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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 35
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rocco Siffredi, Omar Galanti
Codes: MF, MMFF, Anal, DP, Orgy, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rocco Siffredi, Omar Galanti, nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the companies/studios mentioned (specifically Rocco: Animal Trainer, Evil Angel, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), or its characters in any way (specifically Julie James and Helen Shivers)

Summary: The two stars of I Know What You Did Last Summer get together to watch the film they had to make in order to land roles in the slasher flick.

“God! It’s so good to see you again,” Jennifer Love Hewitt gushed as she rushed at the other woman.

“Right back at you, Love,” Sarah Michelle Gellar retorted with an ear-to-ear smile.

They had met each other while only teenagers as they filmed the hit slasher film I Know What You Did Last Summer and they had remained close ever since. At this point, that was nearly 25 years ago, and the two had changed little. Sarah was still as light-hearted and funny as ever, always looking for a quip to make, while Love made for a perfect audience; always ready to laugh and flash that wonderful smile of hers. 

“So spa?” Love suggested, given the fact they were waiting outside the building.

“Spa then wine back at my place?” Sarah suggested. “The hubby was dying to have a boys trip out to Whistler and the kiddos are off on their Spring Break.”

“Massages and Merlot?! I’ve died and gone to heaven,” the brunette smiled.

*    *    *

“That was so needed,” Love Hewitt exclaimed as she cuddled into the blonde’s sofa in the den of her beautiful house.

“Right!” the former Buffy star agreed as she drained the rest of their first bottle of red into her glass.

“Shall we put on a movie?”

“You read my mind,” Sarah agreed after she uncorked the second bottle.

“Anything specific you were thinking,” Jennifer asked.

“I was thinking we rewatch the glory days,” Sarah said as she pulled open her laptop.

“Mmm, okay. Sounds fun,” Love replied. “I assume you mean I Know What You Did Last Summer?”

“Close,” the blonde grinned wickedly.

“Ohhhh...there’s the naughty girl I remember,” Jennifer said with a massive smile as the big screen lit up.

*    *    *

I Know What You Did Last Summer was the next great slasher film that was going to ride the coattails of Scream and make a lot of careers...and make others a lot of money. As such, the competition for roles was fierce. In the end, an 18 year old Jennifer Love Hewitt and 19 year old Sarah Michelle Gellar earned the roles of Julie James and Helen Shivers, respectively. At that time, Hollywood Pornstars was still in its infancy, but the results were already being provided. After all, Neve Campbell went from being a nobody to the star and Final Girl of Scream. 

Sarah had already made the deal with the devil to get the starring role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was dubious at first but the price was fairly minimal. After the show was renewed for a second season and she received a big pay bump, she was willing to make another such deal. Which was when the slasher flick came available in 1997. Since this was going to be a guaranteed hit, the price was steeper, but both Sarah and a barely legal Jennifer Love Hewitt accepted. Which brought them to their current situation…

Even back in 1997, Rocco Siffredi was already cementing his place as a legend in the porn industry. Both as a male talent and also as a director, the man was known for his ferocity and stamina in the bedroom, not to mention his perverted mind. Both of these attributes were what secured him the contract to work with the two female leads of the upcoming slasher flick. 

“This apartment is pretty awesome,” Jennifer Love Hewitt gawked as she and Sarah entered the door and looked around.

“No kidding,” the blonde agreed. “Whoa! A bar! What are you having?”

Sarah made her way to the corner of the spacious living quarters before going behind the bar. The shelves were packed with bottles, all looking like top shelf stuff. Jennifer followed but stepped to the left so that she was on the patron’s side of the bar top before she sat on the stool as the Buffy star made them a simple drink of vodka cranberry. At the time, it was super exciting to have access to alcohol given the fact neither were of legal drinking age in the States.

“Here’s your drink, beautiful,” Sarah offered her new best friend.

“Thank you, gorgeous,” Love replied.

Both girls were in the icon attire they wore in the slasher flick. For Jennifer Love Hewitt, that meant a white tank top that showed off her amazingly ample breasts, and a pair of black jeans that hugged her curves. The brunette was only 18 at the time of the film, and unlike with her more wholesome TV show she was on prior, the horror movie had no issues showing off Love’s breathtaking body. 

Meanwhile, Sarah Michelle Gellar had a number of outfits that Rocco Siffredi could pick from. There was the green pageant winner dress that was very revealing, but was too formal for a barroom setting. Then there was the black swimsuit she wore in the whole first act of the film. However, SMG was donning a skimpy green top that showed a lot of skin, as well as a pair of denim shorts that were cut even shorter than in the film. Now, not only did the Daisy Dukes show off the former Buffy star’s lean, athletic legs, but they revealed half of her fit ass in the process.

“And what do we have here?” 

Love had been looking around the living room after downing her drink in two sips when she found 3 small plates with a note in front of each. Sarah, after refilling their vodka cranberry glasses, came to join her co-star. The first note said ‘Snort Me’, and the dish in front had four identical lines of white powder with a tightly rolled green bill beside it. Next to it, the note said ‘Swallow Me’, with two pill capsules on the plate, which they both recognized as Ecstasy. The last read ‘Eat Me’, with two bite-sized portions of a dessert on it.

“Are we gonna do them...oh…” Love started to ask her friend before noting that Sarah already had the dollar bill wedged in her nostril as she made the first line of cocaine disappear. “You’ve already started.”

“Oh shit, that’s quality,” the blonde commented, already feeling the head rush from the blow.

Jennifer watched as Sarah finished the second line before handing the tube to the Party of Five star. Though Jennifer came across all innocent, Sarah knew first hand that her friend could party with the best of them. Case in point was the way she made her two lines of the white powder disappear up her nose in under a minute.

“Cocaine for energy...X for, well, horniness. But the pot brownie?” Love asked as she swallowed the Ecstasy with her vodka drink. 

“Mmmm...tasty,” the Buffy star moaned as she ate the dessert in two bites. “Weed helps to make physical sensations feel off in the distance. Combine it with the other two drugs and it only works to make pain and discomfort a thing of the past without dampening the pleasure.”

“Ahh,” the brunette nodded her head. “So I’m anticipating a lot of anal then.”

“We’re working with Rocco freaking Siffredi! Of course there is gonna be a butt sex galore!” Sarah reminded her friend.

“Truer words have never been spoken,” a deep male voice agreed with the Buffy star.


Into the apartment strode two men. One was the future legend of the genre, Rocco Siffredi, wearing his typical attire of a graphic white T-shirt that was slightly undersized in order to highlight his strong muscular frame, as well as a pair of jeans. The man with him was bald, fairly handsome and a nose that went more directions than a compass, likely due to having been fractured a number of times and set poorly. 

“Hello ladies,” the Italian Stallion greeted the two teens as he gave them each a pair of kisses on the cheeks. 

“Who's your friend?” SMG asked, noting the bald man with the briefcase.

“This is my friend Omar. Now why don’t you go mix us up some drinks Sarah,” Rocco urged, giving the petite blonde a hard slap on her ass as she turned around.

“Whoa! Yes, sir,” the Buffy star giggled.

As the blonde went to one side of the bar, Rocco marched in and grabbed the further seat as he walked hand-in-hand with Love Hewitt. Omar followed, hoisting his briefcase up onto the stone countertop as Rocco immediately started flirting and touching the Party of Five star.

Rocco reached out and stroked down Jenn’s chest until his fingers were between her mountainous tits. “Exquisite! Are they…”

“Natural? 100% silicone free,” the brunette answered with pride.

“Even better! May I?” Rocco asked, reaching both hands down into her cleavage.

“Well...you've already bought the farm,” Love said with a giggle as Rocco pulled out her huge boobs from her tank top. “Oh wow! Makes us really sound like prostitutes.”

If Jennifer cared that her glorious breasts were out for all to see, then you’d never had known it. Despite being a tender 18 years old, Jennifer Love Hewitt had a full D cup complete with large pink areola and already hard nipples. 

“If the shoe fits…” Sarah retorted in regards to her co-stars prostitute comment. After all, they were literally whoring themselves out in order to star in a Scream rip-off movie.

“Speaking of which. Your gifts!” Rocco shouted without his hands ever leaving Love’s chest.

With that, Omar undid the latches of the briefcase, at which the lid instantly popped up and revealed the contents. Inside, was a travelling case of sex toys. The two that instantly stood out to both Jennifer and Sarah, who had just finished mixing everyone a drink, were the two matching dildos that were identical and huge. Over 12 inches long, actually closer to 15 inches, and nearly as thick as a wrist, the life-like fake cocks were a true marvel.

“Holy Moses!” Love exclaimed before SMG added: “Hell yes!”

Jennifer reached and hefted the first of the dildos from the travelling case and couldn’t help but laugh. The sex toy was huge and heavy, and quite realistic complete with small veins on the surface of the olive-skinned fake dick. 

“And it’s a wrap gift once we are done here,” Rocco added. “Now Jennifer, why don’t you see if the dildo is modeled off of Omar.”

With the drug medley coursing through her system, the normally more reserved Jenn dropped to her knees and began working on undoing Omar’s pants. Once the belt and pants were slackened, Jennifer fished out his cock which was already rock hard. Holding his 10-inch member in her right hand, the Party of Five star placed the dildo against his shaft. Finally, the brunette maneuvered her hand so that she could place her own forearm against the fake cock to show off the size difference between the three. Surprisingly, there was very little size difference between the real cock, dildo and a human forearm.

“You,” Rocco said to SMG as he patted the countertop. “Come here.”

Sarah used her vampire hunting training to easily hop onto the bar top before spinning her legs around to Rocco’s side. As Sarah began lowering herself off the bar, Rocco was pawing at her body and lowering her green top down her lithe body. While her tits were obviously smaller than Jenn’s were, the blonde still had respectable B-cups that were insanely perky. Before SMG could ask him if he liked them, Rocco was cramming his tongue into her mouth and kissing her passionately. Throughout the kiss, the tiny blonde found her body being dragged off the bar until her feet were touching the ground. 

“Whoa Love! Get at that dick!” Sarah encouraged her friend and co-star.

As SMG got to her knees, Jenn was well underway orally pleasing her man. The brunette had worked up to a good pace as she was throwing her head up and down Omar’s length, the downward force causing her to slam his tip against the back of her mouth. The technique would have been enough for anyone to gag except for someone who had great control of their throat muscles, like Jenn had due to her singing history. She absorbed the blow and dragged her lips quickly back up to his tip to apply greater suction then repeat the action again.

“Gllkkk...kklllkkkk,” Love gagged and gurgled as spit decorated the porn star’s dick.

Less than 6 feet away, Sarah gave her man Rocco a long pull of her fist along its entire length going down then back up again. She had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over the Italian’s impressive manhood. Like out of a myth, Rocco had a nearly foot-long dick that was simply flawless. Far from a patient man, especially when his cock was hard, he placed his large hand on the top of her head and laced his fingers within her golden hair. That action seemed to have brought the younger actress back to reality and reminded her she had a job to do here. Not wasting any more time, she ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue she popped him into her receptive mouth for some sucking.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” Rocco hissed through gritted teeth.

On her vampire slaying show, a running joke among the men who had slept with Sarah’s character was that endurance was her prime sexual attribute. In reality, that had made its way onto the show due to real-life as SMG regularly fucked her co-stars and guest stars. Now it was Rocco’s turn to be on the end of Sarah’s relentless sexual energy as she stroked her lips on the top 4 inches of his 12-inch long dick as her hand motored up and down the bottom portion.

“Why don’t you pass me her,” Rocco asserted his alpha-ness to the other man. “While you can familiarize Sarah with your gifts.”

Jenn thought that she was just going to crawl over to Rocco, but the Italian was interested in getting sucked off any longer. Instead, he lifted the 18 year old off the floor so that his face could be buried in her cleavage. As she walked Jenn backwards until her back collided with the wall, Rocco’s mouth was latched onto her left nipple, sucking hard at the tip of her D-cups. With her back against the wall, Jennifer curled her back, pressing her mammoth tits further out to Rocco who appreciated the gesture, sucking all that much harder on her mounds. As his mouth swapped the left boob for the right, Rocco’s hands made swift work of the button on her jeans before using every ounce of strength to tear the black jeans over her hourglass hips.

“Oh sweet Lord,” Love screamed as two fingers probed into her pussy.

As Jennifer Love Hewitt was being simultaneously fingerbanged and had her titties sucked on, Sarah Michelle Gellar was in a different situation. Omar had made a similar decision of stripping the blonde out of the super tight Daisy Duke shorts she wore, leaving Sarah naked from the waist down. Unlike Jenn, who had a full bush that was trimmed down very short, SMG was waxed smooth with not a pubic hair to be found. Kneeling up on the stool, Omar spat down into her ass crack and then rubbed the lube into her crinkled asshole with one of the big dildos as it slid onto the starfish. The tiny 5’1 blonde didn’t so much as wince or cry out as the head of the toy pierced her anus, Omar pushing the toy a few inches deep before starting to saw in and out at a fairly brisk pace.

“Yes! Fuck my ass,” SMG cried out in pleasure.

“Your friend is a real sex fiend,” Rooco said to Jenn as he watched the 15 inch toy passing in and out of the tiny blonde.

“Mhmm,” Jenn moaned her answer as Rocco was now eating out her pink slit. “She had a lot of guys into her trailer on set.”

“Help me spread! Show off your butthole,” Omar demanded of the tiny blonde.

With Sarah reaching behind to cup her left cheek and Omar pulling hard on her right side, the bald man withdrew the dildo slowly from her poop chute. Once it was clear of her anal ring, SMG showed her control by pushing outwards to keep her gape as open as possible. The result was an anal opening wider than any 19 year old girl should possess. Compared to other girls her age, the Buffy star’s ass gape was an interstate compared to the country dirt road most possessed.

“Pretty nice, right,” the blonde asked with pride.

Omar swirled some spit in his mouth before horking the glob of spit right into her ass. It was an easy target to hit based on the size of her gape. Using the dildo, Omar shoved the spit-ball as far deep into her colon as he could, which was nearly 15 inches. Continuing to hold her cheeks apart, the bald man and camera watched as Sarah worked the spit through her bowels until it was visible at the end of her anal tract. Feeling playful, Omar repeated the feat of cramming the spit another 15 inches deep into the Buffy star’s ass as they watched the blonde work it out again.

“Let me borrow her a minute,” Omar called over to Rocco.

Though the legendary Italian was hesitant to give Jenn over to the bald man, Rocco understood what the man was looking to do. Releasing Love from his control, the brunette went over to her blonde friend where Omar steered her to Sarah’s ass. Within moments, Jennifer noted the ball of spit in her rectum before a hand on the back of her head was pushing her towards the nearly 2-inch wide gape that SMG called a butthole.

“Slurp it out,” Omar instructed.

Jenn was a little surprised to hear the command she was given, however she knew she had little say in what happened with the men tonight. That had been spelled out pretty clearly in the language of the contract. Therefore, Jenn put aside her own feelings on the matter and did as she was told by pressing her face between her friend’s ass cheeks. A combination of sucking and tongue scooping earned Jenn the reward of Omar’s spit being pulled into her mouth

“Oh wow! Super gross,” Love commented after swallowing the disgusting spitball that had made its way twice through Sarah Michelle Gellar’s anal tract.

“Repay the favor,” Rocco spoke to Jenn. “Make Sarah taste your ass now.”

Jenn didn’t hesitate this time. First, she brought her hand up to her mouth so she could give her fingers a nice wet lick before she bent over the bar top. With her slick digits, Jenn reached behind her and stuck her index finger fully into her asshole with only a few moments to circle her little button of hole. Letting her finger soak in her ass for several seconds, Jenn pulled back only to add her middle finger into her backdoor before fucking her own asshole for another few seconds. For good measure, the Party of Five star added a third finger to her poop chute, getting the flavor marinated into her skin before pulling them out and sticking it towards the blonde’s face.

“Open wide,” Jenn said with a grin.

Sarah didn’t protest whatsoever. In fact, it looked like sucking on fingers straight from her friend’s asshole was her most favorite thing to do in the whole world. With her lips spread wide, Jenn placed her spoiled fingers right onto Sarah’s tongue and rubbed them in deep on her taste buds. Sarah moaned, actually moaned, before closing her lips around the disgusting fingers and bobbed her head. Sucking and licking until all traces of the other woman’s colon was cleaned from them was when the tiny blonde released Jenn’s hand from her mouth.

“You have first choice,” Omar conceded to the legendary Italian.

Rocco didn’t have to think twice about his choice as it seemed he had zeroed in on the brunette with the massive tits from the start. Coming from behind her, Rocco wrapped Jenn into his arms before lifting her up so he could seat her on the high bar stool. It just so happened to be at the perfect height for him, allowing his dick to press against her asshole without him needing to squat. After she’d loosened her own hole up with her fingers, it took little effort on Rocco’s part before his dick was spearing into her asshole.

“Jesus! So big,” Jenn whelped.

Though she was only 18 years old and came off as a sweetheart, Jennifer Love Hewitt was no stranger to anal sex. Her massive tits that developed at a young age had made men attracted to her, and they pursued her aggressively. Already, Jenn was well into the double digits for sexual partners who had sodomized her, let alone the amounts that she’d fucked in general. However, Rocco was a cut above in the cock department, both in terms of size and girth. 

“Sweet mother,” Love swore. “Go really slow for a minute.”

Despite being no stranger to anal, after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as before so Jenn always felt the painful sting when her bowels first split open. But the more times she took it in the ass loosened her up over time so as she lightly rocked on his tip she felt the burning dissipate so sank down further. She got another few inches inside then slowed it right back down. Working half of his member in her bowels was now going much easier, in fact by the time he pulled back so that only the tip remained in her tightness, the pain was gone and replaced by mild pleasure. Even though taking it up the butt wasn’t as pleasurable as in the pussy, Jenn was highly adaptable and able to find the good in all situations.

“Man that’s one tight ass,” Rocco said, starting to increase his speed. “You like getting your ass fucked?”

“Mmhmm,” Jenn grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

While Rocco was having to go slow and gradually build, Omar was not having to work under the same conditions. While only 5 foot nothing and weighing at most 100 pounds, Sarah Michelle Gellar was proving indestructible like her famous TV character. Leaning against the countertop with her booty pushed back at the bald man, Omar was able to slam all 10 inches of his fat cock into her dumper with no issues. In fact, Sarah was hoisting one of her legs up onto a spare barstool, opening her hips up further for Omar to fuck her that much harder.

“Fuck yes! Fuck my fucking ass,” the blonde teen urged.

Remembering how disgusted the brunette had been when she gave Sarah’s gaping asshole a rimjob and sucked out the spit he left inside it, Omar was struck with another such idea. Slowing down his thrusting, the bald man focused more on depth, working all 10 inches of cock slowly into SMG’s asshole, being sure to soak his member when it was balls deep in her pooper. After performing his a handful of times, Omar withdrew from Sarah’s asshole, noting the nearly 2-inch wide gape he left in his wake, before reaching out and grabbing the back of Jennifer’s head. Love went with the flow, bending herself forward all while Rocco continued fucking her ass with over half his length and with a medium pace. Without thinking of where his cock had just been, Love parted her lips before giving his tip a hard suck, at which point the fact he’d been fucking her friend’s asshole became very apparent.

“You just love the taste of my ass, eh Love?” Sarah laughed, watching the brunette’s face scrunch up in distaste.

“Something like that,” Jenn said before willing herself to give another dozen bobs on the man’s ass-flavored cock.

Omar pulled his dick away from the Party of Five star and steered it back into Sarah’s waiting asshole. However, he was by no means done with the busty brunette’s mouth. Instead, Omar would fuck SMG’s asshole before pulling out, aiming lower and cramming his dick into her pink snatch. It was a different tightness, both wetter and looser so he could fuck her even harder. Once more, Omar pulled out, dipped back into her asshole briefly and then presented his manhood to Jenn to savor, all while her huge tits bounced wildly in front of her from Rocco blasting into her asshole as well. This time as she sucked on his cock, Jenn seemed to be more into the blowjob due to the taste of Sarah’s asshole being muted somewhat by the sweet flavor of her pussy.

“I believe it is my turn with this tiny creature,” Rocco spoke to the vampire slayer.

Normally in her action-based show, Sarah was the one slapping around any and all comers. However, in front of these particular cameras, the blonde was merely a 5’1, 100 pound 19 year old with no special powers. As such, when Rocco’s hand closed around her throat and lifted her up with a minimum of effort, the SMG was powerless against him, not that the Buffy star had any will to resist the alpha male. The distance from the bar to the sofa was only 12 feet, allowing Rocco to cover the distance in a few seconds. As he threw the blonde down atop the sofa, Sarah smiled wide as her red face started to calm back to its cream color as oxygen was permitted back to her skull.

“Whoa!” Sarah exclaimed as Rocco flipped her around with a flick of his wrists.

With the feisty blonde kneeling on the sofa, Rocco planted her tits against the top of the backrest with her head lolling over the edge. At least it had been hanging down until he shoved his entire thick cock a foot deep into her pooper in one thrust, at which point her head shot up. Rocco went from 0 to 60 mph in a few heartbeats, using his hands to loop around Sarah’s jaw, pulling back on her head to help fuel his lust-filled ass fucking at a frightening speed.

“Fucking take it,” Rocco growled. “Yes! Fucking take it all!”

Rocco continued to make the petite blonde take it all, as he was fond of saying. This time rather than his insane hammering technique, the legendary porn star decided to go deep and slow. After each thrust of his entire 12-inch dick, he would pull out all the way. On more than one occasion Sarah felt herself leaking from her butt, which she hoped and prayed was the lube that they barely used. Blocking that from her mind, Sarah concentrated on keeping her butthole relaxed so that each ramming of his dick inside of her didn’t split the Buffy star in two.

SMG didn’t know how long the experienced man stayed fucking her for as her body and mind started to give out on her. First it was her anal ring, which felt far looser than any asshole had any right to be. Next was her brain shutting down as she lost track of time and even what her own name was. Last was her arms as the strength bled out of them and soon Sarah found herself practically doubled over the backrest of the sofa, with her entire upper body and head dangling down towards the ground. Of course this new position did nothing to deter Rocco, in fact the man seemed to find another gear as he fucked the exhausted teenager even harder.

“Jenn! Get over here,” Rocco demanded of the brunette.

Omar instantly withdrew from her ass, which he had been fucking as Rocco pounded Sarah Michelle Gellar into oblivion. Now free, Jennifer listened to the Italian’s directions before dropping to her knees and worming herself so her face was directly underneath Sarah’s cunt. Essentially the Party of Five star was sitting on the ground in front of Rocco with the sofa at her back, leaning her head back so she was facing upwards into her friend’s pink slit and getting a great view of Rocco obliterating Sarah Michelle Gellar’s asshole.

Meanwhile, Omar was sizing up the scene and noted Jenn’s massive tits, of course. With a quick suggestion to Rocco, the legendary porn figure climbed onto the sofa so he was fucking straight down into Sarah’s ass. With Jenn still in the same position, Omar got onto his knees, straddling her body so his dick was perfectly resting in the valley between her chest mountains. Knowing exactly what the bald man wanted, since all her boyfriends always wanted it, Jenn pressed a palm on the outside of each of her boobs and made a tight seal around Omar’s dick. From there, the bald man started thrusting up and between her massive globes, feeling the soft flesh hugging his manhood from all angles.

“Look up at me,” Rocco called down to the brunette.

Jennifer continued to hold her chest pressed tight around Omar’s throbbing cock as she looked skyward. First she saw Sarah’s bright pink slit, clearly wet and shimmering in the bright lighting. Next was the massive dick sliding effortlessly into the blonde’s rectum, going balls deep with each thrust. However, Rocco slowed and then pulled out altogether, at which point he angled his dick down towards Jenn’s face. Though ass to mouth was one of her least favorite things to do, Jenn was now so familiar with the taste of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s bowels that she didn’t bat an eyelash. Instead, she parted her lips, extended her neck and bobbed on the first several inches of the dick tasting fresh of asshole.

“How’s my ass taste, Love?” Sarah asked.

“You don’t wanna know,” the brunette replied as Rocco returned to sodomizing the Buffy star.

Rocco and Omar continued to use the girls as they wished in their current configuration. For the time being, Omar was content with titty-fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt as Rocco spent a handful of seconds ass-fucking Sarah Michelle Gellar before getting the brunette to go ass to mouth, tasting her friend’s asshole. However, after the next time that Rocco delivered a dozen thrusts down into Sarah’s booty, Jenn was surprised when it didn't immediately go into her mouth. Instead, Rocco stood and walked around the sofa towards the blonde’s face. Sarah was a little surprised as well, especially when Rocco took his dick that was fresh from her ass and started lightly whacking it against her lips, nose and cheeks. After a handful of dick slaps, Sarah had her mouth open and the strongest flavor of ass fluided her taste buds.

“Yes! Suck your ass off my dick,” Rocco roared.

Omar didn’t pass up the chance to fuck a wide-open asshole that had already proven it could handle the worst that he could throw at it. Though it hurt him to pull his dick out from the hug created by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s perfect tits, Omar traded the titty fuck for an ass-fucking as he climbed on the sofa and was instantly balls deep in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s exhausted asshole. To say that he went balls-to-the-wall, throwing every ounce of power and energy into each thrust would have been an understatement. All Sarah could do was leave her mouth hanging wide open as the burly man behind her pommeled her backside with unrelenting force. Rocco merely laughed as he rubbed his slick manhood all over her pretty face as her asshole was turned into pulp.

“Je...sus...Christ!” the blonde eventually managed to scream.

Of course Omar couldn’t keep up that level of aggressive fucking for long, but a few minutes was not out of the realm of possibility. When the bald-headed man stopped, Sarah was little more than deadweight, completely exhausted from the vigor anal fuck. Which meant that it now fell on Jennifer Love Hewitt to occupy both men, and they had just the way for that to happen. 

Omar pulled out of the near comatose blonde before helping the brunette to her feet. Jennifer didn’t stand for long as a moment later Omar was lifting her up into the air, at which point she wrapped her legs around his waist. The Party of Five star cringed mentally from the fact his cock had gone straight from Sarah’s ass and right into her pussy, but that was forgotten when Omar threw himself to the sofa with Jennifer now straddling his lap. She got her bearings quickly as she began rising and falling along the length of his girthy cock, her epically large tits bouncing wildly in front of her.

“Bend down, beautiful,” Rocco said from behind her.

Jennifer finished her bouncing ride before sinking fully down on Omar’s shaft then pressing her breathtaking tits against his chest. She felt the sofa cushion depress further down under the combined weight of three adults as the Italian knelt directly behind her underrated ass. Though she had her ass stretched tonight, first with fingers and then with cock, Love’s asshole was still quite tight given the presence of a fellow dick in her pink slit so Rocco had to slowly move in and out, only using half of his legendary member.

“Oh my God! I have a dick in my pussy and ass!” Jenn shrieked in utter glee.

Not just being a passive bystander, despite being her first time getting double penetrated, Love began to rock her hips back to meet Rocco’s slow thrusts slow thrusts into her booty. Not forgetting about Omar beneath her, the brunette bounced up and down with her knees, simultaneously fucking both men. Rocco was the first of the two to start fucking her with earnst, his hands gripping tightly onto her wide hips and thrusting with increasing power. Despite using half his length, he continued to make smooth strokes into her ass, always adding an extra inch with each push into her heavenly backside.

With Omar laying on the bed fucking up into her twat and Rocco kneeling behind her with his strokes lengthening into her asshole, Jenn was somehow blissful. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was an unexpected sensation that was driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God! It’s so good,” she screamed again. “Just like that!”

“You found another sex freak, Rocco!” Omar offered his commentary as they wildly thrusted into the brunette’s respective holes.

“Oh God! Yes…shit,” Jenn exclaimed at the top of her lungs when her clit grinded against Omar’s hard abs.

Jenn relaxed down onto the bald man she had only met that day, and let them pummel her body with their hard cocks. She figured she may as well since they were doing great, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat, bringing her rapidly towards a fourth and equally strong orgasm.

“OH YYEESSS,” she swore as an orgasm ripped through her curvy body.

“Shit boss...I need to cum too,” Omar warned, the girl’s orgasm starting a chain reaction.

“Fuck! Me too,” Rocco agreed barely a second after his co-star’s declaration. “On your knees. You too, Sarah.”

It took Rocco’s open palm connecting with SMG’s upturned ass to get the blonde into motion. Though it pained him, Rocco knew it was time to pull out of the curvy girl’s asshole. He withdrew altogether from Jenn’s sweet backside, looking at the small hole stay gaping open and stepped back far enough so that the large breasted teen could slink off the couch and kneel on the ground facing him. She was joined a second later by her blonde co-star as Sarah slid into position on the floor so she too was kneeling right beside Love. The actresses gave each other a kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Sarah was now right beside Rocco, but he didn’t care which of the attractive women it was, he needed to cum and he wanted to do it in one of their mouths. Since SMG was now the closest girl to him, the porn legend leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shoot his load onto the Buffy stars tongue.

“Fuck me!” Rocco howled in satisfaction.

With Sarah using her mouth to collect Rocco’s spunk, Love swiftly turned her full attention to Omar but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, the hulking figure who had been backdoor fucking both of them all evening exploded all over Jennifer Love Hewitt’s face with streams of cum now coating her skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, Omar collapsed backwards down onto the couch, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Love asked the blonde.

Sarah could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that Rocco had literally just blasted into her mouth. Sarah, who was still brain-fogged after her epic ass-fucking, soon realized why Jenn had asked that question when she saw the girl crawl the short distance to her and pulled the sexy blonde in for an open mouth kiss. Sarah reflexively opened her mouth to receive Jenn’s tongue, snowballing all the cum from her mouth into the Party of Five star’s. 

“GULP. I couldn’t let you have all of the tasty jizz, now could I?” Jenn giggled with cum still coating her pretty face.

“Well ladies! You did exceptionally well,” Rocco complimented them, now sweaty and laying back on the sofa.

“And don’t forget your wrap gifts,” Omar added, pointing to the case of inhumanly sized dildos.

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