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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 34
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Emma Watson, Bill Bailey
Codes: MF, Anal, Handcuffs, Oral, Roleplay
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Emma Watson or Bill Bailey nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the companies/studios mentioned (specifically Brazzers and Harry Potter), or its characters in any way (specifically Hermione Granger)

Summary: Emma Watson returns to the classroom courtesy of Brazzers

***NOTE: Thanks to SnyderCut for the suggestion

“What do you wanna do tonight?” Daniel asked his good mate as they lounged in his condo.

“We have, what, an hour before we head to the club?” Rupert answered the question with a question.

“Sounds about right,” the dark-haired man answered.

“Well…” Rupert said before trailing off, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Let me guess. You wanna watch Emma get fucked in the ass again?” Daniel asked knowing the answer already.

“Absolutely! Don’t act like you don’t,” the red-haired man replied.

“Of course I do,” he replied, already casting his computer screen to his TV. “Getting to watch Hermione stuffed in the pooper is one of the great joys in life.”

“Amen, brother,” Rupert agreed as his focus went solely to the screen.

*    *    *

Emma Watson had known all about Hollywood Pornstars. After all, she’d been in Hollywood for nearly 2 decades now despite being only 30 years old. However, she had earned the career-defining role as Hermione Granger at such a young age that she forewent having to whore herself out. And because she was tied to such a massive franchise, she didn’t need to worry about future roles, for a while at least. Now, in 2021, she had gone over 2 years since her last movie and had no project book. And worse, just because she represents over a dozen charities, graduated from an American Ivy League school and is a UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, doesn’t mean she doesnt have some skeletons in her closet.

“Okay Emma, this is your ten second countdown,” the film crew member told the star.

The Brit was snapped out of her headspace, which was a good thing. Instead of thinking about becoming a porn star, Emma got to focus on acting. When she was put into circulation for bidding, she was over the moon when Legalporno or any of the other big European companies that focused on extreme kinks were outbid by an American company that focused on plot. That wasn’t to say that Brazzers was soft, but the storyline (as flimsy as it was), would help to distract Emma to the fact she was whoring herself out. Not to mention that Emma was big into the roleplaying kink; hell, it was still the reason she wanted to act in Hollywood despite having tens of millions of dollars.

“3..2..1…” the assistant counted down.

Emma Watson looked every bit the schoolgirl she played in the movies for nearly 10 years. Despite being 30 now, the former Harry Potter star looked nowhere close to that age. Dressed in a tight-fitting white blouse that was much too short and had few buttons done up, it allowed for her flat and narrow waist to be on exhibit. The nearly opened top also showed off her modest but extremely perky tits as well. However, it was the schoolgirl grey kilt that only covered half her extremely thick ass that was the star of the show. The schoolgirl uniform was rounded out with knee-high grey socks and black high heels that magnified the loveliness of her surprisingly long legs given her meager height.

“The heels make sneaking exponentially harder,” Emma mused to herself as she pushed open the classroom door. 

Instead of a wand, Emma held a flashlight in her hand as she lightly walked through rows of desks. Her heels made a clicking noise on the tiled floor as she carefully made her way to the teacher’s desk at the head of the classroom. She opened the drawer, finding only pens instead of the answer sheet she was in search of. 

“Tweeeet...ttwweeeeeettt,” a male’s voice whistled from close.

“Blimey,” Emma swore.

Not only was the whistling getting louder, denoting his quickening proximity but the circular light of a flashlight appeared on the drawn blinds from the opposite side of Emma. Already at the desk, Emma dropped to her knees and crawled under the furniture right in time because at that moment the door to the classroom opened. Emma couldn’t see who it was but it could likely only be one person.

“Whose in here?” a man’s voice shouted. “Come on out!”

When no answer was forthcoming, the male security guard stepped further into the office. As he was halfway inside, he noted the desk drawers were wide open, which piqued his interest. As he came closer to investigate, he was surprised to find a perfect peach of an ass nearly fully exposed except for a pathetic excuse of a skirt covering the top quarter of her backside, as well as a super thin black thong wedged between her thick cheeks.

“Excuse me! What the hell are you doing in here," a stern sounding voice said to her. “Now stand up and put your back against the wall.”

"Listen...maybe we can work something out..." Emma pleaded as she did as she was told.

"There are no students allowed in the classroom after hours," Bill the security guard stated. "There are important things in here. Like the answer sheet to exams. Is that what you were doing here? Stealing?"

"What? Well...ummm," Emma stuttered. Knowing she had freedom to say what she wanted, the talented actress replied. "Fine you caught me.”

“Okay, stay like that as I call the cops,” Bill Bailey demanded in his most assertive voice.

As Bill took a couple of steps away from her, Emma acted quickly by reaching out and clutching his arm. 

"You don't need to call the cops,” Emma said as one hand gripped his bicep while the other rubbed down his chest. “I was, um, just looking for my thesis.”

Emma kept up the arm rubbing and chest touching as she stared up into his eyes with her soft light brown eyes. She wasn’t the most adept flirter, after all, she didn’t need to practice very much. She was Emma fucking Watson. Guys did the hitting on her, not vice versa. However, she made sure to keep her shin down and eyes turned up, making them look bigger and more seductive while at the same time she licked her lips often and slowly. 

“Don’t you bullshit me,” the blonde-haired man shot back after a few more moments of the Brit’s flirting. “You’re not looking for your thesis in the testing room.”

Emma's expressive face went through a range of emotion, alternating seamlessly from confession to scared to hurt to fear then finally to thoughtfulness. Instead of removing her hands, she doubled down by continuing to rub his chest and arms. She was pretty excited that Brazzers had set her up with a wholesome looking man who was neither too muscular nor a stick-thin nerd. 

“Okay look. I know I broke the rules. I’m a bad girl,” Emma stated, making sure she stressed those last words. “But you don’t need to call anyone else.” The Harry Potter star knew that the man was on the ropes so she added. “Did I mention I’m a bad girl?”

“I do believe you mentioned that part,” Bill nodded, lost in her gaze. 

“And you’re practically a Bobby...or police officer I mean,” Emma continued, flattering the fake cop. “And I’m just one little coed.”

“Well I don’t fuck around, that’s for sure,” Bill said, puffing out his chest.

Emma directed her hands downwards so that they were rubbing his flat stomach and along his belt. “I bet you have to deal with a lot of crazy girls around here.”

That's when she brought her hands up to her hair and undid the elastic that was holding her light brown hair up in her stealthing ponytail. Bill watched on as the Harry Potter star tied her hair into two symmetrical pigtails, each one starting somewhere behind her ears and flowing down over her perky chest. Seeing that she needed to seal the deal, Emma glided her fingertip along his belt until reaching his side holster and withdrawing the metal handcuffs held within.

“I bet that you love looking at all these birds around campus,” Emma continued, spinning the cuffs around her finger. “Getting so, so horny.”


“And speaking of horny,” Emma said before leaning in on her tip-toes to whisper in his ear. “My pussy is getting so wet. I can feel my juices just dripping.” 

Knowing he was on the hook and getting deeper by the second, Emma decided to reel in the big fella. The Brit had a fantastic ass, especially for a girl so classy and slender as she, so she used it to her advantage by leaning over the desk. Between the tiny excuse of a skirt and the sheer thickness of her cheeks, the majority of her ass was pointed back at the porn star dressed as a security guard. 

Picking up the cuffs again, she added: “You can trust me. I’ll even let you cuff me.”

“I...um...not sure…” Bill stammered.

“I’ll let you put it anywhere,” Emma added.

Bill stopped playing and took the handcuffs from the actress. Pulling her arms firmly but not roughly behind her back, the porn star cinched the cuffs securely around her wrists, pinning them behind her back. With the ‘suspect’ restrained, Bill bent her over the desk before initiating his search of her body. Naturally, he spent the majority of this search pawing her bare ass, but also made sure to rub his hands over her lean legs before bringing his hand up between her legs. Just as the Brit had commented, her black thong was indeed damp.

“You like being tied up, kinky girl?”

With that said, Emma slowly pulled herself off the desk so that she was pressed tightly against the front of the security guard. Her short height and his long legs meant that her restrained hands were at a perfect level with his bulging crotch. Pinning his lengthy shaft against his inner thigh, the horny brunette was able to rub his pole through his pants, causing Bill to moan audibly. 

He allowed her to stroke his hardened cock for a minute, getting him good and worked up. Using his power over the defenseless but willing participant, Bill grabbed the edges of her blouse and pulled...hard. The buttons on the front of the shirt didn’t so much as pop off as go flying yards away. Instead of going for her bra right away, Bill pawed at her chest, groping the perky twins and living out nearly every man’s fantasy of feeling up Hermione Granger. The bra went net, revealing the small boobs that fit her body perfectly with each breast capped by a small, bright pink nipple.

The security guard gave the exposed nipples a nice pinch and pull, making them even more erect and drawing a light gasp from Emma. Using his power over her, he pushed her down again so her perky tits were pressed against the wooden tabletop. 

“Now don’t you move an inch,” he dictated as he brought his hand back before crashing his open palm against one of her meaty cheeks.

Bill walked around the desk until he was standing in front of the gorgeous girl. Emma was committed to the roleplaying that they were doing so wore an expression of apprehension mixed with longing. Bill was very much prepared to fulfill the fantasy for both she and him.

"Let’s see how much of a bad girl you can be,” Bill commented.

As he reached down to cup her face, Emma squirmed so that she could capture his thumb between her lips. As her brown eyes locked onto his, holding his gaze, Emma bobbed her head on the lengthy digit, letting him know exactly what she wanted. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard before she broke the suction, allowing his thumb to pull back so she could swirl her tongue around the tip.

“Mmm...that’s what I want,” he grunted at her oral attention, his other hand undoing his pants.

“Oh yes,” Emma moaned.

“Open your mouth," he barked while pushing his pants down his leg and having his lengthy 10-inch penis springing out. “Come get it, bad girl.”

Emma knew her character that she had crafted would be eager to please, so her blowjob had to reflex that. Though normally Emma was more the slow and gentle type of lover, tonight that would be different. Parting her lips, Emma practically threw her face forward until she captured the first half of the man’s huge cock. In the span of a few seconds, the Harry Potter star had delivered a half-dozen bobs, getting his dick fully erect and covered in her saliva. Given the fact she had her hands cuffed behind her back and her body pinned against the tabletop, it wasn’t the easiest blowjob of Emma Watson’s life, but she more than made up for that fact with enthusiasm. 


Despite her amazing work, Bill understood that the actress was at a massive mechanical disadvantage. Knowing that she barely had any leverage, Bill had to do some of the work to get full pleasure from the blowjob. As he cupped the back of her head, he pushed his hips forward and watched as the first 6 inches of his cock disappeared inside her mouth with twice the speed as previous. Emma smiled up at him with her eyes, so he delivered another dozen or so hip thrusts into her mouth before he held himself inside her, soaking in her saliva as his bulbous dickhead poked the back of her mouth,  naturally stimulating her gag reflex. Emma was far from a virgin or even a prude, but the skill of deep-throating was still beyond her so after a few seconds Bill reversed course and withdrew, feeling the underside of his dick gliding along her wet tongue and finally felt his tool sandwiched between her plump lips.

"Fuck that's good," he exclaimed.

This meant that as Bill pulled his cock from her mouth, thick strands of saliva connected his pole with her lips. Looking down at this, seeing the spit of Emma Watson covering his member, seemed to make his dick grow even harder somehow. Emma took advantage of his staggered state to seize control of the blowjob, going back to her lightning fast bobs that were targeting his head and next 2 inches down from it with her lips and mouth. As she went and gave an elongated push of her head down his pole, Bill pulled hard on the back of her head, this time causing Emma to audibly gag, which turned the porn star on even more. 


Over and over Bill plunged his erect cock into her mouth to the beginning of her throat. Each time, Emma sputtered and coughed, spewing more and more spit onto his dick while giving him the wettest and loudest blowjob of the Harry Potter star’s life. Bill was very much wrapped up in the moment, but every now and then when he thought the treatment was getting too rough he glanced down at the beautiful girl. Sure enough, Emma was already looking back up at him with her eyes encouraging him to keep going.

“God, that’s sexy,” Bill crocked.

The porn star was noting the long spit string connecting Emma’s mouth to his dick despite nearly a foot of space between the two. As he moved back towards her, the sagging spit string doubled back on itself, becoming thicker as it dangled down towards the desk. Once more cupping her head and pushing his meatpole into her mouth, the spit was sucked up into her mouth from the suction. As Bill pulled his cock out from her lips, three strands were now connecting them until they broke, leaving Emma’s chin decorated in her drool.

“Blimey,” Emma said as she caught her breath.

“How’s that taste?” Bill asked after allowing Emma to bob her head swiftly on his cock.

“Amazing,” the Brit replied as she swirled her tongue against his tip.

“That’s it. Get it nice and wet,” Bill demanded, looking down and watching her lips glide along his smooth shaft.

As the blowjob continued, Bill was essentially fucking her face. Emma couldn’t do much more than keep her lips sliding along his length as his hips constantly shoved towards her face and then back away. Not that she minded of course. As the puddle of drool beneath her mouth grew on the desk, Bill suddenly stopped, pulling his dick from her mouth altogether.

“Since you’ve had a taste, it’s my turn now,” the porn star stated.

“Do whatever you want to me,” Emma agreed. 

Bill bent down and gave Emma a passionate, tongue filled kiss before he walked around the desk, leaving the cuffed girl’s eyesight as he circled behind her. There seemed to be an urgency in his stride, Emma noticed and rightfully so. She had been extremely horny with all the roleplay, not to mention performing for a whole crew of people and countless others watching at home. 

Bill was now standing directly behind the plump-bottomed girl, one hand lightly stroking his dick as the other hand reached under her barely-there kilt to rub her wet snatch through her thong. Releasing his cock, Bill stopped touching himself long enough to give both of Emma's meaty butt cheeks a firm squeeze before hooking his long fingers in her panties and pulling them down her short but toned legs. 

"I can do whatever I want to you," he asked her.

"Whatever you want," Emma moaned in response.

Bill smiled brightly then brought his right hand swooping down until his palm connected with her ass cheeks on the same side. This action caught Emma by surprise and made the Hollywood star shriek in surprise. 

"Mhmm eeekkk," she screamed.

Before Bill slapped her other cheek, making a bright red handprint on each of them, he used his talented fingers to rub her bald pussy. Sure enough, the talented Brit wasn't lying when she said she was horny as his fingers were positively drenched in her fluids.

"Oh my God," Emma moaned in pleasure.

Excited by the shape of her great ass, Bill gripped both cheeks then pulled them apart. Instantly, not only did her bright pink pussy come into view, but her crinkled butthole. The cheek pulling had caused the smallest of gapes to appear in her ass, letting the porn star know that Ms Watson was no stranger to anal sex. Using that information, Bill swirled some saliva in his mouth before leaning in and spitting right onto her backdoor.

“Whoa! Did you just spit on me,” Emma gasped in shock.

“Yeah. So?” Bill said as he straightened up. “Was gonna end up there anyway.”

Bill couldn't take it anymore. Placing one hand on the small of her back to hold her steady, he guided his erect tool into her pussy, entering it with ease until he was completely buried with her. This confused Emma greatly as she figured after all the talk of putting it anywhere, not to mention spitting into her asshole, that was where his dick would end up. Yet, the surprise of him entering her pink slit caused Emma to scream even louder. However, he wasn’t in her cunt for long. He soaked himself within her flowing juices for a long few seconds then pumped once in and out of her twat before withdrawing altogether.

The beauty was about to complain when she learnt of Bill's true motivation. He had simply used her pussy juices as a natural lubrication for when his dick entered her asshole, which would be any second now. She felt his tip contact the sphincter that kept things out of her most taboo of holes, simply waiting there for her to relax. The second Bill felt the Brown educated woman’s tone ease up, he made his move by pushing his hips further forward until he felt her anal ring squeeze the crown of his cock, the penetration confirmed by a wet slurping pop. 

“Ohh...aahhhh,” Emma squalled.

Bill was a professional so he pushed only a few inches into her ass then stopped altogether. He gave her a few seconds grace period to get used to the dick invading her retucm before he started making small thrusts into her backdoor. To her amazing credit, not only did she resist balling up her fists, but her mouth stayed open in a wide O as not so much as a flash of discomfort crossed her beautiful face. 

“Damn that’s tight,” Bill grunted.

Bill noticed that her ass seemed to loosen up extremely quickly, as fast or even quicker than some of the female talent he worked with. He thrust into her asshole with slow short strokes to get her warmed up, but it seemed that with each passing moment she was able to take more. Riding his luck, Bill continued to thrust deeper, slowly increasing the speed simultaneously until his entire dick was passing in and out of Emma Watson’s asshole.

"Oh yeah! That's what I wanted," Bill grunted as Emma made small, subconscious moans.

Seeing that she was taking her sodomy so well, Bill started to go deeper and faster and yet Emma was up to the task. Getting more aggressive, the handsome man reached down and pulled back on Emma’s arms so that her naked chest rose off the desk and left the Harry Potter star bent at only a 45 degree instead of completely over. The semi-bent over position allowed for the porn star to thrust into Emma Watson with renewed force, making the UN Goodwill Ambassador take all 10 inches of thick cock up her ass at one time.

“Ahhhhhh...ffuuuccckkkk,” Emma cursed as her ass was fucked...hard.

“This is what bad girls get,” Bill commented as his balls tapped against her wet snatch with every thrust into her ass.

“Yes! I’m a bad girl,” Emma nodded, her cheeks rippling after every thrust.

“This is what you wanted. To be naughty,” he added.

Emma was pleased with everything so far. She loved the roleplay aspect of the sex, but she always knew that it would be a turn on for her. But it was the anal sex that was making her most happy. Though a veteran of taking a cock up the dumper, Emma was usually hit or miss with it in turns of discomfort. After the first handful of times back when she was 18, anal was something that felt neutral at best. However, tonight with Bill as she acted like a horny coed, Emma was finding that she could not only take a hard anal pounding, but that she was enjoying it quite a lot. 

“So naughty...so good,” Emma moaned out.

Emma heard the director make a note in her ear through the nearly microscopic earpiece, so she listened. While her arms were still being yanked back on, the Harry Potter star hoisted one of her feminine legs up onto the desk. The cameraman instantly zoomed in on the spread hips, capturing her bright pink pussy and getting a different view of the thick cock slamming into her ass with regularity.

“Come here.”

Instead of pulling out of her ass, Bill thrust all 10 inches deep into Emma Watson’s poop chute as he pulled her up onto her feet. Despite their height difference, the high heels allowed for Bill to keep his cock in her ass despite Emma standing with her back to him. After twisting her head over her shoulder in order to kiss the pretty actress, Bill used his hands to come up and grope her firm tits, which showed no signs of sag or age despite the actress coming into her 31st year.

“Okay baby. Get on your knees,” Bill ordered.

“Yeah?” Emma replied as she spun and descended to the floor despite her hands still clasped behind her back.

"Open up," he demanded, hands gripping her ponytails at the side of her head.

"Wait! What are you doing Bill," Emma asked with genuine shock.

"First of all, it's Mr. Bailey to you. I'm a security guard and you will treat me with respect," Bill said, staying in character. "And you, my dear, said that you'd do anything and put it anywhere."

"But that was..."

"Correct. My dick was just in your perfect little asshole," Bill responded. "Now do as I say and open that pretty mouth."

“But what if I made it dirty?” Emma asked, that naughty glint in her eye returning.

"Let me put it like this. If you don't clean my dick, I'll call the cops right now and tell them I caught you trying to break in and steal the answer key for the exam. Not only is that a fail but you get expelled. Now...what will it be," he said.

“I’ll clean that dick,” Emma practically purred in excitement.

Though she had a squeaky clean image, that sometimes backfired on the Harry Potter star. Case in point; ass to mouth. No boyfriend had ever suggested it to her. Worse, she tried performing the naughty act on a guy once, only for him to be grossed out by it. So fucking her in her poop chute was fine, but not her wanting to taste-test it?! 

"You want me to clean it up," Emma said from her knees, mouth inches away from taking him inside. 

"Mhmm," Bill replied, the anticipation killing him.

Though Emma was all about female empowerment, the thought of performing such a degrading act was turning her on beyond belief. What made it all the better was the fact she was being recorded as she prepared to suck on a stranger’s cock that had come straight out of her asshole. Yet there she was kneeling on the floor of a classroom, hands cuffed behind her back with his dirty dick less an inch from her face. 

Unable to reach up with her hands given their pre-occupied situation, the pretty brunette took one last deep breath to steel her nerves. She was a little concerned at how horrendously gross it would be to wrap her lips around something that had come straight out of her ass. However, a much larger part of her brain was desperate to know. Therefore, Emma opened her mouth and lowered her head so she could take the tip into her mouth.

"Mmmm...yeah," Bill grunted as he got an extra perverse thrill seeing Hermione Granger suck her ass off his member. 

She had bobbed her head a few times on his member now, taking almost half of his rod into her mouth when Emma thought about how the taste of her anus didn't seem so horrible. It had a slight metallic taste, not nearly as strong as blood though, but other than that it wasn't too powerful of a sensation. 

As Bill's cock was engulfed in Emma’s warm, moist mouth, he couldn't help but continue to groan loudly. The girl was talented enough with her mouth that she would have been able to elicit grunts from him on a normal day, but the fact his tool was fresh from her bowels made it even sexier. Looking down at the top of her brunette head starting to bob up and down into his groin, the porn star couldn't help himself by grabbing one of her pigtails in each hand, helping her get just a bit more of his flesh into her mouth. 

"Oh yeah, such a dirty little slut," Bill insulted while the actress tasted her own asshole from his dick. "Clean that dick."

Bill kept peering down his long torso to watch Emma Watson pleasure his cock with her mouth. Just visible beyond her head, the porn star could see Emma's perky tits jiggling in front of her each time she energetically bobbed up and down his shaft. This combined with her natural blowing skills to push him closer to cumming, which was something he didn't want to do yet.

"How'd your ass taste," Bill asked, pulling his dick from her talented mouth.

"Really good," she replied with a smile as she extended her tongue and took a long lick of his cock. “Can really taste my ass flavor. And I like it.”

Bill used his hand-holds on her pigtails to pull her to her feet before he brought her in for a kiss. His passion was seemingly burning hot in him and he needed to kiss her or else his chest would burst. He held her tightly for a few seconds before letting his hands roam her body once again. One palm found itself at one of Emma's extremely perky tits, squeezing the globe for good measure while his other went down between her legs to rub her still-wet snatch.

"I got an idea," he said with wide eyes.

"Oh? What's that," Emma replied with a questioning look.

Rather than tell her, Bill showed her. Using one of his long arms, he placed it on the desk before swiping across it. Instantly books and papers went clattering to the tiled floor below, making an absolute mess.

"I’ve always wanted to do that," he said with a gleeful smile.

Bill climbed onto the de-cluttered desk before he went to help the Harry Potter star with her journey upwards. Despite still having her arms restrained behind her back, Emma was hot on his heels and joined him up on the wooden structure with need of his help, even keeping her heels on in the process. The porn star had gone supine, laying his muscular back on the table in a position that would make the actress do all the work. 

Emma had no trouble swinging her short leg over his torso so that her pelvis hung suspended over the handsome man's lap. Even though the handcuffs were firmly in place, the brunette was able to reach down and clutch Bill's wet and stiff cock. She had no hesitation steering it back towards her asshole once again, only stopping to rub his slick head around the crinkled orifice. 

"Mhmmm," they moaned in unison as he entered her rump once again.

If anything, it was much easier in the cowgirl position to have Bill enter her ass as gravity was aiding the backdoor penetration now. It also didn’t hurt that her asshole had been fucked raw for the past 20 minutes and thus her anal ring had lost a good deal of its once-tight tone. Sliding further down on his lap, impaling herself more and more with each stroke she did on him until she was finally gliding down all the way that the back of her thighs would touch the hair-covered skin of Bill's quads. 

"Fuck Emma you feel good," the lawyer grunted, reaching up to squeeze her tits.

The camera was situated behind Emma to capture the action of the thick cock gliding into her ass, watching as her curvy ass ate every one of the 10 inches. Emma moaned even louder as she rocked her ass on his lap with his shaft completely buried in her bowels while Bill played with her breasts. Pulling his hands off the wonderful globes, Bill slid them down her tiny waist and onto her hips, helping the restrained girl get deeper on his member. Instead of pulling her up, ill kept his downward pressure, making Emma soak all 10 inches of hard cock nearly a foot deep in her bowels for several seconds.

“Fuuuccckkkk,” Emma swore.

As soon as Bill released the grip on her hips, Emma sprang up like a compressed spring, energetically bouncing up and down on his cock. The porn star couldn’t believe how great her ass felt; tight, but not too tight to the point where it squeezed his dick painfully like a hungry boa constrictor. Plus from his angle, he had a perfect view of her bouncing tits, her shaven bright pink pussy plus could watch his fleshy pole disappear every other second into Emma's thick rump.

Despite Emma’s classy behavior and fancy accent, the sounds the Brit was creating with her mouth sounded more like a wild animal in heat. Half moan, half grunt but all pleasure. She was practically throwing herself down onto his lap, only for Bill to be thrusting his pelvis skyward to greet her. The result was a deeper, more savage anal fuck that neither of them could continue for much longer before something gave.

“Quick! Put me on my side,” Emma demanded.

Bill didn’t think twice about it. Emma had no idea how he could move that fast, yet only seconds after her request, Bill was standing between her thighs with the Harry Potter star on her left shoulder. As Bill’s dick disappeared back into her asshole with no resistance, Emma was able to get enough slack in the cuffs to get a hand to her snatch. As Bill put her up-side leg onto his shoulder for greater fucking power, Emma rubbed furiously at her clit, now rushing towards an anal orgasm.

“Oh God, yes!” Emma moaned loudly.

“Cum for me. Cum with my dick wrecking that perfect little asshole,” Bill demanded, getting dangerously close to his own climax.

Emma grunted her approval but was receiving too much pleasure to reply with words. She simply began to rub her clit all that much harder and faster while Bill continued to pummel her ass. The intensity of the sex was taxing on Bill as well, as it was pushing him past the point of no return. However, it finally proved too much for Emma Watson, especially in combination with his frantic clitoris rubbing.

"AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH," Emma screamed incoherently.

Emma was quicker off the draw and beat Bill to the climax. The real kicker for the Harry Potter actress was the stimulation from so many different areas. The cock impaling itself in her ass, the fingers to the clit, and the hands squeezing her tits and pinching the sensitive nipples made for one power-packed, scream provoking orgasm.

"Shit! Gonna...ugghh...cum," Bill warned, face severely twisted.

No sooner had Emma cum had her asshole clamped down like a vice around his already cocked and loaded shaft. As the last word escaped his lips he felt the last wall of resistance break down and the warm liquid began bubbling up from his sack.Acting quickly, Bill pulled out of her ass before helping her slide her lithe body off the desk so she was kneeling on the floor before him.

“Fuck yeah!” 

With his last cry, Bill stroked the jizz from his shaft, covering Emma’s pretty face with a massive amount of cum. As the hot white liquid dripped down her face, it fell onto her perky tits as Bill did his best to use his dick, which was fresh from her own ass, to steer as much of her facial into her mouth. Once more showing no hesitation about sucking his ass-flavored cock, Emma gladly took him in her mouth, sucking every last drop he had out before freeing the smiling porn star.

“Good fucking girl.”

Once her face was cleaned by his dickhead shovelling the rest of her facial into her mouth, Emma gave a final swallow before getting to her feet. Bill had the key passed to him by someone behind the camera, freeing Emma from the metal restraints.

“Thank you for taking it easy on me,” Emma said now that her hands were freed.

“Well I better not find you back in here again. Maybe next Friday night...after 11 o’clock,” Bill played along.

“Mmm...I’ll be here. And so will my perfect little asshole,” Emma retorted with a devilish grin.

NEXT: The two stars of I Know What You Did Last Summer get together to watch the film they had to make in order to land roles in the slasher flick.

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