Hollywood Pornstars

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 28
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Taylor Swift, Mike Chapman
Celebrities (Non-sex): Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Taylor Swift, Mike Chapman) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Legalporno or Giorgio Grandi, nor with any of their talent

Summary: The second of Taylor Swift’s obligated scenes with her taking on the fucking machine known as Mike Chapman.

Note: I’d like to thank Cosmo Kramer from helping give ideas for this chapter

Taylor Swift was nervous. This was not something that the mega-star felt often. Being a natural performer and doing so in front of huge crowds for over 15 years now, she knew how to handle her nerves. However, tonight was different as it was her second scene of the three she had signed on to do in order for the Powers That Be to bury her stupid, stupid sex tape she made. Thinking that it was her second scene after performing a truly epic gangbang with the top talent at Gonzo Studio should mean she was over the jitters of having sex on camera. Which would have been true...except that tonight was a wet scene. 

Taylor loved sex and had a lot of it. She was down with all types of kinks and fetishes, even if her own tended to be more on the vanilla side of things. However, in all her time with girls and guys, none had been into piss play, or at least not that they suggested to her. Therefore, Taylor was entering uncharted waters tonight. Ever the studious individual, the singer picked up her phone and started scrolling through her contacts and cross-checking them with the database on Hollywood Pornstars to see who had done some watersport. A number had, which surprised the leggy blonde, but she didn’t know any of them personally until she came across a name that she had the phone number to, even if they were more an acquaintance then friend.

“Hello?” a feminine voice said on the other end of the phone.

“Hi, it's Taylor Swift. Do you have a moment to talk?” 

“Taylor Swift!? Calling me? Is this a prank call? Seriously, if this is you again Aubrey…” 

“Anna! Seriously. This is the real Taylor Swift,” the cat-lover said with a giggle.

“Jesus! And what is the mega-star Taylor doing calling this scrappy little nobody,” Anna Kendrick asked.

“Well I was hoping I could pick your brain for a few moments,” Taylor answered. “But before you agree...it's a rather personal and intimate line of questioning.”

“Whoa! Sex talk. Gimmie, gimmie,” the actress purred across the phone.

“Okay then,” Taylor giggled again. “I’m shooting with Giorgio Grandi today…”

“So need advice on what? Gangbangs? Orgies? DPs, Double anal?” Anna rhymed off as if listening the food she needed to pick up at the grocers.

“What? No! None of that child’s play stuff,” the leggy blonde replied.

“Child’s play? Man, how haven’t the two of us hooked up yet?” Anna asked the hot singer.

“I think you are more in the Katy Perry camp, if I remember correctly,” Taylor answered.

“I am a boob girl,” Anna nodded on the other end of the call. “Although, your tits are looking mighty fine of late…”

“Focus, Anna,” Taylor reminded the horny actress. “I’m looking for advice on...watersport.”

“Ahh. Well then you came to the right girl,” Anna replied. “Who are you working with?”

“Umm….Mike Chapman.”

“Good ol’ Mikey! Guy fucks like a demon, but in a good way. Endurance and power but I assume you can handle that,” Anna recapped. “Okay so the studio will want to do more than just a golden shower for your pretty ass. So that means you’ll be doing some piss drinking. Sounds worse than it is.”

“Drinking pee isn’t that bad?” Taylor said with shock.

“It’s no sweet tea but it’s honestly not much worse than bad red wine,” the tiny actress answered. “Especially since Mike is a good guy who drinks a shit ton of water and has a clean diet. Trust me, I’ve been the urinal for more than a few guys that eat like shit and have the richest of yellow piss. Now that is nasty!”

“Wow. Okay,” Taylor nodded her head. “So I shouldn’t be too worried then…”

“More or less. Just remember that the initial stream will be a little wild and splash up onto your face. Don’t let that distract you. Weather the storm, his accuracy will improve and get it into your mouth. From there, swallow quickly and often, just like you would with any alcohol shot,” Anna added. “But after you’re done, you’ll feel invincible.”


“Totally. Very little sexually will faze you after drinking a lot of pee,” Anna laughed. “Do me a favor and call me afterwards. I wanna hear how it went.”

“Deal,” Taylor agreed. “Thanks Anna.”

“No, thank you Taylor. I’m gonna jerk it so much to this scene once they release it,” the tiny actress informed her.

“Goodbye Anna…”

*    *    *


Taylor felt much more confident as she strode out into the infamous filming room that Giorgio Grandi used for the majority of his scenes. It also just so happened to be the same location she had filmed in only two days ago when she took 10 men in all her holes over the course of nearly two hours. 

The light of the cameras flicked to red, leaving Taylor wearing a smile and very little else. She was barely wearing any clothing, and that which she did have on left little to the imagination. Having forgone a bra, the leggy singer wore a black lace nightie that stretched down to just over her bubbly ass, but the material was see-through, allowing both the cameras and the bald black man seated on the sofa a view of everything she had to offer. Other than the sexy lingerie, the leggy woman had on a pair of high heels and a matching black thong.

“Hello gorgeous,” Mike Chapman greeted the stunning blonde.

“Hi yourself,” Taylor replied with a devious smile.

The camera came zooming in on Taylor, and more specifically, her naked tits. Having grown by a full cup size after she fixed her eating disorder, Taylor was proud about her B-cups that were made to look even bigger on her given how slender her frame was. Noting what was in frame at the moment, Taylor ran her hands over her lace lingerie and gave her boobs a hearty squeeze before lightly pinching her nipples to get them good and erect.

“I hear today is special for you,” Mike commented as she walked over to a counter on the far side of the room.

“Uh huh,” Taylor nodded. “It’s not often that I experience a sexual first anymore.”

“Well lucky me,” the black man smiled. 

Taylor watched as Mike picked up two champagne flutes that looked to be filled with different fluids. In the glass that Mike held in his dominant hand was what Taylor would guess was expensive champagne given the bubbles and color. Meanwhile, in the glass he extended out to her, the fluid inside was flat, bubble-less and, well, looking like diluted piss. Which was accurate considering as she brought it to her nose to sniff, it smelt an awful lot like pee.

“I figured before we got started, we’d have a toast,” Mike stated as he reached his glass out towards her. “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” Taylor replied as they lightly clinked their flutes together.

Bringing the glass to her mouth, Taylor steeled her nerves before pressing her lips to the rim. She performed another steadying breath before she tipped the glass back and actually took a sip of urine. With only a small amount welled in her mouth, Taylor shut her lips and gulped down roughly half a mouthful. To her shock, it turned out Anna was right when she said it wasn't that gross. Sure, it was a little foul but no worse than half the cumshots she drank down or from having her fair share of warm beer. 

"Oh yes. Good girl." Mike said after seeing her swallow down a second small mouthful.

Since a third of the tall glass was already drunk, Taylor tilted her head back and finished the contents in one large mouthful. She had to hold it in her mouth longer than she’d have liked as it was more than she thought, but it was still tolerable. In two swallows, Taylor Swift had finished her first drink of piss!

“How was it?” Mike asked, taking her glass and returning it to the counter.

"Honestly...wasn't bad," Taylor commented. “Girl could get used to it I think."

Mike gave a quick look behind Taylor and noticed that her thong was bulging outwards at the level of her asshole. Realizing she was stretching herself out, Mike spun her sound so her firm ass was pointed back at the cameras. Ever the showwoman, Taylor kept her knees locked as she bent over at the waist, thrusting her small booty back at the lens. Despite the thong she wore, it was clear to see a large black circular base of a butt plug that Taylor had lodged up her ass.

“I’ve heard that you have legendary blowjob skills,” the older man stated.

Taylor only smiled in reply as Mike brought her further into the room before he descended down to sit on the white leather sofa. With his intention clear, Taylor dropped down to her knees as she pushed her hair behind her shoulders. 

“Is this for me?” Taylor asked innocently.

The blonde was clearly in the mood to showcase her awesome oral skills so Mike was all the happier for it. Still playing along, Taylor extended her tongue fully so that the very tip just touched his piss slit. Wagging it several times accomplished her goal in getting a nod from her guest.

“All yours, babe,” he gave in, wanting so much more from the blonde. “Now let’s see how you measure up.”

Always a performer, Mike felt the pop singer grip the base of his cock before using her tongue on his rod once again. However, rather than just a little flick at his head, this time Taylor used the broad part of the wet muscle to lick the underbelly of his 9-inch dick from root to head. She performed this three other times, one time each to either side and the top side before Mike felt the warm moist environment of her mouth enveloped the head.

“Ahhh,” Mike sighed, spreading his legs wider and letting himself sink a little deeper into the cushion as Taylor pushed more of his cock into her mouth.

Though never on the receiving end of her mouth before, from what he had seen of her performing oral sex, Taylor Swift was without arguement flawless. Feeling lips grip around his cock snapped the lucky man back to the present. Taylor had ceased simply licking his cock and was now getting down to brass taxes. Opening her mouth wide, Taylor gave a small bob of only his head, her lips lightly thumping over the ridge of where the shaft met its tip. After that brief introduction, Taylor’s next descent down his pole was taking a good 5 inches into her mouth. It was just enough of his manhood that his sensitive head didn’t repeatedly smash against the hard palate in the back of her mouth, but only just barely. Having her range, the leggy singer built momentum and gave the seated man a dozen bobs of her golden head in quick succession.

“Fuck me!” Mike groaned, resting a hand on the top of her head. 

Taylor was going back down, performing another handful of lightning fast bobs of her head, taking over half his cock in each stroke before pulling off him. A quick intake of air and the blonde was back to work, but her speed vanished and Mike could feel her ruby red lips as they slid down his pole, inch by inch. She passed the 5-inch mark and the lucky man felt his tip poke the back of her mouth. Knowing what came next, it took Taylor only an instant to relax her throat, opening her gullet fully for him. Pushing her head downward at the same speed, his cock slipped into Taylor’s throat without any sputter or gag. 

“Jesus Christ,” Mike groaned.

Though capable of holding in her gullet for much longer, Taylor was just starting her oral performance and wanted to keep it moving. Therefore, as soon as her nose was pressed against his flat abdomen, she was pulling back, her lips massaging every inch of his slobbery manhood as she retreated. They had been fucking together long enough for Mike to know that her deep throating his big dick wasn’t a fluke, but Taylor was always keen to remind the lucky man at every oppurtunity. Thus, the pop singer bobbed once to the 3-inch mark, twice to the halfway point of his cock then relaxed her throat and took him completely into her mouth, down to his balls. In fact, Taylor even found the time to extend her tongue and actually give his nuts a little lick as she held all 9 inches of hard dick in her gullet.

“God this dick is so nice,” Taylor cooed, her fist stroking him a mile a minute due to how slippery his flesh was from her spit.

Taylor resumed her masterclass of a blowjob, as the black man focused on deriving every ounce of pleasure from Taylor’s lips, tongue and throat. Going right back to work, the blonde performed another salvo of head bobs with the first 5 inches of dick pistoning into her mouth before she relaxed her throat and swallowed all 9 inches at one time. Her throat bulged out as it was filled with hard cock, her nose pressing into the neatly trimmed patch of pubes and his balls met her chin. Holding herself there for a lengthy time, long enough that she had to actually not gag on his cock, Taylor eventually pulled away. This time as she did so, her pretty face was red, his cock had more saliva covering it and there were even several strings of spit connecting her mouth to his pole.

While her last several bobs on his cock were slow and she kept her face in his crotch for a good 10 seconds, this time Taylor went for speed while taking all of him. Essentially using her mouth to fuck him balls deep, Taylor kept her throat relaxed as she rocketed her gorgeous face down into his lap. Once Taylor had impaled her mouth fully with his cock, making her throat bulge, she retreated back up with length. With only his tip remaining between her lips, Taylor reversed course until her nose was smashing against his stomach. Despite the fact that the constant barrage of deep throats would make her voice a little hoarse and and all the blows her nose was taking was causing her eyes to mist, it was well worth it given how much Mike was grunting.

“Fucking fuck, Tay,” Mike hissed through clenched teeth as his hand subconsciously tightened to make a fist with her golden locks.

“Do I measure up against some of the more experienced porn actresses?” Taylor asked, thick strands of spit decorating his ebony shaft.

“Oh, that you do!”

This time instead of taking him back into her mouth, Taylor tilted her head sideways and ran her lips up and down the side of his shaft. Not forgetting about the other side, Taylor turned her head all the way to that side next, tossing her luscious golden locks over her shoulder in order to massage his cock with her lips as her tongue glided along the underbelly.

Instead of rubbing her lips back along his cock, Taylor went back to deep throating. This time she gave the lucky man no warm up and simply parted her lips, relaxed her throat and pushed all 9 inches into her mouth at one time. She held him in her throat, her lips wrapped around his base and flashed her electric blue eyes up to meet Mike, who she knew would be watching her suck him off. She held his gaze as she bobbed up and down, spending no time to make the transition from retreating along his spit covered shaft to plummeting back down it. Once every 3 to 4 times she deep throated him, Taylor would take an extra second to hold him in her gullet so she could make a side-to-side motion with her head, which only accelerated how much sooner he’d need to cum into her mouth. In fact, the latest time she did this, Taylor stayed down on his dick for almost 10 full seconds until she pulled all the way off for a gulp of air.

“You are something special,” Mike commented as her face returned to a normal shade of pink instead of the deep red it was periodically becoming during her deep throating exhibition.

Keeping her throat relaxed and mouth in a perfect O shape, the pop singer thrust her head down with speed. If this move was done with poor aim or not having your throat opened enough could cause damage for both him and her, luckily Taylor was a professional when it came to sucking cock. In fact, she was certain she’d make the Olympics if they had a version for sex acts. Regardless, Taylor slammed her face down until her throat bulged with cock and her lips touched the base, at which point she reared back until she was 6 inches away from his manhood.

With each successive bob of his entire cock going down her throat, the amount of distance Taylor pulled away from him shrank until she was leaving the tip on her mouth before bobbing back forward. Resuming her normal deep-throat variety of blowjob, Taylor was in constant motion as her lips and throat tried desperately to milk the cum right from Mike’s balls.

“I’m not going to lie, normally I have to be aggressive and milk a better performance from the female talent,” Mike explained. “With you though, you’re a beast onto yourself.”

“And coming from someone whose fucked well over, what, a thousand professionals...what an honor,” Taylor giggled, strands of spit dangling from her chin.

“Come sit on my dick, baby,” Mike demanded.

For the first time in a dozen minutes, Taylor got off her knees from the tiled floor and pulled down her thong. She went to remove her lingerie as well but a shake of Mike’s head deterred that idea. She received a similar shake when she went to pull out the butt plug that was in her ass, so instead she saddled up to him with her tits right in front of his face and her booty pointed back at the camera.

“Gonna be a tight fit,” Taylor commented as she felt his tip glide through her pink slit. “Oh shit!”

Taylor felt like a virgin again as her pussy was spread by the massive black dick as it pushed into her womb. In truth, she could normally handle any sized cock into her pussy or ass for that matter, but with the huge butt plug filling her anal cavity, it made the tightness of her snatch beyond compare. Still, Mike was able to plant half his length inside her, at which point Taylor took over. Though not able to go nearly as fast or deep as she normally would, Taylor still bounced on the majority of his ebony cock, much to the bald man’s pleasure.

“You feel that, baby?”

Slowing things down, Taylor focused less on speed and more about getting more dick in her snatch. Riding as far down as she could, she tilted her hips at the end to drive another inch or two deep. This technique proved a good idea as now nearly all 9 inches were moving in and out of her pussy, albeit slowly.

“How could I not feel that big black cock stretching out my little pussy?” Taylor moaned.

With the depth achieved, Taylor started going faster and faster now. She was shocked with the sensation of intense stretching and pleasure she felt due to being DP’ed by a big cock and massive butt plug. It was like the most intense double fuck of her life since the toy in her bowels was akin to the thickness of two dicks, which made Taylor wonder if she could enter the rare triple penetration club.

“Use your hand to keep that butt plug in,” Mike told the riding blonde.

Doing as she was told, the singer reached an arm back to apply pressure on the wide base of the toy. Her at times energetic riding had been causing the butt plug to shift around, which was the reason for Mike’s request. Lacing his arms around her slender body, the black man pressed both hands against Taylor’s bubbly ass before he start to really fuck her. With her pussy used to the strain, Mike’s hips flew off the cushion while he pushed down on Taylor’s body to make her take all 9 inches to the hilt at a lightning fast pace.

“Oh! Oh shit! Shhiiitttt!” Taylor screamed in pleasure.

Mike could feel the grind of the curved butt plug along the underside of his cock with each thrust, but that only motivated him to fuck her all that much harder. Within only a few months, the black man had worked up a sweat from the vigorous ride, and yet his hips were still jackhammering up off the sofa to spike into Taylor Swift’s womb. Finally, Mike slowed and gave each of her cheeks a couple smacks before throwing her off his lap for a quick breather.

“Incredible,” Taylor panted, chest heaving as she laid on the sofa.

The blonde didn’t get much, if any, downtime to recover before she found herself kneeling, bent over the arm of the sofa. Mike took up the position behind her and took her in the snatch once more. With every thrust into her slit, his stomach pushed the base of the toy, which was the size of a hockey puck, to the very limit of her asshole. On the way out with his dick, the butt plug would be dragged back by an inch or so, only to be hammered back into her ass with the next push into her.

“Oh fuck yes,” Taylor bellowed as Mike went faster and faster.

“You wanna get that perfect little asshole fucked?” Mike asked, bending right over her body to ask the question right into her ear.

“Get this thing outta my ass,” Taylor cooed as his sweaty chest was pressed against her back.

“You do it,” Mike said, pulling out of her and standing up straight. “But no hands.”

Taylor was a little surprised by the instructions but she was ever the pleaser. BEaring down, Taylor pushed back internally and was surprised to find that the huge butt plug was actually moving out of her. The camera watched as the entire base, which was the thickness of two pucks stacked on top of one another, came out. Taylor began to audibly sigh under the exertion as the next several inches of the butt plug came into view. She was now into the thickest portion of the toy and yet Taylor didn’t stop pushing. More and more of the black toy was pushed out of her asshole, slowly but surely. She felt the lube that she had used to initially grease up the butt plug start to run out from around her anal ring as the toy stopped making progress in exiting her rear, but the blonde wasn’t deterred. With one final massive push, Taylor succeeded in plopping out the huge butt plug from her asshole, which was gaped open by a good 2 inches at least. After all, the egg-shaped toy she had just shat out was 6 inches in length and an amazing 3 inches wide.

“Holy crap,” Taylor moaned as her bowels felt incredibly empty.

“You know what I was thinking?” Mike asked, holding the used toy at its thick base.

“That you want me to clean it with my mouth,” Taylor answered.

If Taylor was apprehensive about using her mouth to clean a toy that she had just literally shit out of her ass, then you would have never known it. The singer with the body and face of a supermodel parted her lips wide and gave the first several inches of the butt plug a quick suck. Moaning all the while, Taylor opened wide and somehow succeeded in getting all of the thick egg-shaped toy into her mouth, at which point her cheeks hollowed as she sucked it clean of her ass juices and lube. 

“Give me that ass,” Mike said, bending her back down on the armrest.

Taylor barely felt as the black man’s cock entered her ass, after all, the butt plug had done its job well. As Mike started to add more of his shaft between her cheeks, Taylor continued to suck clean the massive sex toy, moaning from the sodomy. With Mike fully into his stride, the leggy blonde was now on the receiving end of the deepest and hardest fuck of her life. Over and over, Mike speared her with all 9 inches of ebony cock before retreating so only his tip remained propping open her back door. 

“Oh fuck!” Taylor swore.

After a few minutes of his straight ahead, deep anal fuck, Mike had climbed higher onto the sofa so he could thrust straight down into her. The result was less speed but his dick fucked her harder and deeper instead. The blonde had to place the butt plug on the ground so she could focus on not being torn in two from the intense anal fuck, even though she imagined it would only last a handful of seconds. However, Taylor had forgot she was dealing with a legend of the porn industry. Two full minutes later, Mike stepped back and gave both he and Taylor a minute’s breather.

“Holy Lord! That was good,” an exhausted Taylor commented, still bent over the arm of the sofa.

In her exhausted and stationary state, the camera came in for a close up of her abused asshole. Despite how slender the singer was, her asshole continued to display a massive gape that few women could even compare to. Taylor reached a lazy arm back behind her to shove two then three fingers into her open open ass, giggling after finding how little tension her anal ring produced around the invading digits.

“Come down and suck my dick,” Mike said, standing several strides away from the sofa.

On wobbly legs, Taylor walked the short distance before lowering herself back down onto her knees. Before she was even kneeling, she was putting his dick into her mouth and once again tasting her ass, only this time it was from his ebony shaft instead of a huge butt plug. Taylor didn’t deploy her deep-throating skills this time, instead she used her tongue to lick the length of his cock from all sides before getting playful and batting his massive manhood against her cheek. Changing her tactics once she felt his hands grip the back of her head, Taylor opened wide and allowed the man to fuck her face, which he gladly took the opportunity to do. 

“You ready?” Mike asked, stepping back a step but still holding the top of her head while his other hand gripped his cock.

“Yes,” Taylor nodded before remembering the cameras. “I want you to pee in my mouth.”

With his bulbous head only an inch from her open mouth, Taylor knew the man couldn’t miss his target so she risked keeping her eyes open. At first she thought of staring at his pee slit and waiting from him to fill her mouth, but instead she turned her electric blue eyes up to stare up at his face like she did when giving a blowjob. The wait was making her more nervous, despite having drank a flute-worth of pee already, but drinking right from the source felt much different. Both more gross and exciting all at the same time.

“Uggghhh,” Mike groaned as the pressure reached a crescendo.

To taylor’s credit, she didn’t so much as flinch or close her eyes as Mike began using her mouth like a urinal. After only a few seconds, Taylor had her mouth filled with the surprisingly not too gross tasting piss. Mike pinched off his stream, a small splash hitting her fantastic tits, getting them wet before doing likewise with her flat stomach.

“Swallow,” Mike said nicely but with a little steel.

With an audible gulp, Taylor did as she was told in drank the piss that had just been filling her mouth. With no rest for the wicked, the blonde opened her mouth immediately for more, and Mike granted her wish. This time he didn’t stop once her mouth was at capacity, his stream continued and Taylor felt the warm yellow fluid pour over her ruby red lips and down onto her tits, stomach and legs. Finally he broke off his stream and Taylor gulped down the mouthful she had without needing to be told.

“Little more,” Mike stated.

With his dick right in her face, Mike produced the thinnest of streams that sputtered out after a few seconds, barely giving Taylor much more than half of a mouthful. Dutifully, the leggy singer gulped down the offerings before she licked her lips as if trying to collect more of his piss. Starting right where she left off, Taylor wrapped her lips around his shaft and resumed her blowjob of his cock despite the strong taste and amoura of urine still saturating her taste buds.

“Come tell me what you want,” Mike said, offering his two hands to help her back to her feet.

“I want to fuck more,” the blonde replied, licking her fingers before smearing it onto her ravaged asshole.

Taylor was spun around, an action made easier with the piss on the floor making her heels slippery. Given their height was a great pairing, Mike didn’t even have to bend her over so his cock could enter her ass, causing the pop singer to moan in the satisfaction of having her bowels invaded. As Taylor felt her rectum pushed in and out of, the angle made the sodomy so much more intense than normal. A hand from off screen reached into frame in order to pull Taylor’s black nightie down, exposing her perky tits that were bouncing wildly under Mike’s powerful ass-fucking.

“Fuck! So deeeeppppp!” Taylor swore as her mouth was in a constant state of being used to scream or moan.

Mike would have agreed if every ounce of his energy and focus wasn’t currently being used to fuck the insanely hot singer. The sound of his hips smacking her ass was filling the room, along with Taylor’s aforementioned screams, which both drowned out his own grunts. Sweat was dripping off the older man at this point, not that either of them cared. Taylor could feel his sweaty chest slapping against her back through the lace nightie, not to mention feel the drips pouring off his bald head onto the sensitive skin of her neck. Yet she could have cared less. All that mattered was the way his big black cock was making her feel.

Mike didn’t realize that his hands were gripped around Taylor’s petite waist, squeezing so strongly that he was more or less using the golden haired singer as a fuck toy. Of course, that seemed to be exactly what they were both craving if their screams of pleasure were anything to go by. With each thrust, Taylor’s perky tits threatened to give bruises to her chin as the force of their fucking was that powerful. 

“Not...gonna...be...able...to...sit...tomorrow,” Taylor acknowledged.

“Any regrets?” Mike asked, not slowing down.

“None,” she answered, adding a wink back over her shoulder for good measure.

With the banter over with, the sounds of grunting and skin-on-skin slapping filled the large white space. Despite her slender build, it turned out Taylor Swift could really take a dicking in the ass. Of course, it helped that she had literally just finished being double stuffed for hours by a pack of 10 men less than 48 hours ago. However, that didn’t make the fact that a manhood the size of a baby’s arm was slamming into her tiny caboose and she was begging for more.

With Taylor’s bowels stretching to accommodate the big cock, Mike had full access to her tightest of holes. Knowing her reputation, Mike hadn’t bothered using training wheels when it came to somdomizing the pop star which meant he was properly fucking Taylor the way a true anal queen deserved. 

“Such a...mhmmm...good cock,” Taylor cooed, her hand reaching down between her thighs to diddle her clit.

“Jesus,” Mike grunted, feeling his pubes grind against the curves of the blonde’s ass. “I must be into your stomach.”

Mike wasn’t far off with his assumption. After all, with each of his lightning-fast strokes, the bald-headed black man was using all 9 inches of fat cock to bury in her booty. He may have been sweating like a demon in church and feeling the tandrils of exhausted, but when you could look down and see your entire cock disappearing into a woman like Taylor Swift’s ass, you found the energy to fuck her harder.

“That’s it! Just like that,” Taylor begged.

Though the man was holding her with his iron like grip around her hips, Taylor used her knees to bend and straighten. The result was a side-to-side and up-and-down motion that had her grinding her bubbly ass against Mike’s pelvis as his entire length was inside her. Not only did that stretch her anal ring further (thus providing the singing superstar with additional pleasure), the wiggling proved to be extra engrossing for the older man as well.

“Yeah? You like taking all this dick?” Mike asked, spearing fully into her rectum once more.

“Yes! Love a huge dick in my tiny ass. Looks hot too, right?” Taylor replied, continuing to wiggle her hips in a circle. 

“You fucking know it does,” Mike answered before adding a spank to first her right butt cheek then the left, turning both a matching shade of red. 

“Keep giving me that hard cock up my ass,” Taylor begged as she rocked her hips to shove his eager cock deeper into her rectum.

Mike had no difficulty filling the request. Changing it up from his machine-gun style of fucking, Mike went for more of a shotgun thundering tactic. Slowing his thrusting right down, Mike withdrew most of his cock from the slender singer’s rectum, only his tip remaining to prop open her backdoor. In one powerful thrust, Mike slammed his entire length into Taylor’s asshole, his arms straining from holding her in place after the contact on his pelvis on her ass.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Taylor screamed from the insanely deep and powerful thrust. “Just like that!”

With his grip still vice-like on her hips, Mike withdrew most of the way before thundering his cock back inside her. He performed this a dozen times, with some of the thrusting actually withdrawing all the way from her loosened anal ring before he steathed himself back in the warm confines of her rectum.

“I’m gonna make you cum,” Mike told the blissful girl.

True to his word, it didn’t take long until Taylor was on the verge of her orgasm from the most intense and lengthy solo anal experience of her life. Both the ass pounding and the stimulation of her clit had the golden-haired songbird moaning loudly until finally that euphoric feeling was at the doorstep.

“Need to cum,” Taylor screamed.

“Cum for me,” Mike encouraged.

Taylor had lost count of all the times she had brought to climax from anal sex in her life as it was way too many times to count. However, this latest orgasm from sodomy may have been the strongest one yet. The real kicker for the singer was the stimulation from so many different areas. The cock impaling itself in her ass that simultaneously stretched her anal ring and pierced deep into her bowels, meanwhile both hands were helping with the fingers of one on her clit while her other hand squeezed her tit and played with her sensitive nipples.

“AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH,” Taylor screamed incoherently.

Sensing how wobbly her legs were after her intense orgasm, Mike stayed supporting her slender frame for a few more moments, his dick soaking within the deepest recesses of her rectum. Finally, as her muscles started to regain some tension, the black man unsheathed from her ass and placed her on her back atop the sofa. The blonde allowed the older man to move her as he willed, which entailed rolling her backwards until her shoulders and back of her head were the only parts of her left touching the cushions as her high heels were now on either side of her head. Looking up over her body, Taylor noted her pillowy tits as they hung closer to her face now, up over her flat stomach before her eyes fell on Mike’s fit body as he loomed over her with his cock back to being buried deep in her caboose.

“God, that’s deep,” Taylor cooed in delight.

Although the piledriver position wasn’t new to either of them, it was a position that Taylor seldom used, however the leggy singer just felt like it was right. For one, she enjoyed the depth Mike was able to reach, slamming down into her ass with his entire length. It felt like he was reaching further down her rectum than any other position yet, which was saying something. 

“That’s it! Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Taylor begged.

“Damn girl. You’re all types of freaky,” Mike couldn’t help but laugh. “But don’t worry. I’ll fuck you into next week.”

Mike was definitely delivering on that promise as his hips constantly were slamming down into her once tight ass before using the spring of the sofa to ride back up. By the time only his tip remained propping open her backdoor, the bald man was reversing course and spearing back down into her rectum. Despite the absolute pommelling Taylor was being subjected to, she continued to moan and coo her appreciation, at times begging Mike to go harder or faster.

Taylor didn’t think it was possible, but Mike was continuing to fuck her ass with the speed and power of a man who had only just started, not being nearly in an hour in to an epic fuckfest. Despite the fact his sweat was at times showering down on her stomach, tits and pretty face, Taylor could have cared less given how well he was screwing her. The man was more animal or robot than human as he seemed to only be getting faster and deeper with each thrust, wearing Taylor and her anal ring out. Hell, despite being able to rest and simply lay there, Taylor showed more signs of exhaustion than power-squatting black man.

“Holy fuck,” Taylor screamed as the man suddenly withdrew.

As Mike grabbed a quick glass of water, Taylor felt what she hoped was lube running out of her rectum and over the rim of her anal ring. At this point, she didn’t care though. And besides, the half-beast, half-robot Mike Chapman was coming back into frame for more of her.

“I think you need an enema,” Mike concluded, pushing only his tip into her ass.

“Already had one of those,” Taylor answered.

His comment became clear of what type of enema he meant when the blonde felt the unmistakable bloating of her bowels from fluid. Taylor felt an intense pressure building in the lower parts of her stomach as her rectum and large intestines swelled to epic proportions to hold all of the urine that Mike had just pissed into her.  

“Now I’m gonna pull out but you’re gonna keep your asshole real tight, got it?” Mike explained.

Taylor simply nodded her head as she focused on controlling her sphincter. The moment she felt Mike removed his dickhead, which was acting like the cork in a champagne bottle, Taylor sealed the backdoor shut behind him. Inevitable some of his piss trickled out, running down the smooth patch of skin above her pussy before it dripped down onto her neck and chin. 

“Now push!”

With a mighty strain, Taylor propelled the light yellow fluid from her ass and watched as it shot from her tightest of holes and up into the air. Given the properties of gravity, the singer watched the piss enema arch through the air before it came crashing down to Earth, or rather onto her and the sofa. She closed her eyes as the pee that had been fermenting in her ass coated her face and golden hair, with a small amount getting in her mouth as well. Out of reflex she swallowed it, noting the taste difference between this batch and the more pleasant pee she tasted from the champagne flute at the beginning of the scene.

“Oh wow!” was all Taylor could think to say as she stayed laying in the piss enema fluid.

Taylor was instructed to keep pushing in case she didn’t get all the fluid out of her anal canal, which the wet blonde did. Sure enough, more fluid escaped her ass and came flowing down onto her, albeit with none of the power that the initial typhoon of piss had. Just as her ass ran dry, Mike decided at that moment to add more to Taylor Swift’s golden shower. Taking aim at her gorgeous, piss soaked face, Mike released a torrent of pee onto her. The singer remembered to open her mouth and try to capture and drink as much of the urine as possible, though it seemed Mike was more interested in soaking her in piss than making her drink. In the end, Taylor succeeded in drinking down two more mouthfuls while getting thoroughly drenched. 

“Come here baby,” Mike’s deep voice called out.

Mike helped roll the leggy singer over the edge of the sofa and back onto her knees, being careful to avoid her piss-soaked hair as it came whipping back. Knowing he didn’t have a lot left in the tank after such a marathon fuck session, Mike knew exactly what he wanted to do to the singer. Since she was already kneeling in front of the sofa in the very spot that her typhoon of piss enema had soaked both her and the furniture, Mike had the leggy star bend over and come to rest her tits and face right over the pee-drenched cushion.

“Drink up that pee as I fuck that ass,” Mike demanded, slipping back into her backdoor.

With her face resting on the soiled cushion, the pop singer did as the sex machine asked. With her lips pursed, she placed them into the biggest puddle of the piss that had soaked in her asshole for a minute before she started to suck it up into her mouth before swallowing down. All this was occurring as Mike completely unloaded on her ass. Taylor didn’t know how, but it appeared the black man had yet another gear based on the way he fucked her with renewed strength and speed. 

“You drinking up all that piss, Taylor?” Mike asked, pounding her ass balls deep.

“GULP...yes...shhlllppp...GULP...so much yummy pee,” Taylor answered as she sucked the cushions dry.

“You gonna wear my jizz with pride after I cover your pretty face?” Mike pissed, his thrusts getting wilder by the second.

“Yes! Let me catch all that cum with my slutty face,” Taylor begged.

“Then come get it.”

Taylor felt Mike pull out of her ass at the same time she heard his frantic groans. The blonde straightened up into a kneeling position as she turned to face the standing man as he rapidly stroked his ebony shaft. Taylor felt something (Lube? Urine? Worse?) leaking out of her ass and down onto her inner thighs, though she instantly blocked that from her mind in order to focus on the man who was about to paint her face in his spunk.

"Shit... cumming," Mike blurted out. "Ugh...ugh...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...give me all your cum," Taylor encouraged as she waited with her supermodel-esque face mere inches from his cock.

Though Mike fucked women for a living, it wasn’t every day you fucked Taylor God damn Swift so he kept his eyes open the whole time. He watched as the first rope of cum propelled itself and streaked across Taylor’s nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then he decided to paint another area of her pretty face. This time Mike splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of her head and nestled into her golden yellow hair. The last remaining wads didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her face, making Taylor laugh at the sheer volume of semen the black man possessed.

“Oh my God,” Mike cursed, thoroughly exhausted.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself, big boy,” she told him before sucking on his sensitive tip, tasting her ass juices right from his filthy cock.

“Now stay just like that,” Mike said as he took up a position about a foot away from her. “I’m gonna be nice to clean off your face for you.”

Taylor wasn’t exactly sure how nice it was to clean a girl’s face by pissing on her, but she guessed she appreciated the sentiment. Besides, though this was her first time experimenting with piss play or watersport or golden showers, whatever they were called, Taylor found she embraced the degrading act. It likely wouldn’t be a regular occurrence in her personal life, but she could see herself adding it into the mix. 

Taylor had become so lost in her own thoughts that she jerked her head back sharply upon feeling the first stream of piss splash on her face. Focused back on the task at hand, Taylor kept her head steady and presented an inviting target for Mike to use as his urinal. While the majority of his urine stream washed over her face just like he said he would, a good amount poured onto her golden hair, further saturating it in his piss. And of course, Taylor’s mouth wasn’t spared either as Mike gave her one final mouthful for the most popular singer in the current era to swallow down once more. 

“So...Taylor...how did that go?” Giorgio asked from behind the camera.

“I can honestly say I’m worn out,” an exhausted Taylor admitted. “But that was surprisingly great.”

“The pee?”

“Kinda like it,” the singer honestly answered. “I thought it would be gross but it was pretty good.”

“I think we may have created a beast,” the man laughed.

“I was always a sex goddess, I think I just met my match in Mike,” Taylor retorted. 

“Mike definitely has that ability of humbling even the most sexually advanced,” the director agreed.

“Well I’m going to go properly shower now,” Taylor said, getting up off her knees. “Then I think I earned a good long sleep.”

“And you’ll still be picking up your friends at the airport tomorrow night?”

“That’s right. And then we are back here 48 hours from now,” Taylor confirmed as she went in search of her change room.

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