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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 21
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Peyton Roi List, Pierre Woodman
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Peyton Roi List, Chloe Bennet, Julie Bowen, Bailee Madison or Pierre Woodman nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, especially Woodman Casting

Summary: Peyton Roi List continues her ever-progressing path deeper and deeper into the world of porn with her first ever double penetration with a legend in the business, Pierre Woodman.

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of waterplay/golden shower and ATM that is definitely on the dirty side.

“Peyton List!” Pierre Woodman started the video by introducing his guest.

“Pierre Woodman!” the blonde replied with a smile.

“Oh I love when you say my name,” the Frenchman commented.

“Something tells me it’ll be happening a lot tonight,” the flirty actress retorted without missing a beat.

“Oh I like this one,” Pierre said to someone off screen. “Now you’ve been a busy girl. Your third scene in 6 months if I’m not mistaken.”

“What can I say, the competition is fierce for hot 20 year olds with only so many roles to go around,” Peyton replied honestly. “I’m no thespian so I have to rely on a little more than talent.”

“Thus the spreading of the legs,” the frenchman finished the thought.

“Thus,” Peyton smiled, her banter making the legendary porn figure smile in response.

“Can you stand and let us drink you in.”

Peyton did as she was told and got to her feet. Despite the time of year, it was unseasonably warm so Peyton was donning super short black cut off shorts and matching heeled boots. The two items combined to show off Peyton’s insanely long legs which had a nice shape and balanced with muscle due to her training for Cobra Kai. Up top, Peyton wore a simple white tank top but didn’t bother with a bra. Given the fact she was 21 years old, her medium sized chest didn’t need the garment, proudly standing perky with the hint of nipple being seen from her erect nipples.

“B cup?”

“Good eye,” Peyton nodded before adding. “Though they grow to C after a few days in a row of double cheeseburgers with fries.”

“Ah, to be young. Now I hear your best feature may be your backside. Can you lean on the chair and push it out for me?” Pierre asked his star.

“I don’t mean to be cocky but, in my opinion, your sources are pretty accurate.”

Peyton was confident, not cocky when it came to her booty. Honed from her training regimine and blessed with good genes, her ass was a thing of beauty. At only 21 years old, Peyton possessed a remarkable body that all full grown women would drool over. Her ass was the masterpiece of her body however, despite her long shapely legs, flat stomach, gorgeous face and perky tits. Big and round, it stood firmly out from her back and legs, while also benefiting from Peyton’s naturally wide hips. Packed into the black Daisy Dukes, Peyton was the definition of a phat ass white girl.

“Very pleasing,” Pierre grinned. “And I understand you’ve been experimenting more and more with putting things in that wonderful booty of yours?”

“Once again your sources are spot on,” the blonde answered. “My best bud Bailee helped me get started a month or two ago with some toys and I’ve been practicing with them almost nightly.”

“And what about men? You know, sodomy,” the frenchman clarified so nothing was lost in translation.

“You naughty man. Yes, I’ve tried probably a dozen different guys of all shapes and sizes,” Peyton replied.

“12 in a month? You are the naughty one, my dear,” Pierre laughed.

Peyton had been told that her next assignment would be a Woodman Casting video, so she knew that practice was required. Only 21 without any previous anal experience, she luckily had drawn an anal solo scene last time out and had her friend Bailee Madison coach her through it. Not only did it go well, Peyton actually orgasmed from anal play. She then started with some booty calls (cock calls?), first with guys she could trust that had small dicks, then big dicks. Only last week she took the plunge and called a guy that was super hot but a real jerk who was into rough sex. Sadly she didn’t manage to cum from his anal assault, but she did handle the abuse to her anus with ease. 

“So you are an anal girl now. What about DP?” Pierre quizzed.


“Yes. One in pussy and one in ass,” the Frenchman elaborated.

“Oh. Yeah never...but I did with a toy in my butt as a guy had sex with my pussy,” Peyton explained. “But I know what I signed on for and look forward to trying a DP out.”

“My type of girl,” he grinned wolfishly. “Now why don’t you go freshen up in the bathroom. You look beautiful as is of course, but I don’t know if you need to pee or want a shower.”

“How kind. I think I will,” the 21 year old agreed.

As Pierre watched his latest girl disappear into the washroom, the Spider made sure everything in the other room was ready to go. He also popped out into the adjoining room to make sure the other male talent was ready and understood his role. Back in the main room, Peyton emerged from the washroom in nothing but a robe, at which point Pierre led her into the bedroom . It was simply furnished with a massive bed that took up the majority of the space while a pair of comfortable chairs were in either corner. The Spider had also set up several tripods so that he could station the camera on them though he tended to hold the recording device in his hand more often than not.

“So how do we start?” Peyton asked, her large eyes flashing down to his groin.

“Lay on the bed and let me, how you say, eat your pussy until you cum,” the Frenchman explained.

“Oh wow. Okay,” the 21 year old nodded. As she took a seat on the bed, she observed Pierre putting on a latex glove. “What’s with the glove?”

“You’ll see,” was her only reply.

Peyton got on the bed and spread her legs wide as Pierre set the camcorder on the tripod before nestling between her milky white thighs. Hooking his hands under her knees he pushed them back up towards her head so that her pink folds were spread wide open. Like a heat seeking missile he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy.

“Oh sweet heavens,” the actress screamed.

Pierre couldn’t help but snicker at the girl’s comments as he danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her nub. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as Peyton began thrashing around wildly on the bed, not to mention howling like a banshee. Either she had a super sensitive slit or the guys she usually fucked with didn’t know their way around a pussy. The porn legend guessed the latter, making Peyton in for quite the treat.

“Yes! Oh God!” Peyton breathed heavily.

Now that the 21 year old was thoroughly enjoying herself, the porn legend began to properly prepare her for the time ahead. Bringing his hand up, Pierre squeezed from the lube bottle before bringing it up to Peyton’s crinkled starfish. She gave a brief quiver as the cool fluid touched her tightest of holes but immediately relaxed after the initial shock. Then when he pushed inside, he found her booty gave only the slightest spasm shut before the actress relaxed fully and allowed all 3.5 inches of his index finger to enter her colon.

“Ahhh...that feels good,” Peyton moaned, referring to the finger in her ass. “Was a little icy at first. 

The older man didn’t reply, instead he continued to eat her snatch with a passion. He had been in the industry for over 3 decades, slept with well over a 1000 women, and that was a conservative guess. Therefore, he knew how to both loosen a women’s asshole in preparation for a good hard ass fucking, as well as being able to quickly bring them to orgasm. In fact, the Frenchman could have delivered two climaxes to the 21 year old actress already, but he backed off when he sensed her getting close. He had more to accomplish first.

“Ready for another, my sweet?”

“Mhmm…awwhh,” Peyton groaned. “Another.”

“Such a good girl!” Pierre said after stroking the first finger into her rear a few times fully.

Peyton’s asshole was accommodating but very snug, squeezing his meaty finger like a muscular vice. The Spider pulled his finger out and added more lube before cramming them together and drove them back into Peyton’s backdoor, to the blonde’s joy. Her face initially made a grimace, but he suspected that was the cold lube once more as now her mouth was hanging open and more rapid moans began once the older man resumed munching on her pussy as well.

“It’s very good, yes?”

“God! So good,” Peyton panted her satisfaction. “You’re amazing!”

After he added a second digit to her pooper, it didn’t take long for Pierre to judge she was ready for a third. She hadn’t been blowing smoke up his ass during the interview when she said she had been practicing a lot of anal sex recently, given the way her sphincter just seemed to melt open for him. Repeating the same trick as a minute before, a third lubricated finger soon found its way into Peyton’s ass with much the same reaction.

“Please Pierre. I’m so close,” she all but begged. “Make me cum. Please!”

“I can’t deny such a beautiful creature,” he answered.

Pierre had grown to know her sensitivities since munching on her pussy for the past 10 minutes. Though Peyton was responsive to several techniques, Pierre decided to use his second hand to thrust another 3 fingers into her snatch while his mouth clamped around her clit. This would not only accomplish bringing the actress to orgasm, but also expose her to having both holes stuffed at the same time in preparation of her double penetration which was scheduled for later today.


With an ear-piercing shriek, the 21 year old actress came hard. Pierre, who was used to working with porn stars who commonly faked orgasms, knew she was experiencing the real thing given how her pussy and asshole both clamped around his fingers in reflex to the climax. He continued to suck and tongue lash her clit for another few seconds, making Peyton shudder and scream, until ending her torrent by pulling his mouth from her sex, followed by removing his fingers from their respective holes.

“Whoa, Pierre. That was intense,” Peyton commented as she ran a hand through her hair.

As Pierre stood from his knees, Peyton became aware that the Frenchman had lost his pants at some point during eating her out. He walked his naked ass in front of the camera before arriving at the end of the bed, standing and instructing Peyton to turn to face him. Peyton rolled from her back into a kneel, at which point Pierre stripped her of the robe and had her bend over in order to show the camera the full glory of her amazing ass. When it was in tight jeans it looked amazingly thick and round, but seeing it in the flesh made her booty look even more appetizing. 

“Spectacular ass,” Pierre complimented.

Peyton stayed showing off her bare ass on hands and knees until she felt Pierre’s hand on the back of her head, steering her face around to his groin. Already at the perfect height, the Cobra Kai star opened her mouth and took his semi-hard dick into her mouth and began bobbing on his length. Within moments his cock reached it full length of 7 inches, but she didn’t slow down. As she sucked on half his shaft, Pierre bent over her curvy body in order to paint her ass red with spanks. 

“Oui! Oui! Oui!” Pierre hissed his appreciation.

Despite the less than comfortable positioning, Peyton was determined to give the sex God a thorough blowjob. She knew from the several dozen different men she slept with that they liked her sucking them off, especially when she was energetic and varied her technique as too much of one thing was overpowering. Thus, Peyton switched so her hand was now stroking the length of Pierre’s shaft so she could lower her head. Opening her mouth wide, Peyton immediately latched her lips around the twin nuts and sucked while she continued to stroke him off. 

“Very good,” he complimented.

Peyton went from licking and sucking on his balls to having her lips back around his dick. She thought that he liked it given the way he was now rocking his hips to push more cock into her mouth, as she couldn’t understand a word the Frenchmen was saying because when the Spider got whipped into a sexual frenzy, he resorted back to frantic French. All Peyton knew was that he was thoroughly enjoying putting her mouth to good effect.

“We fuck now, yes?” Pierre said, more of a statement than an actual question.

“Yes,” Peyton nodded.

Since Peyton was the complete package of having a beautiful face, nice tits and a fantastic ass, guys typically didn’t have a preferred way to fuck her. Waiting for instruction, Pierre was potentially more of an ass-man as he told her to spin around so her booty was in front of his groin. As Peyton spun around on the bed, the Spider slid on a condom before running it up and down her slit a few times. Before thrusting in, Pierre drizzled some lube onto her ass crack, watching as the clear fluid pooled in her puckered asshole before overflowing and dripping onto his condom. When this happened, the porn legend didn’t delay and shoved half his length inside her. 

“Oh yes!” Peyton moaned as her pussy stretched.

By the time Pierre had pulled out so only his tip remained in her tight pussy, he was driving back into her only this time he thrust with his entire 7 inches. Though he was neither extremely thick or long, the Frenchman had a healthy-sized member and more importantly, really knew how to work it. His stamina was the stuff of legends, so even though he started fucking the 21 year old at neck breaking speeds, he was in no danger of spilling his seed in her womb anytime soon.

“Yes! God! Shit!” Peyton constantly screamed as she received the fucking of her young lifetime. 

“Nice, huh?” Pierre asked as he reared back and spanked her right butt cheek. “You like, yes?” Another slap, this time to her left side.

Pierre didn’t care for the answer, he just wanted to fuck her hard and fast. Though Peyton was perched on both arms, the Frenchman decided that he wanted the gorgeous girl face down with her booty up. Grabbing both wrists all without slowing his frantic fucking, the Spider pulled both arms behind her back and held onto both wrists with one of his hands. With his free hand, Pierre used that to take turns turning each of her fat ass cheeks a darker shade of red as he spanked the beautiful woman. 

“Enough pussy,” Pierre grunted, pulling out of her snatch and aiming his tip higher. “I fuck your little ass now.”

“I wonder how many women he’s said that sentence to,” Peyton mused before nodding her head in acknowledgement.

Pierre knew that only a month of anal training wasn’t much, so he treated Peyton kindly. First, he made the girl lower herself down deeper on her knees to better align her hole with the porn legend’s manhood. Pierre didn’t leave her without cock for long. Not bothering to add more lube since her sphincter was still lathered in it from his fingering and from the dollop that still rested in the shallow depression from the start of fucking her, the Spider lined his bulbous head with her anal ring before pushing forward. He didn’t go hard, but he kept steady pressure until her sphincter finally gave and in bulbous head entered her rectum.

“Ahhhh,” Peyton hissed from the familiar sting that accompanied every initial butt fuck.

Pierre pushed until he had a few inches deep in Peyton’s ass then stopped his pushing. He gave Peyton an instruction and he was happy to find she listened immediately. With her legs pressed tightly together, the Cobra Kai star began rocking back and forth as Pierre simply stood and waited. More and more of her anal ring slid down his shaft with each rock, which started getting faster and faster. After all, Peyton wanted to show off how proficient she was with sodomy, thus started rocking her thick ass back into Pierre’s groin with greater pace. 

“Oui! Yes Peyton,” an impressed Pierre cooed.

Peyton could hear the frantic excitement returning to the older man’s voice, so it came as no surprise to her when she felt his hands on her body, helping to rock her body faster. In truth, her anus was already warmed up so she continued rocking back and forth on his shaft until she felt her thick ass contacting his thighs, meaning his dick was going balls deep in her asshole. She knew she was capable of this, but for the 21 year old to actually get fully sodomized by a porn legend was a huge feat for her. This earned her a slap on her phat ass, at which point the Frenchman took over. Hooking his hands onto her hourglass hips, Pierre started thumping his sex into her at a faster pace, not wuite the speed he’d fucked her pussy but not far off.

Peyton was surprised to feel the Frenchman put on the brakes and start fucking her at a near crawl. She doubted it was for him getting too close to cumming despite the fact they’d been going at it hard for a little while now. Instead, Pierre was doing slow but extremely deep thrusts into her asshole, with the purpose of stretching her anal ring and desensitizing the 21 year old further. He had a lot more in store for her tonight and he wanted her fully prepared.

“Oh my God, that’s so deep,” Peyton moaned as all 7 inches rested in her rectum with Pierre leaning hard against her shapely ass.

Peyton wouldn’t say she was thankful when Pierre started to fuck her normally again after another few minutes of his agonizingly slow, teasing thrusts, but she was very happy. Despite going even faster than before, Peyton felt totally at ease with his healthy-sized dick slamming into her ass. Whether it was all her practice in the past month, all the lube or the proper warming up process, all Peyton knew was that anal sex with Pierre was pleasurable.

“Is this a good time,” a barrel-chested man with a green hat asked as he entered the hotel room.

“The Mad Hatter,” Peyton whispered to herself.

“Perfect time,” Pierre answered.

The man was roughly the same size as Pierre, being older than Peyton’s own father but built strong like a former weightlifter. He had a rough-around-the-edges look and Peyton already knew his cock was nearly identical to that of Pierre’s albeit with bigger, more pronounced veins. After all, she’d seen enough of his videos, especially the Chloe Bennet one where he loved fucking her hard and near relentlessly.

“Jesus, you are beautiful,” Mad Hatter said to Peyton. “And young! My favorite.”

“And look at her ass,” Pierre added, slapping her meaty backside for emphasis.

“Mmmm,” the other man moaned in appreciation as he took a handful of Peyton’s booty. “Whoa! And the tits as well!”

Peyton blushed at all the attention and compliments to her perfect body. She was so lost in their praise that she didn’t even notice that Mad Hatter had taken off his pants until he crawled into bed with her. He rested in a semi-lounged position at the top of the bed with his dick perfectly positioned so that the 21 year old’s gorgeous face was hovering right over his semi-erect cock.

“I think I can figure out something to do with this,” the Cobra Kai star stated.

Within seconds of the gorgeous actress bobbing on his manhood, his shaft stood fully erect. This being Peyton’s first threesome, she found it a little tough multitasking as she was constantly being bucked around from behind so her blowjob became sloppy as his wet dick would spill out from her mouth and slide along her face. The 21 year old was a quick learner though, as she found it best when she matched her sucking pace to the one Pierre was setting with fucking her ass. When he went deep and slow, Peyton did the same with Mad Hatter’s dick in her mouth. Saliva would spill over her edges of her lips and make her skin glisten, but it made for a great blowjob, especially when the pace was picked up.

“Fucking hell,” Pierre hissed through clenched teeth.

Pulling out to take a little break and get some gaping footage, Pierre immediately noticed that the entire tip of the condom was coated in a light brown liquid with the consistency of syrup. Peyton didn’t notice as she was too absorbed in blowing his friend, but Pierre and his camera certainly did. This motivated Pierre to push right back into Peyton’s ass, the blonde moaning around the other man’s dick as her sodomy continued.

“Crawl up Marcel!” Pierre ordered.

Peyton did as she was told as she got her hands back underneath her and started to bear crawl up the bed, but the task was made harder by the fact the hulking Pierre was unwilling to leave her asshole. Her journey was added as Mad Hatter slid down the bed, lining up his cock with her vacant pussy. With the Frenchmen slowing his thrusting into her ass, Peyton was able to steer the second cock into her snatch and a feeling of extreme (but pleasurable) fullness shot through her body.

“Oh my God!” Peyton screamed as she was double stuffed for the first time.

She didn’t know why Pierre had stayed in her ass while Mad Hatter, or Marcel, pushed into her pussy until the feeling of fullness overtook her. It would have been a lot harder for the second dick to fit into her tighter and less experienced asshole, rather than her wet snatch that had been taking cock regularly for 6 years. Regardless, Peyton was experiencing her first ever double penetration and it felt great!

“Oui, oui,” the men hissed through clenched teeth.

Peyton noted that the men were initially working off different rhythms as the man in her pussy was thrusting up into her much more regularly then Pierre in her ass. The porn legend had gone back to slow, even pushes into her butthole, with each one happening in the span of time that Mad Hatter would get two thrusts into her pussy. Seeing and hearing the blonde handling the DP well, Pierre started getting faster and deeper until his strokes into the 21 year old’s backdoor were matching his friend’s.

“Holy crap, I’m doing it,” Peyton thought with a victorious smile etched on her face.

Pierre continued capturing all of the action with the camera he held in his hand with an excellent bird’s eye view. With each lightning fast thrust into her ass, her amazing cheeks would ripple and quake. Switching his view so it was down by the tangle of their legs, Pierre watched as both dicks took turns pushing in and out of the youngster’s holes, all while her perky tits swayed and jiggled against Marcel’s chest.

“Want a turn with her ass?” Pierre asked his longtime collaborator. “It is really fantastic.”

The men exchanged a few words in French which Peyton didn’t understand, but when she felt Mad Hatter’s hands grip her butt cheeks as Pierre stopped thrusting, she had an idea what they were up to. Relaxing so her gape would be as big as possible, Peyton felt her cheeks pulled apart as Pierre’s cock pulled free of her asshole for the first time in minutes? Hours? Peyton was unsure.

“Look at this dirty girl,” Pierre commented as he focused his camera on the scene before him.

Pierre already had the portable camera in his hand, filming the scene from above her ass but as he pulled out, the lens came within an inch of her holes. Once more there was the brown sludge at the tip of his condom but he figured as much. What made the old pervert happy was the light brown flecks rimming her hole. However, the jackpot was finding the section of her bowels right after her anal ring full of more of the brown syrupy sludge.

“Fuck her ass,” Pierre instructed his friend after another 10 seconds of filming her dirty ass.

As Peyton felt the Mad Hatter pull out of her wet snatch and enter her ass, she sat down further on it before starting to ride him. As she bounced on the veiny tool, the young girl could only hope that Pierre was talking about her anal antics being dirty and not her actual butthole being dirty. Her thoughts went to Chloe Bennet’s very messy scene she did with Pierre, or the extremely filthy video of Anna Kendrick that looked like it was filmed in an abandoned warehouse with a bunch of crackheads.

“Ho...ly...shit!” Peyton screamed each syllable.

After she sat her fantastic ass on the man’s cock, the Mad Hatter took over the fucking. Slamming his hips up off the mattress, he used the springs in the bed to fuel his next thrust upwards, then the next, then the next. Peyton didn’t have time to catch her brief, let alone brace herself as her asshole was repeatedly fucked balls deep. Pierre had stayed behind her, and the porn legend was rewarded in the dirtiest way as a wide streak of brown was now leaking down his friend’s dick, gathering a thicker flow with each and every upward drive of his manhood.

“More! More!” Pierre encouraged from behind the fucking pair.

Peyton found that straightening out her arms so her body was more at a 45 degree angle made the intense ass fucking easier. Only last month, this vigor of sodomy would have turn her in two and left her a crying baby for the rest of the night. However now she was taking the hardest thrusts of her life into her butt with little more than the occasional sting of discomfort, not pain though. After another few minutes of the balls-to-the-wall ass-fucking, it wasn’t a surprise that the big man needed to catch his breath.

“Go. Suck,” Mad Hatter demanded after tossing Peyton off his lap.

“Yeah? Really,” Peyton asked, maybe hoping they’d change their minds. 

As she reached down with her hand to stroke him, Mad Hatter swatted her hand aside, not wanting to ruin her ass to mouth blowjob. To say that Peyton was hesitant wouldn’t be painting the full picture, but she didn’t want to act like a primadona or be seen as ungrateful for the opportunity to work with someone as valuable for her career as a Peirre Woodman video was. Therefore, swallowing her pride and hoping for the best, Peyton lowered her head, blocking out the obvious discoloration all over his shaft and wrapped her lips around his dick.

“Oh you nasty bitch,” Pierre laughed.

While Peyton may have played down her acting ability earlier in the interview, the blonde did a great job keeping a neutral expression on her beautiful face as she sucked on the top half of the older man’s dick. She even added in moans, though the prevailing feeling she had was disgust from the strong taste of ass in her mouth. Finally after a good 30 seconds, Peyton surfaced for air, feeling the need to use the back of her hand to wipe her lips of what felt like a thick fluid building in the corners of her mouth.

“I think he or I or both may need a refresher,” Peyton suggested.

Pierre would have to confirm later when he played back the video for editing, but he could swear that Peyton had a brown tinge to her tongue after the ass to mouth blowjob. This exciteed him greatly since he loved a natural feel to his videos, and anal accidents definitely counted as real and authenticate. 

“Give him a proper blowjob after he fucked you so good,” Pierre insisted. “More tongue.”

Peyton didn’t have a leg to stand on, especially after so willingly blowing the man when he was fresh from her asshole and very clearly messy. Swallowing what remained of her pride, which at this point wasn’t much, Peyton leaned back down but lower this time. Starting at his balls, Peyton extended her tongue and licked the underside of his cock from base to balls several times and was rewarded with a fresh taste of ass filling her mouth all over again. 

“Was she dirty?” Mad Hatter asked Pierre in French as Peyton’s face contorted in disgust as she continued licking his cock.

“Very. Flowing out,” Pierre answered before laughing at the girl’s misfortune.

“How about we make a deal,” Peyton asked the legendary porn figure.

“Oh? I’m listening.”

“How about we all take a quick 5 to freshen up,” the blonde started. “And for that boon, I’ll waive one of my clauses.”

“I’m assuming not the double anal clause. You are talented but not ready for that...yet,” Pierre replied. “Which means you are willing…”

“Does that mean we have a deal?” Peyton interrupted as Pierre now understood what she was willing to exchange.

“The bathroom is just down there,” Pierre pointed as a predatory grin sprouted across his face.

The resources weren’t great in the bathroom but they were adequate to clean herself up with. Between wet toilet paper and a handy bidot, Peyton felt fresh as a daisy after only a few minutes. She decided to test the waters before being thrown back into the fire by extending her middle finger as far up her butt as possible before giving it a few experimental pokes. When she pulled it out, it looked clean but she needed further confirmation so she put it in her mouth. Peyton wondered if it was a bad sign that she didn’t hesitate sucking on the finger that only a moment before had been deep in her ass, but she decided not to unpack that right now. When the taste was more-or-less fresh, Peyton washed her hands then headed back into the lion’s den.

*    *    *

Back into the lion’s den was the correct saying. When she re-emerged, she found some random woman on the bed sucking off Mad Hatter. Not with any real intent to make him cum, only to keep him hard. Pierre had his own woman for this as well, with both of the other females not exactly having the right look to be on-air talent. However, their looks didn’t disqualify them from being fluffer, used to keep the men good to go between shooting. 

“Come on up,” Pierre told Peyton as the women left the room.

As Peyton climbed atop Mad Hatter’s lap, he only had one hole in mind. Peyton tossed her head back the moment his tip pierced her bowels, but after the first thrust she was able to take his balls-deep fucking with ease. Even with something amount to pleasure. The older man was curious if Peytons cleaning jb was up to scratch so he gave her asshole a pounding. For the next 5 minutes, he barely slowed to anything even remotely resembling a normal pace, thrusting up repeatedly into her asshole. 

“Show me,” Pierre demanded.

Mad Hatter was like a loyal dog, listening to his master’s every command. With an explosive movement, Peyton was flung off his lap and onto her side with her head resting in the pillows. Mad Hatter reached down and cupped one of Peyton’s truly massive cheeks and pulled it up, exposing her pink pussy and impressive anal gape. Most importantly to Peyton though, was that her anal canal was clean as a whistle.

“Let me try harder,” Mad Hatter pleaded to Pierre.

“Any harder and you’ll cum. I can see it on your face,” Pierre countered. 

“It’ll be worth it,” the loyal dog replied, moving back between Peyton’s legs.

Pierre gave an affirmative gesture with his hands, allowing his longtime friend to do as he wished. Hoisting one of Peyton’s long legs up against his shoulder, Mad Hatter slid his cock effortlessly into the 21 year old’s asshole again. This time, the blonde didn’t even feel a sting as his dick slid into the hilt. In fact, as he got to his maximum fucking speed, all Peyton did was moan and scream loudly, more from the explosion of his thrusting than anything even flirting with discomfort.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Mad Hatter hissed his mantra.

Peyton didn’t know how long the man could go at this pace for. The speed of his fucking was like nothing Peyton had experienced before, and for a 21 year old, she’d had a lot of sex. Not just a lot of sex, but sex with some of the fittest, healthiest men in their prime. And yet known of them compared to this slightly overweight man in his late 40s or 50s. His intensity was unparalleled and Peyton found herself turned on by the animal ferocity of the male porn star. As beads of his sweat dripped down onto her, Peyton wondered what would give out first - her ass, his heart or his balls.

“Shit! Cumming,” the older man grunted.

“Cum in me! I wanna feel all that cum in my ass,” Peyton encouraged.

Unable to hold out and delay things any further, the older man slammed down one final time into the beautiful girl before his balls tightened up and pleasure shot through his entire body. Peyton was looking forward to this part as she loved the feel of cum splashing whichever hole the men picked to a drop a load in. With a smile on her face, the 21 year old immediately felt the cum blast from his tip, painting the inside of her colon with his hot sticky load a good 8 inches deep inside of her. After feeling himself fully drained, the hulking man gave a few last mini thrusts into Peyton before pulling out altogether and staggering back a few steps to collapse satisfied into a chair.

“Let me see,” Pierre said, his camera in hand.

Peyton rolled over onto her hands and knees before settling her head on the mattress so her hands could pull apart her thick cheeks. Sure enough, she was squeaky clean, apart from the slow-moving but ever-present load of jizz deep in her colon. All the while his friend had been fucking her, Peirre had donned a new condom and was sucked off by his fluffer. He was close to his own orgasm after the anal exploits with Peyton earlier and the fluffer ensured Marcel could fuck the American girl as long as he wanted without Pierre losing his erection. But now that it was his turn, he planned on making the best of his remaining time with the insanely curvy 21 year old.

“Perfecto,” Pierre commented as he saddled up behind the girl.

“Thanks,” Peyton said, looking back over her shoulder with her best ‘fuck me’ eyes. “Now please get that lovely cock in me.”

Pierre slid in easily into her already fucked pussy, and was pleased to find her so wet still. She clearly had responded well to the anal sex, even when it got dirty or intense. This only made the carnal inferno inside Pierre peaked that much higher. He never had a lot of hope when getting an American actress trying their hand at porn. They may have been beautiful but half of them couldn’t fuck for shit. However, every now and then he got a gem, the last one being Chloe Bennet. And yet less than a few months later, Peyton Roi List fell into his lap. He figured she wouldn’t be much in the sack given her age, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. She was as nasty and down for anything as any of the skanks he flew in from Russia or Hungary or any other Eastern Block country.

“You gonna give me that cum?” Peyton asked, noting the haggard breathing coming from the large man.

“Oh yes. I’m gonna cum right down your throat,” Pierre’s French-accented voice informed. 

“Yes please. Please give me all your cum right where it belongs,” Peyton pleaded, the last load of jizz now leaking from her asshole.

Pierre was out of stamina and time so he pulled out of Peyton’s completely damp cunt. Before he could throw her over, Peyton spun so her face was right in front of his groin, with Pierre throwing away the condom in that same instance. No time for a soft or playful blowjob, Peyton did away with skill and used speed only. As her mouth bobbed on the tip and neck of his dick, her hand 

“Mmm…uggghhhh,” Pierre grunted as he came.

He could feel the salt brine bubble up from his balls and travel on its path to eventually blast out of his tip and coat the back of her mouth. Peyton had barely closed her lips around his tip when the first of his cum blasts splattered the roof of her mouth. She got over the surprise and started sucking his cock eagerly, drinking up as much of his salty load as quickly as his balls could squirt it into her mouth. Eventually Pierre stopped pumping jizz into her, though the 21 year old didn’t stop sucking for a few more minutes despite the well running dry. Sure that she had collected every last drop, Peyton finished taking down into her stomach the last of his load.

“Tres magnifique,” the French exclaimed, resting back on his haunches.

Though the porn legend was very clearly exhausted, Peyton didn’t let up. She’d been fucked hard for the past hour straight, and yet the 21 year old pounced like a fresh animal. As her hand wrapped around his still-hard cock, Peyton lowered her gorgeous face to his ballsack. As the blonde provided suction or vigorously licked his nuts, she felt small dribbles of cum milking onto her hand. Satisfied she pulled every last drop from him, Peyton moved her mouth up and hoovered up the thin streams of cum from his shaft and around her hand before giving his head one last hard suck.

“Oui! Oui! Oui,” Pierre groaned once more.

Peyton knew that once all the men came, she was done, but she was enjoying herself. Therefore she continued to lightly suck off Pierre’s sensitive cock, adding in more and more long licks before she came back to a seated position on the bed, using the back of her hand to wipe clean the little bit of spit and cum at the edges of her mouth.

“I think he enjoyed himself,” Mad Hatter laughed, back to fully dressed.

“Well if he didn’t, he’d have been dead,” Peyton joked.

“Peyton,” Pierre dragged out the words, a combination of exhaustion and happiness in his tone. “Wow! That’s all I have to say.”

“Thank you,” she blushed. “I think I’ve earned a shower.”

*    *    *

Pierre had given the young girl a handful of minutes alone in the bathroom with the hot water of the shower refreshing her. However, he hadn’t forgotten their deal that they arranged halfway through their time together. Pierre turned back on his camera and walked from the bedroom, where he had recovered from the intense fucking, and entered the bathroom. The mirror was showing some fog on it, but as he turned his attention to the shower, he noted that Peyton had left the glass door open. Clearly she hadn’t forgotten their deal either. 

“You found me,” Peyton commented with a playful smile.

“So we are going to make this a real special day for you, yes?” Pierre asked though they both knew the answer.

“I think I know what you want,” Peyton said, the water still pouring on her back.

“Oh yeah? Tell me,” Pierre said, his lens trained on her face.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Peyton answered. “I think you wanna pee in my mouth.”

It was one of the two clauses that Peyton had negotiated into her contract for today’s shoot, along with double anal as Peirre mentioned earlier. The Frenchman was more than happy when Peyton was willing to give in on it, hence his appearance in the shower with her. 

Peyton continued to talk in a sultry, seductive tone as she slowly dropped down to her knees. “I’ve heard the stories about you. How you like peeing in girls mouths, and pussies, and assholes. Whatever you can.”

Though the girl had clearly been apprehensive about getting peed on by including it in the contract, now that she was doing it, she was fully in. On her knees, Peyton gripped his soft cock and placed half the slab of meat on her extended tongue. Knowing how to make love to the camera, Peyton flashed her blue eyes up to stay locked onto the camera’s lens. Despite the fact she had her mouth open and tongue out, a smile was still easy to see on her face.

“That’s right, just like that,” Pierre applauded.

It took Pierre a few seconds to get going, but despite the wait, Peyton held her nerve well. She had no idea what to expect, only that the idea of getting piss drained into her mouth for her to taste and swallow was disgusting. And yet, a small part of her was curious. She saw Chloe take the pee drinking with something almost like glee when she did her Woodman scene. Similar with her Hubie Halloween co-star Julie Bowen when she did a ton of piss drinking during a scene with one of her TV daughters.

“Ugghhhh,” Pierre groaned.

Feeling the pressure building deep in his bladder, the older man found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose. Peyton was brave and had kept her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her tongue, at which point it kept coming until the majority of her mouth was filled. Pierre pinched off his stream, a small splash hitting her fantastic tits, getting them wet before doing likewise with her flat stomach.

“Swallow what you have, sweetie,”Pierre said nicely but with a little steel.

As she swallowed her first ever mouthful of piss, Peyton was surprised that it wasn’t gross. She didn’t find it pleasant, she doubted anyone’s piss was that, but it wasn’t terrible. Buoyed by that information, as soon as the pee was down her throat, the former Disney star opened her mouth again for her next fill. Pierre obliged, shooting his yellow stream to fill her up once more before she drank it. Her face couldn’t help but scrunch up as she swallowed, but her smile appeared right back on her face.

“There’s a good piss drinking girl,” Pierre complimented, so thoroughly impressed with the young star. “You are going places!”

“Let’s hope!” Peyton replied before waving goodbye at the camera.

NEXT: Ashley Greene makes her debut with a little help from a former co-star

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