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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 23
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell
Celebrities (Mentioned): Annie Murphy, Missy Peregrym
Codes: FFF, Anal, Gagging, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, Annie Murphy or Missy Peregrym) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Pretty Sloppy or Evil Angel, nor with Schitt’s Creek or Wynonna Earp, nor its characters in any way

Summary:.How the women of Wynonna Earp got a fourth and final season of their show.

NOTE: Thanks to JustHereToRead (misleading name because they write some great stuff) for the suggestion on using the Wynonna Earp women. I read each comment so feel free to make suggestions

“What do you wanna tonight?” Annie Murphy, Emmy winner and star of Schitt’s Creek asked her friend.

“Well…” the girl started, trailing off the words.

Annie flashed her friend one of her super-sexy yet adorable half-grins that were now synonymous with the character she played on the long-running Canadian show. 

“Let me guess...you wanna use my membership to pick an installment to watch?” Annie guessed correctly.

“Of course!” the friend shouted in excitement. “We get to watch celebrities have sex! Crazy, intense sex!”

“And you have no qualms watching porn with me?”

“Hell no! Last time, we watched Missy Peregrym get her first ever black cock...which was a little surprising. I mean, it's 2021 Missy. And I know for sure you were cranking it on your sofa,” the friend explained.

“You love watching Canadian celebs the most, right?” Annie asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course. They’re super hot and they seem approachable.”

“I figure...which is why I saved this episode just for you,” Annie exclaimed, already logging in to her account at Hollywood Pornstars. 

Essentially you had to be a billionaire, hundred-millionaire or a participant to have access to the library of videos. Luckily, Annie was no stranger to being filmed while having sex, which allowed her to watch as much of the content as she liked. And because this had been going on for decades and new stuff was constantly being filmed, it was the only porn site Annie visited. Going to the To Be Watched folder, Annie clicked on the latest video she tagged.

“Wynonna Earp girls! Fuck yeah!”

“Need popcorn before we start,” Annie offered.

“Maybe a vibrator?”

“Take a lap and cool your loins,” Annie replied with her adorable half-smile on her perfect face. “Here we go…”

*    *    *

“I’d like to thank all you perverts for tuning in tonight,” the face of a very attractive woman greeted the viewing public.

There was a reason that Dominique Provost-Chalkley played the cute little sister on Wynonna Earp - her look and personality fit that role to a tee. A soft, feminine face that was equal parts cute and sexy, Dominique had a cheery bubbliness to her. Her body was also petite and fit, making it no surprise that the show constantly put the bisexual in crop top and tiny Daisy Dukes in order to show off her sexy abs, toned legs and tight ass. 

As she backed away from the tight zoom in on her adorable face, the viewers got a look of her simple yet sexy outfit. The Wynonna Earp star was in a tank top that was cut off just past her tits, showing off her impressive abs and small but perky tits. Lower down, it came as no shock to see her in the aforementioned cut-off jean shorts to cling to her shapely ass like a second skin. Lastly, cowboy boots completely the very Western outfit but it was the massive martini glass with an equally large sex toy in it that drew the eye. It was a 12-inch red double-ended dildo, but of only average thickness, not a monster like some of the women in the videos had to use. 

“Hey there, sis,” Melanie Scrofano greeted her co-star on the show.

As Dominique had moved out of the camera view, Melanie could be seen seated on the lone piece of furniture in the all white room - a large black ottoman. Melanie was the titled character of the show and Dominique played her little sister. Despite not actually being related, the two Canadians had many similarities - they both kept their bodies in fantastic shape with Melanie also possessing a slim build though slightly more stretched out than Dominique. She too had small tits, but they fit her leggy body perfectly. She wore a red lacy bra and black shorts that had black stockings covering her exceptionally long legs.

“Here’s your gift,” Dominique replied, handing her TV sister the martini glass with the long dildo inside.

After the hand-off, Dominique’s cowboy books clicked on the tile floor as she went around the ottoman before lounging down on top of it, her face near Melanie and the martini glass. 

“I hope you are all wanting to see me make a messy, dirty martini,” Melanie spoke to the viewers. “The dirtiest martini you’ll ever see.”

As Melanie spoke, her dainty hand had been idly stroking one end of the lengthy toy held within the glass. From beside her, Dominique held the gaze of the camera with her piercing eyes, watching the red toy with a state of awe and eagerness. 

“And the main ingredient for this dirty martini...is spit,” Melanie shared after a dramatic pause.

That seemed to be the phrase word that Dominique was waiting for. The bisexual who also played a bisexual opened her mouth and allowed Melanie to feed the red toy into her mouth. Though currently Dominique feasted on pussy in her personal life, the cute actress knew her way around a cock, real or fake. Pushing half the length of the dildo into her mouth, she used her neck muscles to push her head further down to get another inch.

Taking the other end of the dildo in her hand, Melanie provided the dildo with counterpressure, keeping it lodged in her co-star’s throat.

“That’s right. Keep it all down there,” Melanie encouraged.

Dominique continued to use her own hands to hold herself up, allowing Melanie to control the fake cock. After pulling out part way to allow a quick breath, Melanie pushed back into her gullet, holding and spinning the dildo as the two held each other’s gaze. After another second, Melanie pulled out all the way and allowed Dominique to spit her mouthful of saliva down into the massive glass.

“You got more than that in here,” Melanie commented.

The dildo went back into Dom’s mouth, but rather than hold it steady like last time, Melanie adopted a new approach. Pushing until the bulbous head was against the back of her mouth, Melanie began making small thrusts, trying to poke through to the start of her throat. After only a half-dozen of the mini-thrusts, Melanie noted the way Dominique’s back heaved and eyes went wide.

“KKWWKKK!” Dominique gagged.

Melanie had a sadistic grin on her face as she backed the cock all the way out of her co-star’s throat, allowing Dom to spit her half-mouthful of spit into the martini glass. Saliva was still dripping down her lip when the cute actress was already opening her mouth wide for more of the dildo. Melanie obliged, instructing Dominique to hold her lips in O shape so she could fuck her gullet like a moment before. This time after a few thrusts, Dom’s back heaved as her gag reflex was tickled, but as Melanie went to pull it out, Dom threw her face forward to gag herself again. Melanie was impressed with the bisexual girl’s positive attitude so she pushed back forward.

“Let’s see how far back we can go,” Melanie mused.

Dom nodded her head in agreement and watched as her friend’s arm flexed with the strain. Dom was impressed that she could fit another few inches, taking 8 total before her back heaved and eyes closed out of reflex. However, she nodded her head again, asking for more so Melanie pushed until another inch was added, at which point a wet gurgle was audible.


This time the spit came flowing out of Dominique’s mouth, adding twice as much saliva to the puddle that was quickly forming in the large vessel. 

“There we go,” Melanie celebrated. “That was much better.”

After a quick inhale, Melanie and Dom repeated the latest technique with the Wynonna Earp star trying to cram as much of the double-ended dildo down the bisexual’s throat. After another 5 seconds the wet gagging sound roared from somewhere down Dom’s throat, at which point Melanie would allow her to spit the drudged up mouthful of saliva into the glass. 

“That’s it,” Melanie commented after another successful few deep-throats. “I want every fucking drop to fill up my martini.”

Dominique was now sitting up straighter so the actresses’ faces were only inches apart. On occasion, Melanie’s face was caught with a few loose strands of spit, but that was an occupational hazard she could live with. After each gag, more of the glass would fill at a steady rate. Dom was thankful with the near constant drinking of water they’d been instructed to drink for the past 24 hours. Sure, it made her need to pee all the time but she had lots of fluid to spit into the glass at least. However, even after a half-dozen mouthfuls, the massive cup was nowhere near capacity, in fact she barely started to fill it.

“Open your mouth,” Melanie instructed. 

Dom waited and watched as her costar stirred up all the spit that was in the glass with the end of the toy. Bringing it back up, Melanie rubbed the tip back and forth across her lips, smearing the spit all over Dom’s cute face. After smacking Dom’s tongue a time or two, Melanie went back to throat-fucking the girl who played her younger sister.

“Come down here,” Melanie ordered.

Melanie slipped off the furniture and scooted back so she was facing the direction she had just come from. Sitting low on her heels in a deep kneel, Melanie placed the glass on the floor halfway between herself and the ottoman. Dom had listened to the order and was now laying atop the ottoman with her head hanging over the edge, nearly right overtop the massive cup.

“Care to join me, big sis,” Dominique asked her fellow Wynonna Earp actress.

“My arm can be twisted...but only if you show off that ass,” Melanie countered.

Dominique gave the dark-haired girl a warm, flirty smile before she flipped over and undid the Daisy Dukes. Given how tightly they hugged her body, it took Dom some time and a lot of squirming to get the shorts down her toned legs before she turned back onto her stomach. Her white thong was a great contrast between her two fit ass cheeks, making Melanie’s mouth already start to fill with drool.

With the younger girl back in position, Melanie fed a few inches of the dildo into Dom’s mouth before taking an equal amount of the other end in her own. They each knew what to do so they didn’t need any hesitation before they pushed forward. Within a second or two, the few inches of red dildo that separated their lips vanished as they each held roughly 7 inches of plastic dick in their throats. They each gave a wet cough before they back off, only for their faces to come back together a moment later. This time they held their kiss for multiple seconds, Dom’s eyes going misty and her cowboy boots kicking a little. Meanwhile, a few thin streams of spit shot from Melanie’s mouth overtop the dildo to coat Dominique’s nose and cheeks.

“Gllgkkkk,” they both sputtered.

They repeated the twin deep-throating tactics for another 4 times, Melanie proving nearly as good as Dominique though the bisexual was especially skilled. The glass was filling twice as fast now, but Melanie’s passion was bubbling over and she pulled her younger costar in for a traditional kiss without each of their throats holding 7 inches of dildo. As their lips smacked and tongues wagged, streams of drool continued to fall to the glass below, with each of their striking faces getting slicker from the messy kisses.

Being playful, Melanie noted the big glob of spit that was hovering down from Dominique’s chin so she swooped in and caught the saliva before it could fall. She held the drool in her mouth, swooshing it around so it could combine with her own before she open-mouthed kissed the bisexual again and pushed the twin mix of spit into Dom’s mouth. Dom did likewise, swirling the spit in her own mouth this time before letting it fall to mix in the glass under her face.

“Did you like my spit in your mouth?” Melanie asked as she bundled up all over Dom’s brunette hain in her one hand.

“So much,” the cute girl replied.

“Then you’ll really like this,” Melanie added.

Melanie kneeled up higher while at the same time lowering Dom’s head via the handhold of hair she possessed in her fist. She turned Dom’s head so her pretty face was facing the camera before instructing her to extend her tongue. Dom did as told and was rewarded with watching a slow glob of drool form in Melanie’s mouth before rushing down to smack against her tongue. Dom was able to suck some of Melanie’s spit into her mouth, though the majority of the long spit string landed on her tongue and was added to the martini glass. At the very end of the string, Melanie drooled an extra large ball but it hit on the underside of Dom’s tongue, running over her bottom lip and chin before it too slowly stretched down to mix with the growing puddle in the glass.

“Ready to keep filling it up?” Melanie asked, lifting the dildo in her hand again.

This time Melanie allowed Dom to do all the work as the brunette kept her mouth open and allowed her big sister to slam the toy in and out of her gullet. Thin drool strings almost immediately were produced, leaking over her lips to the martini glass. Just like before, Melanie would eventually drive the dildo 8 inches deep in Dom’s gullet until her body heaved, at which point she’d pull it out and allow the thick globs of spit to fill the cup.

“Let me add some,” Melanie said.

Melanie rested the dildo in the glass, all 16 inches of fake cock held easily by the large-rimmed cup. Melanie used the old fashion way of drumming up some spit; her fingers. Placing middle and index digits together, Melanie shoved them to the back of her throat and wiggled them around. Retching sounds filled the room but Melanie wasn’t trying to throw up. Instead, she constantly poked the gag reflex then backed off, a near constant stream of clear spit draining from her mouth with every thrust. Surprising her, Dom was right under her face, using her tongue to lick Mel’s hand and even catch more than a few streams of spit on her adorable face.

After a full minute of the gagging, Melanie pulled the fingers from her mouth and cleared the rest of the fluid from her orifice with a spit. Dom caught it in her mouth, swishing it around before letting it join the rest in the jaw. Her reward was a sloppy kiss from her on-screen sister.

“Open wide. Your turn,” Melanie commented.

Dom held her sister’s gaze as she opened her mouth and allowed the digits that Melanie had just used to gag herself to enter her mouth. Dom handled the initial salvo well but when Melanie pushed further in, her back heaved and a good mouthful of saliva left her mouth. Mel allowed her one breath before going back in, only pulling her fingers out when she saw the usual back heave and the wet sound of gagging.

Now when the pair kissed, thick strands of spit were passed back and forth, even remaining in place once they pulled apart. The strands would bow and eventually drip down, but they stretched for nearly a foot, tethering their lips together. While the girls made out, Melanie’s hand was swirling the contents of the glass until she scooped up a palmful of their spit and shoved it in Dom’s mouth. If Dom was grossed out, she didn’t show it on her face, which encouraged Mel to dangle long strings of spit around her tongue and looping around her chin and nose. Mel then leaned in and slurped it all up before returning it back down to the martini glass.

“We should be more efficient…” Melanie said.

As Melanie started to lift the glass, Dominique tucked her brown hair behind her before tilting her head upward. Dom watched the whole time as the partial filled contents of the glass were tipped further and further until the majority poured into her mouth in one big mass. It was too much for her mouth to handle but Melanie was there to catch the overflow with a cupped hand before re-filling the glass with it. With the glass back under her, Dom swished the saliva contents in her mouth for a few seconds before spitting it back down into the cup.

“Don’t you think we have too much clothes on?” Dom asked her TV older sister.

“Pretty and smart!” Melanie cooed in delight.

Since Dom was down to a crop-top, thong and cowboy boots, she didn’t have much clothes left to go so Melanie was the one playing catch-up. Getting up on her long legs, the Wynonna Earp star unclasped her bra to reveal her small but perky tits to the camera. Giving them a rub and nipple pinch, she proceeded downward with her hands, undoing her shorts. However, she didn’t forget about the camera so she turned around before she slowly began peeling the shorts over her fit ass.

“Such a tight butt,” Dominique complimented, leaning forward to kiss the alabaster globes of flesh.

Melanie forgot what she was doing, allowing the younger bisexual to kiss and lick her meaty ass as Dominique finished pulling the shorts down her athletic legs. Melanie made it easier for her fictional younger sister to have access to her holes by bending forward. Dom didn’t miss the chance, squirming her tongue between her cheeks and licking first her crinkled asshole before aiming lower to dip inside Melaine’s sweet-tasting pussy.

“Fuck me,” Melanie moaned.

Being a proud bisexual, Dominique knew her way around a pussy so Melaine helped by cupping one of her cheeks and pulling it apart. With more liberty, Dominique put her tongue to excellent use, though it was rimming Melanie’s tight ass versus eating out her tasty cunt. Either choice was fine for Melanie, as whether it was her tight asshole or wet snatch, Dom ate her out with great pleasure. Dominique was such in her element, that she could still deliver a hyper-arousing tonguing of Melanie’s asshole and still strip out of the remainder of her clothes, exposing the rest of her small, tight body, though she made the correct choice in leaving her cowboy boots on her feet.

“I think...oh god...we are still missing...Jesus...one key ingredient for a good martini,” Melanie managed to eke out around her moans.

“Oh? What’s that?” Dominique asked, her tongue plunging back inside Melanie’s colon the moment the words were out of her mouth.

Dominique continued to lick as deep inside Melaine’s rectum as possible but movement out of the corner of her eye made her look in that direction. Crawling towards them was a familiar face to both Wynonna Earp actresses as it was their co-star Katherine Barrell. Playing a character named Sheriff Haught (pronounced Hot), it was spot on by the show’s creator. Her big eyes and wicked grin rounded out a pretty face, meanwhile her red hair was striking. Playing a police officer also made the leggy Canadian maintain a great figure, much like her fellow actresses she was joining. 

“Hi Kat,” Melanie moaned.

Looking over, Dominique realized that the reason why her lover on their show didn’t reply to the greeting was because Kat’s mouth was stuffed with olives. The crawling redhead made her way into the action before hovering her face over the martini glass. Dom had pulled her tongue back into her mouth and held her TV girlfriend’s hair out of the way as, one by one, Kat spat 7 large green olives from her mouth, into Dominique’s then into the glass.

“Greet her properly,” Melaine demanded of Dom.

Dom didn’t need the encouragement, whether it be the words that Melanie had just spoken or the hand on the back of her head pushing her towards Katherine. Though they had kissed hundreds if not thousands of times on set, doing it now felt special. Sure, it was likely because Dominique was naked and Kat was in a sexy police outfit and they were filming a girl-on-girl-on-girl lesbian porn film, but also because Dom had always wanted to fuck her married co-star. And now finally she had her chance and she was gonna make it count.

“Wow,” Kat panted after their minute-long makeout session. “Great kiss, Dom!”

Since Dom didn’t want to stop the kiss, Melanie had to haul the smaller girl up off her knees and to her feet by her hair. Dominique gave a cry, but it was more a frustrated growl from not having her lips pressed against the hot redhead then from pain. However, Melaine thought that Dom deserved a reward from the excellent tongue lashing the bisexual had given her bowels and so who better than Kat to make that a reality. With nothing, not even pubes or a thong separating Kat from Dominique’s bright pink pussy, the redhead understood what was expected of her.

“I hope that tasty snack is for me,” Katherine commented, moving her face ever closer to the smaller woman’s pussy.

Dom moaned as Katherine did a long slow lick over her entire slit, ending at her hyper-sensitive clit. By the time Kat did a repeat of her long lick, Melanie was ready for her with a big glob of spit in her mouth. As Kat’s tongue flicked several times at Dominique’s clit again, Melanie released the saliva and with perfect accuracy it fell right onto the redhead’s tongue. Expecting it, Katherine slurped up the other woman’s spit before going right back to eating out Dominique’s cunt.

“Shit that’s good,” the bisexual Dom cooed.

As Kat made slow licks in a ring pattern around her TV girlfriend’s clit, her face started wet. Looking up, the redhead saw Mel shoving fingers down her throat in an in-and-out move, constantly streaming saliva down onto her face. Though she pulled her tongue away from the tiny Dominique and caught some of the droplets, the majority of Melanie’s spit continued to rain down on her face.

“Such great tits,” Dominique said from under the redhead.

Kat heard the words moments before the tiny brunette’s mouth latched onto one of her puffy nipples. Dominique’s hands were both groping Kat’s medium-sized tits while the tiny girl alternated between sucking on each. The titty sucking was proving to distract the redhead, allowing more of Melanie’s spit to coat her face and run down her chest, wetting Dominique's cuteness as well. Undeterred, Dom pulled her mouth from the slippery nipple she was sucking on in order to lick up some of the rogue spit that was decorating Kat’s alabaster skin before spitting it down into the slowly growing glass. 

“Get up here you messy girl,” the TV sheriff said to the little brunette.

Dominique allowed the taller girl to pull her by the side of her head until they were kissing deeply. Much like her make out with Melanie minutes before, the kissing was frantic and messy. Their tongues and saliva spilled over the margins of their lips, soaking each other faces in drool, all while Melaine rained rivers of spit down onto their faces. Melanie pulled her fingers from her mouth, allowing herself to take in some lungfuls of air and allowing her co-stars to continue their messy kissing. Looking down, Melaine was happy and surprised to see the huge glass was filling at a good rate.

“The martini isn’t dirty enough,” Melanie confessed before pretending like an idea suddenly hit her. “Kneel for me, bitches.”

Both members of the fictional TV lesbian couple stayed on their knees and bent over the ottoman with their asses pointed back at Melanie. The Wynonna Earp and Letterkenny star knelt behind them, the massive martini glass in her hand, however it was the contents in the glass that she wanted. Starting with Kat, who had the bigger ass and was used to regular anal sex with men, Melanie recruited Dom’s help in pulling apart the thick cheeks. When a small gape appeared in the butthole, Melanie widened it further with sticking a finger inside, lubricated liberally with the ample amount of spit from the glass. A finger wasn’t the endgame though, as Melaine pulled her digit out and proceeded to stiff Kat’s asshole with 4 olives.

“Not the first time I’ve had food up my pooper,” Kat admitted with a sheepish grin.

“Now push them out, butt slut,” Melanie instructed the redhead.

Kat expected to be shooting the olives stuffed up her ass directly into the martini glass, but obviously Melaine had other ideas. As Kat bore down and the first of 4 olives was shot from her rectum, the green food landed directly in Melanie’s wide-spread mouth. The naughty Wynonna Earp star sucked on the salty treat for a moment before spitting the olive into the glass. Melanie was in time to catch the next green projectile as it left Kat’s asshole, giving it a suck and spit to join the other. She repeated the dirty feat a few more times until all of the olives were back in the spit cup.

“Thank God they’re small,” Dominique commented, referring to the olives. “Haven’t had much up my dumper in awhile.”

“Good time to start then,” Kat retorted.

With the redhead repaying Dom for pulling her cheeks apart, Melanie had a perfect view of Dominique’s crinkled rosebud. Much like Dom herself, her asshole was the most adorable looking thing, tiny and tight. However, after lubing up her hand in the spit jar, Melanie found that her index finger had little difficulty passing through her anal ring and into her rectum.

“Oh that’s kinda nice,” Dom admitted even after Melanie swapped her tiny digit for her thicker thumb. 

After taking well to the finger and then thumb anal fucking, Dom had little issue accepting the olives up her ass. Melanie was a little worried the tightness of her anal ring would make pulp out of the olives, but after holding them in her bowels for a minute before pushing them out, Melanie felt each olive whole and intact as they were pushed into her mouth before being spat into the dirty martini glass.

“Closer...but still not dirty enough,” Melanie retorted.

“What are you thinking, boss?” Kat asked the lead of the show.

“Dom, be a dear and bring over the first toy,” Melanie asked the cowboy boot-wearing bisexual.

Dominique did as requested and came back into view of the camera holding a long pink dildo in a perfect replica of a cock, balls and all. Kat was first up, jumping up onto the ottoman before rolling over onto her back with her legs spread wide. Being the expert when it came to being between a woman’s thighs, Dom knelt on the ground while Melanie thought the best place to sit was right on Kat’s pretty face.

“Oh that’s it Kat! Eat momma’s pussy,” Melanie moaned in appreciation.

Rather than cram the dry silicone toy directly up the redhead’s pooper, Dom wet both the hole and toy. Using loads of spit and all the arm strength she possessed, the little brunette repeatedly poked her tongue as far into Kat’s anal tract as possible, using ample salvia to wet the passage. Satisfied for now, Dom turned her oral attention to the pink toy, pushing it deep into her gullet to cough up yet more spit onto the dildo. While Dom was accomplishing the prep work, her two fingers were banging Kat’s ass, feeling the ring spread and widen under the constant fucking. 

“Ready baby?” Dominique asked her on-screen girlfriend after spitting the mouthful of saliva the latest deep-throating of the dildo produced.

“Please get that dick in my ass,” Kat replied before her tongue wormed back into Melanie’s wet cunt.

Dominique had actually handed the toy off to Melanie for this part, as the dark-haired beauty was now leaning forward, her pussy still resting on Kat’s mouth. Being a regular anal practitioner, Kat knew how to relax the smooth muscle that made up her anal ring, so when Melanie placed the bulbous tip of the pink cock against her and pushed, the dildo had no problems stretching her out before embedding itself a good 4 inches up her ass.

“Oh that’s the stuff,” the redhead cooed, taking a moment's break from eating out the girl who was sodomizing her.

Though Melanie was the one who penetrated Kat’s bowels, it was Dominique who was taking over more and more. With her hand on the base of the pink toy, the petite brunette was pushing the dildo down as Melanie’s grip on the shaft would pull it back out. The pair who played sisters on the show always left the tip of the toy in the sheriff cosplayer, allowing the pair to go faster and deeper.

“Yes! Fuck my ass,” Kat screamed.

Kat’s screams only got louder as Melanie gave Dom full dildo control so that the mother of two could push three fingers into the redhead’s pussy. Dom made sure to keep spitting down onto the shaft of the toy before pushing it back in, constantly adding more lube to aid with her fictional girlfriend’s sodomy. 

“Give me this,” Mel spoke to Dom, seizing the dildo back into her control.

Whenever Melanie would pull the dildo from the redhead’s ass, a squirt of lube would exit along with it, filling the martini glass. Dominique was on hand to provide more of the natural lubricant, licking deeper and deeper since Kat’s anal ring was loosening each time. Finally, Dom would open wide and allow the toy that moments before had been fucking her co-star’s asshole to be placed in her mouth. Though it was clear which hole the dildo came from, Dom dutifully bobbed her head and took the dick into her gullet, slathering it in even more spit.

“I think it’s your turn, little sister,” Melanie eventually commented.

“If it means I get another year working with you fine ladies, I’m game to have my butt poked,” the tiny bisexual agreed.

Being mainly a lesbian, Dominique was the least experienced with anal play. Lucky for her, her co-stars had lots of practice and used that to help her out. Kat took the role between Dom’s legs, using first her tongue and then a skinny finger to stretch and prepare the adorable butthole. Melanie helped by providing a lot of spit, constantly adding more and more onto Kat’s tongue or finger, all while the dark-haired woman rubbed Dom’s pussy. 

“Wanna taste?” Kat asked.

The question was directed towards Melanie, the finger she was using to fuck Dominique’s asshole was already pulled free from the sphincter and inserting into Mel’s mouth. After a deep suck for several seconds, Kat pulled it free and resumed her anal fingering of her fictional girlfriend. 

“Dirty girl,” Melanie commented to her TV younger sister.

Dominique soon felt something larger and more round but against her ass as both her co-stars spat and rubbed the saliva into something new. Knowing it was her turn for a toy, Dom grabbed hold of her cowboy boots and used the grip to spread her legs wider apart. Between the foreplay, finger stretching and ample lubrication, Dom hoped it would be enough to overcome her cute but extremely tight butthole.

“Just relax baby,” Kat said, rubbing the tip of the glass toy against her TV girlfriend’s poop chute.

“You got this, sis,” Melanie encouraged.

Knowing she wasn’t that experienced, Melanie sought to make it easier by bending over the tiny woman and latching her lips around Dom’s clit. With her brain having pleasure shoot through it, it served as the perfect distraction for Dominique, as Kat now had little issue pushing the glass toy past the breach and into her colon. The glass sex toy was cone shaped but made of three ‘bubbles’, each one bigger than the next. The first of the bubbles was only an inch long and wide, ending in a tapered tail. Dom moaned loader as Kat proceeded to fuck her with the first bubble, constantly making the small woman’s asshole spread to a full inch in diameter before being allowed to tighten up a moment later.

“Mmmmm….yeah...aaahhhh,” Dominique moaned, pleased with how well she was handling the butt fuck.

With Melaine’s constant clit sucking, Kat was surprised with the relative ease she found in fucking Dominique’s clearly tight hole. Though it took some strength, the glass dildo had an easy time of popping in and out of Dom’s asshole. Pushing her luck, Kat pushed even further and watched as Dom’s cute hold expanded an extra half-inch wide and expected the second of three glass bubbles. The adorable brunette now had two bubbles and a total of 4 inches buried in her rectum.

“Holy crap dude!” Melanie commented, taking a brief pause from eating the younger girl out. “Already got 2 of them in you.”

Dom’s only reply was yet more moans as Kat continued with her smooth pushes in and out of the cute girl’s asshole. Mel continued to be a huge help, either by licking her clit, spitting on the glass toy or pulling apart Dominique’s firm cheeks. Even when Kat would pull all the way out, the two women would divide and conquer, usually with Kat sucking on the toy fresh from Dominique’s asshole while Melanie leaned further forward to add spit right up her anal canal. The women also loved observing that with each passing minute, Dom’s ass gaped more and more. It was by no means large and it still looked heart-breakingly adorable, but now her anal ring could relax a good half-inch after the toy left her.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Dominique roared in delight.

When Mel took over the anal fucking duties, Dominique’s gape only continued to grow. Using the toy to fuck down into her on an angle, it made the glass beads stretch out the anal ring for longer each time they were pushed in or out. Kat was now on spit duty, constantly adding more onto the shaft of the bubbly toy and being pushed into Dom’s rectum every thrust. On the way back out, the spit that had been soaking in her bowels would be pulled out, adding to the growing collection in the martini cup beneath. 

“Now that is a proper gape!” Melanie roared in victory.

Seeing the massive and shocked grin on Kat’s face, Dom became curious. Reaching a hand from her boot and down between her legs, Dominique placed the fingertips of one finger around the opening. It did feel wider than ever, so she kept adding fingertips until three digits could fit around the entrance of her tightest of holes.

“Holy crappers,” the adorable girl exclaimed in shock. “And it felt great!”

“Of course it did, silly,” Kat said before giving the girl’s gaping ass a French kiss.

“I think it’s your turn, momma,” Dominique said to the mother of two.

“Yes please!” Melanie all but begged. “I want the black one!”

Dominique rose from her knees and looked around. There were a number of various items laid out, ranging from small to large, but there could only be one thing that met the criteria the Letterkenny actress asked for. It was easily the biggest sex toy that Dominique had ever seen, and despite how cute and innocent she looked, she was quite well versed in the subject. The shaft of the ribbed dildo was easily a foot long, with the much thicker base, presumably that large in order for it to rest on the floor standing up, was another 6 inches. It started 2 inches thick, the thickness of a huge actual cock, but with each passing inch got wider and wider.

“It’s a behemoth,” Dom gasped, subconsciously stroking the slick toy.

“Then get that behemoth in my ass,” Melanie demanded in a serious yet playful tone.

Dom could barely believe her ears but didn’t baulk at the request. She and Kat took turns lubing up the massive toy by choking down as much of the toy as they could. This only amounted to a few inches given the size of the dildo. While the fictional lesbian couple prepared the toy for its voyage into their co-star’s backdoor, Melanie was spitting on her fingers then rubbing it around her asshole to add more lubrication. When the time came, though Dom was hesitant, she was also very curious and super aroused. Between her and Kat working together, plus Melanie relaxing her hole, the large dildo had little trouble piercing the slackened anal ring.

“Holy shit,” Dom gasped in amazement, looking down and seeing Melanie’s anus expand to take a two-inch dildo.

“Knew you could do it,” Kat added, stroking the skinny woman’s butt.

Dominique pushed the toy a good 6 inches deep before fully removing it. Both she and Kat gawked at the size of the asshole that the dildo left in its wake. From the ground, Melanie laughed, looking at their stunned face and even feeling the wind inside the room tickling the inside of her anus. Snapping back to reality, Kat and Dominique both globbed a few balls of spit down into the cavernous ass of their more experienced co-star before driving their saliva deeper with the dildo.

“Oh yes! Mommy likes!” Melanie screamed her pleasure.

The younger co-stars gave Melanie exactly what she desires. The big dildo plummeted in and out of her asshole with speed and depth that few could handle. Every time Dominique thought they should ease up on the Wynonna Earp title character, the mother of two would beg for more. Dom and Kat would frequently pull out and get Melanie to push their spit out from deep in her rectum, allowing it to drip down into the martini glass. The saliva was then refreshed with the fictional lesbian couple deploying a combination of licks and spitting to re-lube her anal passage.

“I think it’s ready now,” Melanie cooed, drained from her lengthy anal fuck session.

“Only one way to know for sure,” Kat remarked with a toothy grin.

The three Wynonna Earp stars all moved tight together, their cheeks pressed against one another with the adorable Dominique Provost-Chalkley in the middle with Melanie and Katherine on either side. All three held the massive martini glass in their hands, rising up to their mouths. On three, they opened their mouths and extended their tongues before tipping the glass further and further. Though a good deal of the dirty martini poured onto their faces and down their fit bodies, a portion filled their mouths as well with Dominique lucky enough to catch an olive. 

“Now that is one hell of a martini,” Kat grinned wickedly after a big drink.

NEXT: Jane Levy of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist gives an extraordinary performance to please the many extras on the show 

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