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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 27
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Sabrina Carpenter, Bryan Gozzling
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Gag, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Sabrina Carpenter or Bryan Gozzling nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, especially Hookup Hotshot or Evil Angel

“I’m so excited to work with you,” Sabrina Carpenter fan-girled out.

“Well you’re certainly hot enough,” Bryan Gozzling commented as he eyed up the super petite actress/singer. “We haven’t worked together yet?”

“I wish,” Sabrina gushed. “But I’ve seen, like, every single video you’ve ever made.”

“Yeah? What’s your favorite?”

“Any of the ones where you fuck them up the ass and make them puke all over themselves,” the tiny blonde answered without needing to think about it. “The smaller the girl is that you dominate, the better.”

“Well fuck, girl,” Bryan laughed at the hardcore statement made by the 20 year old. “You’re pretty small, you know.”

“Oh, I’m fully anticipating you fucking my brains out in the nastiest sex of my life,” Sabrina practically purred in excitement.

“Jesus. I think I love you already,” the glasses-wearing man smiled wickedly. “And fair warning. After this, your asshole is gonna be sore for days.”

“We are gonna have so much fun,” Sabrina cooed as she wrapped her arms around the much taller man. “When can we start?” 

“I left some clothes and items in your change room. When you’re down, knock on the front door.”

*    *    *

As Sabrina finished changing, she looked herself over in the mirror. Never one to shy away from wearing fishnet stockings, young Sabrina Carpenter found herself in a full bodysuit made out of the material. She wore no bra underneath so her small but very perky tits were easy to see, her nipples rock hard in anticipation of things to come. The only ‘real’ clothing the spirited girl wore were a pair of tiny black shorts that showed more than a hint of her small but bubbly ass.

“So naughty Bryan,” Sabrina thought as she cinched a dog collar around her neck.

Using the full length mirror, Sabrina checked herself out thoroughly. Her long blonde hair was worn in its typical style of slightly wavy with the thick golden locks flowing down to roughly boob-length. As always, her dark, thick eyebrows stood out, drawing attention to her stunning eyes that always seemed to twinkle with a naughty glint. With a final tussle of her hair, Sabrina blew a kiss at herself then left to go meet Bryan.


As instructed, Sabrina left her change room, which was actually the garage of the house, and was now standing in front of the main door. Within a moment, the door swung open with Bryan Gozzling standing in the doorway, of course with a film crew right over his shoulder.

“Hi daddy. Can I come in?” Sabrina asked, flashing the man her ass as if that was the passcode to enter.

A leash was snapped onto her collar, so the much older man reached down and grabbed the handle. Using the leash, Bryan guided Sabrina in through the doorway into the living room. A fairly spacious room with a lot of natural lighting, a large leather sofa with a lounger at one end was the room’s only furniture. Bryan took a seat in the middle of the couch before pulling down Sabrina to join him.

“So I saw what you could do in the Christmas Special…” Bryan commented.

“Did you like what you saw of me, daddy?” Sabrina asked with a burning fire in her big eyes.

“Very much. But I’m wondering, was that a one-off or are you that good of a fuck at such a young age?”

The 38 year old was of course talking about the epic 10 vs 10 gangbang that Hollywood Pornstars threw every Christmas, hand selecting the top performers that they had on retainer. Sabrina had been lucky enough to be chosen, one of only two teens that performed last year, and during the encounter she proved she could handle not only big cocks in a huge orgy, but taking all comers in any of her holes, including both in her pussy and ass at the same time. The spunky blonde even engaged in her first ever pee drink, something she threw herself into after getting her first taste.

“I think there is only one way to find out,” the 20 year old replied.

As the pair sat on the sofa, their lips met as they started to kiss. Sabrina had to restrain herself as it appeared the man nearly 2 decades her senior wanted to slowly probe her mouth with his tongue. While his hands were also moving slowly, they had a good deal of force with them as he pawed with her perky tits. While not huge by any means, Sabrina’s boobs fit her petite body well, made to look even bigger given her barely being 5 feet tall and weighing no more than 100 pounds, if that.

“Look at these pointy nips,” Bryan commented, his mouth reaching down to it. “So hard already.”

“Mhmmm...yes daddy!” Sabrina cooed as he sucked so hard on her nipple through one of the countless holes in her fishnet bodysuit.

After a thorough examination with his hands on her tits and his mouth on both Sabrina’s mouth and nipples, Bryan pulled her legs apart. Continuing with his slow approach, Bryan rubbed over the black shorts she wore, which was still hard enough to elicit a good deal of friction on the tiny girl’s pussy. Not content any longer with being outside the clothing, Bryan slipped his hand under the waistband and traveled down until his fingers found her extremely slick snatch.

“No panties and dripping wet,” Bryan commented.

“That’s right, daddy,” Sabrina nodded her head. “Oh shit!”

The curse was as a direct result of Bryan using one of his long tattooed fingers to drive knuckle deep into her barely legal twat. His slow and methodical technique was now replaced with speed and power, aggressively finger fucking the young singer/actress. Ever aware of the camera and the countless viewers watching, Bryan pulled up on the fishnet top and down on her shorts to reveal Sabrina’s naked tits, extremely flat and rather toned stomach, as well as a bald pussy that was glistening in her horniness.

“Keep your shorts held down,” Bryan demanded.

“Yes daddy,” the blonde answered.

As Sabrina used both her dainty hands to pull down on the waistband of her shorts, Bryan spat down onto her bald cunt before using his hand to rub it into her already wet snatch. His hand looked massive against her tiny body.

“Whose pussy is this?” the older man asked as his fingers slowly and firmly circled her clit.

“Mmmm...yours daddy,” Sabrina moaned in reply.

To gain better leverage, Bryan twisted so he was facing the much smaller girl, both knees resting on the sofa now. Angling his hand further downward, the older man slid two meaty fingers effortlessly into her pussy before he started to finger the tiny actress/singer. While still using a firm hand, Bryan fucked the girl with much greater speed, he and the camera watching on as her small tits jiggled with every thrust of his fingers into her tight 20 year old cunt.

As suddenly as the hard finger blasting began, Bryan tapered it off, wanting the tiny sprite to know who was in control. Slowing things back down, he went from using the full length of his fingers, down to only the first knuckle and then pulled them out of her slick pinkness altogether. He didn’t go far, retreating back to her clit for more slow, firm diddling. If he was constantly trying to disarm the younger girl, then his strategy was working. 

The majority of the time we was slow in his movements, but every so often Bryan would explode in movement, causing a great deal of pleasure in a short period of time before leveling back out. It was a technique Sabrina had never encountered before, as usually all the men in her life would try to bombard her tiny body with pleasure. However, Bryan was regulating her pleasure, constantly making her pussy flood in dampness and edge close to an orgasm before backing off the gas pedal and withholding her from her climax.

“Oh my God!” Sabrina screamed as the older man crammed a finger and held constant pressure against her G spot. “Feels so good, daddy.”

“Keep rubbing my cock,” Bryan demanded, having noticed that her dainty hand went to his crotch a while ago. “That’s your job.”

Though her head was spinning with the orgasm withdrawal technique he was deploying, Sabrina summoned enough focus to resume rubbing the man’s cock through his jeans. The only problem was, her focus was always dropping given the unusual technique he was using on her snatch. The deep, slow but firm fingering of her cunt was unlike anything she experienced before, and Sabrina found it highly pleasurable. And just like that, he changed again, using two fingers to jab deep in her pussy. He wasn’t giving her a gentle fingering either, instead he used every ounce of strength in his forearm to jerk his hand deep and curl his fingers, pounding the 20 year old’s G spot.

“Oh SSHHIIITTTTT!!!” Sabrina swore.

Sabrina had seen enough porn in her life to know that some girls could squirt. However, in her very healthy sex life, she had never done so. Then again, no one had ever fingered her pussy like Bryan Gozzling was currently doing. At first, Sabrina flushed in embarrassment, thinking she was pissing herself as water shot out of her pussy and made a wet noise against Bryan’s pistoning hand. As her intense and lengthy orgasm rolled through her body and set every nerve tingling throughout her body, Sabrina realized she was officially a squirter!

“Wow,” Sabrina commented as she breathed deeply. “Thanks daddy!”

Still recovering from her crazy orgasm, Sabrina found herself flipped over in an explosion of movement so that she was kneeling on the sofa with her upper body resting on the backrest. Her shorts were peeled down over her bubbly ass to tangle around her knees. Rather than pull off her fishnet bodysuit, Bryan did the easier task in simply ripping a big hole in the material to fully expose her meaty booty including her dripping wet pussy and crinkled rosebud. With no warning or communication, Bryan circled her asshole once with one of his wet fingers that just made her squirt before he pushed it inside up to the first knuckle.

“That feel good?”

“So good, daddy,” Sabrina answered truthfully.

Despite the fact she’d been loosing her asshole with use of butt plugs earlier in the day, not to mention her previously mentioned anal experience, Sabrina Carpenter’s asshole was tight as fuck. Not deterred by that, Bryan reached for his handy bottle filled with baby oil which he found acted as excellent lubrication. With half his index finger still inside her asshole, the older man squirted a generous dose of lube onto her crack and watched as the slippery liquid washed down over his finger. 

“There we go,” Bryan commented, feeling his finger moving much more freely into her rectum.

Much like with her pussy, Bryan’s probing of the blonde’s asshole was slow, methodical and thorough. With aid of the lube, his meaty digit had little issue sliding in and out of her tight anal ring, with Sabrina constantly looking over her shoulder to watch his finger blasting her booty. Slowing things down, Bryan would probe his whole finger deep in her ass and let it soak inside her bowels, feeling the tight coils that made up her rectum against his fingertip.

“Reach back and spread your asshole, precious,” Bryan ordered the celebrity.

With her dainty hands holding each of her phat cheeks, Bryan pulled his index finger out so that he could wedge his middle finger next to it and pressed them both in. As the two digits were added up to the first knuckle, he asked the tiny girl how she was doing, for which her answer was a plead to keep going. Pleased with her enjoyment levels, the tall man made small in-and-out jabs into her bowels, always adding a new movement like a twirl or flick to ease the passage deeper. He noted that Sabrina struggled just a little, her face making the odd grimace or her releasing a ‘fuck’ under her breath. However, for the most part her gorgeous smile was plastered on her plump lips as two fingers sodomized her tightest of holes.

“You did it,” Bryan complimented her now that his two fingers could slide into her ass with ease.

“Was there ever a doubt,” the tiny girl smiled back at him.

He smiled in reply, only knowing that she may choose to regret those cocky words. After adding another squirt of lube, Bryan went from his slow probe of her rectum to an all-out finger bang. Her anal ring stayed loose, allowing his slippery digits to fly in and out of her hole. All the while, wet noises were being picked up by the camera as the lube was pushed deeper and deeper into Sabrina’s poop chute.

“Good job baby,” Bryan said as he backed off the pace.

Pulling back so only his one finger reminded in her asshole, Bryan hooked the digit as he pulled it out. With only his fingertip remaining inside, he did likewise with his finger from his other hand, spreading her asshole as wide for the camera as he could. The bright pink anal ring gave way to the red of her bowels before blackness swallowed up the light only a few inches down. 

“Now something tells me you give energetic blowjobs,” Bryan commented as he flipped the girl back over.

“No, I give great blowjobs. Energetic, slobbery, deep but always great,” Sabrina corrected.

“We’ll see,” Bryan said with a touch of reserved judgement. “Now get on your fucking knees.”

It would have been a missed opportunity to not use the leash attached to Sabrina’s collar so Bryan pulled on the metal to help peel her from the sofa and onto her knees. The girl was positively beaming in excitement as Bryan’s hands went to his jeans to undo them, but he paused in order to bend down over the tiny girl and spit right down her mouth. With that complete, the older man finished undoing his pants before pulling them down to free his healthy 8 inch cock. Rather than be a freak of nature, the width was average, making it perfect for getting down into throats and assholes, which just so happened to be his favorite holes to occupy.

“Oh yes,” Sabrina cooed in excitement.

Though the older man’s hand was still on the top of her head with his fist balling her hair, he was allowing the kneeling woman control. Sabrina used that control to open her mouth wide as she moved closer to his lap. She heard a moan from the man as she took the first half of his dick into her mouth, her lips closing around his shaft and engulfing him in her moist heat. However, Sabrina had no intention of stopping, continuing her forward momentum until her lips were wrapped around the very base of his thick cock, her nose pressed in his long, greasy pubic hair and the head of his dick already in her throat.

“Oh fuck Sabrina,” Bryan grunted at the deep throating technique the tiny girl used from the start.

Getting control of things again, Bryan used his handhold in her long golden hair to pull his dick from the tiny girl’s throat. Sabrina had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her. Bryan always jumped at the chance to do this with any of the porn stars he worked with, but he got an extra thrill of deep-throating celebrities. And when it came to Sabrina Carpenter, it gave an extra surge of excitement given how young, tiny and hot she was. With her blue eyes trained up at his, Bryan pulled the tiny girl towards him until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her plump lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

With each successive bob along the entirety of his length, Bryan’s grip in her hair lessened until after the 5th face fucking it dropped down altogether. At this point, Sabrina was well aware of the rapid pace the older man was looking for in his blowjob and was more than willing to do so. Though her face was delicate and adorable, it flew along his length with little regard for the bash her nose took against his stomach with every thrust into him. Bryan’s hand finally came back into play as he arrested Sabrina’s bobbing with his entire cock in her mouth and throat, holding her face firmly against his belly and savored the feeling.

“Gwwwkkkk….kkllluukkk,” Sabrina began to choke, her eyes going slightly red and misty.

After another second, he broke his grip. With a talented mouth like Sabrina’s, the older man was sure she milked countless men way too fast by doing exactly what she was performing on him currently. Bryan was experienced and so holding his dick in her gullet for a 6 count was effective in slowing her down. After that he relented the grip on her head and allowed Sabrina to take control of her blowjob again, which meant she rocketed her mouth up and down the whole length of his long dick. Another dozen bobs were performed, each time his cockhead entered Sabrina’s throat and by the 13th Bryan pulled her face towards him and buried himself in her throat for a lengthy spell. After each time this series was performed, a lot of Sabrina’s saliva was produced, a good deal staying in stringy layers on his manhood but more than a decent amount cascaded down Sabrina’s chin and onto her perky tits.

“What do you say?” Bryan asked, watching the long strands of spit decorate his cock while some fell to the floor.

“Thank you daddy,” Sabrina panted, catching her breath.

“Now see how long you can hold it in your little throat,” the older man commented.

Showing her excitement, Sabrina drove forward, feeling his tip poke the back of her mouth. With continued force and a little swivel of her head, the blonde felt his bulbous head broach her throat until her face was pressed against his chest. The seconds ticked by of Sabrina’s face resting against his stomach, her lips nestled in his long pubes and his dick completely buried in her throat. After nearly a half-dozen seconds, wet gurgles could be heard from the deepest recesses of her throat before Sabrina had to whip her head from his slobbery pole. 

“That was a close call,” Sabrina coughed, barely keeping the contents of her stomach in their rightful place.

“Next time spit anything onto your titties, not my floor,” Bryan dictated to the younger star.

“Yes daddy,” Sabrina nodded.

Sabrina didn’t need to be told what to do, instead she parted those super plush lips and wrapped them around his pole. Pushing until she had all 8 inches in her mouth and throat, Sabrina was determined to do a better job this time. After 5 seconds, Sabrina coughed, spilling her spit over her lips to drip onto his balls but still she held him in her throat. After another 5 seconds, she felt the need to surface for air, but Bryan blocked her retreat with half his length still in her mouth. She handled it for a few more moments until her eyes shot open and she just barely managed to prevent herself from retching. As it was, as her mouth became free of cock, she spat a large mouthful of phlegm down onto her perky tits before rubbing it into her flesh, making them glimmer in the lighting. 

“That’s it!” Bryan celebrated as Sabrina took big heaving breaths. That’s how daddy likes to fuck.”

Before she restarted, not only did Bryan take the leash into his hand, but he leaned over her and spat down. Despite Sabrina opening her mouth wide like a baby bird, his accuracy was off and the thick white spit landed on her left cheek. The blonde was unfazed, leaving the spitball on her face as she got her lips wrapped back around the slobbery dick. After a round of rapid-fire bobs, Bryan slowed it back down, using the leash and hand on the back of her golden mane to make her deep throat. His tip had just breached the back of her mouth and entered her throat when she felt her gag reflex tripped, hurling a good deal of phlegm around his cock to spill onto the hardwood flooring. The hand on her head and grip on the leash slackened, allowing Sabrina to back off his cock and spit the remaining mouthful of thick saliva onto her tits as instructed earlier.

“Good girl!” the older man said with excitement. “But I can’t have you puking all over my floors.”

One of the men off screen retrieved one of the measuring bowls that was the size of a large beer stein and handed it to the still kneeling girl. Bryan instructed the blonde that not another drop was to touch his floor and for her to spit it into the measuring cup as needed. With those words imparted, Sabrina’s mouth was steered back to his slobbery cock. Parting her lips, she felt his two hands pull her face towards his lap until his dick was passed the back of her mouth and into her throat. With the measuring cup held right under her, Sabrina lasted a good 10 seconds of coughing and sputtering, but she kept everything other than a few thick strands of saliva in her mouth.

“Good. Spit all that in the cup,” Bryan instructed. “Oh man. Someone is gonna get fucked real good today.”

“Hhhfff...yes...hhffffttt...daddy,” Sabrina nodded and panted.

After his dick came back towards her for another round, Sabrina gained confidence. The older man delivered a volley of a dozen deep thrusts into her throat and yet she kept from gagging. His speed was added by the amount of spit on his dick and in her mouth, but she was proud of herself. This just motivated the man more. Bryan shortened his thrusts so only half his dick left her mouth before plowing back down her throat but still the golden-haired beauty kept from puking, earning herself another deep lungful of breath.


Bryan was impressed she kept from retching during that last round, but he knew it was a matter of time. In fact, he only needed another 10 seconds to accomplish their goal. Sabrina was riding high but it was a zero sum game. Bryan resumed his throat fucking and once more the blonde handled it well...until she didn’t. This time she felt the churning happen in her stomach before it violently came pouring up her throat and into her mouth. Bryan’s dick was still in her mouth but once he allowed her to back away, thick white strands of phlegm from deep within her pooled down and into the measuring cup. 

“Wow...intense,” Sabrina coughed, though already she was parting her lips and going for his dick again.

“One more big one, okay?” Bryan told her, taking her head in his hands again.

Sabrina nodded obediently and did as was required of her. As her mouth was pushed back onto his slimy cock, Sabrina was forced to taste the regurgitated milk that was caked onto his dick’s skin as cereal was the last thing she ate before shooting today. Still, Sabrina was a champ and did her part by closing her lips around his cock and opening her throat to him. Bryan obliged by using his long dick to pound into her gullet in an attempt to make her vomit again. Opening her big eyes, she flashed her vibrant blue stare up towards the bearded man as he fucked her throat. Knowing that although she could deep-throat, she didn’t have mastery over the technique yet, Bryan slid his slimy dick down her gullet but only held it for a heartbeat.

“Glllkkk...hhwwwkkkkk….kkkwwwwkkkk,” Sabrina constantly gurgled. The next slow, deep thrust particularly tickled her gag reflex but not fully so she only did a bit of a phlegmy cough. “KKKWWWKKKK!”

Bryan took that as a sign she was ready to lose her lunch again. And he proved correct. No less than 5 seconds after her near vomit, Sabrina was once more puking. Much like last time, her gag reflex was worn down and she felt her stomach contents flowing up her throat and all over the man’s dick and dripping down into the filling measuring cup. Whether Bryan forgot his earlier promise or if he simply changed his mind, but after allowing her a quick intake of breath, Sabrina was steered back onto his dick. Less than 5 seconds it took this time for the spirited blonde to throw up that rich white content, albeit less in terms of volume.

“Put that down and go bend over the sofa,” Bryan demanded as Sabrina spat the taste of spoiled milk from her mouth.

Sabrina was still deep breathing and coughing slightly, a burn still being felt in her throat after the vigor face fucking. However, she still wore her big smile as she knelt, her perfect peach of an ass pointed back at the taller man. Bryan thought about lube but opted to forgo it as his dick had never been more slick in its life. Instead, he had Sabrina use her thin fingers to insert into her asshole and pull it apart like he had done earlier. With the smallest of gapes produced, Bryan squirted a healthy amount of the lube from the bottle right down the blonde’s pooper. 

“Whoa! That tingles,” Sabrina giggled.

“And this might sting,” the older man commented as the head of his dick disappeared into her ass.

“Fuck me,” Sabrina hissed, finding Bryan’s assessment to be accurate. 

Bryan had been in porn for long enough to know how to anally fuck a girl. His series also brought him a good majority of girls that were young, small and inexperienced so he had learned to perfect the art. With his dickhead firmly lodged in the tiny girl’s ass, Bryan began making small but smooth strokes through her anal ring. He never introduced more than an inch of cock at a time, allowing the girl to get used to getting dicked by 2 inches of cock for half a minute, then a third for another 30 seconds, and so on. After a few minutes, Bryan had succeeded yet again in sodomizing a barely legal blonde with all 8 inches of his smooth shaft.

“Mighty...ahhh...fine dick...yessss...you have...ohhhh...there,” Sabrina complimented.

“Come taste your ass,” Bryan gunted after another few minutes of sodomy.

The moment that Bryan pulled his dick from her ass and flopped down on the sofa, Sabrina sprang into motion. Showing all her enthusiasm by getting to have sex with one of her porn idols, the tiny blonde flipped around and practically threw her face into his lap. Though the taste of her ass was somewhat diluted by the ample use of baby oil, Sabrina still got to savor the flavor of her booty on his dick, something she enjoyed doing after anal sex to the admiration of every guy she performed ass to mouth on.

Sabrina got a measure of his dick with steady strokes of her plump lips down to the midpoint of his lengthy shaft. Feeling the pressure on the back of her head growing, Sabrina pushed further down, feeling the phlegm build in her throat, not to mention an audible rumbling happen in the back of her mouth. She was allowed to back up his shaft for a quick suck of air, at which point the measuring cup was handed to her as she descended on the dick again. Knowing what was expected of her, Sabrina pushed her face down until his tip pushed past the back of her mouth, causing some saliva to start spilling down onto his stomach. Holding his dick in her throat for another few seconds, when she came up for air she spat a mouthful of slobber into the vessel.

“And again baby,” the man demanded.

Sabrina hardly needed the encouragement as her lips were already wrapped back around his manhood. Not playing around this time, Sabrina took him fully down her throat with wet noises emanating from the deepest recesses of her oral cavity. With pressure building, Sabrina held until her back heaved, eyes shot open and before she could pull his dick from her mouth, she retched. Given the pressure build-up, a stream of projective phlegm shot from the side of her mouth and miraculously landed into the measuring cup, at least partly. Moving quickly, Sabrina pulled her face from his lap and managed to get the rest of the vomit into the cup, adding a good amount of fluid to it.

“What do you say to daddy?”

“Thank...you...daddy,” Sabrina panted, regaining her breath.

Showing no disgust to the fact she just threw up on his dick, Sabrina gave his tip a suck before extending her tongue and licking his shaft up and down. With her throat loosened, Sabrina had no issues taking all 8 inches into her mouth, holding him down as Bryan made small thrusts to somehow get even deeper. Initially unprepared for him to hump her face with all his manhood already inside her, Sabrina’s eyes bulged as she failed to weather the storm. A moment later, another dump of drool landed in the growing volume within the cup.

“Put that aside,” Bryan told the small girl. “I’m so fucking horny, I need to take you right now.”

As Sabrina put the cup on the floor, Bryan stood up from under her before using the hand on the back of her head to push her down. With her firm teen ass still up in the air and her face resting on the sofa, Bryan climbed up on the cushions behind her before sheathing his dick in her ass. Within a handful of thrusts, Bryan was resuming his balls deep sodomy of Sabrina Carpenter.

“Your vomit makes great lube,” Bryan laughed as he flew in and out of her asshole.

Holding onto her leash, Bryan built up his speed as he slammed all 8 inches into the blonde’s tight ass. It was looser this time around, but her anal ring still clung to his dick as if trying to choke the life from it. This only motivated Bryan to fuck her harder, which was exactly what he did. 

“Oh my God!” Sabrina moaned as his balls constantly tapped her wet snatch. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Needing to slow his momentum for fear of how her sphincter was trying to milk him of his cum, Bryan slowed completely before stopping his thrusting...with all 8 inches still in Sabrina. The feel of his entire pecker simply soaking in her bowels was an odd sensation, but the blonde thought she liked it. She definitely liked the hard slap to her booty though before the pressure in her rectum let up as the older man withdrew from her.

“More ass tasting?” Sabrina asked excitedly.

“Well that cup isn’t going to fill itself,” Bryan added.

Bryan picked up the filling measuring cup while his other hand gripped the mess of hair on the tiny girl’s head. Sabrina crawled down the sofa with a smile plastered on her gorgeous young face as she was led to the extra long portion of the sofa at the end. Bryan instructed her to flip onto her back with her head just over the edge so it was dangling down, her blonde hair falling down to rest on the floor.

“Open…” Bryan demanded.

With a foot planted in a wide stance on either side of her head, Bryan crouched down until his ass-flavored dick was between Sabrina’s plump lips. Having all the control, the porn actor / director began fucking the blonde’s face. Going deeper and deeper into her mouth, Bryan smiled as he heard the deep gurgle emitted from her mouth, but kept going with his deep dick probing of her mouth. She recovered well, only having a thin trickle of spit leak out the corner of her mouth and down onto her cheek. 


Changing gears, Bryan plunged balls deep down her throat before instantly pulling out. This produced a thicker glob of spit, adding its volume to the flow of spital going down her cheek and into her hair. Once more her did it, with the resulting spit strand landing right down the center of her pretty face. Getting closer, Bryan went back to balls deep face fucking but this time only pulled back a few inches before slamming back down her throat. With her head handing over the edge of the sofa so it was almost straight down, the blood was already rushing to her face causing the skin to go red. With the constant face fucking that Bryan had resorted to, it had only growing a darker shade of crimson. 

As Bryan started to pull out, a steady stream of mostly clear saliva came pouring from the side of her mouth. When the majority of his dick had been pulled clear, the rest of her stomach contents flowed out, pouring over her pretty face in a wave of fluid that filled both eye sockets before continuing down her golden locks and into the measuring cup.

“Yes!” Bryan cheered as he wiped her nose free of vomit. “Good girl.”

“That was...ahhh...a big one,” Sabrina laughed.

“Ready to fuck some more,” a smiling Bryan asked the messy girl as he stroked his slobbery dick

“Yes daddy!” Sabrina nodded as the older man stalked around towards her sex.

“Now I’m gonna fuck your ass until I came,” Bryan informed the tiny blonde with drool covering her gorgeous face.

“Let my ass milk that big dick,” Sabrina confirmed.

Bryan was already between her short legs, pushing his cock past her anal ring which had long since lost its brutally tight tone. Slipping into her ass like it was the most normal thing in the world, the older man found the position slightly hard on his quads but his endurance was weak at this point so the muscles wouldn’t be abused for long. After a few strokes, Bryan was using his whole shaft to probe Sabrina’s asshole, something the tiny girl seemed to enjoy deeply. 

“God! Look at your stomach bulge as I fuck your ass,” Bryan observed with amazement.

“Fuck me daddy! I want all that cum! I’ve been such a good girl, I deserve all that spunk,” Sabrina begged.

All Sabrina could do was use her arms to loop behind her knees to pull her legs out of the way to allow Bryan to continue his all out assault of her ass. That, and dirty talk him, begging for his cum. All in all, the tiny blonde thoroughly enjoyed herself tonight. She thought the puking may be off putting, but other than a sore throat, she didn’t mind the retching. And the anal sex was exactly what she expected and was hoping for - deep and pleasurable. 

“Gonna fucking paint your pretty face,” Bryan hissed, his thrustsing getting harder as he gripped her arms for leverage.

“Yes daddy. I want it! I want your cum on my slutty face,” Sabrina encouraged.

Sabrina could tell his orgasm was coming for the last minute, given how irregular his thrusting had become. While Bryan’s cadence had been rather smooth all evening, now the blonde noted how jerky and wild it had become. Looking up into his face, she spied his eyes shut and face scowling, another sure sign of a pending climax. Finally, after another half-dozen jerky thrusts into her backdoor, Bryan pulled out of Sabrina’s well used asshole. 

“Cover me daddy!” Sabrina begged as she dropped to her knees. “Yes! Give me all that jizz!”

With one hand rubbing his slick cock and the other with a handful of golden hair, Bryan didn’t have to spend long jerking himself off. Sabrina looked eager for her gooey reward, her bright blue eyes staring up at his face with her tongue out. She found that he was jerking her head in the same rhythm that he stroked his cock until both hand motioned stopped. 


Sabrina heard his curse before a huge streak of jizz rocketed onto her face, striking her on her right cheek, nose, upper lip and some into her mouth. A second thick rope splashed on her upper lip and cheek again before several smaller dribbles and strands decorated her other cheek. Sabrina was surprised that he could push out another fat glob of cum right onto her tongue before he squeezed out one final drop from his pee slit that he dabbed right onto the tip of her cute nose.

“Holy fuck,” Bryan swore. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before.”

“I’ll wear that compliment and all this cum as a badge of honor then,” the blonde sprite laughed.

With Bryan taking a seat but still holding her long golden hair out of her messy face, Sabrina played with the cum in her mouth as the camera zoomed in tight on her. She could feel how glazed over her face was, first in her spit-up and then even more in Bryan’s jizz. Under his instruction, she swallowed down the partial mouthful of salty brine before extending her tongue and showing her empty mouth.

“Hold up that cup of pride,” the older man ordered. “How much is in there.”

Sabrina was interested in that answer too. Lifting up the measuring cup, Sabrina observed that the fluid looked very much like watered down beer with a lot of heady foam on top. Lifting it to eye level, Sabrina was amazed that she had filled about 3 cups of vessel with her stomach contents. 

“And what do you say?”

“Thank you daddy!”

NEXT: Taylor Swift returns!

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