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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 8
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Shantel VanSanten, Aya Cash
Codes: FF, Anal, ATM, Fist, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Aya Cash or Shantel VanSanten nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with The Boys or its characters in any way

Summary: Next up is 2 other of The Boys’ stars in Shantel VanSanten and Aya Cash where Aya channels her inner dom to punish the submissive Shantel in their visit to Everything Butt

“Welcome to Everything Butt, ladies! Why don’t you introduce yourselves.”

“Well we are some of the stars of the show The Boys,” the redhead prefaced. “I’m Aya Cash who plays the delightfully sadistic Stormfront. And this bitch here with the phenomenal ass is Shantel VanSanten!”

“I’m the bitch with the ass,” the blonde laughed.

“Well you two seem to have great chemistry together,” the female interviewer just off screen accessed. “A lot to unpack from that comment Aya but let me ask what both of your anal experience is like?”

“I’m whatever the opposite of a pride is,” the more energetic Aya answered.


“Yup! That’s the word. Don’t do anal all the time but throw it into the mix fairly regularly,” the redhead finished.

“And you, Shantel?”

“By no means a butt slut but look at this thing,” the leggy blonde, tilting in her chair to show off what was truly a big ass. “Guys wanna stuff me back here all the time. I let some of them and if they’re good then I let them have a permanent hall pass for my booty. So to answer your question, I’ve seen a fair few dicks in my bum.”

“Now Aya, how’s your experience with BDSM?”

“So I’ve only gotten into it through my role on The Boys actually,” the You’re The Worst actress answered. “I’m slightly meta with acting so while I didn’t want to go full-on rascist, I decided to experiment with being a top in my lesbian relationships. By dominating them, I felt it helped to play Stormfront so I have maybe a dozen trysts.”

“Wow. That’s great,” the interviewer replied, pleased with the answer. “So where are you going to find the motivation for dominating Shantel today?”

“Although I normally adore her, she can be rather...proud of her booty,” Aya explained. “And for obvious reasons.”

“Clearly,” the interviewer agreed. 

“It’s just...well you know how my character Stormfront was always using social media to further her agenda? Well that’s Shantel only she’s furthering her ass’ presence online,” Aya finished.

“Guilty,” Shantel admitted with the slightest of blushes.

“But that meant she’d be distracted when doing filming when the light was in that perfect position because she’d be reaching for her phone to snap a few pics,” the redhead explained.

“Now Aya we gave you a preview and walkthrough of what we want you to do to Shantel, but obviously you’re allowed to freestyle. Plus you seemed to have a good knowledge of the toys,” the interviewer commented, drawing a nod from the redhead. “Shantel, what’s your experience with anal toys.”

“It’s what I would call basic,” the ass model answered. “I like preparing for anal with a butt plug. In fact, one is in right now.”

“Can we see?”

Shantel nodded, having no issue flashing her ass, either in a skirt, dress or in the nude. Rolling onto her hip while staying in the chair, Shantel pulled up her short skirt to expose her truly massive ass. While some women had nice butts for their size, Shantel was the definition of a PAWG - phat ass white girl. Aya helped by lifting one of Shantel’s thick cheeks up so that the rounded base of a black butt plug could be seen by both the interviewer and the camera.

“God this thing is heavy,” Aya commented, giving the fleshy booty and hard squeeze. “Just a big, firm, perfect ass.”

“And you get to fuck it,” Shantel smiled over her shoulder at her co-star.

“I really do!”

“Speaking of which, are you ready Shantel?”

“No time like the present!” the former Flash star agreed. 

*    *    *

The studio that produced Everything Butt videos liked to have a bit of a story when they shot their films. Nothing too in-depth, but it wasn’t straight gonzo stiff either. They had crafted a simple scenario to base this current scene off of, based on the information about the two ladies. Namely, what pissed the normally fun and easy-going Aya Cash off about her equally pleasant co-star Shantel VanSanten. In this scene, the set up was fairly basic. The camera panned up from the cement floor where a pair of feminine legs stood. Up the lens roamed, going over a bubbly butt in jean shorts. The ass wasn’t the largest in the world but it was well formed, tight and had a decent amount of the bottom half of the flesh exposed given the shortness of the shorts. 

“Aya! Thanks for meeting here,” Shantel greeted as she appeared as a growing figure in the frame as she walked towards the ass belonging to her co-star.

“You’re late...again,” the redhead retorted.

Aya was seething in rage as she slowly stalked towards her taller co-star. Shantel was a lot of things, mostly good, but her narcissism when it came to her ass was becoming a real hot button issue for not only Aya, but others on set. Shantel would come late to set because she needed to finish filming a short video or her photoshoot would run late, conflicting with her schedule for the show. Shantel picked up that the redhead was mad based on her angry tone and the look of almost hate on Aya’s face as she got right in front of Shantel.

“Yeah sorry. I was just finishing another video story for my fans and time got away from me,” Shantel answered as though that was a perfectly satisfactory reason.

Something inside Aya had snapped. She could stomach being made to wait for a few minutes once in a while during filming. But it was getting excessive with Shantel. But tonight was the straw that finally broke her back. Shantel had asked Aya for a favor, coming to this location underneath a bridge to photograph Shantel (more importantly, photographing her ass). Though she was tardy and slightly narcissistic, Aya still liked her co-star so agreed to help. But Shantel was late...again. For a favor!

“Are you okay?” Shantel asked, noting the look of crazy in her co-star’s eyes. 

“Okay? I cancelled plans to help you and you shit on my time. You make it the Goddamn Shantel show again! Without a care for anyone else,” Aya ranted frantically.

“Alright Aya, calm down,” Shantel tried to pacify her friend. “I do care about you,” she continued as she slowly backpedalled. “Let me make it up to you.”

“God. I was hoping you’d say that.”

Aya had backed up the ass model until Shantel’s thighs backed against the bummer of her car. Reaching out and grabbing her hips, Aya used an explosion of energy and strength to swiftly spin Shantel around before bending her over so Shantel’s small but perky tits rested on the hood. 

“Aya! What the hell?”

“Shut up,” Aya snapped. “You said you’d make it up to me, right?”

Shantel felt her shirt being pulled up onto her waist, exposing her blue thong beneath. “Yeah, but like take you to a nice dinner or something.”

“Well this perfect ass you’re so proud about is the only payment I want from you,” Aya answered. Before Shantel could protest, Aya played her last card. “I’m not the only one your tardiness has pissed off. Besides, I’m one of the stars of the show. One word from me, combined with the backing of some of the other actors and crew, and you’re fired.”

“Wait, what?!” Shantel shrieked, suddenly taking this much more serious. “This is my livelihood. I just bought a new house. I can’t lose this job!”

“Then shut the fuck up and take your medicine.”

Shantel went to protest or even beg but a look over her shoulder say the look on Aya’s face. The redhead’s gaze was staring right at Shantel’s mostly exposed rump as Aya’s hand roamed it’s big, curved surface. The redhead went from pawing the fleshy botto to rearing her hand back and giving it a slap, not too hard but firm enough to cause the backside to jiggle.

SLAP! “I get why you’re obsessed with this thing.” SLAP! “So thick and phat.” SLAP! “I’ve seen those videos you make.” SLAP! “You can really twerk this thing too.” SLAP! “Make it clap, like the kids say.” SLAP!

“Please Aya,” Shantel started to complain as she felt her friend pull down her thong down her extremely long legs.

Despite the soft protest, Aya noted that her co-star didn’t even try to defend herself. At this point, the redhead was on her knees with both hands pulling apart Shantel’s truly large butt cheeks to expose her puckered asshole and bright pink slit. Shantel’s chest remained on the hood of Aya’s car, though the model was constantly twisting her body so that she could look back at the kneeling redhead.

“Listen. I’ll keep my mouth shut to the producers but I get to have my fun, understand?” Aya explained, speaking right into the model’s ear. Shantel went to stand but a hand between her shoulder blades stopped that. “Nope. Stay.”

With Shantel’s face and chest firmly pressed against the car’s hood, Aya went to the back of her vehicle and opened her trunk. Aya was married so during lengthy shoots like The Boys, she brought a treasure chest of sex toys with her. It kept her from cheating on her husband, though they both agreed sleeping with women didn’t count. Unzipping the large bag, Aya targeted the large pocket that her collection of anal toys, which was quite the spread. However, her mind was already made up before she even opened the compartment.

“I think this will be a good place to start,” Aya commented, rubbing the dollop of lube on her palm into her head of the toy.

Shantel couldn’t help but stare in horrific fascination at what Aya had retrieved from her trunk as it looked like something from a horror movie. The shape of the sex toy was an honest-to-God hook! Though the end wasn’t sharp, in fact it had an inch-wide ball on the end, while the other end of the metal hook had a chain connected to it. Shantel wanted to protest, but she also really needed this job. Plus, Aya wouldn’t actually harm her, they were friends...she hoped.

“Just relax,” the redhead assured her friend.

Shantel wasn’t new when it came to butt play, so the advice wasn’t unneeded. However, having seen the crazy shape of the toy, the words wouldn’t hurt. Luckily Shantel felt the slick feel of the bulbous head of the toy, letting her know that her co-star applied a good deal of lube to the toy. After rimming her entrance for a moment, Aya started to push...and push...and push. Finally Shantel’s anus gave way and the head, as well as the first 2 inches of the metal hook entered her.

“Ahhh,” the ass model moaned.

“Here. Hold this,” Aya told her slave for the night. 

Shantel was in no position to argue, but it wasn’t holding with her hand that her friend wanted. Instead, the redhead unspooled the 4-foot chain which ended in a leather handle. It was essentially a dog leash attached to a metal hook redesigned to be a sex toy. An anal sex toy to be more exact. Listening to her, Shantel parted her lips and allowed the handle of the leash to be placed in her mouth.

“Get on your knees. Right in the dirt,” Aya instructed.

Shantel was happy to no longer be pressed against the hood of the car, though kneeling on a dirt road while a big metal hook was wedged in her own dirt road was hardly much better. Yet the ass model did as she was told while Aya took advantage of having both hands free to strip out of her denim shorts and panties. With her bottoms removed, she took up Shantel’s old position in front of the car but placed her one leg up on the hood to expose her sex to the girl kneeling directly behind her. 

“Give me the leash,” the redhead directed. “Now eat my Goddamn ass.”

Shantel moved just a little too slow for Aya’s liking so she reminded her slave that when she gave a command, it was to be obeyed immediately. With a sharp pull on the leash, Shantel felt the awkward pull of the metal hook in her ass burrow deeper and none to kindly. She gave a brief cry before practically throwing her face directly into Aya’s butt. The redhead’s bubbly cheeks pressed against her face as her tongue dove right into licking and dipping in her friend’s backdoor.

“Mmhmm...momma likes,” Aya cooed.

Shantel was desperate to not have the leash pulled on her again so she feasted on Aya’s asshole with an energy she’d never previously performed. With her other lesbian lovers, Shantel preferred to take her time, but not tonight. Instead, the former Flash star used her tongue to constantly lash and lick her friend’s crinkled hole, sometimes bending lower to target the wet pussy beneath but always coming back to the asshole as instructed.

“Good girl. Lick it. Lick my ass.”

Over and over Shantel did as she was told, performing a log lick from pussy to asshole then a second, shorter lick only over the crinkled starfish. Needing to surface for air after a minute, Shantel inhaled deeply before ramming her tongue forward and penetrating a good inch into Aya’s backdoor. This brought a sharp cry of pleasure from the dominating woman, as well as caused the former You’re The Worst star to reach her hand back and hold Shantel by the back of the head. Knowing that she liked it, Shantel kept her tongue buried and wiggling in her friend’s anus until the need for oxygen grew too great.

“You don’t need to breathe. Get your tongue back in my butt,” Aya demanded with a tug on the leash.

“Ow! Yes, yes. Whatever you want,” Shantel readily agreed.

For ten straight minutes, Shantel did nothing but bury her tongue in Aya Cash’s asshole and breathe her nose. The toy stayed lodged a good 4 inches in her rectum with the bulbous head occasionally shifting around, but it was pain-free from the ass model. From time to time for her own amusement, Aya would pull on the leash, causing her submissive slave to cry out, but almost immediately Shantel would return her tongue back to use on her anal ring.

“That’s it. Make me cum and you get to be free of the hook,” Aya almost pleaded. She was so close!

Shantel could sense how much the other girl was needing release and shifted into another gear she didn’t know she had. Using every ounce of energy in her body, Shantel ate Aya’s ass for all she was worth. At some point the redhead had wormed an arm down between her body and car in order to rub her clit, but that only swiftened the arrival of her orgasm.

“Oh yes! I’m fucking cumming!” 

Shantel was going to ask to have the painful hook removed but she figured that might only make her friend mad. Instead, she stayed kneeling and watched as Aya peeled herself from her hood after her climax and circled the model. Shantel was forced onto hands and knees but she felt Aya grab the actual toy and start to withdraw. 

“You want this out?”

“Yes. Yes, please,” Shantel quickly added. “I’d like the hook out of my ass, please.”

Aya was happy to pull the hook from the ass model’s thick booty, only because she had a lot more planned for her. The smooth metal slid easily out of Shantel, the only hiccup being the ball at the end though that too pulled free after only a moment’s hesitation. Rather than clean the toy with a towel, Aya told her model friend to use her mouth, which Shantel did without question. Having had as much anal sex as Shantel had, it was somewhat common for her to go ass to mouth with a man’s cock. This was very little difference, instead she was tasting the flavor of her bowels on a metal hook versus the skin of a dick. Ass still tasted like disgusting ass in Shantel’s opinion so she polished the toy clean with her mouth before Aya took it away with a pleased smile.

“See, not so bad,” Aya commented. “Just give me what I want and you keep your job and your new house. But I don’t have what I want yet”

“What do you want,” Shantel asked before being pulled to her feet and bent over the hood once more.

A quick trip to the back of her trunk and Aya returned with something different in her hand. This time it was a more traditional toy, a dildo. However, the length of the sex toy was incrdible, being a minimum of 18 inches in Shantel’s best guess.

“Wow, that’s big,” the ass model commented as Aya forced it into her mouth to suck on.

“Spread it open. With your hands, come on,” Aya dictated to the slightly younger woman.

Shantel knew the dildo was to make the journey up her dirt road so she made sure to lay her spit thick onto the phallic object. As she hands pulled apart her mighty cheeks, her already loosened butthole came into view. Aya took the freakishly long dildo and eased the tip past her friend’s slightly gaped anal entrance. The head was only an extra half-inch thicker than the ball on the hook, but the shaft of the toy was the same thickness. 

“Ahhh...okay...not so bad,” Shantel groaned as the first 4 inches of the nearly two-foot toy burrowed into her rectum.

Aya was loving the look of the metal dildo gliding in and out of Shantel’s thick, tanned cheeks. She never forgot to play up the fun for the camera though. After a dozen thrusts of the toy into Shantel, she pulled the 7 inches of dildo she managed to fit up her bowels and removed them completely. The camera captured the wider gape in the asshole, not to mention watched as Shantel was forced to suck clean the same toy that was over half-a-foot deep in her ass only moments before.

“God, that’s an acquired taste,” Shantel mused.

While giving the toy a quick ass-to-mouth blowjob, she managed to add more spit to aid it’s journey back in her ass. It made the anal penetration that much easier as the head popped into her bowels with barely a murmur from the model-turned-actress. Rather than go for depth and cram as much of the lengthy toy inside her, Aya played with her by constantly piercing her with the thick head of the dildo then backing out all the way. After letting her asshole gape open for a moment so the camera could look deep into her widening rectum, Aya would repeat the feat time and time again.

“Your asshole is opening right up for me,” the redhead commented. “Someone’s got a slutty butt, don’t you, whore?”

Shantel didn’t like being called a slut or a whore but before she could open her mouth and protest, Aya shifted gears. Instead of a short poke into her anus, Aya pushed over 8 inches of hard metal dildo into Shantel’s guts, causing a whimper from the leggy actress. The redhead varied her technique, sometimes going deep like this, other times going back to the shallow thrusts. But always after a deep poke she would pull it out and make Shantel taste it.

“How does it taste?” Aya asked as she watched the gorgeous actress suck a dildo that was just 9 inches deep in her ass.

“Tastes like it always does...but more intense,” Shantel answered truthfully.

“I’m glad the taste of your ass is becoming familiar,” Aya mused. Looking down and inspecting the blonde’s asshole, Aya clicked her tongue in disapproval. “Still way too tight. I have something better to open you up with.”

Shantel was filled with an odd mixture of dread and excitement, knowing that her anal limits were being pushed and imporved upon. Aya disappeared to the trunk once more as she exchanged the lengthy but thin metal dildo for one that was quite different. In the redhead’s hand was a glass toy that was only 6 inches long but over 2 inches in diameter.

“Ready for something bigger?” Aya asked after having Shantel lay on the hood of the car with her legs spread wide.

“Do I have a choice,” Shantel wondered but actually answered. “Yes Aya.”

In reality, this was much too large for Shantel to have tried on her own. It was the equivalent of going from running 5 miles and making the jump to a half marathon. It just wasn’t something one did without a lengthy training plan lasting months...not minutes. However, Shantel had accepted the job offer and knew it came with being entered into the porn studio roulette. So here she was, with a massively thick glass dildo being pressed with ever increasing strength against her rectum until either Aya’s arm strength gave out or Shantel’s anal ring wielded. In truth, there was ever going to be one winner in that battle.

“God! So big! So hard!” Shantel shouted.

“Really stretches you open,” Aya commented, making smooth motions in and out of her leggy friend.

In truth, the hard part for Shantal was the initial penetration. Now that her sphincter had been forced open by the freakishly wide toy, it was much easier to have her ass reamed by the toy. Aya took mercy on her and kept the fucking slow and smooth, using the majority of the 6-inch to fuck her with. The glass toy also had the advantage of the camera being able to zoom into the base, which almost magnified the inside of Shantel’s bowels. Looking straight in lead onto the darkness of her guts, but her pink rectal walls were on full display.

“I need you to be all loosened up before I introduce you to Bertha,” Aya spoke after another few minutes of her slow, methodical ass fucking.


Shantel’s tone matched her facial expression and general feeling of being deeply concerned. That statement meant that this thick as hell glass dildo was just a stepping stone to Bertha and that worried her. It also somewhat excited the ass model. She was so very proud of her booty, and not just the outward appearance of the mound of firm muscle. She was also proud that she could take an anal pounding with the best of them and not back down. However, the leggy actress knew that would be put to the test tonight by her co-star.

“Don’t worry. First, I’ll make you cum with this giant toy in your ass,” Aya assured the leggy actress.

“What? How?” Shantel asked, mainly because she was still biting her lip from the discomfort of her sphincter being stretched so much.

Aya answered not by telling, but by showing. Apparently her last trip to the trunk Aya had returned not only with the thick glass dildo, but a Hitachi vibrator. Given that the red-haired actress needed two hands to operator the massive dildo going in and out of Shantel’s phat ass, she handed off the high-powered magic wand to the leggy girl. Desperate to feel pleasure, with a practiced motion Shantel switched on the vibrator and pressed it directly against her clit.

“Oh fuck,” Shantel swore immediately as a combination of pain and pleasure flooded her brain.

“Oh? Gonna cum with a big toy fucking your perfect ass?” Aya asked, noting the girl’s moans getting louder and more frequent by the second.

“Please. Please can I cum?” Shantel begged through a series of screams.

Aya didn’t even think to have the girl beg to cum. It was a great touch by the leggy ass model who had fully absorbed into her submissive role. Unable to deny her request that was so respectful, Aya nodded her head as she continuing ass-fucking Shantel. In truth, the Hitachi was living up to its brand name as the magic wand. Within minutes of attacking her clit with the vibration bombardment, Shantel was actually on the verge of a climax.

“Shit! God! Aya! I’m cumming!” Shantel wailed like a bitch in heat.

When Aya removed the glass dildo that had been holding open Shantel’s ass for the past 10 minutes, the leggy model had such an automatic response. Instead of hoping Aya just put the filthy toy down, Shantel actually peeled herself from the hood of the car with an open mouth. Aya obliged by sticking the glass cylinder right into her gullet, though it barely fit. 

“I have something even bigger to fit in there,” Aya said with a maniacal grin.

“Even bigger?” Shantel asked, though her tone was equal parts worry and interest.

“I’m not quite down with you yet.”

In her post-orgasm brain fog, Shantel blacked in and out of consciousness as Aya made a trip or two to the trunk of the car. Sometimes she’d be a few seconds, other times she’d be gone for a minute at a time. Or at least that was the leggy model’s best guess. Finally a hand wrapping in her blonde hair and tugging sharply brought Shantel out of the haze and crashing back to reality. Aya had used the momentum of the hair tug to drag her co-star off the hood of the car and onto the ground. 

“You're naked,” Shantel commented as she knelt on hands and knees on a blanket. “Nice tits!”

“So you notice the tits and not the harness housing the biggest strap-on dildo that Los Angeles has to offer,” Aya questioned the ass model.

“Holy God!” Shantel finally commented, her eyes taking in the toy.

Just as Aya stated, the dildo was insane. It combined the previous two toys into one big dildo...but even larger. 2 feet long and nearly 3 inches wide with a tapered tip that resembled a cock, the thing was beyond words. Rather than attempt to butt fuck her slave with it right away, Aya figured she’d get it prepped first. It was nice to see that her and her friend were on the same wavelength as before Aya needed to issue a command, Shantel was opening her mouth and attempting to choke down as much of the inhumanly large toy as possible.

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk,” Shantel gagged as she pushed her face forward.

Saliva dripped from the gorgeous ass model’s mouth like melting snow from a roof in the spring. Over and over Shantel would push her face forward, cramming as much of the fake dick into her mouth as possible. It wasn’t much, not compared to the total 24 inches in length, but the leggy actress had the right attitude.

“Let me see how much you can fit in your mouth,” Aya demanded.

Through perseverance, not to mention Aya’s hip rocking, Shantel felt inches gliding past her lips and into the back of her mouth. Not even the best deep throaters in the world could get that sex toy into their gullet and down the throat, though Aya seemed determined to try to make Shantel do it. Though she nearly retched several times, all that happened was Shantels back heaved and lots of wet saliva poured around the fake cock and down onto the blanket. After 30 seconds of trying, Aya backed the cock out with her finger marking roughly 4 inches down from the tip of the dildo.

“That’s not very much, is it,” the redhead said with disappointment. “Well I hope your ass can do more.”

Shantel was presented with the massive dildo again and was determined to do a better job at sucking it off for the dominating woman. Her anatomy hadn’t changed so only so much of the inhumanly thick toy could fit in her mouth, but the ass model bob and choked and gagged all over the dildo, doing her best to please Aya. Finally when the redhead stepped back and pulled the fake cock with her, a puddle of Shantel’s saliva pooling on the woven blanket beneath her face.

“Ready to get fucked?” Aya asked, rubbing the length of the 2-foot dildo with a generous helping of lube.

Shantel took a moment to steel her nerves before nodding her head. She still had no idea if her asshole could accommodate such a truly massive object, but she was determined to try. As Aya kneeled down on the thick blanket, the ass model flipped around then went onto her side, as Shantel always found the best success in spooning or sidelying position when trying something new with anal. Aya squirted a healthy amount of lube up her ass as well before butting the strap-on against her backdoor. Knowing the routine, Shantel calmed her breathing, focused on relaxing her butthole then mentally prepared to be entered up her colon.

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhiiitttt,” Shantel moaned, groaned then cursed as she was sodomized once more.

“Holy fuck! It fit!” Aya exclaimed in a mix of shock and amazement.

Given how long and flexible the fake dick was, Aya had to keep pushing to make sure she had solid footing in Shantel’s asshole so it wouldn’t just flop out. Somehow inch after inch was gobbled up by the ass model, Aya stopping once half-a-foot was in her backdoor. With those 6-inches secured in her anal ring, Aya began to fuck her co-star. Though thrusting was a foreign feeling for her, the redhead channeled all that yoga she did to really snap her hips into the push forward then swiveled them back to withdraw. Aya was so focused on proper fucking technique that she was unaware that Shantel was strumming her clit, nor did she see that another several inches had somehow penetrated the ass model.

“Oh my God, it’s so long,” Shantel commented between moans.

Used to how the dildo was feeling, Aya started to stretch out the amount of toy being pulled in and out of her friend’s anal ring. Though Shantel’s sphincter had been tight at the beginning of their tryst, it clearly wasn’t in that state any longer and nor was it likely to be ever again. After all, Aya was stroking a 3-inch wide dildo in and out of her with ease. Sure, the ample lube helped, but it was still 3 Goddamn inches of hard plastic being drilled into her booty!

“Such a good anal whore. Say it! Say your my butt slut,” Aya demanded.

Aya realized that to get more inches into Shantel’s bowels, she had to shorten her thrusts to only using a small segment of the dildo. That worked just fine for Aya, allowing her to slowly but surely add more and more of the fake cock through the leggy actress’ anal ring. It was slow goings, but Aya had all night and she was having a fucking blast in dominating her highly attractive friend. 

“Fuck! My ass is yours! Fuck it!” Shantel screamed as new depths of her rectum were touched.

Aya was completely impressed with the leggy actress. Not only was she taking the thickest cock in the three closest sex shops to their filming location, but Shantel was doing it relatively easily. Aya kept testing her, going slow then fast, deep and shallow. Yet Shantel handled everything. Even now, Aya was fucking her with the first 9 inches, the majority of which was sliding in and out of her sphincter with only the the very tip never leaving Shantel’s bowels.

“I want you to hold your ass open so I can look at my handiwork,” Aya told her sex slave.

Just like earlier, Shantel’s hands gripped tightly onto her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She felt inch after massive inch withdrawn from the deepest recesses of her ass before the lip of the dickhead pushed past her anal ring. For the first time in who knows how long, Shantel was empty and she honestly didn’t like that feeling. She saw out of the corner of her eye the camera moving to get a good close-up of Shantel’s gaping butthole, which Shantel imagined was a good inch or two wide open. After a few seconds, Aya made her co-star happy by pushing the dildo back in her ass. One thrust and Aya pulled back out, allowing the camera to capture Shantel’s yawning asshole once more. Shantel felt lube pour out of her anal cavity each time Aya did that, but they had used so much that the leggy actress was unconcerned. 

“Time for the grand finale,” a female voice instructed from behind the camera.

“We got one more thing for this perfect ass of yours,” Aya told her co-star as unholstered the dildo from her harness. 

“What is it?” Shantel asked, having rolled onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows. “What’s the one more thing?”

“You’ll see,” was the only forthcoming from Aya.

Kneeling behind Shantel, the redhead stuck two fingers deep into the leggy woman’s yawning asshole, obviously taking advantage of the loosening from the dildo. Not slowing at all, she pulled out and added a third, then a fourth digit to Shantel’s asshole. Still not done, Aya pressed the tip of her thumb into the pads of her four other fingers then started to press them forward into Shantel’s ever expanding asshole.

“Are you trying to get your whole God damn fist in my ass?!” Shantel questioned though she knew the answer. “Such a dirty butt pervert.”

“You’re going to take my whole hand inside you, and then I won’t rat you out and get you fired,” Aya told her friend.

Shantel had never been fisted before, but there was always a first time for everything. She was at least familiar with the process so she did her best to relax her body and let herself stretch - hopefully without tearing her anal ring to pieces in the process. It was slow going, especially since Aya stopped a few times to apply more lube to her hand, but where there was a will, there was a way. With a last push, Aya succeeded in doing something no one else had done previously - fist Shantel VanSanten’s asshole!

“What a complete and utter whore,” Aya half gawked, half insulted as she felt Shantel’s anal ring squeezing her wrist.

“How does this hurt and feel amazing at the same time?!” Shantel wondered, while also beaming with pride as another woman’s hand rested completely in her rectum.

“You’re amazing, baby,” Aya cooed, simply amazed that a model could take a fist up the pooper.

Aya continued to make little twists and thrusting motions within Shantel’s anal cavity as she was simply having too much fun moving her fist in small thrusts into her ass. Slowing down, the redhead slowly retreated her hand from the leggy actress, with Shantel giving a rather loud shriek of what sounded like pleasure as the hand was removed from her colon. Not quite done, Aya reached over the ass model’s body to dangle the fist in her friend’s face. Shantel once more showed no reluctance as she eagerly steered the fist that had been miles inside her bowels into her mouth. Once more, the deep earthy and pungent flavor that could only be her ass juices flooded her tongue, but this time there was an artificial fruity taste from the large quantity of lube that Aya used on her. 

“Jesus Christ! That was insane,” the female interviewer commented as Shantel continued to lick every inch of Aya’s fingers, hand and wrist even.

“Not gonna lie, I earned my sleep tonight,” Shantel laughed, finally flopping down flat on her back.

“You really did, you sexy bitch,” Aya complimented before leaning down and giving her friend and co-star a kiss.

*    *    *

“Ladies! Describe to me what happened today.”

Both actresses on The Boys sat on a bench under the bridge that they had just filmed their porn shoot under. Most importantly, they were both completely naked, as was the custom with the after-filming interview for Everything Butt. Aya had the larger tits of the two, being a B cup though flirting with breaking into the C territory. Though Shantel’s were smaller, they fit her thin frame perfectly.

“A thorough butt fucking,” Shantal laughed in answer.

“I put a lot of things in her ass,” Aya added, rubbing her co-star’s shoulder.

“Now you seemed to handle everything totally in stride. I assume you didn’t mind the verbal degradation with the forced anal play?”

“I think it’s going to be my new bread and butter,” Shantel smiled. “I mean, I like when men, and now women, take control of me. Plus I’m used to things going in my ass.”

“On account of it being a great ass,” Aya added.

“Your words, not mine,” the blonde actress laughed. “But I loved it so much. I also liked that the story of me having to take the anal abuse for fear of the show’s bigger actress getting me fired was a perfect motivation for why I took it.”

“This perfectly suited my top style as well. I’m not a frantic top with high, manic energy. I like the spread and slow with a touch of degrading you instead of just hard, rough sex,” Aya explained.

“The shoot was all about making Shantel’s butthole the star,” the interviewer communicated. “Now I need to ask about what it felt to have such a gigantic anal dildo going in and out of you?”

“Oh God. The only way to describe it is filled to capacity,” Shantel shared, drawing a knowing nod from her co-star who also had experience being on the receiving end of a toy up the ass. “There was no free space. It was just wall-to-wall packed.

“Any last thoughts, ladies?”

“I just loved it all. The girl-girl anal, getting to know Aya more thoroughly,” Shantel gushed.

“Honestly, the same,” Aya agreed before adding. “You’re butthole is a lot like you - just a lot of fun.”

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