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BY : TheChemist
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 25
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, DAP, DP, Gangbang, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know any of the celebrities mentioned (Taylor Swift) nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Legalporno or Gonzo, nor with any of their talent

Summary: Taylor Swift makes her long awaited debut as she needs to have a phone hack disappear. 

Note: I’d like to thank Cosmo Kramer from helping give ideas for this chapter

Taylor Swift was sitting in a makeup chair, currently having her long golden locks fussed over by a competent woman in preparation for her first ever porn shoot. It wasn’t the first time she was filmed having sex, that was old news to her and partially to blame for her being here today. However, the 31 year old never had to stoop to the level of needing Hollywood Pornstars to help out her career. Until now. 

“Is this really the famous, mega-star Taylor Swift as I live and breathe?”

Taylor broke off from the conversation she was having with her hair and makeup crew in order to glance at the man who just entered the small room. She was a handsome man of middle age, probably a good decade older than Taylor. She recognized him from being the Legalporno rep from the bidding process where almost every porn studio tried to land Taylor to film with them. 

“It really is,” the gorgeous blonde nodded her head.

“And what did it finally take to bring the sex-positive, femininst icon to heel?”

“Goddamn sex tape,” Taylor answered.

Everything had gone so peachy for Taylor since a young age. She was a self-made woman who succeeded on her talent alone. Sure, she had heard about Hollywood Pornstars from her friends who had become wrapped up in that side of the industry. However, Taylor had been successful enough that she didn’t need it. And then the wheels fell off. First it was some jerk she already hated that bought up her old record label and thus gained the master copies to all of her albums. And then there was the computer hack. At first, Taylor thought it was an empty threat to siphon money from her, after all, she got that a few times over the years. But then the hackers released a picture and Taylor’s heart sank. It was innocent enough, the leggy singer and her boyfriend sharing the bathroom sink as he shaved and she stood in her bra and jeans as she sampled a colorful wig. But it was enough to tell her the threat was credible.

“So you finally agree to come play and the Powers That Be crush the threat?”

“Bingo,” the blonde nodded her head. “Hence why I’m here in Eastern Europe without having a concert tour planned.”

“It was quite the bidding session to see who got the honors of filming you,” the Legalporno rep stated. “By far the highest amount any studio has ever paid for the right to film. Many of our male talents willingly gave up their Christmas bonuses to help fund our 3 film deal for you.”

“I’m flattered,” the gorgeous singer answered. “And sadly, I’m not joking. I’m quite awed that sex with me costs so much.”

“You are a mighty fine prostitute. The elite,” the man laughed. 

“So 3 movies, eh?” Taylor asked after a brief loll in the conversation.

“Yes, each with a different studio that works under the Legalporno brand. The first, the one you are shooting today, is a real threat…”

“No pee though, right?” Taylor cut in.

The man smiled. “Not today. Today, you’ve earned Gonzo’s Gangbanged Them All treatment...dry. Plus them being the big dick team.”

“Gangbang and big dicks? You really know how to make a girl swoon,” the pop singer blushed. 

“Listen, we have a room right through there for you to limber up, if needed. Also, you;ll find a collection of sex toys to warm up with as well,” the man explained.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Taylor replied as she leaned over in her chair and lifted up her skirt to reveal a jeweled object secured between her surprisingly thick ass cheeks. “Not my first rodeo in a gangbang.”

*    *    *

Taylor sat on the legendary white leather sectional sofa that countless other women had found themselves on over the past decade. The pop singer had to stop her mind from wondering how many women had been fucked on this piece of furniture, which even after umpteen washes still smells vaguely of semen and piss. She was thankful that her jean cut-off shorts, as tiny as they were, were between her skin and the gross leather. She wore long grey socks and a matching tank top to round out her outfit, though she knew none of these clothes would last long on her body.

“My oh my,” a large and very naked black man commented as he entered the room.

Taylor stood to meet the large black man who looked more like a professional athlete given his strapping muscles. However, looking down at his manhood and the pop singer understood how Antonio got into porn; his enormous 11 inch dick. Taylor couldn’t help but smile and blush a little bit, happy she got to work with someone possessing such a huge cock right away. Taylor’s sexual exploits and near endless horniness were well known, but one of the lesser known facts about the superstar was that she was a size queen.

“Hey Antonio,” Taylor said, raising off the sofa.

As she stood on her black high heels, the camera and the naked black man could soak in her image. Taylor’s body had matured wonderfully. While always possessing the face and body of a Victoria Secrets model, the blonde had sorted out her eating addiction in the past few years and put on an additional couple pounds in all the right places. She still possessed perfect legs, but now she had slightly juicier thighs that were still muscular and feminine. Her flat stomach was untouched by the added weight, but the same could not be said about her tits or ass, which had both filled out in the best way possible. A full B cup that were still just as perky as when she was 18, her tits were only eclipsed by her booty which had grown in roundness and thickness, making even more men craze her. 

Antonio walked straight up to the pop singer and immediately established his dominance over her, first by clutching a handful of her golden hair and pulling it down. Taylor’s smile faltered for a moment before a more sultry grin replaced it, just in time for the black man’s tongue to worm its way into her mouth. Though Taylor loved to dominate the women in her sexual life, she loved when men took command over her, and it looked like she was in for a treat.

“Those look like some mighty fine tits under that shirt,” Antonio commented, still pulling on Taylor’s hair.

“Only one way to find out, big fella,” Taylor retorted, her hand encircling his massive erection and stroking it.

The man smiled before releasing the fist that was in her shiny hair in order to clutch the hem of Taylor’s tank top with both hands. The leggy blonde knew what was coming, watching as his muscular arms and chest tensed before they released that stored energy to tear her shirt right off her body. Not bothering with a bra, Taylor was left topless on camera, with the singer needing to suppress the urge to cover up. Luckily, she got over that thought fast enough, at which point with tits being kneaded, her nipples getting hard in his palms. 

“Bigger than I thought,” Antonio complimented the singer.

“I get that a lot,” Taylor replied with a cocky grin.

Spinning her around so her surprisingly thick ass was pointed at the camera, Antonio made short work of the button clasping the shorts as Taylor bent forward. Whether it was her fixed diet or additional glute workouts, the leggy blonde now possessed a full-fledged bubble butt. While not massive by any stretch of the imagination due to the narrowness of her hips, as Taylor bent over and shoved her hips back, the viewers were privy to seeing how thickened up her ass had gotten over the last few years.

“You’re skinny PAWG,” Antonio commented as he rubbed his erect cock on the underside of her cheeks, as a good majority of her ass was hanging out of the shorts that were less Daisy Dukes and more a denim thong.

“You’re making me blush over here,” Taylor smiled up at him.

Antonio bent Taylor over more so that the superstar had to place her hands on the sofa as he started to lightly spank her. Given his physique, he could have gone much harder but his ass slaps were only to make her booty jiggle for the camera, while also leaving her tanned skin slightly reddened. Swapping spanks for rubs, the large black man groped her fleshy bottom before running his hands over her mound, first overtop of her cut-off jean shorts, and then right on the slick pink folds after scooping the material onto one of her cheeks.

“Mhmmm...more of that please,” Taylor cooed.

“I think for that…” Antonio started as he straightened Taylor up. “...we need these to go.”

With her ass still facing the camera, the muscular man pulled the tiny shorts down Taylor’s legs. The pop singer knew all about how to make her body look even more erotic so she kept straight legs and bent at the hips while arching her back, making her peach of an ass look even hotter as the denim slide over her cheeks. Antonio let the shorts fall the long distance down her insanely perfect legs as his hands went to pulling her fleshy cheeks apart to show the camera and the viewers what Taylor Swift’s pussy and asshole looked like.

“Sweet Lord,” a male voice uttered from off-camera.

“Awwhhh...thanks,” Taylor said, looking back over her shoulder with a confident smile.

Poking out from between her mile-long legs was a glistening wet pussy that was the most vibrant pink color imaginable. However, it was Taylor’s asshole that was holding just as much attention from the viewers given that it wasn’t this tightly puckered rosebud. In fact, as Antonio pulled the cheeks further apart, a nice half-inch gape was produced, showing that not only did Ms Swift have anal experience, but it was a regular occurance in her bedroom.

“Wet this for me, baby,” Antonio asked, pressing his finger into Taylor’s mouth.

“Yes daddy,” Taylor replied after giving the digit a wet blowjob.

Antonio was aware that the pop singer had warmed up with a butt plug before the shoot, but he was surprised with the ease at which his long index finger disappeared fully into Taylor’s asshole. Hell, some of the regular porn stars they used didn’t take it that easy. Pulling his finger out, he showed off the improved gape, minimal as it was before sliding the same finger into her wet cunt, earning a loud moan from the talented singer.

“Shit! Yes,” Taylor cooed.

Antonio moved right behind the gorgeous singer so that his tongue had free access to her holes. He couldn’t decide what he wanted to lick more; her sweet-tasting pussy or wide-open asshole. Realizing that he could have both, the black man’s tongue went back and forth, spending a handful of second munching Taylor’s bald cunt before sliding up and lapping deep within her bowels. Switching to multi-tasking, Antonio’s tongue wagged deep in Taylor’s sweet pussy as first one, then a second digits slid into her asshole to not only stretch her out for things to come, but add spit deeper into her anal tract to act as lubricant.

“Add a third. Oh God, please one more,” Taylor swooned, in bliss as her snatch was eaten out as her asshole was fingered.

“Wet them.”

Taylor took the two digits that had been fucking her ass, as well as a third one that hadn’t, and began bobbing her head along their length. She could taste her ass on the fingers, but that didn’t deter her one bit. With a short but sloppy blowjob complete, Antonio took his fingers and pressed the three past her anal ring and all the way into her stretched booty. Not content, Antonio pulled out, spat on his fingertips then pressed his pinky finger in with the others to make it 4 digits in Taylor Swift’s ass.

“Naughty boy,” Taylor commented as four digits pushed in and out of her sphincter.

“Me naughty? You’re the one with four fingers fucking your ass,” Antonio laughed. 

“Do me a favor? Pull your fingers out like a hook and use your other hand on the opposite side,” Taylor directed, staring into the camera with her gorgeous blue eyes.

Antonio had worked in porn long enough to figure what she had in mind. Doing as he was told, the muscular black man pulled his four fingers out of her ass but with a curl, allowing his fingertips to gain purchase along her anal tract right before his digits popped out of her sphincter. His thumb on the free hand reached into her cavernous asshole and did likewise, pulling her anal ring wide, at which point Taylor wowed the crowd yet again by bearing down. She shut her eyes in concentration as the leggy blonde prolapsed herself, a bright red butt rose forming from the outward pressure she was exerting. Taylor was such an advanced anal slut that her prolapse actually came out past her anal ring, though that took all her focus and power. After a few seconds, Taylor’s control waned and Antonio helped her out by literally fingering her intestines back into her asshole.

“Holy fuck! You’re something special,” Antonio laughed.

“Don’t you forget it daddy,” the pop singer grinned in satisfaction. “Now please get that big black cock in my tight little hole.”

Antonio reminded her that he had just seen her inner bowels outside of her asshole, therefore her hole was far from little or tight. He set Taylor up so she was kneeling on the sofa with her arms supporting her weight as she stood behind her on an angle so the camera could capture it all. Spitting down on his dick, he rubbed the lube in before he pressed his tip against her loosened asshole and pushed inside. It came as a surprise to no one that after his second stroke, all of Antonio’s thick 11-inch dick went balls deep in her asshole with little resistance.

“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me!” Taylor begged.

The big man who weighed double what Taylor did grabbed her by her shapely hips and used his arms to pull her back to meet his faster and harder thrusts. The result was a rippling of her ass with every time his pelvis smashed her booty, which was often. After a minute, the big man slowed it down, slowly pushing all 11 inches into her canal, which earned him a lustful look over the blonde’s shoulder. 

“No don’t stop,” Taylor whined as the man pulled out, showing off her gape to the cameras. 

However, he was only going for a new hole as he moved down an inch and sheathed himself fully in her sopping wet pussy. Normally Taylor would never let a lover go right from her ass into her pussy, but this was the big leagues she was playing in now, and the Reputation singer wanted everyone watching to know she was just as good as the sluttiest of porn stars that the world had to offer. Antonio didn’t leave her ass unoccupied though because as he slammed his ebony wood into her snatch, his three digits went to finger-banging her asshole.

As warm and wet as her cunt felt, Antonio was more interested in her asshole. Pulling out with his cock lubed in her natural fluids, his dick slid home into her booty with no issues at all. Within a stroke his entire length was flying into Taylor’s asshole, using her anal ring to both their pleasure. Taylor knew some of the fucking was for the viewers as the black man would constantly pull out and show off her gape to the camera, but when he grabbed her hips and slammed his dick into her ass with reckless abandonment, Taylor moaned and screamed in utter delight.

“I need to see that face as I fuck your ass,” Antonio grunted, pulling out of her ass.

Taylor happily let the big man through her around, getting a thrill from the domination as she landed on her back. With her perfect legs pressed together, the black man placed them on his shoulder before he resheathed half his length into her anus. Taylor’s mouth opened in a moan as he went back to his fast fucking, working a good three-quarters of his cock into her with each and every stroke. 

“Get all that big black cock into me, daddy!” Taylor begged.

Antonio slowed his next thrust to a crawl, making Taylor feel each and every inch pass through her anal ring and into her bowels. For the last inch, the black man gave an extra jerk to drive it home, making Taylor’s bouncy tits jiggle up towards her beautiful face. Taylor reached her arms down her side so her hands could grip her surprisingly thick cheeks and pull them apart, making his dick able to go faster each time he sodomized her. She couldn’t tell if she preferred his slow deep thrusts more than the rapid-fire fucking with less shaft as they both felt so good to her.

“Ready…” Antonio started as he slammed all 11 inches deep in Taylor’s ass. “...to taste…” Antonio reared back only to drive his entire ebony cock back down into her rectum. “...your ass?”

“Ready?” Taylor asked with a quirk of the eyebrow. “I’ve been drooling at the prospective since you gave me a hint of it from your fingers earlier.”

For added flavor, Antonio kept his cock soaking in the deepest recesses of Taylor Swift’s bowels for several long heartbeats before pulling out. By the time he sat back on the sofa, Taylor had spun around and was kneeling with her face dangling over his lap. Not to ruin the visual or dampen the taste by using her hand to rub anything away, Taylor parted her ruby red lips and lowered her mouth until his bulbous tip poked the back of her mouth. Closing her lips, Taylor backed all the way up, giving an extra hard suck with only his tip in her mouth before pulling back, making an audible pop as her lips pulled away. 

“God, my ass is so tasty,” the singer cooed.

As if proving her point, Taylor held the massive cock in one hand as her tongue extended and licked the underbelly of his ebony shaft from base to tip. The gorgeous blonde did this three more times, licking the top and two sides clean of any anal juices before she showed off what was Hollywood’s worse kept secrets. With a secure hold of the bottom of his cock, Taylor put his dick in her mouth until it poked the small opening to her throat. Having long ago lost her gag reflex, Taylor pressed further down and felt his bulbous head enter her throat. She didn’t stop her descent until her knee was pressed deep into his short and curly pubes.

“Jesus! Fuck!” Antonio groaned as Taylor continued to hold him down in her throat.

Though capable of holding in her gullet for much longer, Taylor was more interested in putting on an energetic oral performance and wanted to keep it moving. Therefore, as soon as her nose was pressed against his flat abdomen, she was pulling back, her lips massaging every inch of his slobbery manhood as she retreated. Though he had been in the industry for over 10 years, it was extremely rare for a girl to be able to deep throat his massive dick, something Taylor Swift had no issues with. Thus, the pop singer bobbed once to the 3-inch mark, twice to the halfway point of his cock then relaxed her throat and took him completely into her mouth, down to his balls. In fact, Taylor even found the time to extend her tongue and actually give his nuts a little lick as she held all 8 inches of hard dick in her gullet.

“God this dick is so nice,” Taylor cooed, her fist stroking him a mile a minute due to how slippery his flesh was from her spit. “You wanna fuck my mouth, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah I do,” Antonio answered, already swinging off the sofa and getting to his feet.

Taylor let out a little giggle as she slid from the well used sofa and onto her knees. Kneeling on the soft shag rug, Taylor held her mouth in a wide O as two hands gripped the back of her skull. The black man slid his dick into her mouth and didn’t stop until his tip forced its way down her gullet and all 11 inches reached down to her stomach. Taylor gave the briefest of spluttering, coughing some strands of saliva onto his ebony shaft as he pulled out. She took the chance to gulp down a breath before her airway was occluded again by his massive dick. Her eyes started to become red-rimmed, as did a little mascara run down from her eyes, but Taylor took the face fucking like she was born to it. 

“Glllllgggggkkkkk,” Taylor coughed and gagged, but always kept her mouth open wide for the next oral assault. 

With thick strands of spit decorating his ebony wood, not to mention dripping down onto his balls and making a puddle on the floor in front of her, Taylor was resolute. She always had her mouth open and throat relaxed, constantly deep-throating the large black man. Wanting a change of pace for fear of cumming right down into her stomach too soon, Antonio pulled out and placed his slobbery cock right on Taylor’s model-esque face so her mouth could be used on his balls. Showing no regard to her saliva smearing onto her face, Taylor parted her red lips and gladly sucked on the nuts on offer, giving each a thorough suction.

“Just give me all that cum, daddy,” Taylor begged between sucking on his balls. “Don’t you wanna cum down my throat? Filling my slutty little mouth with your warm load?”

Antonio gave a look over to the director who nodded his head in consent. Knowing that her first man wouldn’t last much longer, Taylor stopped playing with her food and went for the kill. Shortening her strokes with her mouth so that she was only sucking on the first 5 inches, the less distance meant a much faster blowjob. With all the spit covering his shaft, his pecker was practically frictionless which meant Taylor’s lips could go that much swifter as a result. As Taylor felt his hands tightening in her golden hair, she used one last trick and took him all the way, deep throating him once again before pulling off and resuming her half-cock length bobs.

“Jesus! Cumming!” Antonio hissed through clenched teeth.

The moment Taylor felt the first squirt of man gravy against the roof of her mouth she treated Antonio to shooting the rest of his load directly into her stomach. Shoving her face forward, Taylor deepthroated him for the last time so that his next blast of semen was in her throat immediately. The sudden balls deep sucking made the climaxing black man’s body shudder in little spasms from pleasure overload, yet the kneeling blonde kept his dick firmly in her gullet. Knowing she wanted to be taking his semen right down her throat, Antonio reached down with both hands and held the back of her head in place, making a retreat for Taylor impossible. Of course, the leggy blonde had no intention of going anywhere, content taking stream after stream of warm cum into her throat and into her tummy. 

“At the risk of sounding like a complete cum-hungry slut...yum,” Taylor smiled widely.

“That looked like fun!” Max, a heavily tattooed man commented as he walked in front of the camera.

“I can’t wait to get my dick sucked by Taylor Swift either,” a tall skinny guy said, standing in front of the still kneeling Taylor.

“Well I refuse to disappoint,” the blonde replied with a naughty grin.

While one guy was tall, skinny and unblemished by ink and the other was stocky with a dozen tattoos, but both men possessed big dicks. Both Taylor’s pink cunt and mouth started watering as their cocks came swaying towards her, The lankier of the two, Luca, reached her first, his hands coiling in her golden locks. With her lips already parted, Taylor’s face began being fucked by the second man already that night.

“Fuck yes,” Luca hissed. “Suck that dick.”

The opportunity to completely dominate and sodomize a gorgeous blonde who was also a megastar was rare, to say the least. Acting on their once-in-a-lifetime chance, Luca began driving his hips forwards, making the deep-throating wonder take all 10 inches of his dick that was much like him - long and thin. Meanwhile, the muscular Max behind her demonstrated his strength by lifting the leggy singer to her high heeled feet. With Taylor standing in heels and bent over in half at the waist put her mouth and ass at the perfect height for both her male suitors. 

“You that’s a great pussy,” Max grunted.

Taylor felt all 7 inches of extremely fat cock pierce her pinkness in one push, not that she minded. In fact, she loved the feel of a thick manhood stretching out her pussy to the limit. It also allowed the men to work in tandem so that whenever the muscular Max thrust his dick in her snatch, lanky Luca received the benefit of a faster ride into her mouth and down her throat. Taylor was leaking saliva at this point, but it didn’t hurt her performance of blowing Luca’s manhood, in fact it only made it better.

“Get on the sofa,” Luca hissed in a thick Italian accent, though the English was perfectly understandable.

With a hand wrapped in her silky golden mane, the taller Luca pulled Taylor forward so the dick slipped from her pussy before he pushed her playfully to land on her back atop the sofa. Like a well-oiled machine, Luca dropped to his knees between the blonde’s outstretched legs as the muscular Max jumped beside Taylor on the sofa. This time the blonde started sucking off the fat dick, tasting her sweet pussy juice on his shaft as Luca used all the saliva decorating his cock to shove half his foot-long dick into her ass.

“Fuuccckkk meeeee,” Taylor groaned in pure pleasure as her bowels were stuffed again.

As Luca was finding his stride fucking Taylor’s asshole, Max satisfied himself with batting his cock on the blonde’s lips, which she plumped up to make a softer landing pad for. As the Italian worked in more and more of his cock, Max swore he could see Taylor’s flat stomach bulging as nearly a foot of cock poked deep into her rectum. Instructing the leggy girl to keep her mouth open, Max thrust his cock along her lips, using the ruby red chops to massage his cock as she added her tongue to lick the underbelly as it passed along her mouth.

“Show us that gape, Tay Tay,” Luca said.

The Italian pulled out suddenly and Taylor bared down as asked, displaying a lovely wide asshole that gaped open for several seconds before the pop singer winked it shut. Luca poked it open by shoving 11 inches of hard cock up her booty before backing out completely. Taylor kept her ass open for the cameras and before it winked closed, Luca shoved back in. Once more he pulled back out all the way several more times until he decided there was enough footage of the inside of Taylor Swift’s rectum. Grabbing her narrow hips, Luca resumed fucking the pop star, going harder, deeper and faster than before.

“That’s it. Give me all that dick,” Taylor stared down at him with lust burning in her eyes.

“Come sit on Big Maxxy’s dick, baby,” the muscular inked man said from beside her.

Luca pulled his dick from her ass and pulled Taylor up by her wrists, not that the leggy girl stayed on her feet for long. Max slid into position right behind the standing singer before grabbing her hips and easing the blonde back down on his lap. Luca held her arms, allowing his partner to line his dick up with Taylor’s gaping ass, at which point the Italian released his grip and allowed gravity to help spear her butthole on the 7-inch baby arm.

“Shit!” Taylor grunted as her bowels were thrust wide open, further than anything so far tonight. “That’s a wide cock.”

Despite still being in her high heels, Taylor planted her feet on the couch and started to ride the fat dick, taking him balls deep with each ride. The blonde’s perky tits bounced and jiggled with each stroke that her asshole gave the man’s shaft, as Max helped drive deeper and faster into her booty by lifting his hips off the sofa as she began her descent. When she felt his hands pulling down on her hips, Taylor went with the motion and let him sheath his entire length in her ass as she began making wide circles on his lap.

“Jesus fuck!” Max grunted, being on the receiving end of the Taylor Swift sexual experience and loving every moment of it.

Thinking that his buddy may need a mini-break, Luca stepped up and used his new grip on Taylor’s lengthy thigh to push her back further onto Max’s muscular chest. As a result, the tattooed man’s fat cock spilled from her ass, but the vacancy was immediately plugged by Luca’s eager member. Standing and leaning against her heavenly legs, the lanky Italian went full speed ahead. After sharing a lengthy and tongue-filled kiss with the leggy blonde, Luca straightened up and pulled out of Taylor’s ass, allowing Max to take back residence in her bowels.

“I can’t wait to carpet your pretty face in my jizz,” the Italian hissed down at her as he took his turn in her ass again.

“Yeah? Want to drop ropes on my gorgeous face?” Taylor bantered back.

“Fuck yes I do,” Luca grunted, working himself into a frenzy. “Get down on your fucking knees.”

Max was happy to hear the order that his partner gave Taylor because he’d been ready to cum for minutes, barely able to starve off his climax so they could cover her together. Between Luca straightening up with a handful of her golden mane in his fist and Max helping push off his lap, Taylor got off the men before dropping down to her knees. Knowing how to work the camera, Taylor went for dramatic effect by bending backwards so her head rested on the seat of the sofa, with both men jacking their dicks on either side of her.

“Cum for me boys! All over me,” Taylor encouraged, her hand rolling a ball sack in each of her palms.


Hearing one of the men moaning louder than the other, Taylor faced that one just in time to see Max take a step closer to her without his hand slowing down from stroking himself off. After another half-dozen pumps with his fist, the muscular man took aim and shot his load of white goo flying towards the singer. It streaked across her face on level with her mouth, splashing on both cheeks with some going into her mouth as well. The next few ropes decorated her face with the thickest ropes landing on her cheek, forehead and nose. For good measure, Max literally slapped his dick a handful of times on Taylor’s gorgeous face, beating the last few drops out onto her skin until he ran dry. With her hand between her legs diddling her clit, she took an ass juice-coated cock back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

“Just waiting on your spunk, big fella,” Taylor looked up at Luca as she spooned the jizz from her face into her mouth to swallow.

Luca was also ready to bust a nut so he crouched down lower, his dickhead mere inches from her beautiful face. Ready to explode, the Italian couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her face. Taylor was caught off guard by the speed his semen rocketed from his tip as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she knew what hit her. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Mmmmm,” Taylor happily moaned, savoring every drop she was getting, even the stray few shots that fired on her face. 

Despite the fact she had several thick ropes of jizz on her cheek and over her nose, not to mention several more running down her chin, Taylor had no issue with it. She loved when a man spunked on her face because there was something demeaning about it. However, she cleaned up quicker than normal, leaving no time to bask in the warm feel of jizz on her face. Once more she shovelled the cum into her mouth and swallowed it down before being offered a tissue to make sure she looked pristine for the next three men that entered.

“Ready for more?”

The kneeling blonde had just diverted her gaze upward when she saw another three naked men approaching her from off-screen. Taylor didn’t even have time to get to her heeled feet before they formed a tight circle around her, their hard dicks all at eye level. As Taylor opened her mouth to capture the first between her ruby red lips, the other two made use of her gorgeous face but lightly beating their hardened shafts against her cheeks, forehead and only other place they could. Taylor simply giggled as she sucked playfully on the tip of the man in front of her. 

“Open wide,” a strong-built man named Yannick demanded.

Taylor parted those luscious lips as instructed and was rewarded with taking his smooth, flawless cock to the root down her throat. To her amazing credit, Taylor didn’t so much as flinch, gurgled or gag as her gullet was invaded. With a hand resting on the back of her golden maned-head, Yannick used his 9-inch cock that ended in a big bush to fuck Taylor Swift’s face. The blonde had no problem with such an action, though his long pubes did tickle her nostrils as she took all 9 inches but she was only held at his base for less than a second before she was pulling back. 

“Goddamn she’s special!” Yannick groaned, pulling Taylor from his spit-soaked cock.

“My turn, little brother,” the older of the two brothers claimed.

“You always do that,” the 8 years junior brother commented.

“It’s my birthright!” George shouted at the younger man as he took up residence in front of Taylor. “Now hold her arms back.”

Though the brothers clearly had their issues, they put them aside for fucking Taylor Swift. As instructed, the younger brother Thomas reached from behind the kneeling pop singer to grab her wrists. Pulling them back so her arms were just behind the plane of the rest of her body, Thomas balanced on one leg so his other foot could be placed square between the gorgeous girl’s shoulder blades. 

“So theatrical,” Taylor thought.

With her arms restrained, George stepped up, grabbed both sides of Taylor’s face and proceeded to give her the face fucking of a lifetime. The Czech man used his 8-inch but girthy tool to repeatedly slam the back of Taylor’s mouth, with every third stroke into her mouth pushing past her gullet and ledging fully into her throat. For added thrill in testing her gag reflex, George would rest his dickhead against the back of her mouth, right at the entrance of her throat, then jerk his cock in an up-and-down or side-to-side motion. This was his go-to move when the scene called to make the girls vomit, however the leggy American proved to be of tougher stock. Aside from making loud gurgling noises and producing even more saliva, Taylor handled the vigor blowjob like it was nothing outside the normal.

“KKKWWWKKKKKKK,” Taylor gagged for a final time before her arms and head were released.

George released the gorgeous singer and allowed his eager younger brother a turn. Thomas didn’t need any prompting, stepping into the coveted vacated space in front of Taylor and stuffing her mouth full of the 6th different dick that night. Adopting a pace and depth somewhere between the other two men, Thomas went fast as he fucked Taylor’s face, but not too deep. At least not right away. After a couple dozen strokes using her plush lips, Thomas jabbed all 8 inches into Taylor’s throat, basking in the glorious feel of the tight airway muscles squeezing half his member.

“Eat that fucking dick!” Thomas swore, holding on tightly to the back of the blonde’s head.

Taylor felt several things at once. For one, her eyes started to tear up with a small tear escaping down each cheek as the deep throat continued. Next was the lengthening strand of spit that was leaking from her mouth, dripping over her chin and descending down to her pillowy chest. And lastly was the feeling of becoming light-headed, as the amount of time the dick was blocking her airway was starting to make the oxygen loss felt. 

“Jesus!” Thomas hissed as he allowed the blonde to surface for air.

Despite the near asphyxiation by the thick cock, Taylor maintained a controlled attitude. The singer pulled off his dripping cock, taking a few deep breaths, but not without looking up at him with desire in her eyes and a sweet smile surrounded by the glare of saliva. Showing that she was not only fine with the rough treatment but enjoying it, Taylor bobbed her head forward to take the younger brother’s tip back in her mouth to resume his blowjob.

The men went back to sharing her so that they always stayed fresh. Taylor could have been blindfolded and still figured out who was who based on the way they liked getting sucked off. She knew George, the older brother, was next given the way he jammed half his dick into her mouth then swirled his tip around the back of her mouth. Suddenly, the thin stream of saliva dripping down her chin became much thicker. Next up had to be Yannick as he grabbed two handfuls of her silky golden locks and face fucked her for all he was worth. At the end of his rapid strokes into her mouth was pulling her all the way forward so Taylor could demonstrate her deep throat. Before passing her off, Yannick beat his long thick cock on her lips, nose and cheeks, smearing her saliva onto her flawless face in the process.

“Stand up for me baby,” Yannick demanded, offering his hand which she happily accepted.

The oldest of the trio had Taylor place one of her long perfect legs up onto the sofa before bending her over. After a slap to each of her bubbly cheeks, Yannick didn’t waste his time with anything but her ass. Given that 3 gentlemen with equally large dicks had already pillaged the loosened hole, Yannick had little trouble pushing half his 9 inches into her ass in the first thrust. By the time he worked all his shaft into her booty, George was standing on the sofa in front of Taylor, getting his dick re-acquainted with the blonde’s throat. Despite getting spit-roasted balls deep at either end of her body, Taylor was still able to beckon the youngest brother forward so she could beat him off with a hand.

“Fuck me boys! Fuck meeeee!”

“You brothers wanna double up on Ms Swift?” Yannick asked, pulling out and showing off the blonde’s massive gape.

Taylor expected to sit on one of their laps, but the brothers had a different idea as they eased her down so she was kneeling on the edge of the sofa with her face resting down on the cushion. Thomas climbed atop the sofa above her and adopted a power squat position before nestling half his length into Taylor’s asshole, earning a pleased moan from the singer. As he went with slow strokes down into her booty, the older brother George stepped up behind the pair, slightly stooped and entered her pussy.

“That’s it! Double fuck me!” Taylor encouraged.

Despite how extreme a double penetration looked to inexperienced girls, it was so very pleasurable. First was being wanted so much by two men that not only were they willing to share you, but they were willing to have their dicks so close to one another. Next was that the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy was a source of extra pleasure, which was constantly stimulated as the two cocks took turns plowing in and out of their respective holes. And lastly was the cock in her ass pressing down through that membrane, forcing the dick in her pussy to now be perfectly angled to rub her G spot with each and every stroke. As a result of these things, Taylor always had orgasms during DPs, often multiple times.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Taylor shouted, her pleasure ramping up by the second.

Yannick watched in amazement as the leggy girl clearly was building up to an orgasm while being double stuffed. He decided to simply watch and stroke himself as younger brother Thomas rapidly fucked down into her ass as older brother George did longer but slower thrusts into the pop singer’s pink slit. However, Taylor had other ideas, gesturing to him to sit in front of her face with the use of a finger so that she could go airtight with each of her holes occupied on a cock. Taylor could taste her ass on his mighty cock as her mouth bobbed on his length, not that she minded. She loved all of herself, how sweet her pussy was, how naughty her ass tasted, how wide she could gape her ass and how she could cum like porn star from a double dicking.

“Shit! Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m ccummmmiiiinnnnnggggg!” Taylor shouted, urging the men on with her ear-piercing scream.

After riding out her orgasm without Taylor’s sphincters milking them of their cum, younger brother Thomas pulled out of her ass and allowed his older brother a chance to have a go back in her ass. Taylor immediately noted George taking advantage of the tighter hole, going balls deep in her ass for a minute before sliding back down into her pussy. While Taylor never minded ass to mouth, she wasn’t super fond of ass to pussy given how unhygienic it was, but today she would make an exception. Once George slid back into her pussy, Thomas was back in her ass the next second, resuming their coordinated brotherly double penetration of Taylor Swift. 

George wasn’t sure he’d ever seen his brother fuck so hard before. All 8 inches of his thick shaft kept thundering down into Taylor’s ass, causing her cheeks to ripple and producing a loud slapping noise. The ferocity of Thomas’ strokes made the older brother have to take more of a backseat, but George was proud of his sibling. Newer to porn but possessing nearly the same stamina, not to mention an identical cock to his older brother, Thomas’ only weakness was a lack of intensity. However, tonight with Taylor Swift, it was a non-issue.

“Fuck!” Taylor swore, not remembering a time that she’d ever been fucked this hard during a DP.

“Shit!” Thomas swore.

After his grunt, Thomas pulled out of Taylor, stepped off the sofa and pulled the leggy blonde down to the floor. Taylor had fucked enough men to know the sound of a man about to cum so she assumed the position on her knees with her face pointed at the sweaty man. 

“Cum for me! On my face, in my mouth. Wherever you want,” Taylor begged.

After a few more seconds of vigorously stroking his shaft, Thomas bellowed loudly before Taylor watched the first thick stream of cum rocketed towards her. The sticky load half landed on her cheek and lip while the tail end of the rope entered her mouth for her tasting pleasure. The rest of his healthy load of cum landed on her tongue, coating her taste buds in his salty offerings. Knowing there was more where that came from, Taylor shoveled the rope that landed on her face into the mouth before it joined the 5 other jizz packets resting her stomach already.

“Come suck my nuts,” Yannick demanded as his hand stroked his manhood.

Ever the sub to these men, Taylor opened her mouth and took turns sucking on his hairy nuts, all while her own hand was between her thighs, diddling her pussy. With three long fingers probing her pussy and her palm rubbing her clit, Taylor was lost to pleasure until a hand landed on her head and tilted her face upwards. Opening both eyes and mouth, Taylor watched the man finish himself off with Yannick opting for more of a facial. Thick strands of jizz landed on both her cheeks and nose before the burly man used the tip of his cock to push the cum into Taylor’s waiting mouth.

“Give that here,” Taylor beckoned to the last man standing.

Despite being an experienced porn star, George was powerless to withstand more than another minute or two of a Taylor Swift deep throating. It was just to erotic. The way her gorgeous face looked with a dick buried fully in her mouth with her ocean blue eyes looking back up at him. The feel of her tongue on the entire length of the underbelly of his dick. The way her lips closed around the base of his cock. The feel of the smooth passageway of her gullet as his 8 inch dick made it halfway down to her stomach.

“Fucking drink it,” George groaned, not even bothering to leave her throat before cumming right down into her stomach.

“Thanks boys,” Taylor said, waving to the retreating men from her knees.

As the three men exited the room, 4 more entered. The largest man in the group, a man with a full sleeve of tribal tattoos named Brian, and a plain looking man except for his monster cock reached Taylor at the same time. Muscular Brian wrapped Taylor in his arms before hoisting her skyward, at which point she scissored her long legs around his powerful torso. The big man sank his equally large manhood into her pussy, bouncing her once or twice along his full shaft before he leaned back and sat on the sofa. Settling right behind her was Steve, the plain man, who butted his absolutely monster hog against her anal sphincter before pushing forward.

“Fucking fuck!” the normally curse-adverse woman roared. “Is that your fist?”

“Just my dick, baby,” Steve smiled at her.

Taylor hadn’t felt like she was being torn in half since she was a fresh-faced newbie to DPs back in her late teens. She’d had over a decade of being double stuffed without issue, but the size of both Steve in her ass and Brian in her cunt was a lot. It would have brought tears to a lesser woman, but Taylor was a legend in the sack for a reason. Though the blowjob she gave the third man was far from her best, he occupied himself by controlling matters, which amounted to his 9 inch dick slipping out the back of her mouth and down into her throat.

“Seriously, is that a baseball bat?” Taylor eventually inquired once her mouth was free of cock.

Steve laughed and pulled out of Ms Swift’s asshole as if to confirm to her that it was merely a flesh-and-blood dick, albeit a large one. Once Steve was out of the way, the big man under Taylor allowed the two other members of their group to pull the blonde to the other end of the sofa. Angelo sat himself down on the leather cushion with the leggy blonde on top of him, easily sliding his 8-inch and medium girth cock into her ass. Taylor barely felt him enter given the ass fucking she just received from Steve’s massive member, but as the last guy of the group stepped between her legs, her asshole was about to receive a new challenge. 

“We both fuck your ass now, understand?” an extremely handsome man stated.

“Get both those dicks up my hole,” Taylor looked up at him with confidence.

Despite being a veteran of several dozen double anal pentrations, plus having just been fucked by a flesh-and-blood baseball at in Steve, Taylor couldn’t help but wince and curse as the second cock was fed into her asshole. The slender singer did her best to relax for the eager man as he and the other European focused on getting a second dick into her cavernous asshole. Taylor could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access. Even after his tip somehow fit past her once tight anal ring, Chris kept pushing with slow but steady pressure until half his 8 inches were buried in her asshole, along with all 9 inches of Angelo’s manhood.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Taylor swore as the second cock was able to breach her anal ring.

Taylor was reduced to little more than shouting ‘fucks’ as the two men took mercy and went slow. With a practiced rhythm, the two younger members of the four men charged with gangbanging the singer took their time, using slow measured strokes in opposite motions to double fuck her ass. Taylor found her asshole relaxing further, along the two to actually pick up their speed and depth of thrusting, albeit only a little bit at a time. 

“Oh yeessss,” Taylor started to purr.

Not only was Taylor starting to derive some enjoyment from the extreme anal act, but she was actually rocking her slender body back down to meet their thrusts. Not only that, she was able to start multi-tasking, taking the nearest man into her mouth and start bobbing on his length. Given the sweet-tasting nature of his manhood, Taylor knew it had to be the tattooed Brian as he had been the last one to fuck her snatch.

“Shit! Fuck! Damn!” Taylor constantly moaned as she rode the fine line between pleasure and pain.

“Show off her gape and hopefully the butt rose, then I want you to cum,” the director instructed the four men.

“What?! So soon,” Taylor sulked as she was growing to love the double anal penetration.

Listening to the director, first Chris then Angelo pulled out of Taylor’s asshole, making the singer feel empty, and hating it. Doing as the wanted, Taylor pushed back and bore down, achieving what the director wanted when her bright red bowels blossomed out past her anal ring. Taylor’s face started to turn red from the force she used to prolapse herself, but finally she ran out of energy and had to relax, feeling as her intestines slithered back into her body.

“Knees,” Chris told her, helping her off the other man’s lap.

“Can’t complain about the quantity cum on this shoot,” Taylor thought to herself, her hand going back to diddling herself.

“Ah fuck!”

Taylor’s head snapped around to the direction of the screamer, who happened to be Angelo, one of the men who was fresh from double fucking her asshole. Parting those ruby red lips, Taylor received half the cum in her mouth and the other half splashing all over her lips, upper lip and chin. Luckily, it was all within tongue’s reach, allowing the pop singer to easily gather it up before swallowing it down.

“You want my cum?” Chris asked rhetorically.

“You know I want that spunk,” the horny singer replied.

“How about mine too,” another man added.

Taylor shifted so she was in the middle of the two males, each of whom was beating their poles like it owed them money. As the two men finished themselves, Taylor alternated between giving quick sucks to each of their tips. She did this while she fondled each of their nuts expertly with her hands, rolling each testicle with her skilled fingers. The combination of the balls, shaft and tip being stimulated was easily enough to drive both men to blowing their loads.

“Fuck,” the muscular Brian grunted.

Taylor didn’t react in time as she guessed the other man would grant her with his spunk first. Brian’s cum came pouring out of his cock and splashed across Taylor’s right cheek and upper lip. She turned to face him head on and took the second blast on her nose and eyelashes before he directed the rest onto her forehead.

“Oh yes,” the other guy Chris groaned.

It was a similar situation where the words were immediately preceded by the cum shot. Taylor didn’t have time to turn towards him either in time as the first few squirts landed on her opposite cheeks, ear and forehead. She turned to him in time for the last few smaller blasts, which were aimed in her mouth which she gladly swallowed again. Being somewhat of gentlemen, both Chris and Brian used their spent cocks to push their cumshots within reach of Taylor’s mouth, allowing the popstar to do the rest of the work by using her tongue to push into her mouth for her drinking purposes.

“It really is an actual cock,” Taylor commented, finally getting to see the massive meat pole the otherwise average looking Steve possessed.

“Told you,” he grinned though his hand never stopped working his lengthy shaft.

“Got something for me?” Taylor asked with a look that practically begged for his cum.

“Tell me…tell me what you want,” Steve groaned through strained eyes.

“Your cum…give me your cum,” Taylor begged.

“Then take it,” he spat.

Steve drove his cock deep into her mouth one last time, savoring the feeling of her lips around the base of his cock while her throat tightly squeezed his organ. He allowed himself to cum the first squirt in this position, looking down to watch her body reflexively recoil in surprise.

“Gglllck,” Taylor choked but held the cum down.

After that Steve withdrew from her throat and rested the tip of his member right on her tongue. His cum came dribbling out into her mouth, smothering her taste buds in his salty goo. After what felt like forever but in reality was 10 seconds, his balls were drained completely and a large load of cum rested on her tongue.

“Now take it down the hatch,” Steve instructed.

“Yum,” she replied, swallowing the entire load in one big gulp.

“Having fun?” the director asked Taylor as Steve made his exit.

“Yeah. I’m kinda sad it’s over. I felt like those guys were just getting started.

“Then I have what should be an exciting surprise for you…”

Taylor doesn’t know if the director continued talking or not because her attention was drawn to both doors that fed into the room opening up. Through both doors poured the 10 men that had just fucked her various holes for the past hour. All sported erections swinging before them, even the men who had just finished fucking her moments before. She didn’t know if they used drugs to help them or if they were just the breed of man who could rebound quickly for a second round, not that it mattered to her.

The brothers were the first to reach her, each standing on opposite sides of her. As Taylor wrapped her lips around Thomas’ manhood, she noted that the men had formed to lines of 5 men deep, ending with the cameraman filming right down the man tunnel. IWith all 10 men present, naked and erect, it became apparent to the kneeling Taylor swift that this was indeed the Big Dick team that the studio deployed for their most experienced women. 

Knowing how the brothers liked their blowjob, Taylor kept her mouth wide and throat relaxed as first Thomas then older brother George took turns face fucking the blonde beauty.

“Come here boys,” Taylor spoke to the next two men in line, her own drool dangling over her chin.

Muscular Max and hairy Yannick stood opposite each other, but a hand on each of their cocks by Taylor pulled them a step closer to one another. With a hair’s width between their tips, Taylor was able to sandwich her lips around the side of Max’s cock right at his base then glide the ruby red lips along his shaft, over the small space that separated the dicks then onto Yannick’s manhood until her cheek was pressed against his hairy lower stomach. After performing this for several times, Taylor went to give each man a traditional blowjob before crawling down the line.

Antonio and lanky Luca were up next, with the lanky fellow resorting to slapping Taylor’s gorgeous face with his cock whenever she was giving Antonio solo attention. Keeping everyone happy was a tough chore when there were this many men, but Taylor was doing extremely well. Next up were the four men she’d just finished doing double anal with, the taste of her own asshole still present on their cocks as she blew and choked on them. Not only did the taste not gross her out, it spurred Taylor on to give a sloppier and enthusiastic blowjob to the quartet.

“Feel like getting fucked...again?”

Taylor didn’t know from which of the 10 men the question came from, but she responded by wiping the copious amounts of drool from her chin and tits and used it to lather each of her holes. With the natural lubrication in place, the muscular Max picked up the leggy singer as if she weighed nothing and carried her to the sofa, at which point the 9 other men circled around the white furniture. As Max sat, his dick slid into her pussy immediately with Taylor bouncing on his dick the moment her knees touched the couch cushions. 

In stark contrast to the muscular man receiving the ride of his life, the man that saddled up behind the popstar and shoved into her ass was Luca, the tall and lanky bald man. As he started to find his groove with the fast pace ass-fucking, Taylor looked behind her (all while sucking off of the other men) and noted that the line up behind Luca was 3 people deep. It left her mouth a revolving door for the four men that were circling around her face, meaning Taylor gave her best oral attention to each for a half-minute before spitting out one cock and replacing it with the next.

“Remember me?” Steve asked as he moved into position behind Taylor after Luca left.

“How could I forget that cock?” Taylor replied with a devilish grin.

Steve was the most plain looking man the singer had ever seen...except for that mini baseball bat swinging between his legs. Despite the looseness of her asshole after an hour of fucking this man random men, Taylor actually gave a little whelp of discomfort as the man slid his massive hole into her backside. The pain was minimal and lasted less than a heartbeat, soon replaced with the wonderful stretch and fullness that anal sex with a big dick man could only give. Taylor reminded herself to get this man’s phone number after they finished filming as he would be worthwhile adding to her rotation of fuckboys.

“Push hard as I exit,” the big-dicked man issued an order.

Taylor did as she was asked when she felt the disappointment of his huge cock leaving her once-tight hole. Her anal rose wasn’t as large as before, likely due to Taylor still multitasking by riding a dick in her snatch, sucking off another while stroking two more. Still, it had an impressive bloom, which was shoved back in by the ebony shaft of Antonio. The freshest of the ten men since he had fucked her first over an hour ago, the black man made up for lost time by working himself up a sweat with his vigor fucking speed.

“Let’s see if I can match that,” Thomas commented, earning a laugh from the men as he took up residence behind Taylor.

The younger of the two brothers tried his damndest, but he wasn’t as recovered as Antonio. He still gave the singer a hell of a fucking, really making her asshole work in keeping from ripping apart from the power of his fucking, but after a minute he pulled out in need of a mini-breather. From under her, Max had decided he needed to stretch his legs so he got to his feet, his dick still in Taylor’s pink snatch, where Yannick met him to help share the load. With a gaping hole as his target, the hairy man had little issue finding her asshole with his shaft and going balls deep as the two men dropped the leggy blonde down onto their swords.

“Oh fuck!” Taylor sore, both her holes filled with 10 inches of cock simultaneously.

Though the double penetration was nothing new for Taylor, doing it while standing was a different beast altogether given that you were taking them deep at the same time instead of them sawing into you. It wasn’t better or worse, just different. Within a few bounces along their lengthy poles, Taylor was screaming wildly, thoroughly enjoying the new sensation this late into a gangbang.

“Fuck yes....mmmm yes...fuck my holes…” Taylor moaned and shouted her pleasure.

“You gonna cum for us?” a surprised Max asked as he kissed her neck.

“She totally fucking is! With two cocks in her at the same time,” Yannick confirmed with two big handfuls of her bubbly ass.

The men were correct of course. After less than another minute, Taylor was at the peak of yet another climax. As her inner fire burned brighter and brighter until she came, every nerve fiber in her being exploded in pleasure, starting at her spine and blooming out down her limbs and into fingers and toes. She must have lost consciousness from the huge orgasm because the next memories she had was back on the sofa, resting with her back on one of her many suitors as he slammed his hips off the cushion and into her well used asshole.

“Oh fuck baby! Your asshole is perfection,” a man groaned from beneath her.

Taylor had a good ear and recognized the voice as belonging to the eldest brother George. We has doing an admirable job of giving her ass a steady and smooth fucking as Brian was currently between her thighs, fucking her snatch. A look sideways revealed her fists wrapped around another pair of cocks, one white and one black. Someone behind her was going to town on her tits, giving the medium mounds a hell of a massage with the odd tweak of her nipples helping to stimulate just a little extra pleasure as well.

“If I remember correctly, you handled the double anal well,” a handsome man said as he occupied the space between her legs.

Taylor nodded her head, though he pulled a hand away from Antonio’s cock so she could diddle her clit. With the distraction in place, Chris placed his tip against her already occupied asshole and pushed in. This time, her anal ring gave up quickly, allowing him entrance into her asshole at the same as George. Working together, the men fucked her in the same pattern, both thrusting their tips in further at the same time, making her take them nearly 8 inches deep before they backed out.

“Fucking hell,” Taylor swore again as her anal ring was constantly pushed to the brink before getting to relax slightly.

As Chris stepped back, Angelo filled his role of being the second cock stretching out her ass at the same time as George’s. He was roughly the same size as the handsome man who had just left, so Taylor flowed from man to man feeling great. She had no idea that double anal could feel so good and not just be a crazy circus sex act. And yet here she was, thoroughly enjoying herself. However, it wasn’t until a hand from one of her many suitors reached down to her unattended pussy and began rubbing her clit was when Taylor became aware of yet another orgasm on the horizon. 

“Oh...oh my god don't stop...don't fucking stop!” she cried. 

It was a needless command as neither Angelo or George had any thought of doing anything but pounding Taylor Swift into oblivion. The men were more animals at this point, resorting to grunts and groans as they ravaged the celebrity’s asshole. The hand on her clit started going faster, which only made her pending orgasm arrive that much sooner.

“Oh...oh my....FUCK! FUUUUUCKKK!” Taylor cried out, her body shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. 

Taylor remembered very little of the rest of the gangbang after that point. She remembered vague scenes, such as being fucked while held in the air again, or leaning against the wall, or bent over the sofa. She had no idea how much longer they went on using her body for as it could have been minutes or hours. However, she started to come back to some semblance of consciousness as she heard the unmistakable bellow of a man on the verge of cumming.

“Fuck me! Need cum,” Thomas roared.

Taylor was on her hands and knees with a random dude fucking her ass (surprise, surprise) from behind while someone else was getting the deepest of blowjobs. After his warning, Thomas came rushing up, nearly throwing Luca aside so he could cum first on Taylor’s chin before redirecting his stream of jizz into her open mouth. The feel and taste of salty goo in her mouth snapped Taylor’s mind back to sharpness, making her aware of the mini baseball bat currently stretching her anal ring to the limit with his relentless hammering.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumminnngggg,” Steve howled.

All of a sudden, the plain looking man's hard and deep thrusts slowed to wild jerks into her ass as Taylor could feel the streams of warm jizz painting her bowels. After another few seconds, the baseball bat was removed, and after a heartbeat, the liquefied cum followed, dripping out of Taylor’s asshole, down over her pink folds but before it could puddle on the sofa, an assistant placed a shot glass to collect the anal creampie. By the time Taylor was done pushing the rest of the load from her rectum, she had a nice little morsel to drink down, which she did gladly, even throwing a wink at the camera and the assistant who had the clever idea to make her drink the cum that was once up her ass. By the time she swallowed two more men descended on her from either end, though it was the guy entering her mouth that had the frantic energy she associated with a male’s pending orgasm.

“Suck, suck, suck,” the handsome man Chris demanded.

Taylor couldn’t give him the deep dick blowjob that she was known for as Chris was holding a fist at the base of his cock. Still, the blonde was able to rapidly bob over half his 8 inches, blowing him with expert care until he pulled out of her mouth and made her rest her face beneath him. Obviously preferring to paste her face than have her swallow, Taylor only had a few seconds to wait until his load came pumping out with a half-dozen white ropes splashing on her flawless skin.

“God you look good with cum on your face,” Chris commented as she stumbled away from the blonde.

Meanwhile behind her, a quick change had occurred because the man who had been plundering her pussy wasn’t ready to cum just yet. However, he moved aside in favor of hairy Yannick. Based on the crazed look into his eyes and the frantic body language, Taylor understood he was ready to be milked of his cum by her hole. The only question was, which hole. The answer was another creampie for her ass because after he sheathed himself fully and delivered a dozen thrusts, he buried himself to the hilt one final time before Taylor felt her bowels being shot into. 

“Push it out, baby,” Yannick demanded after pulling out, holding the shot glass in his hand.

Given the fact she shot his load a good 10 inches deep in her anal tract, none of his jizz came leaking out. Giving it the boost it needed, Taylor bore down and pushed, feeling her efforts working in the slime moving down. Finally after a few hard pushes, the viewers at home and in the room were rewarded with watching as the latest cumshot leaked out of her spent ass and pooled into the glass. Knowing what they wanted, Taylor accepted the cup holding the tainted load and threw it down her gullet, swallowing it in one motion as to not have the taste of the vile cum in her mouth longer than it needed to be.

Max and his muscular physique was next to leave his semen in Taylor, opting for blowing his load in her mouth after her ruby red lips sucked the jizz right from his balls. With two moneyshots deposited in her ass, Antonio besided to opt for new pastures, using her pussy to fuck until he was ready. Rather than bury himself balls deep like Yannick, the black man backed out nearly to the entrance of her pinkness before shooting into her womb. Though a creampie to her pussy always caused Taylor some anxiety despite the birth control she was on, she managed her fears well and allowed for the sensual feel of warm cum in her snatch to lift her mood before it began dribbling out of her. Before she could re-adjust, George the older brother was on the sofa, hammering down into her asshole before depositing yet another payload into her rear for her to push out for the waiting camera. 

“Come onto your knees, sweetheart,” Luca instructed.

Taylor was thankful she was only on her feet for a moment because her muscles felt like they were jelly. Slinking to the ground, Taylor took up the ever-familiar position on her knees as the last three remaining dicks were being stroked off in her vicinity. 

“Face me, darling,” Luca stated as he rushed in.

The third last man in this final round of her gangbang was already blowing the start of his load a good foot away from the golden-haired goddess though it still was able to land right across her face and nose. The next two large streaks were angled from left cheekbone to right eyebrow before his load was spent. However, his load didn’t compare to the last two remaining men and their inhuman amount of cum that was about to coat Taylor’s already pasted face. 

“You ready?” Brian asked the last remaining guy.

“You fucking know it,” Angelo replied.

The two men stepped forward at the same time. Though Taylor had her head already tilted back, they requested she open her eyes. The blonde did so and was immediately greeted with a massive streak of white exiting the muscular guy’s tip. It just missed her face, landing in her silky golden hair, but the other man didn’t miss as his first rope covered a quarter of her forehead. The rest of Angelo’s ultra-thick semen colored the rest of her forehead admirably. Meanwhile, Max had readjusted his aim so his second rope of cum stretched from temple down to ear lobe. Much to the singer’s chagrin, his next two hearty blasts were right into her right eye socket before the rest of his voluminous load were wild shots ranging from her hair to her cheek.

“How’d you two have that much cum left,” Taylor laughed, amazed at the volume of semen on her face.

“You thought we got hired for our looks? We’re talented,” Angelo explained, his dick already starting to deflate after two rounds with Taylor Swift.

“That’s a wrap, Taylor,” the director informed his star. “You can go shower up now.”

“And I’m back in a few days with you again?” Taylor asked.

“Enough time for you to recover then we do more new experiences with you,” he confirmed.

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