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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 29
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Kat McNamara, Emeraude Toubia
Codes: FF, Anal, ATM, Fist, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Kat McNamara or Emeraude Toubia nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned (specifically Kink or Everything Butt), nor with Shadowhunters or its characters in any way

Summary: Kat McNamara and Emeraude Toubia perform a lesbian tryst full of toys, strap ons and fists in the latest installment of Hollywood Pornstars with their visit to Everything Butt

Note: Thanks to MTL and Bronzehawk86 for lending the idea for this chapter

“So the two stars of Shadowhunters are reunited,” a voice said from offscreen.

In frame were two of the most gorgeous women on Earth, who just so happened to have been able to work together for the last 4 years. Kat McNamara was easily the most recognizable of the two women as not only was she the star of the show based on the popular YA novel, but she went on to have prominent roles on Arrow and The Stand. The petite woman had dyed her hair back to the color of red, the same color she had when she starred with her beautiful co-star on Shadowhunters.

“Can you tell we are just a little bit excited to be working together again,” Kat commented as she and the other girl stayed wrapped in each other’s arms.

Kat’s co-star that she was cuddling was a lesser known actress known as Emeraude Toubia, a Canadian who was insanely beautiful. Known by Em to her friends, the busty actress had done little outside of Shadowhunters, but she had a big impact on the show. Sure, her character was interesting, but it was the fact that whenever she was onscreen, your eye always gravitated towards her. It didn’t hurt that the show always had her in super tight and revealing outfits, not to mention made her quite sexually adventurous, which actually fit her real-life persona perfectly.

“Care to introduce yourselves for those watching?”

“Hi all you pervs watching us,” Kat flirted into the camera. “I’m Kat McNamara and this gorgeous woman made up of dangerous curves is Emeraude Toubia.”

Standing 5’4 but weighing only 100 pounds, Katherine was a wisp of a thing. Despite her slender build, Kat had meat in all the right places. Though her features weren’t large by any stretch of the imagination, the Arrow star possessed a firm bubbly booty and highly impressive B cup tits. They may not be huge in the traditional sense, but her extremely perky boobs that had not even the hint of sag looked far more impressive on her petite build. To round it all out was her modelesque face and mile-long legs that most women would kill for.

However, standing beside her was a goddess made flesh. Emeraude’s fleshy vessel was the definition of perfection, as though someone created her in a lab. Where to start? Her Persian-Mexican heritage had gifted her olive-skin, dark hair and that highly erotic, exotic look. And then there was her body! Juicy yet defined thighs gave way to a thick ass that anyone would have loved to possess. But the star of the show had to be her tits. Easily D-cups, the Persian beauty who was actually Canadian made Kat McNamara (as well as most women) look as though they were flat given the bust that Emeraude could display.

“And so this is both of yours first times shooting with Everything Butt,” the interviewer asked the pair.

“Correct,” Emeraude answered in a voice that sounded like honey.

As was customary with an Everything Butt shoot, the two women sat on a sofa and performed a little pre-fuck interview. They had already been asked about consent, and the use of safe words and all the rest of the legal side of things at least. 

“And so Emeraude, from what I understand, you are very sexually experienced?”

“With a body like this since I was 15 years old, how could I be anything but experienced. I am literally propositioned on a daily basis. And I was raised to explore my sexuality so I have slept with countless men and women, engaged in hundreds of gangbangs and orgies,” Em explained.

“Dear Lord! Well that is exciting,” the interviewer exclaimed. “And Kat, you’ve earned a nice reputation for being down for anything and nearly indestructible!”

“Thanks!” the redhead said with sincerity. “And the best part is, my body springs right back.”

To make her point, Kat stood from the sofa before turning her back to the sofa. As she pulled her panties down to her mid-thigh, she bent over and placed both hands on each of her fit cheeks. Pulling them apart, the cutest little crinkled butthole came into view. Despite everyone present on both sides of the camera having watched the Hollywood Pornstars Christmas Special, therefore watched as Kat took two dicks in her asshole at the same time, her backdoor looked as tight as a butt virgin’s.

“Wow,” the interviewer cooed in admiration.

“And this is all mine today,” Emeraude commented, leaning around her friend’s slender body in order to run a finger down Kat’s crack, lingering over both her tight butthole and wet snatch.

“Please can we start shooting,” Kat begged. “Like, immediately?”

*    *    *

Katherine and Emeraude had been explained the central conceit of the shoot for today, some story about Emeraude using some blackmail material on her former friend to get some anal sex out of her. After all, having a flimsy storyline had always been the Everything Butt way. However, the pair were too sexually charged to care about the threadbare plot. Instead, they both just wanted to fuck each other’s brains out, which was more or less all the audience wanted as well.

Emeraude was seated on the sofa as a professional looking Katherine entered the shot. She was told to act reserved and a little nervous, but it was a struggle as the redhead couldn’t wait to have Em peel her clothes off and fuck her silly. Yet still, Kat knew there was a job to do and so she sat on the sofa looking hesitant in front of the predatory stare of the Persian beauty.

“You know why you are here, yes?” Em asked.

“Um...yes. You have sensitive material of me on your hard drive and you told me to come to you in order to make it disappear,” Kat explained.

“Good. Just as smart as I remembered you,” the busty actress agreed. “Now, you know my price?”

“Yes. You were rather...explicit on the phone,” the redhead played along.

“Tell me then,” Emeraude demanded.

“You want to...do things to me,” a nervous sounding Kat answered.

“More details.”

“You said you want to run my...butt through a gauntlet,” the jittery redhead replied. “Fingers, toys, strap-on and God knows what else.”

“That is a sufficient answer,” Emeraude nodded. “Now the first step in any of these acts is to get you naked. Stand.”


Kat showcased some of her acting skills by huffing and looking quite apprehensive before she finally gave in. Getting to her feet, the camera was able to soak in the view of the red-haired star of Shadowhunters and Arrow. The slender girl wore heels to make her slender legs look even more luscious, not to mention helped show off her hard-earned booty from countless hours in the gym. The dress she wore was like a second skin, hugging her every curve, meanwhile the neckline was extremely low. Between the tightness of the dress and the deep V-neck cut, Kat’s medium-sized chest was made to look all the more impressive.

“Such a little hottie,” Emeraude cooed as her fingers unzipped the back of her friend’s dress.

“You, um, don’t have to do this,” Kat tried to protest as she weakly kept her dress pressed against her chest as Em began to pull the straps down her arms.

“Can’t you trust me? I’m very good at this. You will experience very much pleasure and little to no pain,” Em replied in her most sincere voice.

“Promise?” Kat said after thinking over the words for a few seconds.

“Promise!” Em answered, lifting up her pink finger as proof.

Though she still acted apprehensive, Kat’s attitude was allowed to soft and smile as she performed the pinky promise with her friend. Now that her ‘character’ was on board, Kat’s whole demeanor changed as she helped pull down her form-fitting dress to leave herself in just a bra and thong. 

“Come,” Em patted the cushion next to hers. “Kneel.”

Kat contained her excitement enough to not just leap onto the sofa as she wanted to. Instead, she maintained the ‘classy’ character she was portraying and stepped out from the dress pooled at her feet in order to get on her knees one at a time atop the furniture with her elbows resting on the backrest.

“Small but adorable,” Em cooed as she rubbed the taut flesh of her friend’s ass.


In truth, Kat’s butt was like the rest of her; flawless. Bubbly and thick for such a slender girl, the redhead was proud of her booty for good reason. Though it lacked the width of Emeraude’s shapely backside, it was no less mouthwatering. Even more so as her friend and former co-star peeled the underwear from her crack and down her legs before coming to rest around her knees. 

“Mmm...I missed your ass,” Em complimented as she rubbed and lightly spanked the tightly-packed booty.

As Emeraude pulled apart her former co-star’s cheeks, the first thing that struck her was how pink Kat’s asshole was. She’d seen how tight it was earlier so that wasn’t surprising, though she did wonder if she’d be able to stretch enough for what was planned. Kat realized that her curvy friend was a little lust-struck so the redhead sank further down on the sofa to push her tushy back towards the camera while at the same time winking her hole for the viewers.

“Maybe you could loosen me up,” Kat added.

Snapped out of her lust-induced daydream, Emeraude licked a finger before bringing the dainty digit to rim around her asshole. Testing the waters, Em poked the center and felt her backdoor give way with ease, though the olive-skinned beauty didn’t fully enter, at least not right away. Working on her gape, Emeraude pulled the cheeks apart while using her slick finger to poke, pull then exit. With each attempt, the camera was able to watch Kat’s asshole grow wider before Emeraude couldn’t resist any longer and sank the middle finger completely inside.

“Oh shit,” the red-haired vixen moaned.

“Mmm...just like I remembered it,” Emeraude cooed as her finger slid in and out. “And you used to love it when I fucked your ass.”

“Still do,” Kat smiled back at the beauty from over her shoulder.

With her finger running dry, Emeraude brought the digit into her mouth without a second thought. Tasting the rich flavor of Kat McNamara’s ass on her skin did nothing to slow the Persian’s sucking, in fact Emeraude seemed to lick and suck more vigorously. Once more saliva was transferred to her finger, Em resumed her full finger probing of Kat’s booty. Deciding she needed more of a first-hand taste testing, the Persian removed her finger and replaced it with her tongue.

“Yes! Eat my ass, Em,” Kat moaned loudly.

“I think you need a toy back here,” Emeraude commented as she surfaced for air. “This way you can show off how much of a super slut you’ve become.”

“Yes please,” Kat begged.

On the chair next to the women were a variety of toys, but Emeraude made up her mind fairly quickly. She selected a glass butt plug that had a stretched out bulb that measured 4 inches long by roughly an inch and a half at its widest section. After a quick smear of spit, the busty actress pressed the narrow tip against Kat’s hole before pushing forward. With its long, cone shape with a fairly small bulb, Emeraude was able to fuck Kat repeated with the glass toy, watching as her pink little hole expanded around the bulb before she backed it back out. 

“That opened you up a little,” Emeraude commented, showing off the small opening to the camera. “But we can do better.”

After a quick suck on the toy to apply more saliva, Emeraude inserted the toy back into Kat’s backdoor. This time, she pushed in and didn’t stop until the widest portion of the toy was stretching her asshole. She held it in there, stretching Kat out for several seconds before she pulled it out all the way suddenly, watching as her asshole stayed open for a few heartbeats.

“Better, but let’s get something bigger,” Emeraude told her.

Before setting the toy aside, Emeraude gave the 4-inch butt plug a thorough cleaning with her mouth, sucking off all of Kat’s anal essence from the butt plug. The next toy she grabbed was also made of glass but in a much different design as it was essentially a large egg that tapered down to a slender curved shaft complete with a loop at the end. With it measuring 2 inches wide, it was more of a challenge for Kat, but her curvy co-star was determined to stretch her out knowing that the redhead could handle it. It was a struggle, but Emeraude was the determined type and finally after nearly a minute of pushing, the toy started making headway into the Arrow star.

“Fuck! There it goes,” Kat cursed as she felt her anal ring expand to accommodate.

“Look at that!” Emeraude commented as she jiggled the toy with her two fingers looped in the end.

Emeraude constantly was pulling back on the egg-shaped toy in small bursts, making Kat’s anal ring tense than relax as a result. The redhead moaned and wraithed on the sofa throughout the anal probing, but eventually one of Emeraude’s pulls caused the butt plug to pop free of the sphincter which was loosening up quickly. 

“Look at that little baby gape,” the busty woman cooed.

Emeraude pushed the toy back against her opening and found that the two-inch glass egg slid back into Kat’s asshole without much effort. This time, rather than pulling straight out, Emeraude tugged on an angle, stretching Kat out further as the egg made a slow retreat from her rectum, opening her anal ring wider with each passing second. Deciding to put the moaning redhead out of her misery, Emeraude pulled the egg from Kat’s hole in one final push.

“Very nice, but I think we can improve,” Emeraude commented. “Ohhhh! This one!”

Kat didn’t look over at her friend, but she knew her ass was in for a test. First was the fact that Emeraude went for the bottle of lube, making sure whatever toy she picked had proper lubrication. Second was when she felt Emeraude slip off the sofa to kneel behind Kat so she had more leverage. Curious, Kat looked over her shoulder and found her former co-star folding an even larger glass toy. This one was the largest yet, measuring 14 inches from tip to base that was made up of ever wider bubbles, separated by a 2-inch long shaft. They started small with the tip being a challenging inch-and-a-half wide, but each of the 3 bubbles got larger, ending in a truly large 3 inches.

“Whoa! Chilly,” Kat laughed as Em smeared a palmful of lube onto her hole.

“You’re gonna want to brace yourself,” Emeraude warned as she placed the first bubble against her rear.

“Fuckkk...meeeeee!” Kat swore as the first bubble traversed her anal ring and embedded itself in her rectum.

Using the 2-inch long shaft between the first and second bubbles, Em fucked her friend with the large toy. It was a weird (and erotic) sensation for Kat because although her anal ring was only being forced an inch wide, the rest of her inner bowels were being fucked with a bubble nearly 2 inches wide. 

“Think you’re ready for more?” Em asked, rubbing Kat’s side.

“Only one way to find out,” Kat retorted with a confident smile.

Kat had only gotten a quick glance of the full toy, but even that brief exposure was enough for her to know this would be a struggle. Therefore, the slender Arrow star perched higher on her knees before sitting back onto the toy. Already she could feel her anal ring rebelling at the attempt of allowing a bead over 2 inches wide into her caboose. Even as Emeraude started to push upwards. Her sphincter held tight, refusing to budge.

“Lean back down,” Em instructed. “Let me see that gape of yours.”

As Kat leaned on the backrest, she felt Emeraude pull the bubble from her ass as she attempted to keep her butthole open. The largest gape yet was produced in the tiny rosebud before Emeraude took advantage of the loosened ring to shove the first bubble back into the redhead. Given the way Emeraude was smiling ear-to-ear, the enjoyment was plain to see on her face as she plunged the bubble in and out of Kat’s backdoor, causing her small gape to grow each time. 

“So hot,” Emeraude said.

As she pulled the toy out, this time she didn’t use the bubble to plunge back into Kat’s bowels. Instead, the busty actress pressed her face against Kat’s bubbly cheeks and pressed the entire length of her tongue into the slender girl’s asshole. The redhead immediately moaned in utter delight as the hard feel of a glass sex toy was replaced by the smooth, soft feel of a tongue as it probed the deepest recesses of her anus.

“Oh God!” Kat screamed. “Your tongue is so deep.”

“Oh know what I wanna see?” Emeraude asked her friend, sliding the massive glass dildo back into her. “I wanna see if you can still cum with a toy in your ass.”

Resting on the chair within arm’s reach was a vibrator, which Emeraude grabbed before handing off to Kat. Being quite familiar with the use of it, Kat started it up on medium speed and placed the cylindrical head firmly against her clit. As pleasure began rushing into her lithe frame, the large glass toy was being rammed in and out of her asshole, the large bubble plundering the inner tube of her anus while the slimmer shaft stretched her ring. 

“You like getting fucked in the ass, don’t you,” Emeraude purred into her ear.

“I’ve missed it from you so bad,” Kat moaned.

With each thrust into her ass, Em’s large tits bounced wildly in her dress, always threatening to spill over the edge of the garment but never quite doing it. She knew that Kat could take more of the toy now, but didn’t want to risk the redhead losing her orgasm over it as it would take a toll on her. So instead, Emeraude resigned herself to using only the first bubble to fuck her friend’s ass until she came.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” Kat constantly muttered, her voice getting louder with each chant.

“Cum for me, Kat. I know you want to. Cum with me fucking your petite ass,” Emeraude practically begged.

“Ahhhhh...fffuuuccckkkk,” Kat swore as she came, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as her body jerked in random but intense spasms.

“Mhmmm...I want to taste it,” the busty actress purred as she withdrew the toy from Kat’s ass with an audible plop.

“Thank you,” an exhausted Kat panted as she came down off the high of her orgasm.

“You’re welcome, sweetie,” Em replied before she began sucking clean the glass dildo that she just ised to fuck Kat McNamara’s asshole with.

After cleaning the toy thoroughly, Emeraude drove her tongue into Kat’s snatch. This drew a loud moan from the exhausted redhead, but Em was only interested in collecting her cum. It had been two years since the two had fucked, but Emeraude was pleased to find that Kat tasted just as sickly sweet as she remembered.

“Oh my God, yes!” Kat cooed as her friend took turns lapping in both of her holes.

“Yum,” Emeraude commented as she pulled her tongue from her friend’s various holes. “Now don’t you think it’s your turn to make me cum?”

“Oh yes please,” Kat practically begged.


Despite the orgasm she just had, Kat was re-energized at the prospect of getting to payback Emeraude immediately. Shooting to her feet, The slender redhead was able to help her friend shed the silver dress she was wearing. As the garment fell down her body and she stepped out of it, the camera, viewers and Kat were rewarded in checking out Emeraude Toubia in her full naked splendor. 

“Dear Lord,” Kat gasped, her hands immediately going to knead Em’s big, naked tits. “Forgot how insanely perfect you are.”


Kat wasn’t wrong. The only reason more people didn’t know about Emeraude Toubia was due to the fact she had only really ever starred in Shadowhunters. However, her body was insane and her face was gorgeous. With large natural D cups, a flat and narrow waist, a thick ass and juicy thighs, Emeraude was a true vision. Especially when naked, which was how she was in that very instance.

“Drool much?” Emeraude commented to the redhead.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Kat finally found the words.

“Well I did play a character that was part angel,” the busty, now naked woman replied.

“I feel like there is a cheesy pick-up line that can be made from that information,” the redhead mused. “If my brains weren’t addled from the orgasm I’m sure I’d get there.”

“Sweety,” Emeraude said to get her friend’s attention. “Come kneel and eat my ass, okay?”

“Yes Em.”

As Kat had been in her day-dreaming state, Emeraude had sat on the sofa in a reclined fashion. Showing off her impressive flexibility, the Shadowhunters star had her arms laced inside her legs and were using them to pull apart her thighs with her feet nearly behind her head. It gave great access to her plump ass and pink pussy, which was decorated with a trimmed triangular patch of brown hair.

“I hope you still know how to use that tong...OH! SHIT!”

The mics could just about pick up Kat’s girlish giggle as she made her former co-star shriek in pleasure. Despite only dating guys, Kat was more than happy to hook up with girls, with by far her most frequent female partner being Emeraude Toubia. The busty Persian beauty had taught Kat a lot about pleasure, both giving and receiving and Kat was keen to show off to Em that those lessons didn’t get rusty. 

“Am I doing okay?” Kat grinned wickedly up at her friend.

The redhead took the series of moans and groans as her answer as she continued to feast on Em’s asshole with her usual high energy performance. While they usually preferred to take their time with their lovemaking, sometimes for an hour or more, the Shadowhunter stars had to sometimes make do with quickies in between scenes. While Kat would have loved to eat out her first lesbian love for hours, that wasn’t the mood for this shoot. Instead, the redhead used her tongue to constantly lash and lick her friend’s crinkled hole, sometimes lifting higher to target the wet pussy above but always coming back to the asshole as she knew how sensitive it was for Emeraude.

“Good girl. Lick it. Lick my ass.”

Over and over, Kat did as she was told, performing a log lick from pussy to asshole then a second, shorter lick only over the crinkled starfish. Needing to surface for air after a minute, Kat inhaled deeply before ramming her tongue forward and penetrating a good inch into Em’s backdoor. This brought a sharp cry of pleasure from the busty woman, as well as caused Emeraude to reach her hand back and hold her friend by the back of the head. Knowing that she liked it, Kat kept her tongue buried and wiggling in her friend’s anus until the need for oxygen grew too great.

“I want you to make me cum again,” Emeraude demanded. “Do you remember how I would have the most explosive orgasms?”

“You want me to fist you?” Kat couldn’t help the grin that sprouted on her face.

“Problem with that?”

“Absolutely not,” the redhead grinned. “But I think I’ll give you a proper warm-up.”

Having spied the chair with all the sex toys on it earlier, Kat already knew what she wanted. Selecting a truly large glass dildo that was perfectly smooth with a domed tip, it was just shy of three inches wide. Given the sheer girth of the dildo, Kat was rather liberal with the bottle of lube, giving both the toy and Emeraude’s muscular ring a good coating. 

“Ready?” Kat asked as she used two, then three fingers to prep her asshole.

As she pulled her dainty fingers out, Kat could see the way Em’s hole lingered open as though the anal ring had lost all tone whatsoever. Kat had no idea how the busty girl had such control over her sphincter, though she imagined it was through a lot of sex. Rather than being tapered like some toys, this one was just domed, meaning that Em would be taking nearly all three inches in one go. However, as she started to apply pressure to the base of the toy, Kat felt as Emeraude’s hole slowly yielded under the force until the first inch of the dildo was propping open the busty girl’s asshole.

“Jesus! Yes!” Emeraude swore, tossing her head back in pleasure.

“Holy cow,” Kat exclaimed as well.

Kat wanted to make sure the toy didn’t slide back out so she drove the two an extra few inches deep. With the footing secure, the redhead began to thrust the glass dildo in and out of her friend, constantly in a state of amazement at the way Emeraude’s anal ring could expand to handle such a girthy toy. Kat was sure she would have been split in half if she attempted to use this massive toy, and yet Emeraude was moaning and begging for more.

“Yes Katherine! Fuck my ass,” Em moaned.

The redhead noted that the cameraman was coming in for a close-up, which made Kat realize that the beauty of a glass toy was being able to look through it. Lowering herself, Kat left a good 6 inches of the large cylinder in Emeraude’s booty so that she could look through the glass and get a view of her inner anal tract. She was fascinated as she saw the smooth pink muscle clinging tightly onto the dildo.

“You like the view, perv?” Em asked her friend.

“It’s..your...whoa!” Kat eventually stammered out, the amazement clear as day on her face.

“Once you’re done looking at my rectum, I want the fist,” the busty actress demanded.

Kat gave her friend a few more thrusts with the girthy toy before she slowly backed the dildo out of her backdoor. Showing remarkable sphincter control, Emeraude held her ass wide open after the glass dildo emerged, showing off an impressive gape before it winked closed after a handful of seconds. As Emeraude was showing off for the camera, Kat was using the same bottle of lube she had used on the massive cylindrical dildo to lather her right hand in the slippery fluid.

“Ready to be fisted?” Kat asked.

“Of course,” Em purred. “It makes me cum so hard. I just love feeling stuffed.”

Having seen the way Emeraude’s asshole had stretched to accommodate the massive toy, Kat knew she didn’t have to start slow. Instead, the redhead pressed all 5 of her fingertips together before butting it up against her backdoor. As soon as Kat applied some pressure, the sphincter began to spread. She met no resistence until the widest part of her hand came up against the anal ring. Kat slowed her progress but Emeraude re-assured her friend by clutching the redhead’s wrist and helping Kat to push.

“Angle your wrist down,” Emeraude instructed. “And now twist...OH GOD!”

Kat was amazed as she felt the strong muscular rin slid off the back of her hand before it clamped around her wrist. Even though she had fisted Emeraude before, it had been a few years and it was a sensation one never quite got used to. After all, her whole hand was inside another human being. Seeing how stunned Kat was, the busty girl took the initiative and began to rock atop the sofa, making the fist gyrate inside her rectum.

“Fuck me,” Emeraude swore, loving the insanely full sensation.

Wanting to see her limits, Kat took a backseat and allowed Emeraude to grab her arm and make a jerking motion. Understanding what she could handle, Kat essentially made repeated punches into her asshole, essentially using her wrist to fuck Emeraude while her fist was squeezed tightly by the woman’s bowels.

“I love being inside you like that,” Kat cooed as she ass punched her friend.

Emeraude was too preoccupied to reply as her fingers had found the top of her cunt. Rubbing her clit, Emeraude’s mind was being flooded with intense pleasure from the twin sensations. Remembering more of their past encounters, Kat backed her hand out until the widest portion of her fist was gripped by Em’s ass before she started to twirl her hand in half-circles. Immediately the busty actress began to moan louder and rub her pussy more aggressively.

“Gonna cum for me, Em?”

“Holllyyy shhiitttt, yes!” Emeraude swore as her eyes began to roll back into her skull. “Oh yes! Make me cum! Make me cum!”

Kat did exactly what she was requested. With Em diddling her own clit and Kat continuing to expertly maneuver her fist in her bowels, they combined to deliver a scream-filled orgasm to the busty Persian. After she started coming down from her climax, Em reached back to get Kat to slow her gut-punching, at which point the redhead did slow wrist rolls in her rectum until finally pulling her hand free with a wet slurping noise.

“Show us her gape now,” a man from off-screen instructed.

“Yeah? You wanna see how open I am?” Em asked, pulling her legs even further apart.

“Oh wow!” Kat commented, looking down. “Your insides are on the outside now.”

“You like my little butt rose?” Em cooed, feeling Kat’s dainty fingers rubbing the bottom inch of her bowels as they pushed past her sphincter.

“Can I taste it?” Kat asked.

The redhead didn’t wait for an answer as she was already crouching down until her face was level with Emeraude’s thick ass. Extending her tongue, Kat began to tentatively lick the prolapse section of her friend’s bowels. It tasted a lot of the lube they had used, while still maintaining that rich, earthy taste that Kat was growing to really like. Once the butt rose retreated back inside, Kat finished by licking her hand clean before straightening up to look at her friend.

“Shall we retire to the bedroom?”

*    *    *

They had taken a brief break in the shooting to allow Emeraude to freshen up before she was ready to resume. This time they were in the bedroom, which was rather plain looking. What did draw the eye was a very naked Katherine McNamara laying flat on her back with her legs spread as Emeraude knelt between her thighs, rubbing lube into the surface of the rather life-like dildo strapped to the harness she wore around her waist.

“Look at you all spread open,” Emeraude purred, watching as Kat rubbed her clit. “Beg for this cock. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please, Em.I want your cock in my asshole right now,” Kat begged. “It’s been too long. I need you to stretch me out again. Please stretch out my little ass.”

The dildo was the size of a regular, albeit a large, cock so it wasn’t too hard for Kat’s anal ring to open and accept the tip. It didn’t hurt that the toy was coated in lube and that Emeraude knew what she was doing.     

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhiiitttt,” Kat moaned, groaned then cursed as she was sodomized once more.

“Ready for it deeper?” Emeraude asked.

“Yes please,” the redhead nodded.

Given how long and flexible the fake dick was, Emeraude had to keep pushing to make sure she had solid footing in her friend’s asshole so it wouldn’t just flop out. Somehow inch after inch was gobbled up by the slender redhead, Em stopping once half-a-foot was in her backdoor. With those 6-inches secured in her anal ring, the busty actress began to fuck her former co-star. Though it had been a little while since she last used a strap-on, Emeraude channeled her past experience to really snap her hips into the push forward then swiveled them back to withdraw. The Persian beauty was so focused on proper fucking technique that she was unaware that Kat was strumming her clit, nor did she see that another several inches had somehow penetrated the tiny redhead.

“Oh my God, it’s so big,” Kat commented between moans.

Used to how the dildo was feeling, Emeraude started to stretch out the amount of toy being pulled in and out of her friend’s anal ring. Though Kat’s sphincter had been tight at the beginning of their tryst, it clearly wasn’t in that state any longer and nor was it likely to be ever again. After all, Emeraude was stroking a 2-inch wide dildo in and out of her with ease. Sure, the ample lube helped, but it was still a huge fake cock of hard plastic being drilled into her booty!

“Such a good anal whore. Say it! Say your my butt slut,” Emeraude demanded.

Emeraude realized that to get more inches into Kat’s bowels, she had to shorten her thrusts to only using a small segment of the dildo. That worked just fine for Emeraude, allowing her to slowly but surely add more and more of the fake cock through the leggy actress’ anal ring. It was slow going, but Emeraude had all night and she was having a blast dominating her highly attractive friend, who she hadn’t had the chance to sleep with in almost two years. 

“Fuck! My ass is yours! Fuck it!” Kat screamed as new depths of her rectum were touched.

Emeraude was completely impressed with the leggy actress. Sure, this wasn’t the first time she had used a strap-on with Kat, nor was this the biggest toy in the world, but she had never been able to fuck the Arrow star this thoroughly before. Hell, not only was Kat handling it, but she was doing it relatively easily. Emeraude kept testing her, going slow then fast, deep and shallow. Yet Kat handled everything. Even now, Emeraude was fucking her with the first 9 inches, the majority of which was sliding in and out of her sphincter with only the the very tip never leaving Kat’s bowels.

“I want you to hold your ass open so I can look at my handiwork,” Emeraude told her sex slave.

Just like earlier, Kat’s hands gripped tightly onto her small but bubbly ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She felt inch after massive inch withdrawn from the deepest recesses of her ass before the lip of the dickhead pushed past her anal ring. For the first time in who knows how long, Kat was empty and she honestly didn’t like that feeling. She saw out of the corner of her eye the camera moving to get a good close-up of Kat’s gaping butthole, which Kat imagined was a good inch or two wide open. After a few seconds, Emeraude made her co-star happy by pushing the dildo back in her ass. One thrust and Emeraude pulled back out, allowing the camera to capture Kat’s yawning asshole once more. Kat felt lube pour out of her anal cavity each time Emeraude did that, but they had used so much that the leggy actress was unconcerned.

As Emeraude pushed back in, she looked down at the girl. “I’m gonna fuck you until you cum, understand?”

Emeraude followed through on her promise. Kat’s hand had returned to her clit, as did Emeraude’s fake dick plundered the deepest recesses of the redhead’s booty. Within a few minutes, Kat could feel the tendrils of pleasure getting thicker and spreading out from her brain, down her spinal cord then down into each limb. Finally after another minute or two of deep fucking and aggressive clit diddling, the pleasure center of her brain peaked and she nearly blacked out from the orgasm.

"OOHHHH MMMYYY GGGOODDDDDD," Kat howled as the double sensation of her asshole stretching and clit rubbed made her cum. 

“Wow Kat,” Emeraude said as she stopped her thrusting and withdrew the dildo. “You’ve gotten really good at taking a dick in the ass.

“My ass feels so loose now,” Kat cooed in the post-climax bliss.

“I bet we can get it even looser.”

Kat propped herself up on her elbows to look over at her friend, trying to figure out what she meant by that comment. Emeraude had stepped out of the harness before reaching for the bottle of lube that was nearly empty at this point. Kat watched as her friend rubbed the slippery fluid into each finger, including her thumb before she re-joined Kat on the bed. 

“Just go nice and slow,” Kat asked.

Emeraude nodded before she extended her middle finger and inserted it knuckle-deep in Kat’s ass, receiving little to no resistance. After adding a second digit and finding the same, Emeraude immediately pressed a third finger into a tight pack before pushing it halfway up into the slender redhead’s asshole. After a dozen thrusts, Emeraude backed her hand out just enough so that her pinky finger could join in before she pushed back into Kat’s ass.

“That’s four,” Emeraude cooed with satisfaction. 

Emeraude backed out once more and tucked her thumb into the mix as well, using the five fingers to probe and fuck her friend’s ass. She never tried to go too deep, much less attempt to push the entire fist inside. Instead, Emeraude focused on fingerbanging the redhead with her five digits, loosening her bowels even more and getting Kat more relaxed.

“Do it. I can handle it,” Kat stated after another minute.

“Yeah? You think your ass can swallow my whole fist?” Emeraude asked with a big grin.

Though being fisted was something Kat had never done, nor even dreamed of doing, she was excited now that the opportunity was presented to her. Besides, she didn't think she’d ever let a guy pee on her, let alone drink it like it was fine wine, and yet now that was part of her sexual repertoire. Focused on relaxing and staying looser, Kat did her part as Emeraude sat up a little more for better leverage. Knowing what worked for her, Emeraude tilted her hand up as she felt the anal ring squeeze her hand as she approached the widest part of her fist. With steady pressure, regular twisting of the wrist and random upward lifts, Emeraude took less than a minute before she felt the muscular sphincter widen to permit her further entry.

“Oh my God! It’s in!” Kat gawked.

“You’re damn right it is,” Emeraude agreed, just as amazed to see her hand completely disappeared inside the tiny redhead’s asshole.

“Please can I cum with your hand in my ass?” Kat asked, already reaching for the coreded vibrator beside her. 

“I bet you cum so fast,” Em commented as she began jerking her wrist around the asshole that was clamped around her.

Emeraude was right on the money with her assumption. Between how sensitive Kat’s clit was, especially with a vibrating massager doing the work, not to mention the feel of her asshole stretching to its limit, it took little time for Kat to orgasm. It was also her third climax of the night, and the redhead always found that each subsequent climax was easier and easier to reach. 

“Show me how good of an anal slut you are by cumming on my fist,” Emeraude demanded.

“I’m going to do it. I’m cumming! Shit! I’m cumminnnnnnggggg!” Kat screamed.

Emeraude never stopped jerking, gyrating and twisting her hand in Kat’s ass until the redhead had reached her peak. After Kat pulled the vibrator away from her pussy did Emeraude finally stop moving her arm. Once Kat gave her the nod, Emeraude began moving again, this time in order to pull her hand free of her asshole. The camera crew moved in tight, making sure they captured all the action as Kat’s sphincter refused to release Emeraude’s hand. Finally, after a few heartbeats of hard pulling and twisting, Emeraude’s fist finally emerged, leaving behind Kat’s biggest gape yet.

“Oh yes!” Emeraude cooed, pulling apart Kat’s bubbly cheeks.

“Now that is the money shot!” the cameraman commented.

“Kat, you look happy,” the director noted as the girls began cuddling.

“Of course. I came three times,” the redhead smiled.

“And you were fisted for the first time too,” Emeraude added.

“Oh yeah! That too.”

“You were both amazing,” the director told them.

“I think we earned our rest tonight,” Kat said.

“Or you can come back to my hotel?” Emeraude suggested. “If you aren’t worn out.”

“Let’s get going now!”

NEXT: Who better to show Emily Alyn Lind the ropes of Hollywood Pornstars other than big sister Natalie?

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