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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars Part 19
Author: The Chemist
Celebrity (Sex): Dove Cameron
Codes: M+F, MF, Anal, DP, DAP, Oral, Rape
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Dove Cameron) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Hardcore Gangbang or Kink, nor its characters in any way

Summary: Former Disney star Dove Cameron most payback for having her sex tape scrubbed clean of the internet with the roughest of sex via Hardcore Gangbang and a rape fantasy

“Hello Dove Cameron,” a female voice off screen asked the gorgeous blonde seated on the sofa.

“Right back at you,” the former Disney star said.

“Well let’s address the elephant in the room. What the fuck did you do in order to get sent to us?” the interviewer asked the gorgeous blonde in front of him.

“Well...i needed to cover up a sex tape,” admitted Dove. “As it was, only a 30 second snippet got released but I agreed to do a number of the most degrading shoots with Hollywood Pornstars in order for the full tape to go away.”

“We prefer seriously perverted but degrading isn’t that far off,” the man laughed. “How bad was the sex tape?”

“I look hella hot in it and my tits are to die for. But I was choked, hair pulled and fucked in the ass...and then begged for it harder and deeper,” Dove answered with a devilish grin on her perfect face.

“And so your first stop on the payback train is with us here at Hardcore Gangbangs, where all a woman's gangbang fantasies come true! Now our contact did say we have permission to do whatever we want with you, but we like to give the actress some say in what can or cannot happen,” the interviewer asked.

“Honestly, fuck me however you want. I’m experienced with anal, DP, gangbangs, whatever,” the confident actress stated. “In fact, I’m hoping you guys can push my boundaries even further.”

“Well...since you want to stretch,” the man said eagerly. “Any issue with fulfilling a rape fantasy?”

“Well shit. Yes...but fuck it. Let’s do it.”

*    *    *

Before the interview ended, the director made sure they went over all the details with Dove. Making sure she was comfortable doing a role play where she’s saying ‘no’ and ‘stop’, but they are ignored. And they agreed on a safe word, though Dove ignored it as she wasn’t going to allow herself to utter the stupid word or perform the specialized hand gesture in case her mouth was full. 

Dove was laying in the large bed, awaiting her hardcore gangbang. She had no time for the nerves to start because she could hear the thunder of multiple sets of feet running towards her. She wore nothing but a white tank top and a pair of panties, both of which showed the tell-tale signs of her horniness - erect nipples poking out the fabric and a damp spot in the position of her thong that her snatch was. As the door eased open, she maintained her ‘sleeping’ act and it wasn’t until multiple hands grabbed her that the former Disney star began to thrash.

“What the fuck! Get off me!” Dove protested.

One of her ‘assailants’ flicked on the light, allowing Dove to see that there were 6 men in total. One man already had her mouth covered, muffling her screams while another man, the most muscular of the bunch, pressed her down into the bed by her pussy. He could feel the dampness coming from her sex, a fact he shared with the other men, getting a good laugh. 

“Fuck! Stop! No!”

There was a lot going on and it was difficult to know everything happening, but as Dove thrashed and fought, she felt that each of her limbs was being held by a different guy. Another one was pulling none too nicely on her platinum blonde hair, giving her a wave of pain that she loved, while a 6th man circled her. He seemed like the leader of the group, given his more senior look and non-rushed attitude.

“Such a nice looking bitch we found,” Leader spoke before giving her pussy a slap.

“Mother fucker!” Dove swore from the sudden shock.

Dove Cameron looked as though she could be a Barbie...well, if it wasn’t for her lack of height. Only 5’1, the tiny blonde otherwise was a near replica of the plastic doll with an absurdly narrow waist, round but not crazy large ass, and big tits. Sure, they may or may not have been the most natural pair in the world, but that didn’t stop them from looking insanely enticing. Just like normal, she had shaved her pussy down to the skin, being completely hairless from the neck down.

Everything was happening too fast for Dove to comprehend, but she remembered the feel of her thong being violently ripped from her body, surprised at how much it hurt. The men were being very handsy, groping her C-cup tits the most, but also not sparing their attention on her bubble butt or slapping her sexy inner thighs. With her thong removed, the men took turns slapping her ass and pulling her butt cheeks apart, looking down at the holes they were soon to conquer.

“Sit her up,” Leader ordered.

Greaseball held Dove around the neck, choking her enough that breathing was difficult, which made the blonde so fucking wet. Meanwhile, Prettyboy had a hand clamped over her mouth to stop her screams. Baldy stepped close and full out slapped one of her tits which had already spilled out from her tank, making Dove cry out in the intense act of it, which spurred Muscle to pull out the still covered tit and give it a firm grope. 

“She’s so fucking wet boys!” Lurker commented, using several fingers to run through her slit as she was held still.

As other men took their turns either rubbing or crudely fingering her pussy, Dove put on a burst of strength and fought back.All it earned her was a laugh as the men easily overpowered her, before flipping her so she was face down on the bed. Given her new position, the hands of the men not actively pinning her down went to her booty, pawing and pulling at the cheeks.

“Look at that ass,” one of the men in an accented voice commented.

It was at this point that Dove had her second hole of the night penetrated. Baldy had at least licked his finger first before he shoved it completely into Dove’s ass. This wasn’t the first (or 100th) digit to enter her anal canal so Dove barely flinched, however, she soon realized that this was her only form of foreplay before the fucking started. The moment Baldy pulled his probing finger from her bowels, a man had his tip press against her asshole.

“No! Oh God please! Fuuccckkkk,” Dove swore as her ass was pushed into.

The men had positioned her so that her hips were right at the corner of the bed so the man now sodomizing her could stand and do so while 4 men pinned her limbs and the 5th pressed her back into the mattress. It wasn’t the easiest anal sex she’d ever had, as all the threashing about made it hurt a lot more, plus the man had literally jammed it a good 4 inches down into her ass before he stopped. It still felt unpleasant as he jabbed harder and harder, but by the time he had gone balls deep and thrust another dozen times, Dove was starting to enjoy herself. Which was why she was pissed when he pulled out all of a sudden and then was thrown to the ground, seated so her face was eye level.

“Open your mouth. No biting or we kill you,” a man threatened.

Dove didn’t argue, though she was pretty certain which of the 6 dicks she was about to suck. Sure enough, the moment she parted her plush lips, the man shoved his dick into her mouth and the taste of ass flooded her mouth. Given her preference for anal sex, Dove had done ass to mouth on a number of occasions. It was never...pleasant, and this time was no exception, thus when her face scrunched up in disgust, it wasn’t even acting.

“Look at me as you suck your ass juice off my dick,” Lurker demanded.

With each of her arms being held, Dove essentially let her sodomizer fuck her mouth with his gross cock as she stared up into his cold eyes. It didn’t take long before Baldy had his dick out right beside her, slapping her forehead with his erection as she was forced to taste test the innermost depths of her booty.

“My turn. Open wide bitch,” Baldy ordered.

Lurker stepped out of the way and Dove was treated to her second skull-fucking of the night. This time, she had the added distraction of Greaseball taking turns slapping each of her boobs, which simultaneously felt bad and good. Dove was so distracted with her boobs that she almost blacked out from the dick being held down her throat, but luckily Baldy had relaxed his grip and threw her from his dick.

“Not down by a long shot,” Greaseball commented, stepping in front of her. 

Dove had gotten to her knees, but only so that she had some control of her blowjob. Normally she took pride in sucking a guy off, but she wasn’t able to show even a tenth of what she was capable of given the rough treatment she was subjected to. Still, she kept her throat loose so that could thrust into her mouth as deep as they wanted, while each of her hands was placed around the shaft of someone’s dick for her to jerk off. 

As much as Dove wasn’t supposed to enjoy such a situation, she still was. The men were formed in a circle around her, always harassing her but still she couldn’t wait until someone would jerk her head in the direction of their dick and make her choke on it. Spit streamed out of her mouth almost as much as the insults they launched at her. Her tank was ripped off her, but unlike her thong, it didn’t hurt. Now she was completely naked and at the mercy of 6 horny men.

“Get this slut up,” Muscles demanded. “Hold her so I can can fuck her.”

Dove squirmed but it did little in preventing one guy from hooking his arms under hers and lifting. Another two grabbed and leg and pulled them apart as Muscles spat down on his dick and rubbed it around before stepping into the gap between her legs. Being fucked while suspended in the air by a group of men was a first for Dove, so she had to remember to wipe the smile off her face as Muscle slid into her pussy.

“Definitely no virgin,” Muscles laughed as he slammed into her pussy.

The man couldn’t be more right, though Dove’s pussy still felt snug around his cock. Dove nearly passed out again as another man came in and wrapped her in a headlock, her face turning red as a result. He dropped it before air loss became severe, at which point Muscles was done with her snatch. With a coordinated heave, the men threw her naked form back onto the bed, descending on her before she had time to get her bearings.

“Spread those legs for papa,” Greaseball commented.

Dove was on her back with the greasy-haired man standing at the edge of the bed. Dove’s petite body was pulled down before he threw one of her legs up on his shoulders to open her sex up to him. He took direct advantage, shoving forward and going balls deep in her pussy the next moment. Meanwhile, Leader was seated on the bed, twisting her body around so he could thrust his dick in her mouth at the same time. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, the mob descended on her, either making her beat them off with her free hands or slapping her round tits with the occasional grope as well.

“This is your fucking dream, isn’t it?” Prettyboy said, taking over the pussy-fucking role for Greaseball. “Surrounded by dicks.”

“Run train on this bitch,” another guy added as they swapped the dick in her pussy for another.

It seemed that they all got to have a piece of her over the next 5 minutes. Baldy was the one holding her down, literally pressing her down into the mattress as the other men went between her legs to tee off on her snatch. Her mouth was still free and her head was able to turn left and right, so she took turns sucking on the dick on either side of her face. While she bobbed on one of them, the other would slap her face with his cock until she turned to suck him. This only meant that the other guy would do the same, her spit on his dick making a louder slapping noise as it contacted her beautiful face.

As Prettyboy stepped back up for his turn, he turned her legs to the same side so they were stacked. After getting fucked in turn by 6 men, her snatch was starting to loosen so putting her legs together made it that much tighter again. However, he remembered that she had another hole that was likely going to feel real nice right about now. Pulling out of her pussy, he gave his dick a little extra lube by spitting onto it before taking aim at her asshole.

“Hold her tight,” Prettyboy told the others. “I think she’ll buck hard as it goes back in her ass.”

“Fuck you,” Dove swore as he went balls deep on the first thrust in her ass.

Several long, slow but deep thrusts gave way to a dozen at lightning speed, though he only used half his length. Dove didn’t know which she referred, and before she had time to think more on the matter, Prettyboy pulled out and was replaced with Lurker. He went straight for her ass as well, jamming forward and spending the next several minutes getting to hammer as hard as he wanted as the other gang members cheered him on.

“Let me see that hole before I blow it up,” Leader stated.

Reaching down, the oldest member of the gang pulled Dove’s cheek apart so that he, his crew and the camera could get a good look at the blonde’s asshole. Already being fucked by the 4th different cock of the night, it still gaped open nicely, giving the viewers a nice look down her rectum. 

As Leader went into her ass and started fucking her, he pulled her head to get her attention. “Tell me you love it.”

“I love it! I love your dick destroying my ass,” the 23 year old answered.

Dove had forgotten that she shouldn’t be enjoying this, luckily Leader went to remedy that. Though she liked a good ass-fucking as much as the next girl with daddy issues, even she had her limits. Using what seemed like boundless energy and infinite stamina, Leader gave her the sodomy of a lifetime. With every thrust he took her balls deep, only stopping as his hips collided with her bubbly ass. He used the momentum from bouncing off the mattress to pull back and out all the way, allowing her ass to start to seal back up before slamming back down. The act of having her anal ring constantly fucked, emptied, tightened and then rammed open again was painful, even for a veteran of anal sex like Dove Cameron was. And yet she didn’t even think to use her safe word.

“Come sit on my dick,” Muscles stated.

Just as Dove was needing a break, an angel in the guise of a muscle-bound man pulled her away from the edge of the bed and the relentless ass fucking she was subject to. It felt nice to not have a constant searing pain in her booty, and an even better as she settled Muscles with his dick in her pussy. She rewarded him with an energetic ride, being sure to add ‘please stop’ and do her best to muffle her moans.

“Make room! Three’s a party,” Lurker hissed in her ear.

Not unfamiliar with double penetration, Dove allowed her hips to sink fully down onto Muscles’ lap so that Lurker had time to crawl between their legs. She doubted he had any lube and instead he pushed his dry cock into her ass, though luckily her hole was well warmed up and loose, and likely to stay like that for the next several days. 

“Slow! Oh my God, please go slow,” Dove cried out in fake worry.

In truth, her ass and pussy had taken such a pounding already that it didn’t matter that they were each getting fucked at the same time. Sure, a little lube would have been nice but she’d been ass fucked under worse conditions. And it wasn’t like the men listened, after all she hadn’t given the code word. So instead she had her pussy and ass both pounded into at the same time, while Leader stood in front of her with his cock in her mouth, which only recently had been a good 7 inches deep in her rectum. Ignoring that, she was having a great time!

“Oh shit!” Dove swore.

The cry of pain and surprise was from a man grabbing her by her long blonde hair and using it to yank her off the two dicks and onto the ground. A sofa was against the same wall as the bed, and Prettyboy dragged her to that furniture so he could pull her down onto his lap. Baldy was on hand as soon as she sat on the handsome man’s cock, sliding in from behind and easily pushing into her bowels. 

“Like that? Like my dick in your ass as you ride another in your loose cunt?” he hissed into her ear.

“Love it,” Dove answered honestly, though made sure to grimace her face for acting.

Every minute or so, the man in her ass would change, allowing a fresh man to come in and continue the neck-breaking pace of the sodomy. Even for an experienced anal sex girl like the 23 yeard old, it was a lot. She for sure wouldn’t shit right for a week. However, she was good at living in the present, so she focused on the rape fantasy she didn’t know she had a kink for. The pain made it feel more real, and thus more pleasure she could derive from this hardcore gangbang.

“Open your fucking mouth,” Greaseball cursed.

Dove’s lack of multitasking earned her getting spat on right to the face. Stunned, she only came back to herself as the gross man rubbed the wad into her beautiful face before ramming his dick into her mouth. Not satisfied with a bobbing pace, Greaseball pushed in all the way until his dirty pubes were tickling the inside of her nose. All while she was forced to deep-throat Greaseball, she was still being double penetrated by the two other men.

“Choke that bitch out,” one of the nice men called out.

“Yes please,” Dove thought, not hiding her smile.

Dove remembered the hand going around her throat and pressure being added, but they must have not released in time. She must have blacked out, because when she came awake, she was flipped around so that a the guy under her was fucking up into her ass while another man stood and slammed into her pussy.

“Should we let sleeping beauty experience two dicks in her ass?” Leader asked the pack of men.

“Double anal time!”

“Blow that ass up!”

“Please no! It’ll tear me in two,” Dove begged, though was curious if she could handle it.

Dove felt all the men release their grip on her, except for the guy holding her one leg up and away from her body. Dove realized at that point that while she was passed out the men must have had a field day spitting on her face because she was dripping wet. She stopped her play acting and focused on her breathing, calming her body and mind as Leader took his dick from her snatch and aimed lower. Dove didn’t think it was possible, after all she was only 23 years old and weighed 100 pounds. She was proven correct thus far as Leader’s first two attempts were rejected, but the man was no quitter. As he pushed forward a third time, luck was on his said and half his 7-inch pecker disappeared.

“Holy fuck balls,” Dove cursed in excitement rather than pain.

Now that she proved she could handle double anal, the men teed off on her. Gone was the measured and reserved pace, Leader replacing it with a thumping rhythm even if he used on half his length. Dove found herself screaming more, unsure if it was from pain, pleasure or just the occasion getting to her. 

“Switch off man,” one of the thugs called out.

The next man who tried for her ass while it was still occupied had no luck, his dick was simply to big. Instead, Dove had to be content with a good old fashion double penetration with one in the pink and one in the stick. It seemed so vanilla now, a statement which was so absurd she laughed. However, her next double anal was just around the corner, as after Lurker stepped up to the vacancy between her legs.

“This is going in your ass even if it tears you in two,” the considerate man stated as he slapped her face for added effect.

Lurker’s dick was thicker than the man who had taken her first double anal experience, but that was offset y how her ass was somewhat used to it by now. It still hurt like a son-of-a-both going in, but after that Dove was able to weather the storm, albeit by using her spare hand to strum her clit. Her rapers allowed her that, though they did require her mouth to service a cock, as well as her left hand was needed to jerk off another.

“Got yourself a new specialty,” Baldy laughed in her face, his dick in her mouth.

Dove didn’t know if it was a good sign or not that whenever the men tried places, their dicks had an easy time joining the cock already pistoning in her ass. At the beginning it was a real struggle, but now even a guy with a thick pole like Muscles had no issues slipping past her once tight anal ring and hammering into her bowels at the same time as another man.

“Show her ass off to the camera.”

Laughing, Muscles withdrew from her ass and stepped out of the way. While still on his back, Prettyboy grabbed the back of her legs and hoisted Dove up so his cock fell out of her rectum and thudded against his stomach with a wet slap. Already the camera was privy to the massive gap in the 23 year old’s asshole, easily measuring a good inch. Wanting to show off, Dove reached down and pulled her cheeks apart, adding an extra half inch to the yawning hole. Not done, Dove shoved three fingers from each hand into her hole before hooking against the muscular ring and pulling it out. At that moment, Dove realized how much of a whore she was acting like, but someone pulling her by her platinum blonde hair snapped her out of that thought.

“Come here. You ain’t done yet.”

As Dove was pulled onto yet another lap to have yet another double penetration, she realized that these men were easily going to outlast her. They would use her for hours, filming every thrust, DP, double anal, spit, slap and grope. Her body would give out well before they came because they cycled every minute or so. It meant they could go as hard as they wanted, which they did regularly. And sure enough, during each transfer of going from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl, she was expected to fight and resist, but her body lost strength each time. Even now, she was near powerless as they stood her up, gripped around her neck and actually hoisted her off the ground in the chokehold.

“This bitch has given up I think,” Leader laughed before throwing her onto the sofa.

Dove continued to squirm or voice some displeasure, as half-hearted as it was. Instead, she just let the men use her. If a guy wanted to skull fuck her while his two budding railed her holes, sure. If a guy wanted to slap her ass so hard and repeatedly that her skin turned the darkest shade of red, why not. If they wanted to soak balls deep in her ass after destroying it with 2 dozen thrusts then feed her anal juices to her, bring it on. 

“Jimmy and Lawrence, both go in her ass,” a man called out.

Jimmy and Lawrence turned out to be Baldy and Muscles, and the reason why they were singled out was because they possessed the thickest dicks in the gang. Despite all the permutations they had deployed on Dove tonight, those two had never both been inside her at the same time, for obvious reasons. Both may have been average in the length department, they shone in girth, nearly the size of her wrist.

“Fuck,” Dove swore as she straddled Muscle and took his dick in her ass.

Dove felt someone trying to push their dick in her mouth but she refused since she needed all her concentration on the task at hand beside her. Despite all the double anal and regular DPs thus far, just having Muscle in her rectum was a challenge. As hands pressed against her back, making her tits rest on the muscular man’s chest, she felt the sofa buckle as Baldy knelt behind her. He gripped his dick and pressed it forward, though for the first time in awhile Dove’s anal ring gave some resistence.     

“Wait!” Dove pleaded with something like fear tinging the words.

Dove immediately shot her hands back towards her ass, trying to prevent the men from both entering her booty at the same time. It was the first time in this whole ordeal that Dove actually felt something akin to fear. They were both so thick! The body jerk forward at the same time took pressure off her sphincter, and she left her hands blocking any more of Baldy’s attempts.

“Move those hands. Now!” the bald man barked.

“Fuck me,” Dove cursed as she listened to the man.

She thought about saying the safe word a lot in the next several seconds as Baldy made a measured approach to stuffing his dick into her already filled ass. It was an easy word, one syllable. Made all that much easier since no one was currently cramming a dick in her mouth. However, a part of her wanted to be tested and abused, despite what happened. So, Dove bit the inside of her lip and hung her head as Baldy gave up trying to be nice and ease himself into her. Instead, he adopted what could only be described as a battering ram technique, jerking his back nearly a foot before thrusting forward. With aim, power and a little good luck, Baldy joined the other well-endowed man in Dove Cameron’s asshole, stretching it to an unfathomable level.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Dove cursed, hands bunched into tiny fists as the other men cheered and laughed.

The blonde couldn’t help but let her natural instincts to protect herself come out as her hands once more came around her body and a weak attempt to push Baldy from filling her ass with more dick. It didn’t work as the much stronger man with a much more advantageous position simply grabbed her wrists and held her flailing arms at bay. Dove once thought about saying her safe word, but she was determined not to go to that extreme unless she needed to. However, with each inch that both men added to her asshole at the same time, it became more and more a reality.

“Got something to say blondie?” Leader asked, reveling in pushing a super hot girl to their breaking point.

“Yeah...fuck you,” Dove cursed, raising the corners of her mouth in a defiant smile.

“Oh I like this one,” he replied, earning him a cheer from his friends

The men weren’t evil so they only performed the double anal for a minute, just enough time for them to make the viewers happy. They didn’t want to hurt the blonde with the great body, especially since they knew they were performing a super-human anal ring stretch that would take days or weeks or even months for it to rebound. However, despite what had to be searing pain, Dove didn’t use her safe word and even at times would suck one of the dicks in her face.

“Share the wealth, bros,” Lurker demanded.

Dove was never more happy in her life to be grabbed around the throat and lifted off the two men. She knew they were just gonna throw her back down and fuck her senseless, but the little reprieve was much appreciated. As Greaseball sat down on the now vacated sofa and attempted to pull down Dove on top of him, he was resisted by Lurker who shoved two fingers into Dove’s surprisingly wet pussy. He wasn’t giving in her a gentle fingering, instead he used every ounce of strength in his forearm to jerk his hand deep and curl his fingers, pounding the 23 year old’s G spot.

“Oh SSHHIIITTTTT!!!” Dove swore.

Dove had known that some girls could squirt, after all, she watched a great deal of porn. However, in her very healthy sex life, she had never done so. Then again, no one had ever fingered her pussy like Lurker was currently doing, especially when she was in such a physically drained state. At first Dove thought she was pissed on as her inner thighs became drenched in what felt like water. Looking down, the blonde realized that the fluid was coming from her, just as her most unexpected orgasm rolled through her body and set every nerve tingling throughout her body.

“We got a squirter, boys!” Lurker called out before shoving the dripping wet fingers into Dove’s surprised mouth.

Dove didn’t have time to process the new information that the squirter they were referring to was herself because she was already being pushed down. However, instead of thrown down on the sofa, Dove was dragged all the way down to the ground. She didn’t know why until they turned her face down and her pretty face came away damp.

“Slurp it up, bitch,” one of the men hollered at her.

Dove was well aware that she wasn’t a person right now, simply their sexual plaything. Doing as they commanded, the 23 year old puckered her lips before drinking up a mouthful of the strange fluid that she shot from her pussy only moments before. She was worried it would be pee, but it had a sweet and vaguely salty flavor to it, which made the blonde gladly slurp it up and swallow it, despite doing so right off the dirty ground.

“Not wet enough,” Lurker commented.

Dove didn’t quite know what the odd looking man meant. She thought he may have made her squirt again, but instead he leaned overtop of her and spat right into her face. Dove was so stunned that by the time another face appeared in her vision, she didn’t even feel the next spitball contact her skin. This was the start of them all using whatever moisture was in their mouth to reign down wad after wad of spit down onto her gorgeous face before Leader stepped in to rub it all into her skin and push some into her mouth.

“Get her up.”

Dove remembered being thrown back onto the bed, as she liked the greater comfort it offered. She didn’t know whose dick she was sitting on, only that he was thrusting with renewed vigor up into her ass. Prettyboy’s handsome mug was in her face as he changed things up by using his dick in her pussy, something that hadn’t taken a pole for a while. After a few minutes when Prettyboy was replaced with Greaseball, her snatch went vacant again as the greasy-haired man double teamed her ass with the unknown man under her.

The blonde wasn’t sure if it was the fact she was becoming numb or that her asshole was as loose and stretched out as possible was for the reason the double anal was as easy as one dick in her pussy. It didn’t hurt as the two men rocked her curvy body along the length of their cocks. She didn’t even mind as the random men about her would choke her, or slap her face. She was their sex toy, nothing more. You didn’t respect a sex toy and thus the men didn’t respect her. It was that simple.

“Let’s have a look at our handiwork,” Leader’s voice pierced Dove’s brain fog.

For the first time in who knows how long, Dove;s ass was empty of dicks and she hated it. She was unsure what that said about her but it was the truth. The man under her hoisted her up by the hips to better showcase her holes to the camera, which was positioned less than a foot from her sex. Dove knew what they wanted so she tried to relax her asshole was also pushing out to make her gape more impressive. It must have really impressed because the men started laughing and gawking.

“Look at that prolapse!” 

“Beautiful little butt rose!”

“Push her bowels back in,” another man said, at which point Dove felt a cock shoved into her asshole.

Dove didn’t know when it started, whether it was immediately or after another hour, but the men started to reach their end. She was back on the sofa when she felt the first of the cumshots. Dove was riding a guy in her ass with another fucking her pussy, though riding wasn’t quite what she was doing, rather he was pummeling up into her exhausted asshole. Regardless, the man that had been getting sucked off suddenly pulled away from her lips and beat off directly into her mouth. Dove knew the routine and closed her insanely plump lips around his tip, allowing the salty thick liquid to coat her tongue. Normally she’d have swallowed it right down, but this being a sex tape, she knew to show the mouthful of cum to the camera before gulping it down.

“Watch out,” Baldy’s raspy voice boomed.

The men got of his way as he picked up Dove from the bed by her hair before throwing her onto the sofa. Landing on her back, she found her legs thrown over the edge of the furniture as her ass now made an inviting target. Baldy slammed home into her caboose once more, though at this point he was able to fuck the former Disney star balls deep at top speed without the hint of resistance. 

“Fuck it! Cumming!”

Dove heard his grunted declaration moments before feeling his seed spurting against the deepest recesses of her ass. It felt like a nice icy blast against her fucked raw asshole and she was disappointed as he pulled out and his jizz started leaking out as well. Luckily she didn’t have to move as the next man saddled up, spreading her legs wide in a splits maneuver before driving into her pussy. Dove gave a moan as his relentless hammering felt good, and she may have even had a nice little orgasm when the greasy-haired man pasted her womb in his seed.

“Look out,” Muscles bellowed, squatting so his cock was lined up with the blonde’s mouth.

The muscular male didn’t hesitate at all and slammed his entire short but thick cock into Dove’s mouth in one shot. Her throat was already loose and he knew she could handle it, which she did despite her exhaustion. She steadied her head and allowed the wide-set man to pump her face with his cock. All while thrusting into her mouth, Lurker couldn’t help but look down on the side lying redhead, her nakedness allowing him to watch her pillowy tits jiggle while further down cum leaked out of both her pussy and massively gaped asshole.

The man, as physically fit and sexually experienced as he was, still needed to cum urgently after pumping her for only a few more minutes. Before he started to cum, Muscles stopped pumping into her throat, instead placing the head of his spit-covered cock between the blonde’s plump lips. Torrents of cum erupted from his, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue. Even in her tired state, Dove swallowed down his offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

“Fuck that was amazing,” the stocky man huffed.

Dove didn’t have time to reply as she was pulled down to her knees by Prettyboy. Looking down at the golden-haired beauty, cum leaking out of her well-used asshole and pussy while another load of jizz glossing her lips, Prettyboy decided on his plan of action. 

“Gonna fuck your big tits,” he hissed.

Dove was already grabbing the outsides of her large globes which were a natural wonder especially given her short stature. The handsome man placed his slick rod on her breastbone right before Dove pushed her boobs together and engulfed his member. The pair worked as a team with Prettyboy thrusting into her body while Dove maintained pressure and rocked up and down as well.

“Fuck me big boy,” the former Disney star murmured though clearly exhausted.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Prettyboy warned through gritted teeth after only a few minutes.

“Cum for me baby,” Dove told him, her fingers reaching down to caress his full balls. “Paint my tits.”

Her slut words combined with her hand playing with his nuts and the tight seal of her tits around his cock finally added up. With one last good thrust deep inside Doves cleavage, Prettyboy finally let go and allowed himself to finally cum. Dove watched as he pulled away from her great set of breasts and stroked his cock all while pointing at her chest. It took no more than 5 seconds before he beat his load onto her tits with the first stream of white goo landing on her left breast. The remainder of his jizz splattered mostly in her cleavage or on the inner curve of either boob, a healthy amount of cum now decorating the majority of her boobs.

“Ugghhhhhhh,” Leader grunted, on the verge of his orgasm as well.

“Fuck. Me too,” Lurker warned as well. 

“Cum on my face,” Dove practically begged the last two men.

Apparently they were so close to the brink that they both nearly panted her face after her encouragement. The first load to blast against her skin was from Lurker, nearly getting her in the eye before Dove closed it just in time. With a large dollop of semen in her eye socket, she kept her eyes closed and mouth open as more cum came from the other side. Leader and Lurker both unloaded on her gorgeous face, nearly covering every inch of skin in their thick white jizz before they were completely empty.

“Whoa!” Dove commented, scooping the jizz out of her eye so she could open them again.

“I think someone earned a shower,” the director complimented the 23 year old.

“And a month of treatment with a pelvic floor physio,” Dove replied. “Gonna need to tighten my holes back up.”

“I suggest an ass back and a week in bed with TV as well,” the director added, sounding like she knew what she was talking about. “I still don’t know how you didn’t use the safe word. Two big bulls in the pooper at the same time usually leaves most girls a ball of tears.”

“I’m not most girls,” Dove said, her confidence shining through.

“No you are not.”

NEXT: Peyton Roi List continues her sexual progression with a helping hand (or two) from Pierre Woodman

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