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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 9
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Caity Lotz, Lexington Steele, Rico Strong
Characters (Non-sex): Melissa Benoist, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Kat McNamara
Codes: MMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, or Kat McNamara nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow or its characters in any way

Summary: Caity Lotz prepares for another segment of Hollywood Pornstars with two porn industry mainstays in Lexington Steele and Rico Strong for some double penetration fun

“Caity Lotz!”

Caity stepped out of the car that had transported her from her house in the Hills to this rather stunning house that was rented for her shoot. As she exited, two men were there to greet her. Being somewhat of a porn expert, Caity instantly recognized the two black men. The taller bald man was known other than the man, the myth, the legend - Lexington Steele. She was the one who shouted her name and rushed to greet her, enveloping her in a friendly embrace. 

“Hi Lexington. Nice to finally meet you,” the blonde dancer-turned-actress replied. 

“Oh just call me Lex,” the bald man replied. “And this here is Rico Strong.”

Caity took a moment to hug the much thicker man before speaking. “Big fan of your stuff. More importantly, can’t wait to be fucked by your cocks!”

“God! I love white girls eager for black cock,” the wide-set man grinned wickedly.

“Listen, your room is at the top of the stairs to the left. Not huge, but an on-suite bathroom to get refreshed. Hair and makeup are already set up in there as well,” Lex informed. “Just slip into the sexy thing you have and if you need anything else, we always have a few pieces laying about from previous shoots.”

“Won’t be necessary,” Caity replied. No chance in hell she’d wear someone else’s lingerie. “Brought a dozen of my favorites.”

With that, the trio departed. Lex and Rico really didn’t have too much to do before the shoot. As was custom, they’d throw back a viagra and some other pill that somehow made them hold off their orgasm. That wouldn’t be for another hour though. In that time, they’d go watch some TV in the den on the first floor as Caity got ready then did some B-reel stuff to fluff up the video. The old rich dudes always loved when the girls slinked about in fine lingerie, dancing and swaying their tight bodies before getting savagely fucked. 

*    *    *

"What to wear, what to wear," the star of Legends of Tomorrow pondered.

Caity looked through her luggage and was frustrated to see that she had somehow managed to forget to bring sexy lingerie with her. On her previous recordings for Hollywood Pornstar, lingerie was the first thing she packed unless explicitly told that it wouldn’t be required. However, the fellas at Black Owned didn’t tell her that. She knew that she should go and ask for the used lingerie Lex mentioned, but that made her skin crawl, so the blonde started rummaging through the pile of clothes she’d dumped onto the bed.

So with borrowing old panties out of the equation, Caity opted for clothing that would be super tight rather than revealing. Instead of barely-there lingerie, the curvy actress pulled out the thinnest tights ever made, essentially the thickness of a second layer of skin. They also happened to be a vibrant purple color with some texture, two things she believed would look good for the camera. Pulling them one, she stood in front of the mirror and craned her neck to check her backside out.

"Damn...if this doesn't rev their engines then they’re probably gay," Caity mused, even slapping her own ass and watching it jiggle.

Caity was originally trained in dancing, which had kept her insanely fit and started her on a course of constantly seeking validation. The combination of a killer body and always needing to please meant Caity Lotz became a sex machine. Her stamina was near endless, making her extremely popular to invite to threesomes and orgies since she was usually the last girl or person standing. Whether it was her strong but feminie legs and stomach, her bouncy medium-sized tits, or that ass which was much larger than your typical white girl possessed, Caity was a stunner. While Arrow had propelled her into the acting realm, it had also prevented her from branching out into other shows or movies given the fact she was now the lead on her own show. 

A knock on the door snapped Caity out from being mesmerized by her insanely thick rump. Figuring it was the hair and makeup team, the blonde pulled on her equally form-fitting shirt and opened the door. Her assumption was correct and in came the two women who were here to finish her preparation for yet another porn shoot.

*    *    *

“So the rumors were true! We get to play with Caity Lotz today,” the director for the Black Owned shoot greeted his star.

Caity had been aware of his arrival into her room and was ready. In truth, the hair and makeup artists had little to do other than straighten out her long blonde hair, only leaving a slight wave towards the very bottom. Her makeup was minimal with only a darker eye shade to make her stunning blue eyes pop even more.

“Oh yes you do,” Caity replied.

Standing in the doorway so that the natural light was bathing her tanned body, Caity looked a vision. Though most women would have gone with the lingerie, despite the fact she was covered head-to-toe, Caity looked enticing beyond belief. The side profile did wonders for her body, her hand already on her money-maker, giving her ass a firm grip and shake for the camera. 

“God! That booty,” the man practically drooled.

As Caity stood in the doorway, back arched and ass pushed out she playfully giggled at his comment. In truth, Caity loved getting compliments about her ass. Well, about any of her physical beauty but her ass was the winner of the majority of praise. Big, firm and yet bouncy, Caity showed those attributes to the camera by bouncing and twerking. 

“I think it’s two...no three of my hands,” Caity replied, using both hands to grip the meat of only one cheek.

“I’d say 3 handfuls and one big mouthful,” the director joked. “It’s a whole lot of ass. Perfect ass, mind you. Love the way that fat ass stretches those tight pants,” the man groaned, a boner evident in his shorts.

“I’m excited,” Caity smiled, running a hand through her golden hair.

“Shall we check out this booty in motion?”

Caity wasn’t surprised by the request, nor was she uncomfortable with the amount of attention her ass received. After all, it truly was an epic booty. In the tight pants combined with the high heels, Caity’s beefy rump swayed and bunched with each step. This effect became magnified as the former Arrow star slowly climbed the outdoor stairs, the camera capturing every moment. 

“Like purple candy,” the man groaned. “Could eat that all day.”

Caity stopped halfway up the outdoor staircase and leaned against the wall. Her jiggly tits pressed against the cement as she once more arched her back and bounced her ass. Continuing the tease, Caity hooked fingers into the waistband and pulled the pants down the thick cheeks until the hem was at the bottom of her ass. Hooking the waistline onto the bottom of her cheeks, Caity used the pants to shake her bare ass, much to the amusement of the cameraman.

“So round and jiggly, right?” Caity perfectly summed up her ass.

Caity teased the camera, using the pants to bounce her ass further until she pulled hard and slow on them to squeeze her thick rump more and more until the elastic pants snapped up and over her meaty round. It took a lot of effort to pack all that ass into such tight pants, but the visual for the viewers was worth it, hence why the cameraman had the Legends star perform the move again. She spent the next few minutes squatting and twerking with her bare ass out, really putting on a full show for the camera.

“Spread those cheeks for me,” he insisted next.

“Yeah? Wanna see where those dicks are going today?” Caity questioned with a big smile.

Caity slowly stood from her squat and took a meaty cheek in each hand and pulled apart. Instantly her pink snatch and crinkled hole came into view, making the cameraman gawk as he zoomed in. Already the action star was wet, her pink snatch glistening in the Californian sun. And her asshole...well it looked awfully damn tight. He was briefly worried she may not be able to take more than a tip from either of the large men, but she just seemed so damn confident about getting two men inside her.

“I’ll be able to see a lot deeper in there soon,” the cameraman commented, referring to the tight pucker of her butthole. “Let’s not forget the tits.”

“Can’t forget them,” Caity flirted back at the man.

Turning around, the blonde slowly peeled up her shirt so it rested just over her rack. Though they weren’t the biggest tits in the world, they were a solid B cup with adorable puffy nipples and hardly any sag whatsoever. The 32 year old was in phenomenal shape and it showed as she was able to possess such a thick ass and yet a tiny waist. 

The man had her keep her tits out as she walked the last stretch of stairs, Caity knowing the routine by going slow and making her ass pop with each step she took. When she got to the top she spun around so the camera could capture her boobs again, her tanned skin looking perfect in the sunshine. Knowing what her moneymaker was, Caity turned back around, bent over and gave her covered ass a hard slap for the camera.

“There you are,” a deep baritone voice spoke.

The two guys she had met earlier in the day came out onto the balcony to join the flirty blonde. It was no surprise the first of the two men who reached her had his hands shoot straight for her meaty cheeks. While Lex grabbed two handfuls of her large ass, Rico walked to her front, pawing over her small tits, flat stomach and tiny waist. Caity looped her arms around his neck and brought the strong man in for a kiss.

"Jesus," Lex swore as he lowered her pants. "Such a round ass."

With her tights still bunched up at the bottom of her ass, squishing it up, Caity grabbed the colored pants and used them to bounce her thick ass. Everyone in the Arrowverse world knew how large yet fit her booty was given the tight bodysuits that she wore so often, but seeing it literally in the flesh was quite a sight.

"God that is a tight body," Lex said, reaching around to grope the ass cheek not currently being shook by his fellow porn actor. 

“Lots of room back there for two sets of hands,” Caity laughed as both men pawed her tushy.

"Such a feast," Rico commented, as he knelt behind her epic booty. "A feast of ass."

Rico knelt down behind the Arrow actress so that he was now eye level with her impressive booty. His hands hadn't left the supple backside when he answered, "I think it's delicious...and hope there's enough for two."

"Oh, there is," Caity replied confidently.

After fondling her ass, Rico got back to his feet just in time for Caity to turn around and find his mouth with her lips. The horny man countered with a kiss more aggressive in nature than his fellow porn actor, his tongue cramming into her mouth as she bent backwards under his pressure. Caity was equal to it and returned the passionate kiss while Lex started rubbing over her underrated tits.

Never getting jealous over what the other had, Rico and Lex took turns kissing the horny girl as she constantly rubbed whichever cock she was facing at the time. It was only fair play, especially since she had their four hands roaming her fit body with her tits, ass and pussy being the targeted areas.

"How about we get her to the bed?” Lex suggested.

“I dunno...I got a whole lot of ass to hold onto back here,” Rico countered, earning a giggle from the blonde. “This fucker heavy too.”

That earned the more muscular of the pair a kiss as Caity looked over her shoulder and planted her lips against the man fondling her ass. This allowed Le to pull up the front of her shirt until her perky tits became exposed to the sunshine once more. After a quick grope, the bald man bent low so his mouth could capture one of her nipples and give it a hard suck. 

The men took turns slapping, pawing and pulling apart her ass cheeks, much to all of their amusement. Caity was used to sharing the attention on set with a bevy of other gorgeous women like Kat McNamara, Melissa Benoist, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton and others so she loved having all the focus of the men on her. 

“Alright men, let’s get you all out of this heat,” the man behind the camera stated.

With a consenting nod, Caity turned to the door and walked back into the house. She made a meal out of it once more, taking long, slow strides and swaying her ass from side to side as the male talent trailed behind her and watched her performance. By the time the hot Arrow actress crawled onto the massive king-sized bed, the two men already had their shirts off. Rico had pulled his effortlessly over his head while Lex undid the buttons and carefully peeled his off his body.

"Get those pants off boys," Caity urged, bouncing her ass to motivate them.

"You wanna suck this fat dick," Rico asked, having rounded the bed to stand right in front of the horny girl. 

"Mhmm yes...that's what I'm here for," she retorted. "You too Lex."

They both continued watching as Caity wiggled around on the bed between them as they went about undoing their pants. By the time she had crawled into position closer to Rico, he had undid his pants and slid them down his legs, standing naked now. With a look over her shoulder, Lex was naked now too as he knelt to join her on the bed. 

"That's a whole lot of cock," Caity said out loud, drawing smiles from both porn actors.

Sizing them up, Caity looked on and couldn't help but salivate at the sight. Seeing the one in front of her which belonged to Rico , it was a perfectly proportioned cock that was neither too short nor long, too thin or thick. It was idle, measuring a good 8 inches of ebony meat that looked good enough to devour without thought. 

Lex meanwhile was a different beast. Much like his outward appearance, his cock was simply massive. At full mast he was nearing a foot long from base to tip but even more alarming was the thickness. Caity had been fucked by dudes with big dicks before and knew she could handle him...probably. Seizing up the man known as Lex the Impaler, she couldn't even clasp her forefinger and thumb together when she tried gripping his pole.

"Look bro, she's speechless," the younger man bragged.

Realizing that she was just wide-mouthed staring back and forth between the massive black cocks about to ravage her, Caity snapped out of her worshipping state and into action. Reaching out, she grabbed ahold of Rico 's perfectly created cock and stroked him, allowing the friction between her hand and his shaft to excite him. 

"Mmhm...awwhh," he groaned.

Being no stranger to finding herself on her knees and in front of a pantless boy, all that changed was the number of guys. Caity opened her mouth and mimicked the action of French kissing someone except this time it was with the tip of a cock. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his sensitive skin. Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, Caity freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it's moistened surface down one side of his baseball bat-thick member until she reached his base. The thick bottomed girl was focusing solely on Rico, though she felt Lex come to life and pull her pants down over her thick ass. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, she licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing Rico 's equally large nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.

"Fuck you're good," Rico grunted, reaching down to bundle up her long golden hair.

Not just sitting on his hands as his partner got oral sex, Lex situated himself behind the blonde actress and wasted no time in getting acquainted with her pussy. Leaning forward with his feet still on the ground, the taller man dipped his head low and gave a long drag of his tongue through her pink folds. Given the hunger she exhibited while choking down Rico 's cock, he wasn't surprised to find that she was already dripping wet.

"You taste so good," he commented before doing a deeper lick.

"Well thank you," she said before getting her lips wrapped back around the thick cock dangling in her face.

After a few more probes deep in her cunt, Lex was satisfied that she was more then wet enough for the fucking ahead. He really didn’t want to spend too much time giving her lip (or tongue) service as there was just more fun to be had. Instead, the black man let his tongue ride higher so that he was licking over her puckered asshole. Using his considerable strength, the Impaler caused her backdoor to open slightly, wide enough for his pointed tongue to cram inside.

"Mhmm...awwhhh," Caity moaned as she continued blowing the other man despite the pleasurable rimjob.

"Bro, whatever you are doing, keep it up," Rico encouraged as Caity bobbed on half his length. "The way you're making her hum is incredible."

Lex surfaced for air after another round of lapping along her inner anal walls. He didn't reply to his fellow actor, instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. It was insanely large for such a skinny white girl to possess, not that he was complaining. Before diving back in to munch her booty, he took one last view to commit to his memory, that of her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a heavy cheek. Lex couldn't help himself and pillaged back into her pussy first. Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his probing, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the bald actor repeatedly lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole.

"Alright Lex, I need to repay the favor," Caity said, pulling away from the younger man despite spit strings still connecting her lips to his manhood.

Neither male had an issue with her request, especially since neither one had to move as all Caity did was turn herself around so that her mouth was at Lex's dick and her ass was pointed at Rico . As the curvy actress wrapped her lips around her new fuck buddy, Rico stepped up behind the cock-sucking girl and lined up his tip with her slit. After dragging his head through her slick folds he immediately stuffed half his substantial length inside her.

"Holy Lord," Caity moaned, letting the thickest cock she had ever been with slip from her mouth. "That's the stuff."

The Caity from 6 years ago when she first was filmed for Hollywood Pornstars would have been worried about letting a male porn actor fuck her without a condom. However, Caity was a veteran at this point, having performed well over a dozen scenes. Hell, that number was likely closer to two dozen performances. At this point, Caity though she had more credits on her porn database than she did on her IMDB page!

Her cunt was no stranger to getting stuffed with cock so her hole widened for Rico without problem. After two strokes he was able to go balls deep inside her, no small feat considering he was nearly 8 inches and she was pretty damn tight. She was also gushing wet so her own natural lubrication mixed with her spit from her earlier blowjob meant that he had ample lube to be driving into her tasty twat at neck breaking speed.

“Ah yes,” the both seemed to moan at the same time before Rico added. “Take that fucking dick!”

As the younger porn actor settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her insanely thick ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, Caity was still busy on her other end. The dancer-turned-actress had her mouth formed in a perfect O around the Impaler’s massive cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was naturally distracted.

"Glllkkk....kkkhhhhhh...ggllllllll," Caity hummed with each bob on his tool.

Back behind her, the shorter of the two men gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides, resulting in two red handprints forming on her sun kissed skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of Lex's meat pole. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled him with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.

“Oh shit! This bitch so horny she’s fucking herself!”

Rico wasn’t wrong. The thick-set man had stopped thrusting his hips forward and was watching as Caity backed her ass back towards him. Over and over his ebony cock disappeared into her pussy while Caity didn’t slow her blowjob at all. Rico laughed and grunted in equal measure as the blonde fucked him, her massive ass rocking back against his strong abdomen. Though it felt good, Rico was desperate to fuck her hard again, so his hands went to her hips and his cock speared back deep into the Arrow star.

“Take that dick, girl,” Rico grunted, going crazy with his fucking now.

"Careful my man, at that rate you'll be busting before long," Lex called out, at which point Caity grinned back at him as she looked over her shoulder.

Rico blocked his words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into the blonde’s snug pussy. She was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding. Even more erotic was when Caity started gyrating and bouncing her meaty ass up and down, adding a new wrinkle to his pleasure. Not to mention the vision of her essentially twerking that fat ass on his dick was stunning!

"How about we change things up a little," the cameraman spoke, his suggestion bringing nods from all. 

Rico asked for one more minute, and Caity knew she was in for a hard pounding for the next 60 seconds. Her assumption was proven correct as Rico started his time with a hard swat to her jiggling ass. The next feeling wasn’t another spanking, but the roots of her hair pulling painfully hard against her scalp. Rico roped his hand into her long golden hair and pulled back hard, causing not only Caity’s lower back to curl, but also her head to snap back. 

“There you go, there you go,” Rico practically chanted as he continued his non-stop fucking. “Take that shit!”

Caity had subconsciously remembered to pleasure Lex’s cock by using her hand to stroke his lengthy tool, which was slick in her spit. Lex wasn’t just laying back, instead his left came around Caity’s throat to lightly choke her. His free right hand was put to use slapping her face, at first lightly but each time went harder and harder, not that the former dancer minded at all. She loved being used and abused by men, especially alpha men like these two clearly were.

“I need to get me some of this,” Lex commented as he laid flat on his back now.

The man behind her eventually relented and gave in to the bald man’s wishes and pulled out from her honey pot. Caity wasn’t free for long because the moment the first dick left her, she crawled to straddle the Impaler. Reaching back between her legs, Caity found his large cock and lined it up with her worn-in hole. Sitting back she felt his tip glide inside her as she let gravity do the work, getting the first 2 inches into her twat before reversing course.

"Tight white girl, isn't she," Rico grinned at his fellow actor as he watched the girl in question bounce on Lex's lap, taking more of his cock each time.

Lex let the bouncing girl control the ride, allowing her to take her time getting stretched out by his surreally proportioned cock. Caity was a quick study and had most of his dick into her well-used cunt after a few rides on his lap. Feeling her start to speed up, Lex knew she was ready for more so he took control and started bucking his hips hard up into her snatch. Caity started screaming as it initially felt that the Impaler was tearing her in two, but she got used to the sensation in seconds. That and a dick that tasted like her own pussy was crammed into her mouth and Caity started sucking Rico off.

“Fuck me! This bitch feels great!” Lex commented.

The cameraman crouched lower and captured the action of her pink snatch being repeatedly impaled on the ebony cock. Lex knew how to play off the fucking for the camera, so his two large hands reached down and pulled apart Caity’s fat cheeks. This not only allowed for a more visual angle of their fucking, but also a view of Caity’s crinkled asshole that had just a slight gape in it now. 

"Holy crap! I can't believe it's all in," she still gasped as she sat straight up on his lap with his entire foot of cock wedged in her pink hole.

"Perfect. Now we can actually start fucking," the bald man grinned.

Leaning down with her arms steadying her against his chest and arching her back Caity did just as he suggested and started to thud her amazing ass onto his lap with greater force. Lex lifted up to capture one of her pokey nipples that were dangling right in his face as he simultaneously drove his hips upwards, spearing into her as she crashed down. Faster and faster they fucked, Caity eventually stopping sucking the dick in her face despite Rico facefucking her for her lack of concentration.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Caity swore. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me! Cum with all this big dick stretching out your hole,” Lex demanded.

Rico allowed her to pull away from his dick in order to allow the blonde her climax. As she got closer and closer to her peak, both she and Lex were slapping their bodies together in almost violent fashion. And yet, Caity was screaming louder and more frequently with each passing second until she let out and ear-piercing howl.

“Yes! Yes! Keep going! FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!”

“Good job beating that pussy up,” Rico congradulated his fellow actor who was continuing to fuck up into Caity’s snatch despite her being nearly lifeless.

“You know how I do,” the bald man replied, sweat beads forming on his bald scalp.

“Now baby...I’m gonna fuck you at the same time as Lex,” Rico spoke down to the exhausted blonde.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Caity grinned back at the large man.

“Did you need some time to pause and prepare yourself,” the director asked. “We have lots of butt plugs and toys of various sizes.”

“Nope,” Caity said, rocking her hips on the Impaler's cock. “I want this to be completely natural. No toy prep. No lube even. I want the challenge.”

“Damn! You’re a freak girl,” Lex commented while Rico took a more cynical stance. “Your funeral.”

Caity felt the mattress dipped back behind her as the younger man climbed on top to join her and Lex. In one fluid motion like they did it all the time, Rico pressed his hand into her back and caused Caity to rest her jiggling tits on Lex’s chest while the bald man used his hands on her rump to pull her immense cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Rico moved closer then pressed his tip against the center of her starfish. Without lube or any preparation, it was proving difficult to fit his immense cock into her rectum, but between force of will, Caity staying relaxed and Lex pushing her hips backwards, Caity’s anal ring eventually gave way.

"Ughh...Fuck! Damn that stings every time," Caity groaned as the first 3 inches of his healthy-sized cock was buried in her anal canal.

Her anal experience came to the forefront to the two porn actors almost immediately. After spending only a second with her tiny hands balled into fists, Caity flattened her hands onto Lex’s chest and pushed back to impale her holes onto both of their cocks. 

“Fuck yes!” Caity screamed in victory as the pleasure was now outcompeting the pain. "Holy crap! There are literally two penises in me," Caity gasped, the realization of being double penetrated dawning on her finally.

The two men smiled as they worked in unison. Lex wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still able to push his entire length upwards. Rico timed it that every time the bald man pulled his huge dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass. 

"You okay with this? Us stretching out both your tight holes," Lex asked from underneath the big booty girl.

"God, don’t stop, Caity insisted. “You guys are fucking perfect!”

"Ready for me to start fucking you," Rico asked the girl, who until this point had been doing most of the work.

When the golden-haired girl gave a smile and a head nod, the younger actor took that as a good sign. Reaching to hold onto her shoulders, the smaller of the two men started to push his hips towards her thick butt with more vigor. Still not thrusting with his entire length, Rico had managed to work 3/4 of his length inside her with his speed getting faster with each passing second.

"The second I saw you in those tights, I knew I had to get up inside your booty," Rico told her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me deeper! Harder! Whatever you want," Caity told the men.

Rico didn't hesitate, not for a second. Lex slowed down his thrusting once more as his younger co-star slowed to a crawl and pushed with a steady force. Inch by inch the girl's ass ate up his cock until finally Rico felt the familiar thick cheeks pressed against his abdominals. Spotting the chance to fill the former dancer’s completely with meat, Lex lifted his hips until he too was balls deep inside Caity.

“Oh my God! So much cock!” Caity nearly shrieked in pleasure.

With the sexy golden-haired woman now able to handle both their full lengths, the men held nothing back. Not only were they both fucking her with their entire dicks, nearly 2 feet of ebony wood, but Caity wanted it! With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the Legends of Tomorrow star was rocked back and forth in bed as the man behind her plowed her ass while Lex poked up into her twat.

What made it all the better was Caity's willingness for more. With a hand on Lex's chest and the other on the headboard, the fat ass girl used her arms to push back against Rico while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.

"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum again," Caity screamed as the thudding of their body was echoed throughout the room.

"Do it," Rico demanded.

Lex had been in the industry for years, almost 25 years in fact, and he’d never seen a girl take a dry double penetration with such ease. In fact, he figured that the curvy blonde must be faking it at first given how much enjoyment she was receiving from both their cocks, but the way she was moaning and the way her body movements became more jerky, he had no doubt now that she would cum. With her pitch getting louder and words more incoherent, the big man reached a hand under their stomachs and found her slit. Practically the second his finger brushed her clitoris, the girl erupted in her second orgasm of the day while being fucked by two men simultaneously.

"OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Caity bellowed out as she reached her climax.

"Bro, let me fuck her ass now, it'll be the only chance with her being this relaxed," Lex explained as the exhausted girl rested on his chest, one of the few times he ever seemed pushy.

"Okay but first you're gonna suck our cocks," Rico ordered while pulling out from her well used asshole.

Caity may have been spent but she was still receptive. Feeling her colon free of cock she swung her leg back over Lex and crawled back enough so that she could bend over and have both dicks in her hand. 

"Yes girl. The dirty one first," Rico told her excitedly, his favorite kink being a girl taking his dick straight from her asshole.

Caity surprised them by looking up at Rico with a worried look on her face, the first time she adopted such an expression. She was clearly nervous about taking his dick straight from her ass into her mouth. While this was super commonplace in porn, for regular people it was a huge leap given how disgusting the act really was. Especially today since it was clear that Caity did nothing to prepare for anal. Which meant no specialized diet to hinder her bowels from churning too much in the past 24 hours or taking several enamas on the day of the shoot like all the porn actresses did before going ass to mouth.

“Wait. You want me to put this smelly, filthy cock into my mouth even though you had it 9 inches deep in my poop chute?” Caity questioned the man.


Before Rico or the director could finish that sentence, Caity’s face changed 180 degrees. No longer the scared, frightened woman, Caity smiled in a wolfish grin, letting the men know she was only joking about being disgusted by the ass to mouth request. Not just pretending to have bravado, Caity extended her tongue and ran it up and down Rico’s pole a half-dozen times, getting the rich taste of the deepest recesses of her asshole on her tongue. Though there was no visual dirtiness, Caity could taste where precisely this man’s cock had come from.

“You fucking nasty ho!”

In truth, Caity went ass to mouth fairly regularly. Not only did most of her sex partners love seeing it, Caity loved degrading herself by making her eat her own ass. And now she was sucking on a filthy cock on camera, her tongue gliding along the underbelly as her lips made a perfect O to completely wrap around. She bobbed a few times before pulling away and doing likewise to Lex's, tasting the sweet flavor of her cum on his shaft.

"You still sure you don’t want any lube,” the Impaler asked her, flashing his eyes down at his much bigger cock.

"Don't worry. Rico loosened me up enough plus I've put more than enough spit on this cock," Caity explained. "It's ready for my ass."

Caity was sure to leave loads of spit all over his dick to make his passage into her anus as smooth and painless as physically possible. Straddling Lex once more only this time with her plump ass facing him, she rubbed his tip around her backdoor for a few rotations and was grateful that it retained some of its looseness from the assfucking she took by Rico. Lex asked her for a final time to reconsider using lube as he was very concerned about tearing her sphincter apart, but once more Caity shooed away his request. She finally positioned it right in the middle of her bumhole and slackened her knees so that gravity would pull her down and take him inside.

"Awhhh...Sweet mother of mercy," she swore as his enormous tip penetrated her ass. “Fuck it’s huge!”

“No shit!” Rico commented before Lex added. “So fucking tight!”

To her amazement she could feel each inch pass inside her without a great deal of discomfort. Rico had been a very effective warm-up for the main event as she found herself sinking further and further down as she rode the big man. By the time she felt Lex paw at her to rest more on his chest and give him control, he was stroking 6 inches of his massive manhood into her backdoor with relative ease.

"This girl is special," Rico said, watching the proceeding and allowing the other man some one-on-one time.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” Caity said as she eyed Rico. “Got a place for you right here,” she added, smacking her wet pussy to tell him where she wanted him.

"You heard the bitch," Lex grinned as he started thrusting harder inside her as she rubbed her pussy.

Rico had enough time watching from the sidelines at this point so he climbed back up on the mattress and readied himself. Deciding to press both of Caity's juicy legs together, he held them against his chest as he pressed inside her pussy. It was looser than her asshole, already stretched to its limit by Lex earlier, but her legs together made it snug him tightly.

"Yes...this feels so good," Caity groaned as her body was savagely used by the two porn stars.

Caity had lost track of time as she received the ragdoll treatment from the black men, though both men would have eased up if she asked. Instead, they took turns pulling out and inserting themselves in their respective holes. The golden-haired actress remembered vaguely cumming again, and it was this event that started the cascade for the men as well.

"Can't hold out any longer," Lex grunted from underneath the trio.

"Me neither," Rico added through gritted teeth.

“Where?” Caity asked.

“This is porn baby! On your knees,” the director instructed.

The two men were never going to argue with that request. They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl's body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Rico moved out from between her thighs allowing Caity to promptly roll off the bed and rest on her knees. Nearly the second she was kneeling on the bedroom floor, the golden-haired actress was flanked by both dark-skinned men. Not knowing where to go first, Caity felt Rico 's hand twist in her hair and pull her towards him. With the decision made for her she opened her mouth up to his cock, which he was currently stroking fervently and took his pussy juice-coated cock back into her mouth for the umpteenth time that afternoon to add further encouragement. 

“Here it comes,” the man grunted. “I’m gonna give it to you. Beg for it!”

“Please give me your cum,” Caity said in her sweetest, softest voice.

Rico’s hand replaced her mouth on his cock as he pulled out from between her lips and started stroking it in final preparation. After Caity was instructed to kneel lower and tilt her face up to the ceiling, the Arrow star was ready for her face to be unloaded upon. Instead, Rico showed amazing accuracy by erupting the majority of his cum right into her open mouth. Once nearly a dozen streaks of jizz landed on her tongue, he shoved his dick back into her. Caity loved the feel of his dick twitching between her lips as his massive wad poured out coating her tongue and occasionally blasting against the back of her throat. Based on her sexual prowess thus far, Rico wasn't surprised in the least to see Caity drain every ounce down her throat, all while donning a huge smile.

"Shit...here...," Lex grunted.

“Thank you,” Caity said as she kissed Rico’s dick.

The Impaler had been stroking his length watching as the curvy girl drank down Rico’s cum but now he was ready to explode. While Rico had decided to make her drink down his entire load, the idea of cumming on her face greatly aroused Lex too much to pass up. Moving around to her side quickly, Lex got there just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her gorgeous face. 

“Fuck me!” Lex grunted as he came.

Caity was too slow moving to face the big man so took the first streak to the side of her face, painting her forehead, eyelid and cheekbone with his white goo. This got her attention and she fought her mouth free of Rico 's spent cock and faced Lex head-on, right in time for his second streak to fire from his slit. The blonde didn't have time to catch it with her mouth and instead it landed on her nose, lips and chin. 

Lex wasn't done yet, still having a reserve of much more cum, Caity was finally able to get her bearings and caught the rest of the blasts of jizz on her tongue, promptly swallowing it down before she wrapped her lips around his tip and literally sucked the last remains of cum from him. The normally cum was the predominant taste that coated her tongue, it wasn’t the case currently as Caity was instantly reminded where this man had been fucking her right before cumming on her face.

"Damn, that was intense," Lex announced, body slumped from the massive expenditure of energy.

All three were now completely exhausted and covered in sweat due to the vigorous activity. Caity had dropped down into a deep kneel while absent-mindedly scooping the cum on her face into her mouth to swallow down. 

"So good," Caity added, leaning back to rest against the foot of the bed. 

"Seconded," Rico added, still panting from the lengthy fuck session. 

“Caity...wow is all I can say,” the director complimented the actress. “The energy! The talent! The booty!”

“Awww...thank you,” the blonde gushed. “I always aim to please.”

The camera light went out and the people on set began to move about. However, after using a tissue to clean her face, Caity went back over to the male porn actors who were both getting dressed again. 

“Hey I didn’t know how long this would go today so I have a clear schedule. Either of you free for the next few hours?” Caity asked.

“You seriously just took a double dicking and still want more,” Rico asked in disbelief.

“If you don’t want to…” Caity started to reply before he cut her off.

“I didn’t say that!” 

“I’m in too,” Lex replied. “I want more time with that ass.”

“So do why,” the other man insisted.

“Maybe there’s a way for you both to fuck my ass...at the same time,” Caity stated, wondering if she could handle double anal with two of the biggest cocks in the industry.

“Lead the fucking way,” Lex said as both men stalked the blonde back to her room.


Next Chapter - Natalie Alyn Lind (The Gifted, The Goldbergs) has her perfect body fully exploited

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