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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 15
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Kamilla Kowal, Michelle Mylett, Giorgio Grandi
Celebrities (Mentioned): Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Erica Durance, Kristen Kreuk, Melanie Scrofano
Codes: MF, MMF, FF, Gangbang, Oral, Orgy, Dirty (Implied), Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Kamilla Kowal, Michelle Mylett, Giorgio Grandi, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Erica Durance, Kristen Kreuk, Melanie Scrofano) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Giorgio Grandi Studios or Legalporno, nor with Letterkenny, I Know What You Did Last Summer or Smallville, nor its characters in any way

Summary: In an attempt to move Canadian TV into Hollywood, Letterkenny actresses Michelle Mylett and Kamilla Kowal take the extreme step of visiting a Legalporno studio.

“So tell us who you are,” the interviewer asked the pair of women.

“I’m Kamilla Kowal,” the dark-haired girl greeted. “And I’m Michelle Mylett,” the blonde introduced. “And you’re from, well a bunch of stuff, but most know us from the Canadaian comedy Letterkenny.”

Both girls had several features that were similar, such as both having long perfect legs that seemed to go forever, insanely beautiful and natural faces, as well as very fit bodies. While the blonde Michelle was a few years older being in her late 20s and possessed a bigger set of tits, the 21 year old Kamilla had one of the fittest asses on the planet. Michelle’s was no slouch either, but Kamilla had a great shape and firmness that was almost unparalleled. 

“I don’t mean this as a line but you two have to be models as well, right?”

“We get that all the time,” Michelle laughed. “I’ve done some but am mostly an actress. Kamilla here, she’s done fashion shows all over the US and France.”

“And nothing against Letterkenny because it’s an absolute riot, hell, even Brad Pitt raved about it at the Oscars last year, but I assume you two are here to get the next big job?”

“I love Toronto and Canada as a whole but I want to get to Hollywood. Michelle did the intro or beginner package of these sex tapes a few years back and got a ton of B horror movies so we thought that going in together and signing up for the...hardcore package would get us bigger roles,” Kamilla explained.

“Which is why you’re here!” the interviewer practically shouted in glee. “Now on Letterkenny, you girls are all about being sex positivity. Michelle, your character has had several relationships with 2 men at the same time…”

“They actually worked my own experience into the show. I love DPs and constantly dated brothers or best friends. The writers loved that idea for my character,” Michelle explained.

“Meanwhile you play a girl who is regularly the sexual obsession of almost every man in the city,” the interviewer addressed Kamilla.

“It’s fun being wanted so badly by so many dudes. What I do is go to these small remote towns, wearing something slutty to the greasiest bars and then let guys hit on me, touch me and fuck me if they want,” Kamilla shared. “I can’t tell you how many disgusting washrooms I’ve taken it up the ass in, or how many trucks I’ve been bent over in or even how many times I’ve blown a dude out back of the bar while their wife is inside.”

“God that’s fucking hot,” the man complimented. “Now getting down to business...do you know what we do here?”

“Anything you want to the girls,” Michelle answered.

“More or less,” he replied. “Now when we asked you previously what you're not interested in doing, you said nothing.”

“You both understood that the less restrictions you have, the quicker you make it big,” Kamilla explained. “And I get that we look breakable because of how slender we are but we can take a good hard pounding.”

“Famous last words…” the interviewer grinned. “Go get changed and meet me back out here.”

*    *    *

In reality, the girls had gone for the makeup, hair and changing into their outfits, which took 30 minutes, though for those watching the video, it was only a second. When the screen came back after its fade to black, the Letterkenny actresses were in a much different state of undress. Both now wore lingerie which consisted of barely-there material of a bra and panties. The younger Kamilla paired her long dark hair with a black bra and matching thong, with the high heels she wore (also black) did wonders to showcase her long, lithe figure. The blonde Michelle went slightly atypical by wearing a blue bra that made her larger tits look insanely enticing, with a white thong, though she did follow Kamilla’s idea in wearing black high heels. 

“We are gonna have so much fun,” the younger Kamilla gushed in excitement.

The Letterkenny pair were seated beside each other on the all white leather sofa. While not many words were exchanged, the chemistry in the room was palpable. Kamilla’s eyes hadn’t left Michelle in one capacity or another, roaming the blonde’s body. Though she spent a good amount of time looking her up and down, the model focused more attention on Michelle’s beautiful face and of course her impressive rack.

“I’m so excited I get to do a shoot with someone that gets me so wet,” Michelle cooed beside her friend on the sofa.

“So you two…” the interviewer asked.

“Fucked before? All the time,” Kamilla asnwered before he could even finish asking his question. “We film in rural Canada. Gotta occupy our time somehow.”

Michelle’s eyes were diverted downwards when she felt the soft touch of the other girl’s fingertips tracing little lines over her bare thigh. As Kamilla had been talking with the guy behind the camera, her eager fingers had been busy getting reacquainted with Michelle’s body. Paying Kamilla back in kind, the blonde did likewise using her right palm to settle on Kamilla’s lengthy thigh before running it up and down her tanned skin.

“Can we?” Michelle looked over and asked the man behind the camera as she licked her lips in anticipation.

Before turning back to her sexy co-star, Michelle caught the affirmative nod from the guy. The pair locked eyes after Kamilla felt her friend’s hand touch her bare leg and they gazed with lust into each other. Kamilla followed suit in licking her lips in anticipation but before they moved closer to kiss, The dark-haired girl rode her hand up over Michelle’s flat stomach in order to grope her fairly large tits. Just as she remembered from the last time they hooked up (all of 2 months ago), Michelle’s boobs were bigger than you’d expect on a slender girl like the blonde was, easily more than Kamilla’s dainty hand could hold. Plus they had the added benefit of being perky and heavy - a delightful combination!

“Great tits,” Kamilla acknowledged.

Before the other girl could say anything, Kamilla leaned in. Michelle knew it was coming, in fact she was longing for it, and started to twist her head to the side. The kiss was soft despite the cameras being trained on them, both of them coming together slowly with their mouths opening. Their lips met, as did their tongues before they simultaneously closed their lips in a smacking noise. Kamilla’s hand was on her jaw now as they opened back up with more passion this time, forcing their tongues against one another with more hunger.

“Forgot how good of a kisser you are,” Michelle moaned into Kamilla’s mouth.

After the compliment, the pair resumed kissing but now there was more heat for the camera. Kamilla was the aggressor, overpowering her friend with her lust, though Michelle quickly recovered and was soon returning the favor with the same energy. Their tongues battled for supremacy as their hands roamed each other’s body, Kamilla’s hand staying more to her co-star’s boobs while Michelle was stroking the model’s inner thigh.

“Stand,” the director instructed.

Both Canadian actresses were a little upset to have to break their passionate makeout session just when it was just starting to heat up. However, both girls did as they were told, though Michelle was quickly given an amedned order. While Michelle was raising off the sofa to stand on her high heel clad feet, Kamilla was sexily lowering herself to the ground in front of Michelle. Reaching up, the younger girl used her hands to reach and run up Michelle’s athletic legs.

“Mmhmm…yes,” Michelle moaned as she felt a finger trace down from her belly button to the top of her sex, dragging her little black thong down along for the ride over her hairless pubic area.

“Love the hardwood look,” Kamilla cooed as she leaned in and kissed the bare patch of skin above the blonde’s pussy.

Michelle let out another moan, albeit this time louder when her co-star leaned in, extended her tongue and proceeded to plant a long lick on the upper half of her slit. Michelle’s legs felt weak and likely wobbled every time Kamilla’s wet tongue rode higher and flick out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly into the porn studio.

“Oh my God, Kami!” Michelle screamed.

Kamilla smiled brightly before letting the band of her thong loose, the garment settling back in position to cover the blonde’s wet slit and bare skin. Michelle’s groans quieted, but only for a short period as the dark-haired girl got playful and used her lips to bite threw her panties to rub against her whole pussy. The moan from Michelle wasn’t as loud, but it was satisfying all the same.

“Spin around and show us the ass,” the man instructed.

Already prepared to listen to whatever instruction she was given today, Michelle did as she was told, spinning around 180 degrees so she was facing towards the sofa previously at her back. However, she didn’t want to miss watching the action so she wrenched her neck around in time to see and feel Kamilla knead her little but surprisingly plump backside before giving it an open-mouth kiss.

“How’s the view,” Michelle asked, feeling a hand on each cheek, jiggling, squeezing and lightly swatting it for herself, as well as the camera.

“Sexy as ever,” Kamilla said while looking up at her. “Such a great little ass.”

Michelle figured she’d be stripped out of her thong at this point, so the blonde was surprised when she felt a man’s hand press against her back. The actress took the hint and settled onto the couch on her knees with her chest leaning against the backrest. Kamilla gave her cheeks another rub, but the man who was the actual studio head (and one of the male talents for today), Georgio, reached a hand into the camera view. Michelle gave him a sultry smile as his fingers hooked into the thin band of material that ran down her crack and pulled it back as far as possible to expose the girl’s sex underneath.

“And an even cuter asshole,” the man commented, licking his lips excitedly.

Giorgio had a naughty idea as he was holding the thong as far as possible from her ass. Kamilla was still using her hands to pull apart Michelle’s cheeks, giving him and the camera a better view at her butthole. Putting even more tension on the panties, Giorgio pulled a little harder until it was at the point of snapping. It was then that the bald man released the thong, at which point a loud smack coud be heard as the white thong slapped hard against Michelle’s wet snatch and sensitive butthole.

“Oh shit!” Michelle groaned, though a playful smile still lingered on her face.

Apparently Giorgio didn’t want Kamilla to feel left out so he pressed the girl down as well. Kamilla was already kneeling on the tiled floor, but now had her perky tits and face pressed down into the seat of the sofa, right underneath Michelle’s body. Kamilla felt the man dig into her ass crack to pull out her black thong before she felt it pull to the point of breaking. With a snap, Kamilla first heard the panties slapping back down into place, stinging her pussy and asshole from the blow.

“You have a truly fantastic ass,” Giorgio complimented, rubbing Kamilla’s firm flesh.

Giorgio backed off screen once again and allowed Kamilla to pick up where she left off. If Michelle was wondering where exactly that was, she was provided an answer as small hands pulled apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her starfish. The feel of Kamilla’s wet tongue performing a long, slow lick against her backdoor was a much more welcomed and pleasurable feeling than the thong snap from a minute ago. Kamilla made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, which she rubbed around with her index finger to lube up the area.

“Of course you would go straight for my ass,” Michelle quipped a moment before a slender digit was pressed into her backdoor. “Ughh.”

“Well yeah!” Kamilla answered, moving her finger in and out slowly but always in motion. “And don’t act like you aren’t used to taking all comers in your pooper.”

“Guilty as charged,” Michelle laughed. 

The younger model/actress pulled her solo finger out from Michelle’s asshole and watched the tight hole seal back up. She wasn’t done with her yet so she did another lick to her asshole before working two fingers into the sexy blonde’s backdoor. Though still tight, the muscular ring didn’t protest, easily adapting to allow the second finger to enter without so much as a warming up period.

“Been letting any and all take a ride up my dirt road,” Michelle further clarified.

Kamilla was done with talking, at least for now. She was more occupied in thrusting her slim fingers into Michelle Mylett’s asshole, which was causing her to moan in pleasure while the dark-haired model was soaking her panties more by the second. Michelle, despite her slender build, was not only tolerating the anal fingering, but thriving. Moaning louder and louder, she encouraged her younger co-star to finger bang her harder and faster. 

“Such a butt slut,” Kamilla commented.
“Let’s see how much of a butt slut,” Giorgio commented from off-screen.

Both Letterkenny actresses turned and looked at their director to see what he meant, and their eyes went wide at the sight of the sex toy he was holding. It was essentially a butt plug, but the biggest either girl had ever seen, let alone used. Red with some black swirls, the toy was 6 inches long with a blunted tapered end that got gradually bigger until 5 inches from the start of the toy it reached its largest circumference, which was a massive 3 inches wide. At that point it got much smaller before having an extremely wide base so that the toy didn't get sucked into their asses, never to be seen again.

“Oh...my...God,” Michelle and Kamilla gawked.

“Here. Take. Use,” Giorgio barked his orders.

The kneeling girl accepted the toy in her hand, thankful in that moment that it wasn’t going in her ass. At least, not right away. As Kamilla spread her spit around the tip of the toy, Michelle had her thong pulled down around her mid-thigh, exposing her crinkled rosebud and pink pussy. After a few failed attempts, Giorgio stepped in and took possession of the red-black butt plug so that the skinny Kamilla could crawl on the sofa and use her hands to pull Michelle’s cheeks apart. This combination worked like a charm as instantly the gape produced from pulling her butt apart allowed the tip of the toy to worm inside. This, combined with Giorgio’s superior pushing power, allowed the man to use half the massive toy to fuck the gorgous blonde.

“Holy crap Michelle,” Kamilla giggled, watching her friend get fucked with the widest toy she’d ever seen.

Giorgio allowed the blonde to get used to the toy, only using a few inches to plunder her hole. However, after getting Kamilla to spit down onto the shaft of the tapered toy, Giorgio decided to go for more. Rather than sawing into Michelle, he kept a steady push, easing in more and more of the toy and causing Michelle’s asshole to expand slowly but steadily. It was massive progress, with all but the widest portion inside the slender actress, but Giorgio pulled out and allowed the blonde a moment to recover while he added more lube to the toy.

“Here,” the man said to Kamilla. “Suck her ass.”

Kamilla watched as the red-black toy came straight towards her face. Though not the biggest fan of the taste of ass, Kamilla knew what she signed up for today, which was any and everything. With the butt plug practically touching her lips, she parted them and took the soiled butt plug that was fresh from her friend’s ass, into her mouth. In truth, the taste wasn’t strong as it had only been used to fuck her for a minute, but Kamilla recognized instantly which holed it came from. After a few bobs, she gave the toy a final spit, at which point the man pulled it away from her and back towards the blonde’s ass.

“All of it this time,” Giorgio told Michelle.

Kamilla was on hand to help by once more pulling her cheeks apart. There was a more pronounced gape in Michelle’s adorable asshole this time around, making the butt plug’s initial pass into her all the easier. The beautiful actress started wincing when she got to the same point as last time, with her ass spread a good 2 inches wide, but still Giorgio pushed one. His labor paid off a few heartbeats later as the remaining inch was pushed inside, stretching Michelle’s elastic butthole to what had to be its limit of a full 3 inches before the toy sucked deeper into her. The part between the thickest part of the bulb and the super wide handle was skinnier, though it was still holding her asshole open by nearly 2 inches while being a half-a-foot deep in her rectum.

“Jesus!” Kamilla swore. “That is the hottest thing ever!”

Giorgio allowed Michelle some time to revel in her anal accomplishment before he reached back in and pulled it out. The gape that the butt plug left in its wake was truly massive, made all the more impressive given Michelle’s slim stature. He didn’t allow her any rest as he immediately pushed it back in, and to both girls’ amazement, it slid into the handle with ease. Michelle was almost laughing as the man was literally fucking her with the thick 3-inch bulb over and over, and yet there was no pain whatsoever. Seeing Kamilla more and more enthralled, Giorgio clutched her by the back of her dark-haired head and moved her closer to Michelle’s ass. Finally, he pulled the red-black toy from the blonde’s ass and in the next moment, Kamilla had her tongue extended as deep into the gaping asshole as possible.

“Yes Kami! I love how your tongue feels in my ass,” Michelle swore, thrusting her booty back against her younger friend’s face.

Kamilla felt the toy slide along her face, noting the slimy feel of the plastic as Giorgio was clearly wanting to bang Michelle’s ass once again. After a handful of thrusts with all 6 inches of the butt plug, Giorgio pulled back out and allowed Kamilla to tongue her best friend’s rectum once more. Now as Giorgio fucked her ass, he’d push in all the way, linger the toy in her poop chute for a little while then pulled it out. However, rather than have Kamilla lick Michelle’s ass, he had the model take the toy in her mouth and suck it clean. Now Kamilla was truly getting a taste of Michelle’s ass in all its strong and frankly gross flavor. 

“How’s my butt taste, Kami?” Michelle smirked back at her co-star.

“Gross...and I love it!” Kamilla added before shoving as much of her tongue into Michelle’s asshole as possible.

Girogio went back in and literally used the butt plug like a dildo by constantly ramming all 6 inches of the cone-shaped toy in and out of Michelle. Though her mouth was in a frequent state of openness so she could moan, groan and occasionally shriek, she wore what was a smile on her face regardless. She bragged about bringing her A-game tonight and by God did she mean it. As he pulled out the toy for a final time, Kamilla understood him without needing words as she drove her face into Michelle’s ass cheeks so her tongue could once more plunder deep within the girl’s shitter.

“Your turn,” Giorgio spoke to Kamilla.

“Yes sir,” the dark-haired Canadian grinned in reply.

The model stood to her feet before she was directed to the leather lounger in the middle of the room. It was essentially a recliner chair that was in a permanent reclined state, allowing Kamilla to lay on her back in a near fully recumbent manner. Michelle had rolled from the sofa and was at her side, helping to hold both of the model’s perfect legs up in the air so that not only were the lengthy pegs on exhibit for the camera, but so too was her peach of an ass. Though not the largest ass in the world, it was firm, compact and just great. Slender with a phat ass, quite the combo!

“Need to eat me some ass,” Michelle commented as she lowered her face towards her younger co-star’s sex.

Kamilla grinned as she pulled her thong out of the way, giving the blonde complete access to her holes. Once in position, Michelle stuck two fingers down her throat, almost forcing herself to vomit but stopping just short. With ample saliva both in her mouth and on her fingers, she smeared it around Kamilla’s puckered ass before doing likewise with the spit in her mouth. Lube in place, Michelle did a rapid-fire lick over the anal entrance before she extended her index finger and worked it into her tight confines.

“Love a finger in the ol’ butt,” Kamilla moaned.

“Is that what you love in the butt?” Michelle questioned, pushing the digit all the way in.

“Finger, fingers, toys, cock, multiple cocks. Whatever’s at hand,” the model corrected.

Knowing Giorgio and his massive butt plug would be claiming the model soon enough, Michelle did her best to ease the initial voyage for Kamilla. One finger quickly became two, and in short order a third was added to give the ring a nice stretch. As Giorgio extended the red-black toy into the frame of the camera, Michelle took it and slammed it down her throat. Just like with her fingers from a minute ago, once her gag reflex kicked in she pulled the toy out, leaving the massive butt plug coated in a thick layer of the actress’ spit. 

“Thanks babe,” Kamilla said as she felt the blunt end of the toy rubbed in a tight circle around her butthole.

Kamilla could feel her fellow Canadian’s hands on her great ass, pulling the cheeks apart as Giorgio once more manned the butt plug. The tip was already in and the model could feel her sphincter being pushed apart. Wider and wider it spread in the initial push until the man cut his losses and just fucked Kamilla with the 4 inches she managed to get into her ass. After a handful of thrusts he would push with steady pressure, still unable to gain more ground but that didn’t stop the bald man from trying. He pulled out finally, showing off the sizable gape in the skinny girl’s ass, while also getting Michelle to add more lube (with the blonde getting a tasting of Kamilla’s bowels). As he went back in, he found the mix of more lube and Kamilla spreading her legs wide almost made the thick bulb of the plug crest her anal ring, but not quite.

“Close,” the man commented.

“I can do it,” Kamilla stated with certainty.

Michelle expected another mouthful of Kamilla’s ass juices fed into her mouth by the red-black toy, and she was right. The blonde gave the butt plug a lengthy suck, making sure to add as much spit as possible onto the...flavorful toy. Kamilla gave her a smile in thanks before her face morphed into a moan as the massive red-black object forced her bowels open. Her anal ring actually expanded enough to fit the widest section of the tool in, but rather than push more inside, Giorgio simply rested the wide bulb in the model’s ass so that her ring had more time to stretch out. 

“This is crazy,” Kamilla laughed. 

Giorgio eventually withdrew the toy from Kamilla’s backside, at which point the camera captured a fairly impressive gape, considering how slender the model was. Michelle didn’t wait to be told what to do, instead she dove her face down so her tongue could pierce deep into her co-star’s anus. Despite her asshole hanging wide open, the strong taste of ass wasn’t really present on Michelle’s tongue, not like it was on the toy. Buoyed by this, the blonde Canadian wiggled her tongue as far down the girl’s rectum as she could, leaving a healthy amount of saliva behind for later.

“Sofa,” Giorgio directed the girls.

Michelle helped her recently sodomized co-star up from the reclined chair before the pair headed back to the white leather sofa that Giorgio pointed at. Along the way, Kamilla kicked off her thong as it had slid down to her ankles, though Michelle’s undergarments were still dragged down around her mid thigh. Before the Canadian girls got onto the sofa, they caught the sight of 4 new men walking into the room, all of them naked with a rock hard cock standing proudly in front of them. 

“Doesn’t she have a plump little ass for a girl so tiny,” Michelle said as the pair got onto their knees and bent over so their chests were resting on the back of the furniture.

“Show them what they get to work with,” Giorgio called out.

Kamilla and Michelle were far from shy, especially at this point. Kneeling on the sofa, they both bent over and rested on the backrest so that their dainty hands could grab an ass cheek in each and be pulled apart. Instantly, the 4 men plus Giorgio were given a good look at both of their bare, pink pussies and puckered assholes. Wanting his men to see the full extent of what the ladies could do, he went to Michelle’s booty first with the familiar red-black toy and pushed it forward. It took 2 tries but Michelle’s ass soon gobbled up the butt plug like before. He let it linger for a few seconds to absorb her flavor, not to mention re-stretch her out before pulling out and presenting the soiled toy to Kamilla. Once again, the 22 year old showed no fear or disgust as she opened her mouth wide and greedily sucked as deep as she could. 

“Now you,” he told Kamilla.

As Giorgio pulled the toy from her mouth, Kamilla assumed her bent over position with her booty pushed back. The model’s ass had sealed up much like Michelle’s, but on his first thrust, the majority of the butt plug sliced her open. After a salvo of rapid short thrusts, Giorgio pushed in with power and found the widest part of the toy spreading Kamilla’s ring to the maximum, causing the girl to moan loudly. The four naked men were greeted with the sight of a wide gaped asshole as Giorgio fed the toy into Michelle’s mouth as she bobbed her head on the ass-flavored red-black. Now as the ladies bent with their hands pulling apart their ass cheeks, the massive spread in their assholes remained, meaning they were as good to go as ever.

“I think they’re ready,” Giorgio called to the horny group of men.

A handsome bald man was the first to arrive on the scene. Not bothering to introduce himself, he stepped onto the sofa, his legs on either side of Michelle’s cute bottom and easily slid his cock into her ass. After the thickness of the massive butt plug, the cock was so much easier to take, despite it being a thick slab of meat.

“So much better than a toy,” Michelle cooed in delight.

It took only the second stroke inside her for the bald man to push his entire 8-inch member into the girl’s rear end. Over and over, the man pumped into Michelle’s loosened backdoor, his cock being hugged nicely by her anal ring. Kamilla was enjoying the performance, but was also curious where her man was to pummel her adorable asshole, however, the naked men all seemed to be lining up behind Michelle. Their intention became apparent a moment later once Baldy pulled out of Michelle’s booty and stood on the floor with his cock facing Kamilla.

As Kamilla went to grip and guide the cock into her mouth, she heard the bald man discipline her. “No hands. May ruin the taste.”

The model shot him a smile before pulling her hand away and parting her lips wide. Kamilla performed her duty and took the dick into her mouth, sucking Michelle’s flavor off his tool as she bobbed her head up and down. After less than a minute of her dirty blowjob, Kamilla had the dick pulled out of her mouth so that Baldy could claim his second anal penetration of the night when he threw the dark-haired girl back onto the sofa and mounted her from behind. She yelp in some discomfort at first, but as he stroked into her backdoor with each passing time, she started to moan then eventually scream for more.

“Yes…fuck me,” Michelle said from beside her.

Kamilla looked over and saw that her blonde co-star was already being fucked by a second guy. This guy was a monster of a man with nice thick hair and a thicker cock. The powerhouse of a man wasted no time in getting familiar with Michelle’s asshole as he was slicing into it with the same ease and depth that Baldy was using on Kamilla.

“Want another taste,” Powerhouse offered to Kamilla.

The model greedily nodded her head so Baldy finished pushing himself balls deep into her rectum before he stood up and moved off the couch. Kamilla quickly got back down to her knees, opened her mouth and took him onto her tongue. Her taste buds were coated with Michelle’s asshole flavor for the umpteenth time already, something that Kamilla was gladly licking up.

“That’s it, taste my ass baby,” Michelle encouraged her younger co-star.

Powerhouse was a lot more aggressive and thought blowjobs should be deep, whether or not the girl could handle it. With a hand on the back of her head, Kamilla pushed her tongue and lips down his pole, but as she went to bob away, she found her head blocked by his hand. She didn’t panic, even as the strong man held her head and thrust his dick into her mouth, face-fucking the beautiful model. After a dozen thrusts, Powerhouse pulled her face closer and closer against his lap until her nose was being tickled by his mane of pubes. Kamilla could feel her spit spilling over her lips as she did her best not to gag, which was a near thing. If he held her for another few seconds she would have retched, but luckily Powerhouse pulled her back before that happened.

“Ass fuck time,” he grunted down at her. 

Just like what had just transpired minutes before, after Kamilla was finished bobbing along his lengthy shaft, Powerhouse picked her up and placed her back on the sofa. He shoved his cock into her asshole, noting how it was a little tighter than Michelle’s backdoor but both were equally enjoyable. Meanwhile, the vacancy behind the blonde Michelle didn’t go unfilled for long as a bearded man with a long slender dick continuously reared his hips forwards and backwards, impaling the thin blonde on his spear with glee.

“Fuck…tightest ass I’ve fucked in awhile…need a break,” Powerhouse groaned, withdrawing from Kamilla’s asshole.

Once again, the model found herself with no man behind her so she slunk to her knees and made the Beard pull out of Michelle so she could suck him off. She didn’t know what was possessing her, as until tonight she had never enjoyed even performing a simple rimjob, let alone full fledged taste testing someone’s asshole. But she was definitely in mood tonight, likely helped by the fact her budding Hollywood career was hinging on tonight’s performance.

As the Beard put Kamilla on the sofa for his turn in her ass, Michelle used her brief moment of freedom to shrug out of her bra to leave her only in her black stocking and matching heels. The next guy up, a muscular man with a fair number of tattoos, took full advantage by reaching out and giving each of Michelle’s surprisingly large tits a hearty squeeze. Her great tits almost looked out of place on her thin frame, but no man would ever complain about her natural, round tits.

“I think I know what to do with that,” Kamilla quipped after the tattooed man unsheathed his tool from Michelle’s asshole. After giving him a deep suck, Kamilla pulled away. “Just as tasty as the first time.”

The last of the men performed the same action, ass fucking Michelle first then getting his cock cleaned by Kamilla. Not only was Kamilla doing frequent ass to mouth, but the men seemed to be having a little completion of who could push the model closest to throwing up without actually retching. It was getting closer and closer but luckily for Kamilla, her stomach contents stayed in their proper place.

“Give her a hand...or extra mouth,” Giorgio directed Michlle.

Understanding him right away, the blonde-haired actress slid off the leather sofa and got onto her knees with Kamilla. The Letterkenny actresses were surrounded by men with 5 dicks being shared between them. Michelle had a cock in either hand, using her mouth to bob on one of them at a time. Meanwhile Kamilla was having a rougher ride. The only black man in the group was seeing how deep the model could go, eventually giving up as tears streaked down her cheek. She had little free will as the much larger man simply passed her around, sometimes sucking deep and other times being skull fucked. Her mascara was now running in an adorable streak down her cheek, but she wore a smile on her plump lips all the time.

“Gllkkk kklllkkk kklllkkk,” both girls gurgled and gagged.

Michelle now had a third man of her own, using her two hands to stroke dicks on the outside of her while her mouth was blowing the central one. It meant that he had complete control of her, and just like Kamilla, Michelle was finding that the men liked a nice deep suck. She was slightly better at deep throating, but by no means an expert. As the dick was lodged in her throat for a handful of seconds, her back heaved but then the man pulled out with nothing more than extra spit in her mouth. As she was passed to Powerhouse, he was more determined. Holding his base in his hands, he held the majority of his length down Michelle’s throat. As Michelle started to feel her gag reflex kick in, Powerhouse not only didn’t release her, but he started gyrating his dick. Michelle was powerless but to heave her stomach contents, which was luckily only water at this point.

“Oh God,” Michelle panted after throwing up spit all over his dick, not to mention all over her tits and the floor. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? That was great!” Giorgio complimented her.

At this point, rather than each girl only having three guys in front of them, they were in the center of a 6 man ring. As Powerhouse let go of Michelle for her to crawl to the next man, he grabbed a handful of Kamilla’s dark hair and made her crawl to him. For the first time, the model showed some apprehension as the thought of sucking a dick that another girl just puked on was not an appetizing offer, however, she swallowed her disgust and opened her mouth. She knew what was likely coming, and was proven correct within seconds. Not having the same resolute gag reflex as Michelle, Kamilla found Powerhouse cramming his dick into her mouth and after a certain point, her back heaved and a glob of white spit rocketed from her stomach and onto the floor. 

“Open back up,” the Bearded man said to Kamilla only 3 seconds after her retch.

As Kamilla was given no breather before another dick was in her mouth, Michelle found herself pulled backwards so that her back was leaning against the sofa with the back of her head resting on the cushion. The bald man was standing above her, squatting down so he could essentially fuck her face from above. She was face fucked like this for a minute until she was released, springing back into position and coming up face to face with a messy looking Kamilla.

“You threw up,” Michelle observed, noting the thick slobber hanging down Kamilla’s plump lips and onto her perky tits.

“A couple times,” Kamilla admitted, though her smile remained.

“Spit in her mouth,” Giorgio directed the model.

Kamilla gave Michelle an apologetic look before doing as the director asked. Though it was mostly water she had retched up, Michelle couldn’t help but be disgusted as the younger girl horked into her mouth. As the girls resumed their twin handjobs and deep throat blowjobs, it was only a matter of time until they threw up again, this time the tattooed man doing the job to Michelle. After retching, Michelle pulled her model co-star towards her, and this time she was on the giving end of spitting into Kamilla’s mouth and watching the model’s beautiful face flash disgust before she swallowed it.

“Running out of moisture?” Giorgio called to the kneeling girls.

Michelle understood what was happening first and was able to resolve herself to it. Still kneeling, she sat back on her heels and lifted her face up to look at the towering men. Kamilla clued in only after the black man leaned down and spat right into Michelle’s mouth, at which point the blonde straightened, kissed Kamilla deeply and pushed the spit into the model’s mouth. Now both girls were cheek-to-cheek, faces tilted up and mouths open as the 6 men took turns honking spitball after spitballs down onto the actresses faces and into their mouths.

“Come here bitch,” Kamilla called out.

What followed was possibly the sloppiest yet passionate kiss that some of the men had ever seen. Their tongues hardly stayed in each other’s mouths, licking the other girl’s face more often than not. When they eventually surfaced for air, they found the pack of men had circled in tighter and were now using their saliva-soaked dicks to wack on their faces or hair, whatever they could reach. 

“Okay, I think our boys here deserve to fuck now,” Giorgio commented, which was met with a loud cheer from all the men. “And given the numbers, best double up.”

Both girls were well accustomed to not only group sex, but double penetration. For Michelle, she had been in acting and in and out of Hollywood movies for over a decade now so she was used to varying degrees of casting couch actions. Meanwhile, Kamilla may have been younger but at 22 years old and a model / actress, sex was a way of life for her. Whether that be with men, women or both, she was used to all her holes getting used.

Though she had handled the massive butt plug, retching and getting spit on with ease, Kamilla was slightly wrapped up in the motion as she was a mere spectator for a few seconds. She watched as Powerhouse climbed onto the sofa and laid on his back, followed by Michelle sitting down on his cock, taking him back into her ass. After riding him for a minute, she leaned back against his chest and spread her legs wide. All while the strong man thrust up into her bowels, a second guy who they referred to as the Beard stepped between Michelle’s spread legs and drove into her pink pussy.

“That’s more like it,” Michelle bellowed in pleasure.

“Come Kamilla, you too,” Giorgio told her, hand wrapping in her hair.

Kamilla allowed the man to pull her by her hair and guide her to the identical matching love seat that her co-star was being double penetrated on. Already waiting, laying down with his big thick cock being stroked was the black man. Ideally Kamilla would have used his monster hog in her pussy and let another guy have her ass, but after the huge butt plug, Kamilla thought she could have two guys at once without issue. Being spun around then shoved, Kamilla fell back, only to be caught by the black guy who quickly had his huge cock shoved in her ass. 

“Just relax, beautiful,” the tattooed man told her, reaching down to strum her clit.

“Don’t baby her,” Michelle shouted from the other sofa. “That bitch is a huge whore. No offense, sweetie.”

“None taken,” Kamilla replied before her pussy was invaded by the tattooed man’s cock. “Oh fuck! That’s good.”

The black man beneath Kamilla had resumed his upward thrusting into her ass after the tattooed man, who she was calling Ink, was able to build up a head of steam. Though not the largest tits in the world, or even in the room, Kamilla’s perky pair were jiggling with each thrust into her holes. At least they were until a black hand reached around to roughly knead her left tit while Ink did likewise, mauling her right boob.

“Hey stud, come feed me my bestie’s juices from your dick,” Michelle called over at the tattooed man.

Ink gave a shrug of his shoulders before pulling out of Kamilla’s wet cunt. Walking the short distance between the leather couches, Ink climbed atop the furniture in order to present his dick to the horny blonde. Michelle, despite one cock smashing her pussy and another fucking her ass, greedily hovered the last manhood presented to her. With all three holes filled at the same time, Michelle was moaning and writhing between the three men like it was the greatest moment of her life.

“Can’t let blondie have all the fun,” Baldy commented to Kamilla as he approached her.

Once more Kamilla found her pussy filled with cock, all while the black man beneath her continued to eagerly probe her asshole. Though experienced in group sex, Kamilla was still a tender 22 years old and her holes were remarkably tight, however, as her hand found her clit and started to diddle, she found herself enjoying herself immensely once more. It also didn't hurt when the men started cycling more often, as soon Kamilla was blowing a dick that moments before was in Michelle’s cunt, allowing the dark-haired girl to suck clean the sweet juices.

“Hey Giorgio,” the black man under Kamilla called out. “I’m ready.”

“Ready...ugh...for what?” Kamilla questioned as she felt the man under her stop his thrusting.

A few quick words exchanged in a language Kamilla didn’t understand made Baldy pull out of her snatch and get out of the way. Giorgio then gave two words to Michelle that made Kamilla’s skin ripple in goosebumps - pee enema. Kamilla now knew why the black man was only putting the tip of his cock in her ass and no longer thrusting. Kamilla did her homework and watched a number of Giorgio’s videos in preparation for today and was well familiar with the concept. Her favorite was when Sarah Michelle Gellar had her asshole pissed in and then she squirted it out all over Jennifer Love Hewitt as the big titted brunette laid beneath her. Now, as Michelle got to her knees right in front of Kamilla, it seemed that the Letterkenny girls were going to make their own memorable moment.

“Oh my God...I feel it,” Kamilla shrieked in excitement. “Holy crap...feel so full.”

Michelle waited and watched as the black man eventually reached down and grabbed the base of his cock. Giving a word that he was ready, Michelle moved closer, opened her mouth and watched as his ebony rod was removed from the dark-haired girl’s asshole. Kamilla’s asshole looked wet but nothing was coming out, a testament to her anal sphincter control. Just as Michelle was mere inches from her opening, Kamilla pushed and a torrent of yellow fluid rocketed from her asshole. Though some made its way into Michelle’s mouth, the majority splashed across her face and chest.

“So much pee,” Michelle laughed.

“More,” the black man cried as his tip slammed back into Kamilla’s anus.

Once more Kamilla felt her bowels expand, not from having to use the bathroom but because piss was filling them. After less time than the first, the black man pulled out and Michelle not only got close, but sealed her lips around Kamilla’s anal entrance, allowing his pee to flow right from Kamilla’s asshole into her mouth. Apparently not done emptying his bladder, the black man started to piss again, this time onto Michelle’s blonde hair until the actress moved back and got her mouth around the urinating manhood. Determined to not let her friend hog all the spotlight, Kamilla squirmed off the black man, got to her knees beside Michelle and stole the pissing dick so her mouth could collect some.

“Glllggggggg,” Michelle gurgled the piss like mouthwash in her mouth for the camera as Kamilla had her mouth filled, taking little sips so it wasn’t spilling over her lips.

Struck with an idea from earlier, Michelle pulled Kamilla towards her right after the 22 year old finished swallowing her mouthful of piss. With her own mouth still partially filled, Michelle cocked her head back before unleashing a piss-filled spit all over Kamilla’s gorgeous face. Any girl would have been disgusted, but instead Kamilla was turned on and leant forward to stick her tongue deep in Michelle’s mouth with their wet tits rubbing against each other.

“When I see someone piss, it makes me need to piss,” Baldy announced.

The girls heard the bald man but not before he started to urinate on the. Michelle once more felt her golden hair get wet before the stream ran across her cheek before pouring all over Kamilla’s beautiful face. Kamilla got her mouth open by then, taking a mouthful before Baldy gave Michelle her own fill of his urine. Kamilla swallowed some, wincing as this guy had a much more potent stream, before she paid Michelle back by spitting the rest into the blonde’s face.

“Guess I deserved that,” Michelle laughed as she started to suck on the piss-flavored dick in her face.

Kamilla went to respond but Powerhouse was spinning her completely around to face his cock. Knowing what was in store, Kamilla hoped his piss would taste better as she opened her lips with his tip mere inches from her mouth. Despite his bulk, his pee was a thin stream, requiring Kamilla to actually place her lips around his tip and allow him to pee directly into her mouth. After a quick swallow, KAmilla was told to share the rest of her mouth’s contents with her best friend. Michelle was ready, sunk low on her knees which allowed Kamilla to kneel high above her and let the mouthful of what could only be described as sweet piss spill from her mouth and into Michelle’s.

Giorgio stepped up once the women shared the piss and addressed them. “You two made a mess. I think you need to clean it.”

Giorgio bundled up the hair to keep it off their faces, allowing his camera to capture all the action. Shrugging their shoulders, the Canadian’s lowered their faces to the ground, through a shiver of disgust ran up Michelle’s spine as she noted the dark stains on the floor all around them that could only be one thing. As their lips touched the ground and started sucking up the pee, Michelle couldn’t decide if she hoped that mess was fresh spillage from their booties, or old stuff from someone else’s.

“Drink you whores,” the men laughed above.

To their credits, Michelle and Kamilla seemed unfazed by drinking piss from the cement floor. After they collected enough, they straightened up, showed the mouthful of piss to the camera then swallowed it down. After receiving their fill, Michelle brought her younger co-star in for a passionate kiss, with all the men watching. They kissed for only a few seconds as they noted that as soon as they broke their lip lock, there was a cock each for them, each ready to burst with urine. Kamilla took the one to her right, opened her mouth and allowed the Beard to squirt his piss into her mouth while Michelle eagerly Ink’s. Kamilla couldn’t help scrunching up her face as the yellow fluid filled her mouth, spitting out more than she drank but he was happy to have her drink some all the same.

“Dude...you gotta get your pee checked. So strong,” the 22 year old nearly gagged.

Neither girl was aware of how many mouthfuls of piss they swallowed, their both their heads were swimming from it. Given how long it had been going Kamilla wasn’t surprised when Giorgio himself had his stream cut short with no more coming from it. The 22 year old moved into his cock and took him into her mouth to show off her impressive oral skill, taking him all the way into her throat until her nose was pressed into his thick bush.

“Gllluucckk,” Kamilla gagged as Giorgio chose that moment to begin his jet of urine again.

“That was dick move, man,” Michelle said from her knees beside the surprised and nearly gagging girl.

“She’ll survive,” was all the much older man stated.

Giorgio didn’t like the talk back, and so he decided to pee all over Michelle’s face and hair as a result. Covered in piss, he then instructed the blonde to bend back down and drink up all the pee that they had spilled. Michelle did as she was told, going back to clean up duty of drinking piss from the floor, but she was unaware that Giorgio had rounded behind her until she felt his dick slice into her ass.

“Oh Jesus,” Michelle groaned in surprise as her bowels started to fill in urine. “So weird.”

Kamilla had her hair pulled in order to get her in position immediately behind the blonde whose asshole was being used as a urinal. Once Giorgio pulled out, there was a seconds pause before Michelle pushed, releasing a torrent of urine to come shooting from her ass. As the gush of fluid left the blonde’s asshole and smacked on Kamilla’s pretty face, but to her credit, the 22 year old adjusted her height so she could catch it with her open mouth.

“God that’s so nasty,” Kamilla groaned, her face wincing in the disgust of swallowing down the piss enema fluid.

“You’re fine,” Giorgio ignored her. “Now more fucking.”

For the next 20 minutes, the men took turns using the two gorgeous actresses for the carnal needs, with every penetration, thrust and suck captured on film. The 6 men fucked their pussies and assholes, their mouths as well, whatever was on offer in that particular moment. Giorgio himself enjoyed titty-fucking Michelle as her C-cup boobs and the slickness of her skin with piss meant his cock could really pound into her cleavage. Meanwhile for the girls themselves, Michelle preferred to be doubled up on, taking a cock in her pussy and asshole at the same time just like earlier in the night. Kamilla meanwhile, was more adept at being spit-roasted with a cock in her talented mouth to suck one while the other man would plunder her ass or pussy, whatever he preferred. That wasn’t to say that she didn’t like a good double penetration, which was good because they happened fairly regularly as well.

“Need to cum,” Baldy acknowledged with a grunt to his boss.

“Good, do it in her ass,” the director ordered.

The bald man was currently plowing into Kamilla from behind while she moaned around one of the other’s dicks. However, seeing as how his coworker was about to cum, Ink moved away to give him full access. Though the other man was moving away, Michelle was directed to go in the opposite direction. As Baldy moved his dick up into Kamilla’s asshole for the umpteenth time that night, Michelle slid under the pair.

“Oh God…uggghhh,” Baldy grunted as he came.

With the bald man withdrawing his cock after spending his seed deep into the dark-haired girl’s rectum, Michelle waited patiently with her mouth held open directly underneath the gaping hole. After all, this was the exact situation that Erica Durance found herself in when she and her Smallville co-star Kristen Kreuk visited Giorgio some 8 years prior. A few little droplets escaped the girl’s asshole initially, dropping onto Michelle’s chest, but as Kamilla pushed (much like she did with the piss from earlier in the night), the cum came flowing out in two big streaks. The first one surprised Michelle by having perfect aim, pouring into her mouth but the second jet of bowel-tinged cum splashed all over the lower portion of the blonde’s face. Composing herself quickly, Michelle leaned forward and collected the last of the semen that was hovering around Kamilla’s anal ring with her tongue, licking it up and swallowing it down.

“So much cum,” Michelle laughed as her face was covered in jizz.

Kamilla and Michelle had no time to recover as Powerhouse was stepping up behind the dark-haired girl and slipping into her asshole. He must have been close to cumming already because after a dozen rapid thrusts he then buried his length a good 6 inches deep in Kamilla’s rectum before hissing Russian curse words through gritted teeth. The moment he pulled out, Kamilla lowered her asshole only an inch above her co-star’s open mouth, at which point the jizz came flowing out. Not as much as Baldy’s, but still a generous mouthful of semen was Michelle’s reward, the salty load having the extra flavor of being deep within Kamilla’s poop chute.

“Only thing better than guzzling cum is when it cames from my sex ass, right Michelle?” Kamilla asked with a laugh.

Kamilla stopped laughing as she tossed her head back and moaned as the eager blonde used her skilled tongue to lap around her still open asshole. Once satisfied that she had collected all the warm spunk, made warmer by its passage in her rectum, Michelle moved downward to lap inside the 22 year old’s wet pussy.

“You made a mess Kamilla,” Giorgio commented to the dark-haired girl. “Clean Michelle up.”

Michelle stayed laying face up on the leather sofa as the dark-haired girl swung off before getting to her knees beside her friend. Giorgio was right in the fact that Michelle had cum all over; her upper chest, neck, checks and lips all had a white glaze. Michelle moaned as the younger girl used her tongue and lips to lick and slurp the cum off her chest and neck before the pair exchanged a jizz-filled kiss. The girls took a swallow of their salty reward before Kamilla resumed her cleaning, licking up all the semen that rocketed from her asshole onto the side of Michelle’s face.

“Switch places now,” Giorgio instructed.

Kamilla slipped to the floor, arching her back over the cushions so that her head was resting and her face was pointed up. Michelle was already climbing into position as well with her knees on either side of the dark-haired girl’s head and her ass resting overtop. Seeing the bearded man coming, Michelle put hands on her thick cheeks and pulled them apart, making a nice target for the Beard to steer his cock into. It took a minute and a half-century of thrusting until the man grunted and speared forward with a few hard deep jerks. 

“Give me that jizz fresh from your pooper,” Kamilla eagerly begged.

The moment that the Beard pulled out, the jizz started running down and onto Kamilla’s face. She couldn’t help but laugh as wet droplets spluttered her forehead, cheekbones and finally into her mouth, though her chin was left with cum on it too. If Kamilla was disgusted by either the taste or the sight of the off-white semen, you’d have never noticed. Instead, the dark-haired girl used her finger to stick into Michelle’s asshole and wiggled it around in order to stir up the last remains of Beard’s load. As she did this, the semen leaked from the blonde, sliding over her pink snatch and dropping all over Kamilla’s face once again.

“Not your typical type of facial, huh?” Ink commented to Kamilla as he rammed his cock into Michelle.

Unlike the other guys who only shot their loads right towards the entrance of the girl’s asses, Ink decided to go balls deep and then shoot his semen almost a foot deep in Michelle’s rectum. Needless to say, other than a little cum oozing out as he first withdrew, nothing came out. Michelle was encouraged to push harder, which understandably made Kamilla worry since she was right under the blonde’s pooper. Standing and getting into a deep squat with her rosebud a few inches above Kamilla’s mouth, Michelle beared down and pushed with all her might. Kamilla was unable to look away from her pending doom, but luckily when something hit her mouth it was a steady stream of liquefied cum. 

Given how much her mouth was filled, Kamilla did a big gulp and swallowed down the jizz that had just flowed out of her friend’s ass. By the time she opened her eyes, Michelle was hovering over her, licking up the mess that the rogue cum droplets made on her nose, cheeks and forehead. Kamilla also noted the wipe Michelle made with her hand to part of Kamilla’s face, likely cleaning away something that was not exactly hygenetic. She flashed Michelle a warm smile in return, though the blonde was more interested in using her tongue to clean up Kamilla’s face at the moment.

“Can’t tell if I really like the new flavor jizz or hate it,” Kamilla laughed.

“Come, put your faces together,” Giorgio demanded as he entered the fray again.

Michelle and KAmilla were already kneeling as Giorgio approached from Michelle’s side. With their cum-glazed faces touching, the man finished milking his cock and took aim. With the first few blasts having the most traveling power, he plastered Kamilla’s forehead and narrowly missed her eye before emptying the remainder of his load on Michelle’s face. The blonde gave his cock a customary cleaning afterwards, sucking the last of his sperm right from his cockhead.

“Just you left, big boy,” Michelle said to the black man.

The last man standing was already well ahead of the girls. He was at the point of bursting so he stepped up on the opposite side to Giorgio, his hand jerking his manhood right in front of Kamilla’s glazed face. The Letterkenny girls actually kissed throughout the cumshot, their tongues licking each other as the semen coated their lips and cheeks until the black man’s load was finished.

“I hear cum is really good for your skin,” the model commented as Michelle gave her face a clean with her tongue yet again.

“Pretty sure that’s something boys tell gullible girls to let them cream on their faces,” Michelle explained to the slutty 22 year old.

“You girls are filthy, need cleaning,” Giorgio commented, drawing a laugh. “Lay down.”

“Lay down on the floor coated in piss?” Kamilla asked.

“Come on,” Michelle said to her, already laying down and squirming on the slippery surface. “It’s fun.”

Giorgio gave them an instruction and the Letterkenny stars did as told, which amounted to laying face up with their heads beside each other but their bodies in opposite directions. Like earlier, the 2 girls were encircled by the 6 men, all with deflated cocks at this point. Knowing what was coming, Michelle and Kamilla closed their eyes just in time for 6 individual streams of urine to pour onto their faces, tits and stomachs. It accomplished the goal of washing away all the stray cum from their skin, at the expense of soaking their bodies and hair in the unmistakable amora of piss.  

“Good girls,” Giorgio congratulates Michelle and Kamilla.

“We did it,” the model celebrated, the fresh taste of pee and cum still lingering in her mouth.

“Yeah we did!” Michelle added, giving a kiss to her co-star. “When we get back to set and tell Melanie Scrofano about today, she’ll be so jealous!”

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