. Serious climbed up, dropping into what could only be described as a power-squat position where he began ass fucking the gorgeous brunette balls deep with each thrust. Given his style of fucking, it was his typical all-out fashion. Ashley had to bite the cushion in front of her face, but this pace couldn’t be maintained for long. After a minute, Serious slowed his thrusting and gave a mighty bellow.


The girls reacted, knowing that they had to treat cumshots like precious entities. With his dick still plugging her asshole, Ashley got her hands between their bodies and pulled her cheeks apart. Kristen was on hand waiting as Serious pulled out and fed his cock to her, with the taste of his jizz and Ashley’s ass filling her taste buds. He pulled back, only to jab just the tip of his cock into Ashley’s gaped hole, which was now on the verge of spilling over the cum. Serious wouldn’t let that happen. After pushing his tip into Ashley’s ass, he pulled out and had Kristen suck him, collecting his cum. He did this another few times, spoon-feeding his anal creampie to Kristen’s willing mouth before he stepped out of the way and allowed Kristen to finish slurping his jizz right from her friend’s wide open asshole.

“Your ass is so nice I’m willing to eat gross man cum out of it,” Kristen shared a giggle with her former co-star only after licking every last drop of jizz from her booty.

“Kneel,” Baldy demanded from Ashley.

Ashley stayed in the same general position, only she drew her legs towards her, making her ass pop back as she rested on her knees. As Ashley was getting into position, so too was Kristen, with the lesbian sitting on her ass before sliding back so her head was under Ashley’s wet snatch. As the bald man planted his dick in Ashley’s ass and started milking himself, Kristen feasted on the leggy girl’s sweet pussy, making Kristen beam in happiness at getting to eat out such a gorgeous woman.

“Oh shit,” Ashley cooed as her clit and snatch came under the expert tongue work of her lesbian former co-star. “Oh fuck!” 

The second curse from Ashley was the direct result of the handsome bald man dropping 8 inches of thick cock into her asshole. Much like Serious, Baldy had one objective; cumming. With a thumping pace, Baldy went about orgasming as fast as possible, all while Kristen’s nimble tongue danced through her friend’s folds. The dichotomy of intense pleasure from Kristen versus the savage anal pounding was stark but overall it was a pleasing experience.

“Here it comes,” Baldy warned Kristen.

For the last few thrusts, the bald man just used his tip to constantly slip in and out of the tight anal ring until he tossed back his head and howled. A few jerky thrusts followed, but the man was withdrawing his spent dick a moment later. Unlike the last load, Baldy’s jizz stayed right near the exit so as soon as he withdrew, his warm semen came spilling out. Kristen caught the thick white stream, taking more semen tonight than in the last several years combined. Regardless, she swallowed the second load of cum with a smile of the camera before using her jizz-coated tongue to dip into Ashley’s more tasty pussy.

“Switch places now,” a man from off-screen instructed.

Ashley slipped to the floor, arching her back over the cushions so that her head was resting and her face was pointed up. Kristen was already climbing into position as well with her knees on either side of the dark-haired girl’s head and her ass resting overtop. Seeing the Frenchman coming, Kristen put hands on her firm cheeks and pulled them apart, making a nice target for him to steer his cock into. It took less than a minute until the man grunted and speared forward with a few hard deep jerks. 

“Give me that jizz, K-Stew,” Ashley eagerly begged, wanting to repay her friend.

The moment that Frenchie pulled out, the jizz started running down and onto Ashley’s face. She couldn’t help but laugh as wet droplets spluttered her forehead, cheekbones and finally into her mouth, though her chin was left with cum on it too.The dark-haired girl used her finger to stick into Kristen’s asshole and wiggled it around in order to stir up the last remains of Frenchie’s load. As she did this, the semen leaked from the blonde, sliding over her pink snatch and dropping all over Ashley’s face once again.

“Not your typical type of facial, huh?” Frenchie commented to Ashley as he rammed his cock into Kristen a final time.

After pulling out, that final thrust seemed to have dislodged the part of his load that was shot quite deep. Kristen helped it along by standing and getting into a deep squat with her rosebud a few inches above Ashley’s mouth, Kristen beared down and pushed with all her might. Ashley was unable to look away from her pending doom, but luckily when something hit her mouth it was a steady stream of liquefied cum. 

Given how much her mouth was filled, Ashley did a big gulp and swallowed down the jizz that had just flowed out of her friend’s ass. By the time she opened her eyes, Kristen was hovering over her, licking up the mess that the rogue cum droplets made on her nose, cheeks and forehead. Ashley flashed Kristen a warm smile in return, though the lesbian was more interested in using her tongue to clean up Ashley’s face at the moment.

“Come, put your faces together,” the director demanded.

Kristen and Ashley were already kneeling as Slick approached from Kristen’s side. With their cum-glazed faces touching, the man finished milking his cock and took aim. With the first few blasts having the most traveling power, he plastered Ashley’s forehead and narrowly missed her eye before emptying the remainder of his load on Kristen’s face. The lesbian gave his cock a customary cleaning afterwards, sucking the last of his sperm right from his cockhead.

“Just you left, big boy,” Kristen said to the black man.

The last man standing was already well ahead of the former Twilight stars. He was at the point of bursting so he stepped up on the opposite side to Slick, his hand jerking his manhood right in front of Ashley’s glazed face. The former Twilight stars actually kissed throughout the cumshot, their tongues licking each other as the semen coated their lips and cheeks until the black man’s load was finished. 

“You’re staying in my room tonight,” Kristen told the normally straight girl.

“Hell yes I am,” Ashley replied before the two embraced in another tongue-filled kiss as the screen faded to black.

NOTE: As is probably apparent at this point, I listen to all suggestions so if you have any interest in seeing someone featured then just leave it in the comments. Hell, even if you have a scene you’d like to see written, throw that in as well.

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