Hollywood Pornstars

BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 2
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Madelaine Petsch, Bootleg, Dirk
Characters (Non-sex): Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, Madelaine Petsch, Bootleg or Dirk nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Madelaine Petsch visits the set of Facial Abuse - the hardest of hardcore porn experiences

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of gagging, ATM, and waterplay. 


Madelaine gnawed on her bottom lip as the car weaved through the industrial looking area of Los Angeles. Though she had been calling the city home for a while now, this part of LA was completely foreign to her. Boxy looking warehouses and smoke stacks billowing smog wasn’t exactly a trendy area she would normally visit. 

"We’ll be at the studio in another minute or two," her driver, provided by the studio, stated. Madelaine nodded and tried to quell the butterflies that erupted up from her stomach.

Madelaine was on her way to shoot a "film" with a studio she had never heard of up until learning she’d be their latest star performer. She had been scheduled with Facial Abuse after they had won her in a sort of sexual auction for higher elites. The name of the studio alone filled her with nerves, but she more or less was able to calm them by assuming it would be a lot of face-fucking. Though that act could hurt her neck and leave her with a sore gullet afterwards, Madelaine had been deep-throating cocks for years so she felt somewhat okay.

And then her friend Anna spilled the beans in a brief synopsis about what she could expect, bursting her bubble in a spectacular fashion.

“Facial Abuse don’t fuck around. They will make you throw up on their dicks then keep face fucking you. Anal not a given but likely. Coin flip for double penetration. Just super degrading stuff. Other things on the table include pissing, vomit enema, anything really.”

Madelaine remembered her jaw dropping to the floor...and that was before her name was called, indicating she’d be their porn actress. Though Madelaine was no stranger to sex and in her Hollywood career, including sleeping her way onto her breakout role on Riverdale, her confidence was shaken by Anna’s description. Though it scared her to the core, yet also made her incredibly horny.

“Okay miss. This is the address you gave,” the driver stated, breaking Madelaine out of her walk down memory lane. “Are you sure it was correct.”

“Sadly, yes,” the busty redhead confirmed. 

Using her small pocket mirror, the Hollywood starlet double checked her makeup and hair. This was simply a nervous tick, as she had done a check no more than 5 minutes ago. Just like then, her minimalist makeup was untouched and her luscious long red hair was as silky smooth as ever. Climbing out of the car, Madelaine grabbed her bigger-than-normal purse and headed inside the rundown looking building.

“Hi! I’m Madelaine Petsch,” the redhead extended her hand to a handsome-ish man in his mid thirties.

“Damn. You look hotter in person,” the man remarked, forgoing the handshake in order to scope out her body. “Turn around.”

Madelaine was shocked at his reaction but did as the man asked. Slowly turning, Madelaine was happy she wore her tightest fitting jeans as it amplified her already bubbly ass. Despite having the narrowest of waists, MAdelaine rocked an extremely plump ass, much bigger than someone her size should have. That sentiment also went for her rack, which was bustier than you’d expect for a skinny redhead.

“Me and the boys can definitely work with this,” the tattooed man stated.

“Speaking of which, you are…” Madelaine asked, trailing off her words so he could finish the sentence.

I’m the director. Actor. Trainer." Madelaine nodded slowly with a half smile and whispered, "cool,".

"Trainer?" Madelaine asked herself but sensed her director’s patience was razor thin and she didn't feel like making him more upset. Madelaine snorted quietly to herself and shook her head, "What did you get yourself into this time, you slut?"

The fear and anticipation were spinning her stomach in knots and completely soaking her panties, she knew the sex she was going to be having would be crazy and most likely with multiple people. The thought of that many dicks in only a few holes made her shudder and lick her lips. 

“Earth to Madie,” the director snapped his fingers in her face.

“Shit. Sorry,” Madelaine apologized, lost in her own world as her mind focused back on all the Facial Abuse videos she watched in preparation the last few days.

“Okay well we don’t want you in plain ass clothes for the shoot. You brought something hot, I hope?” Madelaine nodded and raised the bag she was carrying, indicating her sexier clothing was inside. “Good. You can use the rooms down that long hallway. Just pick any of them. But if you walk in on Boots, he may make you apologize...on your knees.”


Madelaine gulped but quickly nodded her acceptance before she took off in the direction of the rooms. Luckily, one of them was cracked open enough for her to look inside and confirm it was empty. As she closed the door behind herself and started stripping out of her regular clothing, she looked around and felt the pit in her stomach grow deeper. Here she was, a Hollywood actress, in God knows what part of the city and about to get fucked on camera for a bunch of rich elites to wank to. With a deep, steadying sigh, Madelaine quickly dressed in a piece of sexy lingerie she’d bought for the occasion and headed out to face her destiny…

*    *    *

“So Madelaine, tell us why you’re here?” 

“Well...for dick of course,” the petite and normally bubbly redhead answered.

“You’re nervous,” the man doubling as cameraman and interviewer commented.


“I take it you’ve seen our videos then?”

“My friend Anna gave me her collection,” Madelaine answered, keeping her media-trained smile on her ruby red lips.

“Good. I’d hate to surprise you. It’s so hard filming through tears,” he explained.

“Nope. No tears from me,” the redhead promised and meant it.

“Now answer us honestly. Why is an up and coming Hollywood starlet with a body as hot and perfect as yours, doing on our sofa, preparing to film a porn with two guys named Bootleg and Dirk?”

The well crafted facade Madelaine was wearing cracked. Instead of her happy exterior, the nerves and small amounts of panic bled through. It was only for a few seconds but it was captured by the filming crew. It was also noticed by the two horny men, who felt their cocks grow somehow harder by seeing her true face.

“Well...I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t participate in this round of porn studio roulette that not only would I be written out of the show, but blackballed in Hollywood,” Madelaine spoke into the camera. “Therefore, I’m here to take everything and anything you two...degenerates can throw at my perfect body.”

“And there she is. I’ve never met you before but I’m willing to say that’s the real Madelaine Petsch,” the interview correctly stated. “Now, Madelaine, show us those tits you’re doubtlessly extremely proud of.”

Madelaine had no issues fulfilling that request. In fact, she practically sprang to the action. Of course, it was made all the easier by the fact she was wearing only a slip of red lingerie, a color that perfectly accented her hair color and pale complexion. With the leddy pulled down, her large, completely sagless tits came into view. Either a large B or more likely a C cup, they were perfect. It seemed too simple of a word, but it was the only way to describe the heavy globes she bore.

“I thought they were fake...but they aren’t, are they?” the cameraman asked.

“My tits, my lips, my butt, even my red hair...all natural. It’s all me baby,” Madelaine proudly proclaimed as she gave them a little squeeze and press for the camera.

“Take the whole thing off,” one of the roughest looking men Madelaine had ever seen demanded. “It’s just gonna get pissed on.”

“Oh...okay,” Madelaine commented, standing and pulling it down.

“She’s not lying about being a ginger,” the other porn actor commented with zeal after looking at her pussy. “Look at that little firebush.”

“Normally I’m completely against hair anywhere below my nose but I heard you’d want some visual confirmation of my redhead authenticity,” Madelaine explained. 

Of course, Madelaine had been very deliberate in the way she stripped. Ever the entertainer, especially when her career was riding on her performance, once the teddy was dragged down to reveal the 2-day worth of growth in her red bush, she turned around to show the men and camera her ass. Her perfect peach of an ass she sculpted in the gym nearly daily. Despite her narrow hips and slender build, Madelaine had a phat bottom with her cheeks swelling well away from her back. Though many thought she had butt implants, the truth was it was all natural.

“Jesus Christ. What a fucking ass,” Bootleg groaned, stroking his cock. 

“Look bro! She’s got a big old butt plug up there,” the other man claimed.

As Madelaine practically bent in half at the waist, her thick ass pressed back towards the men and camera. It was impossible to miss the large black handle sticking out from between her pale butt cheeks. Her previous boyfriend, not to mention a lot of her regular fuck boys, were all obsessed with her phat tush so the Riverdale star was well verse in taking a cock up the pooper. Much like with acting, it was important to come prepared.

“A girl has to come prepared,” was all the cheeky redhead commented as she turned back around to face them.

“Alright. Enough chatting. After all, that mouth of yours was meant with being stuffed with something other than words,” the cameraman stated. “On your knees.”

After telling the command, Madelaine slinked her way off the well-used sofa and onto her knees. It was a position she found herself in often enough since the time she was 14 and gave her first blowjob to a high school senior. Since that time, the Riverdale actress had essentially perfected her craft. Sure, there was always room for growth, but Madelaine wasn’t afraid to put in the hard work and hours upon hours of practice, making herself a well-trained cock-sucking machine. Plus, she had the natural dick-sucking lips that just begged for a cock to be massaged by them.

By the time Madelaine had reached her knees and tossed her long red hair behind her shoulders, the man they called Bootleg was standing before her. To call him the dirtiest man she’d ever seen would be apt. It was impossible to guess his age due to the years of hard living he had clearly undergone. What Madelaine could say was that his boner was raging and of a perfectly good size - roughly 7 inches long and decently thick. The niceties of the interview were over because her head was immediately grabbed and steered towards his dick.

“Gllkkk...ggwwwkkk….kkkwwwkk,” Madelaine gurgled as his dick was forced to the back of her mouth.

Madelaine had seen a number of their videos to know what to expect, but experiencing it was a whole other situation. She kept her mouth open and teeth out of the way as his dickhead grinded against the back of her throat, wiggling there in an attempt to force it’s way down the redhead’s gullet. 

“You’re gonna start there...right at the back of your mouth,” Dirk stated.

Madelaine felt the greasy man just holding them steady so she closed those plump red lips around his shaft. Feeling confident, the star even extended her tongue to massage the underbelly of his dick. After a few seconds of ‘prep’, Bootleg started to thrust into her mouth.

“The key is not to fight it,” Madelaine remembered Anna Kendrick’s coaching from their phone conversation yesterday. “They’re gonna get what they want so all you can do is damage limitation. Focus on relaxing your throat and keeping tension out of your neck.”

This advice was key, especially as Bootleg was using her mouth like most men used her pussy. Back and forth he drove his hips, thrusting his dick to the back of her mouth before using the force of his dickhead colliding with her palate to reverse course. Staying relaxed, Madelaine sank a little lower on her knees to better align her throat with his rock hard dick. This prompted the dirty man to hold his dick in her mouth for longer periods of time, making Madelaine turn her head slightly to the side to get in a quick breath. This is exactly what the actor wanted because as soon as her pretty face came into view, Bootleg harked a healthy amount of spit right down onto her nose and cheek.

“You liked that, didn’t you skank? Getting spat on like a piece of garbage,” the other man commented.

After another quick salvo of thrusts that smacked the back of her mouth, Bootleg pulled her off his dick. His spit was still slowly making its way down the left side of her face, but Madelaine took the moment’s reprieve to get in a few lungfuls of breath. While the petite yet curvy actress did this, Bootleg’s hands never left her ginger hair and after a good 5 seconds, he steered the dick back into her mouth. This time, as he pushed forward he met no resistance and his head pushed straight down her throat. Madelaine’s eyes teared up slightly as her sensitive nose smacked the man’s surprisingly muscular abdomen.

“Of course the Hollywood slut can deep throat,” Dirk commented behind the lens.

With access to her throat, Bootleg’s thrusting became more motivated. Over and over Madelaine’s lips slid all the way down his veiny shaft before being buried in what she could only describe as greasy pubic hair. After another half-dozen thrusts, Bootleg drove forward then kept her pressed against his chest. The seconds ticked by of Madelaine’s face resting against his stomach, her lips nestled in his long pubes and his dick completely buried in her throat.

“There you go,” the cameraman cheered.

Not satisfied with soaking his dick in her throat, the greasy man began to facefuck the star with greater zeal. It was obvious to Madelaine what the man was trying to do, and she was powerless to stop it. All she could do was keep her lips wrapped around his shaft as he did slow thrusts in and out of her mouth, holding his cock in her throat for a few seconds before repeating. 

“This is all that pretty little face is good for,” one of the men commented.

Finally, it happened. For the past few minutes the man they called Bootleg kept altering his pattern but the overall theme remained the same. Let her have occasional breaths but in between make her deep throat with varying speed and altered time spent soaking their dick in her throat. Feeling a churning the back of her throat, Madelaine allowed the thick amount of phlegm to hurtle up her esophagus then all over the man’s cock, though most splashed down over her big tits and onto the floor.

“That’s it! Now open back up.”

Madelaine was allowed the briefest time to cough and breath before she was told to open her mouth again. Anna had prepped her on this as well. Once they had you throw up, they would do it again and again, giving you no time to regain your composure. Madelaine opened her eyes to see the long strands of her spit dripping off Bootleg’s cock before parting those heavenly lips once again. 

“Keep that slop-trap open,” Bootleg hissed, getting his dick back in her mouth.

Madelaine was proud of herself. The homeless-looking man delivered a volley of a dozen deep thrusts into her throat and yet she kept from gagging. His speed was added by the amount of spit on his dick and in her mouth, but she was proud of herself. This just motivated the man more. He shortened his thrusts so only half his dick left her mouth before plowing back down her throat but still the redhead kept from puking, earning herself another deep lungful of breath.

“Come on, Bootleg. Give the people what they want,” Dirk demanded from the actor.

“I’m wearing her down. Don’t you worry.”

Bootleg was true to his words. In fact, he only needed another 10 seconds to accomplish their goal. Madelaine was riding high but it was a zero sum game. Bootleg resumed his throat fucking and once more the redhead handled it well...until she didn’t. This time she felt the churning happen in her stomach before it violently came pouring up her throat and into her mouth. Bootleg’s dick was still in her mouth so her thick white vomit coated his manhood and pubic region before she backed away from his cock.

“Told you so!” Bootleg cheered.

Madelaine coughed and spurted as some of her vomit leaked down her chest once more. This time she coughed a few more times then last, but just like before she was given only a few seconds of recovery. 

“Come on,” Bootleg pulled on her luscious red hair when he thought she was taking too long.

Madelaine was obedient and did as was required of her. She loved acting and being on Riverdale so she was willing to put up with this. As her mouth was pushed back onto his filthy cock, Madelaine was forced to taste the regurgitated oat milk that was caked onto his dick’s skin. Still, Madelaine was a champ and did her part by closing her lips around his cock and opening her throat to him.

“Look up at the man who owns you,” Dirk demanded from behind the camera.

Madelaine did as she was told, all while a dick was pounding into her gullet in an attempt to make her vomit. Opening her big eyes, she flashed her warm brown gaze up towards the man who looked like a long-term junkie. The consequence of this was an uptilt of her head and jaw, meaning he was back to ramming the back of her mouth with his dick and no longer able to go down her throat.

“Don’t look at your master you fucking whore,” Bootleg cursed.

As Madelaine squared her face back up to his groin, the dick that was coated in her vomit slid easily back down her throat. It helped that his two hands were gripping tightly on the back of her skull, allowing the man to deeply skull fuck the gorgeous actress with the big tits. 

“You think I want to look in the eyes of some soulless slut whose willing to let some guy skull fuck her to stay in Hollywood?” Bootleg continued, hammering down her throat to accent each syllable.

Typically when Madelaine gave a deep-throating blowjob to a boyfriend, the consequence of having every inch of their dick sucked was that it was slow. After all, it took time to ride an entire lengthy cock from tip to root. However, the way Bootleg was doing it, by treating her mouth like a pussy, meant speed and depth were no longer opposing forces. 

“Glllkkk...hhwwwkkkkk….kkkwwwwkkkk,” Madelaine constantly gurgled. The next slow, deep thrust particularly tickled her gag reflex but not fully so she only did a bit of a phlegmy cough. “KKKWWWKKKK!”

Bootleg took that as a sign she was ready to lose her lunch again. And he proved correct. No less than 5 seconds after her near vomit, Madelaine was once more puking. Much like last time, her gag reflex was worn down and she felt her stomach contents flowing up her throat and all over the man’s dick, the floor and her own flawless chest. Whether she knew what to expect or it wasn’t as bad this time, but after allowing her a quick intake of breath (without coughing this time), Madelaine was steered back onto his dick. Less than 5 seconds it took this time for Madelaine to throw up that rich white content, albeit less in terms of volume.

“God! Oat milk tastes less good on the way out as on the way in,” Madelaine commented, buying herself a few lungfuls of air.

Madelaine rinsed and repeated until she was allowed another breath. Those thirty seconds between rest were messy for her. She three up 3 more times her precious vegan milk and received a number of jeers from the three men to boot. Oh, and the junkie that was skull fucking her spat a time or two onto her pretty face, which was the icing on the cake really.

“Throwing up cow's milk is worse by all accounts,” the cameraman commented. “Go jump in their Dirk.”

“What. She needs to clean the top of my cock from all her puke,” Bootleg demanded before Madelaine was able to turn to the new man.

Despite having thrown up almost a dozen times, licking the sides of his cock was the grossest thing yet for the stunning redhead. It was sour and foul and yet she did it. They made sure she didn’t forget about licking through his long pubes, nor did they forget the vomit dripping on his balls. Though normally a fan of sucking on nuts during blowing her boyfriend, Madelaine was disgusted as his filthy ball sack was rubbed over her plump lips, let alone when she opened her mouth and gurgled the sack.

“We own you, right?” Bootleg laughed, earning a rapid nod from the pretty actress.

“Turn around,” the new man said. “Let’s make a mess out of that pretty face.”

The new man, Dirk, at least was a lot easier on the eyes. Tall and thin like she liked, he had a somewhat handsome face and was close to her own age. However, it was clear that the man shared more in common with Bootleg than anything. He immediately bundled up her hair, gripping tightly on the back of her head and slammed his dick down her throat in the first second. His initial volley of thrusts into her exhausted mouth produced two more vomits, albeit of lesser and lesser contents, but it still coated his dick richly in her white spit.

“Look at the mess you made, whore,” the cameraman commented.

Looking down now that her head was no longer being held, Madelaine understood what he meant. The rug she was kneeling on was covered in the thick puddles of white vomit she had churned out. She also noticed a big red dog bowl with the words whore and slut written on it. From previous videos, the Riverdale star knew that the girls were supposed to puke into that bowl instead of the floor, but she had been overwhelmed and forgot.

“Put your face on the ground and clean the mess into the bowl,” she was told.

“Serious?” the redhead asked, though already in the midst of bending over.

“Suck it up and spit it in the bowl,” the cameraman stated with steel.

Madelaine didn’t argue or protest any further. Instead, the gorgeous actress with an ass and tits to die for rested her face right into her puke, sucked a small amount of it into her mouth then spat it into the dog bowl as requested.

“Oh God,” Madelaine revolted. “So gross.”

“Do it again,” the man demanded.

Madelaine bent low, started at the near end of the slop puddle and did a long, bigger suck of her own vomit before quickly spitting it into the bowl. The foul taste alone almost made her throw up just from that but she kept it in...barely. She waited there on hands and knees with her face hovering a foot over the puddle waiting to be told to do it again but it never came. Instead, Dirk was back in front of her. 

“Open up,” the now kneeling porn actor stated.

The redhead was so broken by the men that she didn’t think, she solely acted. As Dirk resumed deep-throating her mouth, Bootleg was getting down to his knees behind her. While Madelaine assumed the gross-looking man was taking a break, the older man was instead lining his condomless dick up with her pussy. Under any other circumstance, Madelaine would have demanded a condom to be worn by a man looking as rundown as Bootleg, but these men were definitely not gonna give into that request.

“Oh fuck,” Madelaine swore as she cunt was breached.

Having no interest in starting slow, the gross man behind her shoved all 7 inches into her pussy in the first thrust. After vomiting over two cocks a dozen times and then having to lick it off them and the floor, getting her pussy savagely fucked barely registered to Madelaine. Instead, it almost felt good to have her cunt stuffed, her heavy tits swaying underneath her before her throat bulged from Dirk’s dick once more.

“Open…” Dirk said as he poked the back of her throat with his longer but slimmer cock. “Now slurp up your slop and spit in the bowl.”

The entire time Madelaine went from deep throating Dirk then sucking up her vomit, Bootleg continued his all out assault on her pussy. Despite the fact her chest was covered in puke, the same puke she was having to hoover off the floor, the junkie pounded into her with pure glee. Madelaine was easily the hottest woman they ever had in their studio, and they were certainly going to take full advantage.

“It’s so gross. I’m not sure I can anymore,” Madelaine complained after nearly retching all over the place.

“One more time,” Dirk said in somewhat of a kinder tone.

Madelaine did as she was told, despite it being gross. “I’m a good skank.” 

“You really are,” they laughed before Bootleg got an idea. “I think you need some new fluid in you.”

“Cum?” Madelaine asked with hope, her eyes sparkling. Boy, did she love cum.

“Not yet,” he laughed. “Sit and face me.”

After he had fucked her, Bootleg had her cock soften ever so much. He’d be able to get hard in no time, but it was just soft enough to allow him to urinate. Apparently Madelaine knew what he meant, as did Dirk. With his gloves on, the other actor handed Madelaine the filth bowl and instructed her to hold it just beneath her gorgeous face while Bootleg told her to open her mouth wide.

The first couple seconds of his piss was a little off the mark and so Madelaine’s shoulder and cheek were splashed. After that, Bootleg’s aim was true and he poured his arching golden stream directly into Madelaine’s mouth. He cut his flow off after the majority of the Riverdale actress’ mouth was filled.

“Now swallow,” Bootleg ordered.

With a grimace on her face, Madelaine pressed those envious lips together and opened her throat. The taste was completely revolting but she managed to get most of his rich yellow piss down into her stomach, though a little leaked from her mouth, down her chin and into the slop bowl. 

“One more mouthful,” Bootleg told her.

Madelaine, despite being disgusted, opened her mouth without thought and waited for the pee to fill her mouth. Bootleg didn’t leave her waiting for long, completely filling her cavity plus some. Even before his flow stopped, his urine was spilling over the edge of Madelaine’s mouth and into the gross bowl. Under his command, Madelaine swallowed her second mouthful of piss without a grimace or any spilling. 

“This time just leave your mouth open.”

Bootleg proceeded to use the gorgeous redhead as a degrading human urinal. His disgustingly yellow pee flowed from his cock, into Madelaine Petsch’s mouth then spilled into the bowl that already contained some of his urine and a lot of her puke. Not content with only aiming in her mouth, the time Bootleg covered her face, roaming up her cheeks, over her closed eyes and pissing mostly onto her forehead and having it run down the rest of her beautiful face. For a full half-minute, the homeless-looking man emptied the contents of his bladder onto the beautiful girl’s face until he eventually ran dry.

“That was a lot,” a surprised Madelaine laughed.

“I was really motivated to mark my territory,” the skinny man replied.

“And also really disgusting,” the gorgeous redhead added.

“Good. It was meant to be. Here. Wipe your face real quick,” the man behind the camera offered to her. 

Madelaine had a few seconds to catch her breath and clean herself of the piss and vomit that coated her face and chest before the men were back on her. This time it was the younger and more handsome of the men, which she liked. He was grumbling about it being his turn to tear up her pussy and he certainly did his best with that. Rolling and lifting the petite but busty redhead backwards, Madelaine Petssch found herself laying flat on her back on the sofa with her legs up in the area and her ass hanging just off the edge.

“Ahh! Fuck!” Madelaine cursed.

Just like the other man had done, Dirk went balls deep and savagely hard. Luckily, despite the pissing in her mouth and face and vomiting, Madelaine’s pussy was still wet, which spoke volumes about her lust of being dominated. The thin long dick took full advantage as it constantly slammed down into her cunt, making Madelaine’s rock hard ass jiggle from the heavy thrusts.

“Shit. God. Fuck,” Madelaine constantly moaned under the barrage of hard thrusts.

Madelaine Petsch had a lot of sex in her short life. She may only be 25 years old, but already she had been taking cock for 10 of those years. With her body literally built of sexy with her dick-sucking lips, thick rump and large perky tits, she attracted men who took every oppurtunity to fuck her. However, the gorgeous actress had never been so deeply and roughly pummeled like she was now. Apparently porn actors had stamina for days because in Madelaine’s experience, if her last few boyfriends went at this pace for more than a few minutes they’d have blown their loads. Currently, Madelaine was on minute 8 of the relentless piledriver.

“Jesus man! You’re an animal,” the cameraman remarked at the tall man’s performance.

“Fuck. Need a break,” he eventually conceded.

“Fine by me,” Bootleg replied, more than excited to get another chance with the curvy redhead.

“You’ve done anal before?” the man behind the lens asked their guest.

“I have,” Madelaine answered.

While the group exchanged their brief conversation, they got into position. Madelaine was kneeling back on the ground but with her upper body resting against the sofa. It allowed her body to be limp and relaxed, which was important as her butthole usually followed suit. While the redhead was positioning herself, Bootleg was lubing up his cock before giving her tight-looking asshole a smear as well. Everyone was now ready so the rough-looking man squatted behind the perky actress as he steered his dick towards her tightest of holes.

“Jesus!” Madelaine swore as her anal ring gave way under his pressure.

“Good girl,” the cameraman told the pale beauty.

Despite looking like a bit of a monster, Bootleg was considerate...for now at least. Though he immediately started to thrust into her tight backside, he did so with short and smooth strokes. Steadily his depth increased until it surprised them all that his stomach was thudding against Madelaine’s perfect peach of an ass.

“Congrats Madie! You’re getting ass fucked on camera!”

“My dad would be so proud,” the redhead joked as her bowels were being constantly invaded.

“I’m your daddy now,” Bootleg reminded her with a sharp tug on her luscious red hair. “Now tell daddy what you are.”

“I’m a little anal whore,” Madelaine Petsch answered without further prompting.

Bootleg went about showing the curvy redhead that he did indeed own her ass. Pushing steadily forward, the rough looking man didn’t stop until all 7 inches were sheathed in her colon. The junkie kept himself buried to the hilt in her guts for several seconds before he changed gears completely. Replacing the static pressure as a thumping pace that was slow on the way out before slamming down hard into Madelaine, causing her ass to ripple from the force.

“You play a cheerleader, don’t you Madie?,” the director asked, drawing a nod from the sodomized girl. “Okay then Boot I want you to stand her up and ass fuck her showing us that flexibility.”

As his dick was removed from her ass, her sphincter tightened up like only a youth girl’s could. The redhead seemed proud to show off her ability, standing on the ground and reaching all the way down. Without needing to bend her knees, the redhead was essentially bent over in half with her palms flat on the floor with her pussy and ass facing the older man.

“God that’s a lot tighter,” Madelaine groaned as her asshole was filled again.

The change in position brought a big difference. Though Bootleg was able to still go balls deep in her colon, he did so at the expense of his relentless pounding pace. This was a good trade off though because after the redhead’s deep throating and tight pussy, the older man needed to recover some stamina. It was also stunning to capture on camera. The bent over position better highlighted Madelaine’s supreme flexibility, and more importantly her amazing body. With every thrust of his lengthy cock, Madelaine’s tits bounced from the impact, much like her booty jiggled from the collision with his stomach.

“What would your dad say if he ever saw this?” 

“Oh God. I don’t know. I’d probably die on the spot,” Madelaine conceded.

“Look at the camera and say, ‘Dad, I’m getting fucked in the ass’,” the cameraman instructed.

“Dad, I’m getting...ugghhh...fucked in the ass...ahhhh...in a porno,” the gorgeous redhead obediently repeated.

“Now turn around and suck me. Suck it right from your filthy shitbox,” Bootleg demanded.

To say that Madelaine Petsch wasn’t excited about the prospect of sucking on a dick that moments before had been 7 inches deep in her rectum would be an understatement. Yet, she knew she had little choice. Her rich benefactors had made it clear to her that she was to do exactly what the porn studio asked for. Which was why Madelaine was currently turning around, steadying her nerves and opening her mouth. Bootleg obliged by shoving his dick all the way into her mouth, holding himself inside for several seconds. This time his intention wasn’t to gag her, but to make her soak in her ass juices. 

“So gross,” Madelaine complained as she turned back around for more ass fucking. 

“Tell your dad what you just did.”

“I just did ass to mouth daddy,” Madelaine spoke towards the camera as she bent back over.

“How about we put her youthful energy to the test,” a sweating and tiring Bootleg suggested.

“That’s why we pay you the big bucks, Boots,” the cameraman retorted.

The junkie drilled deep into Madelaine’s ass again but this time stayed 7 inches deep in her booty. One of his hands wrapped a fist into her hair and pulled her up by her flaming locks. The actress didn’t stay on her feet too long, just long enough for the pair to walk back a few steps and for Bootleg to drag her down onto his lap as he sat on the sofa. They waited briefly for the older man to position his feet firmly on the floor with his hips just over the edge of the couch with Madelaine’s legs spread wide, affording the camera a great view of her trimmed red bush, bright pink pussy and dick straight up her asshole.

“Ride that dick,” Bootleg demanded, a slap on her ass instantly turning the pale flesh red.

Since Madelaine had mostly been on the end of the poundings, not to mention her asshole already warmed up, the redhead had energy to burn. Though the wide-spread legs meant it was taxing on the stretched muscles, the redhead carried out her job with relish. And that job was gliding her tightest of holes up and down a fleshy pole over half-a-foot long. 

“Do you like my ass, daddy Bootleg?” Madelaine ad-libbed, all without slowing her energetic bouncing on the man’s cock.

“Oh I like it all. Your ass…” a slap to her fleshy bottom corresponded with his words. “...these tits too!”

Madelaine wondered if her perfect tits would bruise after the groping the rough-looking man did. Then again, she was just hoping her anal ring would recover from the lengthy ass fucking she was receiving. Though she was in the prime of her life and worked out all the time, after 5 minutes of powerful riding her legs were out of juice. When she told the men her legs were gonna give out, they were ready.

“Get down on your knees, and suck it,” the cameraman directed before Bootleg added. “And don’t try wiping any of yourself from my dick. No hands.”

From only a foot away, the gorgeous actress could smell the filth coming from her heinous dick and as his hand reached around her head and began pulling her closer, the feeling she needed to retch only got worse. She doubted it was due to the fact he was just fresh from fucking her asshole. Sure, tasting a cock after it was right from your ass was never the most clean thing, but Madelaine thought it was the combination of having puked on his dick (a lot) then having that bake into his flesh as he hammered into her butthole. Hardening her resolve, the actress parted her lips and took his cock into her mouth, tasting the fresh flavor of her ass on him once more.

Watching such a beautiful girl with a face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge through not only Bootleg, but both the other actor and the cameraman. They watched her fiery red-haired head bob up and down in his lap, her tongue slathering his cock with saliva and cleaning him up. 

“How’s that dick coming from your asshole taste?” 

“Pretty freaking nasty,” Madelaine replied honestly. 

However, despite her disgust, it didn’t affect her performance. After making her truthful remark, the red-haired actress extended her tongue and ran it along the side of the dick from root to tip. After a grimace, Madelaine repeated the feat three more times to the other side of his dick as well as the top side and underbelly of his manhood. 

The men had been working together for long enough to know when they needed a break. Bootleg had been getting closer and closer to his orgasm, as had Dirk before him. Even with the lengthy break, Dirk knew it would take such little stimulus by the redhead to make him pop. Therefore, though he normally never joined the fray on camera, the cameraman stripped and came forward. Bootleg got off the sofa so that the cameraman could place the busty redhead in his spot although she was lying facing up with her head over the edge.

“Told my girlfriend I wouldn’t fuck any other hookers but getting sucked off doesn’t count,” the cameraman reasoned.

“Jesus! You’re huge,” Madelaine gasped at the sight of his cock.

While the length was average, his girth was truly impressive. In fact, if it wasn’t for Madelaine’s oversized mouth, there was no way she thought she’d suck him off. Hell, it would take her pussy stretching to its elastic limit to fuck him and she knew for damn sure it would never fit in her ass. With her mouth wide, Madelaine was only able to fit half his length into her mouth before his sheer girth filled her cavity, but that didn’t stop the tattooed cameraman from fucking her gorgeous face.

“Glllkkk...gggkkkkkk….kkkwwwkkk,” Madelaine began to gurgle as her wet mouth was fucked.

Other than the huge size of him, Madelaine thought she’d be on easy straight with the cameraman. After all, it seemed like his huge thickness couldn’t bore deep enough to hit her gag reflex. Keeping her lips over her teeth and mouth wide open, Madelaine weather the barrage thrusts, as well as when he’d push his cock into her mouth and press it there for long seconds at a time. However, she was proven wrong. Maybe it was being upside down or the fact her throat had been ravaged earlier but Madelaine was puking once more. It surprised her that the white thick fluid flooded out of her mouth, down her right cheek and closed eye. 

“Good for you,” one of the men laughed.

Madelaine was given a brief moment to spit some of the vomit from her mouth into the filth bowl before getting the dick back into her. Motivated from making the prettiest girl he’d ever met puke, the cameraman hammered back down into her mouth a handful of times before slowing down and pressing deep into her. He didn’t make it into her throat, he was far too big for that, but he accomplished his goal when he watched Madelaine’s tits heave upward as her back reflexively arched. This time when she puked, the pressure build-up from his dick blocking her mouth made the vomit literally explode outwards once he pulled out. It more or less spilled straight down her face, splitting its flow by her nose to cover the other cheek and eyes with streaks lining her forehead and red hair.

“Oh my God,” Madelaine commented. “So much puke.”

“Here it comes again.”

Just like before they started to fuck her, the blowjob was coming almost non-stop. And just like then, once Madelaine’s gag reflex was tripped the first time, it was a lot more sensitive. This time the big-dick man only had to wait another 10 seconds before the tell-tale heaving of the redhead’s body warned him she was puking again. Thick white-ish fluid poured over her upturned face, coating it further in her vomit. 

“Good girl,” someone complimented.

Madelaine was afforded enough time to breathe and spit some of the leftover vomit from her mouth before the big dick was slamming back into her gullet. This time she lasted more than 10 seconds before she lost her lunch for the umpteenth time. However, it was a losing cause. A minute to steady skull fucking later, Madelaine did a little cough which the cameraman took as a sign she was close. Jabbing straight down and wiggling his thick cock, it took a handful of seconds before Madelaine poured more of her stomach contents onto her pretty face.

“Oh my God,” Madelaine exhaustedly stated as she was completely covered in her own contents.

“So chalky,” Bootleg commented about the color of her puke.

“That one hurt my stomach,” Madelaine confessed.

“I nearly came,” the horny cameraman shared.

“Let’s clean off that pretty face so we can all finish on her after,” Dirk suggested.

Madelaine was allowed to take several breaths before she was back on the floor. Sitting on her knees, the redhead could feel the stomach contents dripping down her face as she was right side up now. She was handed the slop bowl and instantly the Riverdale actress knew the manner in which the boys wanted to clean her face off in. When Bootleg stepped to her right side, Madelaine didn’t even complain about the gross act. Instead, she held the bowl under her chin and opened her mouth wide.

“Nice big mouth, sweetie,” the oldest of the men told her.

Her fears were confirmed when the old man pissed his bright yellow stream onto her cheek first before getting it into her mouth. He filled her partially before the stream stopped and Madie was instructed to swallow. With a delay, grimace and whine, the redhead eventually did as told before she parted her lips for more from Bootleg. He obliged, filling her mouth after squirting more onto her face, washing away some of the puke into the bowl in the process. Some of her old vomit made it into her mouth, so it wasn’t only piss that she was swallowing that time.

“Fuck! I don’t know if I can do more,” Madelaine confessed, hanging her head low and trying to calm herself.

“Yes you can,” Dirk commented. “You love acting, don’t you? And all your co-stars? We’re almost done. Drink some more pee and you’re free and clear.”

She may have been struggling the seconds previous, but suddenly Madelaine showed her resolve and sprang back into position. The men took it slightly easy on her, or as easy as they could. His piss flowed but they only made her swallow three small mouthfuls before Bootleg was told to shower her face in his golden fluid. He did as instructed, using the rest of his urine to clear her face of her chalky stomach contents as it all washed away into the slop bowl.

“You’ve seen enough of our videos. Tell me what happens next?” the cameraman asked.

“You’re going to nut on my face then…” Madelaine answered though she trailed off her response.

“Then? Finish that sentence,” he retorted.

“Then you pour the slop bowl over my head,” Madelaine replied meekly.

“I’m up first,” Dirk decreed.

In true Facial Abuse fashion, the tall man stomped forward with his dick being stroked in his hand. Madelaine knelt still as he leaned over her before he erupted onto her face. He aimed specifically at her forehead, letting his thick white goo to slowly ooze down her skin and over her red eyebrow. For a last impression, the youngest of the men leant down and harked right onto Madelaine’s face.

Nearly the moment he was done, the big dick of the cameraman came into her view. He decided he wanted to coat her face so he took aim and did just that. The first squirt made Madelaine slightly reel back in surprise but she steadied herself quickly and took the rest of the handful of squirts with ease. Her nose, both cheeks and now both eyes were rich in semen and she still had one more money shot to take. 

“Fuck me,” the last guy cried.

Though he had been pissing in her mouth a few minutes ago, this time it was a different fluid fitting her face. For an old guy, the junkie had a lot of cum and he relished in not only getting her face, but her plush lips as well. Even though his semen was salty and putrid, Madelaine wished it could have continued for longer, knowing what was to come. Sadly, he stopped covering her face in short order then retreated out of the way of the oncoming Dirk with a nasty red bowl in his gloved hands.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God,” Madelaine chanted as a mantra essentially.

It did her no good. Dirk slowly tipped the bowl over and Madelaine felt her hair become soaked in the gross man’s urine. The deep yellow soon gave way to more thick white substance as her puke came out next. Madelaine wondered how many showers it would take to get the smell of old man piss and her own vomit out of her hair and skin. Sadly, she’d find out soon enough.

“Good job, hooker. Now get out of here. Showers are down the hall.”

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